BMOC The Innocent Ch. 03

This is a stroke story. It’s ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, everyone is bi (or at least the women are) and people can fuck for hours without chafing.


As I dressed, Alyssa busied herself cleaning up Kelly. Both of them were deeply in need of it. I’d just fucked both girls at one, sliding my cock in between their slippery wet pussies until all three of us came, and as a result they were both pretty thoroughly drenched with cum and cunt juice. We were planning on leaving the classroom we’d occupied in favor of Alyssa’s dorm room, but neither girl would go until they were squeaky clean. And since they didn’t have a shower, or any towels, or really much of anything at all the only option was for them to use their tongues.

Kelly had been on the bottom during our three-way fuck, so she’d come off the worse when I came. She was a young blonde, just eighteen years old, and until just a little while ago she’d been a virgin. She’d been visiting our college as a prospective student and wound up staying with Alyssa. Kelly was cute, with dirty blonde hair, cornflower blue eyes, and a lithe young body that must have gotten her plenty of attention from the boys back home. She was also a Christian, who’d made a purity pledge at some point, promising to remain unsullied until marriage. But unfortunately for her—or at least for her pledge—Alyssa was one of my women, and more than little bi, so when she saw the fresh-faced high schooler Alyssa had to have her. She enlisted my aid, and together we seduced poor little Kelly, introducing her to carnal pleasures that the girl could never have imagined. Now, Kelly had given her first hand job, her first blow job, and had her first fuck. What’s more, I had her promise ring as a trophy.

And the night was still young.

The nasty double-fuck had made me cum hard, and Alyssa wasn’t really making much progress trying to lap up all the pearlescent goo that was covering the younger girl’s body. I’d left lines of cum all over her, with a veritable river ending up between her tits and spilling into a small lake in her navel. Plenty had hit Alyssa too, and it was steadily dripping off, making a new mess on Kelly just as fast as she could clean up the old one.

Kelly, for her part, was trying to help, scooping up some of the spunk with her fingers and licking them clean. Even so, by the time I was dressed, the main thing they’d accomplished was spreading the mess around. Kelly’s tan skin was now covered in a thin sheen of sperm. “You made too much of a mess, mister,” Alyssa said. “We’ll never get clean now.”

“You’ll just have to get dressed and go home dirty, then,” I replied. “And don’t bother with your underwear.”

Alyssa slid off the desk and offered Kelly her hand to pull her to her feet. It took them a moment to find their clothes. Kelly had been wearing a yellow sundress, and she found it first. When she pulled it over her head, the sweat and cum and cunt juice that covered her made the light, floaty fabric cling to her curves, leaving very little about her shape to the imagination. Kelly saw my eyes on her and blushed and looked away. It was a cute mannerism. Alyssa had found her top, but was still looking for her jeans until Kelly spotted them. The young blonde went over to pick them up, kneeling down until I told her to stop. “Bend at the waist,” I instructed, and Kelly did just that, the damp dress riding up and revealing a little hint of her freshly fucked pussy. It was a little thing, but little things count for a lot, and more importantly it served as a demonstration of my control over her.

Kelly handed Alyssa her pants, and she shimmied into them, turning away from me as she did so I could watch her cute little ass shake. She didn’t bother putting any underwear back on, and when she turned back around it was clear she’d just been fucked—her nipples stood out proudly under her tank top, and slowly spreading dark spots marked it where my cum was soaking through the fabric. Alyssa went to stand by Kelly, and together the two of them made for quite a sight—one blonde All-American girl, one dark and lovely dancer, both bearing the signs of our vigorous sexual activity.

Once we were all ready, we left. I had Kelly’s promise ring in my pocket, and we took her Bible as well, though we left all their underwear and more than a little cum. The cleanup wasn’t our problem, but the Bible had her name in it, so leaving it would have been a mistake. The trip back to Alyssa’s dorm room was brief and uneventful. Kelly was jittery, looking around nervously the whole time and keeping to shadows where she could, but we didn’t see a soul up close. Alyssa, meanwhile, walked proudly by my side. I think she’d have done the walk naked with cum leaking from every hole if I’d asked her.

Kelly was at her most nervous while we waited to get into Alyssa’s dorm. Alyssa took her time getting her keys out, and that left Kelly standing with us in a pool of light by the door, her dress clinging wetly to her skin, her hair askew, her lips red and swollen from giving her first blowjob—and out in public without underwear for, I suspected, the first time in her life. An errant breeze might have flipped up her dress, or an errant hand from yours truly. Which is exactly what I did, lifting the back of her yellow sun dress and cupping her ass while Alyssa dug out her keys to open the door and let us in.

But no one came along to witness her state, and soon enough we were safe inside Alyssa’s room. Like most of the dorms on campus, it was made for two. There were two desks, two chairs, two dressers, two built-in closets. There used to be two beds, but Alyssa and Melanie had become very close and nowadays shared one bed (at least, when one or both of them wasn’t busy with me). Getting rid of the second bed gave them space for a cheap wood-frame futon and a footlocker. The futon was nothing special, but the footlocker was their toy box. Kelly’s small overnight bag was on the floor by the futon. Melanie was away for a few days, sadly; I would have loved a foursome, but c’est la vie.

I was last in the room, and I closed to door behind us. Kelly was standing in the center of the room, looking down at the floor, her hands clasped shyly behind her back. Alyssa mimicked her stance and said, “I know you probably want to do more to us, mister, but you made us too messy. We need to get clean so you can make us dirty girls again.” She took one of Kelly’s hands and placed it on my crotch. I was, of course, hard, and it was obvious that I was even without touching it. “I think he likes that,” Alyssa said. “Come on. Let’s go take a shower. Mister, there are some videos on my computer if you want to watch something while we get clean. They’re… they’re dirty videos, mister. But I think you’ll like them.” God, did my cock throb as Alyssa talked.

She told me to turn around and pulled some clothing out of her closet and her dresser. I assumed—rightly, as it eventually turned out—that she was grabbing some slutty little costumes for herself and her guest, and she wanted them to be a surprise. I heard the bathroom door open as she put the clothes in there and came back. Taking Kelly by the hand, she said, “We’re going to go get clean for you, mister. Please wait for us.”

I nodded—you could have run a heard of bulls through the building and it wouldn’t have gotten me out of that room. They left, Alyssa leading Kelly into the bathroom, and within a few moments I heard the water running. I turned my attention to Alyssa’s computer. I knew full well that there was porn there; I was in most of it. Alyssa, it turned out, liked watching me fuck, and so we’d filmed ourselves numerous times, as well as encounters with other women. Sometimes Alyssa joined in, sometimes she filmed, and sometimes she wasn’t even there. There were also some other videos, short little things about ten minutes long, in which Alyssa played with herself and talked dirty to the camera. I fired up one of those, a newer one that looked less than a week old, one with an unfamiliar filename.

Alyssa’s familiar visage popped up on the screen. It was a close-up, her face filling most of the frame. Normally, she wore little to no makeup, but in this video she’d gone all-out; she had on mascara eyeliner, and possibly a bit of blush, and her lips were painted a pale pink. Her dark hair was loose, framing her face. I was struck again by how beautiful she really was. Her eyes may have been her best feature. They were brilliant, verdant green and they sparkled with life. She was smiling, smirking really, and it called attention to her delicate lips and her high cheekbones. Her expression showed her confidence, her bone-deep knowledge that she was smart, funny, sexy, and a whole host of other things. All this was conveyed in just the first few seconds of her staring silently into the camera.

Hey, Alyssa has an expressive face. And maybe I was reading into things a bit.

Video-Alyssa started to speak. “Hello, Sir,” she said. “I wanted to show you something.” The camera pulled back slowly, first revealing that Alyssa was completely naked, and second that she was holding a truly enormous dildo at waist level. “I bought this, Sir, because it reminded me of you. It’s almost as long as your cock and almost as thick.” She paused and licked her lips. “It’s the biggest one I could find.”

Her hand stroked the plastic cock, fingernails grazing its surface. “I want you to imagine that this is your cock. I certainly am.” Her voice was measured, steady, but there was an undercurrent of raw desire in it as well. She let a long string of drool spill from her mouth onto the dildo and started to work it in with one hand, then continued. “I haven’t seen you in two days,” she said, “and I needed something. I made Melanie lick my pretty little pussy and eat my asshole but it didn’t work.” Melanie was Alyssa’s roommate; since our first threesome, Alyssa had made Melanie into, well, her bitch. She’d hinted to me that some nights, she made Melanie sleep on the floor of the foot of the bed, like a dog, and I knew she made Melanie service her at least once a day.

On screen, Alyssa kept talking, her strokes of the dildo growing faster. “So I bought this toy. It’s not as good as you but I need to be filled. And maybe someday you’ll see this and then you can fill me better than this fucking toy.” She lifted her legs and spread them wide, making a V shape that drew my eye right to her pussy. It was, as she had said, a pretty pussy; she kept herself waxed or shaved, and its lips were just a bit puffy. Her skin was pale, but right now she looked a bit pink—due to arousal and her roommate’s attentions, no doubt.

“I wish you were here, Sir. You could beat my pussy to punish it for being so greedy.” She started to smack herself with the dildo, and I actually winced—she was hitting herself pretty damn hard, and the heavy plastic cock had just enough flexibility in it to get a bit of a whipping action going. Each smack made her twitch, but she kept going, hitting herself at least a dozen times. By the sixth I had my cock out and was—very slowly—stroking myself. I didn’t want to cum. Well, I did want to cum, because shit, cumming is great, but I didn’t want to cum right there and then. So I kept things slow, a nice, steady, constant amount of pleasure, while I watched Alyssa use her toys and talk filth.

Once Alyssa thought she’d punished her pussy enough she brought the fake dick up and smacked it against her chest, hitting her sternum, her breasts, her nipples. She wasn’t hitting herself as hard now, but it was still enough to make her pale skin turn pink. “Beat me with your cock, Sir,” she said, her voice husky. “Punish me for thinking a toy could replace you. Show me… ggk” She cut herself off there, shoving the toy down her throat until she gagged. I knew Alyssa could suppress her gag reflex; she could deep throat me, and the toy was smaller. But this was for my benefit, and she knew that sometimes I liked to see a woman gagging. So she jammed the dildo into her mouth and coughed and choked and gagged and generally made a mess of herself. There was spit running out of the corners of her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears as her face turned red.

Suddenly, from the bathroom there came a stream of profanity. Alyssa was yelling at the top of her lungs: “Fuck! Shit! God-damned cunt-licking bitch! Fucking get your tongue in there!” I smiled. I’d been expecting to hear something like that. Alyssa probably knew I wasn’t going to leave them alone tonight, and while she’d objected earlier she genuinely loved getting other girls to go down on her. She didn’t often return the favor, and I figured she didn’t want me realizing just how much she liked making other women service her. In any case, I had suspected that Alyssa was going to give Kelly some extra training in the shower, and the cries coming from the bathroom showed I was right.

Her yells diminished in volume and transformed into satisfied moans, and I looked back at the screen. In the video, Alyssa had finished stuffing her throat, and she looked a mess. The camera was once again centered on her face. Her mascara and eyeliner had run, leaving black trails down her cheeks. Her lipstick was ruined, smeared badly, and I was confident there was plenty left on the dildo as well. Some of her hair had fallen in front of her face, partially obscuring one eye. She was talking, and while I’d missed the first part of what she said I did catch this: “… and I want you to do this to me. Make me look like this and then go to work on all my other holes. Destroy me. Even if I beg you to stop. I deserve it for being such a fucking filthy girl.” Then she stopped talking, and fixed a steady stare on the camera again. For a few moments, there was nothing but the soft sound of her breathing, and then it ended.

The moans coming from the bathroom reached a crescendo. I didn’t dare start another video; Alyssa knew just how long to keep me waiting, and I was going to be ready for them to return. I stripped and laid down on the bed, by cock stiff as a board thanks to the video I’d seen and the sounds coming from the bathroom. It laid on my stomach as I folded my hands behind my head and waited.

I didn’t have to wait long. Soon enough the water turned off, and I could just make out some quiet conversation between the girls. I was sure that Alyssa was giving Kelly instructions as they dried off and, I suspected, got dressed in something sexy. And a few minutes later I was proven right again.

The bathroom door opened. Warm, wet air billowed out, and in the doorway stood two visions of loveliness. Alyssa had indeed chosen some costumes for them, and they both had dressed up as schoolgirls.

Alyssa had her own costume. She once told me it was actually her old high-school uniform, but with some substantial, ahem, modifications made. There was a navy blue pleated skirt that perhaps had once come down to her knees, but now it ended just below her ass. As she moved, in fact, I could see point where her firm little bubble-butt started. She also had on an untucked short-sleeved crisp white button-down shirt, unbuttoned just enough so I could see the lacy fringe of whatever bra she’d decided to wear underneath. A few of the bottom buttons were undone as well, showing off some of her midriff and her navel. A loose tie dangled from her neck, navy blue like the skirt. She’d put her hair in pigtails, and put on just a bit of makeup. I don’t know if she guessed what I was watching, or she heard, or if she just knew me well enough to guess what I wanted, but she had put on some blood red lipstick and some black eyeliner and mascara.

Kelly had on a uniform as well. She didn’t have one of her own, of course, but Alyssa had dressed her in Melanie’s. Mel didn’t go to a high school that required uniforms, so hers was a costume, and it was a bit less authentic than Alyssa’s but every bit as sexy. On Kelly, it looked good. Melanie was taller and broader than Kelly, so the skirt came down to mid-thigh and the shirt was a bit loose, but Alyssa had done wonders with it. The shirt had been left unbuttoned except for a single one, just under her breasts, and it looked like she’d put a clip on the back to pull it tight. The bra underneath must have been one of Alyssa’s, because it was too small, and it made Kelly’s C-cups bulge out and up. There may have been some other tricks at work there—I’ve heard you can use makeup to make cleavage seem more impressive—but I didn’t really care, because it all made Kelly look like a busty schoolgirl slut straight out of a porno. Her makeup matched Alyssa’s, and her hair fell loose around her face. She still had on her cross on the gold chain around her neck.

The two girls stood in the doorway, backlit by the lights from the bathroom. Alyssa had her hip cocked and one hand resting on it. She’d fixed me with a cool, confident stare as soon as the door opened. Kelly, in contrast, seemed a bit shy. Her hands were clasped behind her back, and her head was down. She too was looking at me, expectantly.

I sat up in bed. “Ladies,” I said.

Alyssa reached over, took one of Kelly’s hands, and her led her to me. They stopped by the bed. “Excuse me mister,” Alyssa said, once again pitching her voice higher than normal. “My friend here has something to ask you.” I looked at Kelly. She blushed and refused to meet my eyes. “Come on, Kelly,” Alyssa said. “You said you wanted it.”

Nervously, Kelly spoke up. “Mister, I want to be a sl… a slut.” She stuttered a bit but forced the words out. “Alyssa told me sluts have more fun, so I want to be one. And she said you are the best at teaching girls to be sluts.” I saw her throat move as she swallowed nervously. “Can you teach me to be a good slut, mister?”

Well, how could I say no?

Watching Alyssa’s little video had given me some nasty ideas. I stood up. “Of course, Kelly. By the time you go back home you’re going to be a fantastic little slut.” I pushed both girls to their knees, my cock bobbing in the air between their faces, and continued. “You’ll be able to teach all your friends if you want.” She nodded, her chin bobbing in time with my dick.

I grabbed Alyssa by the pigtails and pulled her in front of me. “For now, Kelly, just watch. I’m going to show you some of the things sluts do. Watch this dirty slut and see how she acts.” I gave Alyssa’s pigtails a sharp tug and she immediately and automatically opened her mouth wide. Hey, she’d been well trained. Her eyes were bright and clear, challenging me to use her the way we both wanted. I slid my cock in past her painted lips and let it rest on her tongue, just for a moment, and then my grip tightened on Alyssa’s hair and I started fucking her face, just like she’d done to herself on her video.

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Her pigtails made great handles for me, letting me hold her more-or-less in place as I put her mouth to good use. Alyssa knelt there and took it, keeping her lips locked to me as I stuffed her full of cock. This wasn’t the first time we’d done this, and when she felt the tip of my spear pressing on the back of her throat she swallowed, opening herself to me and letting me plunge deep into her.

Wet, sloppy choking noises soon filled the room as I battered against Alyssa’s gag reflex. She might have been a deepthroat artist, but that didn’t help much given how I was using her. Her eyes fluttered; Alyssa was trying to keep them open, but involuntary reflexes kept forcing her to blink. Soon enough tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and drool started to spill past her lips. My shaft was stained with streaks of blood-red lipstick. Kelly watched, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

“Your job is to please men,” I told her. “If they want to fuck your throat you should learn to love it like your friend here.” She nodded. “Look down,” I said, “between her legs. See her fingers? See how she’s rubbing her cunt while I use her?” And sure enough, Alyssa was doing just that. One hand had slipped into her shirt and was pinching and twisting her nipple, but the other was underneath her skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but if she was they weren’t stopping her; her fingers were rubbing her clit in small tight circles.
I let go of one of Alyssa’s pigtails, moving my hand to the back of her head, and then I took hold of Kelly as well. I pulled her in close so she could get a good view of me violating Alyssa’s throat, plunging in past her lips and forcing her to gag and cough and choke and generally make a mess of herself. Alyssa was crying now, or at least her eyes had watered enough to make it look like she was, and black trails had started to form on her cheeks where her makeup ran. I was a bit messy myself; long strings of spittle clung to my cock and dangled off it, and her lipstick had left dark red smears all along my length.

It was glorious.

“Help her out,” I told Kelly. That earned me a confused look from the young blonde. “Help her feel good,” I explained. That she understood, and she gently moved Alyssa’s hand away from where it was furiously at work in between her legs—making Alyssa whine ever so slightly, almost inaudible over the sound of her throat getting abused. Kelly replaced Alyssa’s hand with her own, and with some more gentle prodding from me she pressed herself up next to the older woman, ending up cheek-to-cheek with her as I used Alyssa’s throat like a pussy.

I now had two girls looking up at me, one with her mouth stuffed with cock, the other just dazed at the proceedings. And I won’t lie, it felt pretty damn good. For the most part Alyssa was letting me abuse her to my heart’s content, but when she could she’d swirl her tongue around my cock or give me a moment of especially hard suction.

Time to show Kelly what a well-trained slut can do, I thought. I pulled Kelly away from Alyssa again, and with no other warning I shoved my tool all the way down Alyssa’s throat—and held it there. Alyssa made a *glug* noise as I forced my cock down, and her eyes went wide, but she made no effort to pull back. I savored the feeling for a moment, rocking my hips gently as Alyssa looked up at me in submissive adoration. Kelly’s eyes were on Alyssa’s lips, which were stretched thinly around the base of my shaft. She seemed stunned, as if she was seeing something impossible, and I couldn’t blame her. It was certainly an impressive disappearing act.

I kept hold of Alyssa’s head and resumed my abuse of Alyssa’s throat. But this time I went deep, over and over again. Lipstick wound up smeared all over my cock, mainly near the base, and spit and throat slime kept getting forced out of her gullet. Long strands dangled from my cock and draped my balls, and still more had soaked her chest and left her little top translucent. Her eyes were watering constantly, making her makeup run down her cheeks and giving her the look of a well-used slut. Alyssa’s face was starting to turn red, as well; she snatched quick breaths when she could but I rarely gave her the chance.

“Are you hurting her, mister?” Kelly asked, in a small voice. Her hand was still between Alyssa’s pale thighs, and while I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing it was clear she was doing something, and whatever it was Alyssa seemed to be enjoying it. At least, it looked that way given how Alyssa was rolling her hips.

I yanked Alyssa’s head to my groin particularly savagely and then held her in place again. “I am,” I answered, simply. “And she’s loving every second of it. Is her pussy wet? I bet your fingers are drenched.” Kelly nodded in confirmation. As I was speaking, Alyssa started struggling in my grasp. It was an odd feeling—she was trying to hold herself still, trying to fight her natural need for air, and I could feel her shaking as she fought to stay down even though her lungs were crying out. I waited a few more moments and then pulled her back. She came free, gasping desperately, but I had to restrain her as she tried desperately to get her mouth back on my cock. She wound up leaning forward, hair pulled taut, mouth open wide, panting and chasing the tip of my cock around and trying hard to swallow me up once more. “See?” I said to Kelly. “She’s a cock-crazy little bitch. And so are you, even if you don’t know it yet.”

That made her blush a bit, but she didn’t object. Alyssa managed to get her breathing under control, or at least managed to get close enough to say something: “More.” Her voice was a bit harsh and raspy, and all the more sexy for it. I gave Kelly a pointed look and then crammed my cock back down Alyssa’s gullet.

There was almost no resistance as I fucked myself balls-deep in her throat. She was trying to keep her eyes open; Alyssa knew how much I liked looking down at her lovely emerald eyes when I facefucked her. But she wasn’t having much luck, this time, as I drove every inch home again and again. Her nose touched my stomach on every thrust, my balls slapped her chin, and she just took it gratefully. Kelly was still playing with Alyssa’s cunt, and as my thrusts sped up and grew more aggressive so too did Kelly. Alyssa started moaning, as best she could with a fat cock plunging down her throat.

I wasn’t going to last long once that started, so I wanted to make the last few seconds count. I put both hands on Alyssa’s head and started giving her my all. I don’t know if it was the video, or Kelly’s presence, or something else altogether, but I fucked her mouth harder than I ever had before. I could see Alyssa’s brow furrowing as she tried to cope, each thrust bringing guttural grunts from her and making copious amounts of drool slop from her mouth.

“Oh my…” breathed Kelly. I almost cracked up at that. She was witnessing another girl’s throat getting destroyed not a foot from her and that’s what she says? Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty awe-inspiring, and I was kicking myself for not setting up the camera to have a more permanent record of it. But really, that was the best she could do? Oh well; not everyone is a wordsmith.

Kelly just watched in silence after that, her eyes wide as I got closer and closer to climax. Alyssa’s eyes started rolling back in her head as the lack of oxygen and the apparently fairly skilled work Kelly was doing with her fingers started to overwhelm her. She tried to scream—all that came out was a sort of croak—and I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm hit simultaneously.

The first shots went right down her throat, bypassing her mouth entirely; it seemed like I pumped my cum right into her stomach. As she started to go limp I pulled out, filling her mouth with my next spurts. The thick cream spilled from her slack jaw as I despoiled her face further. She already looked a mess, with her makeup destroyed, her eyes and face both red, her hair in disarray. But I could make her much messier, and I did. Kelly got to watch as I fired off a veritable barrage of cum onto Alyssa at point-blank range. Some splashed back, spattering Kelly with a few ivory droplets, but most clung tenaciously to Alyssa’s visage, thick white ropes that pasted her eyes shut and hung from her nose, her chin, even her ears. A few strands connected her lips, until she licked her lips clean—I think it was a reflex action, because she barely moved otherwise, just trembled and panted as the aftershocks of her rough use rolled over her. The last drops landed on her shirt, which was already soaked and stained with spit.

I turned to Kelly, my cock smacking into the side of her face. “Clean her up,” I ordered, and she knew exactly what that meant. I’d have been disappointed if she hadn’t, since she’d already done it once before. Last time, though, Kelly had been nervous and tentative; this time there was only the faintest hint of that as she stuck out her tongue and went to work. She went from the top down, cleaning the jizz off Alyssa’s forehead first, then gently using her fingers to clear her eyes. Kelly swallowed down everything she licked up, but the cum on her fingers she fed to Alyssa.

Kelly’s efforts got most of the spunk, but they didn’t help much with the ruined makeup; in fact, they made things worse. Alyssa’s lipstick was basically gone. Some was still visible on my cock, but even that had mostly gotten removed by her tongue and throat. By the time Kelly got done and Alyssa was mostly sperm-free, the younger girl’s fingers and tongue had smeared her mascara even more. Alyssa wound up looking like a crying raccoon, with dark circles around her eyes and messy black trails down her cheeks.

Yes, I know raccoons don’t get trails down their cheeks when the cry. It’s a simile.

Alyssa joined in the cleanup efforts midway through, shoveling some of the frankly excessive amount of sperm I’d doused her with into her own mouth and into Kelly’s. Before long the cleanup wound up looking more like a makeout session, with the two girls kissing, swapping mouthfuls of cum and spit, sucking on each other’s fingers, and whispering things to one another, things I couldn’t quite hear. Alyssa especially seemed to like sucking on the fingers that had been lodged inside her cunt. She’d always liked her own taste.

I had to break up their little love-fest, and I did it by main force, grabbing their hair and pulling them apart. Both girls whined a bit in disappointment; I’d yanked them away from each other mid-kiss and a mouthful of cum spilled out of Kelly’s mouth onto her tits. Kelly was quick to scoop it up before it dirtied up her still mostly-clean top.

“All right, Kelly. I have one more thing to show you and then it will be your turn,” I said.

“What is it, mister?”

“You still have one virgin hole, don’t you?” God, I thought I’d seen her wide-eyed before, but this really did the trick. I could see white all the way around her pale blue eyes. The phrase “deer in the headlights” seemed apt. “What, did you think you would go home before I’d fucked your ass?”

“I… I didn’t think you could do that. You’re too big.”

“Oh, little slut, you’re going to get such an education here. Alyssa, why don’t you get in position? I’ll show her that it will fit.” I released Alyssa’s hair and she scrambled over to the bed and crawled onto it. She put her head down and lifted her ass as high as she could get it and flipped her skirt up. Not that she needed to; it was too short to cover anything with her bent over like this. Finally, she started wiggling that perfect peach of an ass back and forth, clearly ready to get ass-fucked.

I walked over to the bed myself, pulling Kelly along by her hair and positioning her where I wanted, with her head resting on Alyssa’s ass (cheek to cheek, if you’ll pardon the terrible wordplay). “Are you just going to stick it in, mister?” she asked. “Won’t that hurt her?”

It was a fair question, and of course I wasn’t going to just shove my pole into Alyssa’s back end without making sure she was ready for it. I grabbed my cock and held it up by Kelly’s face. It had dried a bit while the girls ate up all the cum I’d left on Alyssa, but it still glistened with spit. “My cock’s wet,” I told her. “And once her asshole is wet she’ll be ready.”

“How will you get it wet, mister?” Ah, what an innocent question.

“I won’t,” I answered. “You will.” Then I used that handful of her hair to push her face into Alyssa’s ass. Kelly, caught by surprise, tried to protest, but all that came out was some muffled and unintelligible cry.

“Oh, you remembered!” squealed Alyssa. And indeed I had—Alyssa had sent me a text, hours ago, saying she wanted to make this innocent visiting student eat her asshole, and now she was going to get just that. “Remember what I taught you in the shower,” Alyssa said, speaking to Kelly now. “You’re just working on a different hole.”

I looked down at Alyssa. She had her head down on the mattress, but her face was turned to the side, and she looked back at me with a wicked expression on her face. “What?” she asked. “Did you think I wasn’t going to get something from her when we were in the shower?”

“Do I look surprised?” I replied. “Hell, I’m more shocked you didn’t make her do this already.”

“We didn’t want to keep you waiting.” Anything else Alyssa might have wanted to say was cut off when she let out a contented moan. I was still holding Kelly in place, and she must have been doing her job, working her tongue around and inside Alyssa’s rosebud. She seemed to be doing a good job, to judge from Alyssa’s reaction. Alyssa moaned again, and started to grind against Kelly’s face. Knowing her, though, her reaction probably owed just as much to the depravity of the situation as it did to Kelly’s innate talents. Hell, even if Kelly had been completely incompetent, I bet Alyssa would be getting off just from knowing that she was corrupting a sweet and innocent thing.

If I haven’t said it yet, I really should: Alyssa’s a hell of a woman.

I held Kelly in place for another minute or so, then let go. She’d picked up on what we wanted from her, and when I removed my hand she stayed in place. Kelly even put her hands on Alyssa’s ass and spread her open so she could get in even deeper, and from the way her head dipped I suspect she wasn’t confining herself to rimming my lovely dancer.

“Use that tongue, you dirty little bitch,” Alyssa said. “You make a good ass-licker. Such a good bi slut.” Kelly mewled but obeyed, and I just watched for a few more minutes as Alyssa kept berating Kelly, ordering her around in various ways to make her improve. She had Kelly trying to plunge her tongue as deep as she could into both of Alyssa’s holes, and then she changed course and had the younger girl lapping away at her. And she kept calling her names, too—my favorites were “twat-munching bitch” and “my personal cunt-cleaner.” Kelly’s eyes teared up a bit at the constant abuse—but when I put my hand between under her skirt, she was fucking drenched.

As it had done before, the slightest touch of my fingers on Kelly’s clit sent her into paroxysms of pleasure. Her hips jerked and twitched, but she didn’t stop her oral efforts. In fact she seemed to want to pass it on; she moved forward, and I could see her straining to plunge her tongue deeper into Alyssa’s ass. “Good girl,” I murmured, slipping a finger into her at the same time. Kelly whimpered, and her eyes closed; Alyssa wound up doing the same as Kelly found a sensitive spot.

It was quite a sight: Alyssa’s pale, lithe form was up on her bed, her face resting on the mattress, her perfectly formed ass in the air and framed by her navy-blue skirt. Kneeling behind her was Kelly, this high school girl-next-door whose innocence was being stripped away from her. Kelly’s tan, All-American body contrasted nicely with Alyssa’s. Individually, each girl was a vision of loveliness, but together they were a wet dream made flesh. Evidence of hard use could be seen on each girl; Alyssa’s ruined makeup, Kelly’s flushed face and chest, the faint sheen of cum and spit and sweat that clung to their skin in places. But they were still going strong.

I kept my hand where it was and just watched for a bit longer; Kelly’s hips bucked spasmodically, grinding against my forearm and my hand, but she didn’t pull away from Alyssa. Instead she did her best to make sure that the older woman was relaxed and wet and ready for her upcoming anal violation. And her best, it turned out, was pretty damn good.

Eventually, though, I decided it was time to get involved more directly. “OK, girls. Kelly’s had enough fun for the moment.” I pulled her from Alyssa, using her hair to drag her back on her heels. As an aside, can I just say how great it is when women have enough hair to do that? Don’t get me wrong; some girls look smoking hot with short hair, even pixie cuts, and hell, I’ve even seen a few who could pull off complete baldness. But there’s something primal and satisfying about grabbing a fistful of hair and hauling back on it while you’re balls-deep in her.

But I’m getting distracted. Kelly resisted for a moment but then acquiesced, letting me pull her away and off to the side. I took her place behind Alyssa. “Spread,” I commanded, and she grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, baring her pretty little pussy—still a bit red and swollen from our brief fuck in the classroom and Kelly’s recent attention—but more importantly her tight rosebud. Kelly had been thorough; it was drenched with spit, and I don’t think Alyssa could have been more ready to accept me into her.

“Watch close, Kelly,” I said, and the young blonde sidled around to the side so she could get a good view of Alyssa’s upcoming anal assault. I didn’t want to terrify Kelly, so while I could have been rough with Alyssa and just shoved my dick into her, I didn’t. Heaven knows she’d had it up there enough to know what was coming. I also didn’t want Kelly to think that popping her last cherry would be painless, so I didn’t exactly ease into her either.

Instead I opted for the middle road—a single long slow push that didn’t stop until every last inch of my shaft was embedded in Alyssa’s spit-soaked ass. As soon as she felt me stretching her ass wide, Alyssa started letting her breath out in a drawn-out f-sound. She kept it up the whole time I was burying myself in her, and when it ended and my balls made contact with her dripping-wet pussy, it turned into a single word: …fffffuck.”

I stopped there for a moment. “See what a good fucktoy she is? Her ass just opens up for me. Even if it hurts, she loves it.” I slapped Alyssa’s ass once and directed my next order to her. “Give me your arms, fucktoy.” She obeyed immediately, lifting her arms from the mattress and putting them behind her back, her wrists crossed near her tailbone. I withdrew from her ass (somewhat reluctantly; Alyssa was squeezing and releasing me, like she wanted to milk me of my cum even without thrusting) and grabbed her wrists.

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When I said I didn’t want to terrify Kelly, that was a bit of a lie.

“Here’s what a well-trained toy can do,” I said, and a moment later I hauled back on her arms and slammed forward. This time Alyssa screamed something unprintable, a wordless cry that made Kelly flinch away. I’d done this to Alyssa many times before, and I knew it hurt her some. Hell, it sometimes hurt me a bit; her ass was just that tight. But she was playing up the pain, too, acting like it was far more agonizing for the benefit of our audience.

After her scream, Alyssa gulped in a deep breath and then said in a raspy whisper: “Again.”

Kelly’s eyes were wide as she watched me repeat the whole process, the slow withdrawal followed by the sudden lunge. Alyssa screamed again, not as loud or long as the first one, and once more she begged me to do it again. I, of course, obliged her. Let it never be said that I don’t know how to give a lady what she wants. We continued in this vein for a little while, with Alyssa alternating between loud shrill cries of pleasure and pleading for more of my rough handling. But soon enough Alyssa lost the ability to ask anything, because she was screaming and cumming wildly around my rampant prick.

I looked down at Kelly. Her eyes were wide, white showing all around her irises, and her lips were parted. She licked her lips as I watched. I don’t know if she realized I was looking at her; she seemed completely enthralled by the sight of my cock splitting open Alyssa’s tight asshole. I don’t know if she realized that one of her hands had found its way between her legs and that she was slowly rubbing her mound. Whether she knew it or not, it was exactly the reaction I wanted to see from her.

Alyssa managed to come back to herself enough to say, between gasps and groans, “See, slut? See how good it is to be a three-hole whore?” I hilted myself in her again and she squealed, and then said, “Oh god, you fuck my asshole so good, mister. Break it open. Fuck it like you own it—because you do. You own all my holes, mister.” It wasn’t the first time I’d heard her say something like that, but it never failed to make me shudder. And hearing her say it in the little-girl voice she’d used, mimicking Kelly’s innocence, well, it was almost enough to make me cum then and there.
But that wouldn’t have been a good show for Kelly. After all, Alyssa and I were responsible for initiating her into her new role as a full-blown fucktoy for me, and if it looked like I’d cum on a hair trigger that would set a bad example. I wanted Kelly to learn that I was in charge, and that I determined who got to cum and when. She already had ample evidence that I could make Alyssa cum with ease, and both Alyssa and I had rendered Kelly insensible earlier after overloading her young mind with too much euphoria. All that, though, was external control, and I wanted her to realize that I could exercise control over myself as well.

So I pulled back on Alyssa’s arms, yanking her head up off the mattress, adjusting my grip as I did until I had a hand on each of her shoulders. Then I really got down to business, speeding up and spearing Alyssa again and again. Soon my dark-haired dancer degenerated into a seemingly mindless fucktoy, babbling incoherently as she came over and over—or maybe it was just one long climax, one incredible continuous orgasm that left her barely able to breathe, much less speak or cry out.

Kelly was watching with rapt interest. Her hand was busy under her skirt, and as my thrusts grew more vigorous so had her efforts. I think she wanted to feel like Alyssa was feeling, and with good reason. Alyssa wasn’t just putting on a show; she was getting railed and loving it. As Kelly watched, her breath quickened, and her chest—her magnificent chest that was so wonderfully presented in her tiny top and too-small bra—grew flushed. “Don’t make yourself cum, slut,” I told her. “For the rest of the night your orgasms come from Alyssa or from me.”

She didn’t acknowledge my instruction at all; all her attention was focused on Alyssa’s pert ass as I reamed it. It seemed to me that a small corrective measure was required. So I let go of Alyssa’s shoulders, and she fell face-first back onto the bed where her constant cries were muffled by a pillow. That didn’t shake Kelly out of her daze, but when I stopped thrusting long enough to lean over and slap her across the cheek, well, that did the trick. She looked up at me, eyes shining with tears, mouth hanging open, still too shocked to really feel the pain. Her hand was still in between her legs, but she’d stopped moving.

“Are you listening now, slut?” I asked. “I expect to be acknowledged when I give you instructions.”

“Wha… what?” was her reply.

Another quick slap from me put a pink handprint on her cheek. “Say, ‘yes, mister.'” What can I say, being called mister was doing it for me. “Do you understand?” I asked again.

Kelly touched her cheek where I’d struck her, but she gave the right answer. Her voice quavered as she said, “Yes, mister.”

“Good girl. Do you remember what I told you about cumming?”

“No, I don’t. I’m sorry mister.”

I already knew she hadn’t been listening before, but it was good she could acknowledge her mistake properly. For her benefit, I repeated myself. “You can play with your pussy, but don’t fucking cum. I can make you cum. Alyssa can make you cum. But you’re not allowed to do it yourself.”

A moment later, though, she made another error. She asked, “Why?”

I hadn’t been fucking Alyssa while I was dealing with Kelly, although I was still lodged halfway in her. But the momentary reprieve had let her recover enough to realize what was going on. She laughed, tiredly. “Uh oh. Mister, don’t be too mean with her. She’s a new slut.” The slaps had shocked Kelly, and I was sure they’d stung, but Alyssa’s words terrified her. I swear I could see her heart beating through her chest, and her lip quivered. She was otherwise frozen, deer in the headlights style. Kelly didn’t move as I pushed away from Alyssa and stood over her.

“Tell me, slut. Do you think I need a reason?” I asked. Kelly looked over toward Alyssa for assistance, but found none. Alyssa just rolled over onto her side and propped herself up on one arm so she could watch the show. I slapped Kelly again, a bit harder than before, and barked out, “Answer me.”

The young blonde bitch was a quick study. “No, mister,” she said, in a small quiet voice.

I took her by the chin and made her turn to face me. “Good answer.” For just a moment she smiled, a brief flash. It was good to see; Kelly did have a lovely smile, and it brought out her dimples. It didn’t last, though. I think she realized that I was still going to punish her.

Earlier I had taken away her purity ring, and her purity as well. But she was still holding on to a few trappings of her old life as a virginal innocent. One of those was around her neck, dangling a few inches above her cleavage. I snagged the chain with one finger and lifted the cross up, until it was in front of her eyes. “What is this?” I asked.

“It… it’s a cross, mister.”

“And whose is it?”

“It’s mine.”

My hand closed around the cross. It wasn’t very big, but I gripped it tightly. The corners dug into my palm. “Wrong,” I said, with one sharp pull ripped the chain from her neck. She yelped as the thin gold chain broke. “Alyssa. Get the ring from my pocket.” Alyssa scrambled to her feet and did as I told her. I took the ring from her and threaded it onto the chain, then held it up by its broken ends, the ring and the cross dangling together over Kelly’s upturned face.

“These used to be yours. They were symbols of your old life, your old beliefs. But now you belong to me, and so these belong to me too.” A tear formed and rolled down Kelly’s cheek. “Say it. Say you belong to me.”

She took a deep breath. Her voice was small and weak. “I… I can’t. I can’t say it.”

Alyssa knelt down beside her, very close. She stroked Kelly’s hair and spoke soothingly into her ear. “Of course you can, baby.” Her hand crept down between Kelly’s legs (a low blow in more ways than one) and lingered there, brushing up against Kelly’s pussy. Only her sopping wet panties prevented skin-on-skin contact. Not that it mattered much; Alyssa was an expert in manipulating pussies, and it wasn’t long until Kelly’s eyes fluttered and her lips parted and she let out a long shuddering breath.

“Keep your eyes open. Look at those little baubles. They used to be so important to you. But you’re a dirty little slut now, aren’t you? And that’s so much better, isn’t it?” Her voice was low, hypnotic, and the effect was magnified by the way the cross and the ring rocked back and forth like a pendulum. Kelly’s hips rolled in time with the sway of the golden symbols dangling in front of her face, and Alyssa kept speaking to her, weaving a web of words to snare her and draw her deeper into depravity. “Your old god never touched you like this, did he?” And at that she ran the edge of her fingernail along Kelly’s slit. The girl gasped. “Don’t cum, you greedy little bitch,” Alyssa hissed. “Your new God hasn’t given you permission.”

Kelly whined and bit her lip, but she mastered herself and held off her climax. It took a valiant effort, and it was clear that soon enough no amount of willpower would do the trick; Kelly was going to cum, soon, and it was just a matter of when. “I bet if you’re good and you tell him you belong to him, he’ll let you cum. He’ll let you cum over and over. He’ll do to you everything he did to me, and then some. He’ll show you new pleasures, things you’ve never let yourself imagine, even when you’re touching yourself at night.”

By this point I had practically forgotten everything else that was going on. I wouldn’t have surprised to see Alyssa transform into a literal succubus. She slipped two fingers under Kelly’s sodden panties and eased them into her. “You’ll let her cum, right mister?” she asked, looking up at me. “If she says she belongs to you?”

Fuck. I was stunned by her nasty little performance, and I’m sad to say I missed my cue. It took me a second before I could get my brain back in operation and respond. “Yes, I will. Say it and you can cum as much as you want.”

“See, babygirl? Just a few words and you can feel so good.” Alyssa had Kelly riding the edge; the younger girl could barely keep her eyes open, and her hands were clenched into fists at her sides. Her hips were rolling, fucking the air. “How will you make her cum, mister?” Alyssa asked me. “Will you stick that big angry cock in her cunny and fuck it again? Or do you want to pop her last cherry and take her ass?” She ran her tongue around Kelly’s earlobe and whispered to her. “I bet he wants to do both. You saw how good it was when he fucked my ass—it still feels all tingly.”

I could see the last vestiges of Kelly’s resistance crumbling. Her eyes were wet with tears, and her lower lip quivered. “I… I belong…” she sobbed and let out her breath in a short, shuddering exhalation “Oh, God, I belong to you.”

“Good girl,” I said. “Alyssa, stop.”

Kelly cried out. “No! You said you’d let me cum!” I grabbed her under her arms and roughly pulled her to her feet, then tossed her on the bed. She kept pleading with me as I tore open her shirt. “Please, please, please, I need it!” Her panties came off next; I ripped them off her and tossed them aside. “I belong to you! I’m yours!” I took her by the throat. “Make me cum, please… I’ll do anythooooooooh my god yes!” She lost the thread at the end, because I slammed my cock into her cunt, and she came like a fucking demon as soon as I started to enter her. Her long-denied climax made her back arch off the bed and her legs squeeze tight around my waist. Fucking Alyssa had already left a wet spot, but Kelly made a fucking puddle.

Kelly gasped out her thanks. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you…” She didn’t get much further before she degenerated into incoherent babbling. I fucked her just as hard as I had done to Alyssa, earlier that night, and she came over and over again. Each climax built on the last, until her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to hyperventilate.

Alyssa came over to me and draped her arms over my shoulders. She ran her hands over my chest and pressed herself against my back, rocking with me, keeping in constant contact, as if she wanted to fuck Kelly herself through me. I was pretty sure that with a word from me she’d grab one of her strap-ons and take my place plundering Kelly’s almost-virginal hole.

“Are you going to cum in her again, mister?” Alyssa asked. “I’ll clean her up again if that’s what you want.”

Kelly, writhing beneath me, gasped out, “Yes! Please! Please cum in me!” But I was feeling contrary—and besides, I hadn’t really punished Kelly for being a less-than-perfect plaything. Hey, I have high standards. If you could do what I do, you’d have high standards too.

“You don’t deserve it, slut,” I said. Kelly let out a little whine—at least, that’s what I think it was; the way she was moaning as she came and came from getting fucked made it hard to tell for sure. “Besides, Alyssa did most of the work. She gets the reward.” One thing I learned with Dr. Carrington—it was good to get them accustomed to thinking that making me cum was a reward for them.

Alyssa made pleased sounds in my ear while Kelly looked disappointed. But not too disappointed; she was trying to pout, but it’s hard to do that when you’re getting filled with a foot or so of wrist-thick cock and an orgasm hits you every few seconds, especially if you’re an eighteen-year-old with basically no prior experience that could prepare you for those sorts of feelings. So what really happened was that Kelly kept trying to purse her lips, but then another climax washed over her and she gasped, or groaned, or screamed, and she just ended up opening and closing her mouth like a landed fish.

I decided to give Alyssa another treat. “Where do you want it, love?” I asked.

She didn’t miss my word choice. “Love?” she asked in a whisper that I barely heard over Kelly’s cries. “I like the sound of that.” Out loud, she said, “My ass feels so empty without you in it, mister. But maybe if you came in it I’d get to keep you inside forever.” I don’t mind telling you I almost came right there.

“Lay down beside this greedy little slut,” I said. “Do it fast. I’ve got a nice big load for you.” Alyssa was in the bed in an instant, right by Kelly, legs spread as wide as she could get them. For Alyssa, that meant a full split, so one of her legs wound up laying across Kelly’s stomach. Both girls looked up at me. Kelly was silently begging me not to pull out and take away the thing that was making her feel so good. Alyssa wanted me to empty out everything I could into her ass. I couldn’t give both girls what they wanted—but Kelly was due for some punishment anyway. So I waited until I felt her quiver and start to clamp down on me, and then I withdrew quickly and completely, leaving her rolling her hips and trying to fuck the air.

“No!” she cried.

I took one little step to the side and slammed my cock into Alyssa’s welcoming ass.

“Yes!” she cried.

Alyssa must have been edging as well, like Kelly had been, because she started cumming almost as soon as I touched her. I had barely gotten my head into her when she clamped down and I was reminded of one of the reasons why I spent so much time with her—Alyssa had, hands down, the tightest holes I’d ever felt. Hell, Kelly had been a virgin before I got to her, and Alyssa was still tighter.

And yes, I know that tightness isn’t a function of sexual experience. The reason Alyssa’s cunt could grip me like a vise was because the girl fucking practiced. The same went for her ass. So, girls, do your Kegels if you want to blow your man’s mind.

Anyway, Alyssa started cumming like a bitch in heat almost instantly. I was coming in hard, and there was plenty of lubrication, so even though her ass was sealed up tighter than a drum I was able to bury myself in her. The real trouble was the way she moved. Her back arched, her hands clawed at the sheets, she whipped her head back and forth, she writhed, she wriggled; I had to pin her shoulders to the mattress before she squirmed away entirely. “Fuck! God! Fuck!” she chanted—if something can count as a chant if it’s screamed at the top of your lungs. Each thrust from me seemed to set her off anew.

Kelly rolled onto her side and trapped one of Alyssa’s legs between hers. As Alyssa jerked and twitched, Kelly started grinding against Alyssa’s shin, and soon both girls were cumming like mad, Alyssa from my powerful anal assault and Kelly from the pressure of Alyssa’s shin bone against her clit. Where Alyssa was a screaming fiend, though, Kelly was quiet, cowed into submission by my earlier abuse. Her climax was marked by flushed cheeks, small shudders, and hidden moans.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to join them. All of us had put off cumming for too long, and even at my best I simply couldn’t last too long in Alyssa’s ass, not with her and another girl undergoing paroxysms of pleasure in front of me. I didn’t want to pull out, but I didn’t slam it in deep either. After all, Kelly was going to have to go after it soon enough.

“Cumming!” I roared, and Alyssa cried out too as she felt the first hot surge of semen erupt into her.

“Yes, yes, please, fill me, fill my ass…” she babbled as I pumped and pumped into her. Her ass milked me as I continued to fuck her, both of us exploding together. As she requested, I emptied everything into her, everything I could give, painting her innards white. It went on long enough to make me a little dizzy, and for her to be on the verge of passing out entirely, but eventually it stopped. I pulled out, drawing a sizable dollop of cum with me, and stumbled back over to her desk chair.

I plopped down heavily into the chair, breathing hard. “Fuck me, Alyssa. That was good.” She didn’t answer, but Kelly seemed somewhat more attentive. “See, Kelly? Good girls get rewarded like that,” I said. Kelly inched off the bed, onto the floor, and stared at Alyssa’s ass. It showed signs of its rough use, but her attention mainly seemed to be on the steady stream of white flowing out of Alyssa’s asshole and pooling on the bed underneath her.

“So much…” she said, dazedly.

I smiled as I caught my breath. “That’s right, girl,” I said. “And guess who’s going to have to clean it up?”

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