Big Butt Chronicles Yvette

All characters in this story are age appropriate.


I looked worse than I felt but the stairs of everyone else in the diner made me feel like a leper. The Korean shop owner was nice enough to give me a large cup of ice for the bruised parts of my face.

I had got my ass whipped and it was all my fault.

Never had any problem taking responsibility for my mistakes but this one stung deep in my psyche. I realized that I had a problem that led to me going where no friend should ever go. There was no place in that bedroom for my intrusion but I just couldn’t help myself. I’d been watching her for some years now and an opportunity presented itself. I was afflicted with Partialism and my fetish for a certain body part had led me here to this dingy donut shop by the nose.

I like BIG BUTTS-seriously…There is this loss of control that grips me whenever I’m within viewing distance of a woman that fits that esthetic. My mind wandered back and forth in my personal history counting all of the times that I’d paid dearly for my predilection for women who more or less fit the bill.


I remember it like it was yesterday, July 12 1983… the day my troubles started. I’d been adamant about staying home and catching a few games on the television, but my mom and a her big, black belt had other ideas. So much like the familial hostage I was; forced to accompany her to my aunt’s house. Aunt Fanny was working on her second divorce from a violent alcoholic who’d abused her and her two daughters. My mom was going by with a cake for their Sunday school repast and my designated job was to stand around hat in hand and I don’t know…do nothing I guess. They were living on the west side of town in a duplex. I hated going over there because most of the neighborhood kids behaved like entitled snobs. There was an accredited Catholic academy in the vicinity that my cousin Yvette attended. She usually ignored me when I was around and it really didn’t bother me one bit.

Yvette was poised to graduate at the top of her class and had an academic scholarship waiting. She was a very attractive caramel colored teen with naturally long sandy brown hair. She had this exaggerated pear shape that she constantly complained about. She favored the rail-thin model look but her ethnic pallet dictated red beans and rice along with other southern delights that keep her pleasantly plump. Fanny had spoiled her children rotten and as such, it was a literal chore to be around them. My mom like to say that the children talked “proper English” but we all knew they were simply snobs putting on airs. Yvette would sometimes comment on things that she felt were imperfect about me and like to bully me sometimes.

I never cared much for my cousin but my mom always instilled in me an innate responsibility to family sometimes with the aid of my late father’s belt. So it became second nature to me to get involved where I was not wanted from time to time…the result being considerably disastrous due to my awkward nature and inexperience with unsheltered life.

“That girl is something else, she’s acting out something fierce! She been carrying on since she broke up with that college boy!!” I was a proverbial fly on the wall as my mom and aunt talked about my cousin Yvette who was apparently in a deep depression after being dumped by her beau. He was some football player at state that was going to be one of the top picks in the NFL Draft. My cousin had been riding high figuring that she was destined for a life as a trophy wife. Alas my cousin was in for a rude awakening being dumped for a stacked blonde cheerleader.

“Hey boy; don’t stand around with your nose in our business, go cheer up your cousin!” My aunt had finally noticed me standing in the door frame and I figured she wanted to talk about some personal shit without an audience.

“I don’t know about that auntie; we don’t really get along.”

“Nonsense you’re Yvette’s favorite cousin!”

“Yeah right; auntie.”

“GET OUT OF HERE!!” My mom had heard enough dispatching me to the long adjacent corridor that led to the bedrooms. I always found the layout of Aunt Fanny’s apartment to be strange with the living room separated by a long corridor. It had a barbell shape to it with the bathrooms in the corridor. My cousin had her own bathroom because she was a hellacious diva. I cautiously approached the other side of apartment noticing her door was cracked. Yvette’s room was always kept dark, well it was usually found that way when I was over and today I saw television light in her room. As I got closer I could make out a prone figure lying face down on the bed.

Yvette appeared to be in deep slumber as a rerun of “What’s Happening” played on her set. I instinctively focused on the infamous “Doobie Brothers” episode which had that fat fuck actor Fred Berry dancing to their music in the aisle of a concert. After a few moments of watching a man behave like a total fucking attention whore, my gaze naturally drifted downward to my dozing cousin. I found myself looking at her in her underwear. She was wearing one of those cut off sweat shirts that girls liked to wear off one shoulder and what appeared to be an extremely small pair of fullback nylon panties. I just couldn’t draw my eyes away from those sheer panties. Yvette’s wide bubble butt seemed to be calling out to me in a sickening siren’s song of burgeoning lust.

I took immediate notice of the contrast in skin tone of her circumstantial tan as a result of her utilitarian choice of underwear. The very deep cleft that separated the oval shaped halves of her thick, meaty backside sent tremors running to my virgin cock. I’d always been an “ASS MAN” but during this time and girls like Yvette seemed few and far between for someone as inexperienced as myself.

Oh yeah did I mention I was a virgin?

I was extremely shy around the opposite sex during this time and just plain awkward and sort of gawky. So happening upon this visual treat was a boon to me and one I intended to enjoy however slight. A good portion of her tan skin was exposed as the silky material had ridden up into her crack. I was so hard that it was painful. She shifted suddenly in the bed causing me to nervously retreat a few feet away from the door but I returned moments later when she didn’t rouse. Yvette was lying a bit more spread eagle revealing more of the bounty that lie between her thick shapely legs.

She was my cousin but what was the harm in simply looking? It felt a little creepy even to me but my legs would move, wouldn’t carry me away from this awesome sight. Her ass was way bigger than it looked in the pocket less Guess jeans that Yvette favored. In the past I’d noticed that she had a prominent camel toe and part of me wanted to get closer so that I could get a look at that too. My dick was so hard it felt like it would explode at any moment. I didn’t realize that I was on the verge of an orgasm as my cock pulsed and throbbed uncontrollably. Before I’d even realized it, I was standing at her bedside realizing that it was lower than I’d initially thought.

Yvette was deep in slumber and I noticed a bottle of E&J toppled on the floor spilling out under her television. There was a smoldering blunt in an ashtray at her bedside table next to a half used packet of birth control pills. She didn’t seem to be an especially clean tenant judging from all of the discarded clothing on her carpet. For some weird reason I sat the bottle upright as my gaze traveled around the room past her posters back to her big prone butt. It looked so much better up close taking on even more of an exaggerated heart shape that made precum dribble from the head of my cock. My heavy breathing was palpable while my anxiety manifested tenfold in the loud thumping of my heart. She was lying face down with her shock of sandy hair obscuring any detail of her head.

Yvette had definitely been partying hard most likely doing her best to forget her former beau. She’d had flamed out in dramatic fashion much to her despair and my opportunistic delight. Her barely audible breathing matched my own she shifted to one side making on tanned cheek stand out over the other. This was a once in a lifetime (At that time anyway.) opportunity and I was sweating profusely at the prospect of something. I hadn’t really thought things out following my baser instincts into her bedroom. Now I found myself staring directly downward at her bounty. Yvette had a distinctly small waist that added to the impact of her wide sloping hips. The hard tan lines were probably the most striking feature besides the sheer size of her backside.

A single finger nervously poked the heated fleshy right cheek quickly recoiling before she’d noticed the contact. The sheer thrill of actually touching her sent an electric jolt straight to my manhood that made my balls tighten. It was more solid than I’d imagined and lukewarm in the instant contact was achieved. Two more fingers followed tracing the cleft where her thick met the underside of her right buttock reveling in the illicit nature of my growing curiosity. I decided to go for broke letting my palm rest on top of her bare ass cheek and marveling at how small my hand looked in comparison. It was sweaty and warm to the touch feeling soft yet firm. My hand slid around on her cheek before sliding over her prominent crack to the other neglected half of her incredible backside. Yvette suddenly mumbled something in her sleep and wriggled a bit making my heart jump into my throat.

I carefully backed out of her room walking back towards the living room hands in pocket. My mother and Aunt Fanny were none the wiser laughing and gossiping wildly as I leaned against the door frame. It was another fifteen minutes before I found myself creeping down the hall again when it became apparent that I was invisible to adults. Yvette had shifted a bit since with her face pointed towards her private bathroom. Her pretty face was contorted into a saddened mask of despair as I took in the details of her facial profile noticing the slight curved aspect to her thin nose.

She’d never been one to fully claim her African American heritage always talking up the fact that her late grandmother was of Cherokee Indian descent like it made her that much better that the rest of us. She’d always smoked as long as I’d known her feeling that it made her that more sophisticated and worldly. Yvette had always talked about becoming a model, actress and traveling the world, but her she just appeared lost. Funny how I could glean that much from just staring at her in deep slumber. Then again I’d been drawn back down that long hallway to her room at the back of the apartment …because of Yvette’s big ass. It was the one thing she hated most about her mixed heritage and she’d taken to wearing some baggy clothing taking full advantage of the “House Music” fashion that was prevalent at the time. But now I’d lucked into seeing her not-so secret shame and I was positively enchanted.

I didn’t waste any time palming her ass giving it a little squeeze. It was so buoyant and firm. There was a softness at the lower bottom and cleft where her butt merged with her thighs. I managed to cup a whole cheek and give it a healthy jiggle. It almost felt as if I would have a heart attack from the pressure of being inside that room engaging in some decidedly taboo behavior. She suddenly twisted a bit under the pressure of my probing fingers sending me into retreat. I watched from the doorway until she settled down seeming to return to her deep slumber. Once she was lightly snoring, I returned to her bedside determined to get both of my hands on her ass at the same time. Those decently rounded hips and hard tan lines were calling me in a perverse siren’s song. I happened to notice some shredded photos circling her bed. They were all pictures of her ex-boyfriend during happier times.

His face was cut out of all of the photos.

I could just imagine her sitting here in her underwear earlier drinking heavily and cutting up all of these pictures that reminded her of an asshole that dumped her like yesterday’s garbage. It had to be especially humiliating to be dumped for a white girl, something which she aspired peripherally to be. One of the larger photos had become stuck on the front of my shell-toe Adidas and I attempted to kick it off accidentally kicking the bed and disturbing Yvette. Somehow I managed to silently bolt back towards the living room and our parents. I was surprised to find my mother and aunt at the door preparing to leave without me.

“I need to help Fanny out with something, stay here with your cousin.” My mother sounded stern but I could smell alcohol on her breath. My aunt looked okay even though she was the heavy drinker in the family.

“But Mom-?” She snagged my ear before I could complete my sentence making me yelp in pain.

“STAY HERE; WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK!” She always got a little edgy when she drank and I was a little pissed when I heard my aunt’s girlish giggle.

“We just gotta catch my no-good husband in the act; hang out with Yvette.”

I didn’t try to convince her that me and Yvette failed epically to get along. Both women were out the door and il-advisedly driving off before even registered the possibilities of being along with Fanny’s unconscious daughter.

I sat in the living room on the plastic covered furniture staring at all of the family photos on the faux-fireplace. Before long my mind drifted back to multiple images of the juicy ass waiting for me in the back room. Even though I had some reservations about what I’d done, nothing could keep me away from another chance to get my hands on that big ass of Yvette’s. To my delight I found her still sleeping with a surprise of her own. Somehow Yvette’s constant shifting with on the bed had caused her sheer fullback panties to ride up further into the deep cleft between her buttocks. I was in heaven and my cock lurched wildly in my jeans.

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A rerun of “MASH” was playing on the television and I was slightly annoyed at a comedy routine being played out on the screen between Alan Alda’s Hawkeye character and some guy in a dress. I don’t want to seem pessimistic, but I’d seen the original Robert Altman film finding it to be a revelation of black comedy. Yvette apparently had stirred because I noticed the bottle of E&J was lying on its side again. The obsessive compulsive side of me had to right the bottle once more and I leaned over her prone figure correcting the problem. The knuckles of my right hand brushed up against the center of her magnificent ass sending more lustful jolts to my penis. In those days a slight breeze would cause me to sport significant wood. It felt so good that I left my hand there soaking up the feeling and knowing that it was fast becoming an out of control situation.

Bent over her body like I was left my lower half adjacent to her magnificent hips and I began to get this insane idea that perhaps I could go further. My right hand was having a field day roaming all over the expanse of her big butt even dipping under the silky material of her panties. My cock felt like it could burst from my jeans at any moment. Now I had no intention of trying to fuck my unconscious cousin but if I could just touch her huge ass with my cock-everything would be gravy. I longed to press my rock hard joint into the crack of Yvette’s heart shaped posterior and saw myself to a huge climax. Yeah, I’d always loved my cousin’s big butt ever since one fateful afternoon at an Easter service being held by our mutual church. Fanny and her daughter had shown up in matching yellow sun dresses that complimented both of their considerable backsides.

Years and bad eating habits had robbed my aunt of her curves leaving her with a comical cylindrical body while her daughter had flourished perhaps a little too much. I recalled one Saturday afternoon where she’d nearly incited a riot by standing in front of my house in some cutoff shorts. Yvette had to be spirited away by her angry stepfather when some local thugs decided they we were “related” and attempted to crash my mom’s memorial day barbecue. Yvette ended up getting humiliated when she was slapped across the face for waving at the gang bangers as the car pulled off. Three of my finger had dipped between her thighs accidentally grazing her slit a number of times before I realized what it was.

“She’s wet.” I mumbled under my breath not sure why as my cousin dripped all over my fingers. There was definitely some type of musty odor wafting up from her inner thighs. In short order Yvette’s inner thighs became extraordinarily slippery. My fingertips inadvertently traced the opening to her sex slipping inside. Her cunt was drenched and I did my best to pull my hand free without waking her. I really wasn’t interested in sleeping with her preferring only the opportunity to rub and grope her big butt. Yvette was so hot that the rest of my hand was covered in what I guessed was some type of female precum.

I’d worked my fingers out of her cunt awkwardly grazing the grooved walls inside when Yvette surprised me by clamping her thick thighs down on my hand trapping it between her legs. I looked towards her head and the television stand finding my reflection staring back from a makeshift mirror situated adjacent to her bed. I spit up a little in my mouth as I zeroed in on Yvette’s reflection staring angrily at me. Angry perhaps isn’t a correct description of the predator like glare that immediately validated her many claims of partial Indian heritage.

“You little shit.”

She turned on her side obliging me to move towards her in order to keep my arm attached to my body. There was nothing I could say after being caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar. My mouth hung open and I imagined how stupid creepy I looked to my cousin. Yvette stood a head taller than me and looked much older than she actually was. Until a year or so ago, her parents had purposely dressed her like a little girl in a weak attempt to deter the droves of older guys that routinely pursued their blossoming daughter.

“Don’t you say one fucking word or I’m going to trash your sorry ass.” Yvette kept my hand trapped between her thighs as she looked around shaking the alcohol induced cobwebs out of her sandy hair. She robotically craned her head downward looking at my trapped arm finally releasing me. Her peach was exposed and I noted that she was shaved clean downstairs.

“You some kind of pervert; you wanna fuck your own cousin bitch?” Her speech was slightly slurred and raspy from alcohol consumption. I didn’t answer her out of abject fear of what she might do to me. When we were younger she like to play rough and wrestle me most of the times that we met. She was especially rough usually trying to get me to scream before she would relent. I shuddered to think of what she might do to me now. Then there was the realization of what my mother would do when she found out about my deviant actions. Her idea of understanding was an ironing cord to the back.

“ANSWER ME!!” She yelled suddenly scaring my erection away and eliciting a slight squirt of urine to further my embarrassment.

“Uhm, yeah…OH I MEAN-uhm, NO!” I shut my eyes tightly expecting a vicious beating followed by some crude form of castration.

Yvette stood up shoving me roughly to the side to look down the hall towards the vacant living room. She kind of leaned against the door with this kind of forlorn expression before closing and locking it. Yvette surprised the hell out of me by hooking her thumbs into her panties and drawing them down her shapely legs until they rested in a corona around her manicured feet. I was treated to a full view of her wide ass and perfect peach before the selfishly curvy mulatto crawled back into her unmade bed.
“Come here.” She crooked her finger beckoning me into her bed as she spread her legs wide. I put a knee onto her mattress before she stopped me with her foot.

“Aren’t you going to take your pants off?” I hadn’t thought about it and slowly undid my belt worrying that I might look stupid with no pants. I didn’t know if I had a big enough cock for my cousin; it was at least two handfuls by my estimate. I rarely pleasured myself due to a strict upbringing in my household that reinforced how bad premarital sex and unwanted children were. Funny though whenever I looked at family albums I noticed my mom and dad wedding pictures included me as a child.

“Hurry up.” Yvette sounded annoyed as she rested on her elbows. Her eyes betrayed some unregistered typed of reaction when I was nude from the waist down. I have to admit to being scared as I crawled on my hands and knees right between her legs.

“Calm down little boy!” I’d grabbed the underside of her left leg behind the knee with the intent of pushing it up towards her chest. My hand was roughly slapped away before she snagged the collar of my t-shirt in her fist. Yvette tugged at my shirt finally getting me to realize that she wanted to be eaten.

“You got a problem with this?” She was used to guys going down on her willingly and I was drawing her into new territory.

“Uhm; well I guess not.” She gestured towards the puffy lips of her sex waiting.

“This your first time; isn’t it?” I just shook my head silently admitting what we both knew. She face-palmed looking up at the ceiling before turning to me with a condescending smile.

“Look I’ll show you the basics; but if you fuck up I’ll whip your ass. I do not want to have your retarded kids so don’t cum inside me under any circumstance. I don’t care how good it feels-DON’T FUCKING CUM INSIDE ASSHOLE!!” I sat there on my knees nodding like some village gimp at her crude instructions. It was common knowledge in my gossip heavy family that she’d been on the pill since her first year of high school.

Yvette opened her flower with two fingers exposing how wet she still was from my shameful actions. Her clit was visible and I decided to start there timidly touching it with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered from my inexperienced touch giving me a clue to her likes. A slight line was traced on her button until she roughly palmed the back of my head shoving my face into her cunt. I went into survival mode licking and slurping in a mad attempt to please my beautiful, abrasive cousin until she finally came. I was unprepared little realizing that she would squirt directly into my mouth. She was lying flat on her back staring at the ceiling for a few minutes before she regarded me.

“You’re pretty good at that; if you happen to ever get a girl outside of your family…start with the head game. It’s probably your best bet.” Her musky scent was all over my face and t-shirt. She wasted no time at all rolling onto her stomach giving me a view I’d been coveting all night.

It was different seeing her magnificent ass fully nude. The hard tan lines I mentioned before gave testament to the rather large full back panties she wore and provided extra incentive to my throbbing cock. Yvette grabbed one of her pillows resting her head on it as she turned towards the television. It was a little insulting realizing that she was going to watch old sitcoms as I lost my virginity. She still had her legs closed together and I took advantage of the opportunity to straddle the back of her thighs.

My cock was harder than it had ever been before and I slid it into the cleft between her huge cheeks which took on kind of an oval shape when she was in the prone position. Realizing a long held perverted dream, I let my cock rest in her ass crack like some nerdy flag of honor. I cupped the outsides of her cheeks pushing the warm, pliant flesh around my cock. Yvette’s considerable ass completely engulfed my cock leaving only the head peering out at the small of her back. I began pushing my cock in and out of her rear cleavage with surgical precision. It started to get hot in Yvette’s room forcing me to fold my shirt over to the back of my neck. She was breathing heavily remaining noncommittal while watching a rerun episode of the Jeffersons.

The atmosphere took on a surreal quality as I fucked her cheeks to weird polka music coming from the television. George Jefferson was dancing with Helen Willis doing some sort of embarrassing funky chicken dance while her whale of a husband watched clueless. I realized that the cadence I was fucking her cheeks with matched the music. Yvette got into it too rolling her hips up against me as I mashed down against her soft behind. I looked up at the back of her head hearing her labored breathing and soft moans.

“Come on-fuck me.” She finally admitted never realizing that I was content to play with her big ass for the rest of the evening.

“Fuh-Feels good like this…Fuck.” I wanted her to know that she didn’t have to go all the way with me.

“It’s gonna feel a whole lot better if you stick it inside.”


“Trust me; you will never be the same again.” Yvette bounced her hips for emphasis unintentionally causing a stream of precum to leak from my cock. The sensation proved to be too much for me as pushed her cheeks hard around my straining penis as thick milky rivulets of cum exploded all over her juicy ass and back. In a matter of seconds Yvette’s wide butt was completely glazed. I knew she would be angry so I quickly jerked more cum onto her body.

“Are you serious? You are so fucking selfish; you couldn’t even keep it together long enough to get the fucking pussy! You-are such a CHILD!”

She reached back gathering some of my spunk looking truly disgusted at the sight of the thick mess dripping from her fingers. My cousin demonstrated her frustration by wiping my spunk on my t-shirt before hopping out of the bed to her bathroom. I watched dumbfounded as she clicked on the light added some illumination to the darkened room checking her appearance in the mirror over her sink. She wadded up some toilet paper and began wiping her back clean of my spunk. I sat there marveling at her body looking like some dear caught in the headlights. I noticed that the cutoff sweatshirt she was wearing bore a Flash Dance logo and my cousin appeared to be a lot more deserving of that shirt than bony Jennifer Beals.

Yvette slipped the shirt casually over her shoulders tossing it on the floor of her bathroom for her mother to launder no doubt. She turned to me cupping her breasts and stared for what seemed like forever. I could have sat there all night looking at her hour glass figure. The hard tan lines motif carried over to her modest chest as well. Her nipples were thick and erect leading me to ponder what it would be like to take one in my mouth. My gaze descended down to her clean shaven pate as she rubbed it every now and then. Yvette seemed to be staring at me almost in a contemplative state before she turned to her bathtub drawing the shower curtain back. Looking around at her domain told me that she’d been on some sort of emotional bender that culminated in her drunken binge. An uncle once told me that the worst thing you could do to a very attractive woman was make her feel “ordinary”. Yvette’s actions seemed to be bearing this train of thought out. Running water jolted me out of my deep contemplation rewarding me with a view of my cousin’s meaty backside. She was bending over her tub testing the temperature of the water.

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Instinctively I closed the distance between us taking her rounded thighs in my hands. Her flesh yielded to my touch as she leaned back into my pelvis. There was this sort of intense heat that seared the head of my cock as it breached her entrance followed by this extremely pleasurable engulfing warmth on the rest of my shaft eliciting an audible gasp from me. Yvette was really tight and seemed to get tighter as I pushed inside until skin touched skin. I could see the muscles in her back flex as she did her best to accommodate me. She seemed to pulse around my cock massaging it with her insides bringing me close.

“Are you going to cum?” She sounded concerned as she steadied herself on the outer rim of the tub.

“Uhm; I might…it feels so-GOOD!” My inner thighs were pulsing almost painfully and I didn’t know if I could stave off another powerful climax.

“DON’T MOVE-Just stay still; get used to me-feeling me. If you’re still gonna cum, just pull out and do it on my ass.” I didn’t trust myself so I reluctantly withdrew resting my cock on the cleft between her cheeks.

“Just try to relax enough for the feeling to kind of go away.” Yvette was actually tutoring me and it felt kind of weird because she was usually very distant. I ran a single finger along her spine making the curvy girl shiver. I settled down a little dipping back inside for more of that incredible sensation finding her dripping wet with anticipation.

“I can’t wait anymore, just fuck me.”

My cock was as hard as a steel bar and interlaced with a lattice of veins with precum dribbling out of the reddened head. I was so hard that it was painful and only Yvette’s tight snatch could make this intense sensation go away. She cried out instinctively pushing one of her palms into my bird chest to halt further pushing on my part. I grabbed her thin wrist as my other hand dug into her fleshy thigh pulling her back further until flesh touched flesh.

“Okay?” I cautioned as her flailing hand returned to steady herself on the tub rim. My lust had reached a fever pitch and I couldn’t have stopped myself even if wanted. There was this wet, squelching sound that filled the bathroom provided an audible testimony of her own need, Yvette was actually leaking her own brand of precum which ran profusely down her inner thighs to the tiled floor of her bathroom.



“Do it-Harder; fuck me like you mean it.”

“But that will make me cum really quick.” I continued managing my strokes feeling little shards of pleasure here and there.

“You can FUCK me AGAIN; I-I just need it REALLY HARD!!” Yvette sounded really desperate at this point having reached down between her legs to diddle her clit. Her voice came in short gasps and slight mumblings increasing in volume until she was yelping like a wounded animal. I’d managed to last fucking her hard enough to make her double over placing her palms in the shallow water of the tub’s bottom. The view of her luscious tanned cheeks deforming as they slammed into my pelvis was sexually intoxicating.

“I’m gonna cum.” I could feel the now familiar straining in my inner thighs and my balls tightened up drastically. She was babbling some incoherent nonsense and arching her wide hips back towards me in a loud slapping motion.

“I’m serious; I’m about to cum Yvette!” My nerves were on fire and every part of me felt alive in the moment.

“JUST DO IT; CUM ALL OVER ME!!” She responded in something akin to a shrill scream. I picked up even more speed filling the small bathroom with the loud slapping sounds of two sweaty bodies coming together in brilliant unison. Yvette was matching me move for move slamming violently back into my crotch a woman possessed. Her snatch tightened up so much that I could barely move as she ensnared my palm sinking her teeth hungrily into it. I could feel her entire body vibrating and trembling uncontrollably.

“AAAAWWWW SHIT!!” I don’t know how I managed to do it but I snatched my cock out of her steaming cunt with seconds to lose. Screams of pleasure erupted from us both as several thick jets of cum shot from the head of my cock glazing her big ass and turning it into a glistening mess. I could hardly believe so much semen had come from my body as I watched some of it pool on the surface of her caramel colored butt before dripping to the tiled floor. She slumped over the rim of the tub wheezing and breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah give me a minute; I get these heart murmurs sometimes.” I reluctantly let go of her as we both realized the phone in her bedroom was ringing off the hook.

“SHIT!!” She shoved me to the side bolting into her room leaping onto her bed and snatching up the phone while I stood there dumbfounded. My beautiful cousin was quite the vision kneeling on the bed and causing another instantaneous erection.

“They’re not going to be back until late, we’re supposed to order a pizza or something-their words not mine.” She lit up another joint staring at the television for a few minutes before looking down at my erection.

“Come here.” She smiled knowingly sitting on the edge of the bed and taking my cock in the palm of her hand stroking it. Her palm and fingers felt pillow soft and heavy as she stroked me to full hardness.

“Hey, you like this…like how it feels?”

“Yeah, feels really great.” She chuckled at my evaluation pulling me onto the bed beside her and gesturing for me to recline. Yvette dropped down to her knees beside the bed spreading my legs before taking me into her mouth. I immediately humped up into her mouth uncontrollably before being pushed back down as Yvette took control licking and slurping me into euphoria. I could feel her tongue tickling and teasing my glans. She buried my length slowly until my pelvis was almost touching her nose holding it there for what seemed like an eternity before releasing me with an audible “pop” of her lips. My dick was pointing directly at the ceiling catching the light from the television with her saliva coating it.

Before I knew it she was straddling me in a squatting position handling my cock. I felt her rubbing and pushing my unit against her slit until the head finally slid inside. Her palms were flat on my chest making it hard for me to breathe under her weight. Yvette sheathed the rest of me taking care to let herself get used to my girth. I’d always thought my rather “chubby” looking penis looked freakish but she seemed to love it resting on top of me and luxuriating in the feeling.

“This is a good dick.” The slivers of pleasure coursing through her body forced honesty from her thin lips.


“Yeah, now don’t fucking move; I want to do all the work and it’s okay if you cum. Just stay-still alright?” I don’t know how I was able to keep from smiling but I was overjoyed at the prospect of blowing a load inside her tight snatch.

“Okay.” I agreed sounding more like an awkward, clueless teen than I would have liked. Yvette sat on top of me arching her back and pushing her modest breasts out from her chest. Her nipples were fully erect looking the bullet tips that they were. I wanted to touch and tweak them, roll them between my fingertips. She seemed to sense my need grabbing my hands and placing them over her tits which were a perfect handful. They were very firm a little like oversized lemons topped with soft dime sized nipples that rose proudly from her breasts proclaiming her lust. My fingers hungrily squeezed and kneaded her tits with wild abandon. Yvette cupped my hands with her own goading me into groping her harder as her hips began to move back and forth in an ever increasing tempo.

My cousin was fucking me harder and harder leaning down over my chest so that I could reach back and grab that big, juicy ass of hers as much as I wanted. I don’t know what she was doing but Yvette managed to put pressure just under the head of my cock and it felt glorious. She raised up on her haunches doing it a few times before slamming back down onto me.

“I don’t know what you were doing, but it felt great!”

“You liked that?”

“Yeah.” She repeated the motion several more times until I reached up grabbing her small waist pulling her roughly down onto my cock. I could feel the fire building in my loins egging me onward as I did my best to fuck her hard to no avail.

“You ready to cum?”

“Ye-Yeah…FAAAWK!!” My balls were killing me as they tightened up for the impending explosion. Yvette wrapped her arms around my neck and rolled us over until I was on top of her.

“FUCK ME RIGHT!!” She growled as I mimicked her actions wrapping my arms around her neck while her thick shapely legs locked into the small of my back. It was okay to cum inside so I pounded her harder that I’d ever done before making her whimper and cry. Her calves pumped with me as our lips merged. Her tongue darted into my mouth swirling around in fiery passion. The bed shook violently as we both whimpered and moaned into one another merging into a single passionate entity.

“YYYYYYVETTE!!” I screamed into her mouth as I exploded inside her clenching honeypot again and again. She matched my cadence perfectly arching her back upward as I humped into her mashing uglies like nobody’s business. I’d never felt something so intimately primal and doubted I ever would again.

…then I was spent.

Helpless atop my cousin who was cooing and softly raking her nails across my back until I kissed her once more. My face was buried in her bedding hiding the tears streaking down my cheeks. I could still feel her trying to clench up around me.

“Hey, you okay?” I just nodded my head unable to speak from the weight of sheer emotion engulfing me. Everything suddenly felt “different” and I didn’t know why. Couldn’t put my finger on it or reason it out. Yvette tapped my side and I rolled off of her feeling the loss as we disengaged. I rolled over onto my stomach trying to hide my conflicted features from my beautiful cousin.

“Come on; let’s clean up.” She leaned over my back kissing the nape of my neck. It was more reassurance than anything else as I took her hand and went into the bathroom. It was strange and surreal showering with her. She still stood almost a head taller than me looking to all of the outside world like a woman older than her eighteen years. We soaped and played with each other’s bodies like a new toy reveling in our blossoming rapport. I fingered her into another climax and she returned the favor jerking me off onto the shower’s green tinted walls.

“Come on, put your clothes back on. You don’t want your mom to find out do you?” Before I could answer there was some noise down the hall. We cracked the door realizing that someone was unlocking the front door. I frantically dressed while Yvette simply wrapped herself in a housecoat and shoved me out of her room.

She pressed something into my hand which I pocketed bolting down the hallway as our parent entered the apartment.

“Ready to go?” My mother looked weary and perhaps a little buzzed while Aunt Fanny stared at me quizzically.

“What’d you guys do while we were out?” My face flushed as red as somebody with my brown skin tone could. I scratched my nappy hair and shrugged searching for an answer unknowing giving Yvette’s mother the truth.

“Talked, we just talked Aunt Fanny.”

“Talked huh?” Aunt Fanny was old school with Louisiana origins. She’d grown up in a house with two sets of brothers and sisters on either side of her. Her light brown eyes narrowed as a smirk formed on her rounded face. I could see a bit of Yvette in her at this point.

“GET YOUR ASS IN THE CAR!” My mother bellowed clueless as ever to the fact that my childhood had now been stripped away. I got into the car lying down on the backseat. I looked up at the second floor apartment to find my cousin staring from her front room window. It made my heart skip and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I pretended to be asleep on the backseat and my mother was just fine with that driving off into the night. Once we were on the road I dug into my pockets to find out what Yvette had given me.

…it was her panties. The same ones she’d been wearing when I happened across her in a time of need. We’d exchanged something in the process, her sorrow and my innocence more or less.

…to be continued.

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