Bill & Mousey Ch. 02

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Mousey has been paying much more attention to her hair in the last few weeks and it’s daily thicker and more beautiful contradicting her new nick name. Her hair and new verve hasn’t gone unnoticed by Bill in particular. Jane’s Mom, in fact, asked if she has a boy in her life now. Jane gave an honest but brief answer that her mother is use to. The Grandmother, on the other hand, wouldn’t let her get off so easy. Her Grandmother is also Jane’s conscience and chief councilor. Jane doesn’t know but she’s also her sole heir. Her daughter, Jane’s mother, being very well off in her own right.

“Yes Grama I love him but I’m working out our relationship. We are very different but we also have much in common.”

Grama has had many furs in her life as well and Jane was unaware Grama knows fully of Jane’s true penchant for furs. She offers subtle hints but is generally quietly supportive.

“You make sure of the truly Important things you have in common.”

“Yes I will Grama. That’s why I am taking my time.”

“Make sure he’s not just after your money.”

“I haven’t brought him home yet and I don’t think he has a clue of our wealth aside from my wearing furs, that I have any money of consequence at all. Besides he’s not the gold digger type. I actually have done my own research on him quietly among my classmates and others. I’m pretty good at that sort of thing, research you know. He often does things that costs him from that perspective.”

“What does he think of you wearing fur all the time?”

“With a coy smile He likes me in fur a lot Grama.”

“That’s nice. Must have good taste to have chosen you in the first place. What name does he call you?”

“Mousey.” Grama laughs as she runs her had through her hair and strokes her Mink she is wearing.

“That’s really cute and you let him get away with it?”

“It’s our little secret.”

“He certainly can’t be after your money. I think I like him already. I want you to bring him to see me soon.”

Jane knows without being told that it’s time to get very serious. The reason Jane is her sole heir is her total likeness, to the soul, of Grama, matriarch of the family and their fortunes. Bill has no idea his fortunes, as well as Jane’s, are about to change in ways neither could ever imagine. Jane did not want a repeat of her father, her main fear and Grama’s.

The next day Bill calls her (They both have cell phones of course) and says he has a pop quiz he’s not sure he’s prepared for in Poetry. The quiz is on the Shakespeare Sonnets.

“Besides, it’s the third week anniversary of our Library encounter/collision.”

They meet late that afternoon at the Veranda and dig in. Jane has brings the Complete Shakespeare Sonnets and she begins reading to Bill and then Bill to Mousey only after a few Bill starts plugging in Mousey in each and every love sonnet. At first Jane is frustrated at Bill not taking this seriously until he starts to make Mousey fit in a reasonably poetic and certainly heartfelt way. Bill is not only learning them remarkably well and quickly but his adaptations are starting to weaken Jane’s one month resolve.

“Bill. I’m ready. Let’s go to my house and make love. You can take my virginity tonight.” Bill is stunned and instantly ready. The Sonnets have their effect on him as well.

“But you made the rules?”

“They are my rules to break.”

“That’s not true. I agreed to the rules so they are OUR rules and you don’t get to summarily break them. I have worked very hard, been diligent and faithful to you and the rules. You can’t just throw them out without my agreeing.”

“You’re right but don’t you want me?”

“More than you could ever imagine dear Mousey.”

“Please? Is there a compromise we can come to?”

“Let’s don’t get caught up in the definition of the word IS. We know where that leads.”

“Definition!! To fondle. When does fondling become sex?”

“When skin of the sex organ touches the others skin. As in, what is the meaning of IS? You cannot give me a blow job and I cannot suck your vagina.”

“I can fur fondle your naked cock and you can fur fondle my naked vagina?”

“Yes we can do that according to the definitions.”

“My van, now!!! And I do you first.” They practically sprint to Jane’s van.

Jane has been driving the van recently just in case and moves it to the dark far corner of the parking lot. Jane is dressed in a brilliant broad yellow & orange and thin black & white stripped turtleneck cashmere sweater dress and matching legging/stockings wrapped in a very long and luscious big Lynx. She is totally stunning and oozing sex. She has her Silver and Cross Foxes in the van just in case.

“Off with your pants big boy. I know this is a totally new experience for you so you are the virgin tonight.”

Bill is already half laying in the Silver and Cross Foxes in the back of the van. His cock looks like a tree trunk with pre cum on its tip already. Jane takes off her Lynx and lays it over Bill’s stomach and takes off the pre cum with a damp towel. She begins fondling Bill’s scrotum all the way from his butt crack forward and gradually up the bottom of his shaft with her Lynx . Bill is ready to blow the moment his butt hits the Foxes and has been straining to hold back as long as he can. This is more sensations than he has ever had in intercourse with other women already and Mousey has obviously only started.

“Now don’t you disappoint me and ejaculate prematurely.”

“You sure talk educated dirty dear Mousey. Is that drool I see in the corner of your sweet soft, want them around my cock, lips of yours sweet Mousey?”

“Do you want these sweet lips of mine around your magnificent, want it in my vagina real bad, cock my sweet?” Jane has fully wrapped Bill’s cock in Lynx in a pillow sized bundle fondling it up and down his large shaft. Bill is going out of his mind with lust for Mousey as she strokes him slow and smooth. It is finer than any vagina it has been in.

“I don’t think I can hold back any longer.”

In fact Bill has been humping the Lynx for some time as Jane stroked him. Jane pulled the fur away just in time for Bill’s geyser to miss it. He shoots three feet it seem, into the air before it arches slightly and comes down square in the middle of his chest. Jane instinctively reaches out and gets a finger fully wet with his cum and immediately sticks it in her mouth to taste.

“My god this is wonderfully erotic and am I ever wet with excitement. I sure wish you could touch me and taste me.” Bill wipes himself off with the towel.

“Let me take off your skirt and stockings.”

He is sliding her skirt and stockings down and off. Bill grabs Mousey’s panties shoving them in his face licking and smelling the crotch. Mousey moans at he sight of her panties being tasted. She is totally turned on and ready for Bill to do anything he pleases with her.

“You are incredibly sweet tasting. Please wipe yourself dry.”

“No direct touching. I remember.”

“This is unimaginably difficult for me to not touch you but rules are rules.” Mousey is now naked from the waste down but Bill takes the bottom edge of her sweater and very slowly pulls it up and over Mousey’s tits. She shudders and lets out a quiet moan. Bill starts with her tits fondling them with the Lynx. True to the definitions. Mousey is instantly writhing in ecstasy and quietly sighing.

She has done this to herself many times before but having it done to her is a totally new experience. She is almost instantly on the verge of orgasm and oblivious to everything around her except Bill’s hand fur fondling her tits. She opens her eyes and smiles in the softest smile of surrender to Bill. He could do with her at that moment anything he wished and he knew it.

Bill increased the fondling of her tits and she can feel his strong firm grip on her entire small orbs pinching her nipples through the fur and with that she explodes in the most incredible orgasm of her life. Gasping and humping. Pushing hard against Bill’s vice grip of her tits. She collapses totally spent only to feel fur flowing down her body to her crotch with the other furs cradling her entire body.

She knows the evening is far from over. Bill moves to her thighs using the Cross Fox massaging them with firm but gentle and smooth motions. Bill asks her through her sex haze to wipe herself dry that she is very wet again. She spreads her legs knowing what is coming and she complies quickly.

Bill moves the Lynx over her stomach and begins to move it around on her bringing the two Foxes and the Lynx together at her vagina. A mountain of soft fur is moved all over her thighs, stomach and hips before being rubbed in her crotch. Slowly Bill reduces it to a single layer of the Lynx, gradually and gently begins caressing just her vagina. Mousey is already in a place far beyond anywhere she has ever been.

Mousey’s now fucking the Foxes and Lynx for all she’s worth with Bill having a difficult time actually not slipping his hand into Mousey’s vagina. He’s frequently hitting her clitoris sweet button with the fur, a familiar sensation for Jane heightened by Bill actually doing this to her. Mousey moves into her orgasm unlike any before. This is smooth, slow and sustained aided by Bill continuing to push the fur into her vagina and pushing her sweet spot. Mousey has explosion after explosion.

“God Bill please fuck me please, please.” He continues to fondle her but now all over tits and vagina, face and thighs. Mousey is smothered in soft fur moving all over her body like in her widest furgasm dreams. She continues to go from orgasm to orgasm. More than at any time in her life.

“I have to have you, please please.” Bill slows his fur fondling until Mousey is lying still and quiet slowing her breathing to normal. Totally spent.

“I owe you big. You definitely got the better of me tonight and you didn’t succumb to the sirens call. And boy was she calling.”

“I was tied to the masthead and enjoying every move and call.”

“I can’t wait for us to make love.”

“Yes. You said that several times tonight in between your wonderful orgasms. I don’t mean to compare but I am more satisfied than ever before and you were magnificent. What an incredible preview. Much better than any previous main event.”

“Now that is a real and genuine compliment. Do you want me to fondle you again?”

“I think if you did we would quickly be into what we said we were not going to do.”

“You are stronger than I ever expected. Much stronger than me and I don’t mean your muscles. Your strong hands were sure a pleasure.”

“Or more the fool I am for not taking you.”

“You’re no fool and I love you for it. I was holding back until tonight. Not holding back my body. You could have had that any time you had chosen as you well know. I was holding back my commitment to you and you may never have known that if I had not just told you but I had to for total honesty. You have been totally committed and honest with me and if we are going to be a WE, total honesty is a must.”

“Yes. You are absolutely right and I knew you were not completely there as wonderful as everything has been to now between us. If it had been anyone else I would not have thought about it for a moment, but it was you, Mousey the truthful.”

“Now you must meet Grama. She wants to meet you.”

“Grama? It’s usually Mother or Father but you told me he isn’t in your life anymore, but Grama?”

“You will understand when you meet her.”

They laid there for a while in the furs, fur fondling each other slowly and carefully so as not to get too excited. They dressed and Mousey drove Bill back to his place for a change.

They had several more evenings in the van with Bill getting much more attention than the first fur cock fondling. Bill totally forgets sex with all the previous women. For all practical purposes he is now also a virgin anticipating love making in the furs with Mousey. They did tempt fate by full body nude fur fondling together in the van, admiring each others bodies and sending each other into a state of bliss.

When it comes to getting laid in the furs they both are in wild anticipation of the unknown. Bill knows it is a totally new world for them. Little do they realize just what a world it is to be. There is less than a week left on their self imposed deadline and Mousey has accepted Grama’s invitation to dinner at Grama’s house two nights before consummation. Mom is leaving for Europe the night before Grama’s dinner.


Grama is very wise and didn’t become Matriarch from being slow witted and out of touch. For Grama timing is everything. She has made Millions off simple timing. She has uncanny intuition and can also bare your soul with a word.

Mousey is in a super sensitized state of heightened erotic thought, her panties are constantly wet with excitement. Bill is in another world with the anticipation. They are having dinner at The Veranda and Jane tells him of dinner with Grama.

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“I hope I don’t make a fool of you and myself. Is there anything important I need to know? What not to say or do? What to say?”

“You will be fine. Grama is very much like me only older.”

“Now that’s real comforting (Bill says sarcastically). That leaves lots of room for me to screw up big time.”

“Trust me. I’m still here aren’t I? Yes she will tear you apart but she will put you back together. Well, if she likes you that is and I know she will.”

“You have been very comforting but I still have ‘going to the Dentist’ anxieties about this. If I didn’t love you so deeply I’d be running as fast down the street as I could.”

“I know that and not only do I appreciate your strength in doing this with me but I am compelled to love you all the more deeply.”

Jane is wearing a short dark brown hooded chubby Sable jacket. Bill was already unconsciously fondling and stroking the fur. Mousey is getting excited as she does now when Bill touches her furs and her.

“What an incredible fur you are wearing today. What on earth is it?”

“Sable. You will experience much more of this to an extent you cannot imagine.”

“You sure know how to turn a guy on.” Bill gets the feel of Sable hugging and kissing Mousey while fondling the fur and her face as she melts in his arms.

They have dinner over the next few evenings at The Veranda as they valiantly try to focus on Bill’s program which, up to now has been progressing with remarkable speed. Far in excess of Mousey’s best hopes and expectations. They are both having difficulty focusing on anything other than each other however. Neither is disappointed over the situation and it is like they are agreeing to mark time. Bill is quite familiar with running-in-place as an exercise. This is a lot like that.

Jane picks Bill up for dinner with Grama and she is wearing a long golden coat of the Sable he had been so turned on by several days ago. This is over a simple gold, scoop neck silk dress with a slight flare and long sleeves. Coat and dress are the same length. Mousey is way beyond drop-dead-drop-your-pants-gorgeous.

“What are you trying to do to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like you don’t know? How am I going to focus on anything but you tonight thinking of what all I am going to do to you when we are alone?”

“That’s the whole point dummy. You can’t fake it with Grama.”

“I can tell that this is going to be an interesting evening.” Little did either of them know. Bill is dressed tweed sporty but with a tie and quite tasteful. Jane said casual and Bill had wisely gone a step beyond her instructions. They are the perfect couple for any occasion.

Grama doesn’t live a pretentious life. Very nice average sized colonial house well appointed with 18th Century antiques but otherwise not at all opulent. They arrive at Grama’s and are escorted in by her one maid into the living room. Bill helps Mousey with her cock stiffening Sable coat draping it over the back of the couch. Grama comes in calling the Maid to hang up Jane’s Sable.

“You don’t need any big distractions tonight”. As she extends her hand to Bill who rose when she entered the room. “What a firm and pleasant grip you have. Jane must like those hands.” Bill is surprised with her frank and forward comment. He thinks to himself that Mousey warned him. Think older Jane.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Jane has told me a great deal about you.”

“None of the important stuff I hope? And you may refer to her as Mousey if you wish.” Bill is frozen in place. “Oh yes. She tells me everything.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And you don’t have to be so frightfully polite. It is nice to know Jane, Mousey, has chosen someone who is actually polite but don’t let it get in the way of expressing yourself. Let’s go in and sit for Dinner.”

“I love Colonial Architecture and your house is a real prize.”

Dinner is served and conversation is peasant. Grama asks Bill all the obvious questions about family, studies and career objectives. How does he like his sport his friends and the like. Bill just goes at it uninhibited.

“I just happen to be very good at Baseball. Not that I intend to make it my life but it was my ticket to college and fortunately my getting into some academic trouble over some course work is how I met Jane. She was a god send. She has taken over my life now and I have totally reevaluated my other acquaintances.”

“So they are now acquaintances?”

“Jane has altered my view of my life and without her now I am not sure what I would do.”

“Jane. What do you have to say about this?”

“Grama, you know I am in love with him.”

“Yes dear but he is talking about his life, not mere infatuation.”

“Grama!?!? It is not just infatuation I feel for him. I love him. Jane is near tears.”

“I’m glad to hear that because I wouldn’t want you to hurt Bill. Could I call you William? It sounds so much better to me.”

“Why yes ma’am, you can call me what you wish so long as it’s my name.”

“Very swift of you. Jane has chosen well.”

Jane is still trying to recover from Grama’s jab. They are sitting next to each other and Bill reaches over and runs his hand through her hair and against her cheek. Jane looks at him and smiles.

“Jane, you need William’s strength in your life. I’m not talking about his biceps either. Don’t let him get away. You are everything I am and the one thing I have missed in my life has been a man like William. Your mother and me struck out with that and you have the opportunity to not repeat our mistakes.”

“Yes Grama.”

“Have you two had sex yet?”

“Grama!!! I told you about that!!”

“My dear that was three weeks ago and I would like to know of your resolve.”

“Well, my resolve has been weak and if Bill had not kept me to my own words I would not still be a virgin. He certainly has been motivated and ample opportunity to do with me what ever he wished.”

“Now there you are. What did I just talk about? Love is nothing without strength of will and commitment. It’s clear you two have all of the above so don’t waste any more time. Besides your Mom has gone to Europe for at least two months and if you need more time I can keep your mother in Europe for a year if I have to. Well I need to retire. Us antiques need more rest to keep up with things. William, it has been a true pleasure and welcome to the family.”
“I am honored and it has been the experience of a lifetime for me as well as a genuine pleasure. I hope to see you again soon.”

“I’m sure you will, like next weekend here for dinner again.” Bill knew it was not just an invitation. They were to report in on their progress. Bill thinks, “She really is like Jane, or is it the other way around?”

As we get into the car Mousey looks at me with a big smile and then sighs deeply.

“That went very well. Much better than I expected for you but Grama sure put me through the wringer.”

“Grama was dead right on every point. Boy are you ever cut from her backside. I’m very glad I got to see what the future has in store for me. I like her, no, I love her. I love you.” They embrace in the car for long minutes fur fondling as best as they could in the front seats of her Bug. The kiss was for eternity.

“Am I right in assuming that Grama’s commands supersede Jane’s rules?”

“That is a safe assumption. You know I am ready William.” Mousey heads for her house. This will be William’s new home as they will soon discover.


The house is more impressive than Grama’s and it is on Millionaire Boulevard. It is actually Ridge Crest Road but no one calls it that.

“This was my Great great grandparents house they built when they were our age and my Mom inherited it. Actually it still belongs to Grama. She doesn’t like the pretentiousness and I’m not real comfortable with it either. I’d rather live in Grama’s house.”

“You two really are alike!!”

“For good or bad we are.”

“As I said, I really like Grama and not just because she said all those nice things about me but more for knowing we will always be happy with each other. I can’t imagine why you’re father and grandfather quit?”

“Grama said it. They didn’t have what you have.”

“I love you more than life itself and could never think of being without you.”

Mousey had arranged all the furs she wanted for this moment the minute her Mom left for the Airport. There was fur hanging and draped all over the place. A dozen or more furs. William had his own agenda and hoped it would not conflict badly with Mousey’s. She had obviously thought about tonight as much as he. His agenda was more about approach. He was not going to rush things and would no let her rush it either.

They’re in Mousey’s Bed Room in a breath. Given the rest of the house her room is surprisingly plain and simple except for all the furs. She has a large state-of-the-art computer setup, large bookshelves with lots of books, nice lighting and some very nice original contemporary art and a huge bed piled with furs and furs everywhere else as well. This makes Bill’s heart race faster than it already was. Mousey’s room for sure.

“Your room is very comfortable.”

Mousey is nervous and pacing like she doesn’t know what she wants to do, or do first?

“Slow down dear. We have all the time we want. We could engage in foreplay for the next two days and still live up to your deadline. What’s wrong?”

“I want intercourse with you so badly that I don’t want to mess it up by doing something stupid.”

“We want to screw not screw up.” Mousey breaks out in a laugh. “That’s right, don’t take it so seriously. Let’s kick back and take it easy. We have forced ourselves to take this time and we have already made the important choice to do it. Look at it this way, we have two whole days to get it right.”

“I’m sorry. I had this script written out in my head and it was starting to get in the way of my feelings.”

Mousey has not taken her Sable off yet and there are several larger ones laying on the bed on top of the Lynx spread.

“Come here and let me console you.”

“Please take care of me. I love you so much it confuses me.”

“I’ll help take away the confusion.”

Bill wraps his arms around her in the Sable with his hands stroking through her hair. He kisses her forehead and she raises her head looking him in the eyes smiling but on the verge of tears.

“What is wrong my sweet?”

“For the first time in my life I don’t know what to do next and it’s not because of a lack of information or motivation, I really don’t know what to do next.” The tears are welling up in her eyes as Bill slowly and gently kisses her lightly at first and slowly increases the intensity of the kiss to the point where her questions are meaningless as they are in the grip of a passion with only one ending or is it beginning?

Bill slowly guides them to the foot of the bed as they are in the grips of frenetic kissing. Mousey has, by now, lost all touch with reality and is totally under Bill’s control. He slowly lowers her on to the bed engulfed in the Sables still wearing the Golden Sable. Mousey lets loose a gasp as Bill lays one of the Sables over her legs and slowly lifts her skirt. She is wearing no panties or bra tonight as usual.

“I have been dying to fondle your tits through the silk all night sweet. I think you will like it. I don’t want to rush this. Remember that we have two days.”

As Bill slides both his hands over the silk covering her tits Mousey gasps with the sudden full but thinly covered contact, the rushing sound of the silk stimulating her mind. Being fondled in fur is wonderful but having only a thin silk veil between her tits and his powerful hands is an unexpected treat she is receiving simply because she chose to wear one of her favorite dress up dresses.

“His powerful hands are nearly crushing my tits but it is incredibly exciting. God I’m wet already.” she is thinking.

Bill is fondling her tits and moves one hand down to pull up her dress further. Mousey sits up once it is passed her butt. Bill reaches behind her kissing her as he unzips her dress. Bill slowly pulls the dress up over her head and off. She lays back down fully engulfed in Sable and Lynx. Bill has his hands on her bare tits now and Mousey has already started to rock back and forth in the furs anticipating the next touch. Bill places the palm of his hand over her vagina enclosing it as in a cup cover. Mousey lets out a soft moan raising her hips into his hand involuntarily. Bill begins stroking over the whole area with the width of his flat palm. Please be in me please, please.

“Patience Mousey. We don’t want to go too fast.” Oh please dear in me please.

“That’s OK to beg. I’m sure you will have me begging soon enough.” Bill replaces his hand with Sable and Mousey inhales deeply and nearly jumps off the bed with the increased softness and change of pace. She is writhing around wrapped in Sable and Bill is softly fur fondling her all over with it. Mousey comes to a screaming orgasm and collapses in the bed.

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“That was dirty pool!!! Screw me now damn it!!!”

“Your demand is my task … at my speed. Remember that timing is everything. You think you can’t wait another minute. Wait until I am actually ready to enter you. We will be ready to do it together and you will never forget.”

Bill totally undresses. Mousey has only seen him partially undressed. She sat up in bed with her arms in the air.

“On me, in me now!!” Bill takes her in his arms flesh to flesh his very stiff and substantial member between her thighs and she is sure this is it. He rubs her clitoris with the top of his stiff shaft getting her to a point of hysteria and near orgasm almost instantly. Then he totally pulls away from her and she was screaming at him.

“You big fucking tease you pervert you cunt teaser you.” While she was screaming at him he grabbed her behind her head and pulled her head down to an inch above his cock.

“I want you to get a very close look at it before it is thrust into your dripping wet aching cock ready vagina.”

Mousey is dead quiet looking, so close she can feel its warmth rising to her face and the precum on the tip. Instinctively she sticks out her tongue and licks it from the tip and runs her tongue around her lips then over the head of Bill’s cock. His cock jumps with the touch of her tongue and touches her lips. She is breathing heavy and slowly rocking on the furs again. She is overwhelmed with a sudden urge and takes the tip of bill’s cock into her mouth and begins to suck on it. Bill emits a moan and Mousey slides her mouth as far down on his cock as she can without gagging. Bill is starting to shake involuntarily which excites Mousey greatly. All of a sudden she is feeling in control. Bill is getting his rod sucked and Mousey is loving the task. She introduces the Sable to his scrotum which sends Bill into a humping frenzy.

Mousey has him right where Bill wants her and he is about to explode. He screams out; “Here it cums.” A huge pulsing load bursts into Mousey”s mouth and she is shocked. Bill has his hand on her head to keep the initial reaction of her jerking her head away but to his wonderful amazement she bears down even harder. She is hit in the mouth with a series of pulses of large volume. She swallows them all except there is so much it oozes out the corners of her mouth. She slowly withdraws her mouth and off it with a pop to her smiling delight.

“That’s dirty pool!!!”

“Now see, we can do those sorts of things for the next two days non stop practically and have a great deal of fun doing them. We haven’t had intercourse yet and we don’t have to be performance nervous, sad or cry unless that gets you off.”

“You really do play dirty pool and I’m loving every moment. You are right. I have been thinking about this far too seriously and yes I am having fun.” Mousey and Bill go to the bath room and clean each other. His cock keeps “bumping “into her vagina. Mousey jumps each time and screams “dirty pool”. Mousey is slowly realizing that her deep desires and the trill of it are rising to higher levels with greater focus as they continue to have fun.

When they return to the bed Bill turns the largest Sable inside out and wraps it around Mousey. She has done this herself many times so it is no huge shock other than it is an equal thrill every time she does. Having Bill do it for her is even more special. Bill is totally nude and takes her in his arms again. Mousey opens the coat with the fur caressing Bill as well as her. He squats slightly and again run the top of his member against her labia again. This time he pauses to gently touch the sweet spot of her clitoris with the head of his cock which with earlier fur fondling he accurately located. Mousey emits a basso moan of operatic proportions. Just as quickly he pulls away laying her, once again, back into the Sable womb. This time he slowly kisses his way up her thighs to just above her soft muff.

Bill lowers his face fully into her muff and down to her labia pulling the lips with his lips. Mousey is through the ceiling and has her hands behind his head pulling him into her as tightly as she can. Bill has moved from labia pulling to strongly sucking her full vagina and has moved his tongue to the sweet little button Mousey has played with to orgasm so many times. This is very different for her now. She is humping and screaming as never in her life moving rapidly to an orgasm. The first hits like a thunderbolt and she thinks she is done, already emotionally ready to start back down.

Bill has other plans. He doesn’t let up. In fact his tongue is now flitting around inside her where only her fingers have been to now stroking and pushing on the sweet spot with his finger. She is near faint over the sensations they are so overwhelming. Only a quiet high pitched moan comes from her mouth but her hips give away her deeper desires riding the waves of an entire series of orgasms she only thought herself capable of. After what seemed and eternity of bliss Mousey slides slowly down as Bill continues to fur fondle her entire body with the Sables.

“What just happened to me?”

“The last step to intercourse my sweet.”

“I’m sooo glad you made me slow down. Are we having fur fun yet?”

“I love your humor. You have such good timing.”

“No dear, you are the one with good timing.”

They were both far too exhausted to keep on to intercourse. They fall asleep in each others arms snuggling together in the Sable womb.

Mousey awakes early the next morning half way to an orgasm with Bill fur fondling her entire body with the Sables again and sucking her vagina like they never broke it off last night. Mousey is already screaming in ecstasy.

“Yes, yes fuck me fuck me hard, please please.”

With that Bill’s entire member is into her with a single stroke up to his scrotum and he is pounding her for all he is worth. Mousey screams in pain and ecstasy as his cock rips through her virgin veil and she is matching his every move with a counter hump almost instantly, getting pounded big time. Mousey is screaming at the top of her voice; “Yes, yes, yes fuck me harder, harder.”

The end of Bill’s cock is ramming her cervix and she can feel the deep penetration and pain/pleasure driving her on to excess. They loose track of the orgasms. It didn’t really matter since Mousey is getting the fucking of her life that she has so looked forward to and deep in the furs.

Bill is fur fondling me even as he is fucking my brains out. It is all so wonderful. Mousey is thinking.

“Oh lost virginity, how wonderful, yes, yes, I love you, I love you Bill.”

They screwed for an hour or more. Sometimes hard and intense and then slow and sweet, catching their breath only to build up again to more intense vagina pounding orgasms. Orgasms fast and hard, orgasms slow and sweet. Finally they both collapse from shear exhaustion, not from interest to keep going.

“Boy am I glad you made me slow down and yes I will never forget as long as I live. Now that has to be the extreme from “slam bam thank you ma’am”. Is there more.”

“You are the most demanding person I have ever known!! Yes there is a lot more where that came from.”

Mousey gets up to make some Breakfast since she sent the Servants on vacation and grabs a thick and full Silver Fox vest from the closet and reverses it to the gray suede side out, otherwise quite nude.

“Hey, that’s the vest you were wearing when I ran into you.?”

“Yes it is. Do you want to screw me in it?”

“I realize now that I got fondled with it when I bumped into you. That’s what started this whole thing.”

“You’re absolutely right.”

“Now the honest truth, did you do it intentionally?”

“I had been watching you wandering around in the stacks aimlessly searching and found you very attractive. I set up the collision.”

“What about getting fur fondled?”

“I figured one way or another the collision would provide some opportunity to get you with the fur. When you grabbed me to keep me from falling you got both hands full of fur. I did a little bumping into you after that where you couldn’t help but touch me.”

“So you planned the whole thing?”

“That much anyway. The rest was fate. You just happen to have needed the same book I did. That was fate. I didn’t know what I was going to do after the collision. Faint?”

“Why? You could have just come up and said hi.”

“Other than having the book would you have given me the time of day?”

“I don’t know. You were certainly not my type or so I thought. I was tired of dating the kinds of women I had been and wanted to meet someone smarter and more creative anyway.”

They continued to explore this as they ate. Mousey discovered that Bill is a very good cook as he co-opted half the tasks.

“I always had a hard time meeting guys let alone having them like me. The few I thought that did it turned out they would have married a pig to get at my money.”

“What makes you think I didn’t plan this whole thing to get your money?”

“That’s not the point. If they had actually loved me I wouldn’t have cared and I know you truly love me. Besides I was real sneaky. I checked up on you. Under the guise of my family wanting to hire you. I asked around. I even talked to two of your old girlfriends. They actually still like you. In fact everyone likes you. I didn’t find anyone who didn’t. So other than really liking women a lot you were no cad or two timer. In fact your friends are critical of you for being too nice a guy and not taking more advantage of the women and other situations you have been in.”

“I could call you a sneak but you weren’t exactly and given your situation I would probably be a bit circumspect myself. Honestly, I had no idea you were very wealthy. I knew you had to have some financial comfort because of all the different furs. I certainly didn’t check you out. All the checking out I did was when you were with me.”

“Now that I have the first fur on why don’t you do what I wanted you to do in the Library.”

“Maybe we could do it in the stacks sometime. It’s been done before.”

“Dirty talk like that sure turns me on.”

It is a Saturday and no classes but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Making love and uninhibited fur fondling was far more important. They did more of what they did last night plus some new exercises and after resting and breakfast they did more of “wake up” as they now call it as in, “Wake up I’m fucking your brains out.”

“What do you want to do now Bill.”

“You asked me that once before. I have a variation on my reply. What do we do next Mousey? A practical thing.”

“Yes Mousey must be practical. Bill! You should move in with me.”

“What about when your Mom returns?”

“We can let Grama take care of that. She implied as much to us last night. God it seems like weeks ago. Things really have changed. Like suddenly, overnight.”

“That has nothing to do with practical.”

“You are so right about that.”

“Being practical. We have to schedule our “events”.

“If we don’t we will fuck away all the days and nights nonstop.”

“Really Bill?”

“When are you going to stop? Do you want to stop? Can you stop? I know now I have to say no to them all, particularly the last. No, I cannot stop, not with you anyway. I just have to touch you, then hold you, then kiss you, then fondle you, then suck your sweet vagina, then fuck you, then screw you some more and more and more.”

“OK, OK, I get the point and it is all true for me as well. I want to make love right now and I know when we are done I’ll want more and more etc. Does it ever get old?”

“I can’t see it getting old with you except us getting old. That is what I was trying to say and what Grama was trying to tell us. What we have is as close to eternal as it gets. So, yes, from that perspective I should move in. That has nothing to do with Practical”.

“I really do want you to make love to me now.”

“Your wish is my command and I do love you more than life itself.”

Mousey and Bill literally screwed the weekend away, making love and more love. They did schedule their “events” with some latitude of course, being practical, rushing home for a long mid day class break on occasion. Love making was “scheduled” for evenings after studying and early morning “wake up” before classes and, of course most of the weekend.

“We have Grama Friday night. Remember.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing her again. I meant it that I like her. I also respect her greatly.”

Continued to Part 3

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