Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

Mike sat on the couch in Teri’s home as he waited for her to get ready for their date. Teri’s mother Laura had let him into the house and said, “Have a seat Mike, Teri will be out in a few minutes. Would you like anything to drink while you wait?” Laura asked. Laura was 5’6″, long legged, with a shapely form that was still firm after two kids. After having had Jay (Teri’s older brother), then Teri two years later, Laura had continued to jog and play tennis with her friends. Her body made Mike think about what it would be like fucking a 38 year-old mom. The idea made his cock swell painfully in his jeans.

“Ah, no thanks Mrs. Strand, I’m fine at the moment. I’ll just wait here for Teri.” Mike stated.

“Well, if you need anything, just holler, I’ll be in the kitchen.” Laura said with a smile as she turned and walked away. Mike watched her ass move seductively beneath her cutoffs, as he mentally pictured bent over the back of the couch with him pumping her hard from behind. He was so engrossed in the thought that he didn’t hear Teri walk into the room and watch him, watch her mother.

Teri was used to seeing men look at her mom like Mike was, she knew her mom had a great body and hoped that she’d looked that good after a couple of kids.

“Mom’s pretty isn’t she Mike?” Teri asked, and giggled when Mike jumped up at the sound of her voice.

“Oh! Yeah she is, but not, hot like you are, especially in that outfit!” Mike said, as he appraised Teri’s body. Teri was wearing a red halter top with a short red skirt, which shone off her size C-breasts, shapely hips and long legs. Her shoulder-length raven hair was lose about her face and her dark green eyes reflected the smile on her face. Mike hugged and kissed Teri’s upturned face.

“Happy Birthday Baby!” Mike whispered in Teri’s ear, as he gave her a quick hug. “Are you ready for your Birthday surprise?” Mike asked. “I am.” He thought to himself.

“Yes I am, just let me say good bye to mom, then we can leave.” Teri said. She then went into the kitchen to talk to her mother, leaving Mike there to wait for her.


After they ate at Teri’s favorite restaurant, Mike drove to the other side of town where there was a small carnival. Teri smiled as they parked the van. “Is this my birthday surprise Mike?” Teri asked.

“It’s part of it Baby, the rest will come later. Let’s go play some games and see if I can win you something cute to take home!” Mike said as he helped Teri out of the van.

The couple played several games and as Mike had said, he won her a large bear and a mirror with a unicorn painted on it. They stopped to get a few drinks to cool down in the summer heat. Teri sat at the makeshift table while Mike bought the refreshments. When he was sure that he wasn’t being watched, Mike dropped two of the muscle relaxers into Teri’s soda. He walked back to their table, rotating the cup to make the pills dissolve faster.

“Here you go, this will make you feel so much better!” Mike said as he handed her the drink. Teri took the drink and smiled her gratitude. “What do you say, we go for a drive by the lake?” Mike knew that the pills would be working well by the time they arrived at the lake, so getting her out of the carnival as soon as possible would be the smartest thing to do.

“Sure, it would be very romantic on a night like this.” Teri said as she looked up at the stars. Teri and Mike held hands and walked back to the van. Mike noticed a marked change in Teri’s steps and hurried to get her seated as fast as he could muster.

“I’m feeling a little tired, maybe we should head on back to my house.” Teri said, her speech slurring a bit.

“Babe, if you’re that tired, I’ll help you to the back of the van and you can lie down till I get you home.” Mike said, taking her hands and leading Teri to the bed. “Here’s a blanket, just rest and we’ll be home in no time at all.

Terri laid down on the bed and let Mike cover her up. Mike was so excited, as he watched as Teri closed her eyes, it was almost time for her surprise. Mike then returned to the driver’s seat and drove to a very secluded spot with plenty of privacy. Mike turned off the engine and stepped into the rear of the van. He removed his clothes and laid them on a floor next to the bed. Mike then approached Teri’s quiet form.

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“Teri? Babe? I need to help you take off your clothes so you will be more comfortable and you’ll sleep better. Ok?” Mike asked.

Teri responded with a nod and sat up, pulling on the tie to her halter. Mike reached out and helped her with the tie. Mike almost gasped aloud as Teri’s beautiful breasts popped into view. His palms itched to play with the creamy globes, but first things first.

Mike then laid Teri on her back and slid her skirt down her long, sexy thighs and over her feet. Which left her clad only in a candy red thong. Mike’s cock twitched hard against his bare thigh. With deft fingers, he untied the strings on each hip and removed the thong.

Mike smiled to himself as he laid down beside the drowsy girl and cuddled close to her warm, nude body. “Teri, I love you so very much.” whispered Mike into Teri’s ear as he took Teri into his arms. He then began to kiss her, slowly at first then with more passion as she responded. Teri moaned softly against Mike’s lips as his hand cupped her right breast giving it a gentle squeeze. Mike played with the pink nipple till it was hard and puckered, then he bent his head and took it deep into his mouth. Sucking slow at first, then a deeper suckling that had Teri moving against him while she moaned in her dazed slumber.

Mike sucked and licked her till she was writhing with more passion then he’s ever seen her have before at his touch. He slid his fingers through her shaved pussy to see if she was getting wet yet and was rewarded with fingers covered in her honeyed juices. Eager to taster her, he placed his fingers into his mouth. The sweet taste made Mike all the more in need of her body. His cock was throbbing and knowing that he wouldn’t last long inside her, Mike decided he wanted to cum in Teri’s virgin mouth first.

Mike stood on the floor once more, pulled Teri close to the edge of the bed and slid one of the fingers he had rubbed her pussy with, into her mouth. “Suck my finger Teri.” Mike said in Teri’s ear. In and out Mike slid the finger, slowly Teri began to suck it into her mouth. Seeing that she had the idea, Mike took the finger out of Teri’s mouth and pushed his cock against her parted lips. Just like the finger, Teri began to suck.

Mike moved his cock slowly back and forth in her sweet mouth. “Suck it harder Teri.” Mike said encouraging Teri gently. Hearing Mikes request in her drugged mind, Teri sucked even harder. It was short minutes later when Mike filled Teri’s mouth with his cum, his hands holding Teri’s chin against his balls so she would have to swallow. “Swallow all of it Baby! That’s a good girl!” Mike praised her as Teri gulped down his huge load of cum.

Now that the urgent need to cum was released into Teri’s mouth, Mike wanted to savor every second of the seduction of Teri’s sexy body. Mike once more laid down next to the drowsy girl and put her nipple back into her mouth. Mike’s hand moved over the curve of Teri’s hip to come to rest on the valley between her open thighs. Gently, Mike used his fingers in small circles over Teri’s hardened clit. Her body began to move against his fingers, little mews of pleasure were muffled against Mike’s mouth as he kissed her. Teri’s hips rotated against his hand as her pleasure rose.

Mike kissed between her breasts, then traveled downward over Teri’s abs to her glistening pussy. Her petals, open and full, welcomed his lips as he invaded the untouched territory. With slow teasing movement, Mike caressed each spread lip, licking and sucking them to spread them further. Her scent and taste made the blood rush into his newly thickened cock. Mike watched Teri’s face as he flicked her clit, making it swell and push against his lips. Teri instinctively moved against Mike’s tongue as it explored each crevice.

Teri moved her hands to the top of Mike’s head and pulled him closer to her pussy, she moaned as her first climax built. Mike sucked hard on Teri’s clit while he used a finger to tease her dripping opening, then slid the finger inside her only a mere inch. Teri’s body stiffened, then bucked fiercely against Mike’s mouth as she came. Teri’s cries of pleasure filled the small confines of the van, urging Mike to please Teri again. Mike’s finger went in a bit deeper as he wiggled it against Teri’s “G” spot, again he watched Teri cum, this time she cried out much louder. Teri’s hands were now gripping Mike’s head as she ground her pelvis against his face.

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Teri’s orgasms had brought her out of most of her stupor and she was slowly realized what had happened to her young body. “Mike? Oh! That felt so good! Please don’t stop!” Teri pleaded while placing her hand on his hand, as she tried to push Mike’s fingers deeper into her creamed pussy.

Mike raised onto his knees, leaned down and gave Teri a deep kiss. “Baby, I’m about to make you feel even better, are you ready? Do you want more? Mike asked the still-drugged girl. Teri nodded, “Yes.” with a slight slur to her words and drowsy eyes.

Mike pushed his 7 inch cock against her very wet pussy hole. Just as she felt him push forward a bit, Teri’s eye popped open in surprise. “Mike! Stop! Teri exclaimed, as she pushed against his chest. Mike already halfway inside her, stopped and looked down at Teri’s frightened face. His body shook in a deep, swift flood of lust and small bit of cruelty.

Mike knew at the moment, that if he stopped, this tease would never let him touch her again. With a kiss on Teri’s mouth, Mike placed his hands on each of her shoulders. “I promise, this will only hurt for a second, I love you Teri.” Mike said as he shoved his cock deep into Teri’s virgin womb. Teri cried out in pain, clutching Mike’s shoulders. Her eyes wide with the knowledge that she was no longer a virgin a single tear escaped from her eye.

Mike kissed the tearful Teri and slowly began to move inside her, making sure to move gently. With each penetration Teri’s body relaxed more, within a few minutes the pain was replaced with a growing pleasure more intense then any fevered masturbation. Soon Teri was panting and a flush covered her upper chest and cheeks. Seeing that Teri was enjoying her first fuck, Mike began to move faster and deeper. Teri let out a deep moan as new sensations assailed her.

Mike ground his cock deep into her pussy as he moved inside her, wanting to give as much pleasure as Teri was giving him. Grateful that he had already cum in Teri’s mouth, Mike took his time and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock as he plunged inside her over and over.

Remembering what his father had done with his mother, Mike took Teri’s feet and placed them over his shoulders. This raised her ass higher, which made each stroke into Teri’s body even deeper. Teri panted heavier and moaning louder. Her hands held onto the edge of the bed for purchase. Mike loved to watch Teri’s breasts jiggle with each pounding thrust he made. Teri’s face was a mask of pleasure, her eyes glazed in pure lust, her lips making a “O” as her climax rushed her body.

Letting out a careening howl, Teri came, her pussy clenching around Mike’s stiff, invading cock. Her hips rocked against Mike’s pelvis as orgasmic waves washed over Teri’s body. With Teri’s pussy walls squeezing his cock, Mike let out a long growling moan as his cock let loose ropes of cum into Teri’s violated body. Their cum poured from between Mike and Teri’s body as he continued to stroke himself inside her very tight pussy.

Afterwards, cuddled together in orgasmic bliss, wrapped in a blanket and each other’s arms. With love, Mike placed his hand under Teri’s chin and placed a slow, gentle kiss on Teri’s upturned lips. “I love you Teri.” Then with a sigh, Teri smiled and she replied, “I love you too Mike, forever and a day.”

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