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The Corner Bookstore was not a widely known establishment, as it had not been around for many years and it was not well advertised. It was a fairly small store front, which hardly any chain business would find useful. The parking was some what awkward, so if there had ever been any large shipments to the store, it would have been nearly impossible to get the truck in reasonably close. Not to mention that there was only one door in and out, so that would have limited anything terribly large. Thankfully, The Corner Bookstore did not receive any large shipments. There would be no where to put it, and no need for it. It was a “used books” store, where many books were donated or sold to the store by people around town… It was the type of shop that played NPR on the radio and had hand written signs as to the different sections of the store.

Only two people ever worked at a time, two of them being the husband and wife that owned the store. The other two were Gary and Ali, Gary being the “manager” and Ali being the “clerk”. In truth, the manager position was more name than real responsibility, or at least the way Gary and Ali made it that way. Ali helped Gary with many of the responsibilities that he was assigned, such as stats and counting the money at the end of the night, and Gary helped Ali with many of the responsibilities that she was assigned, like vacuuming the floors and putting books away. Strictly speaking, Gary was in charge, but in truth they worked as a team to get things done. This was due in part to Gary starting the job later than Ali, Ali starting just a few weeks earlier. The owners had left it to Ali to show how things generally ran, so Gary did not feel comfortable giving Ali instructions like a normal manager would. Ali was also very intuitive as to what needed to be done and what took priority, so even if she had started after him, Gary would still not needed to give Ali many instructions. Both found this arrangement ideal, and both felt they could trust the other to work hard until the job was done.

Work at The Corner Bookstore was slow. By the time Gary and Ali had started the owners had gotten all the organization issues out of the way, and everything was pretty lax, which the owners enjoyed highly. They were an older couple, and had gone in to the business not really to make money but to enjoy the books they had in the store. It was a sort of continuous retirement adventure. They hired Ali and Gary because both were young and would perhaps keep young people coming back once they came in. The owners worked mornings while Gary and Ali worked evenings, five days a week. The store was not open Sundays and Mondays. Soon after Gary was hired, Ali told him that they had a hard time finding someone else to work, since most people in their early twenties like to go out at night.

Gary and Ali did not mind though, as they were usually out of the store by 9:30 pm, and they did not have to be at work in the afternoon, so they could sleep in. Both found it to be their dream job. Neither was the type that liked to rush about, so they could enjoy the slow pace of things. They also were both consistent readers, so working somewhere they could read while working and get a discount on books was a huge perk. They also found that they had many things in common. They had a pretty consistent out look on things, which was relaxed and calm, not getting too worked up about things. If someone brought in a bunch of books to be sold, and then itemized and shelved, they smiled and took their time, knowing that they had something to do the rest of the night.

When Gary was newly hired, Ali showed him where things went and how the books were kept in order. Things were a little bit tense at first, since they did not know each other and they would be spending a lot of time together, but they quickly got used to each other, and found many of the things they had in common. They had some wonderful discussions about the shows they watched as kids, their high schools, their families and their backgrounds. After a week or so, Ali mentioned that she was still on the same book as the last week, which hadn’t happened yet, since she was now talking when before she would read. It was obvious though that she didn’t mind, and as time went by they really started to become friends. Gary felt like he didn’t really have anyone before that he could share his thoughts with as openly, and Ali appreciated that Gary was willing to listen and wanted to share. Work was fun for both of them, and they looked forward to the next day when work would start again. Though Gary enjoyed working with Ali, he was very cautious of his relationship with her.

First of all he wanted to be professional, and technically he was her manager, so it would be strange if he showed interest beyond friendly co-workers. Secondly he was intimidated by her. She was very nice, warm and friendly, there was no doubt about that, but she was also very pretty. She was around 5’6″, medium build, with a charming face and smile. She had brown eyes and dark brown, shoulder length hair. She was not skinny, but she was not fat in anyway, but simply had a great feminine physique. Gary definitely could appreciate her physical attributes. All of this however was not encouraging to him, since he felt she was far more attractive than he was. He was taller, about 6’3″, and pretty thin, not the normal male physique. He had a similar hair color to Ali, though he wore glasses. He felt like she would not think much of him because he was thinner than she was. He thought his teeth were kind of gross, and figured overall he was too much of a dork for Ali to consider him. All of this though was not really much of a debate in his head. He just assumed that she would never think of him as anything more than a great boss, and would never feel the underlying attraction to him that he felt for her.

Gary was in fact ignoring signs from Ali that someone outside of the situation would have picked up on in a fairly short period of time. Ali had wondered for a time about his reserve, and wondered if he had a girlfriend or something. The similarities between them seemed so remarkable and their ease with each other seemed so likely that she figured he was taken and was just being nice. This assumption was soon found to be false, through a few responses in different conversations between the two that would never have stood out to a guy, but easily traced by a girl. After figuring out that he was indeed single, she reasoned out why he seemingly ignored the obvious that they were very well suited for one another.

Knowing that he was held up by his position and by his own low self-esteem, Ali started to do things that would very very slowly get things going between the two, again, things that would have become fairly obvious to someone outside the situation, but to Gary were either unnoticed or unfathomable. Ali proceeded very slowly, so as not to overwhelm Gary, but she still proceeded. Ali had always been a firm believer in keeping make-up for special times (something Gary appreciated – if a girl is pretty without make-up, she is stunning with!), but she decided it was time to show Gary that her times with him were special. She began to wear just a little bit, not enough that Gary would consciously notice, but definitely increase her appeal. This worked wonderfully, and Gary found himself more and more attracted to her already beautiful face. Next she began to introduce a little sexuality into their relationship. They had never talked about anything remotely sexual, and never had mentioned their dating relationship before, so this would seem like an awkward proposition to start. However, Ali was quite clever, and had an intensive plan.

The first step to this was to change the types of books that she recommended Gary read. Gary and Ali had had many discussions about books (they DID work in a bookstore after all), and they had started a custom to recommend books to each other. Usually the pattern went one recommended book, one of their own book choices, and so on. It must be noted that the fact that this was well established illustrates that things had not moved quickly, though they had found each other attractive from the get go. All of Ali’s book recommendations up until then had been pretty clear of any sexual content, mostly because they were kid’s novels. This time, however, Ali recommended a book that she knew had a sex scene in it. It was not an explicit scene, but it was definitely there. She of course did not mention this to Gary, who was thrown for a loop when it came up. Rereading the scene, Gary’s thoughts strayed into thinking about himself and Ali… He quickly pulled back to reality. Ali seemed off limits, and decided that she must have forgotten it was there, so did not mention, even in passing, to her. Ali assumed that this would be the case, so she was not put off. Every step, though it may be small, was a step forward.

Ali next took on the task of showing Gary that it would be ok for them to be together, despite the work relationship. She began arriving early, and started having conversations about Gary with the owner’s wife. Ali pretended to not really have thought about them together, but talked about him fondly in front of her. It soon dawned on the older lady that Ali was indeed attracted to Gary, and even confronted Ali with this, asking what was with the hold up. Ali, however simply blushed, and pretended like she had to go to the bathroom. When Gary arrived that day, she told him that he ought to ask Ali out, since it seemed obvious to her that they both liked each other. Gary tried to hold back a smile (failing miserably), but also tried to side step the situation.

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As Ali had hoped, there soon began to be a bit of pressure from the older lady for the two of them to get together. At first it was not as direct, but one day she said that she’d “see you two love birds tomorrow”. They had both blushed furiously, and pretended to ignore it. Gary found himself thinking mostly about Ali, and though he finally admitted to himself that the professional relationship thing was out the window, though she was still much more attractive than he was. He was also again led to think of himself and Ali sexually by another book that had a sex scene in it, this time going on with a little more detail. Gary found himself imagining both of them on a deserted beach, Gary in swim trunks, Ali in a white bikini, the waves crashing over them as they swam and splashed each other in the ocean. As the sun started to set, a rather large wave pushed Ali into Gary’s arms, and neither made any move to change the situation. Ali’s bikini top inexplicably became loose, and her breasts came out from behind the fabric, her nipples erect, grazing Gary’s chest.

Ali looked up innocently into Gary’s eyes, and he bent over, and they kissed. Ali’s hands run through Gary’s hair and on his back, Gary taking Ali around the waist. They finish the kiss, and Ali looks at Gary, smiling happily, and reaches back behind her neck, untying the knot, and the top falls to the water between the two. Gary finds himself running his hands down, and they slide underneath the bikini bottom, as he massages her ass. Continuing to kiss, Ali uses her hands to untie the knots on either side of her waist, and Gary feels the fabric fall away from the tops of his hands. He starts to look down at her beautiful naked body, when…

“Gary, I’m going to the bathroom, k?” Ali says brightly, her face popping out from behind the other side of the bookshelf. Still recovering from being shocked out of his day dream, Gary nods absently. He soon realizes that this was almost identical to a scene from the latest book Ali recommended. What was up with that? Gary wondered. What was with all the sex? He didn’t really mind thinking about it, it was quite nice actually, though it had just now produced a rather uncomfortable situation. He also noticed that Ali’s dress had started to take a little turn. Where she had used to dress in jeans and a polo shirt, which she definitely looked very nice in (those jeans fit very nice), she was now wearing things nicer, and seemingly more risqué. One night she had worn some tight black pants (Gary could hardly stop himself from looking at her ass when she was turned away from him) and a low cut red v-neck, showing a little cleavage when standing up, and a lot of cleavage when she bent over (which he enjoyed every time, though he tried very hard to make sure he was not caught doing).

Another night she had worn some incredibly short shorts which seemed to barely cover her roundness, and a tighter than tight t-shirt that made her nipples extremely obvious. Tonight she was actually wearing a skirt that came down to her thighs with a triangular slit running up almost to her hips, and a matching spaghetti strap top that came pretty far down her chest. He had found himself wondering if she had a bra on, but figured from the lack of nipples showing that she had on a strapless. Suddenly he realized what he was thinking, and tried again tried to shift gears. He would have to try harder to not think of sex around Ali, since it would only make it harder to accept that he would never hook up with her. Just then, Ali came out of the restroom.

“So, what did you think of the book I recommended?” Ali asked, not quite realizing what incredible timing she had just had. She knew that this was the steamiest sex scene yet of any of the books, and being a significant part of the plot there was little way that Gary could ignore it.

“Uh, it was, uh…” Gary stammered. How could he say what he was thinking, that it was incredible, especially the beach part, and it had led him to thinking about her… Gary’s mind reeled, and he found himself asking a question he had not himself thought of asking until he did, but he wondered about the answer after it came out. “What’s with these books lately?”

A moment’s pause, as Ali’s heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” Gary paused, trying to figure out how to state it. Slowly he said,” I guess I mean that the last three books have had some pretty, umm, mature scenes in them. I was kind of surprised.” There, Gary thought, that was good.

Ali again paused. She hadn’t expected Gary to be quite this direct, but then her confidence came back and she said simply, “Well, I didn’t want you to think I was a dork. I mean, what kind of person only reads kids books. I wanted you to know I also read adult books too.”

“Adult books?” Gary said jabbing, before he had thought of what he was saying. He quickly felt a wave of guilt and was going to apologize, but then Ali spoke.

“Not adult books, I mean books that adults read.”

“So you don’t read adult books?” Gary asked, with a sense of boldness.

“Not usually…” Ali said, in a mocking seductive voice. Gary blushed at this, and Ali laughed. “Aww, that was so cute!”

“What was cute?” Gary asked defensively, embarrassed by his embarrassment.

“You, there, you blushed and all. Can’t handle talking about big adult things, can you?” Ali said, rejoicing with the knowledge that they would be soon entering into a discussion about sex.

“I can handle it; I just don’t want to freak you out.”

“Hey, I’m fine,” she said, striking a fashion model pose, one hand on her hip, the other behind her head, and looking up. This made Gary laugh, and felt a little less tension.

“I don’t think you’re a dork, anyways.” Gary said.

Ali wasn’t surprised by this, but she was flattered, and blushed, looking away. Picking up a book from the box in between them, and turning to put it on the shelf, she asked “So, have you read any adult books?”

“Aww, Ali!” Gary said, amidst Ali’s giggling. “I thought that was over.”

“Over? It never started. Come on, who was the first girl you slept with.”

“Ali, I hardly think that we should be-“

“Talking about this? Who cares? There’s no one here, and besides, you’re the one who brought it up.” Ali looked over at Gary, and smiled, knowing that she was giving him a hard time.

“Hey, you’re the one who keeps giving me these books that have all sorts of sex in it. What’s up with that?”

“Well to normal people that would be obvious…” Ali said under her breath.

“I don’t really get it,” Gary said, still going on. “And what’s with the way you’ve been dressing lately?” He put his book on the shelf, and turned towards her, and stopped. She was in the process of putting a book on the bottom shelf, her ass pointed right at Gary. As she bent over, the skirt ran higher and higher up her legs, getting dangerously close to her ass. Gary thought it was lasting forever, and it really was happening slowly, because Ali was purposefully taking her time. Still leaning over, she looked back at him, their eyes meeting. The spit second seemed to last minutes, as Ali looked intimately at Gary. Then, normal time came back, and Ali looked back at what she was doing.

They went on shelving books for a few minutes in a sort of strange silence. Both were hoping for something to happen, though neither wanted to scare the other off. Ali continued to try to show off, bending over so Gary could see all her cleavage. She noticed him looking, but he wasn’t going for it. She kept up the heat, and took it up a notch.

“Gary, could you answer a question honestly?” Gary was a little scared, but told her of course.

“This will sound silly, but do I look fat?”

“Oh God no! You’re, you’re, not fat at all!” Gary said adamantly.

“But you are skinnier than me! I must be fat.”

No, I’m abnormal. I’m not normal. You are very,umm…” He looked up at Ali. She had an innocent look on her face that he bought fully. She also expertly placed her hands at the point on her shirt that the straps met the shirt, pulling it down slightly and drawing attention to her chest. Gary glanced away.

“You aren’t fat Ali.”

“Gary, you’re just saying that. You hardly looked at me. Come on…” Gary’s mind raced. She actually wants me to look at her! He faced her again, now purposefully looking over every part. He looked at her face, still with the innocent look that he bought completely. He moved his gaze down her neck to her chest, definitely enjoying that. He looked farther down, and reaching her hips, Ali turned sideways, moving her butt towards him, as if suggesting he looks there too.

“Ohh!” Gary sighed in appreciativeness of how hot Ali was.

“Oh no! You think my butt is fat!” Ali said, pretending to be quite upset.

“No, Ali, that’s not what I meant!”

“Why did you sigh like that then?”

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“It’s just, you- you- well, you’ve got a great ass!”

“You think so?” Ali said, smiling and looking down at her butt.

“I told you I wouldn’t lie” Gary said, looking away shyly. Damn it, Ali thought, now what? She was starting to get horny, and really wanted something to happen.

“What about my boobs? They’re too big, aren’t they?” she said, turning back around, cupping her breasts and looking at them.

“Oh, Ali!”

“What? I just want your opinion,” she said, still cupping them, but now looking at him.

“I just, I mean, you are so, so…”

“Yeah?” Ali said, and just then one of the straps on her shirt fell off her shoulder, as if she willed it to happen.

“I, wow…” Gary said, and he absent mindedly reached over and put her strap back on her shoulder. He jerked his hand away, and as he did, he hit the bookshelf. Ali and Gary looked up to the top, where they heard a clatter, and then water poured out of a bucket that neither had seen on top, spilling all over Ali and drenching her completely. They looked at each other in shock. Ali’s clothes were clinging to her very tightly, and Gary could see her stomach and even a little depression where her bellybutton was. They looked at each other again, and then at a clock. It was only a few minutes before closing time.
“Are you alright?” Gary asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but just really wet. Is there a towel around here?”

“Yeah, it’s in the back.” Gary brought Ali a large hand towel, and she dried her hair.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, I can’t get in my car like this, I’ll ruin everything.”

“I’d give you a ride but I ride the bus,” Gary said, now admiring her soaked figure. A few seconds later, Ali had an idea.

“Hey, isn’t there a dryer in the closet by the register?”

“Yeah, now that you mention it, there is.”

“Ok, well, I’ll go behind this bookshelf and hand you my clothes. Then you go put them in the dryer.”

“Why can’t you put them in the dryer?” Gary asked absently.

“Well I can’t go walking past the windows naked, and this isn’t exactly big enough to wear, is it?” Ali said, holding up the hand towel.

“Oh, I guess not,” Gary said, blushing and looking away.

“Alright,” Ali said, disappearing behind the bookshelf. Gary heard some rubbing noises, and then Ali said “Shirt” and sure enough it was Ali’s wet shirt, Ali passing it around the bookshelf. A second later it was “bra” and Ali’s bra appeared. Gary took it, and felt himself getting excited. Whoa, he thought, this is crazy. A few seconds later, “skirt” and Gary took Ali’s skirt. Then “thong” and Ali’s hand was holding up her thong. Gary took it and smiled even more brightly. He turned and walked towards the dryer.

“Gary!” Ali called. Gary turned around and Ali was peaking out from the bookshelf. “Put it on low heat, ok?”

“Won’t that take longer?” Gary asked.

“Yeah, but it won’t shrink.” Gary did it, and then walked back to the end of the bookshelf. He leaned his back against it.

“So…” Gary said.

“Yeah, I guess this is going to get a little boring, huh? I mean, we can’t even see each other.”


“I guess I could, I don’t know…” Ali said, trailing off.


“Well, I mean…” Ali said, again trailing off. Then Gary got a great idea.

“Why don’t I give you my shirt? I mean, that way you don’t have to stay back there all alone.”

Ali paused. “I guess we could do that, yeah…”

Gary pulled off his shirt, and handed it back to Ali.

“You want my pants too? I mean, I have on boxers,” Gary said quickly.

“No, they wouldn’t fit, I’m too fat, remember?” Ali said back to him.

“Ali, look, you’re not fat. I was trying to say it before, but I think you-” Gary stopped suddenly, because Ali had just come around from the bookshelf in his t-shirt. Even though he was tall, his shirt was just barely big enough on Ali. Ali held on to it with both hands, stretching it, and even so Gary could hardly believe it covered her ass. Her breasts were also stretching it more, and the white shirt was see-through on many places because she was still set when she put it on. Her nipples especially were present like they weren’t covered at all. She looked down and seemed sad.

“I’m so fat it doesn’t even fit.”

“Oh, you aren’t fat Ali!”

“Yeah right. Let’s just finish with these books, ok?” Ali said, pretending to be annoyed. She quickly bent over and took a large book in her hands, then stretched up on her tippy toes to put it on the shelf. There was no doubt about it, her ass was fully exposed. Gary had stopped and gazed lustfully at her. She noticed and couldn’t contain a brief smile of pride. Gary’s illusions of her innocence vanished. He watched as she now made no attempt at pulling down on the shirt at all, and now it stopped just above her legs, exposing everything below. She was stunning, with wonderful curves and no bony parts. She had shaved her pubic hair into a nice trim triangle, which flashed before Gary unprotected. Gary didn’t know what to say, as the gig was definitely up. Ali continued to shelve books though as if nothing had happened, so he did to, just waiting to see what would happen when they finished. After much gazing by Gary and sexiness by Ali, the box was empty, and Ali sat down, leaning against the bookshelf across from Gary, with her legs crossed gracefully.

Gary sat down across from her, her feet right next to his legs. Ali closed her eyes and looked up. After a few seconds of stillness, Gary decided that it was time for him to do something. He moved his legs so that Ali’s feet were between his legs. Then he took her left foot and gently started massaging it. Ali moaned softly, and smiled too, though she did not look at him. He continued, and then moved to the right foot, purposefully putting the left foot directly on his now quite stiff penis. Ali stroked it with her toes while she enjoyed the massage. Gary leaned forward, slowly running his hands up Ali’s legs. He reached her hips, and sat down on her thighs, and put his hands under the t-shirt at her waist. He slowly moved his hands up, moving the t-shirt up with them, until the shirt started to bunch up at her breasts. He took her arms and raised them up, and then slowly pulled the shirt over her wonderful breasts, now fully exposed. He pulled the shirt up and off of her, leaving Ali completely naked. He took her face in her hands, and kissed her softly on her lips. She opened her eyes, and looked searchingly into his. He simply said softly that she was beautiful.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed again, though this time quite passionately. Ali moved her hands to his waist and gave a gentle push, which he understood. They stopped kissing so he could get off her legs, and then continued again, now Gary leaning against the shelf. As they continued to kiss, Gary took Ali’s breasts in his hands and gently caressed them, giving them a gentle squeeze. She stopped kissing and scooted close to him, her naked pussy now up against Gary’s stomach and her breasts right in his face. He put his mouth to one and sucked hard on her nipple, then moved to the other, giving them kisses the whole time. Ali grinded against Gary, now grabbing his hands and putting them on her ass. He squeezed and massaged, now and then getting lighter and heavier. They did this for several minutes, until Ali pulled away, and moved back a bit, unbuttoning Gary’s pants and pulling them down. Gary kicked them off, and they did the same with his boxers.

Ali then leaned forward, and plunged Gary’s penis into her mouth. She sucked and licked and Gary felt like he never had before. He started to get ready to come, but just then Ali stopped, and pulled him down on the ground, Ali on top. They kissed and grabbed at whatever they could reach. Finally, Ali got on Gary, took his penis and put it right up to her pussy. She eased herself down, and Gary eased himself in. They started kissing again, both loving every second of it. They started to get in a groove, Gary thrusting in and out, and Ali moaned, and grabbed her breast with one hand, pinching her nipple, and steadied herself with the other. Ali felt her orgasm come, wave after wave crashing over her. She moaned softly, and felt Gary’s thrusting suddenly pick up, then he started moaning too. They both finished, and Ali pulled herself up and Gary out of her. Gary held her in his arms, and they lay on the floor for a while.

After looking into each others eyes, and kissing lots, Ali smiled.

“I bet you didn’t expect that tonight, huh?”

“Nope, I sure didn’t,” he said, smiling brightly. They lay for a while longer, when the dryer buzzed. Gary grabbed his shorts and pants and put them on, and went and got Ali’s clothes.

“Seems like a shame now, to put them on. I like you looking at me.”

To be continued…

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