Birth of a Speedster Ch. 01

After a year of pining for the beautiful pale, freckled goddess that is Grace she finally agreed to go to homecoming with me. From the first day in French class she caught my eye with her beautiful blue eyes and stunning brown hair. It was not a surprise that she was a frequent in my fantasies and at one point we looked while we were headed to a relationship, but like always something about me pushed the girl away. I wasn’t unattractive I may have been on the scrawny side since I ran cross country, but I am extremely intelligent, yet immature. Finally my dream had come true and after a few months of dating and in my opinion the most fantastic prom invite. I got some chorus friends and a few drama kids to ambush her as she came into school, they sang Stereo Hearts and the drama kids danced while I held up a sign.

After a surprised look and a few tears she said yes and cried into my shoulder after punching me for the sweet display of affection, people take me as way to shallow. The glorious night began with me driving to her house in my new tuxedo, I got out of the car and my heart began to slam against my ribs, a feeling that only appeared after running for more than ten miles. The walk to the door felt like ages, but was nothing compared to the eternity between the knocking on the door and the answer. This was received by her father, who was surprisingly okay with me and only asked me to get her back by tomorrow or be quiet. My face filled with an awestruck look and I hastily explained that I had no intention of sleeping with his daughter, which was parried with him handing me a small package and him explaining that the choice was hers and that it was her first time. My head was swimming I had to shift my thought to quantum entanglement to try and move to any subject more simple than this situation.

After an eternity of uncomfortable sitting in the couch Grace began to descend the steps into her living room, my jaw dropped as I saw my gorgeous girlfriend making her way down the stairs in a black dress. The dark dress only made her fair complexion and blue eyes pop and as I stood befuddled my rational mind took over and I complemented her before taking her hand and leading her to the car, making sure to open every door. Prom was spectacular with my first real kiss, but what came after was the real show. On our way back to her house she was silent, I got out of the car and walked her to her door, which prompted her to drag me in and pull me into her bedroom, which was oddly pink. By this time my dick was lurching in my pants and my balls were filled to the brim.

“No no, Taylor did you really think after all that effort I would only give you some dances and a kiss” Grace whispers in my ear in the most seductive tone possible.

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“You are worth every penny and every ounce of effort and so much more” I croak back, but she is not having this and pushes me into her pink frilly bed and begins to make out with me. Electricity fills the air as a sense of euphoria engulfs my brain and I begin to understand why people enjoy this so much. She slowly licks around my ear and kisses down my neck as she takes off my tuxedo with alarming speed, I find myself completely nude on her bed. Her hand finds its ways towards my engorged dick and as her petite hands slowly tease, it lurches forward. Her beautiful thin lips run over the underside of my cock and then she begins to kiss all over it, which prompts a low moan from me.

“Grace, how did I end up with you, I mean this is like winning the lottery, ten times, in the same day” I moan.

“How so?” Grace asks looking up at me with her perfect puppy dog eyes.

“You are like a goddess, so beautiful and confident, but also pure.”

“Not for long” Grace giggles which makes me gulp and she plunges her head on my dick. Pure bliss envelops my body as Grace slowly bobs on my penis, which is above average, but not huge at 6 1/2 inches. Reaching out I turn Grace until her pretty perky bottom is in my face, I move her dress out of the way and pull aside her pink panties, which gives me access to her pussy. The stunning pink folds are dripping with nectar as she gets turned on and I begin to lick her folds. Honey is the best way to describe the taste of the goddess on top of me. We seem to be feeding off of each other’s pleasure as we moan into each other’s most intimate areas only heightening our pleasure. I am the first to break as I try my best to hold back my impending orgasm, but the familiar feeling builds.

“Grace I’m going to cum pretty soon!” I gasp prompting Grace to quickly turn and take me in as far as possible. As I ejaculate she edges off, but catches every drop in her mouth. She doesn’t swallow but spits it into her nearby trash can and gives me a sexy grin.

“Ready to go on?” Her voice carries a sexy tone. I shake my head and she understands what I want, she takes off her dress revealing her perfect fair body, which is completely pure. My eyes moves between her pussy, which has a landing strip and her perky little breasts. She comes over to me and sits on my chest, but I scoot her towards my face and begin to eat her out once again, but this times I also play with her breasts and clitoris. Soon I can feel her tense up and I feel her orgasm run through her.

“Taylor, Taylor, yes please, yesssss!” Grace moans in ecstasy. Energetically she arcs and throws her body into the air, then out of nowhere she pulls me onto the bed. Now on top of me she looks down and bites her lip, then reaches over and pulls the small package out of my tuxedo pocket. The condom is bright red and she slides it over my rigid cock, which has not fallen during this amazing sex session. Dropping on top of me Grace drags me into a world of ecstasy, her pussy’s walls seem to pull me in as she bounces on top of me. Slowly at first, but once the pain subsides she picks up the pace and looking into her blue eyes throws me over the edge. Like a hose under too much pressure I burst and electricity fills my body as a wave of pleasure washes over me. Soon after Grace’s face twists in pleasure as her orgasm crashes over her. She lays down on me and we pant in each other’s arms. After five or ten minutes as I begin to drift off she drifts close to my ear and whispers,

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“Get the fuck out of my house loser” startled I leap up and begin to stumble over my words

“Grace, what…”

“Taylor, get out of my house, you aren’t enough for me, I want a strong dominant man. Not a submissive shy kid like yourself.” As her words leave her mouth pain fills my body and tears begin to drench my eyes. I don’t let a single tear drop, so the watery eyes stay as I quickly grab my clothes and make my way down the stairs. On my descent my head begins to feel light and my vision switches off as I hear loud bangs and feel sore all over.


“Earth to Taylor, you there buddy?” Calls out Dr. Wu, since I started getting my blackouts he has been my doctor. They have identified a genetic abnormality in my cells, they are dividing at around 10x the normal speed, they say the rapid growth will kill me by the time I am 25, but until then I will look normal. Oddly with no apparent physical aspects the most defining factors of my condition are rapid healing and sometimes sudden blackouts from low glucose, due to accelerated growth. I look at him and see the concern on his face.

“How long?” My voice quivers.

“Maybe two months, the growth has accelerated immensely the prediction was wrong, if you are lucky you may make it 18 weeks out, but you won’t live to see your 19th birthday” In the background my dad and stepmom are crying, but something else catches my eye. An off shadow in the room flicks from one side of the room to the other, then disappears as the buzzing of a fly catches my attention.

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