Better Then Before Charlie and Michael

Charlie looked at the women gathered around the table.

“OK. It was my senior year; remember when I hurt my knee? Well, Michael was helping me with the rehabilitation.”

Charlie smiled as her mind drifted back to that one afternoon.

“Ow! Watch it OK!” Charlie glared at Michael.

“Sorry. I’m just trying to help. Your knee is still pretty swollen.”

Charlie crossed her arms over her chest and didn’t say a word. Until Mike twisted her knee the other way – “OW!”

“Why did you wear these clothes today? It’s hard to work you with ‘this’ in the way.” Mike tugged at a floppy pant leg.

“Well sorry – if they’re such a problem then take them off.”

“What!? Take them off?”

“Oh please – I have sport briefs on.” Charlie unsnapped her shorts and lifted her hips. Mike paused. “Geez ‘Michelle’ you’ve seen me wear less in the pool.”

Mike flashed on a memory from many years back and smiled.

“What are you grinning at you big dork.”

Mike smiled deeply, “I was just remembering the first time I came over to swim. You certainly shocked me with what you were wearing that day.”

“You are such a jerk. My sister still bugs me about that day. Gawd – I knew I was skinny then but how could you have thought I was a boy? That was so embarrassing – and in front of her friends too.” Charlie playfully punched Mike shoulder.

“I told you I couldn’t see – I’d broken my glasses just before I met you that first time. C’mon Char – give a guy a break?”

Charlene thought back to that summer day so many years before. They had recently moved into a new house and she hadn’t met any kids her age. They were either older or younger, and what was worse none were interested in shooting hoops with her.

About two weeks into the new neighborhood she was at a local park practicing free throws when a skinny dark haired kid had walked up. He was squinting a lot and had that obnoxious problem that all boys seemed to have – they were alive and they had a galling need to state the absolute obvious.

“You shooting baskets?”

Charlene stared at the boy with her mouth open as she stood at the free throw line. She shook her head to herself and swished another basket. She retrieved the ball and prepared to shoot again. Swish.

“Nice shot.”

“Thanks.” She stood ready to shot again when she glanced over at the squinting boy. “Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

“Oh…no? Why? Oh…I get it.”

“Well…is there something wrong with your eyes?”

“Oh…I broke my glasses while I was on vacation. We were at my cousins house and we were playing baseball and I was hitting my cousin hard I mean I was hitting the ball hard because he was pitching and he was getting pissed off and he said Michael you asshole stop hitting the ball so hard and…”

“Okay, okay… I get it…thanks for the life story.” Swish. “You play roundball?”

“Is the Pope religious?”

“What?” Charlene shook her head again – boys. Her sister Jenn raved about them – this boy is this or that boy is that. ‘He’s so cute…he’s so cool…he’s so…he’s so…’ Charlene had yet to meet any boy that she didn’t think was at best ‘so-so.’

“Yeah. What’s your name? I like to know that name of my victims.”

Charlene flinched as she heard what was possibly the worst…no, no make that what was certainly the worst Dracula accent ever. “Charlene.”

“Nice ta meetcha Charlie.”

Charlene shook her head again. He can’t see, he can’t hear, and he probably can’t shoot – lucky me.

An hour later Charlene ran her fingers through her short blonde hair. Sweat dripped freely from her face. She glared into Mike’s squinty face. “Next shot wins – alright?” Swish. “I win.” Charlene grabbed the ball and started to walk away.

“What? What’s wrong with you? Give me the ball!”

“I said, ‘NEXT SHOT WINS’ you nodded I shot – I swished – I win. Seems pretty clear to me – how do you see it?”

Mike sputtered and spit. “I demand a rematch!”

Charlene walked away in triumph, “Fine – I see you here tomorrow at 10. Try to bring your “A” game – I could use a good workout.”

And so began a hotly contested competition of cutthroat basketball between a couple of 11 year old kids. Games were won – games were lost. On the sixth day the temperature climb dizzyingly until Charlene called time out. “It’s too hot to play anymore – I’m going home.”

“OK. Tomorrow’s supposed to be hotter.”

“Hey do you want to come over to my house and swim? It’ll be okay because my mom will be home.”

“Yeah! I can’t come over until after lunch – I’m getting new glasses tomorrow.”

Mike stood at Charlie’s front door with his towel in hand. His new glasses were great. He was in the middle of his second knock when the door opened. A girl with long blonde hair stood before him. Mike was eye level with her breasts. His eyes widen at the size of them. They were literally overflowing her bikini top.

“Yes. What do you want?”

Mike glanced up at the girls face, “Charlie invited me over to swim,” and back at her breasts. Her nipples were swelling and Mike’s mouth fell silently open.

“Charlie? Oh you mean…I’m up here you little pervert.” Mike’s mouth snapped shut and his head flicked up. The girls opened the door wider, “Well…are you coming in or not?” She turned and walked away, “Oh Charlieeee, your little friend is here to play with you.” The girl walked toward the back yard. “Oh and this is the bathroom, please use it so you don’t pee in the pool.”

Mike laid his towel on a table. The pool looked pretty good. The girl who’d answered the door was sitting with two of her friends. Mike found it very easy to ignore them. He shook his head slowly girls were so weird.

“Hey Michael.”

Mike turned. He was smiling at first…then his head cocked to the side just a bit…he bent his head forward as if to see more clearly. He was surprised…no, no confused was more accurate. Charlie was wearing a two-piece bathing suit, the kind of suit a girl would wear. “You’re a girl?”

The howls of laughter that erupted from the girl who had opened the door and her two friends was like the screeching of fingernails on a blackboard. Mike turned to glare at them and was unprepared for the excellent flying tackle by Charlene. She knocked the air out of him as he went into the pool. He sank like a rock.

Luckily, one the girls was a swim instructor and rescued Mike. A couple of rescue breaths and Mike was fine, well except for the murderous glare that Charlie was leveling at him.

Charlene shook her head at the memory. “You got a break when Jennifer saved your stupid ass.” Charlene held up her fists and playfully punched Michael’s hand, he flinched in discomfort. “Sorry, are they still sore?”

“Yeah.” Michael got real quiet as he gently rubbed his bruised knuckles.

“You told me it was a skateboarding accident, right? That’s interesting because there’s a rumor going around school that you beat up Randy Vogeller.”

“Why would I do that?” Michael tried not to look sheepish and failed miserably.

“I talked to Randy. Mike – why did beat him up? Not that he didn’t deserve it, I mean he practically…are you going to beat up all the other guys I’ve dated?”


“Well? Michael we have been best friends since I moved here. We know just about everything about each other. You know I’ve done stuff with other guys…kissing…fooling around. I mean I’m still a…, you know, although Randy sure tried hard to change that. But you know I can take care of myself –so why did beat him up?”

Mike continued to work Charlene’s knee. Charlene waited for some kind of answer but Michael was strangely silent.

“Ever since I blew my knee out in that tournament you’ve been great – above and beyond the call of duty, or friendship. You helped with so much of my physical therapy. I had never been to a school formal and as a senior this was my last chance because I always had tournaments at that time. Because of my knee I could finally go. You knew how much I wanted to go…I even asked you to take me…you thought I was joking.” Charlene saw the look on Michael’s face and knew she was right on the right track.

“So when Randy asked me I said yes. I knew what he would try to pull. When he got carried away I told him I’d get him off and then he could take me home. I did my part and he left me to walk home, which turned out to be too much for my knee. No serious harm done – except to Randy’s face. So Michael…talk to me.”

“There’s nothing to say.”

“Oh really…you are such a pathetic liar. Fine, have it your own way tough guy. Now take these stupid shorts off so that you don’t hurt my knee anymore.”

Mike pulled the shorts down her legs and off. Oh shit! Mike felt his cock snap to erection. Sport briefs my ass! Charlie was wearing some kind of…of, hell, they looked liked they were painted on. Everything was there to see – everything.

“Can you move my leg better now? Michael? Earth to Mike come in.”

“Yeah. No, I mean this is fine. This is fine.” Charlie’s knees were still bent and Mike couldn’t help but look at the junction between her legs. The smooth curve of her butt led his eyes to her thinly covered cunt. Two parallel bulges pushed against the soft fabric. As they became more prominent a slight void appeared between them.

Mike began to manipulate Charlie’s leg again. He watched as her cunt moved with the stretching of her thigh. He thought his cock couldn’t get any harder than it was until he saw a small wet spot forming in the center of the void. A small groan escaped his lips.

“Is there something wrong Michael?”

“No nothings wrong. It’s my problem.”

“Can I help?”

“No – you can’t. I said that it’s my problem – OK?”

“Come on Mike we’ve always helped each other – let me help you. Tell me what your problem is.”

“I can’t Charlie. I can’t…I have to solve this one myself.”

“Sounds like girl trouble to me. Is there a girl involved?”

Mike kept working Charlie’s knee and stretching out her thigh – the wet spot was growing larger.

“Tell me Michael. Tell me your problem I know I can help. Please Michael. It’s got to be about a girl. Have you told her how you feel – does she know?”

“Yes, I mean no. I don’t know – I don’t think so.”

“Michael, did it ever occur to you that she might feel the same way about you. Maybe she can’t say anything to you because she’s afraid too. Maybe she’s trying to show you in other ways.”

“Like what? Why couldn’t she say something?”

“Maybe she’s afraid how you’ll react, maybe you’ll think poorly of her. Maybe she’s trying to get you to see her in a different way. You know maybe she’s trying to show you that she feels the same way you do.”

“What am I supposed to do about that?” Michael wanted to think that Charlie felt the same way about him as he felt about her – how could it be though? They had been friends for so long. He wanted desperately to be more then that. She couldn’t possibly feel the same way.

“Man it’s really hot out here. I think I’ll take my shirt off. Maybe you should take off your shirt too.” Shirts were removed and dropped to the ground.

Mike began to manipulate her leg again. He tried unsuccessfully to not look at her cunt or at her sports bra covered breasts. They seemed much larger then last summer. Charlie had been slow to develop but she was sure catching up fast.

“Michael my thigh is really tight I might have a slight groin pull. Could you massage it please?”

Mike rubbed halfway up and down her leg.

“Deeper Michael and higher too. Higher…higher…higher.”

“If I get any closer I’ll be touching your…what are you doing?”

Charlie grabbed the bottom of her sports bra She pulled her bra off and dropped it to the ground. Her breasts were perfect. Michael watched in amazement as Charlie lifted her hips and eased her briefs over her butt. “Pull them off Michael.”

Charlie was stretched out naked on the chaise. Suddenly she felt uncomfortable maybe Mike didn’t like what he saw. She started to pull her towel around her.


Mike walked over and kneeled beside her. Bending down he turned her face to his and kissed her. His hand drifted off her face down her neck and came to rest on her beast. Her nipple was hard beneath the palm of his hand.

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“Take off your clothes Michael.” Charlene watched as Michael stripped off his shorts. She chewed her bottom lip as he bent forward and lowered his boxers to his ankles and stepped out of them. She gasped when he stood up.

Amanda Browning had been right. Michael was hung. While Charlene was still a virgin Michael had lost his last year to one of the girls on the basketball team, a senior. Amanda had told Charlene that Mike had the tool and the talent. It looked huge.

Charlene slowly spread her legs apart – she was shaking. Her soft blonde pubic hair barely covered her wet cunt. Her fingers trailed down to her swollen lips.

“This is what Randy wanted…I want you to have it.”


Michael was aware of many things, on many different levels.

Physically, Charlie’s mouth was sliding slowly up and down the length of his cock as her tongue pushed against his glans. Her left hand was holding onto his right butt cheek and her right hand was cradling his balls.

Mentally, mentally he was so fucking confused and overwhelmed that he couldn’t think straight. Which wasn’t even a problem as long as Charlie kept blowing him.

In his heart…in his heart Michael felt complete.

Charlie alternated between looking up at Michael and feeling this was the best decision she’d ever made and closing her eyes. With her eyes closed she concentrated on Michael’s cock. Michael’s cock was in her mouth right now. Michael’s cock was going to be in her cunt soon. Michael’s cock was going to be the first cock ever inside her. Michael (and his magnificent cock) was going to be her first. She was giving her virginity to her best friend – she’d never felt happier.

She felt his cock swell and prepared herself – this too would be a first, allowing a guy, no wanting Michael, to cum in her mouth. She hadn’t decided the swallowing thing yet. The first spasm of Michael’s cock filled her mouth and she found that she swallowed instinctively. Each subsequent ejaculation was received and enjoyed.

Mike’s mouth was on hers in an instant and he kissed her passionately and fiercely. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she dueled playfully with it. His hands cupped her breasts and the hardening of her nipples followed. He felt a heat and a desire well up in her that was like nothing she had ever experienced. She wanted him…she needed him…she was his…and she wanted him to take her – completely.

Mike licked and sucked Charlie’s swollen breasts. Her nipples were so hard that the skin of her areolas also swelled. She had let other guys get to second base, but it had never felt like this. This was more then just physical excitation. She felt as if her body was opening to Michael. She felt a finger rub along the seam of her cunt and she instinctively opened her legs wide.

Michael kissed his way down her stomach and across the front of her hips. A finger lazed slowly up and down her cunt along the slick transition of her outer to inner skin. His first girlfriend had told him about this area; where a woman’s body opens to receive a man. Michael removed his finger and substituted his tongue; Charlie’s affirming moan encouraged him onwards.

He lapped slowly at Charlie’s increasingly wet cunt. Her hips were flexing and rocking as he probed deep inside her. Every now and then he licked across her clit. What started as yelps of surprise gave way to low moans of need.

“Please…Michael, please…I’m so close…so close…please…Michael.” Her pleas were answered.

Charlie shocked as her orgasm crashed through her. She wanted to scream but it seemed as if her muscles were so rigid in ecstasy that she couldn’t make a sound. She could clamp her legs around Mike’s head as he continued to lick her…

TOO MUCH…TOO MUCH! Charlie pushed Mike’s mouth away from her and looked at him with wild eyes. “Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God! I never knew…oh God…that…oh…oh, Michael.” Charlene smiled at her lover.

Charlie looked at Mike’s hard cock – she was ready. Her years of waiting, of curiosity, of fantasy were about to end…she was ready to become a woman. Charlie spread her legs wide and held out her arms to Michael – welcoming him into her.

Michael leaned forward and kissed Charlene softly. He felt his balls rest against her pubic hair as his cock pushed against her stomach. He smiled to himself – I’m gonna be this deep into her in just a minute.

Charlie basked in his kiss and kissed him back. She too felt his balls pressing against her cunt. She too felt his erection, no his cock, pushing against her stomach. The realization that it would soon be as deeply inside her flooded her cunt with liquid heat.

Michael broke the kiss and positioned himself between her legs. Her cunt was wet and open.

“Ahem, aren’t you forgetting something?”

“I love you Charlene.”

“I love you too Michael…but that’s not what I meant – protection?”

“What?” Michael’s brain struggled to engage every possible neuron and memory cell. He tried to bend time and space – somehow…someway…”protection? You’re not on anything?” The look of stunned disbelief on Charlie’s face spoke volumes. “I mean I didn’t expect…I didn’t…I don’t…oh fuck!”

“You don’t have a condom with you? Are you kidding me? All guys carry condoms – in their wallets…their pockets…their socks…”


“Yeah…whatever! I don’t know…God I can’t believe you don’t have one…”

“Well maybe we could just…”

“Are you crazy? I don’t want to get pregnant! Oh yeah I can just see me waddling up to get my diploma…”

“That’s not what I meant. I not ready be married…”

“Right, right…knock her up and on the next one?”

“Charlie! All’s I’m saying is…”

“CHARLENE? Are you home? CHARLENE?”

“Shit! Shit! Shit! No…get dressed! Hurry…”

“I’m really sorry Charlie, I’d never do anything to hurt you. Please…”

“In here Mom!” Charlie quickly dressed in sweats as she kicked her discarded clothes under the bed. “Mike, I…”

“Here you are…oh hello Michael.”

“Hello Mrs. Abernathy. I was just helping Charlie with some physical therapy…wow, it’s late, I guess I’d better be going.”

“Michael.” Charlene felt an unfamiliar distress as Michael stood in the doorway. “Call me later about that project OK? I still want to…”

Michael nodded and left.

“Charlene are you feeling OK? You look a little flush.”

“I’m fine Mom – really.”

“Have you eaten anything today? What would you like?”

Charlene heard the front door close and a thousand questions rose up. What would I like? I want Michael…I want him. What if he didn’t want me? Maybe he had a condom and didn’t want to use it? Maybe my boobs are too small, or he doesn’t like the shape of my nipples. Maybe I tasted funny? Look at my sister Jenn she’s never lacked for boys swarming around her. What’s wrong with me? Did I just chase my best friend away? What if I’ve ruined our friendship – forever?

“Charlene – sweetie…oh honey you’re crying.”

Charlie wept quietly as her mother held her and rocked her.

“Mom…when did you know… know…that you were ready…?”

She kissed her parents goodnight and went to bed. She couldn’t help but recall the events of the days. She felt her arousal return. “God Michael if you’d only had a condom,” she moaned quietly into the darkness of her room.

Charlie let her fingers trails down across her breasts. She enjoyed the feeling of her nipples hardening; the memory of Michael sucking on her breasts caused her to feel a fire grow inside her. Her other hand pushed down past her stomach and slide easily beneath her waistband of her panties. Fingers followed the direction of her hair until they entered the soft, wet cleft of her still virgin cunt.

All guys carry condoms Michael! You big idiot!
She shifted her legs apart, threw the blankets off and bent her knees. Her nipples thrilled to her touch as she brushed her fingertips back and forth across them. It didn’t feel anywhere close to how good it had felt like when Michael had touched her. Her fingers curled inward and her bedroom filled with the scent of her young arousal. A low moan signaled the first direct touch of her clitoris. The touching and the moaning grew more intense, more insistent.

Charlie’s tongue licked her lips. She chewed her bottom lip. Her forehead wrinkled in concentration as her orgasm approached. She bucked her hips into her hand and…


Charlie turned her head and stared aghast at the face outside her window. Michael’s eyes were tensed, his mouth open as a grimace of pain…pain? No she’d seen this face before! She’s seen it this very day – that stupid asshole was coming! Charlie rolled off her bed and pulled open the window. Michael’s hand was still wrapped around his cock.

“What are you doing?” Charlie hissed. Although a blind man could have seen just exactly what was going on, or had gone on, or was finished with, as his cum was dripping down the side of the house.

“I got them.” Michael smiled weakly and held up a strip of condoms.

Charlie sagged against the window, “I’m in love with an idiot…how long have you been watching? God, you are such a pervert. ” Even as she asked it she knew it had obviously been long enough. “Oh, get in here you big goof.”

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean too…but you were…and you looked so…I just couldn’t stop…and then I was. I’m really sorry.”

Charlie was about to throw Michael back to the night when she realized something. She hadn’t come yet. She stripped off her panties and laid back on the end of the bed.

“Kneel…and start licking. I’ll tell you when you’re through.”

Michael knelt between her legs and began to kiss and lick Charlie’s cunt.

One huge orgasm later.

“You can go now.” Charlie rolled onto her bed and pulled her covers over her. She was still panting from the tremendous orgasm she’d just experienced.

“What…but I brought the…I thought that we might…”

“We’ll talk tomorrow Mike. Go home now. I’m tired.” Charlie pulled the covers to her neck.

“But Charlie, I haven’t…I mean…I…I…” Mike looked down at his throbbing erection. The past 20 minutes of enthusiastic pussy licking had left him hard pressed to say the least.

Charlene looked at Mike’s cock with longing. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, maybe more. She was just about to give in when…

“That’s OK Charlie. I understand. I can wait as long as you need. I’ll be ready when you are. I guess I’d better be going.” Mike stuffed his cock back into his pants and slowly climbed out the window.


“Yeah Charlie.”

“I want it to be you, I really do.”

Mike nodded. “So do I.”



“Can you come back tomorrow night…after eleven?”


“If you still have that problem,” Charlie nodded at Mike’s bulge. “I’ll take care of it…if you want…”

Mike bent over the bed and kissed Charlie passionately. “Yeah Charlie, I want.”

Charlie let her hand flow through Mike’s hair and smiled. It was one of those satisfied smiles you get when you’re really happy. Charlie was very satisfied and very happy.

Charlie had her first real boyfriend and to think that it was her best friend. She was pretty sure that she’d never been happier. And to think that Michael had feelings for her…deep feelings, Charlie was as surprised as anyone.

The following nights were incredible. Michael was able to come by just about every evening after eleven. They took turns pleasuring each other orally and manually.

It was just unbelievable, it was just…oh…oh…oh, God what was he doing with that finger of his…oh god…OH GOD…OHHHHH. Charlie screamed into her pillow – again.

As she shivered in delight Mike scooted up and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled a blanket over them and held her tight as her orgasm continue to echo through her. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime later – five minutes, an hour and five minutes – Charlie woke and shook Mike awake.

“It’s almost two in the morning – -you should go.”

Mike nodded sleepily and clambered over Charlie. Somehow his legs and arms got entangled with her and it just happened. Somehow the head of his very erect cock was nestled between the very hot, wet and swollen lips of Charlie’s cunt. He wasn’t in her…well, he was a little. Mike felt Charlie’s hip tilt toward him, or did she just take a deep breath? He looked down at her.

Charlie felt it. One second Mike was clumsily doing who knows what and the next he was in her…kind of. Charlie’s body wanted her to lock her heels around Mike’s ass and pull her hips up and just do it.

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But what if Michael did it? What if he simply collapsed forward? That would drive him into her…he would be in her…he would be hers and she would be his. Charlie was surprised to find that she was ready for that…she even wanted that…just do it Mike, do it.

Mike couldn’t recall a time when he wanted to do one thing as much as he wanted to fuck Charlie at that precise moment. He could see it in her eyes, she wouldn’t tell him to do it, she wouldn’t tell him not to…it was his call, his choice.

“I love you Charlene.”

Charlene bit her lower lip in anticipation of the pain to come, ‘just be quick Mike, do it fast, like pulling off a band aid…’

Michel eased slowly back and climbed over Charlie’s legs and sat on the edge of the bed. Charlie’s eyes widen in amazement and then teared over in love. She quickly sat up and covered Michaels face with tender, passionate kisses. She slid off the bed and knelt before him taking his cock in her mouth. In seconds she was rewarded for her efforts as Mike came in her mouth.

Mike slowly dressed and then climbed through the window as he had for many a previous night. Charlie leaned out and kissed him again.

“Charlie. I don’t think I could do that again. I’m surprised I was able to do it, or not do it tonight. I wanted to be in you so bad.”

“I know…I know. Can you come for dinner Friday? My parents are going to be out of town for the weekend. I want you to spend the night with me. I’m ready.”

Michael was already hard as he walked up to Charlie’s front door. When it opened he gasped loudly.

“Oh my God, you look incredible.” Mike stepped forward and embraced Charlene, kissing her passionately.

Charlie felt Mike’s erection. She was happy that he was already hard, hard for her, hard to be in her. She wanted him now!

Mike was surprised when Charlene broke the kiss and took him by the hand. She led him toward her bedroom. “I know I said we’d eat first but I can’t wait any longer. Is that ok with you?”

Mike smiled eagerly and nodded his head. He followed her down the hallway and entered her bedroom. He stopped and stared in shocked amazement. There were dozens of candles burning and her bed was surrounded by a curtain of white semi transparent cheese cloth. At the foot of the bed the hanging curtain was pulled aside and tied.

“Wow! This is incredible…this is awesome!” Mike turned to Charlene and kissed her. “Your amazing.”

Charlie returned the kiss and placed her hands on Michael’s chest and rubbed. “Take your clothes off and sit on the bed. I’m going to change.”

Michael stripped his clothes off so quickly that the bathroom door had hardly closed then he was naked with his erection pointing skyward.

When the door opened he gasped again. Charlene was standing in the doorway. Her figure was obscured by a white semi-transparent teddy that stopped at the top of her thighs. She was also wearing a white bra and panty set that Mike really wanted to see up close. Charlie pivoted on her foot, twirling around so that the teddy was lifted and Michael groaned in frustrated appreciation.

On her third twirl Charlene loosened the teddy and let it fly off of her arms, fluttering to the floor. She stopped facing Mike, hands on her hips. Mike saw that her bra was also semi transparent and her panties open lace. She stepped forward and knelt between Michael’s legs.

“Oh god…oh Char…oh…” Mike was leaning back on his elbows watching Charlene’s blonde head bob up and down. He couldn’t see, but her certainly felt, one of her hands cradling his balls as the other gripped his shaft. He was close, so damn close…and then he was there.

He came with a hoarse cry. The continuing physical contact of Charlie’s mouth and his cock was excruciatingly intense as he ejaculated again and again. At the moment she broke contact, Mike pulled her up and kissed her powerfully.

Charlene wiped a dribble of cum from her chin. She smiled knowingly as Mike laid her back on the bed. He kissed, licked and blew softly on her exposed skin. She felt a hot flush through out her body. She wanted him – -so badly.

Mike kissed his way down her body and then back up again. He tormented her by kissing the fabric of her panties, reveling in the strong fragrance emanating from her. He kissed up to her breasts and teased around her nipples until she cried out in frustration. Michael reached behind her for the clasp of her bra. He slid his hand from one strap to the other – ‘where was that damn clasp?’ He heard a soft giggle. He looked at Charlene.

“It’s in the front.”

“The front?”

“And you were doing so well.”

Charlie began to laugh and Michael couldn’t help but laugh with her. Charlie arched her back and Michael flipped open the clasp. The cups of her bra sprang apart only to catch on her nipples. Michael pushed the cups aside and pulled the bra from her. She hooked his fingers in her waistband and slowly pulled her panties down.

“God you’re beautiful.”

“You’ve seen me naked.” Charlie was thrilled to hear the husky quality in Michaels voice.

“I know and you’re still beautiful. Amazingly beautiful…so beautiful…so beautiful…so…”

“Make love to me Michael.”

Mike bent forward and kissed Charlene just above her pubic hair. He nibbled and sucked and licked his way down between her lips. A low moan encouraged him to continue.

“Yes Michael…yes.”

Mike curled his tongue into a tube and plunged it deeply into her cunt – again and again and again.

“Oh! I can’t stand it. I need you in me now Michael. I can’t wait a moment longer.”

“Let me get a condom and…”

“You don’t need one. I’m on the Pill. I’m ready – now.”

Charlene laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. She looked at Michael with his erection pointing right at her. Despite all of their sex play over the past month they were really going to do it. She bit her lip in concern. What if Michael’s disappointed because she doesn’t know what to do? What if she just wasn’t any good at sex. She was absolutely lousy at softball, what if she couldn’t do sex. What if…

“What’s the matter Charlie? Hey, it’s okay if you’re not ready. We don’t have to…”

“It’s not that Michael, it’s just…what if I really suck at this?”

Michael hardly had time to raise his eyebrows before Charlene realized what she’d said. They both busted up laughing.

“Actually Charlie since you don’t suck at sucking, I really doubt that you’ll fuck up at fucking.”


“Charlie you’ll be amazing, because you are. You’ll have guys lined up out the door.”

“Michael! Stop it.”

“I thought you wanted to start it? Oh c’mon Char…”

Mike moved forward over Charlie and kissed her tenderly.

“Charlie, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Bend you knees a little, yeah. Now reach down and guide me into you.”

Charlie grasped Michael’s cock and gently pulled him forward. She felt his cock press into the top of her vagina. She pushed him down slightly and felt his cock split her lips. She pulled him deeper into her wet cunt. The growing sensation of being filled was wonderfully satisfying.

“I feel so good – so full.”

“Let me know when you’re ready for the rest.”

Michael slowly moved his cock back and forth. With each ‘forth’ he pushed a little deeper into Charlie’s tightness.

“That’s it, I’m all the way in. Are you okay?” Michael smiled as he looked down into Charlie’s ecstatic face. Sex with the other two girls he’d been with was nothing like this. Was this what it felt like to truly love someone? Mike kissed Charlie passionately. He pushed his arms out straight, he wanted to see the expression on Charlie’s face when he began to fuck her in earnest.

“What are you smiling about?”

“I’m smiling because I’m happy and I’m smiling because you look like you’re really enjoying this and I’m smiling because we haven’t done anything more then this.” Mike moved his cock up and down.

“Well show me what you got big boy.”

Mike pulled nearly out of Charlie and then pushed slowly back in. In and out, in and out. The range of expressions that paraded across Charlie’s face was classic. From the reluctant acceptance of removal to the pleasure filled satisfaction of fullness. Mix in the occasional consternation of accommodation (she’d talked to enough of her friends to know that Michael was well endowed) and the self-consciousness of wanting it harder, faster – just more damn it, I want more – and not wanting to be thought of as slutty, or trampy. When was it appropriate to simply say, “Fuck me! Do it to me harder, faster – fuck me!”

Charlie decided to buck her hips a little. With her first lift Michael responded immediately and dramatically increased his pace and intensity. Charlie was overwhelmed by the change in sensation. She found herself naturally wrapping her legs around Michael’s waist and trying to meet him thrust for thrust.

It was a race now as both lovers thrust against one another.

“I’m gonna cum Charlie, I’m gonna cum.”

“Yes Michael, yes, yes.”

Somehow Michael increased his pace and Charlie was nearly beside herself with pleasure. She watched entranced as Michael lifted his head and the cords of his neck bulged out. His breathing was hoarse and ragged and then he cried out Charlie’s name.

Michael felt his orgasm building and did nothing to stop it. There would be other times to get Charlie off. He was lost in that most primal of male needs, to deposit his sperm in his woman, and right now Charlie was his woman. The pressure built inexorably until it reached that weightless point of no return. Spasms whipped through his body as he filled Charlie with his seed. He slowed his pace until he finally stopped. He bent down and kissed Charlie.

Charlie felt as if she was in the most perfect moment of her life. She would not relax her grip on Michael. Even as she felt his cock begin to soften. She did not want the moment to end. She told Michael as much when he asked her to let go. Michael pulled back until his cock fell out of Charlie. She felt an immediate flow out of her cunt – it was Michaels cum. Michael’s sperm was dripping out of her. The thought crossed her mind that if she wasn’t on the Pill and had been at the fertile part of her cycle she could be getting pregnant right now. Surprisingly, she found the idea wasn’t scary at all. She almost said as much to Michael, but decided not to.

Michael laid beside her and held her closely, whispering sweet endearments in her ear. His stomach rumbled loudly. Then Charlie’s rumbled in agreement. They laughed and got slowly out of bed.

Charlie looked round the table at the other women. “We spent the next two days eating, making love, sleeping, making love, and just plain fucking.”


“That was so special.”

“Very romantic, and you’re still together?”

“No not really.”


“Oh we didn’t break up or anything. We just agreed to see other people at our colleges – we aren’t exclusive.”

“Oh that’s too bad, well guys need to sow their wild…”

“It was actually my idea, Michael went along with it. I was already seeing a couple of guys and I didn’t want to do it behind his back.”

“So Michael’s available?” Charlie’s sister looked at her expectantly.

“Yes Jen, Michael’s available. But I’m pretty sure he has a pretty firm ‘no sluts’ rule.”


“Hello ladies, am I interrupting any…thing.” Michael strode into the room.

Every woman at the table turned and looked at Michael as if he was a big chunk of gourmet chocolate.

He smiled easily and confidently; it was going to fun this summer when he was home.

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