Blind Date

“What do you mean you set me up on a blind date?!” My attention darting from the psychology book, I looked up at my roommate, Steve, who was giving a “calm down” gesture.

“C’mon man, relax; it’s not as bad as you think it is. And besides, it will benefit you as well as me.” Steve said, continuing his attempts to calm me down.

“So you basically want me to hang with some girl whose friend you’re trying to fuck? Christ man, how many girlfriends do you need?” I gave Steve a bewildered look of disgust, forcing him into justifying his actions to me…again.

“But this is different! She’s the one!” Steve sat down on his bed and took a deep breath.

“You said that about Erika, and that lasted what, 3 weeks?” I was naturally skeptical about what Steve was “feeling” for this new girl, but I decided listening to his story was better than reading another 3 chapters on the human psyche.

“I told you man, this is different. Brittney is just so fucking…magical. I met her earlier in the cafeteria, but I had noticed her around before. So I approached her and started talking, turns out we have some stuff in common and we’re going out later tonight,” Oh boy, I thought, here comes the favor. “But the thing is, she’s got her best friend always around and she wants you to take her out too. We don’t have to double date or nothing, Brittney just doesn’t want to worry about her best friend being all alone all night or whatever.”

I exhaled and stretched, thinking about Steve’s request. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a bad thing, I thought. I could use the break from studying, and I hadn’t really extended much of my social parameters when I started attending the college. What the hell?

“Ok, ok…I’ll do it. Not like I had much choice in the matter anyway.” Steve’s face glowed with a bright smile as he started with his gratitude and ass-kissing.

“Thanks man, seriously, I owe you big time for this, count on it! This’ll do you good man, I’ve never seen you with a girl, and you been here what? A year and a half? Not healthy to be a bookworm for 4 years of college, man.” Steve reached down into the dorm’s fridge and grabbed a bottled water, cracked it open, and started swigging it down.

“Well before I commit myself fully to this, at least give me some background on her friend.” Steve finished the bottle and exhaled, looked toward me with a formal look and started describing as I would come to know her, Brenda. As I would learn, Brenda was a sophomore, 5″7, about 115 pounds; dark brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses. Personal details weren’t revealed since Steve was “just so into Brittney”, as he put it, that he barely paid attention to Brenda. So I was pretty much stuck with a girl who I knew pretty much zero about for a friend who was looking more and more less like a friend. But since I was a roll-with-the-punches kind of guy, I figured it wouldn’t do any harm to chat with some girl for a while or something.

“So,” I said, closing the psychology book, “Am I going to pick her up? Is she coming here? How is this going to work exactly?”

“Well, I haven’t exactly worked out all the details. But I’m going to call Brittney tonight and tell her Brenda has a date, figure it out from there.” Steve’s plan was pretty much crap, but I could do little else but accept the facts and I guess get ready for the first blind date I would ever have.

“Well, while you figure all that shit out, I’m taking a shower. I always feel dirty after I do stuff for you.” Steve chuckled, relaxed in the fact that he knew he was probably gonna get laid that night. I grabbed my towel, boxers, and my shaving kit and headed off to the showers. The hallway felt long this time around, like I was a death row inmate walking to his destiny. I did my best to hide my feelings of grumpiness and dismay as I waved to the few students I knew who also lived in the dorm.

I arrived to the shower and discovered it empty, with luck. Usually at 5pm on Friday, it was flooded with people; I guess I had arrived just after the rush. I hopped into one of the stalls and had a quick shower, getting out, I noticed a girl walking in. Maintaining etiquette I didn’t stare at her and started toward the sinks, contemplating whether or not to shave. Rubbing my chin, I decided against it.

“I think you should get rid of it.” I heard the voice of the girl who had walked in behind me. Looking at the mirror, I saw her reflection looking at me.

“You think? I’ve been meaning to do it, but I always decide against it.” The girl looked like she was in her 20s, 5″7, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. Could be Brenda, I thought. I didn’t want to make myself look like a fool if I had asked if her name was Brenda though, so I didn’t ask.

“Sure, I think you would look kind of cute with a cleaned up face.” She said, walking into one of the stalls. I thought I might as well if I was here, so I lathered up and shaved the hair growing from my chin and lips. As I finished, so did the girl. I slapped on some aftershave and heard her speak, “Well, I’m glad you decided to, you do look cute. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pretty myself up, gotta hot date later.”

She really didn’t have to put on makeup; she looked gorgeous enough as it was. “Have fun on your date.” I said as I left the showers. When I arrived back to the room, I found a note on the desk.

“Left to meet Brittney, told Brenda to meet you here in the room at 7. Be back…tomorrow. Have fun.


I lifted my watch from the table, it read 6:45. I slapped on some pants, a button up blue/white shirt and my black casual shoes. I decided to put on some tunes and lay on my bed, waiting for my fate to walk in through the door…*Minutes later* Rather than walk, it knocked slowly on the door.

“A moment please.” I rose from the bed and approached the door. I stared at the knob, a whole mess of thoughts racing through my mind, what to say, how to act, what to do. But through the slew of thinking going on, one thought became the most important one: Be myself. Hand on the knob, I turned it and pulled the door open.

“Well, I’ll be…” Said the woman standing before me, who was no doubt, Brenda.

“I’m glad you took my advice.” Brenda pointed at my face, drawing in the air the area around my mouth. I smiled and replied, “Well, I’m never one to disappoint a woman.” It was at this point where wording was key. I didn’t really have much of a plan since our meeting was so sudden, so I guess the best thing to do right now would be to sit down and get better acquainted with each other.

“Please, sit.” I motioned toward the bed while I grabbed the chair at the desk. Brenda sat down cross legged, her outfit was most attractive. She wore an orange blouse with a black skirt and a pair of tennis shoes. I’m glad she didn’t dress to impress, not like she needed to, she was damn beautiful. I’m a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes and Brenda’s were no exception. Deep and blue, eyeliner running from the corner of her eyes. Her nose was small and pert, barely visible freckles dotting it. And the icing on the cake was her smile. Bright and wide, a smile that could cure any man of his insecurities and self loathing.

Brenda settled in and I opened the refrigerator, scavenging for what I could. Success, the last two cokes were in sight. As I offered her the coke, I asked if she was comfortable.

“Yes, very. Thank you.” She smiled as she accepted the coke. I sat down on the chair and opened the can, drinking down the cola. I felt the nervousness bubbling in my stomach.

“I hope you can excuse me if I seem awkward…I don’t go out that much. And to tell you the truth, this is the first blind date I’ve been on ever.” I spoke with the nervousness as any inexperienced guy would be in front of a stunningly attractive woman. I felt she could sense this feeling, so she started breaking the ice.

“Aw, don’t worry. I don’t bite. But I suppose we should formally introduce ourselves first. I’m Brenda.” She held out her right hand, my own reached and we shook. “I’m Nick. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” We both smiled and let go of each other’s hands.

“I have to tell you Nick, you have pretty girly soft hands.” Brenda giggled and grabbed my hand again. Her touch was very soft and smooth, relaxing the tenseness that was present throughout my entire body.

“It’s not a crime to use lotion is it?” I replied.

“Well, it depends on how often you use it.” Making the motion of jerking off in the air. We both laughed and became more comfortable with one another. I was glad that things didn’t look like they were going to be very unpleasant and that the night might not be so bad after all.

“This might seem a little frank, but tell me about yourself.” I asked, looking intently into her eyes. She looked away, brushing the hair from her eyes. We got to know each other rather well for the next couple of hours. Discussing our majors, things in common, everyday things, taking turns at making each other laugh. She was the most amazing woman I’ve known in my life. Eventually, she wanted me to sit next to her, patting the area next to her.

“Well, don’t be shy, come on over here. Sitting on that chair can’t be good for your back, lay down with me.” Her voice read playful and explorative, I was more than happy to oblige her offer. She took off her shoes and threw her legs onto the bed, I followed suit. It felt kind of strange, this being my first time lying down with a woman. I don’t know if I was acting stranger than usual, or in this case just strange in general, because Brenda sensed something was amiss.

“You’re acting like you’ve never been with a woman before. Relax!” She elbowed me and laughed. I tried returning the mood, but it was true. I had never been with a woman before. When I didn’t laugh, that was her confirmation of her statement. “What? You’ve really never been with a woman before?”

Without hesitating, I replied, “Yes.” The jig was up, no use in trying to hide it. Brenda sat up on all her elbows and gave me an inquisitive look, gauging my reaction. I remained stone faced, but she knew I was telling the truth.

“I can’t believe it…you’re a virgin?! That’s unbelievable!” Her reaction was no surprise to me, but I didn’t really mind anybody knowing, but I didn’t think most people assumed I was fucking on a regular basis.

“Yeah well…I never really thought sex was that important to me most of the time. I know any other guy would say otherwise, but what can I say? I’m different.” I put my hands under my head and sighed. My view of the aging blue ceiling was obstructed by Brenda’s pretty face. Her eyes launching this piercing stare at me, I don’t know what it was about it. Maybe it was the way her eyes were looking at me, the way she was licking her lips, or maybe the way she was moving closer and closer to my face. But I managed to grow a huge boner in all of five seconds. But like all good things, I managed to fuck this up simply by being me.

“Uh…Getting a little close there aren’t we?” Trying to play off her advance with a joke wasn’t very successful. But I did manage to get her to be a little more talkative, pausing in her advance.

“Uncomfortable?” She was only inches away from my face now, her breath fogging my glasses slightly. I didn’t know what to do, but I really didn’t want to ruin the moment for either of us.

“Um, sort of. You see, I’ve never…Well, I’ve never done anything with girl before.” An uneasy smile covered my face, trying to hide the embarrassment I felt for myself. “Well, that’s ok.” Brenda closed off the remaining inches between us with her lips, which fell to mine. It felt wonderful, to say the least. Brenda shifted her body weight and started lying on top of me, her lips pushing against mine in a slow, deliberate manner. Emotionally, I felt a combination of shock, love, and lust, along with being flooded with these feelings, I felt frozen. Intimidated really. My hands still lay behind my head, but that changed as Brenda took one and placed it on her upper back.

She was definitely fit. Feeling her body above the clothes, she did not have any excess on her body, just the warm, enticing, perfect flesh that was making me more and more horny. Brenda finally broke the kiss at a slow pace. She took a deep breath and blinked a few times and finally looked back at me. It’s hard to describe how I looked, mainly because I wasn’t really thinking of anything other than an incredibly beautiful woman just kissed me. Deliberately, passionately, and most of all, honestly. Even though I was a rather inexperienced virgin, I felt this sense of honesty in her kiss. Like she was making up for every single girl I had known and who had rejected me. It was incredible. I hadn’t realized how much time had gone by before Brenda spoke again, asking me,

“So what did you think of your first kiss? I hope it was everything you expected it would be.” She put on her award winning smile again, awaiting my approval, which she got in the form of me stuttering like an idiot.

“Uh…It…it…you…nice.” My eyes were darting all over like nobody’s business. It wasn’t that I felt guilty or horrible afterwards, but I didn’t know how to react. While I was looking to my right, I felt a hand on my chest, Brenda’s no doubt, she was checking my heartbeat which must have jumped to 160 BPM.

“A little excited, aren’t we?” She tapped her fingers in tune with my heartbeat. “Don’t worry. We all get nervous the first time, but you can relax.” As she finished speaking, her lips approached my neck and pressed against them. It wasn’t sudden or rough, but light and left me reassured. I felt like I was in heaven, my face overcome with a look of euphoria almost. By now, Brenda had straddled me; I felt her panties pressing against my pants, holding back a boner that was hard enough to break cement as far as I was concerned. As I looked at her, perched above me like some sort of goddess, I started relaxing as she said and my heartbeat slowed down to normal.

“Good, see what happens when you just relax? Here’s a question for you: How would you like for you and I to get better acquainted?” She leaned down and supported herself on her arms, but she had laid on top of me, her breasts pressed against me and her nipples were starting to make themselves known rather well. Before I could stutter or say something stupid, I cleared my head momentarily and told her, “Yes…I’d like that.” Brenda smiled at me with approval and rose up onto her knees.

“If we’re going to do that, we shouldn’t let small boundaries like clothes get in the way, should we?” She removed her blouse and threw it to the floor, revealing a white lacy bra underneath. Next came the skirt, unbuttoning it and threw it to the floor as well. Her blue panties left nothing to guess, they were slightly transparent, enough for me to see that she was clear of pubic hair. Now, I’m not sure about anyone else, but the sight of a half-naked and incredibly gorgeous woman who’s sitting on top of me made my cock almost scream to come out. It was like everything I ever wanted and dreamed of didn’t matter anymore, I didn’t care about studying or anything else, I just focused on this figure of perfection who sat on me. Noticing the hard, fleshy appendage pressing against her, Brenda didn’t keep her knowledge secret,

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“Don’t worry; I’ll get to him in a minute. But don’t be so nervous, take off your shirt, or would you like me to instead?” Brenda said.

“No, no…that’s all right, just a second.” It was like I was in second grade again. Fumbling with the first button for a few moments, before finally opening it. The others soon followed suit and finally they were all opened, Brenda sat back to give me room while I removed the shirt and tossed it to the floor. I wasn’t really the icon of the perfect body, but I made sure to try and eat right and work out once in a while, the result? Brenda laid her head on my chest, ear pressed against my heart. My breathing became unsteady, I wasn’t nervous, but I couldn’t believe what was happening. I thought now was a good time to make a move, placing my hand on her back. Brenda sighed pleasantly, so I started twirling my thumb slowly at the top of her spine, eventually moving to her neck, causing her to moan softly.

“Do you…like that?” I asked, seeking approval.

“Mm…Yes, I do. But why don’t you try it this way?” Brenda rose up and reached behind her, I heard a small click and saw the straps of her bra fall. I knew my eyes widened as I anticipated seeing her completely remove the bra. She didn’t drop it though, not right away. Her head was down, her brown locks covering her eyes just enough to convey that sense of mystery and mischief. Brenda’s arms were under her breasts, supporting her bra, preventing its fall. She began to sway her hips on top of me, grinding into my groin. Slowly, almost painfully slowly, she peeled away one of the cups, revealing to me one of the most beautiful things I will ever see in my whole life.

Her breast was a C cup if I had to guess, a hefty one at that. Her nipple was colored a dark brown surrounded by an inch wide pink shaded aureole. It felt like my heart skipped a beat when I first saw her incredibly beautiful breast, and to think, I was objecting to this hours ago. Brenda took the second bra cup in both her hands, lowering it in a striptease like manner, and very soon her entire chest was exposed to me for viewing pleasure, “…Wow…” I mouthed the words, but Brenda knew what I was gawking at, and for extra kicks, took her breasts in each hand and played with them a little.

“Like ’em?” I continued gawking, silently, I had never seen a naked woman ever before in my life.

“I’d be a fool to say no. I’ve just never seen a beautiful naked woman this close to me in my whole life. I’m…speechless.” My mind was racing with all sorts of things I wanted to do with this girl. I wanted to just ogle and touch her breasts all day if I could, maybe my wish would come true.

“Aww…that’s the sweetest thing any guy has ever told me. Come here!” Brenda dove down to give me what I expected to be a hug, so I sat up slightly to accompany her, but what I received instead was a kiss. And this kiss was not like the one I had received earlier, this was an incredibly motivated, love filled kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and she forced herself more on me. This time around, I felt her tongue starting to lick my lips, I opened my mouth to accommodate her and she went to town. Our tongues danced and enveloped one another. My hands moved from her lower back to the back of her neck and head. I felt all sorts of things, her heavy breath coming from her nose, her incredible bosom pressing into my chest showing no signs of letting up, her increasingly moistening crotch against my own, her hair falling against my face. I was in heaven, I had no doubts whatsoever. When our little lip squabble was over, Brenda asked, “How would you like to play with these yourself?” She looked down toward her breasts.

“Oh yes, please.” My breathing was a little ragged, but I was pumped, I was on top of the world. Upon hearing my answer, Brenda nodded and got off of me and laid down next to me, I then got on top of her. I took a moment to cherish this scene before my eyes. I cradled her head in my left hand and anxiously, but eagerly placed my right on top of one of her breast. I’ll never forget that feeling of warm flesh just filling up my whole hand, the small nub of her nipple tickling my palm. I began nuzzling Brenda’s neck gently, while slowly squeezing and rubbing her breast. Her moans were like music to my ears. By now I was just doing whatever I could, focused on making her feel good.

Brenda stopped moaning long enough to tell me, “Suck them. Put the nipple in your mouth and suck it.” I broke off from the neck admiration and nodded to her, lowering myself to face her chest. I still couldn’t get over the fact that they were so perfect. I cupped a breast in my hand and started to suck on the nipple. Gently at first, like I was a baby again gaining sustenance from my mother. I kept on sucking, now and then alternating between vertical and horizontal licks of my tongue across her nipple. My free hand came from resting at her abdomen to cup the other breast, only to discover it was already being done, not only that, but being sucked by Brenda herself.
Looking at her, she met my gaze and we both went on to treat her nipples like straws. She eventually relinquished the grip of her breast to allow me to cup it and massage it. I explored every region that was available to my fingertips. From the top slope, down the curvature, in her cleavage area, and the underside, where I discovered she was ticklish. Her laugh was mixed in with her moans, hitting back and forth between Ooh’s and Oh’s with giggles and small gasps. I stopped to let her recover, when she did, we just stared at each other. The awkward silence making itself known, but not for long.

“See anything you like?” Brenda asked playfully.

“Oh, there are quite a few things I like. Including doing this.” I began to kiss her neck again, this time softly sucking as well. My action was met with her gasp in surprise, Brenda started squirming slightly, moving her whole lower body in anxiousness. I could’ve kept up my Dracula routine for hours, but Brenda pulled my head away and motioned for me to go back to her breasts. Well, it was less motioning and more demonstrating. But rather take her free breast, I decided to share the one she was enjoying herself. She let go of her sucking and we both kissed at her nipple, both our lips and her nipple being enjoyed by the other. Brenda broke off the kiss softly and whispered into my ear, “Bite it.” I felt my heartbeat increase just in the slightest when I heard her and I gladly acceded to her request. I wrapped my lips around her again, but this time clamping my teeth down softly. She moaned out loudly when I applied slight pressure to the fleshy nub, but she settled back down and began to enjoy it. Keeping the nipple in my bite, I flicked at it with my tongue, causing Brenda to tense up and even arch her back when I did.

“Oh yeah…yes…Oh God, that feels so good.” I let go of the nipple from my mouth and turned my attention to her other, neglected breast and repeated my earlier performance. While I was in the middle of doing my thing, Brenda spoke up.

“Whoa, whoa. You’ve done more than enough for me. It’s your turn now, baby.” I looked up from her breast with an inquisitive look on my face, all she to respond was a devilishly wicked look in her eyes when she said, “Just lie down and I’ll take care of everything.”

“Ok.” We switched positions and she got on top of me again and we kissed again. I felt my nervousness wash away completely now and resigned myself to enjoying this wonderful thing that was happening. While we kissed, Brenda started rubbing her chest up and down my own, her nipples dragging along with each movement. Any lack of excitement on my part was gone only after a few minutes of her treatment and I was rock hard in absolutely no time. She stopped and her hand reached towards the button and fly of my pants and undid both. My boxers provided little resistance as my cock rose and bobbed against the cotton barrier.

I flinched when I felt Brenda’s hand rest on my boxers, right on top of my cock. I stiffened up when she slowly started rubbing her hand against me, I knew if she kept it up I would ruin this incredible experience for myself, along with a clean pair of boxers.

“Whoa.” I reached down and stopped her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want me to?” Brenda almost appeared pouty.

“Of course I want you to, but I just don’t want to end up cumming too fast.” I rested my hand on her cheek to reassure her and it worked quite well.

“Aw, don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, I’m a very delicate kind of girl you know. And if I’m right about you…You won’t have to worry about only cumming once.” She said it matter-of-factly and had a provocative look about her.

“Well, I’m hope you’re right too. But…can I ask you something?” I licked the inside of my lips and looked down, almost feeling ashamed to ask her this question, but I figured it would be best to set aside all inhibitions and just go with whatever.

“Sure can, honey.” Brenda batted her eyelashes and rested her head on her hands, like a girl anxious to hear gossip at a slumber party.

“Um…can you dance for me?” I felt blushed, my hands shaking with anticipation of her answer. I saw Brenda become surprised and look down, hair falling covering her face once more. But amid the obstruction, I saw a grin. “All right. But first, you have to take off the rest of your clothes.” I almost made her fall over when I swung around and forced my pants and boxers off.

“Whoa, slow down…we’ve got all the time in the world, baby,” I sat on the bed and Brenda stood up, turning around and giving me the once over. I didn’t have any sort of bedroom ace-in-the-hole, my cock was of an average 6 and a half inches, but Brenda was pleased with what she saw.

“Now that you’ve got your clothes off, why don’t I take off the rest of mine?” Brenda slowly bend over, gripping the sides of her dark blue panties and pulling down slowly, giving me the best show of my whole life. Her ass was picture perfect. Toned, tanned, and flowed seamlessly into her magnificent legs. She scooted the panties down one side at a time, each time wiggling her ass and flaunting it to me. The panties finally came down all the way and Brenda stepped out of them one foot at a time, but she hadn’t turned around yet.

“Enjoying the show?” She picked up the panties from the floor.

“Oh God, yes I am.” I was wide eyed, like a kid who walked into Toys ‘R Us for the very first time in his life. I hadn’t noticed, but I was panting as well. I reached to touch myself, but as I did, Brenda turned around and shook her finger at me.

“You don’t want to spoil yourself, do you? Now just relax and watch.” I placed my hands to the side and did as she wanted. What I saw was the most sexually powered, lusty tease I’d ever seen. Brenda started by slowly moving her hips from side to side, rubbing her body all over with her panties in her hands. She then took a step behind and turned around slowly, my eyes were glued to her chest as it crept into viewing. When she finally turned completely and faced me, she started to rub her hands all over herself in a slow and deliberate manner. Her eyes were closed up now. She opened them up and I looked into them, that’s when she brought her panties to her nose and sniffed.

“I smell so good…would you like to find out?” When I saw her do that, my mouth opened with a shock and amazement that I couldn’t have been able to describe with any words. I slowly nodded my head to the question. When I did, Brenda walked towards me, sat down on my leg, and brought the pair of panties to my face.


I put my nose close to the pair of panties and sniffed. The scent of her pussy drove me wild; it was sweet, musky, and immensely intoxicating. I sniffed again, but Brenda took the panties away.

“Just imagine how much better it would smell if your face was right there.” She cupped her hand around her pussy. Brenda got down on her knees and stared at my cock, which was bobbing along with my heartbeat, and licked her lips.

“Now how about I get to giving you a proper treatment? You’re never going to forget this. Just relax and enjoy, ok?” I gulped hard and looked at her, “Ok.” Brenda smiled at me and reached over and grabbed my cock. It felt good; her hand was soft, smooth, and well taken care of. She slowly jerked me, all the while looking up at me with her pretty blue eyes which I was incapable of ignoring. Brenda moved her head closer to my cock and shifted her attention from me to it. I was anticipating whatever she was doing with a great anxiety, she must have sensed it because she didn’t hold back at all. She stuck out her tongue and licked the head from the bottom of the glans to the tip. It felt incredibly good and I let out a huge exhale in pleasure, my eyes closing and a smile laid itself across my face.

Brenda held my cock up to my stomach and then licked the length of the shaft, from the tip down to my balls and back up again. She continued the candy cane routine for just another minute until she stopped and said, “Are you ready for your first and the best blow job of your life?” I was in agony; I needed for her to suck it.

“Oh God, please suck my cock. Please, Brenda!” My hands were digging into the edge of the bed and my breath felt labored.

“Aw, since you asked since nicely, ok.” And with a quick movement of her head, she enveloped the first couple of inches of my cock into her mouth, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best feeling of my entire life. Brenda started moving her head back and forth, sucking lightly. Her tongue started swirling around the head of my cock, licking the very tip and alternating between that and sucking it. When I heard her moan, I opened my eyes and saw that Brenda was starting to rub her pussy in slow, concentric circles. The combination of her beauty, watching her play with herself, and the dynamite blow job I was getting, it wasn’t long until I felt that familiar feeling when I jerked off.

“Brenda, I’m, I’m…I’m gonna cum.” Brenda stopped for a second, looked up at me, and said, “Just blow your load in my mouth, honey.” Brenda’s mouth covered my cock again, this time quickening her pace and sucking harder than before. The next thing I knew, my cock was exploding its load into her mouth. Almost on reflex, I thrust my cock forward into her mouth, trying to fit as much of myself as I could into her mouth. She accommodated me well, considering she fit more than half into her mouth already. Brenda kept sucking as I kept cumming, until I finally stopped. She moved her mouth from my cock, keeping her mouth shut. I looked at her, semi worn out and wondering if she would spit out my cum, to my pleasant surprise, she didn’t. Brenda swallowed the load in her mouth little by little until she finished with a refreshed breath. But she wasn’t done with me yet, she sucked the cum that was still on my cock and swallowed that as well. I fell back on the bed and caught my breath, closing my eyes; I tried to rest a little. After a minute or so passed, I opened my eyes and saw Brenda right in my face. Startled, I yelped and she giggled and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

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“I told you that was going to be the best blow job of your life, didn’t I?” Brenda asked, she had a somewhat cocky attitude about her now, I couldn’t blame her, she was right after all.

“Yes, you told me, and I agree.” I smiled like a satisfied customer and she laid next to me, we held each other’s hands and turned to look at each other. When I looked at her, I felt comfortably at ease, but also incredibly aroused as well. I never knew that a girl who came off as sort of quirky turned out to be an uninhibited sexual connoisseur of sorts.

“You ready for something new?” Brenda asked.

“Ready, willing, and able.” I said.

“Ooh, I like that. Well, come over here then.” Brenda rearranged herself and she sat at the opposite of the bed, laying down and spread her legs. I looked at her magnificently presented pussy. It was devoid of hair completely and it looked like that none had ever grown there, she probably waxed or had electrolysis done.

“Well, don’t be shy, come over here.” She curled her finger in the come hither fashion and I obeyed. I laid down in front of her pussy and looked up at her, an eager student ready to learn. I wasn’t a complete fool when it came to sex, but when it came to me; I never got to put into action what I knew. I wanted to impress her, to satisfy her at least.

“Touch me.” Brenda rested her head on the pillow and sighed, her hands cupping and caressing her chest gently. I rested one hand on top of thigh and moved the other towards her heat radiating pussy. My fingers started tracing her lips from top to bottom; Brenda shivered at my touch and emitted a moan. When my middle finger traced the length of her slit, I moved back up the middle, her wetness beginning to coat my hand. I got to the top where I felt her clit, semi erect, so I started tapping my finger slowly and softly. As I did that, I took my other hand and started to rub her slit from top to bottom again

When I looked up at Brenda, I could see her eyes were closed and her mouth agape, she was starting to squeeze her breasts even harder, she looked tortured. As I continued rubbing, Brenda was getting fidgety, her legs were tensing up, and her breathing sped up. From tapping on her clit, I went to massaging it, which must have been the catalyst for something, because suddenly she cried out and arched her back. She started trying to grind against my fingers, gyrating every which way she could, her breath turned into fast panting and her moans became inaudible. Finally, she froze with her back arched and her pussy against my fingers and let out quick exhales, after a few moments, she collapsed down to the bed.

I took a moment to examine the situation, and it didn’t take me long to reach the conclusion that she had an orgasm. Crawling up to her, I saw her chest was flushed red. Her breathing went from the ragged panting to a calm pace, like she was sleeping. I laid my head next to hers and watched as she slowly breathed, her eyes closed, a small smile was visible at the corner of her mouth.

“Are you going to stare at me all night or are you going to kiss me?” She said, eyes still closed. I approached her and put my lips to her own, delivering a small kiss. And as if she were Sleeping Beauty, she opened her eyes and put on a big grin.

“That was soooo great. And you didn’t even eat me out!” I smiled upon receiving her praise.

“But…I can’t wait to see how you do when you use your tongue. How about it, honey? Want to see how a woman really tastes?” Her grin was reminding of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, big, mischievous, and full of mystery.

“Absolutely!” I jumped at the chance to get to taste her pussy and I quickly moved back down to her crotch. I must have been so excited, I lost my train of thought, I didn’t know how to start. Looking back at Brenda, I asked for guidance.

“How should I start?”

“Hm…Start the way you think would be best. Think of my pussy like it was ice cream, lick it like this.” Brenda grabbed a breast in her hand and licked at the nipple with a slow start and quick flick to finish.

“Yes ma’am!” Inspired by her small performance, I lowered my head down and took a breath before I stuck out my tongue and repeated what Brenda showed me.

“Mmm, that’s good, just keep doing that…” I did as she said, continuing the slow licks with quick finishes. Brenda tasted absolutely exquisite, sweet with a touch of sour. Changing gears, I went from the slow licks to quick side-to-side licks across her labia, just below her clit. As I changed my approach, Brenda changed her auditory response from the delicate, relaxed moans to high paced, minor panting.

“Oh yeah, please lick my clit, please…please…” Brenda managed to tell me between her pants and I fulfilled her request. Moving my tongue up just a small amount, I felt her clit on the tip of my tongue, and as soon as my tongue touched, Brenda went nuts. She let her pleasure be known in the form of small yelps and grinding against my tongue. I kept my tongue strong against her clit while she bucked back and forth and rubbed her pussy around it. I managed to reach up and grab one of her breasts, squeezing gently in sync with each of her movements. With my other hand, I repeated what I had done earlier, slowly rubbing her slit with my middle finger. This pushed her over the edge as I felt small contractions at the opening of her pussy.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Brenda said breathlessly, her pussy becoming buried against my face. While I couldn’t manage fully extend my tongue, I stuck out what I could and licked as fast as I could. Looking up from her pubic area, I saw Brenda’s hands perform a death hold on a pillow and moan into it. When she finally finished, she slowly fell down to the bed, releasing the pillow from her face and taking deep breaths. When she finally composed herself, I came up to face, before I got a chance to do anything she wrapped her hands around my face and pulled me to her lips. The sudden shock eventually wore off and I closed my eyes.

Brenda wrapped her arms around me and we turned and she lay on top of me again. In between kisses, she started to form a sentence, “You,” Kiss. “Are.” Kiss. “So.” Kiss. “Amazing.” Kiss. We stopped long enough so I could answer her with a simple “Thank you.” Brenda reached below and took hold of my cock, which had sprung to full attention earlier.

“I see you’re ready again.” Brenda said playfully, twirling a finger in the middle of my chest.

“Heh, yeah, it looks to be that way, doesn’t it?” My nervousness was completely gone and I felt so at ease with Brenda now. I know a lot of guys would say that they would totally capitalize on the opportunity to get to have sex with such a beautiful woman like Brenda, but there are guys like me who feel intimidated at the very beginning, especially when an encounter like this is so sudden and unexpected. But still, I was comfortable and didn’t think it could get any better. Boy was I wrong.

“You ready to fuck your first pussy? I know I’m ready for you.” As she spoke, Brenda moved backward, slowly rising. She removed the hair from her face and looked down at me awaiting my answer, which I gave with an almost frightening excitement.

“Oh God, please let me fuck you!” I said. I couldn’t believe I would have my first time with someone as beautiful as Brenda.

Brenda giggled at my excited mood, “Ok, sweetheart. Just relax and let me take care of everything. All right?”

I nodded and elevated the pillow I was laying on to see everything I could possibly see. As I did that, that small voice in my head asked the important question all guys should remember to ask if this situation ever comes up, “No condom?”

Brenda looked me in the eye and said, “I’m on the pill and I’m clean. I’m actually glad you had the respect to ask me, a lot of guys wouldn’t even bother. I’ll treat you real good sweetheart, don’t you worry.” She leaned back down and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a wink. I took a deep breath and waited for her next move. She slowly rose up and sat just above where my cock was on my stomach, I could feel the heat of her pussy inviting me in. Supporting herself with her feet, Brenda squatted just above my cock and looked down to see if she was lined up with me. Every second felt longer than usual as I waited for the almost inevitable result of her doing. When Brenda was ready, she looked back at me.

“You ready?” Her eyes told me that she wanted it just as bad as I did, and who was I to deny either of us that pleasure?

“Yes.” I answered simply. Brenda reached underneath her and grabbed my cock, pointing it upward and positioned it just outside the opening of her pussy. She looked back at me once more, and I nodded, signaling her to start. Brenda slowly started to descend down onto my cock. I first felt just the heat radiating from her pussy, then slowly pushing past the lips, and then penetrating into her. I felt euphoric almost. When the head of my cock pushed into her, an electric feeling started running from my cock and ran up my spine and I moaned out. Still Brenda continued, lowering herself even more until part of my shaft was inside her, then half, then before I knew it, I was completely inside of her. I couldn’t believe it.

“Pinch me…I have to be dreaming.” I said, my head reeling back and forth in a wave of pleasure. In between my long blinks, I felt a small, sharp tug at my arm, Brenda pinched me. I opened my eyes fully and saw her staring back at me, a nice, big smile on her face.

“How’s it feel, honey?” I really couldn’t describe it to her right then and there, but thinking back, I could only use single words. Tight. Wet. Grip. Slick. Warm. Love. Yeah, “love”, but not in the meaningful sense, more in the sense of expressing and making love.
So instead, I just I told her, “It’s so tight and warm…it feels great.” Brenda laid her hands upon my chest and bent down towards me, only inches away from my face.

“And just think, I haven’t even done anything yet.” Brenda aimed her face a little lower and planted a soft kiss on my neck, as she did; she started slowly rocking back and forth. I felt her pubic bone start grinding against mine, while her pussy started moving up and down on my cock. Brenda moaned out and she laid down on me, breasts up against my chest as she started to fuck me. She took her time and I tried my best to keep from cumming too soon, but since I had gotten off earlier, I could probably manage at least a few more minutes than I would expect. I started getting taken by the moment, whispering out, “It feels so good.” every once in a while. After about 10 minutes, Brenda eased up and rose back up, grabbing her breasts and fondling, sighing at the amount of pleasure that we were both experiencing.

“Do you want to be on top? I’d love for you to be on top…” Brenda stared at me in such a provocative way, with her holding her chest and biting her lips, I couldn’t say no. I nodded my head and waited for her to get off.

“No, let me stay inside you, please?” I expressed some surprise, but wasn’t wavered. I wrapped my arms around her and struggled to my knees, it wasn’t that Brenda was heavy, she was light as a feather, it’s just getting up from laying down with a woman on top of you and I being in her was a little tough. When I finally got up to my knees and held her in my arms, it must’ve been one of those magical moments. We stared each other in the eyes, and neither one of us was driven by an intense lust or physical hunger for one another’s bodies, but by an incredible sense of security and comfort. No words were needed to describe anything at that moment, but Brenda took it upon herself to cradle my face in her hands and give me a kiss. And it wasn’t like any kiss that we shared earlier that night, it wasn’t aggressive or soft, but that perfect little nirvana in a kiss you share with someone that’s special. And that’s what Brenda was to me, even though I had only met this woman hours ago, I felt we both had this special connection that no one else could possibly understand.

When she let go of my lips, I opened my eyes and saw her beautiful face, and I knew nothing else in my life would matter if I could see her face, exactly like this, for the rest of my life. I laid Brenda down on the bed gently and positioned myself over her.

“You ready?” Myself asking the question this time.

“Mm-hmm.” Brenda shut her eyes and got comfortable. Brenda moaned with each of my thrusts as I pushed into her. It was a little awkward at first trying to establish a rhythm, but I eventually got a steady pace going. All of my senses were being stimulated at the same time, it was almost overwhelming. Her scent and touch, her beauty, her moans, and the taste of her pussy and lips still lingering within my mouth all worked me over. I could feel my orgasm building up in the base of my balls and told Brenda about my impending explosion.

“That’s all right honey, just shoot your load inside of me, let me feel your cum inside me!” As she told me, she gave me a look that was a combination of pleading, lust, and want. As I continued staring into her eyes, it wasn’t very long until felt myself unload my balls into her pussy. I thrust into her hard one last time and I felt each squirt land inside of her. Brenda wrapped her legs around me to hold me close and tight. I gasped as I felt the last drop of cum drip out of me and into Brenda, who had enjoyed my orgasm as much as I did.

I collapsed on top of her, breathing hard and trying to regain whatever strength I lost during my little stay in heaven. Brenda whispered into my ear, “That was wonderful, baby. You were so good.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me to her lips, we kissed one last time before Brenda grabbed the blanket that had been tossed to the floor in our time together and threw it over the both of us. Alas, it was nothing compared to the warmth I would feel with her next to me.

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