Blue Balls

I suppose that most people are envious of me and would love to have my huge dick. If you don’t have one and I mean a really big one, not just 8 or 9 inches erect, that’s what I am limp, then you probably have no idea the problems it causes. For instance, I can’t sit down on a regular toilet without it hanging down into the water…what a pain. I’ve had to get one of those thick seats to compensate. And,I can’t wear a normal bathing suit… thankfully baggies are now back in style.

Anyway, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always stood out in the crowd (no pun intended) in the genital department. The ironic thing is that I’m not a very big guy otherwise. My name is Leonard, I’m almost 5′-10″ and have a slight build. I’ve never been athletic, always preferring to read a book or fiddle with my coin collection. In high school, I was somewhat of a loner and it always embarrassed me when the guys would refer to me as “tripod” in public. You’re probably thinking “what’s embarrassing about that,” but the fact is I didn’t date girls, preferring to focus on my studies, and it made me feel self conscious when girls would point in my direction and giggle to one another.

Before I proceed with what happened my freshman year in college I should probably give you the “details.” Although I’ve gained a few pounds now, when I entered college I was at my full 5′-9 and a half inches tall, but I liked to say 5′-10″, weighed in at 135lbs, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and of course glasses. I’m sure the details you are more interested in is that my dick measures 9 inches limp and grows to a whopping 12 inches when I am fully erect. As far as thickness goes, I’ve always put objects next to it for comparison instead of measuring around it with a measuring tape. While I’m not as thick around as a soda can, I come pretty darn close. It’s more like the thickness of a lot of shampoo bottles. I guess that’s always been an easy comparison in the shower.

On to my story…

I received a full academic scholarship to a well-known university in the South and showed up that first day with a complete “deer in the headlights” look. My roommate, Brad, was a workout freak from Nebraska who always wore his shirts a little too tight to show off his physique. It wasn’t long until we were known as “Mutt & Jeff” by everyone in the dorm. The one and only way I gained respect from him was the time he walked in on me dressing.

“Holy shit Len!” “Do you work that thing out or what? How did you develop such a huge love muscle?” He cried out.

I got all red in the face and tried to hide myself, but the cat was out of the bag. I suppose that’s how it all began with Dawn. Gossip spreads quickly about the new freshmen, but usually its junior and senior guys checking out the incoming girls.

Dawn was the Captain of the football cheerleading squad and to say she was the ultimate female specimen would be a clear understatement. I had never dated in high school, but I had smuggled a fair share of Playboy magazines into my room and she could have been stacked up against any of the playmates of the month. Dawn was a legitimate 5′-10″, which is actually very tall for a cheerleader, considering the way the guys have to lift and throw them. She had a “Barbie” type figure with slim hips, long tan legs that never seemed to end, and big round tits that looked like two grapefruits attached too her slim torso. I’ve always been attracted to brunettes with brown eyes and Dawn had both with a gleaming white smile that I know made her dentist proud. Of course Shania Twain wasn’t even on the scene back then but looking back on it, she had that type of look with an energetic bounce and twinkle in her eyes.

The first time I encountered Dawn was during freshmen orientation. Someone had arranged for the Cheerleaders to brainwash us into school loyalty and hatred toward the rival University not too many miles up the road. My eyes immediately locked on Dawn, as I’m sure several thousand other horny freshman guys did. Every bounce and thrust of her pom poms had my eyes glued to those fabulous breasts with periodic glances down the length of her golden-brown legs that I’m sure she had worked on all summer. I remember daydreaming about whether her breasts had tan lines and if she covered her perfect ass with a thong bikini when she laid out. I quickly had to stop that thought process because I felt myself getting hard and it was uncomfortable as hell to get a 12 inch hard-on if I hadn’t already positioned myself correctly in my pants.

After the Rah Rah session, I turned around to head back towards my dorm room with my hands in my pockets, to keep the monster headed south, when I heard a female voice call my name,


Not recognizing the voice I slowly turned and raised my head to see my dream goddess, Dawn, springing towards me as she tried to catch up. As she stopped in front of me, her hair wind blown, but in a perfect sort of way, I uttered a meek sounding, “Hi.”

She was even more perfect up close as she looked slightly down at me with those sparkling doe brown eyes and enrapturing smile.

“Hey, one of the guys on the team knows your roommate and he said you really didn’t have any friends to hang out with yet. How would you like to get the unofficial campus guided tour of all the hangouts?”

I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, alive, or had been transported to heaven and could only manage a wimpy stutter,

“A a arre ya ya you serious?”

“Sure,” “My names Dawn, by the way.” “I’m a senior, but I remember my first week here and how lonely I felt, and well, I hate to see the same thing happen to other students.”

“Great!” I said, slowly getting myself together. “What day and what time?”

Dawn lips caused my dick to start growing again as I focused on the way her glossy pink lips pursed as she replied. “Tomorrow at 4 o’clock at the rec center, dress casual.”

“I’ll be there,” I said.

“O.K. Lenny, I can call you Lenny can’t I?”

I quickly shot out a “Yes, that’s fine,” when in fact no one had called me Lenny since about the first grade, but I didn’t care what she called me. The fact was the Captain of the cheerleaders, Dawn Ashton, was talking to me, a lowly freshman, and a geek at that.

I was snapped out of my trance by Dawn’s melodious voice singing, “See you tomorrow Lenny!” and with a wink, she was turning, her mini cheerleading skirt barely covering her ass, swaying first back and forth and then up and down as she pranced off in the direction of the girls dorm.

I was in heaven as I plopped onto my bed and thought about what had happened to me. I felt like masturbating right then with the hard-on I was sporting, but decided against it. Who knows, I thought with the way my luck was going, maybe I would score. It would be a first for me.

As I put all this down on paper, I realize that I should have been a little more skeptical about a popular cheerleader seeking me out, but I was caught up in the euphoria of the moment and the sincerity she portrayed. Little did I know what she had in store for me.

Classes whizzed by the next day and I hurried back from my two o’clock class to take a shower and get ready for the biggest event of my life. As I walked on air coming through the door to my room I noticed Brad laying on his bed flipping through a muscle magazine.

“Hey studly,” he said with a smile, “I hear you’re meeting up with Dawn today.”

I couldn’t believe it. With a student body of over 20,000 students, how does word get around so quickly?

“That’s right,” I said, somewhat defensively, “Just an informal get together. She’s going to give me a tour of the student hang outs.”

“Well, just be careful,” Brad said, “John Payne, the starting linebacker for the football team has a thing for her. I don’t think they’re officially dating, but I think John is definitely the jealous type.”

Great, I thought as I hopped into the shower, the headlines in the campus paper tomorrow would read, ‘Geek gets his ass kicked by jealous gridiron star.’ I started lathering up thinking about Dawn and how I’d love to be soaping up those magnificent globes of flesh that bounced up and down with every cheer. I had one hand milking my soapy dick up and down the 12-inch shaft while I used my other hand to soap up and shake my sack and balls. My hands aren’t very large and my balls felt like I was handling two baseballs. The truth is, they’re more the size of pool balls in a sack that hands down around 6 inches from the bottom of my penis. I stopped just before blowing my load and rinsed off. Don’t want to jinx myself, I thought.

The door suddenly flew open and there was Brad.

“Hey Len, do you… jeez laweez Len! You could kill someone with that thing.” He stood in awe having only previously seen me in an unerect state. “I’d hate to be a gal on the receiving end of that thing. She’d never be able to feel anything but a John Holmes replica dildo after that.”

“What do you want?” I said.

“Oh, I was just going to tell you not to worry about John. I was just talking with a friend of mine on the phone and he said they broke everything off last week.”

“Thanks,” I said, “Mind if I dry off now?”

“Oh, hey sorry, I just can’t get over your appendage. We need to get you in the gym, you could be the ultimate male weapon.” He laughed and closed the door.

I peered at the reflection in the mirror and the reflection I saw was pretty comical. The bulge I was sporting down below was bigger than my biceps. Kind of like the male version of Barbie, I laughed to myself. I decided to wear some khaki shorts, my favorite Calvin Klein black boxers, a preppy white and blue stripe button down shirt and my penny loafers. Somehow I couldn’t get into the surfer dude, hip-hop, or jock look. Obviously none of those looks fit me. I felt I looked studious and clean cut. That must be what Dawn sees in me.

As I approached the student rec center, I saw Dawn standing there looking off in another direction. She had on a tan pair of lycra stretch shorts that hugged and just covered her perfectly rounded butt. Her tan legs stretched down to a pair of three inch heals that would definitely have her looking down at me. But what I noticed most were her breasts. They were pushing hard against the fabric of her top, both out and to the sides. As I got closer I could see the lacey pattern of her bra and the outline of her nipples causing the material to dent outward. I moaned inwardly as I thought how much self control it was going to take to not reach out and grab those two tits and squeeze for all it’s worth.

“Hi Lenny!” Dawn said in her perky voice. “My, you look preppy today. Are you ready for the grand tour?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I said, thinking that sounded kind of dumb.

“Great, let’s go!” and with that she thrust her hand through my arm and started off down the path off to the side of the rec center. I immediately felt a hot rush as the side of what must be C or D cups pressed into my arm. She was taller than me with her heels which made me feel like a little boy being pulled along by his mother. Although my mother sure as heck didn’t look like this!

Dawn had her car waiting around back, a flashy red sports car that Daddy must have bought for her. We got in and she gave me the campus tour then proceeded into town to show me other popular spots as well. Whenever I thought she wasn’t looking, I would steal glances at those awesome tits and watch as her already short shorts kept creeping up her golden thighs. Finally she pulled into a place she described as “the greatest bar-b-q in the south. I followed her in with my eyes glued to her cute ass. Her shorts were splitting it right up her crack. The lighting had a soft glow, which seemed even softer with the dark paneled walls. As I sat on the bench at our table, I noticed they were soft and bouncy, covered in thick see through plastic.

Besides the awkward conversation, mainly on my part, lunch was uneventful until I felt a stirring in my groin. Only this didn’t feel like the normal stirring, this felt more like a real rubbing. Dawn kept talking in such a matter of fact way that I didn’t dare look down to see what was going on. I finally reached down to my groin and was surprised to find a foot!

I heard laughter and looked up to see Dawn’s beaming face, “I just wanted to see what type of rise I could get out of you. You seemed a little uptight Lenny.” She winked.

Well, she was getting a reaction all right, but it was making me more “tense.” Lunch ended and I thought our little adventure was over, but Dawn seemed to have other ideas.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“Oh, the last place we’re going is a special hang-out.”

I left it at that. We drove for about 10 minutes as the last of the sun’s rays disappeared behind the moss-covered trees. All of a sudden Dawn slowed and turned off the paved two-lane road onto a dirt road that banked off to the right. The trees grew thicker and after a few hundred yards we came to an open meadow surrounded by trees. The focal point was a small pond. I wondered what she was up to, when she stopped the car and turned off the engine. “Well, this is it.” She said

“This is what?”

“This is where all the major post-game and post-date make outs take place.” She replied. “A lot of freshmen girls will be brought here this fall.”

“What about freshmen guys?” I asked

“Nah, not too many, only the coolest.” Was her reply

“Wait a second,” I said somewhat hesitantly but proceeded anyway. “I..I…really appreciate how kind you’ve been to me and everything… but no one’s ever put me in the category of popular or coolest.”

“Awww don’t be modest, Lenny. I think you’re kinda cute.”

And with that she turned her body towards me. Curling her legs up under her, Dawn looked at me with those dreamy big brown eyes. Her tits were thrust forward just begging to be fondled. I didn’t know what I felt, but it seemed like a mixture of bewilderment, lust, shame, and pride all rolled into one. Here I was, 3 months removed from high school, a virgin and geek, with a total sex goddess, and I had no idea what to say.

“I…I…I” I stammered.

“Shhhhhh” her perfect glossed lips pursed as she put her index finger up to them. “Would you like to kiss me?” she whispered.

Instantly I was caught between two thoughts, the first Duhhhhhhhh, who wouldn’t and the second was me with a big “L” above my head for loser, because I could see myself fumbling the ball here big time. Fortunately, Dawn didn’t wait for an answer and leaned into me. The hard nipple and cushion of her right breast pressed into my arm. I was frozen in place, but somehow managed to form my lips into something that would resemble a kiss. Her lips pressed into mine and felt strong yet mushy as she stayed pressed up against me. Not knowing what to do, I closed my eyes and tried leaning into her a bit. My cock was rock hard. Fortunately I had on long shorts because I had grown to my full 12 inches and if my shorts were any shorter I would have been sticking out the bottom. She let out an audible “Mmmmm” and moved her lips away from mine, down to my neck and then up to my ear.

“Do you want the big senior to teach the little freshman how to make out?” she whispered into my ear. Her breath was so hot!

I let out a gasp, “Uhhhh huuuu”

“Let me show you how it’s done,” she hissed and proceeded to stick her hot wet tongue in my ear.

My hard-on was killer and started raising the slack in my pants up. She moved up on me crushing her tits into my bird chest as she did so. She then began running her right hand through my hair, her manicured nails combing my scalp as she pulled my lips back to her. I held on for the ride as this woman took control and obviously knew what she wanted. Her left hand grabbed my right wrist as she guided it up to her breast.

“This is what you’ve wanted to do ever since you saw me, isn’t it?” she whispered once again in my ear.

Was there a correct answer to this I thought. “Uhhhh yeeaah” I stammered.

“Well go ahead, feel my tits!”

My dick was absolutely pulsing up and down in a frenzied rhythm. I started squeezing gently and she urged me, “harder…really crush ’em…come on squeeze ’em harder.”

Never having gone this far with a girl before I did what I was told, but was also embarrassed at the scene she might see going on in my shorts. The head of my dick was almost poking out the end of my shorts. I felt her hand on my knee and then she started moving it slowly up my inner thigh.

“Oh!” she said, in a somewhat startled voice.

For a second, Dawn didn’t seem to be in control. Possibly because she was surprised to be touching my dick so soon. She was only a few inches up from my knee. Dawn gripped my penis through my shorts, feeling the girth, and slowly made her way up the shaft, squeezing every few inches as she went along.

“My you’re a big boy,” she whispered into my ear.

Her hot voice sent more chills down my arms and legs and caused my dick to jump. I was having trouble with all of the stimulation Dawn was giving me and then she reached my balls and gave a gentle squeeze while simultaneously sticking her pointed tongue into my mouth.

I opened with a loud “Awwwwwwwwwwwww” as my penis started spasming and shooting stream after stream of cum first in my shorts and then because of my boxers out the loose fitting bottom and all over her dash and floor. She continued to rub and squeeze the front of my shorts driving her tongue in and out of my mouth like she was the one fucking me.

“Ooooooooooohhh” I continued to moan after the fifth or sixth jet of cum had sprayed out and my cock finally began to recoil and settle down.

“I…I…I’m sorry about that” I said, thoroughly embarrassed about losing control and blowing my load all over the place.

“Shhhhhh” she said, pulling my head down to rest on her chest.

As my head went down I thought I caught a glimpse of a mischievous looking smile.

“That’s O.K., you just got excited that’s all. I have that affect on a lot of guys.”

With my head pressed into her tits I thought of the good fortune that had come my way in meeting Dawn. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Little did I know what the next four weeks were going to bring.

“Let’s get together again next Sunday night, Lenny,” Dawn finally said, breaking me out of my trance. “I think we could have a lot more fun over at my place.”

I couldn’t believe it!

“And Lenny,” she added.

“What?” I asked, still not believing my luck.

“Don’t get off, if you know what I mean, between now and then. I want to see you shoot with everything you’ve got saved for me… promise?”

“I promise,” I said.

I couldn’t wait for next Sunday and the opportunity to see this hot vixen naked. As I strolled back to the dorm after Dawn dropped me off, the wet stains on my shorts finally dry, I couldn’t help but wonder what the catch was. What would a beautiful, popular, senior cheerleader want to do with a geeky freshman? She had felt the size of my dick, but certainly it wasn’t just that. Had she heard the rumors about my size before talking with me?

Looking back on it I should have been more attuned to the fact that the impossible was taking place and there must have been an ulterior motive. But, I was too consumed with a fog of lust and love to think in my typical analytical way. It was going to cost me more than I could have ever dreamed.

The week flew by quickly with all the activities of the new school year and the returning upper class getting reacquainted after the summer break. I managed to make it to all my classes and only saw Dawn once during the week. As our eyes made contact she winked and gave me her killer smile that melted me from fifty feet, causing me to stumble and drop my books. I squatted down to pick them up and as I raised my head there was Dawn squatting down as well, only she was wearing her cheerleading outfit. My eyes were right in line with her panties since the short skirt from her uniform had ridden up. I stared at her parted golden thighs right down to the V formed with her blue panties. My dick started to immediately harden which was very uncomfortable in this position.
“Hi” she piped up. “You looked like you could use some help,” she giggled.

“Tha Thanks” I stuttered trying to get up while prying my eyes away from her crotch.

“Remember,” she said, “no playing with yourself this week, leave that to me on Sunday night!” And with that she did a swivel turn causing her skirt to swish back and forth as she lost herself in the crowd of students.

It was all I could do to cover my now erect penis with my books as I tried to regain some kind of composer. That was Friday. Now the only thing my mind could focus on was our date Sunday night.

I was more nervous than I’d ever been in my life. More nervous than my first accordian recital back with Mrs. Welks in the first grade. As I rapped on her door that night I wondered if I was wearing the right clothes. I mean what does someone wear when they lose their virginity? I had always thought it would be a spontaneous thing. I decided to wear plain old white fruit of the loom underwear beneath my long khaki shorts, penny loafers, and a short sleeve pink button down shirt. I also decided to wear my shirt untucked, which for me was a big deal. It just seemed incomplete without the belt and not very neat.

Actually, I had started out the door when my roommate Brad, shouted out.

“Hey Len! No need to look like more of a geek than you already are, lose the belt and wear the tails out, believe me it’s a lot cooler.”

Dawn answered the door in an outfit that didn’t exactly put me at ease. Her hair was fuller than I had seen it before and kind of teased at the ends. She had on that same liquid pink lipstick that just begged for attention. Dawn’s shirt was a form fitting half shirt with a deep plunging V-neck. The half shirt of course emphasized her tiny waist while the tightness of the shirt and the V created about two inches of cleavage at the top and seems that were begging for mercy at the edge of her “D-cups.” I could feel the stirring in my groin beginning.

“Hi stranger,” she mouthed more than said. “Come on in.”

She turned and left me at the door, mouth aghast, as I gawked at how the tiny white shorts clung to her perfectly tiny butt. She was bare foot, which still put her at eye level with me, and walked more on her toes than her feet, causing her muscular calves to flex with each step.

I followed her in through the foyer to the great room of her apartment where she turned to face me. Awkwardly I brought the pink rose out from behind my back and thrust it towards her. I had debated whether to bring her something or not and I guess the traditional part of me convinced me to do it. Either that or my mother making me buy a corsage for my lone date in high school, the Senior Prom.

“For me?” she grinned, taking it in her hand and looking down at it.

“How sweet.” And then she glanced up; brushing her bangs away with her other hand.

“I’ll have to be extra special for you tonight.”

My soft nine inches was probably pushing 11 and I could feel myself starting to sweat a little. What was my next move? I gave a meek smile and said, “Oh, it was nothing.” And then just stood there.

“How ’bout we have a glass of wine,” she said, thankfully breaking up the silence. I quickly answered in the affirmative, although I had never had beer, wine, or any form of liquor in high school. She put the flower in a vase and quickly brought two glasses that must have been prepared earlier, out of the refrigerator.

“This is more like a wine cooler, a white zinfandel, by Berringer.”

“Tha that’s great,” I stammered, still caught up in this goddess taking my flower and delivering a glass of wine to me.

She sipped at first and then drank the whole thing down, licking her lips with the final drop. I did the same and somehow kept from choking at my first taste of wine. “Come here,” she said walking into the great room and giving me a great view of her ass as she bent over to turn on the CD player. “Let’s dance.”

Now here was something I could do, I thought at first, having taken dance lessons at my mother’s persistent urging, in high school. “You’ll be able to use this the rest of your life,” I remember her saying.

Dawn seemed to have gone to a different dance studio, as she put her arms around my neck and leaned into me pushing her perfect breasts into my bird chest forcing the sides to press out like a balloon being pushed against a wall.

“Uuhh, uhhh, what type of dancing did you have in mind,” I forced out.

“The slow and sensuous kind Lenny, let yourself go a little, get rid of those inhibitions and move with the music.”

Then I felt her pelvis lock into mine as she continued the body-meld she was performing on me. At this point my hands were still at my sides and I knew she must be able to feel my full 12 inches at attention and pushing out of my underwear and to the edge of the top of my shorts. Fortunately I was canted to the side; because normally sticking straight up I pass my navel by 3 to 4 inches.

Dawn led as we slowly turned swaying slowly to the beat of the mood music she had chosen. I hadn’t ever experience anything like this and felt the worst thing I could do change whatever course she had charted for us. Dawn then began to slide very slightly at first only one or two inches up and down as we made our slow circles. For me this was agonizing pleasure. Those wonderfully formed breasts now pressed more lightly into me rising and falling. Then she began to move more dramatically up and down rubbing her tits against me like she was trying to get something off them. There was no way she couldn’t feel the stiff rod in my pants that angled off to the left, the head of my penis bulging vulgarly at the side of my pants trying to get out. I glanced down slightly to see my pants protruding outward in a queer sort of way.

Dawn then started turning herself away from me while maintaining a constant pressure. “Let’s try it this way,” she said lustily.

If I thought her normal way of dancing was new to me, this was completely beyond my understanding. Dawn reached behind her back thrusting her tits out and grabbed both my hands slowly putting them on to her slim hips. “Lenny, don’t you want to run your hands up my body and cup my breasts?”

“Aaaaw yeeeeah,” was my raspy reply as my glasses slid down my sweaty nose.

I ran my hands up her body, first in, as I gripped her tiny waist and then slightly outward as I moved up and forward to encircle those firm globes.

“That’s it baby,” she encouraged, “They’re yours for tonight, squeeze ’em, pull on ’em, and later you can suck them!”

With her leaning forward the crack of her ass lined up with my dick and she continued the up and down movement she had begun with her breasts before. My throbbing penis was now straight up and down. I could feel it push past my waistband, the meaty head pressing into my stomach about four inches above my navel. I couldn’t believe, in my awkwardness, thinking it was a good thing my shirt was covering me up.

Her tight ass cheeks were creating a lot of friction as she slid up and down my member. I felt some wetness on my stomach and new that pre-cum was leaking out. “Uuuuhhhhh,” I moaned.

“Pull them out,” she said turning her head and flashing me a smile.

“Pu..pull..wh..what out?” I stammered

“My tits, Lenny, pull them out of my bra and tug on my nipples!” she instructed

I couldn’t stand it, she was driving me nuts! I stopped kneading her breasts long enough to reach under her tight top and pull it up around her neck. I was now caught in a predicament never having taken off a woman’s bra before. Caught up in my own urgency I reached up under the underwires of her cups and just pulled forward…they just fell out, staring me in the face.

“Oh my gosh,” I muttered under my breath

She grabbed my hands firmly and pulled them to her hanging breasts forcing me to grip them hard. Then she started squeezing my hands to grab her more firmly and tugged downward. I quickly got the idea and starting feeling the warm flesh between my fingers as I yanked on her tits harder and harder.

My balls were aching for some sort of release as she now had her ass gyrating in all directions as I moved my hands forward more and pulled at her nipples.

“That’s it Lenny, you’re getting me hot and wet now!” “Let’s get down on the floor.”

She turned back around facing me and said, “but first, lets release that monster you’ve got hiding in your pants.”

She pulled her top and bra from around her neck and threw it on the floor. Her tits were totally mesmerizing me as I focused in on the hard nipple I had been pulling on. Her aureoles looked to be the size of an arousal can top, but they were puffy and stuck out in a concave shape about half an inch.

Then Dawn started the process of undoing each of the buttons on my shirt starting from the top. Her hair was slightly tussled from her little dance and she looked at me seductively through her bangs while she touched her tongue to her lips. About half way down I don’t think she was even prepared for the sight she saw.

“Oh my!” she squealed in delight, “I can tell this is going to be more fun than I thought.”

She pulled my shirt off my slim shoulders, undid the button on my shorts and let them drop straight to the floor. There I stood in all my geekish glory. My cock at full mast looking like a fat V-2 rocket sticking about 4 inches above my fruit-of-the-looms. The waistband was the only thing that kept the monster from lurching forward at her.

“I hope you saved yourself for me,” Dawn said, “because this thing is mine.”

“I did!” I admitted sheepishly

She took her hand and reach under my sack lifting my aching balls like she was testing the weight. As she gave a gently squeeze I couldn’t stifle my moan, “Ooooohhhhhhhh.” I had my eyes closed and as I finished my moan her hand moved away.

Dawn turned away from me again and said, “This is what you really came for, wasn’t it?” She then started tugging at her shorts, pulling the tight fabric out and then down while she shifted her hips from side to side. I gulped loudly when I saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“What do you think of my ass?” she said

I could honestly say that it was the best ass I had ever seen. In fact it was the only real female one I had ever seen. It had a small bubble form to it that made it look like it was perfect for palming. Her tan lines proved what I had thought when I first saw her, she must wear a thong when tanning.

“’s great,” I said enthusiastically but hesitantly, fearful of saying the wrong thing.

“It’s better than great, it’s the best ass you’ll ever lay your eyes on,” she challenged.

“And it’s nothing,” she continued, “compared to this,” and she turned around to show me a perfectly trimmed triangular bush. There were no tan lines on her hips and only the slightest indication of one around the small brown triangle.

“Now get down on the floor with me, Lenny,” she cooed, “I’m sure I’m going to have to give some instruction here. And take that underwear off on the way down,” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” I said somewhat sarcastically, but knowing that I’d do whatever this woman wanted me to do.

Dawn laid down on a large throw pillow that must have been strategically placed there before my arrival with her back up against the couch. Her knees slightly bent and spread she told me to kneel on all fours in front of her. My dick was still stiff from the sight of her and my balls hung down heavily with a large amount of sperm stored up in them.

“Now, this is where you earn your pay, Lenny,” “I’m going to spread the lips of my sweet pussy and I want you to lick me to a half dozen orgasms. Do you understand.”

“Uhhhh, yes,” I said, “But I’ve never done this before so you’ll have to help me.”

“Don’t worry, Lenny, you keep licking and occasionally sticking it in my slit and I’ll move around to where I want to be.”

She took her hands and spread her cunt lips apart and I slowly moved my head down to a sight I had never seen. Even Playboy was too mild in those days to show anything more than a girl’s bush. I stuck my tongue out determined to give her the best I could give. I could see the wetness and moved my head in licking up and down like you lick an ice cream cone. She let out a moan and said, “Goooooood, that’s a good start.”

After about five minutes of this, trying to alternate between up and down and side to side movements, my tongue started to get sore. I pulled it back in to rest and she quickly pushed her pussy up against my mouth.

“Now suck with your lips if your tongue’s tired…don’t stop!”

She put both her hands behind my head grabbing my hair and pulled my face into her. At the same time she had her ass off the ground grinding her crotch up into me.

“Yeah, keep going, your doing great!” she encouraged.

I felt good with her words of motivation and continued my forced assault. My tool had softened somewhat from the lack of attention and my focus on her. I could feel it hanging straight down brushing the carpet. Even though my dick wasn’t totally stiff, my balls were aching more than ever. This was by far the most stimulus that I had ever had.

20 minutes later, Dawn was on her sixth orgasm. Her breathing was hurried and raspy. Her head shaking side to side,

“Oooooh yeeaaahh! Keep it up big boy, I’m thinking about that huge prick of yours and wondering how it’s going to fit in my little pussy.”

The sight of her as I glanced up while not taking my tongue off her clit and the things she was yelling out were bringing my dick back to its full size. Finally she said, “O.K., that’s enough.”

And she pushed my head away pulled up into the fetal position on her side and purrrrrred.


I basically kneeled there with my dick in my hand wondering what to do. Dawn opened her eyes and said,

“All right Lenny, now it’s your turn.”

And with that she pushed me backward on my back. She looked hotter than hell with a post-orgasmic glow. She pushed my bent knees apart and started draping her hair across my cock swishing her head back and forth. This caused my cock to jump while she slowly started kissing me from a light touch on my lips and then down my flat white chest to the head of my penis. By this time another spot of cum had oozed out of my piss hole and Dawn stuck out her tongue to just barely touch it. As she pulled her tongue away a thin strand of cum followed her. All of these sights and light touches were reeking havoc on my senses. My dick seemed to have a mind of its own jumping erratically up and down.

She started ever so slowly squeezing my balls first one then the other. At the same time she was balancing herself with her other hand on the floor, her 36D tits hanging down in front of my face. I reached out to lick one, but before I could touch it she lowered herself so that her tits were resting on either side of my neck. I peered over her shoulders to view the smooth curve in her tan back and that fine ass sticking up in the air.

“How does this feel, Lenny?” she cooed into my ear as she began to drag her tits down my body so that they were now enveloping my rigid cock.

“Ooohhh my gosh, its unbelievable, I…I…can’t take much more…” I stammered, my body racked with years of fantasy sensations now becoming reality.

Then she was lifting up and grabbing my cock at the very base, just above my balls. Her hands couldn’t grip all the way around but she was still able to squeeze pretty hard. This left 8 inches of my now purplish looking dick sticking straight up above her hand almost touching her slightly parted mouth. She pulled up on my shaft still maintaining her tight grip.

“You know Lenny, I love the sight and feel of your big cock. Just the thought of it brought me to 6 orgasms.”

“Ooooooohh,” I moaned opening and closing my eyes and involuntarily thrusting my pelvis towards her.

“I want to see you shoot that big thick load of yours,” she hissed while jerking up and down on my shaft now with both hands, one on top of the other.

“Ahhhhhhh!” “I can’t take much more Dawn, I’m gonna lose it!”

“Not yet, Lenny! You haven’t stuck it in my pussy yet! Don’t get off with out me!!”

She then stopped her stroking, kept a tight grip on the base of my shaft with one hand and started to running her perfectly manicured nails across the underside of the eight inches still showing.

“Ahhhh….Ahhhhhh….hellllp meeee!” I cried, not able to control myself.

Glancing down with almost a fearful look, I saw three rope-like veins bulging menacingly on my reddish-purple cock. My plum-size head was the darkest I had ever seen it. My balls were killing me as I needed release but wanted to hold out for her pussy and not disappoint her.

Dawn loosened her grip on my meat, still holding on and brought her other hand down to tickle the skin between my balls and anus. That was all I could take. My cock started having its own seizure, jerking violently while Dawn moved her face away and watched the fireworks take place.

“Iiiiiiiiiiimmm dyyyyinnng, Ahhhhhhh!”

I yelled out without any inhibitions at all. Dawn had a smile on her face watching me thrash around, jet streams of cum shooting out 10 to 15 inches straight up in the air. She pointed my raging cock back towards me as the geyser continued to gush out. My thick white fluid was blasting out more than I even thought was possible. Dawn was massaging my balls as my cum was landing on my chest, face, and in my hair.

After 30 seconds of constant cum shooting, Dawn let go of my cock and the tower of power fell over landing on my stomach with an audible, “Thwaaaak.”

My body was still shaking and my balls were aching with the complete discharge of all the fluid built up in them. I looked between my legs at Dawn still kneeling there and saw her pouting lips and look of disappointment on her face.

“Lenny, I thought you were going to wait for me? Now what am I gonna do about my hungry pussy.”

I glance between her legs at the moistness that was still there due to my tongue-lashing and her juices and sighed.

“I’m sorry Dawn, I didn’t mean to get off like that. I don’t think I’m going to be any use to you now.”

She reached over and picked up my limp 9 inches in the middle, my cock looking like a worn out rope draped over a fence post. She shook it several times with no response and then grabbed my balls as I jerked in pain.

“Owwww!,” I said in obvious agony, “That hurts.”

Dawn reached back to a drawer on her entertainment center and pulled it open. I was shocked and embarrassed when she pulled out a sizeable black dildo. I had only seen them in magazines before and had certainly never seen a woman use one before.

Dawn said, “You can watch what you could have had, if you had kept under control Lenny, then I have to get some sleep. I have an 8 o’clock class tomorrow.”

She took what looked to be about an 8-inch dildo, around half the thickness of my cock, and slowly worked it in and out of her snatch with one hand while simultaneously rubbing her clit with the other. My cock remained totally limp, as I had to view what I should have been getting. While she got off moaning and thrusting her hips into the fake dick, I grabbed a dishtowel and tried to wipe off all the cum I had drenched myself in. By the time I was done and had put my clothes back on Dawn was finished.

“Ooooohhhhh, that felt fine!” she half talked and moaned. “I hope you can do better for me next week big man.”

With that she cupped my balls through my pants, planted a kiss on the side of my face and whispered, “Remember Lenny, this dick is mine…No touching this week. If I’ve found out you have then it’s all over.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” I said “It’s so worn out it will take me a week to recover.”
“Good Lenny, I trust you. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, of course I do.” I said softly, lowering my head.

“Great, because I can’t wait to feel you fucking my brains out with that beast next week. Remember, 8 p.m. Sunday night, don’t be late.”

And with that I turned and walked out. As I made my way towards my car I recounted all the events of the evening and knew I had something special. Finally I had met someone who cared about me. I felt bad about not fully satisfying Dawn, but knew given another chance that I would do better.

Looking back on it now, I realize that at this point I was almost at the height of my naivete’. I would learn a few more things in the upcoming weeks. For one thing how whipped someone could really become. That would only be a taste though of where Dawn would take me.

The week rushed by as I fought to concentrate on my studies and maintain my grades to keep my academic scholarship, but I was losing the battle to thoughts about the erotic evening with Dawn. It was such an amazing sexual experience. Not that I had anything to compare it too and yet I felt embarrassed at my lack of self-control. The orgasm was unbelievable, but if I could have just held out a little longer I would have had my first “full” sexual experience. This Sunday would be different, I thought.

I decided to wear jeans Sunday when I had my visit with Dawn. Maybe the thick material would help me be less sensitive and I wouldn’t blow my load so soon. The pair I wore was loose fitting. I couldn’t wear tight jeans because my 12 inches and large balls were too much of a load to fit in them. I topped it off with a loose fitting red polo golf shirt and penny loafers. My muscle-bound roommate said not to wear socks. He was always trying his best to make me appear less like the geek I truly am.

My next decision was to get to Dawn’s a little earlier on Sunday. Actually it ended up being quite a bit earlier as I parked at her apartment precisely at seven that evening instead of eight. As I made my way across the parking lot I heard the slam of a door from the second floor and looked up to see a rather large muscular guy coming out of Dawn’s apartment. He looked like he was in a rush as he bound down the outside flight of stairs. As he hit the bottom stair and turned, I realized it was John Payne, All American Linebacker and Captain of our football team.

“What are you looking at wimp?” he spit as he brushed on past me.

“Uhhh…Uhhhh…Nothing,” I stammered, but he had already lumbered by.

‘I wonder what he was doing with Dawn,’ I thought. My roommate, Brad, had told me that they were a thing at one time but that it was over now. Then I thought, ‘Maybe Dawn’s in trouble, he looked angry as he passed by and he had slammed the door.’ I took off as fast as my 5′-9″ frame could take me, not exactly bounding up the stairs.

I rapped loudly on the door and waited, ears perked for any sound that might be coming from inside.

“What the hell do you want now,” I heard Dawn yell out in an unusually harsh manner.

The door swung open quickly and I saw a perplexed and then smiling Dawn sing out,

“Oh! Lenny, it’s you, I wasn’t expecting you for another hour, come on in.”

“I passed John coming across the parking lot, what was he doing here?” I asked.

“Oh nothing,” she said her eyes rolling up. “He thinks he owns me and got upset when I told him I want to see other people now. We officially broke up over the summer, well…at least I did with him, he still wants more than just a physical relationship.”

I wondered what she meant by that, but decided not to keep questioning her. When I didn’t reply she said,

“He’s the typical jealous jock that always wants his own way…he just needs to grow up!”

I had been so intent on our conversation, that I hadn’t realized what she was wearing. When she saw me glancing up and down at her silky black bathrobe, her nipples obviously protruding under the thin material, she said,

“Hey Lenny, I was just about to get in the shower before you came, why don’t you join me!”

She flashed me that brilliant white smile and winked, as her head nodded towards the bathroom.

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” I said trying to sound cool, but not really carrying it off that well. It sounded more like a nervous question.

As I followed her into the bathroom I noticed Dawn’s hair seemed really messed up and that she had a sheen that looked like someone who had gone out jogging and then sat down for a few minutes while the sweat dried.

Dawn reached in and turned the water on then turned back towards me.

“Here, let me help you with those,” she said, reaching down to the button fly on my jeans and popping them all in one quick zip down. My thick hose was bunched in a mass bulging out in my tradition white briefs. Dawn grinned looking at it and tugged at the side of my jeans causing them to fall around my ankles in a “whooosh.”

“Take off your shirt,” she said.

I obeyed, who wouldn’t. Somehow commands from Dawn seemed more like pleasant requests. I was still embarrassed about my white bird chest that was not only weak looking but stood out in such stark contrast to Dawn’s golden tan.

As my glasses started to steam from the hot water, Dawn leaned into me, her silk covered tits pressing into my chest. With one hand she cupped my nuts and with her other she attempted to grip my dick and whispered in my ear,

“I just love your huge cock, Lenny…I’ve been thinking about it all week.”

Her hand jumped from my cock rising in response to her erotic comments.

“I hope you can see with those glasses off Lenny,” she said as she slipped out of her robe and let it gather in a bunch around her feet.

Her body was just like I remembered it, perfectly rounded and firm 34D tits capped with puffy aureoles that were quite large in diameter. Her nipples were a slightly lighter brown than her aureoles and seemed perpetually hard. She gave my dick one final squeeze, turned, and stepped into the shower pulling the curtain behind her.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she sang out.

I took my glasses off and set them on the counter. While I use them primarily for reading, I also need them to see things at a distance. Dawn wouldn’t be to far away. I lifted the band of my underwear up and over my penis which had been pushing the fabric of my underwear up and out since Dawn had first expressed delight in it. I then pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped in.

Dawn’s hair was hanging down wet, causing her to look younger than her 21 years. I had just taken a shower an hour ago, but I knew it wasn’t going to be anything like this. Dawn had fully soaped up and she turned away from me and like our last encounter pulled my hands up to her firm soap-slicked tits.

“How do you like ’em now Lenny?”

“Ooooooh…I…I love it,”

I said closing me eyes and rubbing up and down her breasts while alternately squeezing them hard. The soapiness caused them to slip out of my grasp the harder I squeezed. My dick was iron stiff, my large knobby head pressing into the small of her back. I felt her lean forward as I released the grip on her tits and she grabbed her ankles. This pressed her perfectly shaped and now soaped-up ass against my rigid cock. It was almost like she was gripping my dick with her hand, except now it was her tight ass cheeks putting pressure on me from both sides.

“That feels greeeeaat,”

I moaned as Dawn started to slide her ass up and down my dick. This was a new form of masturbating for me to be sure. My cock was starting to turn a dark pink as I felt the pressure building up in my balls. I grabbed both sides of her slim hips and pulled back from her crack.

“Hey! What’s going on?” Dawn questioned. “It feels to good, I don’t want to blow my load too soon like last time.” I told her.

Dawn turned around with a smile, her wet bangs hanging down over her eyes. “Well let’s do something we didn’t get to do last time.”

She reached between my legs and grabbing the last four inches of my stiff dick and pulled down like a slot machine, almost to the point where it was causing pain because of the stiffness and the downward angle she had me pointed. Then she let go abruptly and my cock shot straight up whacking me in the stomach. Dawn laughed and said,

“I’ve always wanted to do that to a guy…. And you’re perfect for it.”

I made no motion to stop her and after three more whacks and the blood further penetrating my engorged head she gripped me tight at the base of my dick and pulled me out of the shower.

I couldn’t help but follow and Dawn laughed again as she tossed me a towel that was hanging up as she continued pulling me out into her bedroom. She pushed me down to my knees and then sat on the side of the bed draping her legs over my shoulders as she did so.

“Now eat me out she!” she said, “and then I’ll let you jam that over-stuffed fuckstick up my hot wet pussy!”

This being my second try at oral sex, I took what I thought was the initiative reaching a hand under and cupping each of her ass cheeks then pulling her tight against my mouth. I went at her pussy with a vengeance wanting to prove my manhood and that I could get her off without instruction.

“That’s it baby,” she cried, “be a tough boy and clean me out!”

While I was pulling her into me Dawn was thrusting her hips up and down causing her lips to spread while she road my face from my chin up to the middle of my nose. She seemed a lot wetter and looser than the last time I had eaten her out. Some of the fluid seemed downright thick, like my sperm, instead of clear like the last time. I didn’t give it too much more of a thought as I alternated between pushing my face into her hard and backing off to tease her clit.

“Ohhhhhh! Mmyyyyy!, Lenny, you’re catching on quick baby. Don’t stop…Uhhhh… I’m almost there….Ahhhhhhhhh yeeeeeaaahhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh!” Dawn screamed.

This only encouraged me more as I brought her obvious pleasure.

“That’s one honey,” she cried, “Only 5 more to go!” Dawn exclaimed

I kept it up for the next 30 minutes bringing her off 5 more times. By this time I had learned to shift back and forth between my tongue, face, and mouth, as each needed a break. My cock was semi-hard at this point and my balls were hanging heavily between my legs. I was ready for my turn.

Dawn got up and traded places with me, having me half sit and half lean against the edge of the bed, both of my legs sticking out straight with my feet flat on the carpet of her bedroom floor. She took the initiative as usual stepping between my spread legs and grabbing the side of my head with both hands so that she could drive our lips into one another. Her lips had a mushy consistency that enveloped mine as she pushed her pointed tongue into my mouth with short rapid thrusts. This sent my erection into stiff mode again as I thought about the only thing between her pussy and my cock was the proper angle of entry. Dawn then made her tongue stiff and penetrated my mouth as deep as possible, pulling her head back and then thrusting in again, mimicking the moves I wanted to be making down below. Since we were the same height, there was no way I was going to be able to make entry unless I lowered myself about a foot. It was then that I decided to make my first bold move. I pulled away from Dawn’s tongue despite the incredible sensations it was causing on my throbbing manhood and slowly started to move down her neck to lick her breasts. I was grabbing both of them firmly while flicking my stiff tongue across her nipples. I think this caught her by surprise as Dawn let out a low moan.

“Oooooooh Lenny, I love your sudden aggressiveness, have those balls of yours grown even bigger?”

I don’t think Dawn realized my intentions as I let loose of one of her breasts and reached down to position myself at the treasure I had been dreaming about. I rubbed my engorged penis head up and down her wet slit all of my senses maxed out as I counted the last seconds before losing my virginity.

“Oooooh Lenny! You bad bad boy…you really are growing some bigs ones,” Dawn challenged as I felt her two hands, one holding each of my balls, tug downwards firmly.


I exclaimed as the pain seared up through my balls to the top of my scrotum.

“What did you do that for?” I stood straight up stiffly with her still between my legs.

“Because Lenny, darling, I wanted to do this first,”

And with that Dawn slid her naked flesh down the length of my body, dropping to her knees.

“Don’t you want to feel more in control, Lenny, with me on my knees in front of you sucking on your massive hard cock!”

Her dirty talk was killing me. My prick was rock solid, the mass of flesh a dark pink, while three rope-like veins pulsed along the sides and top. Dawn gripped the soft flesh sac between my balls and cock, causing the skin to stretch taught over my balls, making them look like a sack of oranges. Her fingers were clenched tight not causing any pain but definitely making it feel like I wasn’t the one in control like she had said. With her other hand she grabbed the root of my dick, then she looked up at me and smiled.

“You’re going to love this Lenny…Not only am I captain of the cheerleading team, I’m the captain of cock-sucking!”

My pulse was racing, which must have been matching the throbbing in my cock veins as I watched her mouth part slowly to its maximum opening to be able to wrap those luscious lips around my circumcised head. The skin on my dick felt like it was splitting with the massive amount of blood that had been forced into it. Dawn was expertly pulling down on my sac, then pulling up with the hand gripped around my root and bring her head down as far as her mouth would let her. She was able to fit about four inches of my massive manhood into her mouth, coating it with saliva. Then she slid her mouth off my dick, scraping her teeth lightly across the ridge of my cock-head.

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“Oooooohhhhh…gaaaaaahhhhh…I ca can’t take any more…I I wa want your pussy!” I screamed out.

“Lenny?” Dawn urged, “Look down at me…look how I’m coating my lips with your sperm.”

I looked down and marveled at the sight of this gorgeous creature on her knees between my legs, my balls and cock swollen to their maximum state. Both of her small hands totally in control of the huge appendage before her.

“I’m going to call it Lenny lip gloss,” she hissed, still focusing on coating her mouth with my pre-cum.

Still holding my cock and balls firmly, Dawn laid back on the carpet pulling me on top of her. Her knees bent and me on all fours above her trying hard to hold back the on rushing torrent of cum that was getting ready to bust the dam wide open. Dawn let go of my cock briefly to lick her finger and then reach down and pull her swollen brownish red pussy lips apart.

“Here it is Lenny, I want you to take that monster and jam it all the way up my tight pussy hole!”

I started to shake at her words with sensory overload. I felt Dawn’s nails tickling the underside of my scrotum and then one of her fingers penetrate my virgin anus, which was vulnerable to invasion in this position.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Heeeelllllllp meeeeeee Dawn!” I yelled as I could no longer stem the tide and my cock lurched forward like it was fucking an imaginary cunt.

“Uhhhhhhhhh!!!” I continued to yell as sperm rocketed out of my dick in a thick stream. The first shot flew over Dawn’s head as she grinned up at me.

“Come on big boy keep shooting your stuff!”

Dawn yelled back as she took hold of my contorted cock with both hands and began to pull with all her might like she was in a tug-of-war.

“Oooooohhhhh!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz!!

I heard myself screaming as the second, third, and fourth ribbons of semen were sprayed all over Dawn’s tits, stomach and face. She had her mouth open and back arched as she received the sperm assault.

Dawn then seemed maniacal as she roughly began pulling my cock in all directions, as additional loads flew in all directions.

“Come on baby…give me everything you’ve got…I wanna drowned in your cum!”

It almost started fearing for my safety and then she regained her composure and started milking my cock slower as she gently massaged my fully depleted gonads.

I started to fall into a post orgasmic trance, but was quickly pulled out of it with Dawn’s abrupt comments.

“Lenny! Look at the mess you’ve made all over me and for that matter, all over my room! Can’t you get it right? I know your new at this, so I’ll keep it simple – you stick your dick in my pussy…give me a good fucking…and then you cum inside me. That way we both get something out of it and all your cum ends up inside me. Neat and tidy!”

“I…I…I’m sorry Dawn, I’m trying the best I can” I whimpered, “It’s just that ya ya your so sexy I can’t help myself.”

Dawn settled down and her soft brown eye look reappeared.

“I can understand that, Lenny, maybe we just need to work on your self-control. Your limp dick isn’t going to be any use to me now and I’m hot to trot. You’re getting pretty good with that tongue of yours why don’t you lick up the mess you made all over me and then get me off one more time before you go.”

I eagerly followed her instructions after having disappointed her again, hoping she wouldn’t hold it against me. After I was done, Dawn said,

“Lenny, on your way out pick up that present I have wrapped for you on the foyer table.”

I hadn’t noticed it on the way in.

“Don’t open it now, but I want you to wear it for me under your clothes next week, same time same place ….I made it for you special!” Dawn smiled as she blew me a kiss.

I don’t have to tell you how quickly the week flew by. A number of questions were going through my mind. ***Why do we always have to meet on Sundays?*** ***What was the real relationship between Dawn and John?*** ***Why was she so wet when we got together last time?*** ***Was I ever going to get to fuck this babe and if not did I really care?*** The fact of the matter was that despite all of my physical limitations, my being a freshmen, and a bookworm at that, Dawn Ashton, Captain of the Cheerleaders and babe extroidinaire had taken a liking to me. Who was I to complain?

In a round about way I posed a question to my roommate Brad about the possibility of Dawn and John still being a thing. He said that he thought they were seeing each other off and on, but that during football season it was tough because of games on Saturday and film review from the games early Monday mornings so all the players typically got to bed early on Fridays and Sundays.

Sunday finally arrived and I opened the package that Dawn had given me. I had been tempted to look earlier but decided to save it as a surprise while getting ready to go over. I tore the wrapping off the package and slowly lifted up the top of the box.

“Oh my gosh!”

I pulled out the article of clothing contained inside. It was a white pair of what looked like biker shorts. You know, the lycra-type shorts that are skin tight, however, these didn’t seem to be so tight. They also looked to be about mid-thigh in length. I wondered what Dawn had meant by her having “customized” them as I looked inside. It was then that I noticed sown inside were two pockets, one on each side of the middle seam. Those must be for my balls, I thought, How considerate of her.

I quickly took off my clothes, excited to try on my new gift. The pants pulled up to my groin easy enough over my skinny legs but then I had to take some time as inserted first one and then the other of by balls into the pockets she had sown inside. They both fit rather nicely and securely, but as I went to pull the tight material up over my cock I felt a strange sensation. The seam in the middle of the shorts that ran down the front and up through the crack in my ass also proved to separate my scrotum in half in much the same manner as a woman’s bra would lift up and separate. I looked at myself in the mirror to see what it looked like. The thin material of the tight white shorts perfectly outlined each of my large balls and the form of my thickly veined cock with the ridge of my penis head jutting out, looked like it was shrink-wrapped. I grabbed my khaki shorts and pulled them up swiftly before Brad walked in on me. I then threw on my penny loafers and a golf shirt before heading out the door.
I wrapped on the door hoping that Dawn would like how her present fit. She opened the door, but before I could head in she was brushing by me and saying,

“Come on…let’s go!”

“Where are we going?” I said as I followed her lead, taking her hand and heading down the stairwell.

“I’ve got the private pool reserved just for us…this is gonna be great!”

Dawn said with exuberance. She had some sort of throw-over on over her swimsuit. She led me down behind the complex and pulled out a key that opened a locked gate. We then headed down a path for 30 or 40 feet until we came to an iron barred gate in which she used another key to open that. The gate led through a hedge that seemed to surround the whole area.

“What’s this?” I questioned as she pulled me through.

“Oh this is a special area of the complex that can be reserved once a month by each member. Today I have the only access.”

Inside was your typical cement pool deck area with a sparkling 16 x 30-foot pool. There was a CD Player which Dawn quickly turned on and a cooler that was fully stocked with beer and soda. I thought it was odd that there seemed to be a few dozen of each when we were the only two there.

“This is cool,” I said, “So you mean we have the place to ourselves and no one can see in?”

“That’s right,” Dawn replied, giving me a wicked smile. “Let’s see how my present looks on you!”

She reach over undid my pants and tugged them down while I was busy pulling off my shirt.

“Ooooh baby,” she cooed, “Your equipment is looking mighty fine.”

While Dawn was saying this she lightly running her nails up and down my shaft with one hand and squeezing one of my balls with the other. Of course her actions caused instant arousal and left nothing to the imagination as far as my privates were concerned.

Dawn pulled away and began to unwrap herself. Crossing her arms in one motion, she lifted her swim cover off and displayed a white bikini that covered her enough that your imagination could lust for just a little bit more. Her 36D tits were pushed up and in with just a half-inch or so sticking out the sides. The tiny triangle just barely covered what I knew to be a neatly trimmed bush and the back of the suite wasn’t a thong, but it left a healthy portion of her tight firm ass cheeks hanging out.

Before I could say anything, Dawn was grabbing my hand and saying,

“Come on let’s gooooo!”

pulling me into the pool as we made an awkward splash upon entry. The water was refreshing and I felt a tremendous amount of peace as Dawn rose up out of the water dragging her tits up the length of my body until we were facing each other.

“Mmmmmmmm we’re gonna have a fun time today Lenny.”

She leaned over to my ear and softly bit the lob while reaching around behind me and grabbing my butt cheeks. The thick shaft of my penis pushed into the folds of the crease between her legs, only the briefest material separating our genitals. I was now fully rigid, the head of my penis just below the top of the tight shorts.

“Yoooooouuuuu Whooooooo Daaaawwwn? Ready or not here we come!” I heard a chorus of female voices sing out.

“Wh Whats going on?” I asked Dawn as I tried to peer over her shoulders.

“Oh didn’t I tell you?” she smiled, “I invited over the whole cheerleading squad to meet you, I hope you don’t mind…just this once.”

She tore away from our embrace and gave my cock one last squeeze as she waded out of the pool to greet the girls. I stood there in total disbelief. Here I was a freshman geek, sporting a major hard-on, while the best babes at school pranced into the pool area. Fortunately for me, the water was waist high.

“Girls, I want to introduce my most recent bo….a freshman sensation, Leonard, you can call him Lenny Walker.” Dawn pronounced. “Lenny, I’d like you to meet the other eleven members of the Varsity Football Cheerleading Team. Come on up out of the water and I’ll introduce each of them to you personally!” she said with a hint of giddiness.

All my worst fears were realized at that moment as I considered the total humiliation I would be subjected to if I came up out of the water like she asked.

“Ahhhhh, that’s O.K.,” I said, “How ’bout everyone else jumping in the pool!?” I half questioned in a meek response.

“Now Lenny, that wouldn’t be very gentleman like would it…come on out so that I can properly introduce you.”

Dawn insisted and I knew there would be no way out. I had hoped that a slight delay might allow time for me to lose my erection somewhat, but in reality I knew there was no way I could hide myself in the outfit she had made for me. My nuts were tightly covered and separated, the equivalent of trying to hide two cue balls in a Speedo. All the half-covered tits and asses in front of me did nothing to subside the tension down below. I gave a weak smile and started towards the steps.

“Throw me a towel please,” I pretty much begged in my kindest voice.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Dawn reach down and wad up a towel to throw.

“Ooops…sorry,” she quipped as the towel went flying past me and landed in the water.

I continued the march of humiliation towards the stairs, which were facing away from the girls, and walked up, not making eye contact with anyone. As I turned to walk towards Dawn who was out front I heard the whispers.

“Oh my word!” “Can you believe the size of that thing!” “Unbelievable!” “What a cock!”

My face was beet red and hot as I felt complete humiliation.

“Hi,” I said, barely looking up.

Dawn said, “Come here silly, let me introduce you to everyone.”

She went through a litany of names I would never be able to recall while everyone continued to focus on my crotch. After the introduction, Dawn went over to the CD player and said,

“Come on everyone, let’s indoctrinate Lenny into what we do at our monthly meetings!”

And with that she changed the music to what I assumed was their theme song.

All the girls started a slow bump and grind, teasingly stripping off their bikinis. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Any guy at the University or for that matter any guy period would have given there left nut to see what I saw unfolding before me. The “kinky” dozen had there suits off and were grabbing bottles of baby and sun tan oil to rub on while the blaring music of the familiar song (SHE’S SO) SELFISH, by The Knack rang out across the terrace.


Some of the girls were pouring the oil across their chests and rubbing their tits together as they continued pushing the fluid down their taut stomachs. Others were squirting it on each other’s asses and tits and then rubbing it in with their hands before grasping one another and sliding up and down to fully coat themselves. I just stood there, hands at my side not knowing what to do.


“Hey guys! Don’t be so selfish…we don’t want to leave our guest out!”

Dawn implored pointing in my direction. What do you do when you seen twelve beautiful oil covered naked women scurrying towards you. Tits glistening and bouncing as they giggled and laughed there way over. I did what you would expect and froze in place while they completely surrounded me.

“Give me some oil,” I heard a girl behind me yell.

A honey-blonde goddess in front of me who stood about 5′-5″ with smallish tits capped with pink nipples, looked up and me and said,

“It’s not fair that we’re all naked…let’s see what you’re packing down their.”


Several hands where now pulling at me shorts while at the same time I felt globs of oil splashing on my body, giggling, and then numerous hands rubbing my shoulders, back, chest and legs. The blonde who had been in front of me was now bent over inserting the head of my penis into her mouth. As she was sucking on my head I felt several hands grabbing my balls and shaft jerking it up and down.


I was almost claustrophobic as I felt hands on every part of my body, rubbing my ass, a finger penetrating my asshole periodically, fingers running through my hair, hands running up and down the length of my legs, and of course a tremendous amount of attention being paid to my prick which felt like it was bursting. All of a sudden I felt something slip around my nuts and draw tight, cutting off the circulation between my cock and balls. Then Dawn yelled over the beat of the music,

“O.K. everybody, take your positions, it’s show time for Lenny!”

With that all the girls dispersed, six of them lying down on lawn chairs that were fully extended and five of them seemingly pairing up and standing at the foot of the chairs. All of the girls continued to rub there tits and finger themselves.

“Lenny, I’ve been bragging to all the girls about what a pussy eater you are!” Dawn continued with her announcement. “So now you have the opportunity of a lifetime…to get the finest looking cheerleading team in the South off with your tongue!”

She tugged on the elastic twine she had looped over my nuts causing me to jerk forward by my dick and follow.

“Wha what’s this for?” I asked genuinely frightened at Dawn’s control.

“Lenny,” she whispered back, “I don’t want you to embarrass yourself by getting off too soon. This way I’ll be able to help you have some self-control.”

Being the naive person that I am, I remember thinking that she was such a wonderful and thoughtful person for thinking of this. I must have been temporarily insane.

Dawn led me to the first chair like she was taking her dog for a walk. She gave a sudden jerk down and I got my first real sense of what this little contraption could do. Dawn had complete control over every direction I could go and with the sliding “choke” collar she would be able to cut off the exit of my sperm leaving my sagging balls.


The first chair was occupied by the short honey blonde gal who had first wrapped her puffy lips around my cock moments ago. She smiled down at me as I crawled up the lawn chair, my ass sticking up in the air, cock fully erect pointing right at her, and my swollen nuts hanging low between my spread thighs. She bent her knees and spread her legs wide.

“Suck me off freak…I’m gonna cum all over that geeky face of yours!”

I drove my stiff tongue into her wet cunt with wild abandon not thinking to pace myself. I also failed to notice her partner who had been standing at the foot of the chair. Then I felt two hands fondling my nuts and lifted my head up and turned to see what was going on.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing geek, get you face back in there!” the blonde yelled.

I only got a glimpse of her partner, a shorthaired brunette with big tits who was obviously doing the fondling. She stopped for a moment and I felt her move up my body and whisper in my ear,

“We’re going to push you over the edge cock man…you’re gonna beg us to let you cum!”


“Oooooh that’s it freak, right there, oooooohhh yeeeeaaahhhh!” the blonde screamed out cumming with vibration all over my face as I continued to lap at her hole.


I heard a whistle blow, “10 minutes are up…switch!” Oh no, I thought, doing some quick math, ten minutes times twelve girls. I was going to be sucking pussy for two hours straight!

“Thanks baby,” the blonde said, getting up and allowing space for the mysterious brunette to lay down. “I’m gonna love juggling those balls of yours and sticking my tongue up your ass!”

I quivered thinking about that. True to her word, as soon as I settled down sticking my tongue through the hairy bush of the brunette to try and find her clit, I felt a hand weighing my nuts in her hand and then shaking them while her other hand was sliding up and down the length of my shaft. I had an enormous urge to cum and started clenching my ass cheeks,


I yelled as the sharp tug of Dawn’s leash constricted on my scrotum cutting off the blood flow. My dick was still stiff and I could feel the blonde’s hand continuing to rub up and down my 12 inches, but the urge to cum was totally gone.

As the brunette came, bucking into my face I heard the familiar, “Tweeeeeeet,” and thought to myself two down, ten to go. I lost track of time as the tweets from the whistle seemed to run together. It seemed to be easier to keep track by the difference in the pussies I was diving into…some were very hairy, several were shaved bald (which was a welcome relief), one was a redhead…all were wet and demanding. Each girl behind me seemed to get a kick out of working me up to a frenzy and then having Dawn jerk on the cord to cut off all possibility of me getting off. On the second to last chair my body was starting to ache all over. My knees hurt from balancing on the chair, my lower back hurt from the constant doggy position, and it goes without saying that my jaw and tongue felt numb for the continual use. Most of all, my balls were aching and starting to actually tingle in pain. I know there was never a time in my life where my cock was fully erect for two hours. I heard a voice behind me,

“…get a load of this, his balls are turning blue!”

Then another, “Wow! Look how swollen they are.”

“Let’s really push him over the edge!” I heard a third squeal.

Only two more to go, Dawn and her partner. I straddled Dawn’s partner like I had all the others and lowered my face to her spread cunt. Despite the shmorgishborg of pussy, hers smelled sweat, and I felt rejuvenated to get her off too. The other girls had jumped in the pool to clean off and were gathering around for the grand finale. Several of them were now grabbing at my balls and actually slapping them around. I could feel them bouncing from thigh to thigh.

“Watch this!”

I heard someone yell and then felt my balls being pulled back through my thighs past my anus like someone pulling back on a slingshot…and then she let go and everyone laughed as they rocketed forward back through my legs.

“I want to try,” two other girls yelled out in unison.

As much as I wanted to cum, Dawn kept pulling and tugging on the line to keep me in check. Each time they brought me to the edge and then shut me down brought intense pain to my nuts. As I stood up and turned around I looked down at my balls and saw how they were indeed a deep bluish purple color and swollen up to the size of tennis balls. Dawn had me sit on a bench and said,

“I’m not going to be selfish, Lenny, you’ve had enough, I’ll suck you off!”

She knelt between my spread legs, my cock still stiff and pointed straight up, my swollen blue balls hanging off the edge of the bench tingling. The other girls still nude, gathered around in a semi-circle to watch.

Dawn lowered her luscious mouth and started trying to swallow the impossible. She drove about five inches down my thick shaft coating my dick with her saliva. She grabbed the base of my cock with her other hand jacking me off up and down. I felt the mutual sensation of pain from being brought to this point so many times and the pleasure of the build up and expectations of finally blowing my load.

“Almost there,” I whispered, “….almost…almoo…Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

I yelled as Dawn jerked the line again cutting my orgasm short, right as I was on the edge of ecstasy.

“Pl…plll..please,” I muttered almost on the brink of tears. “Let me get off.”

“How many want to see Lenny shoot his load?” Dawn questioned the girls crowded around.

“Yeeeeeeaaaahhh” a chorus of cheers went up.

Dawn backed away from me slipping the rope off of my scrotum.

“Go on Lenny, beat your meat!” she ordered.

“Jack it off…Jack it off…Jack it off…” the girls started chanting.

I realized that it was going to be a solo show and I was being used as the main attraction. I didn’t care. I closed my eyes grabbed my thick meat with both hands and started jerking off as hard as I ever had. I’d give them a show they’d never forget. My shaft was pistoning up and down in a blur as my balls tried to keep up swinging up and down always a little behind. I kept an up and down motion going while I moaned out in pleasure at my new found freedom. After a minute I could feel my orgasm building and I knew there wouldn’t be any blockage this time. The girls were gathered, six seated in front and the other six in a row standing behind them. I looked up to see all of them glued to my cock mesmerized by the size and violence of the scene in front of them. I continued to two-fist myself and then at the last second stood up and with a mighty yell shot off like a cannon.


The first shot would have hit the ceiling if we had been inside and pretty much landed on one of the girls in the second row. I then started whipping my cock around in front of me like a fire hose spraying out stream after stream of cum over the girls’ naked bodies and wet hair. I heard screams and laughed watching them scramble, falling over each other as the tried to get up and get out of the way. I just kept cumming and cumming. Then I saw Dawn jump at me out of the corner of my eye. She pushed me backward until both of us tumbled into the pool. As we came up for air I didn’t know what to expect. There were still twelve girls to one geekish guy. Then I heard, it…clapping and cheering…girls smiling and laughing. They had enjoyed it.

Dawn whispered, “That was outrageous!”

The day ended as a memory I would never forget, and I’m sure all the girls on the team wouldn’t either.

Somehow whenever I was with Dawn I had multiple feelings bantered about. Lust was at the top of the list but was quickly followed by questions of her teasing, wondering if I was ever going to fuck her, as well as what her true motivations were behind seeking me out. In one week I was going to find out the answers to these questions as I would enter a period of my life that would make the pool orgy episode pale in comparison.

Having run the pussy-eating gauntlet with the twelve varsity cheerleaders, I was considered fully indoctrinated into their club as the “official” mascot. In three short months, I had gone from high school senior geek to University freshmen sensation. At least in my eyes. My point of reference being that I was involved in a major way physically with the twelve most beautiful and popular girls at this major Southern University.

As Dawn was walking me out to my car she let me know that we had a date again the following Sunday and that she had a big surprise for me. I was bold enough to let her know that I still hadn’t entered her pussy yet. At that Dawn had smiled that mischievous grin of hers and told me not to worry, that if I thought today was intense, it was nothing compared to the “fuck of my life” that I was going to get.

She emphasized to me again that I wasn’t allowed to ‘play with myself.’ Which was no big deal, it took my balls and penis three days to recover from the traumatic experience.

On Wednesday when I saw my roommate, Brad, for the first time that week, having spent all my time bouncing between classes and the library, he patted me on the back.
“Congratulations big guy!” he said, “There are only a select few who get into the monthly inner sanctum meeting of the Cheerleaders.”

“Where in the world do you get your information?” I ask incredulously.

“Don’t worry buddy-boy, your secret’s safe with me. It still amazes me though how I have all the muscles anyone can see and you’re deficient in every area but one…and that’s what counts.” Then Brad lowered his voice and said, “Football season will be over in a month and then it’s on to basketball season. Dawn will probably captain that cheerleading squad as well, although it will be interesting to check out the freshman competition. I hear there are a couple of hotties trying out.”

“Leave one or two of them for me, Len!” Brad laughed as he slapped me on the back and headed out the door.

I showed up to Dawn’s on Sunday an hour early, turned off my car engine and waited slumped down in my car, under a moss covered oak tree. About thirty minutes later when I was just about to get out of my car, Dawn’s door opened and John Payne, All-American Linebacker, emerged with a grin on his face. Dawn’s face leaned partially out the door and they engaged each other in one last passionate kiss. With the windows up almost all the way and the distance from my car to her door, I couldn’t hear their conversation. I watched as he headed down the stairs. As he got closer, I crouched low in the front seat so I wouldn’t be detected.

I waited another twenty minutes, checked to be sure the coast was clear, and then headed up the way John had come down. Who was I to dictate her actions I thought? I don’t own her, although it seemed more and more like she owned me. John’s presence did raise some questions however. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Dawn beaming with a fresh shiny white smile across her deeply tanned face.

“Hi lover boy!” Dawn said in a teasing voice as she opened the door wide and invited me inside.

Dawn looked incredible enough to eat, which in a way, was what I knew I was going to do! She was decked out in a short white tennis skirt that barely covered the “V” between her golden-brown legs. Those marvelously firm 36Ds were partially covered by a halter-type-jogging bra. Her constantly hard nipples were protruding through without any resistance. Dawn bent over slightly to turn on some music causing the back of her skirt to ride up a few inches exposing the bottom of her tight bare tan ass cheeks and backside of her pussy. A “whooooosh” of exhaled air came rushing out of me as I viewed this incredible sight.

The next hour was like ‘Deje… vu all over again, as some famous baseball manager used to say. Dawn on her back her perfect tits staring down at me. Her short tennis skirt flipped up, knees bent and spread wide, while I devoured her wet pussy. This time it seemed very slick to me, much wetter than the last times and her crease was wider, allowing me to get my mouth, nose, and face deeper into her. I rotated my face in circular motions while sticking my tongue even deeper. Dawn really got off this time…

“OOOOOHHH LENNY! You’ve got it all going tonight…DIG DEEEPERRR, AWWWWWWW YEEAAAAHHHH…lick that goo out of me!!!”

That was the first time I had heard her refer to her juices as goo, but she was right. It was thicker and whiter than I had ever seen it.

Looking back on it now, it wouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist to realize that an hour earlier John Payne had probably been pounding the shit out of Dawn’s twat and here I was cleaning up the mess. But I was naive and hopeful for my shot and never put two and two together.

Dawn was quite content at the end of our session, having had six orgasms. I on the other-hand was in my typical state of arousal, my cock at attention ready to go. It was then that Dawn started the process that would change my life forever. She reached over to the coffee table and picked up a wrapped package and handed it to me.

“Open it,” she said while giving me her best puppy dog eye look while biting her lower lip.

I remembered the last gift she had given me and had no idea what she had bought this time. The box was long and rectangular, almost like something that would contain a baseball bat, except it was about half that size. I eagerly unwrapped the box and lifted the top off.

“What’s this?” I asked, honestly having no idea as I lifted the clear cylindrical tube, which was around a foot and a half in length with some sort of small motor attached to it.

Dawn smiled, “This is what we’re going to use to help you with self-control…it’s a penis pump!”

“I…I…I don’t know Dawn, can’t we just work on it some other way?” I questioned while looking over the simple looking piece of machinery.

“I don’t think there is Lenny…you’re only going to keep frustrating me and yourself if we don’t take care of YOUR problem.” She said, lips pouting.

“Don’t you want to make me happy?”

I looked at her naked body and thought, what the hell, what’s a guy like me have to lose? I’d find that out the hard way.

“O.K.,” I said, “Do you know how this thing works and what to do?”

“Don’t worry about that Lenny, just do everything I tell you, word for word, on schedule, and in one-month we’ll have you cured.” She answered rather eagerly.

“A month?” I replied, “That’s a pretty long time ar…ar…are you sure about this?” I became a little skeptical.

“I’m positive…and besides you get to get off every time.” She announced as her closing statement on the matter. “What you have to commit to is twice a day, six days a week for the next four weeks…do you think you’re up for it?” she challenged glancing down at my rigid member, “I know your cock is!” she teased.

“All right!” I answered taking the plunge and wanting to sound forceful, “Let’s do it!”

And with that confirmation I started down a path in which there would be no turning back. I was in for an exhaustive four weeks. I can still vividly recall the first time Dawn grabbed my semi-hard member and fed it into the pump. Even with my limp 9 inches, there was still about 6 inches of empty space at the end.

“Wow!! This thing could fit a horse.” I said

Dawn tried to stifle a grin, “Well, actually there needs to be plenty of space available for the vacuum suction and expansion of your penis.” Dawn replied. Then she flicked on the switch and a low hum that would become all to familiar started up.

I watched in amazement over the next 45 minutes as my penis grew with the suction and Dawn would take me rate to the verge of orgasm and then shut it off. My role was to raise my hand when I was getting close to blowing my load so that she could shut it down. After the feelings had subsided for a minute or so, Dawn would flip it on again. In the final minutes, I was breaking out in a sweat and begging for release. Dawn shut it down, pulled it off my cock and encouraged me,

“NOW…beat it till you cum!”

I grabbed my reddened and engorged dick with both hands and began yanking outward as fast as I could. Dawn was fixated on my pistoning shaft as she continued to yell out,


I shook and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure pored through me and my sperm blew out all over her kitchen floor.

“Why didn’t you let me cum in the pump?” I asked.

Dawn’s reply was simple and to the point,

“It’s a mess to clean up and besides, I love watching you jack off…it turns me on.”

I sensed that the real reason was more the later than the former. Then Dawn made a check mark on her calendar and said,

“See you tomorrow morning before classes for our next session.” And with that she gave me a peck on the cheek and excused herself to get dressed.

The only difference following the first session was that beginning with day two, not only did Dawn insert the tube over my penis, but she began to insert each of my balls into the machine as well. It was uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. Dawn said it was part of the process to desensitize me so that I would eventually be able to delay my orgasm for hours.

In the last week of our four-week “training” process, I began to notice how my cock was changing. With the two-a-day sessions it all seemed to blur together, but now as I examined myself closely for the first time since we had started I noticed two things. One my dick actually seemed a little longer, if that was possible, and two my shaft, head, and balls seemed to be thicker and fuller. At first I had thought it was due to the temporary affects of the vacuum tube suction, but now it appeared as if the “swelling” wasn’t going down, that that was my true size. In addition, the veins and head of my penis had taken on a different look. Before, like my face, my cock even with its size seemed kind of “boyish” in appearance. Now the more noticeable and thick ropelike veins and the more bulbous look of the head, made it look almost fierce or angry. When I brought this up to Dawn, she just put me off; said not to worry about the temporary affects and that in one week we would be ready for a test.

Finally, the last session arrived and Dawn put me through the paces. She said, “today is the test…I’m going to turn the pump on its highest setting and see if I can get you to cum.”

As she slipped the tube over my cock I noticed that there were only a few inches left at the end instead of the original 6 inches when we had started. She turned on the pump and slowly increased the power setting from a low hum to a high-pitched whine. We both stared at a digital clock she had set up to see how long I could hold out. After an hour straight, my cock had expanded from the suction to completely fill the pump. My cock was mashed against all sides of the clear plastic tube like someone pressing their face against a window. Dawn released my cock and yelled,

“BEAT IT!!” as she placed the tube over my balls and turned the power up to maximum again.

I two-fisted my cock as the machine inflated and “sucked” at my balls, while perspiration beaded up on my forehead, formed together and started flowing down my face in streams. Finally after another twenty minutes I yelled to Dawn that I was getting ready to cum and she released my balls. She laid down in front of me and screamed,


I was frantic as I straddle her body looking down at her as my sweat dripped onto her stomach.


I yelled back with a month’s worth of pent-up emotion. It was almost surreal since I never thought of saying something like that to her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh myyy Gahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhh…”

I yelled as I pointed my dick at her face blowing load after load onto her hair, face, and body as I directed my fire hose trying not to leave any area untouched. Dawn in the meantime was in a frenzy on the carpet, back arched, fingering herself, looking like she was having some sort of seizure while she received my cum like it was a gift from the gods.

“Ohhhhhh baby….you are there….you have finally arrived.” She moaned with her eyes closed

Great, I thought to myself, now I’ll finally get to fuck this angel. As we were cleaning each other off with a moist washcloth I asked Dawn, “So, now when do we get to consummate this relationship?”

“Lenny,” she said “You don’t actually think I’m going to let you put that thing in me, do you?”

As she said it, she reached out to grab my deflated member.

“Bu..buu…buuut” I babbled.

She cut in waving me off with her hand, “This thing is 14 inches long now and as big around as my forearm…If I let you in my sweet little pussy you’d destroy it…there’d be no way I’d be able to feel anyone else as long as I lived.” “No, Lenny,” she said, “We have a special thing going right now and I’ve created this monster for a much more important purpose.”

I felt dejected and on the verge of tears. Dawn put her arms around me as we both viewed the pile of man meat lying on the floor between my legs. “I’ve got a special job for you this Friday. You’ll get your pussy Lenny, and I’m going to be the one to help you!”

I could only guess what Dawn had in mind because she wouldn’t give me any of the details, only that I was supposed to be at the cheerleaders’ sorority house Friday at 8 p.m. My instructions were to wear baggy clothes and appear geeky. I figured I could handle those instructions and despite the fact that I had mixed emotions between being angry at Dawn while feeling betrayed, I felt compelled to go along.

I showed up at cheerleader sorority house a few minutes before eight and was ushered in by the cute honey-blonde gal that had given me the blowjob by the pool. She took me into a side room and said that Dawn had asked her to fill me in on all the details while she was busy getting ready. As Amber, I found out was her name, recounted the details, I was surprised at how exclusive these girls were in regards to their memberships. Amber told me about the history of the cheerleaders here and how the first requirement was obviously to make one of the two major cheerleading squads – football or basketball. There was also an initiation involved that the Senior Captain was in charge of. In this case it was Dawn. It was all very hush hush and the school administration turned their heads because of the great reputation of the cheerleaders in the community, with charity groups, the alumni, and of course all of the ogling fans.

The initiation came down to the girl going through the initiation drawing three cards from a regular deck of playing cards. The first card drawn represented an action the girl would have to follow through with. The second card represented a sexual act that the girl would have to participate in. The third card determined the time frame upon which the second act would take place. There was a board, Amber pointed to, which showed each card followed by what it represented for the first, second, and third drawing. It all seemed rather elaborate and I asked where I fit in.

“That’s simple,” she said smiling, “you’re part of the second stage…the sexual act with the potential candidate.”

Dawn peeked her head into the room, “O.K. we’re all set,” she whispered.

I grabbed her arm and asked, “What’s this all about Dawn? Who’s the potential candidate and what am I supposed to do?”

Dawn put her finger up to her lips to signal me to be quiet and said, “You may not even be involved Lenny, there are three potential guys for the candidate to choose from, you being one of them. If you’re chosen by the candidate then you perform whatever action she has chosen.” “You’ll do fine…I’m counting on it!” she winked, as she beckoned for me to follow her.

All the blinds in the great room of the sorority house had been closed while various lights and candles were burning throughout. The eleven other Varsity Cheerleaders encircled the room, which had been modified with a plastic sheet covering the floor, a queen-size mattress in the middle of the floor, and one small end table with a deck of cards on it. I was motioned over to a corner and told to remain out of sight for now. Dawn stood at the head of the room and motioned for one of the girls manning the door to open it.

It was then that I saw who tonight’s candidate was – Tina Bradstreet. Tina was the freshmen sensation this year, easily making many of the upperclassmen jealous – at least the women. Not only was she stunningly beautiful, but she had ranked first in the State of Texas in gymnastics and was on the cheerleading squad that had placed first in Nationals. I watched Tina walk in with somewhat of a swagger. She had an air of superiority about her that came from knowing that you’re beautiful and talented and having it confirmed all your life by those around you. I had seen her briefly at freshmen orientation, but tonight she looked hotter than ever. Tina was a true blonde with straight hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. She had cornflower blue eyes and light brown freckles that softly dotted her nose, shoulders and chest. While Dawn was tall for a cheerleader, Tina was her counterpart standing only about 5′-1″ which is also typical of gymnasts. And while Dawn had huge 36D tits, Tina’s looked to be about a 34C, but on her small frame they were more than adequate.

As I watched her approach the middle of the room I overheard two of the cheerleaders in front of me,

“Yeah, Dawn is jealous as hell over this one…she’ll do whatever she can to make sure she doesn’t make the team.”

The other one piped in with a grin, “This should be interesting…I heard she’s only had sex a few times with her high school Bo back home!”

Tina stood in the center of the room looking straight ahead at Dawn with a challenging look. Dawn cleared her throat and began in a load voice,

“Tonight we are making an exception to our longstanding rules and allowing Tina Bradstreet to go through the initiation prior to cheerleading tryouts tomorrow. This was done to accommodate Tina’s schedule and by recommendation of Ms. Dane, the Senior Judge for tryouts.”

“Miss Bradstreet, do you understand the initiation of the cards?” Dawn asked looking deep into her eyes.

“I do.” Tina replied without hesitation.

I looked up and down the length of Tina’s body taking in her firm perky breasts that were covered by a white tank top and the tan muscular legs that extended down from her short tennis skirt. She was much more self-assured than I would have been in this situation.

“Miss Bradstreet, turn over your first card!” Dawn commenced.

Tina leaned forward and flipped over the top card on the deck. It was a Queen of Diamonds, which caused the whole Cheerleading Squad to squeal with delight. Tina looked up questioningly, but still showed no signs of fear whatsoever. I tried to see what was written on the board behind Dawn but it was beyond my sight.

Dawn began her proclamation, “Miss Bradstreet will remove her panties and have her pussy shaved.”

Three of the team members approached Tina and had her sit in the chair provided. One of the girls had a washbasin, the second a bottle of shaving cream, and the third a razor.

“Take off your panties and lift up your skirt,” the girl with the shaving cream commanded.

I craned my head to get a better look over the cheerleaders in front of me. Tina lifted up her little skirt to reveal a pair of white cotton string bikini underwear made more brilliant by her deeply tanned legs. She lifted herself up off the chair enough to wiggle them past her buttocks and down over her white tennis shoes. She kept looking straight ahead with that defiant look as she lifted her skirt up over her waist to reveal that she truly was a real blonde. The cheerleader with the shaving cream was beaming as she applied the cream to her blonde bush.

“You’re gonna love the slick baby feeling when were done with you girly!”

Tina kept her head up high, as if to say, ‘I’m beyond this, but I’m going to put up with your silly games.’

The gal with the razor started with the procedure and after quickly dispensing with the top two inches of her bush, looked up with a grin at Tina and said,

“O.K. Miss Priss, spread those legs so I can get the rest of your pretty yellow mound!”

Tina hesitated briefly and I thought that maybe this would push her over the edge, but then she seemed to dig down deeper as she furrowed her brow, took her two hands and pulled her legs wide apart, her tennis shoes on the floor pressed against one another. The girl with the razor got down on her knees so that she was eye-level with Tina’s pussy.

“Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm…in a few more minutes, you’re going to look like the day you were born.”

With that Tina shut her eyes tight like she was wanting to pretend that all of this would just go away. It was fun in a way to see someone on the receiving end of the teasing and I found my dick starting to harden as I watched the last of the pussy hair cut away. The girl with the basis took out a washcloth and wiped away all of the excess hair and shaving cream and then pulled out a bottle of baby oil, squirted it into her hand and started rubbing it all over Tina’s now bald pussy.
Tina jerked and her eyes immediately shot open, “What are you doing?” she said in a controlled panic.

“Don’t worry deary,” the girl replied without hesitation, “You don’t want a rash to start do you?”

“I suppose not,” Tina answered.

The girl continued to rub her hand somewhat excessively across her pussy, inside her thighs and up her taut muscular stomach.

I was so intent on staring at Tina’s spread legs that I hadn’t noticed anything else. As I pulled my eyes away, I saw Dawn with that mischievous grin I had seen so many times in the apartment. I wondered what was next. I looked back at Tina and the cheerleader rubbing the oil was now concentrating more on more on the slit between Tina’s legs and her now protruding clit. I heard a slight groan come from Tina as I looked up and saw her eyes closed, head tilted back, and mouth slightly parted. The girl rubbing her clit was smiling now as she spread her pussy lips with her other hand and slowly started to insert her finger in to Tina’s wet hole.

“Ah Ahhhh Ahhhhhh.”

Tina exhaled, scooting forward on the chair so that more of the girl’s finger would go in. I easily recognized the torture session that was unfolding having experienced it so many times myself. It was obviously designed by Dawn. The girl on her knees kept unmercifully pulling her finger out and then would ever so slowly circle the outside of Tina’s cunt until finally returning and inserting her finger again. After five minutes of this, Tina’s hair along the side of her face began matting to the sweat that was beading up. Her legs were spread even wider as she started to move her hands forward to encourage the girl. The two assistants who had stayed at her side grabbed both of her arms to keep her from helping.

“Pppp…pllleeeeaaassse…” Tina moaned.

“Please what missy?”

the girl asked, like she was oblivious to what she was doing to her. Tina continued to lift her ass off the chair trying to get herself off and not wanting to succumb to begging.

After squirming to try and get herself over the edge, she softly whispered,


“What’s that deary? I can’t hear you.” The girl replied with a grin.

“I said please let me cum.” Tina raised her voice slightly, eyes still shut, her legs spread wider than ever.

“I’m sorry, that doesn’t sound like a cheerleader voice to me…I don’t think you really want to.” The girl challenged back.

I almost felt sorry for her as I watched Tina writhing around, a cat and mouse game, as she tried to get off, but only being allowed to reach the very edge before the girl would back off again.

“I WANT TO CUM!” Tina belted out, “RUB MY CLIT…STICK YOUR FINGER IN MY PUSSSSSEEEE!!!” She screamed as she bucked her ass up and down on the chair.

The girl took two fingers and started jamming them in an out of Tina’s pussy as she rubbed on her clit with the other hand.


she yelled, her head way back and mouth opened wide. I was stone hard watching the sight unfold. Tina finally came down from her high and tried desperately to regain her composure. The girls were all clapping which seemed to irritate Dawn. Between the humiliation and massive frigging, Tina’s face was beat red. As soon as the girl removed her hand, Tina snapped her legs together and quickly pulled her skirt down and put her defiant face back on again.

“Very good Miss Bradstreet,” Dawn complimented in somewhat of a sarcastic tone, “Only two more cards to go.” “You may pick number two now.”

Tina reached out with authority, drew the top card on the deck, and placed it face up on the table with an audible “click.”

“THE KING OF HEARTS!” Dawn proclaimed.

There was a loud, “Oooooooooohhhh!” from all the girls, who must have already known what that meant.

I noticed Tina’s eyes dart about the room looking for some clue as to what would happen next. The two girls in front of me turned and said,

“You’re up!”

Then grabbed me by the arms and led me forward. As I was coming forward, I noticed two other guys being led forward as well by two cheerleaders each. One of them was John Payne and the second I recognized as Willie Williams the center of our basketball team. We were led to the center of the room and lined up facing Tina. Throughout all of the action I had never noticed either of them, which was not an easy thing to do.

“Tina Bradstreet….you have chosen the King of Hearts and by doing so you now have another choice. You must choose which of these three gentlemen you want to perform a sex act with,” Dawn said with a thick slice of sarcasm. “You have one minute to make up your mind beginning NOW!”

Tina looked us up and down back and forth. Her three options were of course me a skinny looking fellow freshman classmate, John Payne, All-American Linebacker, who looked to be about 6′-3″ 250 lbs. of solid muscle, and my nemesis with Dawn, and then Willie Wilson the 6′-11″ center of our basketball team whose skin was dark as night and further accentuated by his big white grin. Tina looked apprehensive, as all the possibilities must have been racing through her head.

Finally Dawn said, “TIME!” and looked up at Tina.

Tina did what any sensible nearly virgin girl would have done. She must have considered who would appear to be the least intrusive and aggressive and would let her get out of this situation with the least impact. She pointed a finger in my direction and said, “I choose him!”

Dawn smiled as the answer, as I glanced in the direction of John and saw him looking at me with disdain.

“Now Miss Bradstreet,” Dawn continued, as the cheerleaders led the other two guys out of the sorority house. “Choose your final card to determine the sex act and time.” A month ago my cock would have been on the verge of busting loose at the idea of what lay ahead, but because of Dawn’s month long conditioning, my dick was semi-hard, hanging down the leg of my sweatpants.

Tina reached forward, feeling more confident about me as her choice and flipped over the next card.

“The Jack of Diamonds!!” Dawn exclaimed with joy.

The girls let out the loudest cheer of the three I had now heard. Tina and I appeared to be the only two in the room who didn’t know what the Jack of Diamonds meant.

Dawn raised her hands to quiet everyone and then began, “Miss Bradstreet, you have chosen Leonard as your partner and drawn the Jack of Diamonds. In doing so the two of you will strip naked and have oral, vaginal, and then anal sex. The time period will end when Leonard has had an orgasm. If that occurs during oral sex then it’s over, if not you will continue until it does. Each phase will last a maximum of 15 minutes and repeat itself as often as necessary…do you understand the rules?”

Tina nodded her head slowly, obviously trying to devise a plan. I knew that my plan of attack, if I were her, would be to get this kid off as quick as possible during the oral stage and beat them at there own game.

I felt a tap on my should and then Dawn whispering in my ear, “This is what I trained you for Lenny, delay your orgasm as long as you can and give it to her hard and you’ll get me…if you don’t get through the phases at least twice you can forget ever seeing my pussy again, let alone getting to fuck me!”

Tina and I stood face to face and I could see the look of determination in her face. Dawn barked the orders, “Miss Bradstreet, as soon as you remove your clothes the first 15-minute segment will start. When I blow my whistle, that will begin the next segment and so on….are you ready?”

“Ready,” Tina replied smiling at me.

This was my big chance. All I had to do was keep from coming for 15 minutes and I would get to fuck this babe. I didn’t really care for the big audience, but hey beggars can’t be choosers.

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Tina quickly removed her shoes and then pulled down her white tennis skirt. There was a white triangle where her mound had been shaved and now revealed a shiny bald pussy. Her muscular tan legs and tight firm ass looked great. She then crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her shirt over her head revealing a lacy white bra that was filled out quite nicely. Reaching behind her she unhooked the bra and then leaned forward slightly as she allowed herself to fall out of the two C-size cups. As was the case with her firm legs and buttocks her two tits were round and firm and stood out proudly in the same haughty manner as her face. Her two firm tits were capped with light pink aureoles and slightly darker nipples. The cheerleaders started whistling and cheering there approval as Dawn yelled over them,


Tina moved into me pressing her body against me and then pulling my hands behind her to grab her firm ass. I started kneading it as she got up on her toes and grabbed my head and pulled me to her mouth and began french kissing me. If her desire was to get me hard, she was doing a great job. She pulled her mouth off mine long enough to move her mouth to my ear and whisper,

“I’m gonna make you cum quick geek, so don’t try anything fancy!”

That was an instant turn-off to me and quickly reminded me of the fact that everyone was taking advantage of me, Dawn, the cheerleaders, and now Tina. I made up my mind right then that this girl was going to get the fucking of her lifetime…I had had it with people taking advantage of me.

Tina was done with the 30-second foreplay and began pulling my shirt off. Once my bird chest was showing she started to tug on my sweatpants. My sweatpants around my ankles, I stepped out of them and stood there only in my boxers. Then it was my turn to have a laugh. Tina grabbed my boxers where the head of most guys dicks would have been, only on me she was grabbing the middle of my fourteen each mamba. She looked up at me with a questioning eye and then slowly started to lower her hand along my shaft. Her eyes continued to widen as she finally reached the plum-sized head of my dick just above my kneecap. Tina quickly pulled my boxers down to see if a sorority joke was being played on her and her mouth dropped open and I heard her exhale…


The cheerleaders were all hooting and hollering having witnessed my exploits previously.

Tina genuinely looked panicked and now it was my turn to smile.

“You’ve only got about ten minutes left… you better start sucking bitch,” I said, loving being the one with the power.

Tina regained whatever composure she could, dropped to her knees, grabbed my dick with both of her tiny hands and tried to stuff the head of my cock in her mouth. She wrapped her full luscious pink lipstick coated lips around the head of my dick and was able to get about two inches of the shaft in before I hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly as the cheerleaders roared in the background.

“Ten to one she can’t get him off before he fucks her!” I heard one of them shout.

Tina pulled back slightly to try a different approach. She continued jacking me off with both hands while simultaneously holding the head of my dick in her mouth and swirling her tongue around the sensitive ridge. I enjoyed the sensation for a minute and then grabbed the back of her head with both of my hands and plunged my dick into her mouth. I wasn’t about to let her run the show, shoving into the back of her throat again and causing her to gag once again. I knew there was no way I could deep-throat her with the size of my dick without causing permanent damage.


I heard Dawn’s whistle blow, followed quickly by a roar of approval from all the girls gathered around.

“This is gonna be great!” I heard one of them yell.


Tina quickly lay down on her back, intimidated by the screaming girls, but also confused by the sudden turn of events of this geek turned stud. I immediately dropped to my knees pushed her bent legs apart as wide as I could and started licking her bald snatch. It felt so baby smooth, having been shaved only minutes before, as I ran my tongue up and down the length of her slit. I started squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples with one hand, while I made slow circular motions around her clit with the other and teased the edges of her pussy lips with my tongue. Tina seemed relieved at my actions and slowing started to get into it, pressing her hips towards my face as her pussy sought out relief from somewhere.

“Ooooooooh that feels soooo good, geek,”

Her use of the word geek snapped my out of it as I took her to the edge three times over the course of a minute.

“I’ll show you geek,”

I said, as I raised up on my haunches and grabbed hold of the 14 inch cock Dawn had created, with both hand, and started beating it down onto Tina’s swollen pussy. “Thwwwaaak! Thwwwaaaak! Thwwwaaaaak!” it rang out as I slapped it down time and time again.

The cheerleaders were going nuts and began chanting in unison, “PUT IT IN…PUT IT IN…PUT IT IN!!”

Tina’s head was tilted up slightly watching in slight pain and horror at the beast I was about to unleash on her pretty bald pussy. I was watching also as I viewed the dark reddish purple appendage that no longer seemed a part of me. The veins pulsing on each side the thickness of her fingers and the knotty head flared out on the end like a cobra waiting to strike. I grabbed the end of my cock and started rubbing it up and down her wet slit to add some lubrication and then pushed forward pressing the head forcefully into her. The shiny lips of her pussy pressed hard into the head of my dick as they closed around me seemingly changing the shape of my hard yet malleable cockhead.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I grunted trying to shove forward,

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Tina moaned back.

She was so tight I grabbed my cock with both hands about an inch outside her pussy and started pulling out and pushing back in so that I was using only about 4 inches of my dick. I felt like I was shoving a dildo in an out of her, but it was me. My concern being that I didn’t want to ram into her tight hole and cause damage to my penis if I bent myself in half – she was that tight. I knew I only had about ten minutes left so I kept using the same process as I fed her an inch at a time, in and out in and out, slowly coating my cock with her pussy juices. Tina was grunting and groaning…

“Please stop…ohhhh….no more…you’re hurting my pussy…please…” Her begging just encouraged me to go farther as I was now only able to hold myself with one hand while 10 inches were buried inside her.

“Aaaaaaaaawww…heeeellllp meeeeee….Oooooooooooooh”

Tina continued to bellow as I felt myself pushing through a part of her canal into what felt like a much bigger space. I could only figure it must have been her womb! The thought of that excited me even more as I pressed forward and hit a wall as the final inches went in and I looked down to see what looked like pussy hair but was actually my pubic her pressed fully against her.

“Uhhhhhhh…I feeeeellllll soooooo fullllllll,”

Tina moaned, finally opening her eyes and looking at me. I stayed there for about 15 seconds giving her a chance to feel the whole length and girth that her pussy had swallowed.


I said, and with that I pulled my shaft out all the way leaving the head of my dick in, grabbed her slim hips and plunged all the way back in through her tight canal into the open cavern and against the back of her womb.

“Ohhhhh..yeeeaaaahhhh, give it to me!”

Tina cried now desperate for my big dick as I began my repetitious assault with deep long strokes, my big balls slapping down into the crack of her ass and cheeks. Sensing that I only had a few minutes left I lifted her legs over my shoulders, raising her ass off the floor and dug in deeper as I alternated between several short strokes and then plunging the full 14 inches back into her again.


Tina erupted as I felt a flood of liquid lather up the shaft of my cock and ooze out of her pussy as she came with a shiver, legs stiffening straight out behind me.

“TWWWWEEEEET” the whistle blew again.

I don’t think Tina even comprehended then that we were going to the next stage because I hadn’t cum yet. I was so focused on what I was doing that I hadn’t even felt the urge yet! Tina was a sweaty mess and someone handed her what they claimed was punch, but that I later came to find out was spiked pretty heavily. She gulped it down in three big gulps as Dawn yelled out,

“Lets get going guys!!”

“ROLL OVER!” I commanded, and grabbed her hips twisting to help her do so.

Tina was on all fours her perfectly shaped ass facing me, as she twisted her head around looking back.

“Please be gently,” she said, “I’ve never done this before.”

I saw the look of concern on her face and knew if her pussy was that tight her asshole was going to be damn well near impossible to enter.

A tube of KY came flying across the room hitting me in the chest,

“Use that!” I heard a faceless female yell.

I covered my cock in jelly as I reached forward and rubbed her still soaking pussy, “Mmmmmmmmmm” was Tina’s only response as she backed into me. I had never done this either and decided I would just treat her ass like her pussy and reached forward to grasp her smooth tan cheeks in both hands, spread them apart and licked up and down the crack of her ass starting at her pussy.

“Ooooooo myyyyyy….ahhhh that tickles….stop,” Tina squirmed as she shook her beautiful ass side to side. I grabbed her hips tight and plunged my tongue deep into her ass.

“AWWWWWWWWWWW” Tina yelled as she shoved back into me.

I reached out with my hand grasping her slick pussy and pulled some of the juices up to her ass. Then I got on one knee placed the head of my dick at her tightly puckered sphincter, grasped my cock behind the head and tried to shove the head in. The room suddenly went silent and I looked around at mouths aghast, probably clenching their own ass cheeks together at the thought of an invasion like this. I continued to press until the head finally squeezed in only to give out a yell of my own as her tight sphincter muscles clenched around the top of my shaft cutting into me.

“Uuhhhhhhhh Biiiiiiittch, you’re gonna pay for that!” I yelled out in pain.

“FUCK HER UP THE ASS…FUCK HER UP THE ASS…” the cheerleaders started chanting.

I grabbed hold of her hipbones reaching around and digging my fingers into the top of her thighs and pulled her into me as hard as I could while driving my battering ram forward. For some strange reason I thought of the saying, ‘a square peg won’t fit in a round hole,’ as my cock tore into her tender virgin ass flesh.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh…eeeeeeeiiiiiiiii,” Tina screamed out, her arms giving way as she fell face first into the carpet.

I only got about eight inches in on the first thrust so I pulled back and gripped a little lower on her thighs to get better leverage and drove forward harder. Tina’s ass was sticking way up in the air now that her face was buried in the carpet. I drove forward again and again pounding a few more inches into her ass with each thrust.

your…fist…is…up…my… ass”

Tina moaned helplessly as she continued to be skewered by my thick foot plus long cock. With each violent thrust my sac and balls were swinging up under her spread legs slapping loudly against her hairless cunt.

“Plllleeasse, mercy…ooohhh that feels so goooood” Tina was crying out as the third whistle blew.

I pushed her forward by her ass cheeks and she fell in a heap in front of me. Her asshole which previously looked like you couldn’t put a pin in it stayed open the size of a quarter. Two girls came forward and helped her to a sitting position. A third girl handed her another cup of spiked punch, which Tina downed immediately.
The confusion was interrupted by Dawn piping in, “He still hasn’t cum yet Ms. Bradstreet, get to work!”

Tina struggled with great determination to her knees, her cunt lips hanging out red and swollen, whereas before they were tucked away inside. She looked up at me and said in a defiant tone,

“What’s your problem geek? Are you impotent?”

I grabbed my dick, slapped her across the face with it and said, “It’s blowjob time baby! Clean my dick off!”

Tina tried with all her might to get me to cum, but Dawn’s training had worked it’s magic and I began to wonder if I would ever cum myself.

“On your back princess,” I said, “Now that I’ve broken you in we’re going to get into some serious fucking!”

I yelled out for two cheerleaders to grab each of her legs and hold them spread apart like she was doing one of her patented splits. I then coated my cock with some more KY to keep from going dry, put my head up to her cunt, and grabbed the top of her thighs to get some good leverage. Tina grit her teeth still maintaining her better than thou look, despite the humiliation she was going through. I forced the head back in to her ravaged tunnel with one mighty thrust. Tina’s head jerked back as she tried to push back at me with both hands to slow down the invasion. With her legs held tightly by my two assistants, she couldn’t reach me.

“Ohhhhh Fuck…..ooohhh you’re sooooo big….pleeeasse.”

Her legs spread as wide as they would go, I was thrusting in as deep as possible while looking down at her stomach and incredible being able to see her tummy swell as I sawed back and forth inside of her.

I heard the girls holding her legs say,

“Unbelievable, look at her cunt lips getting pulled out as he pulls back!”

“Geeeeeeezzz, he’s tearing her insides apart!!”

The room became quiet again except for the slurping and sloshing sounds coming from Tina’s cunt as I drove in at different angles trying to wider her hole. A guttural noise started coming from low in Tina’s throat and she started lifting her ass off the ground, challenging me.


I felt like the energizer bunny thrusting my hips forward and slamming my balls into her ass over and over again, my cock banging against the back of her womb.

“COME ON FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” Tina encouraged.

I watched with amazement as her perfect breasts flew up and down on her chest as I shoved violently in and out.

“Eeeeeeeeiii…I’mmmmm cummmmmmiinnng!” Tina screamed, “Fuck me…I love your cock!!”

“Twweeeeett” the whistle blew and I looked over at Dawn who seemed a little perturbed at the fact that Tina seemed to be enjoying herself.

Tina was treated to a third glass of “Cool Aid” while I wiped the sweat off my body with a towel. I turned around to see Tina sticking her ass up in the air and looking around at me with a lusty smile.

“Come on geeky boy schtick that big horsh cock up my tiny assh!” Tina slurred obviously drunk now as she wiggled her little butt from side to side.

I slapped her ass twice causing her eyes to light up temporarily, “What wuz that fer shilly boy?” she questioned lazily.

“We’re going to do something else,”

I answered. I then looked over at the same two cheerleaders who had helped before, “Girls lift Miss Bradstreet up and drop her on my dick when I tell you!”

I laid down on my back, the head of my stiff fourteen inches resting just below my sternum. I grabbed it with two hands and pointed it straight up. The two girls had helped the intoxicated candidate to her feet, each grabbing one leg and positioning her over my cock. As they started lowering Tina, she instinctively grabbed her pussy lips to pull them apart for entry, but I said,

“No, no, no…not there honey…I’m going in the backdoor!” Both eyebrows raised questioningly as I said,


and the two cheerleaders leg go dropping her down the length of my thick pole.


Tina screamed as she came rushing down the length of my thick shaft impaling herself through her asshole. Tina’s eyes welled up with tears at the searing pain as she finally landed on my sack and balls, 14 inches of hard dick crammed in her ass.

“Ffffuuuuuuuuck that hurts….oooooooooooohh” Tina half screamed and moaned.

I started kneading her breast and pulling on her nipples as the two cheerleaders lifted her up by the armpits and let go of her again.

“Uuuuuhhhhhhh…letsh meee do it”

Tina stuttered and slurred as she shook the two girls off. With that she started rising up and down on my cock her ass muscles fighting to clench but loosening as each second went by because of my thick rod.


Tina slowly finished her fourth glass of “Cool Aid,” and was now staggering like a punch-drunk boxer. Her words becoming more and more slurred. In this state her third attempt at getting me to come by sucking me off resulted in her rubbing my dick all over her face and then licking up and down the shaft like a lollipop. The cheerleaders were laughing with glee at this drunken exhibition as Dawn blew the whistle again and gave me a hand signal of hitting her fist into her hand.

Tina laid down on her back her eyes half closed and legs splayed apart barely supporting themselves.

“Shum on shtud…shtick that shing up my tight shunt!”

I don’t know about tight anymore I thought as I looked down at her wrecked pussy. Her lips were sticking out a full inch and were bright red and swollen. Her pussy hole, which formerly look like a straight line, has gaping open like I had caught it in the midst of a big yawn. I decided that this was going to be it. That I was going to blast my cum into her pussy and keep her from walking for a week.

There was no longer a reason to rub my dick up and down her pussy lips, she was able to accommodate me now. I rubbed some more KY on my dick and pushed my cock through her opening, her stubborn cunt muscles no longer trying to keep me from entering. My massive weapon had won the battle of wills and as Tina tried to keep from passing out, her muscles continued to relax. Without her being so tense, I was able to drive into her with almost no resistance loosening up her insides more and more as I tried to punch into every side of her cunt instead of just straight ahead.

“Mmmmmmm…fush my pretty funt….ooooooh you feeelll sooooo gooooood,” Tina moaned.

I drove harder and harder concerned that I might not be able to cum and not having the same friction in her cunt I had before. But then I felt it…the slow building in my balls, filled with cum that had been stored for over a week. I grabbed hold of both her ass cheeks, my fingers digging into her flesh and pulling her into me with all my might, just as I thrust into her as far as I possible could. My ass cheeks clenched hard and I let out a load yell,


I knew how much cum I could let loose with and blew the first two big loads deep in her womb I pulled out and thrust in and out several more times as I blew a few more loads. Then to make the viewing more pleasurable for the cheerleaders, pulled out completely and blew several more strings of cum out across Tina’s chest and face, gripping my penis and hosing her down like a fireman.

I looked down to view the wreckage as the numbing cheers rang in the background from the grand finale. Tina’s pussy was staying wide open. The opening was almost two inches in diameter, like she had an invisible pipe in her, holding her cunt walls apart. She was obviously filled up with cum, as it began running out in big globs. Her asshole which had been violated twice was spread open and accepted the cum as it ran down from her ravaged cunt into her other hole. Tina’s eyes were closed, passed out, her mouth open from the last moan she had emitted. I staggered up to my feet with 11 limp inches hanging down between my legs. Dawn came over and gave me a kiss and thanked me for a wonderful performance.

I went down the hall to get a washcloth and began cleaning myself up. By the time I got dressed and opened the door it was eerily quiet. I looked around and noticed that everyone had left, so I quietly made my way back down the hall. As I got to the great room where everything had taken place, I noticed Tina was gone.

I was just about to leave myself when I heard what I thought was a whimper from back down the hall. I retraced my steps, careful to maintain my silence and not stumble into anything in the semi-dark house. The door at the end of the hall was open and I pressed my head up to it to look inside. There was Tina lying on a bed still totally naked and passed out. The surprise was seeing Dawn across the room pulling things out of a bag. I decided against entering, ‘I’ll just wait and see what happens,’ I thought.

When Dawn turned around I couldn’t believe what she had in her hands. It looked like a giant black penis that was formed out of a baseball bat! Obviously I’m extremely large at 14 inches and very thick, but this thing was enormous in comparison. Probably 18 inches long and almost twice as thick as me!! I watched as Dawn tied Tina’s arms and legs to the four bedposts and then grabbed some KY jelly and started lathering up the battering ram she held in her hand. She then got up on the bed and put the huge phallus up to Tina’s still spread open and messy cunt. As she started to push it into her I almost fell into the room. I couldn’t believe she was going to shove something bigger than me up this girl. Tina’s little bald pussy had looked like a little girls only a few hours ago. I was too nervous to confront her though and kept staring in disbelief.

The huge mamba dick stretched her cunts lips until they looked almost paper thin clinging to the bat-like tool like saran-wrap. I felt my face scrunch up in pain as Dawn continued to shove this “thing” further into her already worn out cunt. As Dawn seemed to dead end, she got up onto the bed and put the full force of her body weight behind the massive dildo and was able to cram another two inches into Tina’s violated hole. She finally stopped her pushing and sat back, letting go of the dildo, to look at her handiwork. Tina was still passed out and oblivious of what was going on, but her pussy seeming to have a will of its own and an instinct for self-preservation began pushing the foreign object out. Just the mere presence of this defiance seemed to send Dawn into a rage and she grabbed the end of the “bat cock” and started shoving it in and out of Tina’s beaten pussy a foot at a time.

Tina’s started moaning, “Mmmmmmm..yeah give me that big meat,” and thrusting upward against the monster. Maybe she thought it was still me.

After Dawn gave one last shove full into the depths of Tina’s cavernous hole, she turned on a switch I hadn’t noticed on the end of the dildo, and a loud humming began emanating. ‘A vibrating dildo!’ I thought…unbelievable. And then I watched as Dawn pulled out some duck tape and starting wrapping it from Tina’s hips across the top of the buried dildo and over to Tina’s other hip. She was actually going to keep this thing lodged in her all night! Dawn face was covered with a sinister smile as she watched Tina’s hips, stomach, and legs start shaking involuntarily as her body responded to the artificial stimulation with an orgasm. I began wondering how many times someone could cum in one night and with her vagina muscles loosened up in this state, what Tina was going to look like in the morning. I didn’t think it would be pretty. Dawn began collecting her things so I turned and scurried as quick as I could down the hall and out of the Sorority house.

I found out later that Dawn had come back early the next morning and removed the ropes that had kept Tina spread eagle all night. She had left the duck tape covering the monster dildo on the entire time and Tina was forced to remove the tape and dislodge the bat from her pussy by herself. Needless to say, Tina was unable to perform in the cheerleading tryouts the next day and Dawn who was quite jealous of this Freshman sensation couldn’t have been more pleased.

My feelings for Dawn changed after that night. Especially as I realized how I (actually my cock) had been used to accomplish Dawn’s wicked deed. Through the evening I had come to like Tina and felt compassion for her situation. Those feelings quickly subsided however, as I began to formulate a plan for my revenge on Dawn Ashton.

After watching Tina’s cunt being ravaged by the monstrous bat-like dildo that made my 14-inch cock look small, I decided that I had had enough of Dawn and her manipulation of me. My part in keeping Tina off the cheerleading squad by pummeling her pussy to the point that she couldn’t walk, let alone tryout, for the squad was bad enough, but for Dawn to continue her assault all through the night was devastating to Tina’s previously tight vagina. Rumor had it that the muscles of her vagina had been so abused that she would be months in recovering. My roommate Brad, who always seemed to be in the know somehow, said that Tina had to wear firm-fitting underwear around the clock just to keep the insides of her pussy from hanging out. It didn’t sound like a pretty sight and in a way, I was an accomplice. An ignorant one, but still, guilty as charged.

My plan was quite simple. Dawn had never let me fuck her for fear of loosening her tight pussy. Sure she loved to tease me and play with my king size cock, but only to the point of watching me blow my load. Dawn loved the tongue-lashing I gave her, but beyond that she had birthed the plan for her jealous action on Tina, at my expense, long ago. Probably after our first meeting. Well, I was going to give Dawn the same business and punish her pussy the same way she had intended for Tina.

I called Dawn and made sure that even after the Cheerleader initiation of Tina, that we were still on for our weekly Sunday fun. I was sure to tell her how I was looking forward to licking her snatch and bringing her to multiple orgasms just to ensure the selfish bitch would take the bait. I even used the timid voice she was used to and that I was quickly growing out of, so that I would still seem like the shy, meek freshman boy she had first taken advantage of months ago.

I had a hard time keeping my plans to myself during the week, because I was struggling over how to get Dawn to submit to fucking me. I finally decided to confide in my roommate, Brad, since he seemed to be quite the ladies man. The only thing I could think of was some sort of drug that would knock her out cold temporarily.

Brad quickly dismissed that idea and said there could be all sorts of legal complications if charges were pressed and so on. He suggested the usually drinks ahead of time to loosen her up a little and then said,

“Make her beg for it. I always do that to the girls I date and with the size of your dick, she’ll be more than grateful when she finally gets it in her. You just need to tease her until she can’t take it anymore. I love to hear them plead for my cock. They’re all the same when they think of the size going up them and yours it almost twice the length of mine!”

Brad had a point, although I didn’t have the cocky “Top-Gun” attitude he had. This was going to take everything I had and more to pull it off.

I showed up at her door at seven O’clock sharp and was greeted by a grinning Dawn who was holding out a glass of wine for me. Dawn looked radiant with her full, teased long brown hair and full freshly applied and puckering pink lips. It was hard to believe that someone like her was capable of the jealous rage she had displayed against Tina. As she turned to lead me in I watched that fantastically tight ass covered in short white spandex pants sway back and forth. The material ran right up her crack slightly pulling her ass cheeks apart. When we reached the kitchen, she turned to face me leaning back against the pass-through bar. Her large 36D breasts pulled the matching spandex jogging bra even tighter against her. Dawn’s nipples were hard, as always, and poked out in a defiant manner against the material.

“I’m especially horny tonight, Lenny,” she cooed, “Are you read to get it on?”

“This wine is great, let’s have another glass first,” I countered, wanting to get her inhibitions down several more notches.

She swigged her first glass down and then poured us both another. Judging by her giddiness and the empty bottle, I guessed that she had been drinking before I showed up.

As Dawn finished what was probably her fourth glass of wine she pulled me forward by my pants waist into the living room and got down on her knees in front of me. She looked up at me with those deep brown eyes through bangs that hung down over them and said,

“You like me teasing your big cock don’t you baby?”

She slowly pulled my zipper down and reached in to take hold of my semi-hard hose that was hanging down about ten inches and pull it out. Dawn held it with both hands, like she was still amazed at the size, as my pants fell down around my ankles. I ran both of my hands through her hair as she rubbed my penis across her cheeks, forehead and lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned, “I just love handling your dick, it’s so big and smooth, I want to rub it all over my body!!”

The visual, audible, and physical stimulation of her rubbing my cock all over her face started to get me stiff. I watched as the head of my dick started swelling up to the size of a lemon and as the shaft began to straighten out, pointing towards the ceiling. Dawn reached around and cupped my ass with both hands while licking from my heavy balls up the full fourteen inches of my cock to the slit at the top of my head. I had refrained from masturbation for the week because I wanted to have a full load to pour into her pussy. My balls felt heavy and full stretching my sack as they weighed down between my legs.

“Your big cock and balls get me so excited Lenny,” Dawn said breaking my trance.

“It’s partially because of you my cock is this big now,” I said, “you’ve created a fourteen inch Frankendick with that penis pump you used on me.”

Dawn laughed looking at the third appendage between my legs, “I hope it isn’t an inconvenience for you.”

Then she switched gears and focused back on herself. “I feel sooooo wet between my legs, why don’t you put that special tongue of yours to work!”

I stepped out of my pants that were wrapped around my ankles, pulled off my shirt, and helped Dawn to her feet, my cock still jutting out in all its glory pressed against her stomach as she stood in front of me. She was grinning more than normal and seemed a little flushed. I was glad the wine seemed to be doing its trick. I watched her pull her jogging bra off, her tits rising up with the material as she worked it over her head. They bounced firmly as they fell out. Her nipples standing at attention along with the countless raised bumps covering her aureoles.

“You want to suck them, don’t you Lenny?”

she giggled as she grabbed them firmly in both hands, squeezing them hard as she offered them to me. I leaned forward and began darting my tongue back and forth across the nipples as I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands. I continued teasing her nipples as I pulled the short spandex pants up so that they bunched in her crack leaving her cheeks fully exposed.

“Come on Lenny, suck them!”

Dawn urged as she continued to squeeze her tits and tried to position them into my mouth. I continued to lick them and then blow my hot breath on them, switching back and forth between each tit. All the while I was kneading the little cheeks of her ass, reaching under her to tease the sensitive area between her asshole and pussy.
“Ohhhhhhh Lenny, quite teasing me and suck my tits now!” Dawn cried out in part as a plea but also as a command. I had to keep it up and get her begging for me.

“Get your pants off!” I said in a firm voice that was out of character for me.

Dawn’s eyes opened in surprise, she hesitated, and then started wiggling out of her tight shorts as she tugged them down. Her nipples looked swollen and harder than ever as she lay down on her back and spread her legs. My cock was now dangling down between my legs, almost between my knees as I got down and crawled between her bent legs.

I reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of those awesome tits, tweaking her nipples softly, which I knew would drive her crazy. Then I started licking all around the small triangular patch of soft brown hair between her legs. I could see the wetness forming all along her slit as I continued to lick down to just above her asshole and then around her inner thighs and up to her navel. Dawn began lifting her ass off the ground trying to force her pussy into my mouth.


I tugged at her nipples, pulling them out several inches as I darted my tongue in her wet hole, careful not to touch her engorged clitoris.

“Ooooh…Oooooh…Ooooh….COME ON BABY…DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING!!” Dawn groaned.

I stuck a finger into her slick pussy and worked it around in circles as I softly licked her clit. “Ooooo…yeeaahhh…that’s it….keep going,” Dawn cheered me on.

And then, just as she was on the verge of cumming, I backed off, pulling my finger out of her hole and moving my tongue back out to her thighs.

“Noooooooo…” Dawn cried out, as she moved her fingers down to her pussy.

“DON’T!!” I barked and moved her hands back out to her sides. “You’ve been teasing me for months and now you’re going to get some of your own medicine!”

Now that she had come down from a peak I went back to licking at her clit and pushing my finger painfully slow just a few inches in and out of her leaking twat. I rubbed the palm of my one hand back and forth across her stiffened nipples as Dawn’s head thrashed back and forth, her hips continued bucking up and down trying to get more of my finger into her.

“Don’t do this to me Lenny…PLEEEEEEEASE!”

She was getting out of control as she got closer to orgasm. As I saw the first signs of her oncoming orgasm I quickly pulled my finger and tongue away from her and cupped her whole cunt firmly to settle her down.

“Nooooo….Don’t stop it Lenny…I’VE GOT TO GET OFF!!”

She tried to get out from under me and I pushed out with my elbows spreading her thighs further out and leaned into her with my chest so she couldn’t get up. I put my mouth over her fully erect and teased nipple and sucked hard twirling my tongue around it.

“Oooooohhhh yeeah Lenny…that’s it…that feels sooooo goooood!”

I countered “Dawn, the only way you’re going to cum tonight is with my stiff cock jammed up your cunt! Otherwise, I’m going to take you to the brink and stop all night long!”

When I finished I brought my head down to her other nipple and began my assault on it as I reached between her legs and began diddling her clit.

“Ooooooh Gahhhhhhh..Lenny….don’t stop….please don’t stop.”

She was breaking quickly and I knew I needed to keep pressing her. “What do you want Dawn?” I whispered into her ear as I continued to frisk her pussy.

She drove her hips up into my hand, “I want to cum…please make me cum.” She moaned.

“I told you the only way you’re going to be able to cum tonight, Dawn.” I whispered again as I slowly started lowering my head down the length of her body to her watery cunt.

“Noooo….” She said, “’re too big…and my little pussy is so tight.”

She replied, but I could tell she was questioning herself. The thought of it appealed to her. It would only be a matter of time.

“You can do it,” I said as I licked up and down her slit, “You want to cum soooo bad you can taste it…this is the cock you created and I’m going to give it to you.”

Dawn was losing it. Her mouth was open but no sounds were coming out. Her bent knees were moving in and out like a butterfly and her chest was heaving up and down while I continued to tease her right up to the edge of ecstasy. I backed off again and calmly said,

“Don’t you want to cum Dawn? Don’t you want to feel this big cock you made sliding in and out of your wet pussy?”

And then she broke,


I tried to remain calm. The best looking cheerleader in school was wanting the freshman geek with all of her being. I raised up and grabbed my throbbing cock, which had been stiff and waiting patiently through my teasing. I decided to make her wait just a little more. I braced myself with one hand and held my cock with the other and slowly ran the large fleshly bulb head up and down the length of her yearning pussy. Dawn went ballistic,


That was it, I pushed forward trying to get my large knob through her tight opening. It was a struggle to get past even her overly wet opening, but once the head passed through I began a slow back and forth movement with the first few inches, teasing her by taking advantage of her desperate condition.

“Ohhhh mmmyyyy…it feels wonderful….please keep going!” Dawn pleaded. I stopped teasing and pushed forward with the first six inches of my thick shaft.

Dawn gasped, “Wait…slow down, you’re too big!” She seemed to be having second thoughts.

“I’m only in six inches baby and I’m sure with how tight you are the next eight are going to be virgin territory…you cock tease!” My mind had now shifted from wanting to tease her to wanting to inflict the same cock assault she had done on Tina.

“Nooooo please don’t…” Dawn started as I pulled back and then slammed forward as hard as I could. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Nooooooooooooo….” Dawn let out as my cock drove brutally forward, stretching her cunt lips in a large “O” wrapped tightly around my thick dick. I felt myself push through her tight tunnel and into her womb slamming against the back walls. I pushed her legs to the floor in the cheerleader split position she was used to and clenched my ass cheeks together as are pubic hair meshed together.

“UUUUUUGHHH…. YOU’RE SPLITTING ME IN TWO!!” Dawn cried out for mercy. “No more please.” She whimpered.

Her slick juices were now coating my invading cudgel and her cunt muscles automatically responded by squeezing upon it, trying desperately to expel the unwanted invader.

“PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!!” she cried out again in obvious pain, never having had such a large object shoved through her. I stayed buried in her, reaching down to massage her clitoris. Dawn groaned as the pleasure of my stimulation relieved her from the pain she was feeling from my cock’s invasion. I could feel her cunt muscles squeeze repeatedly on my cock buried deep in her womb.

“Oh…oh….ohhhh…that’s it…I’m cummmmmmminnnnngg… AHHHHHHHH”

As I felt her cunt muscles loosen with her orgasm and the extra flood of juices surround my cock, I took the opportunity to pull back so that only my bulbous head was in her pussy.

“Now I’m going to break you in!” I said and thrust back into her. I felt myself traveling the length of her now open tunnel and slam into the back of her womb.

“Uhhhhhhh,” Dawn gasped in surprise with an assault coming so soon after her orgasm. I didn’t give her time to respond and started pistoning in and out of her cunt.

Dawn had several more orgasms as her pussy continued to stretch to accommodate my oversized cock. Finally after ten minutes of continuous fucking I pulled all the way out. There was a sucking sound as the inside of her pussy lips tried unsuccessfully to grip my cock on the way out. Her cunt mound bulged out more than usual and her pussy lips were stretched out and lying low between her legs. Her juices spilled out around her ass. I grabbed my cock and began beating her pussy with it.


My mind was rapidly changing to aggressor as Dawn transformed into the pathetic follower I had been for the past three months. Her firm smooth ass was sticking up in the air waving back and forth just begging me to fuck her. I grabbed by dick harder and started beating her ass with it, “Thwwwwwaaaak!”


I looked down at her ass which had red marks from my cock beating and then down lower at her pussy which was staring wide open at me. I was going to make sure that airtight pussy would never clamp shut. As I rubbed my dick along her slit Dawn started backing into me.

“If you want it bad enough, YOU’RE going to have to fuck ME!” I said.

I straightened up and waited, with only the head of my dick in her open cunt. Dawn gritted her teeth and then pushed back into me wincing as she impaled herself on my cock until she bumped against my groin.

“NOW OUT!” I said.

She moved forward until I was almost all the way out. She continued this painfully slow process back and forth as I reached around to pull at her clit. In a few short minutes Dawn’s body started to shake as she went through another orgasm.

While she was still experiencing the post orgasmic tremors, I pulled out and put the head of my cock up to her tightly puckered asshole. If I was going to do the job right, I needed to loosen ALL of her up. I started pushing the head into her ass and Dawn’s head jerked around distressed.


She screamed at the top of her lungs as my plum pushed through her asshole and began plowing new ground.

“I bet no one’s ever been in this tight ass… bitch!”

I hissed through gritted teeth. Grabbing her hips for leverage I kept trying to push in. Finally, I stopped…pulled back and then pushed in again so that 8 inches were stuck up her ass with another 6 outside waiting. There were tears in Dawn’s eyes as she looked back at me and cried,

“Please Lenny, I’m sorry for being a cock tease…you’re tearing me apart…please stop…I’ll never be the same!”

Her watery eyes gripped at the sensitive side of me, as she started to gain control of me. But Dawn had changed me over these past few months. I now had a Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde personality. I thought back to Tina and the enormous black club being shoved into her cunt by Dawn. Mr. Hyde took over.

“Sorry bitch!” I yelled, “You’re going to get the whole treatment…I’m going to fuck you in the cunt and ass so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week…I saw what you did to Tina that night and now you’re going to pay!”

With that my fingers dug into her hips and I pulled her into me as I shoved forward with all my might.


Dawn screamed, as I impaled her ass with fourteen inches of rigid steel. For the next ten minutes I drove into Dawn as hard as I could, my heavy hanging balls slapping against her stomach as they passed through her spread thighs. Dawn’s head flailed about as her breasts swung back and forth with the force of my plowing. I felt myself on the verge of cumming and decided I wanted one more crack at her pussy.

I pulled out of her ass leaving a gaping hole that didn’t shut and lower my cock to shove it back into her still spread open pussy. I drove in hard and heard Dawn shriek with the renewed assault on her tender cunt. Her love tunnel felt wider and this time I had no problem pushing through to her womb. As I continued reaming her out with be thick cock I also noticed that I didn’t feel her pussy muscles clinging to my cock any more. I pulled out all the way to beat on her ass with my cock again and watched as her cunt lay wide open, her pussy muscles collapsing in defeat. The lips and several inches from her inner walls sticking out of her ravaged cunt sagging downward. Dawn’s head was buried in the carpet, hair splayed in all directions, and her back covered in sweat. I still hadn’t cum and felt stronger than ever. I decided that this was going to be the final punishment I would inflict on her pussy. I looked down at the outer edges of her well-stretched and used lips that were still quivering and fluttering. I could easily see up into her cunt. The abused muscles wanting to close but were defeated in much the same manner Dawn was. I pulled her cunt apart with both hands and sank forward into her wide open pussy, plunging the depths of her inner walls. I laughed aloud as I pressed on her upper back driving her head down into the carpet and forcing her ass even higher so that I could go deeper in my pummeling. I grabbed her hips hard and started driving in at all angles, starting in one way and pulling out another as I sought to widen her cunt so that no one else could ever satisfy her again, but me.

“Ugh…Ughhh…Ughhhh….” Dawn continued to drivel as I shot forward again and again like a jackhammer wrecking pavement. Only now it was Dawn’s pussy that was being wrecked.

As I made my final plunges into her, a few strokes away from blowing my load, the door flew open behind me with a crash.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?” I heard John yell.

I was past the point of stopping and slammed into her for the final time, blowing the biggest load of my life.


I screamed out in triumph not caring if I lived through the beating from John that was sure to follow.

It seemed like everything moved in slow motion as John ran across the room throwing his body into me like the tackles he’d make on a running back on Saturday afternoons. Looking down I watched as my cock came flying out of Dawn’s cunt leaving a huge gaping hole that looked as if boring equipment had been used on her. My arms flayed about as I tried to gain some sort of balance. My cock continued spewing cum as I flew back into the wall.

“Uugh!” I grunted, as I lay crumpled on the floor. Looking around I had to smile. My cum was poring out of Dawn’s cunt, covered her sweet ass that was still sticking up in the air, and had coated the carpet and the front of John’s shirt.


John’s face burned with rage as he looked down and saw my cum on the front of him. He stood over me, fists clenched. The only thing that saved me was the sound of Dawn moaning, which temporarily distracted him.

John turned his attention to her as I thought about how I could make a break for it. He was a 250lb All American Linebacker and here I was 5′-9″ 135lbs soaking wet and totally naked with a massive pussy juice covered hard-on that had just been lodged in his girlfriend! Dawn was practically unconscious and murmuring incoherently. She had no idea John had come into the room.

“Fuck me baby, give it to me hard…don’t stop!” she slurred.

The veins on John’s neck flared up and red streaks ran down the back of his neck. “You want to fuck around girl? I’ll give it to you hard!!” John spat out to Dawn.

I was relieved he had forgotten about me as I watch him pull his shorts and underwear off. He was sporting what looked to be an average size cock, 6-inches or so, but not very thick. Dawn was shaking her ass at him her cunt looking like a large invisible pipe had been inserted into it. Just above it her asshole looked like a full moon.

“Come on stick it in me!!” Dawn yelled, “Make me cum!!”

John grabbed her hips in much the same manner that I had and thrust his cock forward into the hole gaping open in front of him. I saw his face go from anger to bewilderment as he moved his hips all around trying to see if he was in her or not. I knew I had accomplished my mission as I saw his cock poking all about, the walls of her pussy spread open so wide that he didn’t touch either side.

“COME ON…STICK IT IN ME!!” Dawn yelled again, not realizing that John was in her all the way.

As quickly as his anger went away, it returned again. “GET OVER HERE GEEK!!” He yelled at me. I scrambled over his way. “SIT IN THAT CHAIR TILL I BUST A NUT IN HER MOUTH!”

I sat down and tried to think what my options were as John rolled Dawn over on her back and shoved his dick in her mouth. Dawn looked up and was surprised to see him, but dutifully took his dick into her mouth and began sucking him off. “YOUR PUSSY IS AS WIDE AS THE MISSISSIPPI,” John spat at her, “I COULDN’T EVEN FEEL IF I WAS IN YOU OR NOT.”

Dawn’s forehead scrunched up and I could see her defiant look returning. She continued deepthroating John for a few more seconds and then he came with a grunt in her mouth and pulled out so he could shoot a load on her face.


I cringed at her words because that brought John’s attention back to me. “Stand up geek!” he commanded, as I slowly rose to my feet. My cock was again at full-mast from having watched the two of them. There I was, my cock standing at attention in all its 14-inch glory.

Dawn was up on her knees now, her pussy and face a mess, and laughed, “See that John? Now that’s a cock! Look between your legs. What you have is a little noodle. That’s why my pussy’s stayed so tight so long!”

I looked between his legs as she said and saw his limp five-inch dick still covered in her saliva. It was obvious that John wasn’t used to being challenged in this way and as Dawn continued to laugh as the veins in his temple started pulsing harder.

“OKAY FREAK,” he said, “YOU MAY HAVE A HORSE COCK BETWEEN YOUR LEGS…BUT YOU’RE GOING TO PAY!” With that he took a wide swipe at me with a cupped hand and hit by protruding cock causing it to whip around and come swinging back. I winced in paid and kicked out with my foot hitting him right in the crotch.

John dropped to a knee holding his balls as Dawn kept up her taunting, “Look at the big all American getting his ass kicked by a freshman geek!”

Enraged, John got to his feet. He was about to charge me when down jumped in.

“Don’t you dare touch him John Payne. If you do, I’m calling the police!”

John looked at her in unbelief. “What are you saying, Dawn,” he taunted, “are you choosing this wimp over me?”

She hesitated, looking first a John, then at me (and my cock). Then she looked John right in the eyes. “I guess I am John,” she said, “now get the hell out of my apartment with the little boy penis of yours.”

I thought John’s head was going to burst. “Okay, Dawn, if that’s the way you want it, but I’m going to black ball your name all over campus.”

“I’d think twice about that John,” she shot back. “If you say a word about me, I’ll get the word out about your little penis. And you know with my network of girls that you wouldn’t get another date in this town!”

John’s face fell. He knew he had lost. I felt like a fly on the wall watching the action between these two powerful personalities.

“Lenny, get over here and give me a real fucking,” Dawn said. She was going to kick him while he was down. “Oh, and John… don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

As I crawled over to Dawn, I heard the door slam violently behind me. Dawn giggled.

“What an asshole,” she said, “good riddance.”

“How did he know about us?” I asked.

“Probably, you’re roommate Brad,” Dawn said, “the two of them are best friends.”

“That double-crosser, he always acted like the two of them barely knew each other.”

“Well it looks like I’m stuck with you now Lenny. I hope you can forgive me for what I did to Tina. I just couldn’t afford to lose my position of power as Captain of the cheerleaders, to a freshmen.”
“I’ll forgive you on one condition,” I said, feeling more at ease with her now.

“What’s that?”

“That I get to move in with you.” I crossed my fingers.

She looked at me with the familiar smile. “I suppose that’s the least I could do for you after all I’ve put you through.” Dawn reached over and grabbed my stiff cock, spread herself out on the carpet and pulled me forward until it was positioned at the entrance to her cunt.

“Now fuck me again with that big cock of yours Lenny!”



Dawn and I spent my Freshman and her Senior year living together. It was the best year of my life. She was always willing to share me with her cheerleading friends. In fact, it was Dawn who would set up slumber parties with two or three other girls to spend the night and use and abuse my cock all night long. Tina and Dawn actually became friends over the course of the year and Tina even thanked Dawn for ridding her of her inhibitions towards sex. All good things come to an end and I felt myself getting teary-eyed at Dawn’s graduation. She moved on to a lucrative modeling career in New York City and eventually settled down and got married. John Payne was selected in the 5th round of the NFL draft and tried to make it with the Atlanta Falcons, but blew out a knew in training camp. I ran across him one time a few years ago and he was fat and out of shape. What happened to me? Tina ended up moving in with me and we spent the next three years until graduation living together. After spending a year apart pursing our own careers we got back together and got married. Our ten-year reunion is coming up in a few months and Tina and I have talked about trying to set up a special reunion with Dawn and her husband. I’ll let you know what happens.

The End

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