BMOC The Innocent Ch. 01

This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing. This story has decidedly sacrilegious content—not so much in this chapter, but in the ones to come—so if you don’t like that, look elsewhere.


“I can’t see you tonight, David. I’ve got a guest.”

Alyssa sounded disappointed. We’d been fucking regularly—almost daily, really—for weeks now, bringing her roommate Melanie along for the ride when we felt like it. She wasn’t the only woman I was fucking, but she was probably the best. Melanie was too docile. Dr. Carrington needed to be abused all the time. Kim shrieked like a banshee; she practically blew out my eardrums every time. And Megan wanted it in public a bit too often for my tastes. Alyssa, though, was different. Submissive to me, dominant toward other women. Inventive and kinky. Tight, fit, flexible, and firm. I don’t remember if I had realized it yet, but I was falling for her, at least a little bit.

“I thought you were on the pill for that sort of thing,” I replied.

“Ha ha. There’s a visiting student staying with me tonight, Kelly something-or-other. I think she’d get the wrong idea about the school if she saw us together.”

“Is she hot?” I asked.

“Pig. I haven’t even seen her yet; she’s supposed to be here in an hour or so.”

“Well, if she’s hot, call me. We can have a threesome. Unless Mel is there; then it would be a foursome.”

Alyssa snickered at that. “You, sir, have a one-track mind. Besides, she’s still in high school. Pervert.”

“She’s eighteen, though, right?”

“Yes. Cradle-robber.”

“You probably just want her for yourself. You want to make some innocent eighteen-year-old eat your pussy.”

“You know I only do girls to make you happy.”

“Oh, really? Then you haven’t been making your roommate eat you out every night?”

There was a brief pause, and I envisioned Alyssa’s pale skin turning red with embarrassment. “All right, maybe I’m a little bi.”

I laughed. “Do you think?”

“Shut up,” she said, teasingly.

“All right. I’ll have to find someone else for tonight. But really—call me if she’s hot.”

Even over the phone, I knew Alyssa was rolling her eyes. It came through in her tone. “Yes, sir. Anything you say, sir. Should I dress her up for you, sir?”

“Away with you, woman. Go get ready for your guest.”

“Sir, anything you say, sir.”

“Hanging up on you now,” I replied.

“See you tomorrow, once she’s gone?”

“Of course.”

“Mmmm, can’t wait. Maybe I will get her to eat me,” she said, a wicked edge in her voice.




“Enough banter. We’d probably make people sick.”

I stuck out my tongue at her. It was a phone call, so she couldn’t see it, but it still felt appropriate. “Spoilsport. See you tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” We hung up, and I started looking for someone else to take care of my needs for the evening.


After a half-hour of searching, I was coming up empty. Everyone I wanted was busy or out of town or whatnot, and the rest of my little harem wasn’t what I was looking for that night.

That’s when my phone buzzed—a text from Alyssa.

“OMG. Want to make her rim me.”

A few moments later, the phone buzzed again. This time, it was a picture, a candid shot of her guest. She was kneeling down, looking for something in her backpack, and Alyssa had snapped a shot of her from the side while she was distracted. It looked like Kelly something-or-other was the classic All-American girl-next-door. She was wearing a fairly demure sundress, loose and flowing, hinting tantalizingly at an impressive body. Her hair was a dirty blonde and fell to her shoulders, and she had spent some time in the sun; she was tanned, and a few freckles dappled her cheeks. I couldn’t make out her eye color from the picture, but she had lovely lips as well. A cross dangled from a chain around her neck, and she had a simple gold ring around one finger.

Another buzz, another text. “Dumb bitch is Christian though. Wanted to read her Bible before dinner.”

I sent her a reply. “Have an idea. Will join you at dinner.”

Her answer came back almost instantly. “Can’t wait, stud. Will let you know when we’re leaving.”

About an hour later, I walked into the cafeteria. The delay meant the place was mostly empty; the dinner rush had ended. A few small groups were scattered around the place. I grabbed a tray and got myself a sandwich from the sub counter. I was just paying when Alyssa and Kelly came in. I caught Alyssa’s eye and nodded toward an empty table in the corner, then went and took a seat. Within a few minutes, the two girls joined me.

Alyssa was wearing a light blue tank top and tight jeans that showed off her frankly incredible legs and ass. Kelly hadn’t changed; she was still in the yellow sun dress, although she’d added a matching headband that kept her hair back. She was fresh-faced, with cornflower blue eyes, and as she sat down I caught a glimpse of some quite nice-looking cleavage concealed by her dress.

Alyssa slid easily into the seat next to me, and her hand went right into my lap, seeking out my cock. She squeezed it through my jeans and I wanted to take her then and there, but I had a plan for the night. So instead I gave her a chaste peck on the cheek and whispered, “Play it cool.” Then I gave Kelly my most winning smile and said, “Kelly, right? I’m David.” I didn’t know what, exactly, Alyssa had told her about me so I left it there.

Kelly returned my smile with one of her own. It was devastating—her teeth were perfect, and she had lovely dimples on her cheeks that were simply stunning. As she sat down opposite Alyssa and me, she replied, “Glad to meet you David. So you’re Alyssa’s friend?”

“Well, she has more than one.” We all laughed politely. “Actually, I’m her youth group leader.” That got Kelly a bit more interested. It was, of course, a flagrant lie, but she didn’t know that. “We had a meeting tonight, you know.”

Alyssa was sharp; she picked up on what I was doing almost immediately. “Sorry for missing it, but I didn’t want to be rude to my guest.”

Kelly leaned in a bit and said, “Oh, you should have said! I would have come along!”

“Well,” Alyssa replied, “I didn’t want to scare you off, either. You know how some people are.” The girl could have been an actress; she was playing Kelly quite well. But now it was my turn. Alyssa had baited the trap, and Kelly was sniffing around. I was going to have to spring it on her.

“If you like,” I said, “we could all go do some study after dinner.” Alyssa raised one perfect eyebrow, conveying with the gesture skepticism of my abilities to take some naïve Christian girl and turn her into a bisexual slut in one night.

All right, I tell a lie. She raised her eyebrow, and I didn’t really think about what it meant until a while later, when I asked about it and she explained. Hey, I’m narrating a fuck story, not writing a report; relax.

Anyway, Kelly agreed to head out with us. We ate and passed the time making small talk—you know, I didn’t know until that night that Alyssa’s birthday was days from my own—and when we were done we left for a classroom I knew to be empty, one near the chapel.

The chapel, on my campus, was in Ford Hall—an old building, a replica of some place in Philadelphia. There were only a few classrooms there; it was mostly administrative offices. Most important, from my point of view, was that the hall floors were heavily carpeted and the walls had a bunch of decorative paintings and whatnot—past university presidents, pictures of boats, landscapes, what-have-you. They were frankly a bit ugly, but they absorbed noise very well. And of course the administrative staff had all left for the day hours ago. Put that all together, and you had a quiet room, off the beaten path, where people could do what they wanted without being disturbed. An ideal place, in short, to corrupt some innocent young thing and lead her into a life of sin and depravity.

Truly, one of my favorite pastimes.

Kelly brought her Bible to dinner, for some reason, so she was prepared. She offered to let Alyssa read along where needed. I, too, was prepared. Before dinner, I spent an instructive hour watching videos of Bible studies online, and stopped by the library to grab one as well. I figured that, plus the summer Bible camps I had to go to as a kid, would be enough for me to fake it. Plus if things went to plan I wouldn’t need to pretend for long before I had sweet little Kelly on her knees, worshiping a new God.

We stole into Ford Hall and the unoccupied classroom. The room was fairly small, with ten or so desks—the kind where the desktop is attached to the chair, but folds back—and a lecturer’s podium. The floors were wood, and the room still had an old-fashioned chalkboard instead of a whiteboard. It was a relic of the early days of my university.

Once we were in, I let my pheromones start doing their thing, working as a subconscious aphrodisiac. I got the sense, though, that I wouldn’t need too much tonight; Kelly was another example of one kind of girl I knew all too well. She seemed to be all sweetness and light, but she was high-strung, a bit nervous, and she’d been sneaking glances at me all evening. I couldn’t be sure, of course, but I suspected there was a wildcat in Kelly ready to explode (and mix metaphors, I guess).

I closed the door to the classroom and we all sat down in a close circle. “Well, ladies, at the meeting today we were talking about Song of Songs. I understand if you want to cover some other topic, of course.” Kelly, dear thing, blushed at the mere mention of this Old Testament book—again, something I’d seen before.

See, Song of Songs is, by the standards of people like Kelly, sexy stuff. The plan was simple: get Kelly in a room, get her thinking about sex, let my god-given magnetism do the rest. Truly, I am a master of subtle, long-term planning.

Anyway, I had everyone open their Bibles and had Kelly read a few verses out loud. She cleared her throat primly and read:

“How beautiful your sandaled feet, O prince’s daughter! Your graceful legs are like jewels, the work of an artist’s hands. Your navel is a rounded goblet that never lacks blended wine. Your waist is a mound of wheat encircled by lilies. Your breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle.”

It wasn’t much to go on, but would have to do. I stopped her here and asked Kelly why she thought that the speaker was spending time describing his love’s physical appearance. We went back and forth for a while—Alyssa joined in on occasion—about interpreting the book as a parable or as literal, and so on. It was boring, and the real purpose of the exercise was to draw out the time Kelly spent near me, taking in a heaping helping of pheromones, and to make her mind turn to carnal matters.

After half an hour, the effect started to become noticeable. Kelly kept looking at me, furtively, eyes darting back down to her Bible whenever she thought I was looking up. Of course, being in a room with me for twenty minutes while inhaling my pheromones would have that affect on most women—some men, even—but I like to think my natural charm and magnetism played a part too.

Alyssa was even further along. She was rubbing her thighs together, unconsciously, and her eyes were locked firmly on my groin. I could see that Kelly had been primed and was now ready for more. Alyssa was no different. That meant it was time to move onto the next part of the plan.

“Forgive me for changing the subject,” I said. “But I noticed your ring. Are you married?”

Kelly held up her right hand and showed us the gold band around her ring finger. “This is my promise ring,” she said. “It represents my promise not to have sex until I’m married. I’ll wear it until a man proposes to me, and then he’ll replace it with his engagement ring.” She was looking at me as she spoke, and didn’t seem to notice Alyssa rolling her eyes at the saccharine little speech.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,” I said. “Forgive me for playing Devil’s Advocate—but doesn’t it seem odd that the Lord would give us powerful sex drives and make sex so pleasurable if he didn’t want us to enjoy it? That seems a bit twisted.”

Kelly bit her lower lip as she pondered. I’m sure she’d heard stuff like that before, but right now she wasn’t thinking clearly. I kept pushing. “I’m not saying you should sleep with whoever you want. Obviously, be smart about it. ”

“This… is very different than what my pastor back home said,” she replied.

“Well, I’m not your pastor. But it seems to me that sex is natural and good, and what we’ve been reading clearly suggests that there’s nothing wrong with having and enjoying it. And if you don’t have a partner, then at least you can masturbate.”

Kelly looked away from me, then, hiding her face behind her hands. I could see a flush creeping up on her, though. “You do masturbate, right?” I asked.

She opened her fingers, looking at me with one eye, and dropped her hands long enough to say “My pastor says I shouldn’t… but I do anyway.” Then she clapped her hands over her mouth again.

Alyssa chimed in next. “It’s fine. We all do it. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.” That was God’s own truth—hell, I have a little harem and I still jerk off every now and then, just to keep my hand in (if you’ll pardon the pun).

I picked up from where Alyssa left off. “Don’t worry. We’re not into judging here.” I went and sat by Kelly and gently took her hands, pulling them away from her mouth and enfolding them in my own. Then I took a gamble. “Tell me about it.”

She looked shocked, but didn’t try to pull away. Her eyes flickered from side to side, as if she wanted to reassure herself that it was just the three of us in the room. “Really? Isn’t that, I don’t know, wrong?”

“It’s okay. I’d love to hear about it. How do you like to do it?”

“Well… I do it in the bath.”

“Go on.”

“I lay in the bath and put my legs up on the sides of the tub.” Her face was bright red by now, and her breathing had quickened. I kept my eyes on hers, a genial smile fixed on my face. I nodded at her, and she continued.

“Then I turn the water on so it comes down right on my…” she trailed off, clearly searching for the right words. Alyssa supplied them.

“It’s okay, honey,” she said, sliding sinuously into the seat beside Kelly. Alyssa put one hand on Kelly’s shoulder and the other on her thigh. “You like it when the water hits your pussy?”

Kelly somehow got redder, but she nodded at that and looked away from me. “You can call it your pussy,” Alyssa continued, her voice breathy and barely more than a whisper. “Or your cunt.” She started to stroke Kelly’s thigh gently. “Keep going, Kelly. Tell us how you play with your cunt.”

“Sometimes if the water isn’t enough I rub myself.”

“Where?” Alyssa asked.

“I rub my… my cunt.” Kelly was rubbing her thighs together now and shifting in her seat. Alyssa’s hand traveled further up her leg, and Kelly made no move to pull away from me or stop her. “And sometimes I put things in it.”

“What kind of things?”

“I have a hairbrush I like… the handle has these ridges. And one time I used a bottle.”

It was kind of sad, really. There are perfectly good devices that work much better than hairbrushes and bottles, and this poor dear didn’t have access to them. We only had her for a night, but I was sure we’d expand her horizons significantly before sending her back home.

Alyssa leaned in close. “Doesn’t it feel so good when something slides inside you the first time? I know I love it when David enters my cunt.” She emphasized the last word; it came out clipped and just a bit harsh, and both women shuddered as she said it. Kelly let out an adorable little whimper and closed her eyes. Alyssa’s hand continued up her leg. Kelly’s legs were closed, her thighs pressed together, but Alyssa was patient, and she steadily worked her hand in under the other woman’s sundress.

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I brought Kelly’s hands up to my lips and gently kissed her clasped fingers. Her eyes were still closed, but as my lips touched her skin she let out her breath in a long, low exhalation. Kelly’s lips were moving; she was saying something, too quietly to be heard. But then Alyssa’s burrowing hand found its target. Alyssa’s mouth opened in an ‘O’ and her eyes went wide. “You’re practically dripping,” she said, pleasantly surprised, and then she leaned in closer, kissing Kelly’s neck just under her ear, by her jawline. That’s when Kelly’s whispers grew louder—she was saying, over and over, “Oh God… oh God… oh God…”

I got up and moved to sit next to her, letting go of her hands. Alyssa and I had her sandwiched between us. Alyssa was using her mouth, her delicious, talented mouth, kissing Kelly’s neck, moving up to tease her ear with her tongue. I mirrored her on the other side. While Alyssa kept her hand in place between Kelly’s creamy thighs, cupping the younger girl’s cunny in her palm, I went higher, and reached across Kelly’s chest to rest my hand on one of her perky, firm breasts. And through it all, Kelly kept whispering her little prayer.

Kelly made no move to pull away from us. Her hips were moving—no big movements, but little rolls as she pressed herself against Alyssa’s palm. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk, white-knuckled. She was breathing fast, and I could feel the pulse in her neck through my lips; her heart was racing. I moved my lips close to her ear and murmured, “Do you want us to make you feel better than you ever have before?”

There was a long pause before she gave us her reply—a small nod, and a whispered, “Yes.”

I glanced at Alyssa for a moment and we traded grins, just for an instant. Then we went to work. Alyssa slid her hand up onto Kelly’s midriff, just for a moment, then back down—but this time her fingers made their way underneath the waistband of Kelly’s demure white cotton panties. Kelly started breathing even faster, almost hyperventilating as Alyssa’s slim fingers touched her, no doubt the first time she’d been touched by anyone other than herself.

Kelly bit her lower lip—it was adorable, I can’t lie—and finally tried to get hold of her senses. “No… I can’t,” she said. “I made a promise.”

“Just words,” I said, between gentle kisses. “Just words. You should know what it is you’ve promised to give up.”

“Not give up—oh–not give up.” She was squirming a bit now in her chair, but still not trying to get up or make us stop. As she tried to talk her way out of what was going to happen, her speech was interrupted by more little breathy noises, brought out by Alyssa’s skilled slender fingers as they teased and toyed with her. I couldn’t see exactly what Alyssa was doing underneath Kelly’s dress, but I knew it had to be maddeningly pleasurable, especially for a comparative innocent like Kelly. “I’m—oh god—saving myself,” she said, “until—mmmm—until marriage.”

I was still cupping one of her perky young breasts, and I could feel that her nipple had gone stiff in my hand. I pinched it lightly and said, “Just think about how good this feels. How our hands on you make you yearn for more. You want to feel like this, don’t you? And you want to learn how to make others feel this good, don’t you? Your future husband won’t want a naïve little girl—he’ll want a confident, talented woman.”

Alyssa piped up, speaking quietly to Kelly. “Men don’t want ladies. They want dirty whores who know how to please them.” Kelly didn’t reply; her hips were gyrating in her seat, her eyes were closed, and her mouth hung open, lips parted appealingly, her pink tongue just barely visible behind her perfect white teeth. Alyssa kept talking, furthering the seduction attempt. “You’re so beautiful, Kelly. It’s a waste to hide a body like yours behind concealing clothes. Think how much better I could make you feel if we were naked.”
Thoroughly addled by pleasure, Kelly gave a small nod. Alyssa removed her hand from between Kelly’s legs, making the younger girl let out a small whine of disappointment. She rose, and a gentle pull brought Kelly to her feet as well. I sat back, and Alyssa pushed a few desks away while Kelly stood, looking down at the floor, her hands clutching at her dress. When Alyssa was done, she had cleared out a ring of open space with Kelly at the center. Alyssa stood by her guest and whispered something in her ear.

The desks in the room were the kind where the top folds away. Kelly nervously made her way to me and lifted the desk top, folding it off to the side. She turned and sat down on my lap. Alyssa coughed, meaningfully, and Kelly jumped up. “May I sit on your lap?” she asked. I nodded, and she sat back down, back stiff and straight. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her back to me, scooting my hips forward at the same time, making her lean back against me. She was warm, and her hair smelled of wildflowers. I placed a gentle kiss on the side of her neck, and she relaxed, letting her body mold to my own.

“Watch me, Kelly,” Alyssa said. “I’m going to show you one way to get a man excited.” She turned, facing away from Kelly and me, and looked back over one shoulder at us. Her legs were spread, about shoulder width apart, and her ass looked delectable under the tight jeans she was wearing. Alyssa was a dancer, and it showed in her body—and in particular, in her legs and her ass. She saw where I was looking and gave that perfect bubble butt a little wiggle. Then she bent at the waist, excruciatingly slowly. Alyssa was also incredibly flexible. Her upper body went parallel to the floor, then she bent still further, her head dipping lower and lower as her hands ran down her thighs, then her calves. She ended up with her hands on her ankles and her head resting on her own leg; she was looking back at us through her own legs. Kelly and I were both enraptured.

Alyssa slowly straightened back up, her hands running up her denim-covered legs. When she made it all the way up, her hands kept going, pulling her shirt up and baring her lower back before she let the blue tank top fall back down. Then she spun on her heel, turning to face us, her long, dark hair flaring out behind her. Alyssa leaned forward once again, letting Kelly and I catch a glimpse of her modest but perfectly-formed breasts under her shirt. This time, she stopped when her chest was parallel to the floor and looked up at us, a salacious look in her eyes.

My fingers wormed their way under Kelly’s dress. Alyssa hadn’t been lying when she said that Kelly was wet; as I ran one hand up her thighs, I encountered a few drops of her honey. When my fingers made contact with her cotton panties, I found them almost soaked through. Alyssa was a talented girl, and her touch had clearly gotten Kelly worked up. For her part, Kelly reacted to my touch by spreading her legs slightly and inching her hips forward to grind against my hand. I smiled at Alyssa over Kelly’s shoulder as the dark-haired dancer continued her striptease and I continued to manipulate Kelly.

Both of us watched as Alyssa put her dancer’s training to good use. Her shoes—flip-flops, nothing sexy—had been kicked off some time ago, well before the action started, but everything else was still on. Swaying her hips seductively to the tune of some music only she could hear, Alyssa unbuttoned her jeans and slowly unzipped them, revealing her own panties—a fairly demure pair of blue-and-white boyshorts.

Alyssa tucked her thumbs under her waistband and tugged the tight jeans down slightly, still shifting her hips from side to side. She approached Kelly and I, her eyes on me. I returned her steady stare and whispered to Kelly, “See how she looks at me? She’s intent, focused, and it lets me know that this is for me. She’s not just tossing her clothes on the floor; she’s putting on a show.” As I spoke, I pulled Kelly’s underwear to one side, and ran a single finger the length of her slit.

Kelly let her breath out in a long, low moan as I touched her. She squirmed a bit on my lap, and wound up sliding down in between my legs—and that’s when her ass came to rest up against my cock. I was, of course, hard, and while my fairly loose khakis concealed things somewhat I am—if I may say so myself—rather well-endowed. And when Kelly felt the thick length of my shaft up against her, her head snapped around and her jaw dropped. “Wha… what is that?” she asked.

Alyssa chuckled a bit and came closer. She stretched her arms overhead, pulling her shirt up and baring her midriff, and gave Kelly an answer. “That’s his dick,” she said. “It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. And it’s the best.” Alyssa lowered her arms, purred like a satisfied cat, and shrugged one shoulder strap of her top off her arm. “He’s going to put it in you, Kelly,” she continued, “and he’s going to make you cum.”

My fingers kept up their manipulations, seeking and finding Kelly’s button. It was erect, and I don’t think she was prepared for what would happen when I touched it. My fingertips barely grazed her, but her response was immediate. Her hips bucked, and her whole body almost convulsed there on my lap. Only my encircling arms kept her in place. Alyssa and I shared a smile as Kelly said, quietly: “Please do that again.”

I didn’t, at least not yet. “Wait for it, Kelly,” I told her. “Watch Alyssa.” Alyssa, for her part, turned away from us again. She slowly stripped off her shirt, baring her back. Alyssa hadn’t worn a bra, and as she casually let her top dangle off one finger and fall to the floor she folded her other arm over her breasts. When she turned back, her arm kept us from seeing much, but her pale skin and slim waist were enough to make my cock throb in my pants. Alyssa knelt in front of us, her head level with Kelly’s cunt. “Remember how it felt when I touched your clit?” I asked her. Kelly’s eyes were on Alyssa, and she seemed hypnotized as the raven-haired beauty leaned forward, slowly positioning herself between Kelly’s spread thighs. Still, she managed to give me a small nod. “She’s going to make you feel like that again—and that’s just for a start.”

Alyssa pushed Kelly’s sundress up and out of the way, leaving the pale yellow fabric bunched up around the younger woman’s waist. I moved my hand out of the way and Alyssa took over. The gathered fabric of the dress blocked my view somewhat, but as Alyssa leaned in I knew what she was planning to do—it was something I’d seen her do before, with her roommate or with other members of my little harem. Kelly suddenly gasped and spasmed again, and I knew that Alyssa’s talented tongue had snaked out from between her full, red lips and made contact with Kelly’s sensitive bud. Kelly had never been touched before tonight, and her explorations of her own body hadn’t prepared her for the intensity of the sensations we were giving her.

In a matter of seconds, Kelly was shifting, squirming in my lap, my hands around her waist and chest keeping her in place. Her writhing felt very good from my perspective as well; her ass wound up grinding against my cock. Alyssa even managed to do a bit of multitasking; one hand came up to stroke me through my pants, or at least the part of me that wasn’t trapped under Kelly’s ass. She wound up mainly squeezing the head of my prick, but it still felt good, especially with Kelly inadvertently grinding herself against me.

Alyssa did something with her mouth that sent Kelly into a paroxysm of pleasure. Kelly started whispering again, repeating one word over and over: “Please… please… please…” I didn’t know if she meant “Please stop,” “Please, more,” or—what I judged most likely—both at once. Alyssa, though, took her to mean “Please make me cum harder than I ever have before.” Or at least that’s what I assume, because about thirty seconds after Kelly’s whispered mantra started, it stopped; Kelly’s back arched, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her mouth dropped open. Her arms and legs stuck out, every muscle in her body seemingly going rigid. And then, it seemed like she had a seizure—she started thrashing about in my arms. Alyssa kept her lips locked on Kelly’s cunt throughout (like I said, the girl had skills), even when Kelly’s legs closed around her head and she twisted far enough that I thought she might wrench Alyssa’s neck.

Then she suddenly went limp, laying against me heavily and breathing deep. Alyssa backed away from Kelly and stood up. Her lips and chin shone with Kelly’s juices, and some had dripped down her neck. I felt a wet spot on my pants where Kelly sat and realized she must have soaked through her dress as well. Alyssa gave me a devilish grin and said to me, “Beat that.” And with no further ado she bent and stripped off her tight jeans and her panties, letting them pool on the floor by her feet.

Kelly was still dead to the world as Alyssa and I stripped her as well. She murmured something unintelligible as I shifted her around so Alyssa could peel her dress off her; there was indeed a dark spot on the back of the dress where she’d drenched it. Her bra and panties came off next. She was quite a looker. Her breasts were full and firm, C-cups according to her bra tag, and she had fairly prominent tan lines—normally a turn off, but in this case it made her seem more appealing. Her nipples were brownish-pink, and long, almost as long as the first joint of my pinky. Her waist was narrow, and her stomach was flat. She trimmed her bush into a triangle of dirty blonde fuzz above her dripping slit (I had half-expected her to be completely unshaven, but I guess bikini season had even good girls getting shaved and waxed). Kelly had long legs and a heart-shaped ass.

She came to a minute later, fully nude save for her purity ring and the cross dangling between her breasts, back on my lap and facing away from me. But I was naked too by then, and my stiff cock stuck up between her legs, and her drenched cunt was pressed up against the base of my shaft while the rest rose into the air majestically (if I do say so myself). Her eyelids fluttered a few times before opening, and the first thing she did was let out a contented moan. But then her brain caught up with what was going on, and I saw her eyes go wide as she realized what had just happened and her current position. She looked around frantically and saw Alyssa, naked as the day she was born, sitting on top of another desk and casually rubbing her clit while she watched us.

“Wh… what’s happening?” asked Kelly, her voice quavering—perhaps in fear, or perhaps something else.

“Alyssa ate your cunt. And from the way you reacted, I’d say you enjoyed it. I think you’re a little bit bi,” I answered, my lips close to her ear.

“No… I’m not…” Kelly protested, weakly. “That’s wrong.”

“It’s not. It’s natural,” I replied. I still had my arms around her waist, and she wasn’t struggling or making any move at all to get up. I decided to test a theory, and I slowly moved one hand down between her legs, my fingertips brushing her smooth skin as they went. When I reached her clit, I gave it a gentle touch, and her response was immediate and electric.

Kelly’s hips rocked, and she ground herself against my cock, coating a good portion of its length in her slick juices. Her shoulders heaved, and she let out a groan, then said something unexpected: “FUCK!” Instantly, she clapped both hands over her mouth. I stifled a laugh, but Alyssa was less successful.

“It’s okay to curse, honey,” she said. “In fact, it makes this sort of thing so much better. Listen: my boyfriend is going to fuck your pretty virginal cunt and make you cream your fucking head off. Isn’t that hot?” While she was talking, Alyssa kept rubbing herself, and I think she was picturing me doing the things she was describing. “Feel how big and hard he is? See how he’s sticking out there between your thighs? Think about how deep it’s going to go. When he’s done no other man will satisfy you.” She shuddered through a mini-climax while Kelly and I watched, her eyes closing as she arched her back and moaned.

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When she was done, Alyssa brought her fingers up to her mouth to lick them clean, but she stopped just as her tongue touched her fingertips. “Hmmm…” she said, looking contemplative and withdrawing her fingers. Alyssa fixed her eyes on Kelly and strutted over to us, exaggerating the natural sway of her hips and drawing my attention, at least, to her toned dancer’s body. Kelly still had her hands over her mouth. “Let me see your mouth, honey,” Alyssa said in an almost motherly tone. Kelly complied, tentatively, lowering her hands but keeping them folded in front of her chest. “Now open up. I tasted you earlier; you should taste me. Men love bi sluts like you.” Kelly opened her mouth and started to say something—perhaps another protest—but Alyssa was quick, and she slid her fingers into Kelly’s mouth as soon as she had the opportunity. Kelly didn’t resist; she just closed her lips and started to suckle on Alyssa’s fingers.

I picked up the dirty talk. “She’s delicious, isn’t she? I’ve eaten her out more times than I can count. She loves feeling my tongue down between her legs. You know what it’s like to have someone do that, now, don’t you? But I think that you’re a lot more sensitive than she is. Or at least part of you is…” Once more I brushed by fingers over her clit, and once more she responded intensely and immediately. She tried to cry out, but with her lips locked on Alyssa’s girlcum-soaked fingers it came out muffled. But her body shook, and her hands flew down to grab my wrist. I don’t know if she wanted me to stop, or to do it again, but I didn’t really care. Another light touch on her joy buzzer made her cunt cream all over me, a gush of juices coating the top of my cock.

Alyssa jerked her hand back quickly. “Fuck! She bit me!” she shouted, waving her hand. Kelly didn’t seem to know what she’d done; her eyes were glazed, her mouth was open in a big ‘O,’ and she was sliding her cunt up and down on my shaft. Alyssa reached out and took Kelly by the chin, turning her face up so she could look her in the eye. “Say sorry, honey,” she said. When Kelly didn’t reply, Alyssa frowned and pinched one of Kelly’s nipples between her thumb and the knuckle of her index finger. Kelly still didn’t answer her; she was lost in her own little world, grinding against me, the veiny skin of my cock sliding against her cunt lips and sometimes grazing her clit. So Alyssa clucked her tongue disappointedly and pinched harder, adding a twist of the wrist and a pull.

That did the trick. Kelly let out a pained squeal as she focused on Alyssa again. Alyssa kept the pressure up, until Kelly replayed the past few moments in her memory and screamed out, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Alyssa immediately let go when that happened and leaned in, pulling Kelly into a hug. “It’s okay, honey. You’re new at this. David and I will teach you how to be a good little bi slut.” Kelly tensed up at that, but another touch from me on her sensitive bud sent a jolt of pleasure through her. Alyssa held her as she shook, whispering filthy things to her that I couldn’t quite hear. When Kelly’s tremors ceased. Alyssa let her go and sunk down to her knees again, gesturing for Kelly to join her. Kelly seemed overwhelmed, and she slipped off my lap and sat down beside Alyssa in front of me.

“You’ve never pleased a man before, have you honey?” Alyssa asked. Kelly shook her head. “All right. Watch me.” Alyssa reached out and grabbed my cock, wrapping one hand around the base, her fingers not quite capable of encircling my thick pole. “We’ll start with using your hands. A lot of people don’t realize how important this is. Men sometimes think handjobs are worse than blowjobs or fucking. They’re not worse, just different.” Then she started to stroke me, one-handed, twisting her wrist as her hand glided up and down my length in long slow strokes. I’d been rock-hard for some time, now, with a pretty girl in my lap rubbing her cunt on me, so I was in need of some sort of release. Alyssa’s hand had my cock oozing precum before her third stroke.

“See, when you jerk a guy off, you can make it go slow or fast. You can use one hand or two. You can squeeze tight or stay loose.” Alyssa demonstrated these variations as she spoke, speeding up and slowing down, adding a hand, gripping me hard before relaxing. “And you can watch his reactions. You can see his cock swell and his precum drip from him. You can see it on his face how much he likes it.” Kelly was staring at my swollen cock as Alyssa stroked it, and she nodded mutely.

Alyssa kept going with her lesson. “It’s not all about the cock, though. You have to pay attention to other things too. Like his balls.” She let go of my cock with one hand and moved down to cup my heavy sack, rolling my balls around in her palm. I scooted forward in the seat to give her better access. “Most men aren’t as big as David. And even the ones that are don’t fuck like he does. I think of a nice handjob like this as a way of showing David how much I want him. It’s all about his pleasure, see, and that means you should focus on him entirely when you’re doing this. I feel like I’m worshiping him when I do it.”

That seemed to make Kelly a bit skittish. Alyssa saw it too, and she expertly distracted Kelly before things went too far—in this case, by taking Kelly’s hands and bringing them up to my groin. Kelly let Alyssa position her; she wound up with her left hand on my balls and her right hand on my shaft. “Now stroke him,” Alyssa said, “make him feel good.”

Kelly’s first feeble efforts were, well, feeble. She sort of just twitched her wrist and shook things from side to side. “No, no,” Alyssa said. “Let me show you.” Alyssa placed her hands over Kelly’s and took over. Her fingers curled over Kelly’s; it led to a curious sensation, as Alyssa jacked me off using Kelly’s hands. Her stokes were long and smooth, with just a bit of a corkscrewing motion. After a few strokes Alyssa let go and Kelly picked up the action, mimicking Alyssa quite well.

A bead of precum formed at the tip of my dick, and Alyssa directed Kelly to extended her strokes so that her palm rubbed my head, smearing the precum into her hands and across my whole length. “That’s one sign you’re doing a good job,” Alyssa said. “And if you’ve got your hand on his balls, like you do, then you can feel another. When they tighten up, it means you’ve done well and he’s going to cum soon.”

Kelly kept stroking me, and before too long that very thing happened. Alyssa had one hand on my sack as well, gently squeezing the bloated organ, gauging my progress toward my climax, and when they rose and tightened she made Kelly stop. “We’re going to make him cum together,” she said. Alyssa gripped my shaft, her hand just above Kelly’s, and then she had Kelly add another hand on top of that. Finally, Alyssa managed to get her other hand on too. It was impressive; both girls had small hands, but even so there was still some left uncovered. Not for the first time I gave silent thanks to Priapus for his gift.

“Just try to keep in sync with me,” Alyssa said, sidling close to Kelly, so that their hips and shoulders touched. “We’re going to make him explode all over us and then we’re going to clean up.” Kelly nodded, her lips parted, her eyes showing white all around. They started to stroke me again, a four-handed handjob that felt heavenly (once they got going; it did take a few seconds). I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and let them work, not holding back at all as they jerked me to completion.

In just a few minutes, their dedicated efforts did the trick. I throbbed int their hands and felt the first surge of spunk shoot up my shaft. Kelly gasped and Alyssa laughed as the load that had been building up for quite a while erupted from me. My eyes were closed, so I let the girls determine where my cum would end up. Kelly stopped stroking and removed her hands when I started to cum, but Alyssa kept going, and I felt her directing my spurting hose as bolts of thick sperm jetted from me.
When I opened my eyes, both girls had been liberally frosted with my cum. Ropes hand landed on Kelly’s face, and on Alyssa’s, and on both of their tits. Some spurts seemed to have gone between them; there was cum on Kelly’s shoulder and a few white lines on the wooden floor of the classroom behind them. Alyssa was still stroking me, but Kelly had let go. She had her hands up in the air in front of her, and there was cum on them as well. She looked shocked and was looking at my still-hard cock and blinking rapidly; Alyssa had aimed it right at her. The last dregs of my climax dripped from the end of my shaft down over Alyssa’s hands.

“Wow,” said Kelly. “Is it like that every time?”

Alyssa giggled. “With David it is. But most men aren’t anything like this.”

“There’s so much,” Kelly said, flabbergasted.

“I know. And didn’t it feel good to have him throbbing in your hands?” Alyssa asked Without looking away from my cock, Kelly admitted it did. “Good girl. Now, as you can see, we’ve made quite a mess here. And what do good little bi sluts like you do when they’ve made a mess?”

Kelly’s voice, when she answered, was small and soft. “Clean it up,” she said.

“Very good!” Alyssa was, it turned out, something of a natural when it came to teaching new sluts. “You should always start by cleaning David up. And the right way to do that is with your mouth.” Then she demonstrated what she meant, leaning forward and engulfing the head of my prick with her mouth. Her tongue swirled around me, polishing the tip, before she pulled off, sucking hard as she did so my cock came free of her mouth with a *pop.*

Then she ran her thumb up the underside of my cock, pressing down and forcing another thick blob of cum out, like squeezing toothpaste from a tube. “Now you try,” she said, aiming it back toward Kelly. The younger girl was nervous, but whatever objections she might have had a few hours ago were gone. She leaned in and wrapped her lips around the end of my cock, and her tongue lapped at the cum that was there. Alyssa had been thorough when it came to licking me, but Kelly didn’t; she just licked me once and then kind of stopped, her lips locked onto me.

Alyssa, meanwhile, was licking her hands clean. She saw that Kelly was unsure of what to do, and she looked up at me and said, “How’s she doing, stud?”

I shook my head. “She needs more education.”

Alyssa finished cleaning her hands, devouring my cum eagerly rather than savoring it, as she sometimes liked to do. Then she gathered up Kelly’s hair into a loose ponytail and gently pulled her away. “You don’t just sit there. You need to lavish attention on him,” she said. “Open your mouth.”

Kelly mutely obeyed. My cum was still on her tongue, a white bead against her pink flesh. Alyssa saw it too, and said, “You should get used to that taste. Roll it around on your tongue. Enjoy it. Learn to love that rich salty-sweet flavor.” Alyssa was really getting into this whole slut training thing—frankly, I was a little blown away by it, and more than happy to let her take the lead. “Here,” she said. “Have some more.” She moved closer to Kelly and licked some of the cum off the younger girl’s hand. Kelly looked to me for guidance, and I mimed for her to open up; she did, and Alyssa rose up, lined herself up over Kelly, and let the cum fall from her mouth into Kelly’s, feeding her like a baby bird. Kelly held her mouth open in an ‘O’, and Alyssa was remarkably accurate—a long off-white string of cum and spit stretched from her mouth to Kelly’s.

So Kelly wound up with a mouthful of cum, and under instruction from Alyssa spent the better part of a minute swirling it around in her mouth while Alyssa waxed poetic about how delicious it was, before being instructed to swallow. Kelly winced a bit as the cum slid down her mouth, clearly unaccustomed to the taste and the texture. “Hold still, now,” Alyssa said, and she went back for more, dragging her tongue across Kelly’s cheeks, her forehead, her chest, sucking up all the cum I’d deposited on the newly initiated high schooler. Several times, she fed Kelly another mouthful, snowballing with her. On the last time, she didn’t drool the cum out from a distance; instead, she took the younger girl by the chin and kissed her, aggressively, pushing the cum from her mouth to Kelly’s with her tongue. Each time she made Kelly wait before swallowing it, ensuring that the girl was accustomed to my taste.

I have to admit, it was hot as hell. By the time she was done, Alyssa had Kelly accepting each mouthful with something approaching eagerness. She was still somewhat bewildered, but clearly she didn’t mind what was going on—in fact, from the way her hands kept straying between her legs it was obvious she was enjoying herself.

“Now it’s your turn—I’m all messy too,” Alyssa said. That made Kelly freeze, but not for long. I don’t know exactly what she was thinking, but I suspect it was something like in for a penny, in for a pound; by her standards, she’d already broken her vow to remain pure, so she might as well go all out. At least, that’s the best explanation I could offer for what Kelly did next. She didn’t just lick the cum off Alyssa’s face; she devoured it, holding Alyssa’s head in her hands and turning her this way and that as her lips and tongue moved across Alyssa’s face, eagerly seeking out any little bit of white stuff she could find. And when her mouth was full, she duplicated Alyssa’s cum-soaked kiss from earlier, mashing her lips against Alyssa’s and swapping the cum and spit back and forth.

When the kiss ended, Kelly went to work gathering up the lines and blobs of cum that decorated Alyssa’s chest; these, she collected with her fingers, and saved for herself, scooping the spunk into her mouth and swallowing it down. Alyssa was clearly impressed, and so was I; Kelly had gone from a trembling virgin to an eager cum-swallower in an hour or so. It was quite a transformation.

Of course, she still had that pesky virginity, in all three holes. Alyssa looked at me, her unspoken question clear, and I nodded my approval.

“That was a good start,” Alyssa said. “But I hope you realize we’re far from done.” Kelly stopped licking her fingers and looked at Alyssa, then to me—and then to my cock, which was still proudly erect. Her eyes went wide.

Alyssa spoke up again. “It’s time for you to learn how to suck dick.”

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