Better Than the Books

She would be here any minute, the elusive and mysterious Katie. We met online about two years ago and it’s taken all this time for me to talk her into meeting me in person.

Knowing how shy she is I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t show up and I have an “I’m so Sorry” message waiting for me on the computer when I get home.

Then I spot her as she slowly walks into the restaurant, looking around for me. I stand, walk to her and give her a reassuring hug. My hands around her back, just inches from her tight little ass as I held her gently against me. I didn’t want to let her go but I knew I had to when I felt her stiffen. I pulled back, looking down into her bright blue eyes as she shyly looked up at me.

“Hi.” I whispered.

My hands were on her shoulders as she smiled up at me, then looked down at the floor flushing brightly. I made my way back to the table, gently coaxing her along with me until we sat across from each other in the small booth.

Katie’s hands trembled in front of her as she picked up the menu, darting shy glances at me while she read. I picked up my menu and started looking for what she had told me she liked.

“They have lemon meringue pie here, if you’re good and eat all your vegetables maybe I’ll let you have a piece.” I smirked.

She looked up startled at first, then seeing I was teasing her about not liking vegetables she smiled and shook her head.

“I tell you what, you eat all my vegetables and maybe I’ll let you have a bite of my pie.” She said as we both laughed.

It seemed the ice had been broken at last, she was getting more comfortable being around me and I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful body.

Neither of us spoke until the waiter came over to take our order.

“I’ll have the Chicken fried steak and fries, and afterwards a piece of lemon meringue pie.” She looked right at me as she gave her order and smiled. The little minx.

The waiter turned to me, “I’ll have the Sirloin steak and baked potato and a double order of vegies.

Seems I’ll be sharing mine.” We both laughed as the waiter walked away with our orders.

We didn’t talk alot during dinner, I don’t think either of us knew what to say. When we were done, the waiter came to take our plates then handed Katie a piece of lemon meringue pie. Her eyes held laughter as she drew her fork through the creamy filling then held it out for me.

I reached for the fork with my mouth, but she brushed my upper lip with the filling as she watched as my tongue darted out tasting the pie from my lip. I grinned at her, and she shook her head as if she were clearing the fog….or lust from her thoughts.

My lips tingled where she had been watching me lick the pie filling. Her eyes were still glassy, her face flushed with pent up passion. I knew I might just have a chance with her tonight if she responded so strongly to me from something so innocent.

After she finished her pie and I paid the check I walked her to her car. We stood there making small talk.

“I had a good time, I’m glad you talked me into coming to meet you.” She said smiling.

“Me too.” I told her as my arms went around her shoulders in a loose hug. “But you know, it doesn’t have to end with dinner.”

Her panicked look made me smile. “Silly girl, calm down.” I laughed as I squeezed her shoulders “All I meant was we could always go back to my place and talk some more. I could always show you my…..” I wiggled my eyebrows before continuing. “big, hairy…Rat, named George.” She barked with laugher when she remembered I had a rat named George.

She had told me online she had too see him to believe it. Katie had never handled a pet rat before and she thought it was really cool.

“Hmmm, bribing me with Rat. That has to be a new one.” We both laughed.

“I promise to be a perfect gentlemen, but I can’t promise the same for George. He likes to hide in shirts and then I might have to go searching for him.” She just shook her head in disbelief, the funny thing being, it was completely true.

“Ok Mike, I’ll come over on one condition.” She said.

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“We stop first for some Starbucks. I’m dying for a Frappuccino.” She teased.

I smiled, “You got it.”

We went to our seperate cars and she followed me to the nearest Starbucks and after getting our coffee we headed to my place which was just down the street. My stomach was in knots by the time we pulled in my driveway, I had to keep telling myself to breathe. I was getting way ahead of myself here, she might not want to have sex tonight and I didn’t want to blow my chance with this beautiful creature.

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She parked and got out of her car, she was right behind me when I opened the door to my place. We entered and I closed the door. First step down, got her in my home. Now on to the second step, make her feel comfortable and get her horny.

I went to hang my coat up and at the same time, turn the heat up a little. Maybe she would get warm and take her blazer off. I could only see a small part of the thin pink material she was wearing underneath the blazer and my mind was working overtime wondering if she was wearing a bra.

“I’ll get some cookies I just bought.” I told her as I made my way to the kitchen.

I was surprised to find her standing behind me as I put the last of the cookies on the plate. She was standing so close I almost bumped into her. Then I realized her blazer had been taken off and her perky nipples were straining against the thin fabric of her shirt. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, I wanted to reach out and caress her breasts so badly I felt the palm of my hand itch.

As my eyes looked up into hers, I realized she was standing there smiling at me. I knew I’d been caught oggling her and felt my face flush.

“Do you like what you see?” I heard her say.

I stared at her, my breath caught in my lungs as I tried to think of a suitable answer. But I didn’t have time to think as her hands reached down and engulfed my hardening cock. Shivers spread through my body and my legs were so weak I wasn’t sure I would be able to stand it if she didn’t anymore more. I was surprised and elated by her actions.

I slipped my hand behind her neck and pulled her face towards mine, and kissed her. Her lips moved slowly with mine at first and I realized she had never been kissed quite like this. Slowly her hands came up to rest on my shoulders as I caught her upper lip between my teeth and gave a little nip. I pulled back when I heard her audible gasp.

“I like to nibble and you have the mostly nibble able lips I’ve ever seen.” I told her watching her face flush.

I knew she made the first move and wanted me but knowing this would be her first time I needed to be sure this is what she wanted.

“Katie are you sure about this? We don’t need to do this if you don’t want to?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t chicken out now.

She was breathing hard, looking me right in the eye. “I want you to be my first. I knew that as soon as I decided to come back to your place with you.”

She reached out taking my face in her hands and kissed me, tenderly at first and with more passion as she caught my upper lip with her teeth and nipped me. “I’m here because I want to be, don’t make me beg.” She said in a whisper.

Oh I wasn’t going to make her beg, not at all. I wanted her so badly and even though everything in me was telling me to ravish her, my heart kept the pace going slow and tender. I wanted to make it memorable for her.

She gasped when I bent and easily picked her up in my arms and headed towards my bedroom. I sat her down on the bed and watched her eyes grow larger as she watched me take off my belt, undo my zipper and pull down my boxers and pants at the same time. I knew she had never seen a man nude before and I wanted to know how scared she would be when she saw me nude for the first time so I could gently coax her into touching me and letting me touch her. The way she was looking at me made me feel like I was enormous, but in fact I was only average maybe 7” in all.

I took off my shirt and then slid in next to her on the bed. Her body was rigid and it was obvious she was a little nervous now. I found the hem of her thin blouse and slid my hand underneath. Her body was shaking as I found her soft breast and covered it with my hand.

“You can touch me too if you like.”

Her shy eyes looked down at my throbbing member then back up to me. “You can touch me there if you want, like you did in the kitchen, I would like that.” I coaxed her.

Her hand slowly traveled down my chest and stomach before softly grazing her nails along my shaft. My eyes shut and my body shuttered.

“Do you like that?” She asked.

“If I liked it anymore I’d need a tissue.” She laughed as her hand curved around the base and softly squeezed my cock as it pulsed in her hand.

She let go of me and stood up, taking off her remaining clothing then lay down next to me. Our naked skin touching as she drew her hands down and up my chest.

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I let my hands travel along her sides and to the curve of her breast, my fingers finding her erect nipple. I squeezed it slightly watching her eyes as I did. Her hands stilled on my chest as she looked up at me and smiled. That was all the confirmation I needed. I heard her gasp as my mouth descended down on hers, then down to her neck and finally to those nipples I had been wanting to taste for so long.

Her hands raked my back as I bit and suckled her nipples, one and then the other. My hand traveled down between us as I found her wet slit. I felt her suddenly tense up at the strange invasion my finger was making but was satisfied she was also enjoying it as I heard the small moans coming from her.

“Just relax and let me get you ready to accept me.” I told her.

My fingers rubbed her mound, finding her clit and rubbing it ever so slightly. I knew she liked what I was doing when she moaned louder.

I bit down on one of her nipples as my fingers invaded her pussy. She tried to push me off but I held her down with my body weight.

“Relax for me Katie. I’m not going to hurt you.” I told her.

“But..but..that hurt.” She stammered.

“Honey, your first time is going to hurt a little and I’m just trying to get you ready for me. If I stretch you a little with my fingers it won’t be so hard for you.”

“That’s not what hurt.” She tried to explain. “You bit me.”

Turns out she had really sensitive nipples and she didn’t like then bit quite so hard. I smiled and nodded. “Baby I’m sorry, some girls really like it when they have their nipples bitten and I thought it would take your mind off what I was doing.” I reassured her.

“I’m so ready for you, I want you in me…..Now!”

I wanted to give her more time but those words made me so hard. I knew it would only hurt for a moment and then I could make it up to her. I settled myself between her legs, my fingers tracing the wetness of her lips making sure she was wet enough for me to easily glide into her. My cock in hand, I drew it against her wet opening as I watched her face for any signs of pain, I began to gently slide into her depths.

I knew the instant I bumped against her cherry, the small wince of pain on Katie’s face almost made me stop. But she nodded her head to encourage me to go on. I pushed into her in one long thrust, not stopping until I was completely buried inside her.

I felt the large breath Katie took as she felt the pain from my intrusion. Her eyes closed she kept breathing until the pain passed, there was just a dull throbbing left behind. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me.

“I was on the edge just watching you, are you ready for pleasure now?” I asked her.

She nodded and I slowly began to thrust myself into her as I held myself above her. At first she just lay there not sure what she was feeling, then after all the pain was gone and the pleasure started to build her hips were moving to each of my thrusts. Her hands on my ass pulling me deeper inside her, like she wanted more and more of me as her moans of pleasure grew louder and louder.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, but I wanted to give her all of me. I begun to thrust harder and deeper into her moist depths. Her moans became loud cries as she got closer and closer to her own orgasm.

Her body suddenly tensed and I knew she was there, so I let myself go,jabbing my cock in and out of her virgin hole as hard and as fast as I could. She screamed as the waves of her orgasm over took her.

I wasn’t far behind as I felt my balls tighten and my body tensed and I came, my cock jerking wildly inside her.

Spent and tired form the best fuck I’d ever had, I could hardly move off her. I looked down at her to make sure she was okay and I hadn’t hurt her in my animal lust to get to my orgasm, but she was smiling at me.

“I often wondered if my first time would be like those stories I read in those romance books.”

“And was it?” I asked curiously as I kissed her.

“It was better than anything they could have written.” She said with a smile.

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