Blacks Beach

“Come on guys we’re burning sunshine.” Debbie said from the front seat of the little red convertible.

“Hey, we got wheels.” Millie, the youngest of the three yelled. She was the last one of the three to graduated from high school this year. Her Catholic school was always last in everything.

Pam looked at the car and frowned. “Your sister ain’t going to like you taking her car.”

“She said I could use it today while she was in class at the college. I just have to pick her up by six. That gives us at least eight hours at the beach if we get our ass’s in gear.”

“It’s only fifteen minutes to the beach.” Millie said with a hint of confusion in her voice.

“She wants to go to Dykes, I mean Blacks Beach.” Pam said still frowning.

“Oh man, my mom will kill me if she even thinks I would go to that place.” Millie said looking around at her friends.

“She’s bound and determined to get a dildo shoved up her ass before she’s through.” Pat said looking directly at Debbie, but talking to Millie, “She can’t find a boy to suit her, so she thinks she must be a lezzie.”

“Some girls from our school went down there last year at the end of school. I heard that one got fucked and a couple more got ate. One girl got both.” Millie whispered.

“And the fucking problem is?” Debbie asked sharply. “I’m going and you guys can come along or not, it’s up to you, I ain’t twisting your arm.”

“It ain’t my arm being twisted that I’m worried about.” Pat said as she hopped over the door into the front seat next to Debbie. She turned and looked at Millie, “Are you in or out.”

Millie shook her head, “I can’t go there.”

“Okay then, just keep your fucking mouth shut about us going.” Debbie told her as she pulled the transmission down in drive.

As the car pulled away Pat said to Debbie. “I’m only going to keep you from getting killed.”

“No you’re not!” Debbie said with a chuckle. “You’re going so you can get your sweet little pussy ate by someone besides me.”

“Okay, so there’s that also.” Pat replied with a grin. “But you’re going to be the one with a dildo in your ass.”

“Who knows, I might like it. Anyway, it would keep the front hole virginal.”

“Quit bragging.” Pat told her friend. She had lost her cherry earlier in the year to her ex boyfriend. He got what he wanted at the prom and dumped her shortly after that. The night he dumped her was the first time Debbie ate her out. The orgasm she had with Debbie was miles above the one she thought she had with the boyfriend.


It was forty-five minutes to Blacks Beach. The drive there was nice as the road cut between two lakes and gave a view of both. The last few miles were kind of scary as the road was narrow and steep in places. They both had to show their ID’s at the gate. You had to be eighteen to even get in the place since it was clothing optional.

The age verification thing was another reason the place was popular. If you were inside the grounds you were of legal age. Predators of both sexes were plentiful and aggressive. Debbie and Pat both took deep breaths as they cleared the gate and head across the parking lot.

They found a place to park in the back corner of the lot under a big oak tree. As they got out of the car Pat asked, “I’ve got my bikini on under my shorts and tee shirt, what are you going to wear?”

Debbie grinned and opened her tote bag. She pulled a tiny bit of bright pink material out and shook it at Pat. “It’s called a wicked weasel. I ordered it on-line and had it delivered to a post office box.” She paused to grin. “This is both the top and the bottom.”

“Holy shit! There ain’t enough material there to cover my nipples.” Pat replied coming around the car with her backpack in her hand. Pat’s breasts were large but her nipples were huge. If a pencil erasure was normal then Pat was three times as big around and twice as long.

Debbie giggled and said, “It’s stretches, or so they say. I haven’t had a chance to try it on.”

“What if it doesn’t fit?” Pat asked.

“Then I’ll go naked.”

“You would, wouldn’t you?”

“In a heartbeat. I’m ready to show my shit off and see how much it turns me and others on.” Debbie replied in a whisper.

Looking around, Pat asked, “Are you going to change right here?”

“As good a place as any.” Debbie replied with a grin. “Why don’t you lose those cloths and the top to your bikini. Those nipples of yours are going to make some people cry and/or drool. I know they make me get all wet.” Debbie grinned and licked her lips.

“That look on your face is making me wetter than I was to start with.” Pat said as she whipped her tee shirt off over her head. She wiggled out of her shorts and dropped her clothes in the front seat of the car.

Debbie licked her lips again as her eyes wander over the large twin bumps outlined in the center of each cup of Pat’s yellow bikini top. Pat turned around and unhooked the bikini top. Then she stood there looking around, ignoring Debbie. Debbie laughed as she started to strip.

Her blouse joined Pat’s on the front seat. Debbie’s breasts were far smaller than Pat’s but they were full for their size. The dark circles under her fingertip-sized nipples were crinkled. Her nipples were so hard that they hurt. She brushed her hands over them and gasped as a jolt of pleasure shot straight to her stomach.

She shivered as she unfolded the tiny top and slipped it on over her head. It was one piece with no catch or snap. The stretchy material was mesh like and very thin. When she had it settled over her breasts she giggled.

Pat looked around and did a double take. “Holt shit!” She whispered after a second or two.

“Yeah.” Debbie agreed. The top covered a strip about three inches wide up the center of each breast. The dark areas under her nipples were clearly visible under the bright pink material. More of her breasts were bare than covered.

“Your nipples wouldn’t stand a chance in this thing.” Debbie said with a grin, her eyes riveted on Pat’s overly large hard nipples.

Pat raised her hands and covered the ends of her breasts. As they touched her nipples, she gave a little jerk. Debbie laughed and wiggled out of her shorts, her underwear going with them. Pat’s eyes were on her thin blonde bush and she licked her lips.

Debbie dropped the shorts in the front seat and ran her hands over her hips, ass, and then over her sex. As a finger dipped between the slightly parted lips, she felt her wetness. She wiggled her hips and sighed.

Pat looked up at her face and frowned. “I should have shaved better. I just trimmed my bikini line.” She said softly.

“I have a razor and some baby oil in my bag.” Debbie said off handedly as she straightened the twists from the pink bottoms of the suit.

“Yeah right, I’m going to lay out in the wide open and let you shave my pussy.”

Debbie grinned at her and winked as she stepped into the bottoms. It was like putting on a very small stretchy thong. By the time she had the waistband up to her hips, the thin cord in the back was tight in the crack of her ass and pulling up against her opening. She spread the material in front and then adjusted it down to cover more of her sex.

The material cupped and outlined her outer lips and dipped in to show where her slit was. It only came up to the bottom of her mound in the front. Debbie shifted her hips and felt the strap in the back rub her asshole. She shivered and took a deep breath.

“I was going to say wow but that doesn’t come close to covering it and neither does that suit.” Pat whispered. She paused a half a second and asked in a normal voice, “Does that thing come in a larger size?’

“This is a medium.” Debbie replied with a lopsided grin, her eyes dropping to the front of Pat’s suit. She shook her head slowly.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.” Pat said with a laugh. Her large mound was half exposed by the normal tee back bikini she wore. There was a tuft of hair showing along the top edge. The suit Debbie was wearing wouldn’t come close to covering Pat’s sex.

“You do need a shave.” Debbie said with a grin.

Pat blushed lightly and shook her head.

“We’ll wait until we’ve been in the sun a while and are all sweaty. I’ll bet you anything that you’ll come while I do it.”

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Pat shivered and shook her head again. “I wouldn’t have the nerve to let you.

“We’ll see.” Debbie whispered as she leaned over and retrieved their clothes from the front seat.

Pat’s eyes were glued to Debbie’s bare ass as she leaned over and then followed the sway of her hips as she walked around to the back of the car. She licked her lips and shivered. She had never made any kind of move on her friend but with that suit on….

Pat let the thought drop as she walked back to give her friend a hand getting their stuff out of the trunk.


They found a place down by the water where that would be some shade in the afternoon. Right now they spread an old sleeping bag out in the sun and lay down. They were twenty feet from the water with a tree line to their back. There was a well-worn path halfway between their pallet and the water.

Both women sipped on bottled water and looked out over the lake. They were propped up on their elbows, their legs toward the water. Over the next ten minutes a half dozen men and four women cruised past on the path. After the first woman passed by, Debbie grinned over at Pat and spread her legs partially open.

Pat shifted her hips from side to side and shook her head. “I’m not ready for that yet. As it is, I’m all tingly from showing my breasts. Several of the guys and one woman have licked their lips as they looked at my chest.”

“I can’t blame them.” Debbie said with a grin as she reached over and touched the cold water bottle to Pat’s left nipple.

Pat yelled and rolled away. On her belly she rubbed her nipple and grinned at Debbie. “Bitch.”

“Yeah.” Debbie replied and laughed.

Pat shook her head and sighed as she laid her head down on her hands. She was looking at Debbie as she said, “That suit is getting clearer as you sweat.”

“I know.” Debbie whispered as she spread her legs wider and laid back, placing her hands under the back of her head. Her breasts were pulled upward by the position of her arms. Her nipples made small tents in the fabric of the top.

“The sun is hot and the breeze is cool. The contrast on my skin is one thing but the tickle of the wind is almost like a feathery caress.” Debbie whispered.

“Tell me about it.” Pat said. She took a deep breath and spread her feet a couple of feet apart. She could feel the wind on her inner thighs. She shivered and spread her legs a little wider. She couldn’t see if anyone was on the path and wondered how much of her pussy they would see if anyone did pass by.

Debbie rolled over and lay down with her face toward Pat. After she was comfortable she whispered, “You’re ass looks wonderful with your legs spread like that.”

Pat pushed up and looked up and down Debbie’s body. As she lay back down she grinned and whispered, “Yeah, it looks like a good place to plant a dick or a dildo.”

“What’s with you and dildos in the ass?” Debbie asked. “Are you into shit like that? No pun intended.”

Pat looked at her friend sharply. “Uh…. No! I’ve had one dick in my pussy. I have a vibrator that I’ve used but never in my ass.”

“But you’ve thought about it.”

“Well, yeah, haven’t you?”

Debbie giggled and nodded.

“Ok, so there.” Pat said and giggled.

“If I had a strap on, I’d fuck your ass.” Debbie whispered. “Or your pussy for that matter.”

Pat didn’t say anything; she just nodded her head and sighed.

“You’d let me, wouldn’t you?”

Pat nodded again and squirmed a little as a tingle started deep in her belly.

“Would you lick my pussy afterwards?”

With a shuddery gasp Pat turned her head the other way. She heard Debbie chuckle and sigh deeply.

“You would.” Debbie whispered and sighed deeply again. “I’d come my brains out if you did.”

“Just like I do,” Pat whispered more to herself than to Debbie.

“Yes, just like you.” Debbie assured her friend.


They sunned on one side or the other for an hour or so and then took a swim to cool off as the breeze dropped. As they got out of the water, Pat noticed that Debbie’s little suit was a pinkish clear when wet. It didn’t hide anything; it just drew attention to her pussy and breasts.

They moved the sleeping bag over into the shade and sat watching the skiers on the lake. The more Pat thought about Debbie’s suit the more she wanted to take the bottoms of her bikini off. She had never been naked in public before and the thought of people seeing her excited her to no end.

Debbie had been watching her friend; there was something on her mind she knew. Finally she asked, “What are you think about?”

Pat looked over at Debbie and sighed. They knew each other so well, she realized. “I want to take my bottoms off but I’m afraid.”

Debbie giggled and shook her head. “I won’t bite you. Not unless you want me to. Besides, I might as well be naked with this suit on.”

“You’re more than naked in that thing.” Pat assured her.

“Then go on and join me, you’ll love it. My pussy has been throbbing ever since…. Well, since I put this damned suit on.”

Pat sat there for a moment and then undid the swivel catch on the bikini bottom at each hip. She felt the tee back fall down as the front pooled in her lap. She was still covered in the front.

“Go on, take it off.” Debbie urged her on.

Pat whimpered softly as she rocked to the side and pulled the bikini bottom away from her sex. She shivered as the strapped pulled out from between her ass cheeks. She rolled back up to a sitting position, dropped the bottoms, and shifted her legs so they were closed and curled up next to her ass.

“Take it slow, a little at a time. You’ll get use to it after a bit.” Debbie reassured her.

Pat chuckled and shook her head. “My stomach has a million butterfly swarming all through it.”

“The first time you spread your legs they will dive right to your pussy. That is if I don’t get there first.”

With a groan Pat shifted her hips from side to side. “Hush before you make me come.” She whispered sharply as her eyes caught sight of a college age couple walking down the path in their direction.

“Oh God!” Pat whispered hoarsely. “Why did they pick this time to take a walk?”

Debbie looked around and smiled. The woman was naked except for a shear beach jacket. Her high firm breasts swaying gently as she shifted her hips. The dark V of hair on her mound was the same shade as the hair on her head. Her slit was clearly visible below the V. It was long and narrow. Debbie licked her lips and sighed.

The guy was deliciously muscled and wore a black pouch that looked well filled. Debbie leaned over close to Pat and whispered, “Spread you legs and lets see what pops out of that pouch.”

Pat groaned loudly and rocked from back and forth. “Hush!” She whispered loudly.

Debbie laughed at her friend’s agitation. Pat had a hair trigger once you got her started. It took a little bit to get her out of her shy mode but once she was there, she was highly sexual and highly responsive. Debbie knew it wouldn’t take much to push Pat over the edge into an orgasm.

As the couple got closer Pat whimpered and continued to rock back and forth. She wanted to spread her legs and show herself to the couple but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was very close to an orgasm and…. She fought off the thought of coming in front of a pair of strangers.

When the couple was even with the sleeping bag, Debbie said, “Excuse me, would you know what time it is?”

The couple paused, the man checked his watch and said, “It’s almost noon.” Both of them were looking at Pat funny. Pat was whimpering loudly and rocking back and forth faster.

“Oh don’t mind her, she’s never been naked in public and she’s about to come her brains out.” Debbie said with a grin.

“Oh, ok.” The man said as the woman giggled.

“Been there and done that.” The woman said softly.

Pat let out a little yell and leaned forward sharply in a jerky sort of way. Her orgasm washed over her in burning waves that varied with her embarrassment and the level of the jolts in her stomach and pussy. She couldn’t believe she was coming and coming this hard in front of these people.

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Debbie leaned over and put her arms around Pat, hugged her, and nibbled on her ear. Pat gasped loudly at the touch and her stomach jerked harder several times. “You’re not helping!” Pat almost yelled.

“Oh yes she is.” The woman said with a laugh. “She’s adding fuel to the fire.”

“You’ve got that right.” The man said.

Pat looked up at the couple and then groaned as she saw the man’s hard dick sticking up out of the pouch.

“Boing!” Debbie whispered with a giggle as she saw where Pat’s eyes were looking.

The woman reached over and rubbed the hard shaft that was halfway out of the pouch. “Just take this as a compliment from him.”

The man laughed and nodded. “It’s not every day that we get to see someone having their first public orgasm. I hope it’s not your last.” He looked at the woman who still had her hand on his dick. “I figure my next one is right around the bend.”

“Why not right here.” Debbie asked softly, almost shyly.

The man looked at the woman and grinned. She shrugged replied, “Why not, I’m in an exhibitionist mood right now.”

The man sat down on the sleeping bag and leaned back on his hands. The woman grinned as she knelt down and slipped the pouch down under his balls. Without a word, she knee walked up his thighs, lifted his dick, and sat down on it. She impaled herself completely in one downward motion of her hips.

They both groaned loudly as her ass met his thighs. She sighed deeply and straightened her legs out behind the man. “Oh yes, I love doing that.” The woman whispered. Looking over at Debbie she smiled and added, “You watching make’s it even better.”

They sat there and rocked back and forth slowly. Debbie could hear the squish from their connection as he moved inside her. Pat mumbled and leaned against Debbie. Debbie hugged her with one arm as her other hand stroked her own inner thighs and the wet slick cloth over her sex.

The woman glanced over at Debbie, her eyes zeroing in on the hand between her legs. The woman licked her lips and looked around quickly. “Get those bottoms out of the way and come stand in front of me.”

Debbie stiffened and then stood up. She rolled the bottoms of her suit down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She shivered as she stepped across the man’s hips, her sex right in the woman’s face. Without a seconds hesitation the woman leaned forward and sucked on Debbie’s clit.

With a loud gasp, Debbie came up on her toes, her hands going to the woman’s head. She gasped even louder as a tongue licked up the crack of her ass. The man buried his face between her ass cheeks and tongued her asshole.

Between the two tongues Debbie was going crazy as her hips jerked first one direction and then the other. She heard Pat say, “Oh shit!” from somewhere far away. Debbie couldn’t believe she was doing this as her orgasm built like a rocket. The two tongues were driving her up to heights she had never known.

The woman’s tongue knew it’s way around a clit and the tongue in her ass wasn’t any slouch. Debbie was coming before she realized it, her hips were jerking back and forth. The tongue circled and flicked her clit in the front and the tongue stabbed into her ass as her hips moved back.

Debbie’s eyes flew open, her mouth was already open, but no sound came out. Lightning bolts flew along her nervous system. Each flick of her clit sparked one and the hot tongue in her ass sparked another. Back and forth she went until her knees started to buckle.

The man’s arms around her hips held her in place as she sat down against his chest. The woman made a deep growling sound and leaned forward, her head against Debbie’s belly. Debbie could feel her jerking as she came. The man made several grunting sounds and then sighed deeply. The woman gave a little yell and jerked even harder.
The next thing Debbie knew they were all laying on the sleeping bag in a pile. Debbie had her head in Pat’s lap. Pat was stroking her hair gently.


After a while the man and woman untangled themselves from Debbie. The woman moved up and laid down, her head on Pat’s thigh, her face only inches from Debbie’s. With a smile she whispered, “You have a very sweet pussy and a very responsive body. Please come back and visit and make sure and look for us, we’d love to spend more time with you.”

The woman kissed Debbie softly, the taste of pussy strong on her lips. Debbie moaned softly and returned the kiss. When the woman broke the kiss she sat up and looked at Pat. “You’re more than welcome to join us also.”

Nervously Pat replied, “Uh…. Thank you.”

The man helped the woman to her feet and they both smiled as they continued on down the path along the lake. They paused after a few steps and the man said, “Oh, just for your information. What we just did is frowned on by the park patrol. I thought you should know.”

With a wave they went on their way.

Pat giggled and whispered, “I wonder why that would be?”

Debbie sighed deeply and then turned her head and kissed Pat on the thigh. “I’m dead.” She whispered.

Pat laughed and replied, “Oh no you’re not, drained yes, but not dead.”

Debbie blew out a long breath and said, “If you think a dildo up you ass would be something, wait until you get a tongue stuffed in there while someone licks your clit.”

“We’ll have to try my dildo in your ass while I lick your clit so we can get a comparison.” Pat whispered with a giggle.

“Do you have it with you?” Debbie asked with a snicker. “Never mind, I’m to worn out to even try it right now.”

“Come on; get your lazy ass up. A swim in the cool lake water should revive you.” Pat said.

“I’d probably drown.” Debbie protested.

“Well, I’ve got to get in the water. I made one hell of a mess earlier and another one watching you be the guest of honor in a man/woman sandwich. Not to mention watching that big dick of his going in and out of her tight little pussy.”

Debbie groaned as she sat up. She spent a little time taking the tiny top off. Once she had it off, she retrieved the bottoms and put them both with Pat’s bikini.

“I’d say that suit was worth the money.” Debbie said with a grin.

“I hate to tell you girlfriend but my orgasm had more to do with what you got than that suit.”

Debbie laughed and nodded, “You’re probably right. I owe you big time.”

“I’ll collect later believe me.” Pat said with a grin. “Bring that suit with you, I want to try it on. I’ll bring my dildo.”

“You’d be a killer in that thing.” Debbie whispered as she turned and kissed her best friend on the cheek.

Pat turned her head and kissed Debbie square on the lips. Debbie jerked back and then returned the kiss passionately.

When they broke the kiss, they both smiled shyly and stood up. They walked hand in hand to the lake. Debbie paused at the waters edge and stretched up on her toes. As she came down she sighed and said, “I might not be a lesbian but I’m sure not straight either. I kind of like the idea of being able to go both ways.”

Pat grinned at her and nodded, “It sure beats that wimpy fuck I got at the prom from a jerk off that had no idea what he was doing.” She paused a second and then added, “Now that guy that was fucking that girl, he had it going on. Someone like that knows what’s going on and so does she.”

“Hey, we’ve got all summer before we start college this fall. That leaves us a lot of time to explore this place and the people, not to mention each other.”

“Being roommates is going to be a ball!” Pat whispered excitedly.

“Make that a fucking ball.” Debbie said with a laugh as she waded out into the lake.

“You better believe it.” Pat said as she followed her best friend out in the lake.

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