BMOC The Innocent Ch. 02

This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing. This chapter has decidedly sacrilegious content, so if you don’t like that, look elsewhere.


“It’s time for you to learn how to suck dick.” That pronouncement from Alyssa had left Kelly, the (now only mostly) innocent visiting high schooler stunned. No surprise there; not ten minutes ago, the two of them had given me a fantastic four-handed hand job that ended with my load splattered all over both girls, and then Alyssa had introduced Kelly to the concept of snowballing, as the two of them cleaned each other with their mouths and shared the rewards. And now Kelly was confronted with my still-hard pole and a new mission. It had been a big day for her.

Kelly was the classic girl-next-door. Dirty blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, cornflower blue eyes, tan skin with tan lines that spoke of her basic modesty. She was someone to take home to mother. Or at least she had been before my girl Alyssa and I had got hold of her. After luring her into a deserted classroom under false pretenses—we said it was a Bible study—we got her naked, fingered her until she came, and then got her to jack me off, with Alyssa’s help.

Like I said, a big day.

But while she’d been seduced into sin, she wasn’t completely depraved. Kelly was one of those good little girls who made a promise to stay a virgin until she got married. She had a purity ring and everything. Getting her to give me a handjob was relatively easy. Getting her to let Alyssa eat her out would have been harder, if we’d given her a choice, but we didn’t so it went pretty smooth. Now, though, we were getting some pushback.

Thus far, Alyssa had done a fan-fucking-tastic job pushing Kelly’s boundaries, and I decided to wait and see if she could keep it going. Alyssa wasn’t much like Kelly, physically; she was a dancer and had the build you’d expect of one. Her hair was black, and hung down most of the way to her ass, which was perfectly formed. Seriously—it is the best ass I have ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty. Watching her dominate the taller and curvier Kelly had been a unique and enjoyable experience, and I was eager to see it continue. She didn’t disappoint.

Alyssa stood up and stretched lazily before strolling behind Kelly, who was sitting on the floor. She grabbed the younger girl’s hair and yanked it back, forcing Kelly to turn her face up to the ceiling, and then leaned in, standing over Kelly and glaring down at her. “Say, ‘Yes, Mistress.'” Yeah, cliché, whatever. It was new to Kelly.

The high school student stammered, but managed to spit it out. “Y…yes, Mistress.”

Then Alyssa knelt, pulling harder on Kelly’s hair and forcing her to arch her back—she probably would have fallen, but Alyssa was blocking her from doing that. “Yes what?”

“It’s… it’s time for me to learn…” She trailed off. Alyssa gave her hair a sharp yank, and Kelly let out a little squeal of pain. She closed her eyes and continued. “It’s time for me to learn to suck dick.”

Alyssa kept her grip on Kelly’s hair, but she eased up on the pressure. “Good girl,” she said. “Now come along.” Taking Kelly with her, she walked over to where I was sitting in one of those desks where the top folds away from the chair. When they got to me, she sunk back down to her knees and said, “Watch closely.”

There were a lot of things I loved about Alyssa. She was smart, funny, undeniably gorgeous, and every bit as kinky and inventive and oversexed as I was. Add to that the fact that she gave masterful head, and it’s a wonder that it took me as long as it did to start to see her as more than just another member of my harem. But that’s neither here nor there; the point is that her mouth was fucking magical.

In the interest of pedagogical training, she started out slow. Alyssa stuck out her tongue and gave the underside of my cock on long, lazy lick, from the base to the tip. Then she did it again, covering one side this time, and repeated the process a third time on the other side. She spit on the top and worked that in with her fist, a few quick strokes coating my length in her spit.

Then she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my fat head. I never grew tired of watching her lips stretch around me. Kelly was watching, wide-eyed, as if she couldn’t believe that anyone could take something like my cock in their mouths (at least, without breaking their jaws). Alyssa pushed herself, her lips crawling down my shaft, her tongue working the underside of my cock, until I touched the back of her throat. She stopped there, looking up at me, still moving her tongue, and held it for perhaps ten seconds, while one hand shuttled up and down the rest on my length and the other kneaded and fondled my heavy sack.

Finally, then, she started to bob her head, in time with the motions of her hand. Alyssa could deepthroat—I told you she gave great head—but she didn’t go that far yet, not wanting to scare Kelly off. For now, her lips and tongue pleasured my first few inches while her hands took care of the rest. After a minute or two of this action, she stopped, pulling off me, sucking hard as she went so her lips came free with a *pop.* “Now it’s your turn,” she said to Kelly.

Kelly was very tentative as she took Alyssa’s place. Alyssa still held on to the base of my cock, keeping it aimed at the blonde’s face. Nervously, Kelly opened her mouth about halfway—and Alyssa just clucked her tongue and said, “That won’t be nearly enough. Open as wide as you can.” Kelly obeyed, silently, and then moved closer. Alyssa abruptly levered my dick away, and Kelly wound up poking herself in the cheek.

“Wh… what?” Kelly sputtered.

Alyssa shook her head and thwapped Kelly on the cheek with my cock—the first time I was ever involved in a cockslap-by-proxy, I think. “Don’t you remember? You don’t just try to swallow it all in one go. Build up to it. Get him excited.”

With Alyssa holding me, Kelly stuck out her tongue, and Alyssa rested my cock on her tongue. Kelly started to lick me. I noticed right away a difference in the two girls’ styles. Alyssa knew what she was doing; even with something simple like this, she made it more exciting, maintaining eye contact, flattening out her tongue, and generally doing her best to make things stimulating. Kelly, in contrast, acted like she was licking an ice cream cone. Nervous little flicks of her tongue, in the same spot over and over. It wasn’t impressive. But hey, no one is an expert their first time out, and her innocence and eagerness made up for a lot of the skill gap.

Alyssa knelt down beside her. “No, no, honey, that’s not right. Watch me again.” And then she put on another little demo, showing how she’d drag her tongue over the veiny surface of my cock, covering plenty of territory in each lick. Kelly watched attentively, and when Alyssa was done with her demonstration she took over again, mimicking Alyssa’s methods with a good deal more success. “Good!” Alyssa exclaimed. As Kelly started lapping her way up one side of my shaft, Alyssa did the same on the other side, and I had to bite back a groan at the feeling of their two tongues slowly and steadily making their way up my length.

They met at the end of my shaft, and when they did Alyssa pulled Kelly to her in a passionate kiss. It caught the blonde off guard—probably her first time kissing another woman, too—but she didn’t resist. It wasn’t a long kiss, and Alyssa was running the show, clearly the dominant partner. “Men love to watch bi sluts like you make out with other women,” she said by way of explanation once the kiss ended. Kelly didn’t seem to be contesting her being ID’ed as a bi slut anymore, or perhaps everything was just happening too fast for her to process. Whatever it was, Kelly just nodded and then turned her attention back to me.

After one more lick she opened wide, mimicking Alyssa’s performance earlier, and took the fat head of my prick into her mouth. She didn’t get very far before stopping, probably unused to having so much in her mouth at once. Her eyes darted over to Alyssa, who was still kneeling beside her, and she gave her instructor a questioning look.

“Don’t look at me,” Alyssa said. “Keep your eyes on him. You need to look at him like he’s the most important thing in the world.” Kelly did her best, looking up at me with wide eyes. Alyssa continued. “Now bob your head and suck. Don’t forget about your tongue; it should always be moving. And watch the teeth.” It took Kelly a minute to get everything coordinated, but soon she was giving a very credible blowjob—at least for her first time. She wasn’t taking me particularly deep, but it was pleasant nonetheless.

Alyssa took Kelly’s hands and brought them up to my groin, resting one hand on my balls and the other midway down my spit-slick shaft. “You’re not going to be able to take him all the way in with your mouth at first, so you need to do other things to keep your man happy,” Alyssa explained. A bit more prompting got Kelly to start stroking me, with long strokes and a little twist of the wrist that had me feeling very good very quickly.

“Oooh, you’re a natural!” Alyssa squealed excitedly, knee-walking around behind Kelly and pulling her hair back from her face. “What do you think, David, does she deserve a reward for being such a good little cocksucker?”

“Damn straight she does,” I replied. My eyes had been mainly on Kelly, but now I directed my gaze to Alyssa. I gave her a smoldering look and added, “And so does her teacher.”

Alyssa shivered at that and said nothing, but her other hand disappeared between Kelly’s legs from behind. Her mouth was stuffed with my cock, but I still heard Kelly’s high-pitched moan when Alyssa’s fingers found her dripping cunt. “God, you’re tight,” Alyssa said. “It’s going to take some work to get his big thing in you.” Kelly started bobbing her head faster, beginning to lose herself in sensation, as Alyssa kept talking. “He’s going to stretch this little pussy out so good. I know my finger is making you feel wonderful—I can feel you juicing up for me. If one little finger does this, imagine what his fat pole will do to you.”

Kelly’s eyes closed and her sucking faltered; her hands were still moving, and her tongue was twitching, but her head went still. Alyssa kept going. I could see her shoulder moving rhythmically and her expert fingers worked their magic on the girl. “He’ll get so much deeper than my tiny little fingers. And he’s so much thicker. Your cunt is going to have to be reshaped to fit him. I know what that’s like. He did it to me and my roommate one night.” Kelly pulled herself off me then—her hands didn’t stop, but she hung her head as Alyssa’s digital stimulation overwhelmed her.

“He fucked us so good. Made us both his little sluts. Don’t you want that?” Kelly made a noise, something between a sob and an ecstatic moan. “Answer your Mistress,” she said, the words coming out in a hiss. “Do you want to be David’s little slut? One of his fuck pets?” Kelly’s hips were rolling now, and her breath was ragged. Still, she didn’t answer. Then Alyssa must have brushed her thumb past Kelly’s clit or something like that, because all of the sudden Kelly had this whole-body spasm that drove out all her breath in one tremendous expulsion.

Kelly took a deep breath, and screamed out one word, one I wouldn’t have expected from her: “FUCK!” Alyssa seemed shocked as well, but didn’t stop working the younger girl over with her skilled hands. “Not an answer, pet,” she said. “Tell us how much you want to be one of his girls.”

Kelly looked back at Alyssa, and with her lips trembling she said, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Alyssa replied. I’d seen Alyssa do something like this before, when we played with her roommate—she liked to keep someone right on the edge of orgasm until they gave her what she wanted. She even did it with me on occasion, and I have to admit I could see the appeal. But it was much better watching her do it to someone else. Kelly was shaking like a leaf, desperate for relief, and almost completely unequipped to deal with the sensations coursing through her. But she knew what she needed to say to get what she craved.

“Yes, Mistress, I want to be one of his fuck pets!” she shrieked.

“Good girl!” Alyssa said, and then she pushed Kelly over the edge. I don’t know exactly what she did, but I’m pretty sure it involved using her fingers Kelly’s ultra-sensitive clit and on her g-spot as well, a devastatingly effective combination for many women but even more powerful against someone who’d never had any real expert stimulation before. Kelly almost fell, her grip on my shaft tightening almost painfully—luckily she had let go of my balls some minutes ago, or I’d probably have been screaming with her—and she let out a wordless scream that was almost deafening in the small room.

And Alyssa didn’t stop. Her skilled fingers kept going; I could see her shoulder move as she put Kelly through the wringer, no doubt using all her tricks to make the visiting high school student cum her brains out. And Alyssa succeeded, too; Kelly let go of my cock and put both hands on the floor, her arms shaking, and then slowly slid down until her cheek was on the floor and her ass in the air, gyrating in tight little circles. It looked like she was almost trying to get away from Alyssa, but not really trying, if that makes sense.

She screamed again as Alyssa expertly drove her to another climax, and then after a few seconds and a deep inhalation she let out a third ear-splitting scream. Alyssa looked up at me and smiled. “She’s a loud one, isn’t she?” she asked, mostly rhetorically. Once the third scream ended Kelly started trying desperately to get herself back under control, but with Alyssa still diligently working away inside her Kelly’s efforts proved fruitless. She started to hyperventilate and beat on the floor with her fists; she tried to pull away, but Alyssa didn’t let her escape—and in any case there was nowhere to go. Kelly’s hand found my foot and she latched on, clinging to my leg and almost sobbing as another climax overtook her.

Finally Alyssa relented and let Kelly get herself together. Alyssa pulled her hand out from between Kelly’s legs and held it up. It glistened with Kelly’s juices, clear to the wrist. I don’t know exactly how many times Kelly came, but it was more than enough. She was still trying weakly to push herself back up when Alyssa grabbed her hair with her clean (or at least cleaner) hand and pulled her back up onto her heels.

Kelly’s mouth hung open. Her eyes were half-closed, and she had just managed to start breathing steadily again, big deep breaths that made her chest rise and fall in a way I found fascinating. Without a word, Alyssa jammed her fingers into Kelly’s mouth, making her lick off her juices. Kelly reacted on instant, and as soon as Alyssa’s fingers had made it past her lips her mouth closed over them. She started to suckle on my girl’s digits. If she didn’t like the taste of her cunt-honey it didn’t show on her face at all. Alyssa made her clean off each finger individually, and then had her lick the palm clean and the back of the hand too. Once her hand was spotless, Alyssa gave Kelly a deep kiss—and Alyssa was definitely the one taking the lead; Alyssa had one hand tangled up in Kelly’s hair, and the other on one of her breasts as Alyssa’s tongue forced its way into Kelly’s mouth.

When the kiss ended Alyssa quickly and unceremoniously yanked Kelly back over to me before giving her more instructions. “If you want to be a good little pet for him, you’ll have to prove you’re worth his time. Suck him more. Make him cum and swallow up every drop.”

“Yes, Mistress,” came Kelly’s reply, and then she opened wide and engulfed the head of my prick—which, by now, was almost aching. I was unaccustomed to going so long without getting involved. Watching Alyssa dominate this young innocent girl was too good, though, too good to ruin. Kelly managed to get me a bit deeper this time, and she started bobbing her head, mimicking what she’d seen Alyssa doing earlier. Her hands came up and she gripped my shaft, down near the base, and as her spit starting running out past the tight seal made by her lips she started to stroke me in time with the up-and-down motions of her head.

Alyssa knelt beside her and held back Kelly’s dirty blonde hair. “How is she, Sir?” she asked. “Does she suck your dick like a good little slut?”

“She needs more practice,” I answered. “But she’s trying so hard, and she has a talented tongue.” That was true—even with my fat cockhead in her mouth, pressing her tongue down, she still was doing her best with it, curling it around, pressing it against that sensitive spot just under the head. I don’t think she knew she was doing it, but she’d watched Alyssa earlier with extreme care, and now whenever she did something impressive I involuntarily rewarded her with a stream of precum. She was like an animal being trained; the precum that leaked into her mouth told her she was doing a good job, and so she did it again and again, each time getting me closer and closer to climax.

With a wry little smile, Alyssa decided to help Kelly out. She ducked underneath Kelly and took one of my balls into her mouth, rolling the heavy, cum-filled orb around on her tongue and emitting pleased little moans as she did. Kelly, for her part, shortened her strokes slightly to make things easier for Alyssa and to avoid bopping her in the head. And I just looked down on the pair of them as they serviced me. Kelly’s blonde head was bobbing and she looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes, desperately eager to please. Just beside and below her was Alyssa, whose vibrant green eyes revealed her confidence in her abilities and her sex appeal.

I reached down and put one hand on each girls’ head, holding them in place and pushing them both just a bit closer—to each other and to me. Kelly coughed as my cock head punched against the back of her throat but she recovered gracefully, her steady sucking only interrupted for the briefest of moments. Alyssa just smiled as best she could (given that her lips were wrapped tight around my balls) and moaned, the vibrations coming up through my sack and making me shiver.

Before long, the feeling of two sets of lips and tongues on me proved too much. I gave the girls a warning—mostly for Kelly’s benefit, since her innocence and the fact that my cock was in her mouth made her the main recipient of my cum. The warning might not have been clear to her, though—I would have thought that yelling “FUCK!” was enough, but the naïve girl just looked up at me quizzically and was thus quite shocked when the first bolt of cum rocketed from me cock and smacked against the back of her throat.

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Quick as lightning, Alyssa snaked out from her position and got behind Kelly just as she pulled away, letting my next shot splash against her face. Alyssa roughly shoved Kelly back down on my spurting shaft. “Keep sucking!” she ordered, holding Kelly in place as more cum spilled from me directly into her mouth. I felt her swallow once, twice, before the flow overwhelmed her. She coughed and the backed-up cum sprayed out past her lips. “Bad girl!” Alyssa shouted, pushing down harder as Kelly struggled to catch up and not to gag again.

Miraculously, she succeeded, finding her rhythm and swallowing regularly as my cock pulsed and throbbed in her mouth. She drank down almost everything I had to give her, leaving only the single stream that had landed on her face—closing one eye in a coquettish wink—and the remnants that had spilled out after her early troubles.

Alyssa knew me very well, and she could tell when I’d stopped cumming (I asked her about it once, and apparently I always let out a bit of a sigh when I’ve just cum; I never noticed it, myself, but then I’m generally distracted when that’s happening). When the moment came, Alyssa yanked Kelly up almost immediately and took her place, eager to lavish attention on me, something I always appreciated in those moments just after a good cum when everything’s still all tingly. Kelly used her fingers to scoop the cum off her face—and right into her mouth, I noted approvingly—and watched attentively as Alyssa’s almost worshipful display kept me stiff and ready for round three.
That seemed to surprise Kelly. Some of her nervousness was still apparent in the way her voice quavered when she asked, “How is he still so hard? I thought boys needed a break after they… you know.” I couldn’t help but smile; the young thing in front of me had just given her first blowjob and drank down the cum, but she still wouldn’t talk about it.

Alyssa fielded the question for me. She gave me a nice hard suck as she pulled her head up, and once I had popped out of her mouth she said, “Boys usually do need a break. But David’s not a boy.” He lips wrapped around me again and she once again starting bobbing her head, looking up at me, her green eyes sparkling with some of Alyssa’s innate naughtiness.

Kelly started looking around for her clothes then, which had wound up scattered around the room. The first thing she found were her panties, and she picked them up and stood. That’s when I stepped in—it was great having Alyssa on my side, but Kelly needed to learn that she was accountable to me as well. And besides, I wasn’t going to let this innocent girl go without fucking her. Blowjobs were all well and good, but I wanted some nice, tight pussy, and there was some fresh new pussy available.

I tugged on Alyssa’s hair and she obediently let me guide her up and off my cock. Then I stood and took two steps, bringing me very near to Kelly. She cringed a bit and moved to cover herself, folding one hand across her chest and concealing her cunt with the other.

That, I thought, was unacceptable.

So I reached out and grabbed her by the throat. I didn’t squeeze; it wasn’t necessary, yet. I just held her in place and forced her to look up at me. “Put your hands behind your back,” I ordered, and Kelly was quick to obey. I moved closer still, close enough for my stiff cock to poke her in the belly, making her flinch, and delivered my next order. “Don’t move from this spot or speak until I give you permission.” Kelly opened her mouth to reply, but a glare from me caught her short and instead she just nodded. I was pleased with her performance and I said so as I let go of her neck and stepped back. “Good girl.”

Alyssa came up beside me and leaned against me, pressing herself to my side and looking Kelly up and down. “She’s so pretty,” Alyssa murmured. “Are you going to fuck her?” That made Kelly’s eyes go wide, as if she’d never considered the possibility despite everything that had happened.

I hemmed and hawed for a moment before answering. “I want to fuck her,” I said. “But not unless she begs.” I reached out one hand idly and gave one of her eraser-tip nipples a pinch. Kelly let out a whimper but didn’t move or say anything, so I moved my hand lower, between her legs, cupping her cunt possessively and grinding the heel of my hand against her mound. She started to rub against me, a needy look coming over her as she sought pleasure from my touch, but still she said nothing as I had ordered.

My hand stayed where it was, and Kelly’s hips started moving more quickly, until I withdrew it suddenly and left her gyrating, trying to grind against the air. Alyssa laughed briefly and said, “Look at her. She wants to get fucked.”

“She does. I don’t know if she knows it, though. So we’re going to show her what that means.” That made Alyssa’s face light up. I addressed Kelly one more time: “Here’s the deal, you little bi slut—I’m going to show you what a good fuck is like. I want you to watch Alyssa here and see how much she enjoys letting me defile her. When I tell you that you can speak, you’ll have a chance to beg for it. If you want to have the same experience she’s going to have, then the first words out of your mouth will be ‘Please, Sir, fuck my virgin cunt.’ I want you to say it now. Get used to how it sounds.”

Kelly’s lip was quivering. Her eyes darted around the room, looking for something—help, perhaps, or some reminder of why she shouldn’t submit to me. But she didn’t find anything, and after a moment of silence she said, quietly, “Please, Sir, f… fuck my virgin c…cunt.”

I smiled. “Again. Louder.”

“Please, Sir, fuck my virgin cunt.”

“One more time. Scream it.”


I was glad we were in a mostly-soundproofed room. “Very good. Now be quiet until I give you permission. Watch us and remember what you’re supposed to say—because I promise you’ll want it once you see what getting fucked is like.” I took one more step back and pulled Alyssa in front of me.

Without instruction from me, the raven-haired dancer bent over, her hands going to Kelly’s shoulders for support. Alyssa looked Kelly right in the eye and said, “Please, Sir, destroy my fucking pussy.”

I lined myself up and fucked my whole length into her in one stroke, making Alyssa scream out some profane gibberish. Hey, she said she wanted to get destroyed. I watched Kelly, whose eyes were on Alyssa as I started to use her like a living sex toy.

My hands were on Alyssa’s hips, holding her in place. I hammered home, driving myself deep inside her—I knew, from past experience, that when she was turned on there was no need to be gentle with Alyssa. She could take it. This time was no exception; my thrusts drove her up on her toes and made her brace herself against Kelly. Our bodies met, again and again, the slapping sound of flesh on flesh an animalistic cadence that filled the room.

In less than a minute I felt Alyssa’s viselike, velvety cunt convulsing around me. She let out a long moan and started pouring on the dirty talk. “Oh, god, Kelly… he’s fucking me so good! I’m going to cum all over his godly cock. He’s hitting everything on every stroke!” The younger girl flushed as Alyssa kept up the play-by-play. “Watch me… watch my face… look what he’s doing to me.” Kelly was transfixed. And as Alyssa’s cunt squeezed me like a fist she closed her eyes, her mouth falling open, her breath quickening, her white-knuckled fingers digging into Kelly’s shoulders. “Fuck… fuck… fuck… cumming!” she screamed, announcing it to the world.

I fucked her through her orgasm and moments later my efforts led to a second climax. Hot on the heels of that one came a third. Kelly was amazed, watching Alyssa’s face contort as the waves of ecstasy crashed and rolled over her. Alyssa wasn’t able to keep talking for long once she’d started cumming, so I picked up the slack. “You dirty little slut,” I said, talking to Kelly, “you like watching me fuck her like this? You want to be in her place? Standing in a classroom with a thick cock lodged in your cunt?” I saw her nod—unconsciously, I think—and I kept going, pounding Alyssa and spewing filth for Kelly. “Do you think you’re as good a slut as her? Think you’re worth fucking? Is your cunt as tight and wet and hot as hers?”

Alyssa managed to get enough control of herself by now to join in again. “I bet it’s not. You know I exercise mine for you so it’s always the tightest one.” It was true—Alyssa prided herself on it, in fact. “And she doesn’t know how to milk your prick with hers, like I do.” That’s when Alyssa pulled Kelly closed, mashing their breasts together, Kelly’s perky young C-cups pressing tight against Alyssa’s smaller breasts. Alyssa had her face by Kelly’s ear, and in a stage whisper she said, “Look at how he’s splitting me open. See how long and thick he is? You’ll never find another man like this.”

Her voice started to break as another climax crept up on her, but she held it together long enough to finish her thought. “When he tells you to talk, you better fucking beg. You better beg or you’ll never get fucked for real. You’ll never… you’ll never… FUCK!” Her climax ripped through her. I felt a gush of juices run down my length, to my balls, some even soaking my thighs. Alyssa dug her fingers into Kelly’s shoulders, her nails leaving crescent-shaped impressions in the younger girl’s skin. “You’re my God! You’re my God!” Alyssa shrieked in Kelly’s ear, making her wince.

And with that I pulled out and let go of Alyssa’s hips. She sunk down to her knees, slumping against Kelly, her face only inches from Kelly’s cunt. Alyssa was panting, and I gripped my iron-hard cock and angled it up, aiming it right at Kelly’s face. The veins stood out on its surface, and Alyssa’s juices literally dripped from the tip. “You know what I’m going to ask you, little slut,” I said to Kelly. “And you know what your answer is.”

For a heartbeat, Kelly said nothing, just looked down at the angry erect penis that confronted her. But then she answered my unspoken question, saying exactly what I expected. In a loud, clear voice, she said, “Please, Sir, fuck my virgin cunt.” There was something in her voice that hadn’t been there before.

It was sexy as hell.

Kelly was looking me in the eye as she spoke, but I could still see the meekness in her despite her efforts to bury it. It struck me that she was trying to mimic Alyssa, to duplicate her sexy confidence, and she was doing a passable job of it. With Alyssa, there was a bit of a feedback loop that hadn’t yet gotten started inside Kelly; Alyssa knew she was sexy, and that gave her confidence and let her put herself out there. And that, in turn, made her sexier. For Kelly, things were different, but I had high hopes.

Of course, she’d need to learn quite a bit more before she could manage to pull off the vamp/sexpot thing that Alyssa had going on. For now, though, her innocence had an appeal all its own. Alyssa and I had already done quite a bit to tarnish her, but we were far from done. I took Alyssa by her long dark hair and pulled her away from Kelly as I stepped closer. “Hold out your hands,” I ordered. Kelly obeyed, and I took her right hand—the one with the gold purity ring on her ring finger—in mine.

I pointed to the ring and said, “This ring symbolizes your promise to stay pure until marriage. If you really want me to fuck you, to open your virgin cunt up and make you cum like Alyssa just did, you’ll have to break that promise.” Kelly just nodded, her mask of confidence starting to slip as trepidation crept into her eyes. “Here’s what you need to do: take that ring off and give it to me. It’s going to be one of my trophies.”

This, more than anything, was the crucial moment. I let go of her hand, and she looked away, down at her ring, before closing her eyes and covering it with her other hand. She stayed there, frozen, one hand folded in another. It was a lovely tableau; this gorgeous, eighteen-year-old nymph was standing before me, completely naked, her stiff little nipples and the trickle of her juices running down her thigh giving clear evidence of her arousal as she contemplated throwing away her most cherished principles for a good fuck.

Her hand trembled slightly as she made her decision. Slowly, Kelly slid the ring off, easing it over her knuckle. I held out my hand, palm up, and she dropped the gold band in it without a word. I closed my fingers over it, feeling the weight of it in my palm. The ring still carried some of her warmth. Alyssa stood up on shaky legs and said, “You made the right choice.” Kelly seemed less than convinced.

I held onto the ring and closed with Kelly, making her step back until she ran into the bigger teacher’s desk at the head of the classroom. “Lay back,” I instructed her. “It’s only right that you get to look me in the eyes during your first fuck.” Kelly pushed herself up on the desk and sat there, until I gently put my hand on her shoulder and guided her down. My next instruction was for her to spread her legs, and she did, winding up with her feet waving in the air. Finally I had her reach up, back over her head and grab the edge of the desk. In this position, her back arched up off the desk just a bit, making her lovely young breasts stand out that much more “Don’t let go,” I said, not wanting to lose my view.

Once Kelly was in position, I lowered my head between her outstretched legs. I think she was expecting me to fuck her like I had Alyssa, because she had a perplexed look on her face when she craned her head up to watch what I was doing. I was going to fuck her just as hard as I had Alyssa, but not right away—I’m a bit of a sadist, to be sure, and I can be an asshole, but I want my partners to enjoy themselves. And if I just shoved my cock into Kelly’s cunt she’d scream bloody murder, and not in a good way.

Besides, I wanted her to get a bit more experience with foreplay—and I wanted to get a taste of that unused pussy before deflowering it. I looked up at Kelly as best I could as my lips touched hers and my tongue flickered out, just barely grazing her clit. Even that fleeting moment of contact made her breath catch in her throat and her lips to part just so.

Alyssa circled around and knelt by the other end of the desk, near Kelly’s head. She clasped her hands around the high school girl’s, holding them in place. Then she and I went to work with our mouths—in my case by feasting on Kelly’s virgin pussy, and in her case by letting flow with more obscenity designed to break down the last vestiges of Kelly’s resistance.

“I never get tired of watching this,” Alyssa said. “His tongue is almost as good as his dick, and he loves to make girls squirm using both.” As Alyssa spoke I did my best to live up to the hype, focusing on Kelly’s hypersensitive little bud, running my tongue the length of her slit before battering her button with quick licks. That made Kelly’s hips start to move, rocking just a bit, getting more and more pronounced with every passing moment.

Alyssa kept talking to her charge. “I wish I could be in your place and have David take my virginity. It seems wrong now that anyone else has ever been inside me. You’re such a lucky little slut to get your first fuck from him.” That’s all I heard clearly, because that’s when Kelly’s legs came together around my head. She crossed her legs at the ankles and squeezed her thighs tight around me, trapping me—and more to the point, trapping my tongue where it was, namely buried in her delicious little cunny.

Not that I was upset. I was exactly where I wanted to be. I gave her my best efforts. My tongue probed her, exploring, finding those spots that made her squirm when they were touched. It was something that never failed to excite me, the process of learning about a new toy. Every woman is different—and while there are some tricks and techniques that are old standbys, they’re not magic, and they need to be adapted to each new partner. And that was something I loved doing, carrying out that process of discovery.

For Kelly, it seemed like everything worked. Her only experiences came from her fumbling explorations of her body, and her religion and her culture had taught her that it was wrong for her to seek the pleasures of her flesh and made her feel guilt and shame when she did. That meant that she wasn’t used to the sorts of sensations that Alyssa and I kept subjecting her to. Everything was new to her, and the constant barrage of novel kinds of euphoria was breaking through all those ridiculous outmoded rules.

Or maybe she was just cumming like an animal while I ate her out and Alyssa kept whispering terribly naughty things to her. Either way, it was a lot of fun for all of us.

But the fun had to end. I wanted her wet and ready, turned on, but I also wanted her conscious and not over-stimulated. So I ate her out, my tongue doing its work, until she came once, twice, maybe three times, in rapid succession. And then I pried her legs apart and stood up straight while she writhed on the desktop, her arms held over her head and her legs spread wide.

Kelly’s eyes were closed, her hair damp with sweat and sticking to her forehead. I didn’t want to give her time to recover, or to think too much about what was going on. Alyssa was looking at me, an evil little smile on her face. I flashed her one of my own and nodded toward Kelly. Alyssa took my meaning. “Open your eyes, little one,” she said. “Look at him. Look at him when he pops your cherry.”

When she opened them, her eyes were shining. That sight sent a charge through me—and yes, I know that makes me a terrible person in many different ways. But in the moment it was just exciting. I lined myself up with her dripping slit and eased the head into her. Kelly gasped as she felt her first ever genuine penetration, at least by anything bigger than a brush handle.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” Alyssa asked. “It hurts a bit, I know, but that’s what makes it so good. He reshapes women, makes them take him in, molds them to fit. It’s so amazing.” While she was talking I was slowly introducing Kelly to my shaft, gradually feeding more of my length into her and taking care not to hurt her. Taking it slow wasn’t something I did often, but it was worth it. Kelly’s pussy was among the tightest I’d ever felt, and all that foreplay had left her downright drenched. She was so aroused I might have been able to get my hand up in her—not that I wanted to; stretching her out with my weapon was more my speed.

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Thankfully, it seemed that Kelly had already broken her hymen, or maybe she never had one to begin with, because I didn’t find any resistance as I entered her, going deeper and deeper, filling her up bit by bit. By the time I got about three inches in her, she was breathing hard, and her cunt was rippling around me. By the time I was six inches in, she was biting her lip, and her face and chest were flushed.

Through it all Alyssa kept talking to Kelly, telling her what a lucky girl she was, how she should be thanking me for fucking her, that she was going to make such a good little fuck-slave for me. Her wicked words were having an effect on Kelly, and on me as well. I think Alyssa wanted to see me go wild on the once-virginal teen, wanted me to tear her apart and leave her fucked senseless. That’s what I wanted as well, but we had all night and there was plenty of time for that later. But I did have to struggle to contain myself, slowly working each inch into her, taking my time. I was thrusting, but gently, each thrust pushing a fraction of an inch further into her cunt while that tight, gripping hole tried to squeeze the life out of me.

I made it about three quarters of the way in before Kelly spoke up. “So much…” she whispered. I don’t know if she realized she had said it. But I caught it, and so did Alyssa, who prompted her to speak up. “It’s so much!” Kelly said again, more clearly this time. “I didn’t know! I didn’t know!

“What didn’t you know?” Alyssa asked.

“How good this is!” Kelly cried in response, her back arching off the desk. I felt her spasm around me as she had her first climax from being penetrated. Not all women could manage it—but Kelly could, and from the looks of it it was intense. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her body locked up, and her legs wrapped around my hips and squeezed, like she was trying to crush me between her thighs. And I wasn’t even in all the way yet.

I figured it was a good a time as any to show her just how much she could take. So while she was laying there, rigid and trembling, I took the opportunity to bury the rest of my cock in her. And that sent her off again as the tip kissed the entrance to her womb and the thick shaft pressed and rubbed against her g-spot. Her mouth opened and closed, like a fish out of water, but no sound came out except a thin, high-pitched noise, something between a squeal and a whine.

Now that I’d gotten every last inch inside her, I let Kelly come down from her orgasmic high before I started to fuck her for real. Alyssa stroked her hair and cooed gently in her ear about how Kelly was a good girl, cumming for me like that, and just generally saying all the things that made my cock throb.

In less than a minute Kelly relaxed, all the tension flowing out of her as her eyes focused on me. I gave her a victorious smile and then pulled away from her, sliding about half my length out of her, and I swear she was so tight it was like trying to escape quicksand. She just sucked me back inside her—and I was happy to let her. Slowly (at least at first) I eased back into her, then out, then in, letting her feel the slow thrusts and get acclimated to the sensation.
I gradually built up speed and lengthened my strokes. My cock was thoroughly coated in her juices and other slick fluids from all the other activities that had filled the evening, which made things easier. But the truth is I probably wouldn’t have been able to fuck her if Kelly weren’t somewhere beyond mere arousal, floating in some Platonic realm of pure stimulus. And even so, her cunt was still one of the tightest things I’ve ever fucked. I swear I could feel every minute variation in the texture of her as I filled her.

And she made the most delicious little noises as she started to get into it. Kelly had been overwhelmed, for the most part, by all the things Alyssa and I had done to her. But her first fuck went on long enough for her to get a sense of what was happening, to get used to being fucked and filled, and that meant she could genuinely recognize what was going on. And that meant her brain was getting involved—and it’s true what they say; the brain is the biggest erogenous zone. Once she was really present, instead of half-gone with pleasure, that’s when I started to fuck her for real.

Alyssa whispered something to Kelly as I plowed her. I didn’t catch it, but it made the younger girl look at me hungrily. “Do you like fucking me?” she asked, as Alyssa kept talking to her quietly. I knew my girl was feeding Kelly lines, but my God it was working for me. “Your dick is so big. You’re going to ruin me. Does that make you feel guilty?” Fuck—my cock surged. “You’re wrecking my little pussy. You’re destroying it.” Alyssa was looking up at me as she kept instructing Kelly, a wicked gleam in her eye as I fucked into her harder and faster, spurred on by what I was hearing.

And Kelly was getting into it as well. “Please don’t break me, mister,” she said in a breathy voice, prompted by Alyssa. “Please. My boyfriend back home never got to feel my pussy and now it’ll be ruined for him. Please pull out before it’s too late.” But even as she spoke she dug her heels into my back, drawing me in, putting the lie to her words.

I leaned in and sought out of her breasts with my mouth. My lips closed around one of her stiff little nipples and I gave it a small suck before letting go and doing the same to its twin. That made her moan, breaking up the flow of filth spilling past her lips—but not for long. Alyssa whispered something else to her and Kelly piped back up. “Do you like my titties, mister? I see boys looking at them. They all want to touch them and kiss them.” Her words were interrupted by gasps and small, quiet whimpers as my cock stretched her out and opened her up.

Alyssa gave Kelly one last instruction and then stopped acting as the devil on her shoulder. She rose, letting go of her wrists. Kelly kept her hands outstretched overhead and her back arched while Alyssa circled the desk, coming to stand by my side and giving my ass a playful squeeze. Her hand moved down to cradle my balls. I hadn’t cum when I fucked Alyssa earlier, and Kelly’s impossibly tight hole was getting me ever-closed to the inevitable. Alyssa noted this instantly, as soon as my swollen sack came to rest in her palm. “Are you going to cum in her, mister?” she asked, pitching her voice higher than her normal contralto. “You popped her cherry—are you going to fill her up too? Your balls are so full and heavy.”

That got a bit of a reaction from Kelly. Her hands went to my shoulders and she pushed against me. I yielded a bit, letting her perky teenage tit fall from my mouth. She looked at me, a bit scared, but whatever Alyssa told her before she came over to my side was still in effect. Kelly’s lower lip trembled and her voice quavered as she said, “Cum in me, mister. Make me your fuck pet. Please.”

Oh, god—that did it. I don’t know how long my climax lasted. I just know that I came so hard I thought my heart was going to explode. Kelly’s cunt wrapped around me and squeezed, like a snake trying to crush its prey. She was cumming too, her walls contracting arrhythmically. Each time she spasmed it drew out my climax, and each time I fired off another spurt it seemed to set her off anew. My hips were pumping, long and deep strokes, fucking my load deep into her. And through it all Alyssa maintained her light touch, her soft hand on my balls, almost imperceptibly massaging them to heighten my pleasure.

As Kelly and I both came down, Alyssa (still using her little-girl-voice) said, “Don’t pull out yet, mister. You’ll make a mess.” If I hadn’t still been recovering from my mind-blowing climax I would have laughed; the room was already a mess. The desks were scattered, our clothes had been thrown around haphazardly, and there were streaks and puddles of cum and cunt juice all over the place from everything we’d done. But that wasn’t really what Alyssa wanted—she just wanted to get her mouth back on Kelly’s pussy now that I’d added my own flavor to it.

She knelt behind me, turning and craning her neck a bit so she could get underneath me. She puckered her lips and planted a kiss on one of my balls, and then the other. I started to pull out, slowly and more than a little reluctantly, and I felt her tongue on my shaft as it left Kelly’s cunt. I didn’t hear it, but I felt the vibrations as she moaned once the mixed flavors hit her taste buds.

Kelly was looking up at me with adoration in her eyes. Maybe it was an outgrowth of her belief that she’d give her virginity to the man she loved; since I took it, I must be that man. Or maybe it was just that she’d spent an hour or two being teased and tormented and made to cum over and over. Whatever it was, she was looking up at me like I was the only man in the world for her—which was just fine with me. In any case I was pretty sure Alyssa and I had convinced her to come here in the fall instead of whatever other colleges she might have been considering.

Seeing her looking at me all starry-eyed was enough to make me want to reward her a bit. I leaned in, and she looked away, shyly. So I turned her face back to mine and kissed her, deeply, slowly, but gently, wanting her to see that her newfound devotion was not misplaced. I think it worked; she practically melted into the kiss, letting me take the lead and doing her best to go along with what I was doing. She was a surprisingly good kisser; her lips were soft, and she was yielding without being passive. All the while, Alyssa was beneath me, eagerly licking Kelly and I where we were joined.

When the kiss ended, Kelly dropped back onto the desk, her eyes closed, looking content, as if there was nothing else in the world she wanted. I eased out of her, moving slowly so Alyssa wasn’t overwhelmed in her self-assigned cleanup duty. As soon as the last bit of cock left Kelly’s grasping cunt, Alyssa was there, locking her lips over her freshly de-virginized hole and doing her level best to get at the large load of cum I’d left there. Kelly didn’t open her eyes, but her expression changed a bit—her brow furrowed and she started to pout—and she exhaled, slowly, through her nose. Within a few moments her legs closed slowly around Alyssa’s head and she started to grind against the older girl.

Alyssa was making muffled, but pleased, noises as her questing tongue sought out the cum I’d deposited in Kelly. I stepped back and let her work, enjoying the relative peace. I wasn’t done with Kelly, not by a long shot, and I’m sure Alyssa wasn’t either. At the very least, we had to teach Kelly to eat pussy, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to take her anal virginity as well. But it was probably not a good idea to do that in the classroom. The rooms in this building were almost soundproof, and the building was probably empty, but all it would take is one campus security guard or wandering student to come by and there would be plenty of embarrassment to go around.

But that said, watching Alyssa enjoying the cum and cunt juice cocktail from between Kelly’s legs had me wanting one more good cum before we left.

I pried Kelly’s legs apart so Alyssa could hear when I told her what was going on. “We’re going back to your room, Alyssa,” I explained. “We need to give our new slut a crash course in fucking like a porn star—and maybe we can bring out the toy box.”

Alyssa stopped sucking the cum out of Kelly’s cunt at that. “Ooooh,” she said, “can we use the wand?” She didn’t wait for my answer, but instead went right back between the former virgin’s legs. Kelly seemed a bit confused again, not sure what we were discussing.

“Of course, love,” I said. “But we’re not leaving just yet. Get up on the desk. I’m going to fuck both of you at once.” Alyssa knew what I meant—I’d done it with her and her roommate before. But Kelly was completely at sea.

“Wh… what?” she asked. “How can you do that?” Alyssa shushed her with a finger on her lips and crawled up on the desk, swaying her ass from side to side. She kept her mouth shut tight as she settled into position, her legs on either side of Kelly’s hips, her own hips dropping down into position until their pussies were almost touching, Kelly’s teenage tits pressed firmly against Alyssa’s own.

And that’s when she darted in and gave Kelly a messy, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss—messy and sloppy because she’d kept a mouthful of cum and passed it to Kelly unexpectedly. Some spilled out from between their lips, and Alyssa was quick to lick it up and spit it into Kelly’s open mouth. “Don’t swallow, pet,” she said. “Give it back.” Alyssa opened her mouth wide and Kelly gave it her best shot, spitting the cum and saliva back up at Alyssa. Some hit the mark, but some fell back. Alyssa used her fingers to shovel the stringy mess into Kelly’s mouth, and Kelly made another attempt. They passed the cum back and forth like this while I watched, staring into each other’s eyes and getting increasingly messy.

After watching their nasty cum play for a while I stepped into position. I lined my cock up, aiming not for any of their holes but for the space between them and sliding between. Alyssa dropped her hips lower, pushing her weight down on me and trapping my shaft between their sopping cunts. My cock was sandwiched between them, Kelly’s cunt lips on the underside and Alyssa’s on the top. Alyssa ground her button against me, sliding back and forth, and her weight pushed my cock against Kelly’s clit as well.

I started slow, thrusting in between the two girls and letting my heavy, veiny cock run across both of their slits. Within a few moments, though, I was fucking them forcefully. “Look down,” Alyssa whispered to Kelly. “Watch him fuck up both. Watch how his cock gets all shiny when from our juices glazing it.” She shuddered, and I felt her quivering against my cock—and so did Kelly. In fact, every time one of them pressed herself harder against me it meant I wound up pressed harder against the other one, too, a vicious cycle that left both girls on the verge of cumming in mere minutes.

It was amazing for me as well. The gap between Alyssa and Kelly was warm and wet; my cock was trapped between their flat firm stomachs, and their copious cunt-honey made the whole passage slippery. I always loved making women feel good, as well, and pleasuring two at once—well, I won’t lie. It made me feel like a stud, a genuine alpha male. The girls were making out; the cum they had shared was gone, either swallowed or spilled onto their faces and the desk below, but they didn’t care. Whenever their lips parted one or the other would take the opportunity to speak.

“Fuck us, mister.”

“Make us cum.”


“Please fuck our wet pussies until they explode.”

“Mister, my cunny feels so good. Your cock is so hard against it.”

“Do you want to cum on us, mister? We’ll get so messy.”

“We’ll play with it if you want, mister.”

The back-and-forth filth had an effect. Alyssa kept looking at me over her shoulder, her emerald green eyes sparkling mischievously, and when she could Kelly caught my eye as well. Sometimes, Alyssa had to feed Kelly a line, but she managed some on her own, taking inspiration from the older girl.

Kelly wound up being the first to cum. Frankly I was surprised she lasted as long as she did, given how sensitive her little clitty was, but overstimulation can be desensitizing, so I guess we’d hit that point. Not that you’d know it, given how she soaked me, and how she nearly deafened Alyssa when she screamed her head off. Her hips started bucking, and she writhed around, grinding her clit against me. Her fingers dug into Alyssa’s shoulders, her knuckles white, her heels digging into my back.

Kelly was still cumming when Alyssa went off. My cock was being soaked from both sides, as the girls rubbed themselves against me, using the friction to get themselves off. It was indescribable, feeling their cunts slip and slide over me as I thrust in and out of the slick gap between them. And hearing Alyssa and Kelly both moaning and screaming, well, I’m not ashamed to say that it was only seconds before I came too.

With my cock lodged between the two madly climaxing girls, my load shot out, drenching both of their flat stomachs. Some made it up between Kelly’s breasts, forming a silvery river running down and pooling in her navel. Alyssa had plenty on her as well, and it dripped down and added to the mess on Kelly.

“So much,” Alyssa said.

“So much,” echoed Kelly, “and it’s so hot.”

I pulled out from between the girls, but they kept moving, rubbing their pussies against each other and smearing the cum on them all over their bodies. They didn’t seem to notice I wasn’t there; they just kept kissing each other, running their hands over each other. Alyssa’s dark hair had fallen forward and it obscured their faces, even when they rolled over onto their sides, their legs intertwined and my cum forming a spider web between them.

As much as I hated to do it, I had to break them up before we got started again. I clapped my hands and said, “All right, ladies. Time to get dressed. We’re heading back to the room so we can train Kelly-slut.”

The girls looked up at me, both smiling, and in unison they said, “Yes, mister.”

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