Bob Gets Laid

“Do you remember your first time?” Margie asked me.

I choked as I tried to swallow a mouthful of sweet milk and look up from her heavy dark nippled breast. Her milk dribbled down my chin as I asked her “My first time, or ours?”

“Yours. Tell me about the first time you had sex with a girl.”

“You pick the damndest times to ask questions. I was busy, ya know.” I bent my head back to her dripping nipple, squeezing her swollen breast to re-start the flow. I sucked for a bit, and squeezed her other breast, trying to send a stream of milk into the flowerpot by the window.

“Stop that, Bob. I’m serious.” Margie pulled my hand down and rolled her naked body onto her tummy, her firm ass coming around for play. I squeezed her cheeks gently as I considered an answer. I got up and straddled her legs, my dick riding the crack of her ass, and as I massaged her back I told her the story of Lee Anne.

“I didn’t get laid until my senior year in high school. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I was I was a bit of a geek and shy, too. I was busy with other things, and didn’t spend a lot of time socializing. It was still winter, and I rode the bus every day. This one girl, Lee Anne, started sitting next to me every day, and we’d sit behind the bus driver, who I think was called Al, and the three of us would talk.

“Now, I knew Lee Anne’s sister, because my younger neighbor Timmy was giving her a regular shagging, something he wouldn’t stop bragging about. So when Lee Anne started putting her hand on my thigh during the ride home I definitely became more interested in her body than in her mind. And she did have a nice body, slender with small tits and a nice ass. Almost as nice as this one here,” and I slapped Margie’s ass with loud smack.

Ignoring the sudden “ow!”, I resumed my story. “My stop was the next to last for the bus, and Lee Anne’s was the last stop. Sometimes she would get off with me, and I’d walk her home, and sometimes I’d ride with her to the end, and walk back. I’d started putting my arm around her when we walked to her house, and I’d kiss her good-bye. I couldn’t go in with her, because her mom was a psychotic bitch that hated teenage boys. I always walked home with a painful hard-on, which I often made better in a trip to the bathroom as I fantasized about her body.

“One day, Lee Anne asked me to ride the bus to her house, so I did. She was in the aisle seat, and she didn’t move to get up when the bus stopped. The other three kids filed off the bus, and we sat there, alone with the driver. Al looked back at me in his mirror. ‘Lee Anne tells me you two need someplace private,’ he says to me.

“I looked at Lee Anne, startled. She grinned at me and elbowed me in the ribs.

” ‘, I guess we do,’ I stammered. What the hell was she doing talking to this old guy about that for. He was at least thirty. ‘Why?’

” ‘Oh, I think I can help you lovebirds.’ Al closed the bus door and drove us away, heading back downtown to where the city bus depot was. He pulled up the corner of Castle Street, you know, the center of the slum, and opened the door. Lee Anne stood up and started to get off the bus. Al stopped her and handed her a key. ‘I’ll be home in a little while. Do everything I would do.’

“His lewd laughter shut off when he closed the door. I stood on the corner with my girl and watched the bus drive off, wondering what the hell was up with the pervert driver. Shrugging, I turned at Lee Anne’s urging and walked up the street. Al’s house was a red brick thing a couple of doors down from the corner, hidden from the street by overgrown bushes. We lost no more time getting inside out of the cold. We dropped our books at the door and Lee Anne pulled me quickly down the long hall to the back of the house. ‘This is the room we all use,’ she told me as she pushed the door closed behind me.”

“We all?” Margie asked.

“Don’t interrupt, or I’ll plug your mouth with this hard-on I’m getting from all this reminiscing.

” ‘We all’,” I repeated. “I never said Lee Anne was a virgin. I knew she wasn’t, that’s one reason why I spent time with her, of course. I’ll have to tell you more about the bus driver sometime, but that’s not for now. Anyway, we were finally alone together in a warm room, two horny teenagers and a bed. I pulled my coat off and dropped it to the floor as she dropped hers. I pulled her slender body against mine and kissed her, more roughly than I had before. I remember that my breathing was really funny and ragged, and my dick was uncomfortably hard in my jeans.

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“Lee Anne responded with passion, and her hand slid down the front of my jeans, feeling my hard cock and squeezing it. She broke off the kiss and turned to push me onto the bed, saying ‘Wait’, but I didn’t let go of her and we fell onto the bed together. I remember her saying ‘Let go, you oaf’ and laughing as she got free of me.

“I tried to get up, but she pushed me back and told me to behave. Standing in front of me, Lee Anne raised her arms together over her head and slowly danced, swaying her body from her hands down to her toes, somehow making me even more excited as she looked me in the eye and licked her lips seductively. She bent to kiss me, taking my hands and holding them down as she did so. She straightened up and released them. I ran my hands down her slender waist and squeezed her ass before she backed away.

“Slowly she lifted the edge of her shirt and pulled it off, exposing a white bra holding small breasts. She bent forward again and rubbed her soft breasts on my face as she held my hands down. I moved my head and kissed them wildly. Lee Anne let my hands go and pulled my head tight against her breast. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own, and the ten fingertips glided up her smooth back to find the clasp of that damn bra. I can still feel that smooth young flesh under my fingers as I think of it. I fumbled at the clasp for a bit, getting frustrated because I’d never opened one before.

“Lee Anne laughed and pulled the cups up over her breasts, freeing them. My eager lips found a hard pink nipple and I sucked on it furiously, squeezing her breasts roughly and running my hands all over her young body. Lee Anne stood over me, moaning loudly. I pulled her back onto the bed, rolling on top of her and loving her breasts to death and smothering her in kisses. My hand left her breast and slipped down her flat belly, the fingers slipping under the waistband of her pants. I found her hairy bush and she gasped as my fingers found her wet crack and slipped over her clit.

“Lee Anne pulled her hands free, and then lifted her hips to pull her pants down, raising her knees to get the pants off her legs. For the first time in my life I saw a naked pussy. I stood up and pulled her clothes free of her ankles and stared at that wonderful girl, the triangle of dark hair leading my eyes like an arrow to the glistening slit between her parted legs. I was in Heaven. Lee Anne smiled up at me and said, ‘You like it?’

” ‘Oh, you’re beautiful,’ I breathed. I was unzipping my jeans now. ‘Smell your fingers,’ she told me.

“I sniffed at the fingers that had itched her clit, and I moaned loudly as that wonderful pussy smell filled my nose. I fell onto the bed between her legs and buried my nose in that musky aroma, rubbing all over and licking uncertainly at her pussy lips. Lee Anne lifted her knees up and spread her legs wider, giving me clear access to her hole. She positioned my head where she wanted it to be. ‘Stick your tongue in,’ she told me. ‘Don’t worry about hurting me, just stick it in as far as you can go and start licking.’

“I thrust my tongue into her, and she moved my head until I found her deep hole. She started pulling my head out, and then back, forcing my tongue to fuck her until I got the rhythm. I fucked her with my tongue, and she released my head, her fingers going to her clit that was in front of my nose.

” ‘You’re a natural,’ she screamed, ‘harder, harder!’ Her fingers flew over her hard clit. Faster and faster I fucked her with my tongue, which was really getting tired by this time. Suddenly, her legs wrapped around my head as she thrust her pussy hard into my face. Her fingers on her clit slowed and pressed harder as she did so, moving in sharp jerks. She came in strong sudden contractions, her legs jerking and her back arching as she came in waves.

“I stood up as soon as she let me go, and pulled my clothes off, standing naked in front of a girl for the first time. Drops of pre-cum were already dripping from my throbbing cock. I started to crawl on top of Lee Anne, but she sat up and said ‘Not yet. Lie down here and let me make you happy.’

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“I laid back, and Lee Anne knelt beside me. She kissed me, saying “ummm” as she tasted her pussy in my mouth. She ran a sharp finger nail down my chest, and gently grasped the shaft of my hard cock. I jerked at this contact, and she smiled up at me. ‘You’ll enjoy this.’

“Lee Anne slowly traced her tongue down my mostly hairless chest, circling my nipples before sucking hard on one of them. Her hand slowly jerked my cock, her fingers squeezing and relaxing as she did. Her long blond hair brushed my cock head, sending jolts of ecstasy through me. Gently and slowly her lips found the head of my cock and she took it into her mouth. I was in an agony of pleasure, and thrust up into her mouth. As I did, I came in a huge spasm, my virgin cock flooding her mouth with sperm. Again and again I squirted my cum into her soft mouth, her lips tightly locked on the shaft of my cock to prevent any of the sperm from leaking out.

“I lay there weakly When I was done, overcome with the intense pleasure, my hand on Lee Anne’s inner thigh with my thumb pressing into her pussy. Lee Anne slipped her mouth off my still hard cock, and turned to straddle me, her soaked pussy hair tickling my sensitive member. She rubbed her slit along my shaft, and suddenly the head of my dick popped into her hot young pussy. I never imagined that anything could feel as good as Lee Anne’s pussy did that winter day, and I moaned in ecstasy. As she pushed back to meet my sudden upward thrust Lee Anne leaned forward and kissed me, flooding my mouth with my own sperm. The salty gift surprised me, and I swallowed some and spit some out as our tongues met wildly in the middle.

“Lee Anne rode my cock like a pro, speeding up and slowing down, stretching the pleasure out as I felt her soft smooth skin and squeezed her tight ass cheeks. I could feel my wet cock and her wet pussy with my fingers, and I fingered her asshole with a wet finger as she rode me. She moaned as I did this, and soon Lee Anne was sitting up and coming on my hard cock. Her spasms clutched at my cock and I came almost immediately, shooting my hot load deep into a wet pussy for the first time ever. She collapsed onto me and we cuddled for quite a while, in that strange man’s house.

“And that was where my virginity went,” I concluded. Margie and I had shifted to a doggy position as I talked, and I had been slowly stroking into Margie’s hot pussy from behind during my narrative. She was still tight after the pregnancy, the baby having been delivered by C-Section. Margie was still carrying her baby fat, though, the extra padding adding a new and temporary element to our love making. I stroked Margie for a while without cumming, simply enjoying the contact of bodies before pulling out and falling next to her on the bed. The frantic urge to orgasm quickly had faded to a more sensual enjoyment of the female body as I grew older.

Margie, still up on her knees, leaned over and kissed me, her long black hair hiding her Mexican features. Her long dark nipples tickled my arm as she leaned over and I reached out and squeezed one, enjoying the milky spray onto my belly. Margie was soon on top of me, riding my hard cock as I buried my face between her large dripping breasts. Margie loved the feel of nursing, and my story must have excited her. Soon she was yelling out her orgasm to the neighbors as I tried to suck on both nipples at once, her contracting pussy soon driving me to my own orgasm. I shot into her and she collapsed on top of me.

“I love you,” I said, my voice muffled by two large breasts. But who, I wondered silently, my memories flooded with Lee Anne, was I talking too?

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