Beware the Quiet One

JULY 14, 3:45 AM

Keisha stumbled out of her bedroom for a glass of water, grateful for the moonlight and the slivers of light from the streetlamps filtering through the front windows to guide her way through the unfamiliar living room to the kitchen. It wasn’t long to daylight, but it would be a long night if she didn’t get more water. One of these days, she promised herself, she’d learn to say when earlier in the evening, like Sally always had. She had been a bit jealous, but not at all surprised, when she’d stumbled in twenty minutes earlier to see Sally sleeping peacefully on the couch — no wonder their shy, retiring roommate had been the first one up for the beach that morning. No doubt she would be again in a few hours, but Keisha didn’t care about that just now.

It was on that thought that Keisha chanced to look at the couch, to admire Sally’s peaceful form. Only then did she notice that the couch was empty. So were the kitchen and the bathroom, and the lights were out. Keisha had just enough time to wonder just what had become of her friend before a trick of the breeze outside drew her attention to the sliding door, and the back deck and the beach beyond. There, on the empty moonlit sand, stood Sally. She was gazing serenely up at the moon, looking joyful and at complete peace with herself and the world.

She was also stark naked except for her flowered panties.

Keisha’s first thought was that the poor thing must have been sleepwalking; but a moment’s further observation persuaded her that Sally was very much awake and evidently enjoying her nearly-naked sojourn. That did nothing to lessen Keisha’s bewilderment, and she was tempted to rush outside and throw a blanket over her friend. But she found herself unwilling to disturb the scene — too serene and intimate and beautiful, even if she didn’t understand it. Sally’s dark hair tossed about gently in the sea breeze, her heavy breasts and robust belly unabashedly on display to the night, the paradoxical innocence of the flowers adorning the one scrap of clothing she wore…it was magnificent.

She was magnificent.

She was also clearly not the blushing flower Keisha, Grace and Cindy had known and loved and lived with for four years, and Keisha was nearly bursting with curiosity over just what she had stumbled upon here. But now was not the time to ask, and so she quietly drew a glass of water and retreated to her room. She vowed to ask Sally tomorrow if necessary; but she had a feeling an explanation would present itself.


“I can’t believe we’ve got three more hours in that boat of yours, Grace,” Cindy chirped with a wry look out at the highway as she polished off the last of her salad. “It feels like we’ve been on the road all week.”

Boat?” Grace replied. “Admit it, you love that car! We’ve got the most stylin’ ride on the freeway!” None of the others could deny it: four young women in a convertible that was nearly twice as old as they were had earned a lot of attention on their trip.

“And we’ve had it for three days!” Keisha reminded her. “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, Grace, it was really sweet of your dad to let us have the Caddy, but I’m ready for the trip to be over too.”

“Well, then what’s three more hours?” Grace said. “Besides, would we even be here if my dad weren’t so generous? And it’s your uncle whose beach house is all the way down the Florida coast, isn’t it?”

“All right, all right,” Cindy said. “I’m just saying, it’s a long way to go in such a big old car. Not to mention all the gas that guzzler takes! But of course I’m looking forward to you all seeing Uncle Steve’s pad. Mostly I just want to stretch out on the beach. That’ll be worth the trip!”

“Speaking of which, shall we get back on the road?” Keisha suggested.

At this, Sally spoke up for the first time. “Hang on, I have to pee first,” she said, standing up. “I’ll be right back.”

As soon as the ladies’ room door had swung shut behind Sally, Grace leaned in as if about to divulge a secret. “Think she’s really going in there to play with herself?”

Cindy dissolved into giggles along with Grace. Keisha chuckled a bit but looked disapproving as well. “Come on, that’s mean,” she said.

“And yet you must have thought of it too, Keisha!” Cindy managed to say through her laughs. “I mean, come on! Four years, day after day…”

“Okay, yeah,” Keisha said. “Our dear shy little friend is a champion masturbator, sure. But it’s still mean. Just because she hasn’t had a boyfriend…I mean, what would you do?”

“I’d find a boyfriend!” Grace said. “Like I always say — especially to Sally, and it’s for her own good — that’s what guys are for!”

“Yeah, with those boobs, she could’ve landed all sorts of guys if she’d tried,” Cindy added. With her plumpish figure, frizzy brown hair and slight overbite, Sally was no conventional beauty, particularly not compared to her three leggy roommates. But she sported the only D-cup breasts among the four, and she could fill out a sweater like none of her friends. Those curves and her welcoming, pleasantly imperfect smile could easily have landed her far more dates than she’d had through the four years, if only the poor thing hadn’t been so timid and shy.

Keisha finally joined in on the laughs at the expense of their introverted, taciturn, yet evidently very horny roommate, as she always had sooner or later over the four years they had been roommates at their elite women’s college in the New England woods. They all loved Sally dearly, always had and always would, like a favorite kid sister. They loved her in part because her quiet, conservative lifestyle was so endearing in contrast to the wild existence they had enjoyed throughout their four years; in part because her working-class sensibility was always good for keeping their heads on straight when they needed advice; in part because she’d been so implacably loyal to them all through the years of ups and downs as they had come up together in their quad…and in part out of fascination with the poorly kept secret of her voracious appetite for masturbating.

Although — or perhaps because — the four were the best of friends, none of the others had ever confronted Sally about her favorite pastime. But it had always been just as much an element of their time together as late night bonding sessions or cramming for finals together or recycling the wine bottles after a weekend DVD marathon. In four years, scarcely a day had gone by without one or more of the three hearing a rhythmic creaking from behind Sally’s closed door, which could only mean one thing. Sometimes Keisha, Grace or Cindy would arrive home and hear the unmistakable noise in progress; other times it would begin while they were in their common room, studying. There was no pattern of what time of day it occurred, and sometimes it happened more than once a day. None of the others had ever confronted her on the matter, but many an amused and superior look had been exchanged at Sally’s expense when she emerged satiated and fully clothed from her bedroom.

There had been numerous times over the years when Grace or Cindy had nearly let the behind-the-back teasing get out of hand and spilled the beans to Sally; but they always managed to keep things under wraps. This time was no exception, and when Sally returned from the ladies’ room, she was none the wiser. “Everyone ready to go?” she asked.

“I think so,” Grace said, ignoring Keisha’s knowing look to the effect that Sally hadn’t been gone long enough for her theory to be correct. She collected everyone’s share of the bill and went to the cash register to pay it, and the others sauntered out into the afternoon sunshine. They had taken the risk of leaving the top down on Grace’s father’s black 1972 Cadillac, the use of which he had given Grace and her three former roommates for the summer as a college graduation gift. (The destination was a gift from Cindy’s uncle: two weeks at his Florida beach house while he was overseas.) With no sign of rain and a clear view of the parking lot from the restaurant, it had seemed safe enough to do so. Their gamble had paid off: though the upholstery was hot with the bright sunshine, they were spared the usual stuffy air as they climbed in and waited for Grace to follow.

It was Sally’s turn to drive, and she had the old engine up and running by the time Grace arrived and joined her in front. “Okay, let’s go!” Grace encouraged her as she shut the huge door and locked it. “I’m ready for the beach!”

“Aren’t we all?” Keisha piped up from behind her.

“We certainly earned it,” Sally said, checking the rearview mirror as she pulled out onto the frontage road. “Three days on the road…that water is sure going to feel refreshing!” Always with a positive thought, that was Sally.

“Are we finally going to get you into a bikini for the occasion, dear?” Grace teased her. “It’s not like you’ve got anything to be shy about with the three of us after all these years!”

“Yeah, and any guys we invite won’t ever see you again,” Cindy pointed out.

“Oh, we’ll see,” Sally told them with a coy smile. She’d been listening to such comments since before graduation, when she’d let it slip that she didn’t even own a bikini. If only her friends knew what she really did have planned…

Cindy let out a whoop of surprise. “We’ll see?! Sally, is that really you?!”

“Girl, she didn’t say yes,” Keisha pointed out.

“I’m with you, Keisha,” Grace said. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Within another minute or two, they were back on the freeway and the wind was much too noisy for casual conversation. Sally was grateful for the deterrent to further comment on her likelihood to wear a bikini, both because she found the speculation in her presence rather condescending and because it increased the temptation to spill the beans about her real plans. After four years of mild teasing over her shy demeanor and conservative style — she was wearing a sundress that very afternoon while her three friends were all in t-shirts and shorts — she could have done without such things on what was likely to be the last occasion the four of them were ever going to be together for more than a stolen afternoon here and there. They all loved her dearly, that Sally knew, and she had discovered years before that they could all be counted on to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone else who harassed Sally for being who she was. But for all that, their friendship had always been infused with an element of mild condescension on Cindy and Grace’s part, and to a lesser extent from Keisha as well.

But Sally knew, if she didn’t chicken out on her plans for Tuesday on the beach, she would shut them all up but good about being the shrinking violet of the gang, once and for all!

Cindy and Grace had never meant any harm to their friend, whom they truly adored. Indeed, nearly everyone who was able to get past Sally’s shyness adored her. Handsome rather than pretty with her generous build and strong features, she had always presented a demure girl-next-door aura compared to her three tall and outgoing roommates. Cindy and Grace were blonde cheerleader types — both had in fact been cheerleaders in high school, though they were loath to admit as much after their first semester at their very progressive women’s college — with bubbly, extroverted personalities to match. Keisha was a star athlete on the soccer and track teams for all four years, with all the confidence such success tended to provide off the field. Being African-American on the mostly white campus, she knew what it was like to be different, so she and Sally had bonded a bit more quickly with one another than they had with Cindy and Grace.

But for all that, Sally had always been the square peg, or at least the not-quite-round one. Whereas the matter of their college being female only was an inconvenience for the other three, mostly mitigated by the presence of a men’s college just across the pond on the edge of campus, for Sally it was a net positive and the pond a barely acceptable boundary. Having grown up with her divorced mother in a working class New England burg (and having endured twelve years of the not-at-all mild teasing every introverted child endures at school), she hadn’t seen much to like about the boys she’d grown up with. Though she was attracted to men, she mostly preferred the more mature variety who weren’t likely to be found on their campus anyway.

Had she ever learned that Cindy, Grace and Keisha knew what she was up to in her bed all those times, Sally’s mortification would likely have been fleeting at worst. Her mother had seen to that, years before. While Cindy and Grace and Keisha were growing up in a suburban wonderland of distracted parents and barely-chaperoned beer blasts and precocious sex, Sally’s formative years had been spent with her artistically inclined mother in their walkup apartment in a funky, not-yet-gentrified neighborhood. The close living quarters had made secrets difficult to keep, and so Sally had had only just enough time to grow angst-ridden about her growing fondness for what she called “doing a vagina tickle” before the afternoon when her mother had walked in on her. “I’m so sorry, Mom!” she had blubbered through tears of humiliation just afterward. “I’ve been praying to God to help me stop this, I know it’s so dirty! But I just can’t stop!”

“Sweetie, you don’t need to stop!” her mother had reassured her, taking her in a warm hug and rubbing her back gently until she calmed down. “There’s nothing dirty about masturbating. It’s natural and beautiful, and I do it too, you know.”

“Masturbating? Is that what you call it?” Sally was never to tell anyone what she had called it up to that day.

“Yes, and there’s nothing but pleasure in it, honey. In fact, at your age, it’s the best way to deal with the urges you’re probably feeling. Don’t ever feel ashamed of enjoying your own body, okay?”

And from that day onward, Sally never had. Once the ice was broken and she understood that there was nothing to be ashamed of, she had made it as much a part of her life as any other enjoyable pastime. By the time she finished high school, she was doing it nearly every day. By college and the relative privacy of her own tiny bedroom in their quad and the stress of the much tougher courses, she went at it at least once a day.

Since Grace, Cindy and Keisha were all sexually active to varying degrees, Sally had always assumed they had similar private habits — at least between boyfriends. But in this she had been mistaken, for while her three friends led much wilder lives, their upbringing had been rather more conservative. None of them had yet worked past the sense of shame through which Sally’s mother had helped her that day. Grace, for one, had always been quick to assert that she had never done it and never would. “I mean, that’s such a guy thing!” she had remarked on one of several occasions that the topic of Sally’s pastime had arisen in her absence. “I mean, I know she’s not a beauty or anything, but surely there’s a guy or two across the pond who would sleep with her!”

“Girl, give her some credit,” Keisha had replied, a bit more sympathetic to Sally as always. “She’s staying true to herself, and don’t you ever get yourself off?”

“I don’t,” Grace had proclaimed. “That’s what guys are for.”

“I do now and then when I haven’t been with a guy in a while,” Cindy had admitted. “But not like she does!”

“Me neither,” Keisha had admitted. “But so what?”

“I guess I just find it sad that she feels like she has to act like a man at this Most Feminist College of ours, you know?” Grace had said.

“Eh, so she’s not like us,” Cindy had conceded. “I feel kind of sorry for her, but I don’t hate her for it or anything like that.”

“I don’t mind either, I just think it’s pathetic,” Grace had said.

The others had always managed to keep their low opinions of the matter to themselves. And so Sally was never to know that she masturbated more often than all three of her friends combined.

It was all too appropriate that her friends had been snickering behind her back on that topic that beautiful afternoon, for as they approached the beach house at last, Sally was feeling horny as ever. After three days on the road with her friends and no privacy, saddled also with the anticipation of her big plans for Monday, she was dying for “a vagina tickle” (as she still sometimes called it to amuse herself) as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Given that the others had been in the same situation and there were no boyfriends waiting for them at the beach house, she couldn’t help wondering if they were thinking like she was. It seemed more than likely to her. And so, with the wind too loud to carry on a conversation and a few more hours on the road, Sally let her imagination run wild and savored the sweet torture of having to keep both her hands on the wheel. A slightly older guy or maybe two of them even, shy and demure like herself but they all knew how to work past that when they needed to…maybe they talked her into joining them for a shower in the men’s locker room…two stiff cocks, one for each eager hand as she held them both as if on a leash and let them drink in the beauty of her naked body, and then their own fingers exploring gently through her lush dark pubic hair…kissing her breasts…

“Next exit, Sally!” Cindy called from the back seat. Sally snapped back to reality and put the blinker on, and was grateful that duty called. Much more imagining and she might well have left a stain on the old Cadillac’s driver’s seat!

Ten minutes off the freeway, wheeling the old car through an endless maze of well-kept houses and expensive sports cars, found the friends at the gate to Uncle Steve’s exclusive beachside community. As Sally drew the car to a stop, Cindy hopped out from the backseat and drew the carefully-guarded cheat sheet out of her pocket, and entered the security code. The heavy gate swung open, and Sally gunned the car slowly inside with Cindy strolling in alongside. “Over there!” she pointed to the third house on the right. “I’ll go unlock the garage door for you.” She ran ahead, and Sally followed at a crawl while Grace and Keisha marveled over the lush surroundings and the smell of the ocean just behind the houses.

“Welcome home!” Cindy proclaimed a few minutes later when they had the old car parked in the garage. She stood aside and let her tired friends drag their suitcases into the lovely, expensively decorated interior. “Your humble abode for the next two weeks. There are two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with a single, and that couch is more than comfy enough for the fourth one!” She pointed to the cozy looking living room, which was dominated by a long sofa.

There was no haggling over who would sleep where: the usual pecking order among the friends emerged automatically. Cindy and Grace would share the master bedroom, Keisha got the single bed, and of course Sally would be on the couch. She had no complaints about this, and simply set her suitcase behind the couch without comment.

“Do we really want to bother with the beach right away?” Cindy asked. She looked out the dining room window at the small but private strip of sand that was all theirs for the taking. It was tempting, but she was awfully tired after the drive.

“I’m thinking like you, Cindy,” Keisha said. “Why don’t we all just shower and then go into town for dinner, and take it easy tonight?

“You ladies are no fun!” Grace protested. “How often are we going to have a beach to ourselves?!”

“Every day for the next two weeks,” Keisha reminded her. “I’d rather be wide awake to enjoy it.”

“Sally?” Grace asked. “You get the tiebreaking vote!”

“I’m with Cindy and Keisha,” Sally said, having already sprawled out on the couch. “I’m wiped out.”
“Of course you would say that,” Grace grumbled.

“Excuse me?” Sally demanded, sitting up.

“That was out of line, Grace,” Keisha stepped in. “Face it, you lost the vote. You can go out there yourself if you want, you know.”

“What fun would that be?” Grace whined. But she gave up the fight. “Fine. Let’s all shower then, and dinner and an early night it is.”

“We have a bath in our bedroom,” Cindy told Grace. “Sally and Keisha, yours is over there by the kitchen door. There should be towels in there already.”

“Mind if I go first, Sally?” Keisha asked.

“Not at all.” Sally was once again curled up on the couch, privately counting the seconds until she might have a moment alone. If she never got any privacy in the living room, there was always the shower head.

“Great!” Cindy said. “See you all soon, then.” While Keisha was off to the bathroom, Grace followed Cindy into the master bedroom and Cindy almost shut the door…but left it ajar.

Sally hadn’t taken notice of Cindy leaving the bedroom door open a crack. All she knew was that she probably had five blissful minutes to herself. After three days, that would be more than enough, she knew. She sat up and picked up a quilt that was draped over the couch, folding it to just the right thickness as she could have done in her sleep after all these years, and set it on the middle cushion. Sally knelt over the bundle and, after one cursory look at the bathroom and bedroom doors to ensure she was alone, she gathered up her skirt and lay down with the quilt between her thighs. The first push was a divine relief, the second even more intense, and soon she was humping with utter abandon.

Inside the bedroom, Cindy held her finger to her lips and pointed to the not-quite-closed door.

“What?” Grace whispered.

“Sally’s alone out there,” Cindy replied. “Since we know she didn’t do it back at that restaurant, what do you think she’s up to now?”

“Now? With all of us right here?” Grace looked skeptical.

Cindy tiptoed to the door and opened it a crack, and leaned over so Grace could scoot in under her and they would both get a look. Sure enough, after four years of only hearing Sally masturbating, now they at last got to see her humping the couch with utter abandon. She was facing away from them and was very much wrapped up in her private thoughts, so she was never aware of her audience. With her heavy breathing, she never heard Cindy shut the door at last, and of course she never heard Cindy and Grace dissolving into quiet laughter behind the door.

“That poor girl!” Grace said. “God, how lonely she must be!”

“I know!” Cindy agreed. “I sure hope she finds a man someday.”

“He might not last very long at her pace, will he?” Grace said. She was soon laughing uncontrollably, and so Cindy took advantage of her condition and took her shower first.

Sally enjoyed one intense, cathartic orgasm and allowed herself a moment to catch her breath, and then hastily returned the quilt to where she had found it. She had herself rearranged innocently on the couch for less than one minute when Keisha appeared in the bathroom doorway. “I made it as quick as I could, Sally,” she said.

“No problem,” Sally said. “I think I love this couch anyway.”

“That’s good,” Keisha said just before she disappeared into the bedroom, suppressing a smile as she was able to guess why Sally would fall in love with a couch. Sally waited until Keisha had shut the door before she set about undressing. She didn’t mind any of the others seeing her naked, as the four of them had all seen each other in various stages of undress over the years; but she didn’t want to give the others any ideas about her plans for Monday. Better to make it a complete surprise!

Since none of them cared to face even ten more minutes in the Cadillac, much less to be the designated driver, Cindy led them into town on foot. It was a typical affluent seaside town, replete with cafes and tourist traps everywhere. They were a bit ahead of the dinner rush, and at Cindy’s recommendation they settled on a café with a dazzling view of the setting sun — and of the guys on the beach. Despite the pleasant surroundings, the matter of gas money — an on-again off-again battle throughout their time on the road — soon bubbled up again. Grace, having supplied the beautiful but inefficient vehicle, found herself on the offensive once again. “Come on, this was a once in a lifetime trip, it deserved a once in a lifetime car! You loved the ride, you all know you did!”

“Sure we did,” Keisha allowed, “But you can’t expect us to believe even you were happy about just how much gas that thing takes, Grace.”

“Well, of course not, but so what? It’s our last hurrah!”

“I already have enough student loan debt to worry about without all the gas money that thing has on my credit card now,” Cindy said. “You know, I could argue that I ought to get a break on the bill because I’m supplying the lodging!”

“It’s your uncle who did that, not you!” Grace shot back. “Besides, what about wear and tear on my car?”

“Your father’s car,” Keisha corrected.

“Same diff.”

“No it isn’t!”

“Guys!” As usual, Sally was the last to speak up, but the most authoritative once she did. “Look, we didn’t come here because it would be cheap! We came here to spend some quality time together before we go out into the mean old world. Can’t we do that now and worry about gas money later?”

“What she said,” Keisha said with an approving nod.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Cindy allowed. “But I’m sure you can understand why I’m frustrated about this. I just didn’t think it would be this expensive.”

“Well, none of us is really in a position to beg off her share,” Grace said. “Although I do think given that it’s my dad’s car…”

“Not again!” Keisha interjected. “No one is ever going to agree to that. Get over it.”

Cindy perked up suddenly. “I have an idea you might go for, Grace,” she said. Before going on, she took a long sip of her margarita, her mouth curling into a sassy grin around the straw. Once she had set her glass down, she turned and looked out at the beach. “So many cute guys out there…no doubt we all gave some thought to a fling while we’re here. Or at least Grace and Keisha and I must have.”

“Hey!” Sally piped up.

“Sorry! I just honestly didn’t think that was your thing, Sally. But if you say so. Anyway. Here’s my idea. The first one of us who gets a worthwhile guy — not just getting laid, any girl can do that with some loser, but someone worthwhile — doesn’t have to chip in on the gas on the way home.”

Sally didn’t dignify the suggestion with a response. Keisha looked like she wanted to slap Cindy. But Grace was receptive. “Not bad,” she allowed. “But how do we define ‘worthwhile’?”

“You’ll know it when you see it,” Cindy said. “Honor system, we all know each other well enough to know if one of us is lying just to get out of paying for gas, don’t we?”

Keisha and Grace both acknowledged that they did, and Sally nodded reluctantly, wondering if she was even supposed to be in on the wager. She had not, after all, complained about the gas money in the first place, plus she had always been vaguely aware of her friends’ slight condescension about her relatively straight-laced lifestyle.

“So what do you say?” Cindy went on. “It rewards good behavior, keeps us away from the many jerks out there on the beach, it might lead to a lovely memory, and you save a little on the drive home. Who’s in?”

Cindy looked back and forth from Keisha to Grace, waiting to see who would cave first. None of the three expected the reply she did get: Sally declared, “I am.”

“WHAT?” Grace made no effort to hide her surprise.

“I didn’t even really think…” Cindy began.

“I know,” Sally told her with a smile. “That’s why I’m in.”

“Sally, no offence,” Keisha said. “But I thought you were a…”

“Virgin? I am,” Sally said. “So isn’t it time I change that?”

“Aren’t you saving yourself for marriage?” Cindy demanded.

“No,” Sally corrected her. “Just for the right guy. But I’m beginning to think I’ve been a bit too demanding about that. Now, Keisha and Grace? You too?”

“If she’s in, I’m in,” Grace said with resignation.

“Make it unanimous,” Keisha said. “At least there ought to be some fun in it, no matter who gets stuck with the bill.”

“Well…” Now Cindy sounded like she regretted the whole idea; but it was a done deal. “May the best woman win.” She raised her glass and they drank a toast, and then the conversation turned to matters more pleasant, or at least less confrontational.

After dinner there was talk of club-hopping — mostly from Cindy and Grace — but all four friends were still rather tired from the drive, and the last rays of sunshine were obscured by dark clouds, suggesting a coming thunderstorm. So they settled on a stop by the nearest grocery store to stock up on drinks for tonight and meals for tomorrow. The threatened storm arrived shortly after they returned home, and there was no more talk of going out for the evening. Instead, Cindy unlocked the cabinet in the living room that contained her uncle’s DVD collection, and the four friends spent a contented evening drinking and reminiscing and occasionally paying attention to the movie. There was no further teasing or needling about anything, much less arguing about their wager, for there was a fierce rainstorm outside and a cold real world they were all about to be thrust into, and tonight they were together.

When they all finally called it a night, the glow of friendship stopped Cindy and Grace from any rude speculation about what Sally might do to the couch. So they never knew that once Sally was sure the others were shut away for the night, she humped her way to two more orgasms before unfolding the quilt and falling asleep beneath it. With what she had up her sleeve for Monday, anything could happen regarding their silly bet, after all. They might well beat her at her own game if they were brave enough to play it…but Sally doubted that very much!

Sally had, as usual, had the least to drink among her friends. That plus the bright sunshine from the front windows meant she was the first to wake up by quite some time. She saw no reason to wait for the others, so after a leisurely breakfast and a quick shower, she put on her swimsuit. It was a one-piece, but a very elegant-looking two-tone blue one that was much more flattering to her full figure than a bikini would have been, and it always made her feel beautiful. This morning was no exception, as she checked herself out in the full-length mirror by the kitchen door to make sure everything was in place. Surely the others hadn’t really expected her to wear a bikini anyway! She didn’t even own one…but they didn’t need to know that just yet. She slathered sunblock on her arms, legs, face and as much of her back as she could reach by herself, and burst out onto the deck and beyond into the cool sand and the warm sunshine.

The sand was still crunchy from the rain last night, until Sally reached the waterline. The water was quite cool, but it felt pleasant on her feet and she stood, rooted in the sand and gazing out into the water, wonderfully at peace. Then, with her plans in mind, she turned around to survey just how private their private beach was. Not very: from the water, the neighbors’ backyards were readily visible for a few doors in each direction. Then again, maybe some of the neighbors knew what day tomorrow was as well! That idea and the accompanying nervous anticipation made Sally want to play with herself again, so she braved the cool water and sauntered in up to chest level. No one could tell from there as she reached inside her swimsuit, even if anyone had been awake to see her!

She was used to the temperature by the time she was done, so she set about frolicking lazily in the water, swimming a few laps as best she could now and again in the waves when she felt like it. She neither knew nor cared about the time, but the sun was quite a bit higher and the water warmer when at last she heard Grace call to her from the beach. “Sally! How long have you been out here?!”

“I don’t know! Come on in, the water’s great!”

To Sally’s mild surprise, Grace accepted her invitation. She was wearing a skimpy pink bikini that looked flimsy enough to be lost in the waves; but Grace still had her bare essentials covered when she reached Sally. She looked nearly as happy as Sally felt. “Isn’t this wonderful?!” Sally said. “Worth every bit of the long trip! Now you can see why I lost track of the time, can’t you?”

“It’s great, all right!” Grace agreed. “I wish you’d woken us all up, though.”

“No, you don’t,” Sally said. “You needed your sleep, and I figured you’d all be up once you were ready. It is a vacation, after all.”

“I guess,” Grace admitted. “Just that I think we were all looking forward to getting out onto the beach at the same time.”

“So you and Cindy could give me a hard time about not being in a bikini,” Sally said all too knowingly.

“No!” Grace protested. Sally gave her a polite but firm knowing look. “Okay, maybe…but really, we tease you because we love you, you know that, don’t you?”

“Sure you do,” Sally said.

“I’m sorry, Sally.” Grace felt horribly guilty of a sudden. “We really do love you.”

“Thank you,” Sally said. She thought about adding “I love you too,” but couldn’t quite bring herself to do it. Regardless, she and Grace joined hands and waded back up to the shore, where Cindy and Keisha were now waiting for them. Sally was not at all surprised to note that they were attired just as skimpily as Grace was: Cindy in black and Keisha in a wonderfully flashy silver tone.

Cindy was smirking at Grace as they stepped out of the water. “I told –” she began.

Grace shushed her. “The water’s great!” she announced in a voice too cheerful to be real, but at least Cindy got the hint. “You should take a turn too!”

As if to egg her on in that respect, Sally kicked up some of the surf in Cindy’s direction. “See, it’s wonderful!” she teased.

“We’ll see about that!” Cindy replied, and she jumped and tackled Sally in the receding tide, both of them laughing with abandon as they wrestled in the salty water. Soon enough they were all four splashing about, the strife and tension of yesterday utterly forgotten. Cindy had found a Frisbee somewhere in her uncle’s storage bin just inside the house, and a long and energetic game of catch ensued.

Their happy splashing about caught the attention of their next door neighbors, who were also enjoying a late morning. None of the women was sure just when the guys first noticed them, or whether the guys saw them first or vice versa. What did matter was that one chiseled young man in navy-blue bikini briefs sloshed out to greet them and, to their mild surprise, stopped at a respectable distance. “Morning!” he called out. “My name’s Dan and my buddies and I are staying next door. Can we join your game?”

His tiny, skintight trunks made it all too clear how happy he was to make their acquaintance. All four friends would have been only too happy to welcome his lovely, tan and nearly bare body into the mix, to say nothing of his three friends hanging back on their slice of the beach. After a quick glance among one another that made it clear they were all thinking the same way, Keisha spoke up. “Sure, come on in!”

“Almost too perfect for our little deal, isn’t it?” Keisha asked the others as Dan waded back to let his friends know they could join. “Four of them, four of us.”

“I’m sure they’re thinking the same,” Grace noted.

“What do you suppose their reward is for the first to get lucky?” Cindy mused.

“They’re guys, they don’t need a prize, silly!” Keisha reminded them. All four laughed, although Sally was a bit slower joining in than the others. Willingly they spread out their circle to welcome the guys, and they splashed out into the water. Introductions were called out from a safe distance, and the guys mingled as best they could. Dan took advantage of his having taken the lead and positioned himself between Grace and Cindy, neither of whom minded his company a bit. The others followed his lead, and the circle was soon alternating girl-boy to everyone’s pleasure.

Small talk abounded along with Frisbee-throws, and soon they learned the guys were all a couple of years younger than they were, on a short break before heading back for a summer term at their college up north. Dan was very much the alpha-male, not shy about explaining that it was his parents’ beach house and they would be coming down later in the week, but for now he and his buddies had the place to themselves. “We’re leaving the day after tomorrow,” Dan said. “Party hard, study hard, you know.”

“We know all right,” Cindy said. “We just graduated, so I guess it’s work hard from now on, but we’re here to have a heck of a last hurrah.”

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“Hope we can help you with that!” piped up one of the other guys, who had been introduced as Gabe. He had positioned himself on Cindy’s other side and was focusing far more on her than on the Frisbee. He spoke with a cowboy-style accent that sounded fake to Sally, though that was only a guess on her part.

“Always a class-act there, Gabe,” spoke up Ron, who was sandwiched between Keisha and Sally. In a lower voice, he turned to Sally and said, “Sorry, he’s always making comments like that!”

“Thanks,” Sally said, welcoming the opportunity to look at Ron and admire his well-sculpted chest. He and Gabe were both built and bronzed just like Dan, Gabe having the added distinction of plenty of chest-hair, which had been greatly titillating to Sally before he opened his mouth. But it was their other friend who really intrigued her. Nate, on her right, was clearly the quiet one of the group, with a friendly smile but little to say, his dark hair a bit longer than his clean cut friends’ cropped ‘dos, the only one of the guys in baggy trunks that left a bit to the imagination, and the only one among all eight of them who was wearing a shirt — a worn white t-shirt, but a shirt nevertheless — clearly he was their Sally, and she immediately found him intriguing.

The feeling was clearly mutual, for she let her gaze wander his way a couple of times and always found him looking at her. The first time, he flashed a shy smile and quickly looked away. The second, he gave her the same smile but held her gaze this time. Sally gave him a welcoming look in return and felt a warm connection. She also felt a pleasant tickle on realizing that even in her modest swimsuit, she was revealing more than he was. If only Nate knew what she had planned for tomorrow! But from the way he was looking at her, she suspected he would likely approve.

She approved of what she saw as well, and when the Frisbee game inevitably petered out, she was delighted to find him tamping down his shyness long enough to come join her in her little corner of the surf. “Hi,” he said, reaching out his hand, and she shook it. “I’ve…um…I’ve been hoping there’d be a lull in the game so I could introduce myself.”

Sally’s heart melted at the clumsy yet sincere introduction, though the cynic in her did wonder if it was just an elaborately practiced line designed not to sound like a line. Quickly she concluded that if it was a line, it was a good one. “I’m glad you did,” she responded. “The game was fun but there hasn’t been much chance to mingle, has there?”

“So…you’re Sally, was it? I’m Nate.”

“Yes, I’m Sally. The house is Cindy’s uncle’s,” she added, pointing at Cindy, who was now fending off Dan and Gabe with her usual flair, “and it’s my first time in Florida. I’m guessing yours too?”

“Yeah. I’m from Iowa, so this is all really new to me. We’ve been here a few weeks and it’s all gone by so fast! Just as well we’re heading back to school to be productive and all, but I’m going to miss this place!”
“I feel your pain!” Sally said. “Of course, once we’re done here, it’s off to the real world for us. I mean, I’m going to grad school in the fall, but it’ll be a whole new scene. The four of us were roommates all four years, and this is our last hurrah.”

“Glad you let us horn in on it, then,” Nate said with a grin. “I guess we’re lucky we overlapped.”

Since Sally could feel herself falling almost in slow motion, she had to ask: “You will be here tomorrow, though?”

“Our last full day,” Nate acknowledged. “Hope we can hang out with you again.”

And Sally’s heart skipped a beat! There was, of course, still all the time in the world for her to chicken out and have no one the wiser. At the same time, she was bursting to tell someone in advance, and Nate would be perfect for that…but she resolved once again not to. The surprise would be all the more fun for him that way. “That’d be great!” she said instead. “This is just the kind of break I like, really. I never wanted to do spring break down here, too crazy, you know? So much more fun just to hang out with a few close friends.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Nate agreed. “And the water not being crowded is a nice bit, too.”

Throughout their conversation, Sally was scarcely aware of her friends or his, though they were all milling around in the shallow water, chatting and getting to know one another. She was very much aware, on the other hand, that Nate was fighting a losing battle to look only in her eyes as he spoke. Though he was clearly trying, he did drop a glance below every few words, and clearly he wasn’t happy with himself for doing so. Normally Sally hated the way guys talked to her breasts — once she had even told a particularly exasperating young man, “You know, they’re a lot less sexy when you’re the one who has to carry them around all day!” — but she adored the way Nate was so clearly trying to be a gentleman and resist the temptation. He did look in her eyes more often than not, at least.

With that endearing effort of his in mind and a lull in the conversation, Sally got an idea. “Want to go for a swim?” she asked.

“I’d love to!” he agreed. “To tell you the truth, I was dying for the game to be over with so I could…so we could…I mean, if you wanted to…”

“I do want to, Nate, haven’t I just invited you?” Sally was utterly comfortable now, unaccustomed as she was to being the less shy one in any pair. “Just one thing, surely you want to take your shirt off?”

Nate looked down at himself. “Oh, yeah, guess I should. I just kept it on because, you know, not everyone likes seeing guys half naked, at least not mere mortals like me. Not such a pretty sight, you know?” There was that cute grin of his again.

“Would it help if I said I want to see you that way?” Sally burst into giggles, shocked at her own forwardness.

“Why yes it would,” Nate allowed. “Sorry, I wasn’t really expecting that!”

“You think we don’t check you guys out on the beach too?” Sally teased. “Or that we aren’t shy about our bodies?” No one knew the half of what Sally was going through on that front!

“Wow,” Nate mused. “I guess I didn’t know.” Once again, his gaze drooped downward as he said it.

That gave Sally a great idea, and she seized the moment. After a quick glance to ensure that it the others weren’t watching — and they weren’t — she placed her hands on her hips and thrust her big chest out. “Go ahead and look at them, Nate, don’t be shy.”

“Look at what?”

“You know what! They’re 38D’s, if you were wondering, as I think you probably were. I wasn’t the first girl in my class to develop but I was usually the biggest, and they can get kind of uncomfortable if I can’t wear a bra for some reason, and I can always count on too much attention from dirty old men on the beach. But I’m not ashamed of them, and you have nothing to be ashamed of under your shirt either, Nate.” As she spoke, Nate had followed her order and was gazing happily at her breasts. Sally found it surprisingly liberating to address the subject head-on. She also felt her nipples getting hard with the intimate turn in the conversation, which added all the more to her titillation as she was sure Nate could see them poking out. “Now, I’m sure you won’t object if I admire your body as well, right?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Nate agreed, and he pulled his shirt off. He was pale and had a slight paunch, but Sally only found that made him all the more endearing as she remembered her own imperfections. His face broke into an uncertain smile that slowly gained certainty as he drank in the approving look on Sally’s face.

“We’d better get some sunblock on you before we go in,” Sally said. “May I have the honor?”

“Please do.”

Sally pranced up the beach to the deck, fielding knowing looks from Keisha and Grace and a polite nod from Dan, and collected the bottle of sunblock. She noticed, but did not care, that Gabe never acknowledged her. Turning to find Nate had followed her halfway up the sand, she bade him turn around, and happily slathered the cream all over his back. “You can do mine as well,” she said. “I may have missed a spot when I put it on this morning.”

“It’d be my pleasure,” Nate agreed. And it was Sally’s pleasure, too, feeling his firm but gentle rubbing up and down her back once she was finished with him. She would have liked to help him out in front as well, but that was moving a bit too fast.

Once they were both lathered up, she took his hand and they splashed off into the waves, attracting the attention of all their friends and the approval of both. “I had those two pegged as a perfect match,” Dan said with a sheepish grin.

“I thought he might be a bit too much her type,” Grace said. “But maybe not.”

“‘Bout time we can pawn him off,” Gabe said.

Sally and Nate were both unaware for the time being of what their friends thought, for they were laughing and splashing too loudly off in the water. The conversation was stilted by their frequent turns underwater, often at the same time, but they managed to learn a lot more about one another as they played: their families, college, what he was studying and where she would be studying, the looming real world and how little they were looking forward to it, and a bit of dirt here and there about their friends. Dan was their big man on campus, Gabe had been riding his coattails for two years, Grace and Cindy were wonderful ladies deep down, Ron and Keisha were two of a kind with their too-cool-to-care style. “They ought to be perfect for each other, all right,” Sally said, when Nate got done explaining how Ron was the only one he trusted completely among them.

“I wonder if they’re thinking the same about us?” Nate said, turning to look at the shore, where they were all seated and chatting in a circle.

“I know the girls are,” Sally said, half tempted to tell him about their free-gas deal but quickly concluding that was a terrible idea. When Nate looked at her quizzically, she realized she needed a cover story immediately. “I mean…” she said hesitantly, “You know how women are, don’t you, Nate?”

“No more than any man does,” Nate replied with a grin.

Sally laughed. “You are so adorable!” She wanted desperately to hold him…and on a moment’s reflection, she saw no reason not to. “Come here, Nate.” She held out her arms and he waded into them, a look of disbelieving delight on his face. Once they were settled in their underwater embrace, she continued. “I know they are because…okay, this is a little embarrassing even now, when we’re both half naked and holding each other, but…we had a talk last night over dinner, and it turned out we’re all kind of hoping to meet someone here. It’s the end of the road for us, we’re off to work and grad school, and we all figure no one really needs a boyfriend, but it’d be, you know, icing on the cake for a great summer.” It wasn’t too far from the truth, she mused.

“Cool,” Nate said. “I mean, doesn’t everybody think that way about their summer vacation? I always did.”

“Me too,” Sally allowed, recalling more lonely summer afternoons at the city pool than she cared to. “Plus, I think they all probably thought we were a good match because of…”

“The way we were dressed for the beach?” Nate prodded.

“Thank you! Yes. The others have been after me to wear a bikini and they just don’t get that it’s not my style. And you being the only one not in a banana sling…”

Nate laughed. “I know! Same here, except the guys didn’t actually talk about it, they just knew I was too modest and think I’m kind of childish about it, or something. Anyway, Sally, that suit looks beautiful on you. Very flattering.”

“Thank you!” Pregnant pause, and they both knew a kiss was imminent, but the anticipation was nearly as delicious. Sally closed her eyes and leaned in, and their lips met. They had a moment of blessed intimacy before someone on the beach — perhaps Grace from the sound of it — took notice and burst into a whoop of approval that was soon echoed by all their friends.

They pulled apart and dissolved into embarrassed laughter. “Don’t look!” Nate whispered. “Don’t give them the satisfaction!”

“Let’s not!” Sally agreed. “But we might as well give them more to cheer about!” She squeezed him tighter than before and they kissed again. She could feel him getting hard against her, and considered reaching down to play a bit, but decided to take it slow for now.

Once the magical moment had run its course, they were back to playing in the water for a while longer. Neither of them knew or cared about the time, until Dan called to Nate from the beach. “We’ve got to go get cleaned up now, man!” he called.

“That’s right,” Nate told Sally reluctantly. “Gabe’s dad’s in town and we all agreed to go to some stupid presentation at his club. But we’ll be free in time for a late dinner.”

“I’d love that,” Sally agreed. The secret being out, they held hands openly as they made their way back to shore, where there were knowing looks from everyone.

“I take it Nate told you why we’ve got to go, Sally?” Dan asked.

Sally nodded.

“But we’ve all been invited to dinner afterward,” Keisha said. “And we might go clubbing afterward if the swimming didn’t wear you out.”

“Sounds good,” Nate said. He kissed Sally on the cheek, as if daring his friends to hoot at them; but they didn’t. “See you in a few hours then?”

“Can’t wait!” Sally said.

“Sally’s got a boyfriend!” Keisha sing-songed as soon as they were all in the kitchen with the door shut behind them.

“I think maybe I do,” Sally reflected with a dreamy smile. “How about that?”

Cindy snickered. “God, Sally, are you fourteen going on twenty-two or what?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sally’s goodwill vanished into thin air.

“She means you sound like a little girl in a fairy tale,” Grace said. “And I’m sorry, but in that bathing suit you look like one, too.”

“That’s enough!” Keisha snapped. “What kind of friends are the two of you, anyway, to mouth off at her like that at a moment like this? Or any time? Aren’t we all here to spend quality time together?”

“We criticize you because we love you, Sally,” Cindy said. “He does seem like a sweet guy. We just don’t want you to ruin it with your naïve little girl act.”

“Act?” Sally demanded.

“He’s a guy, Sally,” Grace told her. “You think he’s going to be happy with your whole demure, shy little act for long?”

“He looks happy with it to me,” Keisha interjected.

“He is!” Sally agreed. “You two have no idea what a bond we had just now!”

“What a bond,” Cindy repeated haughtily. “God, I hope for your sake he really is as old fashioned as you are.”

Sally looked ready to cry. Keisha stepped up again. “Sally, I think our friends might just be jealous because they aren’t the ones falling in love and, just maybe, now they’ll both have to pay for the gas on the ride home.” She gave Sally a hug and added, “I’m happy for you, girl.”

“Thank you,” Sally said, feeling stronger now as she hugged Keisha back. She cast a cold look at Cindy and Grace, who looked at one another and then back at her.

“Okay, that was harsh of us,” Cindy admitted. “Just…we do wonder sometimes if you pour on your innocence a little too thick, is all. We know guys, and they won’t put up with that for long.”

“You know guys, but you don’t know Nate,” Sally said. “Now, can we please drop the subject?”

“Just know we worry about you, Sally,” Grace said, and with that she and Cindy retired to their room. Keisha gave Sally’s hand a squeeze and followed. Alone in the kitchen now, Sally pulled off her swimsuit and tossed it in the sink, and turned the water on to soak it. Standing naked at the kitchen window, she looked out onto the now-empty beach and thought of Nate and of tomorrow, and smiled through her irritation at her friends. She gave some thought to running to get a towel or a bathrobe in case one of the others came out, but quickly decided — literally and figuratively both — she had nothing to hide. She almost welcomed the prospect of greeting Cindy or Grace in the nude, showing in the most literal way imaginable that she was no naïve little girl. They would understand that much soon enough, and on that realization she was able to put away her anger.

Alone in the shower a few minutes later, the sweet taste of Nate’s kisses reasserted itself and Sally gave serious consideration to making use of the shower head. She presently concluded that what she was feeling just now was more sweet than sexy, and she preferred to focus only on the lovely memory of his arms around her. But on soaping up her breasts, she found her nipples were hard as ever.

With three hours and change to kill before dinner, a movie emerged as their best option for the afternoon. As they would be meeting the guys at the restaurant just afterward, Cindy, Grace and Keisha all opted for their dinner- and clubbing attire: tight tops, capri pants or short-shorts, awash in colors. Sally, never big on clubbing, opted for her usual more conservative style with a breezy offwhite knit top and a floral print skirt. Perhaps mindful of the earlier altercation, none of the others commented on the matter; it was not at all unusual for Sally to be the only one in a skirt anyway. Grace’s “Cute outfit, Sally,” was all anyone had to say about it.

Once again none of them wanted to bother with “the boat” (as Cindy called it yet again to Grace’s irritation), so they walked to the theater in mostly companionable conversation. Sally was the least talkative as usual, with anticipation of Nate at dinner crowding out Grace and Cindy’s usual prattle and Keisha’s more worldly interjections. Through the walk and then the movie, Sally was lost in sweet reverie about the morning and concern about Nate’s inevitable departure in two days. It would be an awful shame to fall head over heels in love for him when their time together was so fleeting, she knew…but from comparing notes in the water, she also knew they would be within a day’s commute in the fall, and surely true love was worth that! But was it love, then?

Of course, who knew what Nate might think of her when he saw her on the beach tomorrow?

The idea terrified Sally, but also thrilled her in a way she had never felt before. Given the wild card that presented, she resolved not to panic about long distance relationships until she found out what he thought of her after the fact. It could scare him off, or it could make him fall madly in love with her. She had no way of knowing which.

After the movie, they convened for drinks in the restaurant’s bar while waiting for the guys. As they took their first sips, Cindy broke the ice at last. “Sally, we both owe you an apology,” she admitted. “I hope you know we do love you, and what you saw back there was just our clumsy way of trying to help.”

“Thank you,” Sally said, appreciative but not wanting the conversation to continue in the direction she knew it was going.

But Cindy was not to be deterred. “Look, no offense, but the three of us, we all know pretty much all there is to know about guys at this point, and we’ve seen you stumble a time or two before.”

“Yeah, we just don’t want you to get hurt when you’re off to such a great start with this Nate guy,” Grace added. “We really want to help. I mean, the comment about looking like a little girl in your suit, that was low, I admit. But it’s also how guys think. That’s all I was getting at. I mean, if Nate sees you again tomorrow like that while we’re all in our bikinis, how long do you think you’re going to keep his attention?”

Sally struggled not to laugh — she knew exactly how she would hold Nate’s attention, and they would all find out soon enough.

“It’s not like you’ve got anything to be embarrassed about, when all the rest of us are letting it all hang out,” Cindy added. “You did say the other day in the car that you were finally going to wear one, didn’t you?”

Sally swallowed hard and remembered to keep her temper. “Actually, I –“

“If you didn’t bring one, we could lend you one of ours,” Cindy added preemptively.

“No need,” Sally reassured them. That was all they needed to know for now, and she was able to smile through her annoyance and let her friends wonder what she was thinking as the guys showed up a moment later.

Dan was in the lead as always, Gabe a half step behind and with a bigger but less sincere grin, Ron and Nate bringing up the rear — as usual, Sally had surmised by then — and her friends’ oversharing and misplaced concerns were forgotten instantly on their arrival. “Good evening!” Grace exclaimed in what Sally recognized in her flirting voice, directing it at Dan and Gabe alike. Cindy was on her feet just afterward to greet them as well, while Ron made a beeline for Keisha and they exchanged subtler hellos. There was no need for small talk with Sally and Nate: they greeted each other with a comfortable hug as if they’d been friends for years. All the guys were dressed in the same almost-dressy style Sally had tried for, owing to the dress code at the club. One look up and down Nate in his freshly ironed pale blue shirt and khakis while he returned the favor in admiring her, and they dissolved into shy laughter together.

“What’s so funny now, I wonder?” Gabe grumbled.

“We got to know each other so well out there today…” Nate began.

“But this is the first time we’ve seen each other fully clothed,” Sally finished. Ron and Keisha joined in on their laughing, Dan smiled politely, and Cindy, Grace and Gabe all looked perturbed or annoyed or both — Sally couldn’t quite tell which, nor did she care.

“You can already just imagine what their children are going to look like, huh?” Ron whispered to Keisha, who nodded and laughed harder.

Sally and Nate staked out the corner of the booth they had reserved, and dinner proceeded in blissful contentment for them both. Cindy and Grace were sufficiently distracted in vying for Dan’s favors that there was no more meddling with Sally for the time being, and as their chatting grew more intimate, the others seemed to fade from their awareness. Any patronizing looks from their friends were effortlessly ignored.

Two hours later, when there were finally no calls for another round and the bill arrived, they were all off to a club the guys knew and loved. Neither Nate nor Sally really wanted to join the others for the club. But they also didn’t care to be wet blankets, and so they found themselves hand in hand, following their friends up the sidewalk, neither of them daring mention what they both really wanted to do next. Since Sally had made up her mind that things would not go any further with Nate until he’d seen her on the beach tomorrow, she figured it was just as well that they stay in public, for she was not finding it easy to stick to that decision. But she rubbed his hand gently with her fingers as they followed their friends to the club.
“This place is always in full swing, I promise you that,” Dan told the women as they lined up to pay the cover charge and head inside. “Goes to closing time, non stop, if you want. We close the place down quite a bit.”

“Too true,” Nate whispered to Sally.

“Boring, is it?” Sally was guardedly hopeful that Nate might suggest they go elsewhere on their own.

“Until you get riproaring drunk, then it’s kind of fun. But we don’t have to do that tonight.”

“Glad to hear you say that,” Sally said. “I have some big plans for tomorrow.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“It’s a surprise,” Sally said with an uncharacteristically saucy grin. “But I think you’ll like it.”

She had timed the comment perfectly, and Nate had no chance to respond as she dragged him gently inside the dark and noisy club. Once inside, Dan bought the first round of beers, and Sally and Nate allowed themselves to be caught up in the group revelry for the time being. It was much too noisy to carry on a conversation, and Cindy and Grace needed no prodding to throw themselves into the dance. As the alcohol took hold, one by one the others joined them, Sally and Nate doing so rather reluctantly but happy to be together at least.

An hour and two rounds later, Sally emerged from the ladies’ room to find Nate waiting outside. “Ready to get out of here?” he yelled just loudly enough to be heard.

“God, yes! Thank you!” Neither of them looked around to see if their friends noticed them leaving, and hand in hand they stumbled out into the dark and pleasantly cool night air. “I’m sorry, Nate,” Sally said, her voice now returned to normal volume. “I like to dance as much as anyone but I hate that boring music, and what’s so fun about it being so loud you can’t even think?”

“I know!” Nate agreed. “The guys have dragged me in there two or three times a week all summer, and so many times I’d rather just go walk on the beach.”

“You should have suggested that tonight!” Sally said. By now they were heading down the block to the public beach.

“I thought you’d want to be with your friends.”

“I thought the same about you!” Soon they were laughing heartily again, their arms entwined around one another’s back in their mildly inebriated state. “God, we have so much in common, don’t we?”

“Too much!” Nate agreed. “Wow, Sally, I can’t even tell you how wonderful today was, and that we could have spent this evening just continuing to get to know each other…”

“It’s never too late,” Sally reminded him.

“Speaking of too late,” Nate said. “That secret you have for tomorrow…”

“Is still set for tomorrow,” Sally said firmly but not unkindly. As they arrived on the sidewalk overlooking the beach, she stopped and turned to face him, holding both his hands in hers. “Nate, you’re wonderful, but we just met and there’s so much you don’t know about me yet. And there’s something I had already planned for tomorrow…I don’t know what you might think of it all. I’ll tell you this: this time tomorrow, if you still feel the way you feel now, then…well, we’re not going to be too far apart this fall.”

“I’ve already been thinking about fall,” Nate said. “But I have to admit you’re making me nervous about just what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow.”

“It’s nothing you need to concern yourself over,” Sally reassured him. “It just might make you see me in a different light.”

“I doubt it,” Nate said. By now he had gently led her into the cool sand. With a grin he added, “May I have this dance?”

“You’re hilarious!” Sally exclaimed. But she did let him whirl her around all the same, the echo of the surf and the noise from the bars across the street alternating in her ears as they went. After four or five spins, Sally slipped and pulled Nate down with her. The sand having broken their fall, they laughed some more and snuggled in contented silence for some time.

They both fell asleep in the sand. Sally awoke first and heard Nate’s snoring, and she rubbed his chest gently until he was also awake. “What time is it?” he mumbled.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Sally said. “But we’d better get home. They’re already going to be talking about what we’re up to, no use giving them even more ammunition.” Nate did not argue the point, and they walked home in agreeable silence. Sally realized with a start that she didn’t know the passcode to the gate to their block, but Nate reassured her that he did know.

The windows of Gabe’s father’s house were dark, so they guessed — correctly — that they were the first ones home. On the step, Sally threw her arms around Nate and kissed him deeply. “Want to come in?” Nate asked hopefully.

Sally reluctantly shook her head. “Tomorrow,” she promised.

“Is that what the secret is?” Nate asked.

Sally smiled through her mild embarrassment. “I’ll tell you what, Nate. When you get inside, go online and see what tomorrow is.”

“July fourteenth? Bastille Day?”

“That and something else,” Sally said. With another peck on his cheek, she whispered, “The something else is what I’ve got up my sleeve. Good night!”

“Good night,” Nate said through his mystification, watching as she walked away regretfully next door.

As Sally had guessed, none of her friends were home yet. So she took a long, hot shower and changed into her nightgown, and didn’t even think of trying to go to sleep without some play. With the memory of Nate still fresh in her mind — his sweet words, the dancing on the beach, the way he looked at her in her swimsuit — she humped her way to three orgasms before settling down for the night. Even then, she soon realized she was far from settled. The big event was only hours away now, and just what would Nate think when he saw her? Would the clue she had just given him spill the beans? Was that even a bad thing? She could only guess.

Keisha finally arrived home shortly before three o’clock. Sally pretended to be asleep as she watched her friend tiptoe to the bathroom and then off to her bedroom. Cindy and Grace arrived drunk and noisy about fifteen minutes later. Though they did drop their voices as they stepped inside, Sally was aware of their salacious discussion of some guys they’d met at the club. “Hope Dan and them don’t feel we ditched them!” Cindy said, shutting the door behind him.

“So what if we did?” Grace rejoined. “I didn’t hear us say we owed them anything.”

“Oh, I know of course!” Cindy protested. She slammed their bedroom door behind them, and then Sally could hear only the muffled remnants of their conversation.

Figuring the coast was clear for the night now and knowing she had no chance of falling asleep just yet, Sally got an idea. It was, she concluded, the perfect time to try her plan on for size in a safe setting. She kicked the blanket aside and sat up, and with a deep breath she pulled her nightgown off and tossed it on the couch. As a minor concession to her lingering modesty, she put on a pair of clean panties from her suitcase. Before her inhibitions had time to take over again, she strode to the sliding door and quietly slid it open. With no one on the beach, Sally took a deep breath and stepped out onto the deck.

The boards of the deck were cool against her bare feet thanks to hours of darkness, yet each step was utterly electrifying as Sally felt butterflies not only in her stomach, but over every inch of her body — most of all, to her naughty amusement, the one bit of her body that was clothed. She stepped to the edge of the deck and stood gazing up at the moon, thrilling to the sense of its pale light on her naked breasts. She cupped them in her hands and enjoyed the sensation of her own supple flesh in the wonderful safety of the night.

Sally was never to know that Keisha had seen her first daring venture outside, which lasted only a few more minutes after her friend had retreated to her room. For once, Sally slept nearly as late as her friends the next morning. When she did awake, she found last night’s rehearsal had not done away with her last-minute jitters, so she remained on the couch until Grace appeared in her bedroom door. “You’re still in bed?” she asked in disbelief. “It’s nearly ten!”

“I had a late night too,” Sally said, enjoying the cryptic nature of her answer.

“So we heard, you lucky girl!” Grace teased. “Get up and get ready for the beach. It’s the guys’ last day and I know you don’t want to miss a minute with Nate!”

“You’ve got that right,” Sally admitted.

While the others were getting breakfast together, Sally went into the bathroom and slathered sunblock over every inch of her body, going to considerable effort to make sure even her back and especially her bottom were protected. Then she donned her bathrobe and tied the sash tightly, and blossomed forth into the dining room.

“Yay, Sally!” Cindy cheered. “Finally going to dress for the occasion, are we?”

“We certainly are,” Sally said.

It was a light and fast meal, and scarcely ten minutes later they were out on the deck, all but Sally in their bikinis. They all stood expectantly around her. “C’mon, Sally, it’s now or never,” Grace said.

“Join us already!” Keisha said.

Sally smiled shyly and pulled at the sash of her robe, savoring her last moments of modesty. Cindy was having none of that: she began chanting “Take it off! Take it off!” Grace and Keisha presently joined in.

The encouragement quickly reached a fevered pitch, and Sally knew she couldn’t go back if she wanted to. With a deep breath and forcing a smile, she pulled the sash and threw off her robe, and stood naked before her friends in the morning sunshine.


“What the hell, girl?”

“Oh. My. God!” Grace spun around and shut her eyes for good measure.

“Relax,” Sally told them all, strolling off onto the sand. “Today is Nude Day.”

“Nude Day?” Cindy repeated incredulously.

“Google it if you don’t believe me,” Sally said. “And feel free to join me if you want.” She set her hands on her hips, defiantly refusing to make any effort to cover up, forcing all her friends to drink in the sight of her full breasts and bush. Since she didn’t know of their fascination with her penchant for masturbating frequently, she couldn’t have guessed at their amusement with the revelation that her palms weren’t hairy but her pussy was.

“Yeah, right,” Cindy said, and the looks on Grace and Keisha’s faces made it clear she was speaking for them, too. “Are you out of your mind, Sally?”

“Nope, just out of my clothes! And it feels great!” With a cheerful flair, she pranced off into the water and stroked out deep enough into the tide to be able to stand up to her neck, and paused to consider what she had just done. They were arguing now, undoubtedly about her, but she didn’t care in the least. She was focused now on two things: the prickly sense of taboo that was radiating from her pounding heart, and the wonderful sensation of being enveloped entirely in the water. It was sublime. Once she had caught her breath and the adrenalin seemed to be passing, Sally set about swimming and splashing around just as she had done the day before in her bathing suit. The others would get over their shock soon enough. And maybe, just maybe, Nate would have learned about Nude Day last night.

He had, though Sally wasn’t to know right away. Instead Dan was the first of the guys to appear, much to the others’ consternation. “Don’t look at Sally!” Cindy blurted out when he first appeared.

“Then it is true?” he asked, only just managing to obey Cindy.

“She told you?!” Grace asked.

“She told Nate she had something big planned for today, and to look up the date online. I’ve never heard of Nude Day, had you?”

“No,” Grace said. “And of the four of us, which one had to decide to experiment with it?!”

“Girl, that’s not right!” Keisha snapped. “She’s your friend!”

“If you think it’s so great, why don’t you join her?” Cindy suggested.

Keisha gave her friend a long, hard look, and the memory of four years of barely-concealed snobbery on Cindy and Grace’s part rushed over her. With a nod, she replied, “Maybe I will. Dan?”

To Cindy and Grace’s delight, he looked like he was seriously considering it. “Well, before I do anything that crazy, I ought to tell Nate. I promised I’d get him the straight dope on the whole thing.”

“Tell him to hurry over, then.”

They all turned around to see Sally standing in the wet sand behind them, having emerged from the surf. “Hi, Dan,” she said with a nervous laugh, delighted to see his eyes and trunks bulging all at once as he admired her body.

“H…hi,” Dan said. “Wow, you’re…brave. And beautiful. Beautiful!”

“Thank you,” Sally said. “Would you and Nate care to join me?”

“Definitely!” Dan said. “I’ll be right back with him!” And he was off to fetch Nate.

As soon as the women were alone again, Cindy picked up where she had left off. “Sally, what in God’s name has gotten into you?”

“Pride,” Sally said. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for years — I mean, what’s to be ashamed of about being perfectly natural? So when I found out there was a day just for this and we’d be here then…”

“Ever think of telling us?” Grace demanded.

“Yes, but I wanted to see if you’d leave me alone about going almost-nude like you all do,” Sally said. “And we all know you didn’t, did you?”

“Don’t you try to pin this on us!” Cindy protested.

“Oh, I don’t,” Sally said. “This is all about me learning to love my body.” At that point she saw Dan and Nate approaching, towels around their waists and, she guessed, nothing else. “Now if you’ll excuse me, it looks like they love my body too!” She turned to greet Nate, who was fixated on her body but stopped at a respectable distance of a few feet. Dan had followed his lead and done the same. Ron and Gabe were bringing up the rear, both of them wearing their trunks for now — which, to Sally’s great pleasure, betrayed an appreciation for her body.

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Naturally, Sally focused primarily on Nate. “Good morning,” she told him with a grin that managed to hide her thrilled embarrassment. “I guess you see now what July 14 is.”

“I read about it online after I went in last night,” Nate confirmed, fingering at his towel but not yet removing it. “I didn’t dare believe…but I guess I should have. And, I mean…wow, Sally!”

“That takes guts,” Ron said from behind her, where he had joined Keisha. “I’m really impressed.”

“Me too,” Keisha allowed, though she hadn’t yet removed anything. “What a great idea.”

“Care to join me, Nate?” Sally asked.

“Fair’s fair,” Nate said, and to her delight he pulled away his towel and tossed it on the deck, giving Sally her first ever look at a nude man in person. Before the shock of the moment could cause him any discomfort, Sally took him in a joyful embrace and they laughed together. She exulted in the sensation of his warm, hard cock pressing against her leg, and her hands itched to play with it just as soon as she could lure him into the water.

Cindy and Grace, who had seen their share of nude men, snickered a bit at the sight as they usually did — the male body was ever so awkward and graceless, and Nate had looked so much the part even with his clothes on! — and Gabe joined in with them. “I’m so sorry,” he told them. “Of the four of us, which one pulls a thing like this?”

“We were thinking the same,” Grace said. “This is nothing like Sally.”

“I should hope not,” Gabe said, casting a disdainful glance over his shoulder at Sally. “Only one of you celebrates Nude Day, and it’s a hairy, mousy little thing like her?”

Nate had drawn back from Sally but remained in a reverie of mutual admiration, holding both her hands as they looked at one another, and had opted to ignore Gabe’s insult to him. But he had no such patience for the slight against Sally, and he dropped her hands and turned around. “Gabe, what the fuck?!” he demanded. “You with your big porn stash, always mouthing off about getting pussy, and that’s what you have to say about a woman who has the nerve to put herself out on the line like this?!”

“Relax, man, it was just a joke!” Gabe looked to Cindy and Grace for support, but they were both looking aghast at him.

“Baloney it was, Gabe!” Though he was naked, Nate was fearless as he confronted Gabe. Even Grace was impressed with his resolve as he stood up to his friend, though she was more interested in reconsidering his nude body than anything else. Like Sally, the guys’ own ugly duckling had a certain beauty all his own underneath it all. Standing inches from Gabe’s face now, he growled, “It’s just like you to mouth off about anyone the least bit different! You’ve been doing it to me for two years! Sally puts herself out like this in public, totally vulnerable and laying everything on the line welcoming us to share it with her, and all you can do is insult her! What the hell, man?”

Gabe tried once again to laugh it off. “You’re beautiful when you’re angry, Nate,” he said. “But I don’t think you should argue naked.”

Nate looked nearly ready to punch Gabe. Sally came to the rescue. “Nate, honey, let’s go play in the water, okay?” She took his hand and led him off into the waves, her heart aglow with the things he had said in her defense. “I wouldn’t want to see you guys get in a fistfight,” she said to him. “But thank you for all you said! That was lovely.”

“And I meant every word of it,” Nate said with a proud flair, managing to look her in the eyes and surprising even himself with his success. “I’m really amazed with you for this — what an idea! I wish I had your confidence.”

“Oh, god!” Sally laughed, hugging him to reassure him that she wasn’t really laughing at him. “That’s sweet, but I didn’t feel confident at all until…well, until just now, Nate. Ever since I took my robe off, my heart was in my throat and I was fighting off the urge to cover myself up!”

“Why’d you do it, then?”

“To show the others I could. All three of them have always been…well, a little like Gabe, frankly, always kind of talking down to me. I knew they’d never imagine me having the nerve to pull off something like this, and that was exactly why I felt I had to do it! It was my one last chance to prove I’m not the delicate little flower they think I am.”

“I’ll say you aren’t,” Nate said, now openly admiring her body. He lifted his hands gingerly out of the water. “May I…”

“Of course,” Sally said, taking his hands and placing them gently on her breasts. His shyness was beginning to wear on her, but she reminded herself that she was the same way by nature. In any event, he was a natural, gently caressing her breasts just right, and Sally felt a shiver of pleasure in spite of the warm water. She also reciprocated by taking the longed-for opportunity to play with his hard cock, under the water and out of sight of their friends. The rigid, taut feel of it in her hands was wonderful in itself, and his eager response to her stroking was all she had always imagined and more, as was the lovely caress of his hands on her breasts. How she had longed for that for so long!

“Oh!” Nate laughed nervously, though he appeared to be enjoying her touch. “Oh my!”

“Like that, do you?” Sally asked, tracing light circles on his tip.

“Love it!” Nate said. “Just like I always imagined, or actually better than that, even!”

“Like you always imagined?” Sally asked. “You mean you’ve never…”

“Well…no.” Nate looked embarrassed. “Remember, I am two years younger than you,” he said gingerly.

“No, that’s fine, Nate!” She somewhat reluctantly let go of his penis and slipped her arms around him. “I’m a virgin, too, actually.”

“Really! That’s…” He never got around to telling her what ‘that’ was, as they both dissolved into relieved laughter at the secret they shared. “What a relief to know you don’t think I’m a freak, then,” he finally said.
“Of course I don’t!” Sally reassured him. “Besides, aren’t I the one who took all my clothes off in front of my friends?” Soon they were laughing hard enough to be heard back on the shore, where at least their friends wouldn’t see them fondling one another under the water. Not that Sally cared who knew; the gentle touch of Nate’s fingers all over her body was too delightful for her to have any objection just then!

While their laughter was audible on the beach, their friends weren’t paying them any mind. They were all watching Gabe continue to make an ass of himself. “Look, it was just a joke!” he insisted, looking one by one at the others, none of whom offered him any support. “Besides, I mean, look at them! I saw the way you ladies treat Sally, I can see she’s your Nate!”

“Too true,” Grace said with some resignation.

“Grace!” Keisha snapped. “She’s your friend! What the hell!”

“That’s what I mean,” Grace confessed. “Gabe, you’re right. We’ve been just as condescending to her as you guys obviously have with Nate. We owe her an apology, or at least I do.”

“I agree,” Keisha said, looking mollified. A glance at Cindy indicated that it was unanimous. “And seriously, Gabe, do look at the both of them! Totally comfortable in their own skin when even their best friends were telling them they shouldn’t be! You ought to be admiring them, not giving them a hard time when they couldn’t possibly be more vulnerable!”

“Yeah?” Gabe whined. “Well, I don’t see any of you tearing your suits off!”

Keisha looked out to see Sally and Nate frolicking joyfully nude in the surf. She took Ron’s hand. “Shall we?” she asked.

“I can take it if you can,” Ron said, hooking his thumb inside the waistband of his trunks.

Grace and Cindy watched in stunned silence as Keisha turned and presented her back to Ron for him to untie her top, which floated gracefully to the sand as her breasts fell free. In no time her panties were also tossed aside. Both of them now naked, Keisha and Ron enjoyed a good look at one another before dissolving together into laughter and hugs. Grace and Cindy admired them both shamelessly. “Now we see why you didn’t want to join us for waxing,” Cindy said, admiring Keisha’s tiny patch of golden-brown pubic hair. It offered the perfect contrast both to her slightly more fair-colored skin, and the massive thatch adorning Ron’s lovely thick cock, which was quickly growing hard as he admired Keisha’s elegant body.

“I really don’t need to wax, do I?” Keisha said knowingly.

“Too bad you didn’t invite Sally for that,” Gabe harrumphed. Sally’s bush was bigger than Nate’s and maybe even Ron’s.

“I disagree,” Ron said. “I think she wears it well.”

“Me too,” Keisha said, careful not to give Gabe the satisfaction of losing her cool. “For some women, a big bush looks great, you know.”

“Just not you, eh?” Gabe needled.

“That’s right, just not me.” She glared at Gabe, who at long last took the hint and turned to retreat back to his own patch of the beach.

As Gabe passed Dan, who was still wearing his towel, he demanded, “Aren’t you with me at least?”

“Well, no, Gabe.” With that, Dan pulled his towel away as well. Tossing it aside, he strode casually to the water. “Anyone up for a swim?” he asked.

“Oh, I am!” Grace exclaimed, jumping up to follow him.

She made no move to undress, a matter that Keisha noticed. “You’re gonna join us but not really join us, are you? That hardly seems fair.”

“Dan doesn’t mind,” Grace replied. “Do you, Dan?”

“Nah, of course not,” Dan said, though Keisha suspected he was disappointed. She noted also that Grace gawked shamelessly at Dan when he turned around to answer her. Keisha was admiring him as well, but she had no qualms about it, being fully on display herself. Her naked skin prickled with naughty pleasure at the situation despite the cool water.

If Dan was disappointed, his disappointment did not last long, for at that moment Cindy jumped up and slipped off her bikini bottoms. “Wait for me!” she called. Also making fast work of her top, she pranced naked to the water, where soon they were all splashing around. “Looks like I’m the most naked of all,” Cindy quipped. Unlike Keisha and especially Sally, she was fully hairless down below, a look that grabbed Dan’s attention immediately.

“Hey, I’m newly waxed too, aren’t I?” Grace reminded her.

“Let’s see if you are,” Cindy teased, though she knew perfectly well Grace was right.

“Fat chance!” Grace insisted, and as an energetic game of tag ensued in the water, she remained the only one wearing a stitch of clothing. Both Keisha and Cindy privately concluded that it was her loss, for they felt wonderfully free and at one with the guys, neither of whom seemed to mind Grace’s shyness. Nor, judging from their hard cocks, did her remaining clothed lessen their pleasure at the situation.

“God, this feels so free, doesn’t it?” Ron said during a lull in play, splashing on his back into the water.

“It really does,” Keisha agreed. “Grace, you don’t know what you’re missing, dear.”

Grace took a good look around at her old and new friends, all of them wonderfully uninhibited, the guys’ cocks flailing about wonderfully and causing her no small degree of arousal, and finally she felt like the odd one out. “You all did ask for it,” she said at last and she reached back to untie her top.

The cheer that arose when Grace undressed was loud enough to draw Sally and Nate out of their private reverie in the deep water. Still clutching one another tightly, they both turned and looked to see the results of what Sally had started. “Oh my God, they’re all naked too!” she exclaimed.

“We started a trend, huh?” Nate mused.

“Shall we go say hello?” Sally asked.

“Well…” Nate stammered nervously. “I’m kind of enjoying being alone with you like this.”

“Me too,” Sally agreed. “But you know, we could be alone together in the house — but we’ll have to pass by them first anyway.”

Nate’s face broke into his sauciest grin. “Then let’s go say hello!”

Hand in hand they trudged through the surf, delightfully aware of all that was going on display as they emerged from the shallower water. It was Grace who first noticed they were coming to join the gang. “Sally, Nate!” she called. “What a great idea!”

“It’s liberating, isn’t it?” Sally agreed.

To her surprise, Grace leapt through the water to hug Sally. “Listen, I’m sorry, Sally! For everything!” she said.

“That’s okay,” Sally said, returning the hug.

“No, it isn’t!” Grace insisted. “I’ve been one nasty piece of work with you for such a long time, and here you are the bravest of us all, to do this!”

“She’s right, Sally,” Cindy added. “We all owe you an apology.”

“And us to you, Nate,” Ron added.

“Well, there’s something you can do right now to make it up,” Sally said. Leaning in toward Grace’s ear, she whispered, “Can we use the bedroom for a bit?”

“Of course!” Grace said out loud. “We’ll be busy playing out here anyway, I think.”

“Thank you!” Gripping Nate’s hand, Sally rushed him up the deck and inside.

“What did she tell you?” Dan asked as soon as they were out of earshot.

“That she won’t be paying for the gas on our trip home,” Grace said. Cindy and Keisha burst into laughs and then nodded with approval — the underdog had prevailed, fair and square.

“Inside joke, I take it?” Dan asked.

“Precisely,” Keisha said, and Dan and Ron got the hint and didn’t probe any further.

After a quick shower together in the master bathroom, Sally and Nate found themselves clean, dry and naked together by the bed. The sheer awkwardness of the moment gave way to a comfortable laugh that they shared, and then they embraced. “I’m sorry, Sally, I’m just so shy!” Nate confessed.

“It is a little embarrassing the first time, isn’t it?” Sally said. “But I think that’s part of the fun.”

“That’s a very thoughtful way of putting it,” Nate said. He drew back and enjoyed a long look at Sally’s body, which she welcomed; the sight of him hard as a rock for her made her feel beautiful. Slowly, almost as if he was still afraid she would swat him away, he lifted both hands toward her breasts, but then dropped them. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I just…I’ve imagined this moment so many times before and I don’t really know what to do.”

With a gentle laugh, Sally hugged him again. “I know, Nate! I know! I feel the same. All the hundreds of times I’ve fantasized about this, where I always somehow knew just what to do, but it’s nothing like being here for real, is it? But we’re in this together!”

“All the times you’ve fantasized?” Nate asked. “You mean you…”

“Of course I…” Sally replied, and they laughed together. “Doesn’t everybody?”

“I guess,” Nate said. “It’s just, you grow up thinking girls don’t do that.”

“I know,” Sally said. “Oh, how I know. But we do! Now…” She took both his hands in hers and placed them gently on her breasts. “I believe you wanted to play with these, and I know I wanted you to!” Placing her own hands back on his sides to caress him gently, she looked down and watched as he stroked them too lightly at first, so that it almost tickled, then let his touch grow firmer as he gained confidence. After a few moments’ playful caresses, he slipped his palms under both breasts and lifted them gingerly. Sally sighed with pleasure. “That feels great, Nate,” she said. Since she hadn’t worn a bra all day, it certainly did feel refreshing. Having always heard bigger breasts had less sensation, she was pleasantly surprised at the pleasure his touch gave her, but she hoped he would have the presence of mind to reach up for her now-hard nipples. Soon enough, he did, and Sally exhaled in delight. “Lovely,” she said, and with that she reached down and took his hard cock in both her hands, drawing a similar reaction from him.

Their shyness now but a memory, they continued their gentle exploring for a few more minutes. Sally hoped Nate would be bold enough to take the next move. To her relief, he eventually did, prodding her gently to the bed, where she lay back with her legs spread. With welcome in her eyes, she gazed up at Nate, who in turn was gazing at her bush. She felt a fresh round of butterflies anticipating his caresses, but they weren’t forthcoming.

“Are you only going to admire it, dear?” she finally asked.

“Sorry!” At last he lay down beside her and gingerly, almost reverently, ran his right hand through her lush pubic hair. “Oh, that’s so beautiful,” he murmured.

“It feels beautiful too,” Sally whispered, though he hadn’t yet found her sweet spot. He would, that she knew. After a few shy, barely-there caresses over her lips, he finally did find it, drawing a squirm and a yelp of sensation from Sally.

Nate pulled his hand away. “Oh god, did I hurt you?!”

“No, Nate, sorry!” Sally reassured him. “It’s just very intense. Just be gentle and it’s fine. Here…” She took his hands in hers and guided one of his fingers to her clitoris. “Now, you can just rub gently around it, like this,” and she guided him in circles just around it, then dropped her hand. She had taught him well, and soon he had her in a wonderful lather. “Oh, god, yeah, Nate!” As he gained confidence, his stroking grew faster and his free hand found his way back to her breasts. Sally was wiggling in joy and moaning out loud, surprised with herself at how much she sounded like they always did in the movies…who knew that really did happen?

Nate went on for several minutes, and although his inexperienced touch never brought Sally over the top, she enjoyed it a great deal nevertheless. At last Nate slowed down his stroking and drew his hands back. “Now can we…” he began uncertainly.

“Of course!” Sally said. “Come here!” She opened her arms and he climbed atop her and into them, and she gave him a quick but tight squeeze. “Here, let me help you,” she said, as she felt him poking about down below. Drawing her knees up, she reached down and took his hard cock in both hands.

“Sorry!” he said. “I guess it’s true, the guy can’t just find it magically…”

“Of course you can’t!” Sally reassured him. “Nothing to be embarrassed about.” She gripped firmly with one hand and guided him in. Thanks to his earlier play, she was wet enough to have no resistance, and in no time she was gloriously full…it felt even better than she had always imagined, and from the look on his face and his joyous sigh she could see the feeling was mutual.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “I’ve heard a woman’s first time can hurt.”

“Not after years of tampons it doesn’t,” she reassured him.

To her delight, Nate responded only with a mild laugh and “That makes sense.” No immature recoiling in disgust for him, and Sally found herself adoring him even more for that.

Through all those many times alone with her folded blanket, Sally had often imagined simply clutching the man within herself. Though she had learned somewhere along the line that sex involved a great deal more than that, she had never lost her thirst for that first sensation of holding him within. For a few moments, that was just what she did, gripping at his buttocks so he couldn’t move just yet, and exulting in his presence inside her. “Doesn’t that feel amazing!” she whispered at last.

“For me too,” Nate said. “So good!”

“Yeah,” Sally agreed, and at last she let go and he began pushing in and out. Slowly at first, so that Sally enjoyed the sensation but knew she wasn’t going anywhere yet, but she didn’t complain. After years of imagining this moment, just the sensation of him inside her and the knowledge of what they were doing were enough to delight her. As he picked up the pace, she felt the intensity building, and soon enough she was once again aware of her own voice making all sorts of intense sounds of which she had never thought herself capable. For the time being she made no effort to form the noises into words, preferring just to let herself get lost in it all.

“Hope it’s good for you too,” Nate said.

“Better than good!” Sally reassured him between grunts. Soon she found herself running her hands up and down his sides to encourage him. He looked and felt utterly beautiful above her, his face betraying the same delicious loss of control that she was feeling. She felt like she could go at it all afternoon and never get tired of it.

Nate, she soon learned, was not up to that challenge. “Did you come?” he asked.

“Not yet.”

“I don’t know if I…Uh oh!” And with that, Sally could tell he was there, for he let out his loudest yelp yet and then drew to a stop, buried as far inside her as he could reach. “Oh god!”

Though slightly disappointed, Sally enjoyed the look on his face as the moment passed. “That’s beautiful, Nate,” she whispered. “I’m so glad to share it with you!”

“I’m sorry,” he said, collapsing into her arms.

“That’s okay!” Sally reassured him, stroking his hair gently. She closed her legs tightly, lest he get any ideas of pulling out just yet. “No offense, but I kind of expected it. I’ve read a woman hardly ever comes on her first time. Maybe that’s even why I didn’t — sort of a mental block I put up myself.”

“But I wanted so much for you to have that,” Nate said. “And for me to see it.”

Sally laughed. “That’s sweet. I did love seeing you when you came, so I get it, Nate.” Now she did open her legs, and slowly he backed out. “But you know, you still can help me come.”


“Just like you were doing before, with your fingers. Here, sit up.” She propped up a couple of pillows against the wall, and Nate did as he was told and sat up against them. Sally then sat back against him and drew his arms around her. To her delight, Nate squeezed her tightly and kissed her neck. “Oh, that’s lovely,” she sighed. Once he had loosened his embrace, Sally took his right hand in hers and guided it downward. “Remember what I showed you?” she asked.

“I think so,” Nate said. And soon she could tell he did, for he lost no time in finding her clitoris and teasing it with one finger while vibrating the others tickled her pleasantly.

“Oh, perfect!” Sally exhaled dreamily. She was still wet, and she spread out her legs as far as she could to give him more access. Nate was sharp enough to vary the strokes a bit, and Sally welcomed his dancing fingers all about her vulva. “Lovely,” she whispered, her breathing growing harder as his touches pushed her slowly but surely to the edge. She wiggled with anticipation and squeezed his legs with both hands, pushing down the last of her inhibitions to get lost in the sensation.

Sally had known when Nate had come, and now he knew in no uncertain terms when she came, for she arched her back and let out a throaty “Yes!” Instinctively he stopped his rubbing, but she clasped her hand over his and said “Don’t stop!” So he resumed rubbing as she crested the wave of orgasm and at last went limp in his arms. Once she was back down to earth, she knelt up and turned around to kiss him. “Thank you!” she said just before locking her lips upon his.

The seabreeze being a perfect accompaniment to the already-delightful setting, they had given no thought to closing the window. And so Sally, lost in the throes of passion, didn’t know (and likely wouldn’t have cared) that her joyful moans and grunts were audible out on the beach. The others did their best to ignore it, but during a lull in conversation Keisha let her guard down long enough to cast a wistful glance toward the window.

“Jealous, are we?” teased Cindy, keeping to herself the fact that she was in fact rather jealous of all the fun Sally was obviously having.

“Maybe a little.” Keisha saw no point in denying it. “But we don’t really have to be, do we?”

“We are dressed for the occasion, aren’t we?” Ron quipped.

Keisha looked down to see Ron’s cock was perking up with the turn in conversation. “Aren’t we, though? And yet here you boys have been looking but not touching all this time!”

“Well, if that’s an invitation…” Ron knelt down in the shallow water before her.

Keisha felt butterflies of anticipation. “You’re not really going to do that here, are you?” She looked on in disbelief at Cindy, Grace and Dan, who like Ron was once again hard as a rock.

Without a word, Ron proved he was in fact going to do that here. Presently Keisha felt his tongue dancing wonderfully about her vulva, and she let out a yelp of her own to rival Sally’s relatively distant cries of delight. “Oh, Ron!” She buried both her hands in his hair for balance and closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensation. She wiggled in pleasure and, her eyes still shut tight, she soon lost her balance and splashed harmlessly into the water.

Ron laughed. “Sorry!” he said.

“Don’t apologize, get back in there!” Keisha spread her legs and Ron did as he was told. Gazing dreamily up at the blue sky as he went back to work on her, she wasn’t aware of Dan turning to Grace and Cindy with a welcoming look.

Cindy looked at Grace expecting an argument, but Grace said, “Dan, you do her and I’ll do you.”

“It’s a deal!” Dan said and, mimicking Keisha, he splashed back into the water, his cock pointing skyward.

“Are you sure, Grace?” Cindy asked.

“Completely,” Grace said. She did not elaborate, not caring to tell even her best friend that she didn’t mind giving but didn’t like getting — something about it being too much like playing with herself. As if to prove the point, she knelt down over Dan and took him in her mouth, inspiring him to join Sally and Keisha’s erotic chorus.

Cindy had no desire to be left out, and she lost no more time in sitting on Dan’s waiting face. He proved to be better at it than most other guys Cindy had been with, or maybe it was just that the wonderful loss of control Grace was causing him made his kisses and licks more intense. Whatever the reason, Cindy was soon writhing about and thrusting her hips back and forth, wonderfully aware of her own wetness mingling with the splashing seawater on Dan’s mouth and nose, and his hands finding their way upwards to her breasts as well. The pleasure was so divine Cindy almost felt sorry for her inability to return the favor in this position…until she remembered what Grace was up to behind her.
Cindy came twice before Dan did, and she knew in no uncertain terms when his own orgasm came as his licking suddenly grew a lot harder. She responded in kind, clasping her hands tightly over his and pressing harder into her breasts. “Oh God, Dan!” she exhaled, grinding harder into his eager mouth. “One more time!” Dan had little trouble fulfilling that request, and then she slid off him and lay beside him in the receding tide, vaguely aware of Grace washing her mouth out in the salty water a few yards off. Looking the other way, she saw Keisha now riding Ron intensely. They looked at one another and laughed at the absurdity of it all.

“I wonder what Sally would say about this?” Grace wondered, taking her place on Dan’s other side, where he put an arm around her.

“She doesn’t need to know,” Cindy suggested as they all watched Keisha bring Ron off. Once that was done, Cindy had an unfortunate realization. “Grace,” she said. “You haven’t had anyone get you off yet.”

“That’s okay,” Grace said.

“No, that’s not fair!” Keisha agreed. “Surely one of you guys wants to…or both?” She looked to Ron and then Dan, and they both looked willing.

“No, that’s okay, really!” Grace said. “I’m a giver, not a getter.”

“If you say so,” said Keisha. But she privately disagreed with Grace’s description of herself, and Cindy gave her a look that showed she agreed. Grace was not the generous type. But this was no time to argue, and she turned back to cuddle with Ron in the warm water.

Unaware of the orgy they had inspired, Sally let Nate play in her pussy to his heart’s content and to her great pleasure. As he brought her to her fourth orgasm, they kissed yet again and Nate reached up to caress her nipples with his free hand. “Hmm,” he mumbled through their kiss.

“What?” Sally asked, drawing back.

“I’ve read a woman’s nipples always invert after she has an orgasm.”

“Oh heavens, you read those sexual technique books too?!” Sally was delighted. “God, I used to take those back to the farthest corner of the library and read them cover to cover.”

“Me too,” Nate admitted. “But…”

“I’ve read that, too,” Sally reassured him. “But I’ve been making myself come for years and I never noticed that. Don’t worry, I really did come just now, and those other times too.”

“Such a stupid thing to worry about,” Nate said, dissolving into embarrassed laughter.

“No, it’s okay!” Sally hugged him tightly, and then lay back on the bed. “I love how we have so much in common! Here, come snuggle with me,” she said. He did, and they slept until nearly dinnertime while their friends continued frolicking nude in the surf.

Sally spent that night with Nate at the guys’ house, with Gabe still sulking in his room so there were no further insults. There were tears on their parting the next morning, but Sally reassured her friends that she and Nate were already working on plans to visit one another in the fall. “I’ll be fine,” she told them once the guys were off. And she was, although there was no further humping the couch for the next few days — for once, she just wasn’t in the mood. None of the others had any guys over for the time being. An unspoken consensus seemed to hang in the air that nothing was going to top what they’d done on the beach, and there was no desire to even try to for the time being.

When at last Sally did resume her secret pastime, several nights later, Cindy and Grace were aware of it thanks to the telltale rhythmic sounds of the couch jiggling against the floor. This time, of course, there were no snide comments, only a knowing look at one another as the noise registered with them in the bedroom. “Doesn’t seem so funny now, does it?” Cindy asked.

“I know,” Grace confessed. “I feel so bad for her, the two of them having only that one day together.”

“Well that too,” Cindy said. “But I mean…the way we used to look down on her for that, you know?”

“I know too well,” Grace admitted. “I’m still feeling guilty about that.”

Guilt wasn’t all she was feeling. Now that Sally was her old self again, there was something Grace really wanted to ask her. It was something she didn’t feel comfortable sharing with Cindy just yet, not after what Cindy had drawn attention to that afternoon on the beach, and so Grace waited patiently for Cindy to announce she was going to sleep. Fortunately, she did just that shortly afterward, and so Grace made an excuse of joining Sally for some television if she was still awake.

Sally was curled up on the couch in her nightgown, watching a movie Grace didn’t recognize. “Hey,” Grace said, “Can I join you?”

“Of course,” Sally said with a sad smile — all her smiles had been sad since the guys had left, of course.

Grace screwed up her courage. “Can I ask you something personal on the next ad?”

“You can ask me now,” Sally said. “I’m only watching because I don’t think I could sleep yet. But if you want to apologize again for, you know, everything, then it’s really not necessary.”

“Well, thanks, but it’s not really that,” Grace said. “It’s…god, this is embarrassing, but…” her voice trailed away, and she turned and leaned in to address Sally a bit more intimately. “Remember we’ve been friends for four years, and able to talk about anything, right?”

“Of course,” Sally said. “No need to be shy after what we all did on the beach, too.”

“Thank you!” Grace giggled, wondering if Sally even knew just what they had done on the beach while she and Nate were in bed. “It’s just…God, I know this is none of my business, but I know you’re really good at…” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Sally, can you teach me to masturbate?”

Sally was not offended, but she was very surprised. “You don’t know how?”

“I’ve never really tried,” she explained. “I shared a room with my sister when I was little, and then later there were guys for that, and in my house we got so much guilt about sex in general, so I always felt kind of dirty about it. And it’s the kind of thing you’d think would be natural, but it’s just never come to me. I don’t even like letting guys go down on me, even though I hear it feels amazing. It’s like I don’t mind them seeing me naked but I don’t want them seeing me up that close. Like learning to whistle, I guess, some people never quite get it.”

“Wow,” Sally said. “I’m sorry! I mean, wow. If I hadn’t had that outlet all these years…I’m sorry, Grace, that’s not very nice of me.”

“No, you’re right!” Grace said. “It’s okay! But can you teach me?”

“Why me?” Sally asked.

“Because I know you’re really good at it,” Grace said. “No offense, but we have lived together for four years and, you know, you hear things. The bed shaking and all that.”

“And all that time I figured you were doing it too,” Sally mused, not minding at all what Grace had just revealed.

“I wish I were.” In that moment, Grace meant it with all her heart. “So…can you teach me?”

“I can try, I guess,” Sally said. “I mean, you can use your hands, but I prefer to use a blanket.” She picked up the blanket she’d been using from the floor beside the couch, and folded it to just the right thickness. “I think you’ll need to settle on your own thickness, but you’ll know it when you find it. Now, you lie down with the blanket between your legs, and –“

“Could you show me, Sally?”

Now Sally did feel slightly offended. But her friend looked so pathetic and vulnerable, and the idea did pack a certain turn-on. “Oh, very well.” She stood up and gathered up her nightgown around her hips, reminding herself that Grace had seen her nude just days ago anyway.

Grace stood up and pulled her nightgown off entirely. “Here, maybe this will make you less shy,” she offered, standing bare before her friend.

“Nice touch,” Sally agreed, though she did not respond in kind. “Now, I set the blanket like so,” she explained, and then lay down on top of it and propped herself up on her elbows. “If you’ve got it right, you’ll know as soon as you start pushing,” she explained as she began humping the blanket. “Oh yes, yes, I got it right!” she said with a grin, looking up to drink in Grace’s lithe body. It looked utterly bare, not nude but naked, and Sally found herself feeling glad she had such a big bush — it offered a certain mystique that was absent for Grace. “Nothing else to explain, really,” she told Grace. “Get it?” With that she let loose and humped herself to orgasm.

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” Grace said. “Thanks. I guess it’s only fair that I let you watch me try.”

“I’d have to agree,” Sally said, standing up to let Grace at the couch. “Have at.”

Grace knelt on the couch and tried to arrange the blanket. Though unsure she had it right, she lay atop it and pushed down. As she felt the first pleasant sensation, she looked up at Sally and laughed. “Sorry, this was a strange thing to do with an audience, wasn’t it?”

“Indeed,” Sally said with a grin. She thought of offering Grace some privacy, but Grace had watched her from start to finish.

“Fair’s fair,” Grace conceded, and after some varying of pressure and speed, she soon found a rhythm that agreed with her. “Oh, that’s good,” she sighed, closing her eyes.

“It just takes a bit of practice,” Sally agreed. “But I guess you’ve got all summer for that.”

“With Cindy in there?”

“You could invite her to do it with you, like you did with me,” Sally suggested with a laugh.

“That might not be a bad idea,” Grace admitted, as at last she brought herself off.

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