How am I going to tell this story? The idea of sharing with everyone, my first time, I have wanted to for so long, it has been such an erotic idea to play with, an auto-invasion of my own privacy.

Finally, I dare myself. The first time with anyone? Or with a white guy? They were the same actually. My first time with a guy was with a white guy. Right, this was when I went to college, I mean, I hadn’t really been with many guys at all, I hadn’t slept with anyone, and fooled around with only a few others, all Asian boys. Some of them okay, some of them I fell in love with a little, but I didn’t go far with them. Kissing was about all.

I knew Paul, to see I mean, he lived about ten minutes away from us. And we ended up going to the same college, both of us, sadly, remaining at home, with our parents. I was studying medicine, he was doing English Lit. I think. And we found ourselves bumping into each other, and travelling in on the train sometimes. And, well, I did find him attractive, more than just that, I had a slight crush on him, even before I knew him, when I only knew him to look at. And he was nice. A little bit shy, not at all arrogant, which is a quality I hate. We sort of hit it off a bit. We went to see a film. I asked him I think, after some lectures, walking back to the station, passing a cinema, he said yes. And that was when we first kissed.

We were watching, and then I felt him looking at me, so I turned, he was looking at me, I smiled, but looked away. I wanted to look back. And, somehow, I don’t know, I felt bolder than I had with Pakistani boys. I turned to him again, gazed at his handsome face, his beautiful green eyes, his lips, god, his full soft lips, and he rested his hand on my leg. Our look, his hand, I felt myself filling with adrenalin, felt the sudden simmer of arousal. He sort of moved to me, but didn’t quite, so, I was the one, I moved my head to his and leaned in and we kissed. It was lovely, just amazing. He tasted different to Asian boys, but nice. We were so soft, so gently, our lips barely touching, the tip of his soft tongue touching mine. And then I felt his hand on my breast, gently touching me there, cupping me through my T-shirt.

I felt my small nipple become stiff, and sensed myself become wet between my legs. I am not sure I had felt this before, in this context, he kissed me, his hand was on my breast, so soft, and I felt a sudden dampness in my vagina. It was so arousing, to feel this, to feel my young body reacting. I rested my hand on his thigh, I didn’t know quite what to do, I mean, I knew what I could do, I didn’t know quite how far I wanted to take this, but, well, I moved my hand upward, up along his firm thigh, and I put my hand on his crotch, I put my hand on his crotch, and felt his penis, through his jeans, and he was already hard.

God, this was, I mean, I really hadn’t done anything, apart from kiss, this was the first time I had even done this, we kissed, I touched his tongue with mine, I felt his lips on mine, and his hand on my breast, stroking me there, squeezing my stiffened nipple, and I moved my hand over his cock, I felt it, so hot, so thrillingly hard, I felt it move, as I touched, it grew, it got harder still, bigger, as we kissed and stroked, and, well, I was really quite aroused, I knew my vagina would be so wet now, I could almost feel it, feel my panties sticking to my damp sex.

I was emboldened, and turned on, I rubbed Paul’s stiff cock, sort of held it, bent it with my hand, and felt his hand move under my T-shirt, and touch the cool smooth dark skin of my stomach, and then up, he touched my breast through the thin material of my bra, then went under this, and I felt his hand stroking my bare breast, his penis jumped as he touched me, I felt him move, pulse and stiffen some more, he pinched my erect nipple, I rubbed his hard penis.

We stopped for a bit, watched the film for a bit, he kept his hand on my thigh, on my jeans, and moved it slowly upwards, so he was near my crotch, holding me, squeezing my leg, as he did I moved my hand onto his thigh, and shadowed his movement, then, this felt so daring, to be the first to do this, I moved my hand back to his crotch, and placed it back over his penis, he was still hard, even though we weren’t kissing, I moved my legs apart a little, wanting him to touch more of me, I wished I was wearing a skirt, a dress, I would have let him go under, inside my panties, I would have let him touch my bare pussy right there.

But he covered my groin, he covered my vulva with his hand, I mean, outside my trousers, touching me as I was touching him, I felt his fingers pressing onto me, I was so wet now, I knew it, I knew he would be able to feel the heat emanating from my vagina, he turned to me again, our hands on each other, and leant back in to kiss me, I opened my mouth for him, fought his tongue with mine, harder this time, more abandoned, I savoured the soft cool texture of his lips on mine, and felt his cock stiffen more, and his fingers press harder, touching my damp sex lips, rubbing me up and down as I was rubbing his cock, god I wanted him now, I knew, if we had been alone I would have undone his trousers, and mine, I would have guided his cock inside me, I wanted to be wearing a skirt, I wanted Paul to be able to put his hand up there, touch me only through my panties, then inside, I wanted to feel his fingers on my naked pussy, touching my thick labia, touching my warm wet cunt. God, I am feeling quite aroused again, writing about this.

We kissed throughout the movie, and touched each other. Paul felt my breasts, underneath my bra, and I touched his stiff cock, through his trousers, and he rubbed my hot vulva through mine. And the film ended, and we left.

We were in college the next day I think, and we travelled home together, on the train, we hadn’t kissed again, even the day before, after leaving the cinema, I didn’t know whether he wanted to. I felt nervous about asking, or trying to kiss him. Anyway, we walked past my road, which was a way back from the main road, and I asked if he wanted to come in, for a cup of tea or something. And he said he did. So.

We walked to my house, I knew my mum and dad were both at work, and my sister still in school. We’d be alone. I did make tea, and we drank it in the living room. We usually chatted okay, but we were both pretty quiet, I put my tea down, and put my hand on Paul’s leg, on his thigh, he looked at me, we didn’t kiss, I rubbed his leg, and looked at his crotch, as I held and touched him I saw the bulge in his trousers get bigger, his penis was getting hard again, because of my hand. We still weren’t kissing, and Paul wasn’t touching me anywhere, I watched his penis increase in size, it was almost sticking straight up from his thighs.

I asked, I wanted to. I asked.

“Can I see it. Paul, can I look at your penis?”

“Yes, yes, I want you to.”

So I moved my hand to his belt, and undid this, and then undid his button, all the while my wrist was touching his penis, I could feel how stiff he was, I unzipped his trousers, Paul lifted his bum off the chair, I pulled his trousers down, to his ankles, and looked at his crotch, he was wearing quite small white pants, not Y-fronts, smaller even, his cock was so hard, it was sticking up now, now I’d pulled his trousers down, I could see the top of his pubic hair, god, I felt myself getting wet again, looking, waiting, hesitating, looking at the shape, the outline of Paul’s hard penis, it curved from his pubis up and down in a thick and long arc to the tops of his thighs, it strained against his underwear, pulling the material away from his waist, exposing his thick bush, I could see this, I could see someone’s pubic hair for the first time, I looked at the thick curly line of his dark manly sexual growths.

I couldn’t stop though, I didn’t want to. I took hold of the waist band of his underwear, feeling his soft pubic hair against the back of my fingers, I was breathless with excitement, I pulled his pants down, slowly, looking as his penis was revealed, the base of it, thick, hair growing around it, I pulled some more, quicker, and released his hard cock, I almost had an orgasm right then, looking, just looking at his stiff cock springing free, bouncing up from his underwear, god he looked huge, his cock looked just massive to me, pale, I suppose, I was used to my own skin, pink and smooth, it was thick, and long, it still got even bigger.

I looked at it grow in length, it pulsed upwards, rising, seemingly of its own accord, I was staring at a boy’s exposed penis as it become aroused, as it stiffened in front of me, ready, I knew, in order that it could be inserted into a woman’s wet vagina, he was getting hard, his cock was getting erect and rigid so he could slide it inside my tight wet virgin cunt. It grew harder, longer, and thicker, it was now sticking straight upwards, the soft wrinkle of his foreskin being pulled back, just slightly, so I could see his glans, the lips of his meatus, and his scrotum, god, I’d never even seen pictures, not really, and I’d never seen one on the flesh, his scrotum was drawn up tight, the skin there was darker than on his penis, wrinkled, hairy, drawing up his large oval testicles. I pushed Paul’s pants down to his ankles, and stared at his exposed and aroused genitals.

I didn’t do anything for what felt like ages, just looked, stared at Paul’s hard exposed male part, looking for the first time at a boy’s bare penis, a white boy’s erect cock, I wanted to study it, to memorise, the length of it, the thickness, the colour, it looked so smooth, so thick, wider in the middle, the shape of his tip showing from underneath his pale foreskin, the curved line of his engorged glans. Then I asked if I could touch it, I asked.

“Can I? Can I touch it? I want to, can I touch your penis?”

Paul said yes, he told me he wanted me to.

So, I reached for it, for his cock, and held it, I touched a boy’s penis for the first time, I watched myself reach over with my slim brown fingers and curl them around his creamy pink cock. It felt so hard, just completely rigid, and so thick, I am quite small, I know, but even so, I could only just get my fingers around the shaft, it was warm, hot and stiff, but the skin was soft, and malleable, I gripped it, and moved my hand down, somehow I knew, I held the shaft of his cock firmly and pulled his foreskin back, and exposed the round smooth shiny tip of his penis, I watched myself pulling his prepuce back, stretching it over his darker, redder bulb. I was transfixed, by this final hidden part of him, of a boy’s sex organ, this tight oval helmet, and the tiny narrow pursed slit of his exposed opening.

I saw a tiny drop of clear fluid appear from his urethra, and suddenly I was bending down, without thinking, drawn forward by my own arousal, by depraved lust, I bent and I kissed the end of his penis, I pushed out my soft wet tongue and licked this clear drop of pre-ejaculate, I licked the tip of his hard cock, it tasted sweet, I heard Paul breathing, suddenly, heavily, I looked up, his mouth was slightly open, he was looking at my hand on his cock, and just then my mouth, I knew he’d like me to take him in my mouth, I thought I might, I wanted to, I asked.

“Can I suck your penis? Would you like me to? Would you like me to put your hard cock in my mouth?”

“Yes, oh fuck, Salima, yes”.

So, I held it, gripped it, rubbed his skin over his hard shaft, I don’t know how I knew to do this, to stroke the soft layer of smooth skin over the hot core of his stem, but I did, realising what I was doing, I was masturbating him, I was wanking his hard dick. I bent down again and took the end of his cock between my lips, I took a boy’s penis in my mouth, this was it, this was my first time doing this, I let the next thought form, the sentence: I am sucking a boy’s cock, I have a boy’s erect penis in my mouth, I am a cocksucker, I am a filthy little sluttish cocksucker.

I ran my tongue over it, and kissed it, licked it, wet it with my saliva, and let it slide in and out of my mouth, it was so good, it felt so wicked, god, here I was, a nice little Pakistani girl, still a virgin, from a nice respectable family, brought up well, never been touched, never touched anyone, and I had a white boy’s hard cock in my mouth, and I was so aroused myself, god I knew my vagina was so wet, I wanted Paul to touch me there, but I carried on, I knew, I mean I’d read what happened when a man had an orgasm, books had been passed around at school, we had talked, some girls already knew, but I didn’t, I didn’t know really what would happen, I mean, I knew, but didn’t know, I was just so turned on by sucking Paul’s big thick hard dick, I felt his hand on my shoulder, reaching into my blouse, he touched my breast again, under my bra again, stroking my nipple, pinching it gently, I felt his penis swell in my mouth, I felt him get even harder in my hand, in my wet mouth his tight smooth glans quivered, his cock seemed to get warmer, I moved my other hand, I wanted to touch his balls, I wanted to feel his tight scrotum, he held my right breast and I cupped his balls in my left hand, kept moving my right hand on his stem, and moved my mouth over his cock head. He seemed to become tense, his hand pressed against my breast.

“Salima, god, I might, fuck, I’m going to come, I am so fucking close, Salima, oh fuck I’m sorry, I’m going, you’re going to make me come.”

I knew, but didn’t know, what was going to happen, I just didn’t want to stop, so I didn’t stop, I kept moving my hands, and my mouth, I closed my lips around his cock, wrapped my lips around his soft engorged slick glans, Paul tensed more.

“Salima, fuck, Salima, I’m coming, Salima, oh god Salima.”

And his cock thickened and jumped in my hand, I felt him twitch, and spasm, his testicles clenched, and suddenly my mouth filled with liquid, and I realised he was coming, I heard him.

“Oh god Salima, oh fuck, I’m sorry, this is so fucking good, oh Salima, oh, your soft sweet mouth…”

My mouth was filling with quick jets of warm fluid, Paul was coming in my mouth, he was ejaculating, I had made I him come, I felt so good, so dirty, so fucking aroused, god, my young virgin cunt was throbbing as Paul spurted his hot semen into my mouth, over my tongue, it tasted good, I liked it I mean, I still do, salty I know, but strangely sweet as well, a little bit, and thinner than I thought, not all thick or gloopy, not in my mouth, not to taste, he seemed to come and come, he seemed to have so much cum, I loved it, feeling him pulse and empty his young balls in my mouth, feeling the four then five rapid streams of semen get pushed from his body by orgasm and splash over my tongue. I drank his hot young spunk and swallowed it down, I felt his seed coat my palate, slide along my throat.

I took Paul’s cum inside my Pakistani belly, I felt so alive, fuck, so transgressive, letting this beautiful young white boy put his cock in my mouth, letting myself suck his cock until he climaxed, letting this white heathen fill my dark Muslim mouth with his hot semen. I sucked and sucked, and gripped and pumped his shaft, until no more semen came out, and I started to feel Paul’s penis soften in my mouth.

I sat up, and saw his penis again, softening, dropping down, shiny with my saliva, I realised my dad would be home soon, and Paul should go. He stood up, his beautiful big soft cock hanging down now, and he pulled up his pants and trousers, I watched him hold his still large, still heavy penis, gripping himself, pulling his foreskin back once, then forward, sliding it over his shiny red cockhead, but then folding it into his pants, and covering himself up. I didn’t want him to, I wanted to be able to look at his cock all night.

But he had to go. We still hadn’t kissed again I realised, I felt like a whore, not kissing, sucking his cock but not kissing him, taking his penis in my mouth, making him come and drinking his cum, but not kissing, and not having him pleasure me, god, I felt so deliciously dirty. I knew I needed to masturbate, I had to, I didn’t do this very much then, but I did as soon as Paul left, I went up to my bedroom, and took my trousers and knickers off, and then I wanted to see myself nude, so I took my blouse and bra off as well, and stood naked in front of my mirror, looking at my small breasts, my stiff little nipples, my smooth brown skin, my legs, I turned, I looked at my bare bum, my pert young buttocks, and back around, at my thick dark bush, I watched myself running my hands over my naked body, touching myself, my tits, my belly, my pubic hair, I looked at myself moving my feet apart, so I could see my genitals, I stepped closer to the mirror, and touched the damp swollen lips of my sex, I watched myself stroking my labia, parting them, then pushing a finger inside my tight young vagina, feeling how hot and wet I was, feeling a wash of moistness get released, spreading this up, over my lips, my tight clitoris, and gasping out loud with the sudden pleasure of this.

I lay back on my bedroom floor, and spread my legs apart, and stroked my aching tender cunt, I was already close to coming, I started moaning a little, and rubbing myself harder, quicker, I may have been talking aloud, as I rubbed my stiff clitoris and fingered my tight virgin cunt, I felt a huge orgasm building quickly, from my toes, it travelled up my legs, my thighs, each motion of my fingers drawing it upwards, over my belly, my heaving breasts, I pushed my legs further apart, splayed my dark brown cunt wide open, I was still looking, and moaning now with extreme pleasure, and felt myself starting to come.

My climax started to break and crash over me, and just, just as it did my father came into my room, as he always did, and saw me, his daughter, his innocent young daughter, he saw me completely naked, unable to stop, my legs spread wide, he must have looked, I am sure I saw him, unable to stop himself, looking down at my bare body, my exposed sex, at my hands rubbing my cunt, my father stopped just long enough to see me coming, I did stop touching myself, and tried to cover my breasts, of all things, but my climax was already consuming me.

I think he said:

“Salima, bloody hell.”

As my orgasm broke over me, too large and too late to stop it, I wasn’t even able to stop myself from moaning aloud as I came, my hands away from my cunt, but so allowing my father seeing me, to look directly at his daughter’s thick wet pussy, her legs apart, and hearing me saying:

“Fuck, fuck, mmm, mmm, ooohhh.”

As he entered I was already in the throes of extreme freefalling pleasure, I climaxed and was saying:

“Oohh fuck my hot wet cunt, my tight hot Pakistani cunt.”

As he opened my door and saw me come.

My father said nothing, he had the good sense at least not to try to talk to me about it. I did wonder though, after that, this was so sick really, but I wondered if he thought of me, at all, his daughter, naked, laying on the floor in front of her mirror, her legs spread wide apart, masturbating, I did, god, I mean, just once or twice, then more and more, I thought of my father being aroused when he saw me, being aroused at seeing his young devout daughter naked, her legs spread, rubbing her cunt as she had an orgasm and as she did she used such filthy language, I found this thought intruding, when I spiralled into the vortex of future orgasms, that my father’s cock had stiffened in his trousers, when he saw me, I realised the idea aroused me, it was so bad, that he went to his room, his cock hard, and that he had had to unzip his flies and pull his swelling cock from his pants and masturbate quick and hard, over me, at the sight of me, I touched myself and conjured that embarrassing moment, only, shit, I was as I was, on the floor, naked, my legs apart, my hand between them, fingering my naked genitals, entering myself, sliding a finger inside my vagina as my other hand stroked and rubbed my stiff little clitoris, and my father caught me.
“Salima, bloody hell”.

Only, I stopped, I looked at him, then down, and saw his cock pointing out, hard, rigid, from underneath his trousers.

This thought, I started to pull myself towards climax with this depraved fantasy, that my father didn’t leave my room, he stopped, frozen, frozen by his own arousal, by the sudden stiffness of his cock. I stared at the large bulge it made in his crotch. And I carried on, I carried on masturbating in front of him, and he, mmm, even now, even now this gets to me, I look as my father undoes his belt, his trousers, and pushes them down his legs, I look at him in his white boxer shorts, his penis sticking out straight in front of him, a damp shadow at the apex of the point his stiff cock is making, and he pulls his underwear down, I stare as my father’s erect penis bounces free, and up, as he becomes fully hard in front of me, as his cock springs up, and thickens, lengthens, until it rears up from his tight dark balls, up to his smooth hairy belly. I stare, at my father’s superb and large dick, before he grips himself, before I see him move his hand to his erect penis and grip his thick stem, he looks down at me, and starts to masturbate over me, hard, fast, his fat balls shaking up and down.

I used to come as I thought of father rubbing his stiff cock, fucking his fist until he ejaculated, as Paul had, both of us reaching our orgasms together, my father holding his big bare prick over me, as he started to ejaculate, as I saw the first creamy gouts of cum burst from the smooth tip of his beautiful dark dick, spurting his thick seed over me. Of course I didn’t stop there, one transgressive fantasy allowed for the next, set that incestuous precedent.

I started re-creating that moment, my father catching me, feeling his cock stiffen, I touched myself, carried on, and watched him unzip his trousers, and push down his boxer shorts, I fingered my young pussy as I imagined my father exposing his hard cock, watching it grow, until it was sticking up, until he was fully erect, long and thick, his dark hairy scrotum round and tight, and I kneel up, god, I kneel up to him and take my father’s thick rigid cock in my mouth, he lets me, he is too aroused to stop me, and I suck my father’s penis until I feel him come, until I feel his spurts of hot creamy spunk fill my mouth.

And still, I didn’t stop, he used to catch me, look at me, and become angry with me, not letting me get up, or get dressed, but realising he is aroused, I lay naked in front of my father, who suddenly realised his cock is ragingly hard, and he tears as his trousers, pulling them off, pulling down his underpants, and releasing his enormous and rigid cock, he lets me look, at what I have done to him, he stops, looking himself at me, my legs still apart, my soft young cunt in full view, letting me look at him, at my father, half naked, his erect penis exposed to me. And then he rapes me.

I make my father grab me, slightly against my will, with me slightly struggling, and he turns me onto my back, usually saying something, whispering to me.

“Salima you filthy little slut, you filthy little cunt, you want something inside you, you want to be fucked like a little whore, you young slut, you depraved little bitch…”

And he holds me down, face down, I feel his hard penis pressing onto my body, then onto my naked bum, and he pushed the thick smooth tip of his cock against me, oh god, I feel my father pushing his cock against my anus. It hurts, I imagine pain, but sweet pleasurable aroused pain, I am spun naked on my front, I feel his body on mine, his thick pubic hair brushing my small boyish bum, my legs are forced apart, and I feel my father force his thick stiff prick hard between my buttocks, so his cock presses against my tight hidden opening, and he pushes harder, until he forces his hard cock inside my tight tender virgin asshole. And he fucks me, my father rapes me in my anus, I hear his breath on me, his hands reach around, and he touches my bare genitals.

“You’re wet aren’t you, your little cunt is soaking, Salima’s little pussy is wet with her father’s cock inside her, Salima’s little cunt is soaking, her father is fucking her tight little ass and she is aroused, aren’t you? Tell me?”

“Yes, oh god, yes I am, oh father, oh, I am sorry, I am aroused, I am a little slut, fuck me, fuck my little ass, fuck my virgin asshole, fuck me like the filthy little slut that I am.”

I had so many filthy little climaxes playing this game, playing this scenario. Feeling my father coming inside me, feeling him fuck me hard, stretching my poor little asshole wide, filling my churning rectum with his seed, feeling each contraction, as his hard cock thickens and each spurt of hot spunk fills me. It stopped when I got older, when I allowed myself to be aroused, when I knew I could fuck who I wanted, with no guilt. When I was younger though this turned me on so much. It is common enough I suppose, we are all told it’s every woman’s secret fantasy. Is it still? Even after generations of female sexuality and arousal being accepted into the mainstream? My father though? So he was complicit? An extra layer of absolution?

Did I masturbate whilst thinking of my father in any other ways? Was I sexually attracted to him?

I couldn’t help wondering if he did actually masturbate over this, over me, seeing me in this way. Would that be so wrong? Thus speaks someone without children I guess.

He was a very handsome man, tall and dark, very striking looking, and I remembered from when I was younger, or think I do, him taking baths with me and my sister, and later showers, so I had a vague mental image of his naked body, his dark skin, his black hair covering his chest and belly, I had vague images of his thick pubic hair, and his large, to me, when I was a child, his large circumcised penis.

I may have, I think, I mean, I did, a few times, I used to listen to try to hear him making love to my mother, and one or two times I did hear them, and imagined them, what they were doing, and what it was like. Not that many months previously I tried to sneak to their room, I was far too old to be doing such a thing, I wasn’t a young girl, I was an eighteen year old university student.

Yet their door was part open, just a crack, I could not see much, more in the mirror to the side of their bed, just my father, his bare bum, my mother’s right leg, to the side of his body, so he was on top of her, between her legs, in the mirror I saw more, my mother’s hands on father’s back, stroking, rubbing, scratching I thought, more of his bare bum as he moved it up and down, between my mother’s spread legs, their stomachs pressed together, my mother’s breasts.

I realised they were fucking, I would have known this for years, more than old enough to know this, to know that my father had his penis inside my mother’s vagina, and that he was thrusting himself in and out of her, penetrating her with his cock, I watched, as quiet as I could be.

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I started thinking about sex, my own pleasures, and feeling things, as I watched I felt my own arousal, I felt my sex tingling as I saw my parents fucking, thinking this word, this thought:

“My parents are having sex, my dad is fucking my mother, they are fucking, his hard penis is inside her, sliding inside her wet vagina, he has his hard cock inside her wet cunt.”

I watched my father thrust his buttocks harder, and quicker, they were kissing, I could see him lower his head to my mother’s breasts, small like mine, licking her long dark nipples, my mother spoke, as father used his mouth on her bare body, as he pumped his ass up and down, as she felt his cock enter her, filling her, stretching her pussy. I heard her start to talk to him, using his name, as my father thrust his penis in and out of her she said, quietly, almost whispering, not wanting her children to hear, not knowing I was already watching.

“Oh Amir, Amir, oh, yes, oohh, harder, darling, fuck me harder, ohh, Amir, fuck me harder please, pleeaase, fuck my hot cunt, fuck my hot little cunt, oh, oh yes, oh fuck yes, fuck me with your huge thick beautiful big fucking cock, fuck your little slut of a wife, fuck your filthy little slut wife Amir.”

And he did, my father fucker her harder, I saw him lift himself up, I watched him thrust himself forward and back, I could see his smooth firm brown ass going hard and fast, his flesh wobbling as he fucked, and my mother, her knees raised, her legs spread wide apart, and god she was quite dirty, thinking back, I saw her hand, on father’s bum, pulling his cheek apart, and her other hand reaching down, between his fleshy buttock, and touching him, stroking his tight cleft, I didn’t quite know then, not until I thought about it, re-created this moment later on, when I was alone, but I was seeing my mother finger father’s anus as he fucked her.

I knew it was something, enough to make me wet, I touched myself, I slid my hand inside my pyjama bottoms, feeling my small belly, touching the soft, thick, dark hairs that were above my pussy, and I touched my wet vagina, as I watched my parents fuck, I couldn’t believe how good it suddenly felt, how thick and swollen my labia were, how hot and warmly wet my vagina was.

I watched, and listened, as my mother whispered to my father:

“Yes, Amir, yees, darling, god, oh god, harder now, I am right there, right, god, yes, yes, fuck me hard, god, I love you, Amir, I love your tight little anus, fuck, I love touching your tight tight asshole, you like it? Yes? You like my finger inside your anus, tell me, oh, oh, you like me fingering your tight asshole…?”

And my father spoke, really quite hoarse.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, oh Nadira, push your finger inside my anus, god Nadira, fuck my arse with your finger.”

I saw her reach, and penetrate my father, she carried on.

“Let me feel, ooohhh, yes, god, you’re so lovely and tight there, Amir, push your hard hard fucking cock deep, yes, there, there, yes, harder, Amir, darling, fuck my wet cunt, fuck me, fuck your dirty little whore wife, oh I love you, I love your fucking cock, fuck my tight cunt, oh, oh, oh god, fuck me harder, fuck your little slut, fuck your little cockhungry slut, fuck her tight hot cunt, fuck my wet cunt Amir, push your big fucking dick inside my pussy, fuck me hard, fuck me like a little slut, oh, fuck me like a dirty little whore, fuck your slut’s wet cunt, I’m a filthy slut, oh, oh, fuck me harder, oh, fuck my cunt, oh Amir, oh, yeeessss, yeess, fuck…”

I watched my mother climax, I knew this is what was happening, my mother was having an orgasm. She was coming. As she did my father stopped, he pulled himself back, I couldn’t quite see directly, but suddenly he was kneeling upright, and his arm was moving, his hand seemed to be in his lap, I realised he was stroking his penis, I looked in the mirror, my father was holding his cock, was rubbing it quickly up and down.

And at once I could see my father’s naked penis, his hard cock, oh my god, he had pulled it out of my mother’s vagina and was rubbing it with his hand, I could see it, my father’s hard cock, my own body reacted to this new sight, I felt a sudden flood of hot wetness escape my tight young vagina, I felt my pussy lips swell, everything became more exciting and pleasurable to touch, as I looked, oh my god, as I could now clearly see my father’s naked and hard cock, I could see his hand sliding over his shiny wet stem, wet, I realised, I realise, from my mother’s pussy, from her arousal. I was sure before once or twice when I got into bed with them, or walked in to their room in the morning, and my father got out of bed, I had seen his penis perhaps half hard, sometimes it looked bigger, longer, different, but this was the first time, fuck, I could see him when he was fully erect.

He looked huge. I thought that perhaps he shouldn’t ejaculate inside my mother, this was why he had to pull himself out, but I saw him masturbating over my mother, I watched in the mirror, my father had wrapped his fingers around the long shaft of his erect penis and was moving his hand up and down, I knew the word, it was used at school often enough, he was wanking, my father was wanking over my mother, wanking his hard cock, and he did look enormous to me then, never having seen a man’s erect cock, but he looked huge, I don’t know, still, when I think back, I am sure my father has a large cock, bigger than Paul certainly, at least in my mind, I don’t know, eight, possibly nine inches? Big anyway, fuck, long, thick.

Then, my mother, perhaps still coming herself, still riding the wave of her orgasm.

“Come over me, come over my body, cover me with your hot cum Amir, stroke your big fucking cock for me, come on, come over your filthy wife’s whore face, come on my tits, Amir, god, god you look so big, your hard dick is so fucking huge, so good, god you’re so hard, look at your big dark beautiful fucking cock, I love looking at your balls as you stroke yourself, harder, come on, come on me, cover my slut mouth, my face, cover my hot cunt with your thick cum.”

My father was masturbating quickly now, I could see his arm going real fast, pointing his cock at my naked mother’s belly, she was still encouraging him.

“I want your hot seed on me, cover me, yes, god, fuck there’s so much of it, god, yes, come over my filthy whore face, cover your little cock slut with your hot spunk, come over my tits, oh, oh yes, mmm, mm, come in my mouth, mmm, fill my filthy cock loving mouth with your hot spunk…”

And I pushed a finger inside my vagina, I penetrated myself, doing so as my father gripped his hard penis and masturbated over my mother, I could see in the mirror as he held his thick penis, he moved, I watched father push his legs either side of my mother, and shuffle up her body, so his knees were either side of her breasts, I saw my mother’s hand was still on his bare ass, deep between his cleft, still stroking his anus, still fingering my father’s tight asshole, he suddenly stopped stroking himself, I didn’t know why, he stopped, his shiny wet hard cock sticking out, huge and stiff, he held himself, his thick stem, seemed to point the tip of his cock down slightly.

And then I saw this white stuff shooting out of the end of it, my own little vagina throbbed as I saw this, loads, I don’t know, five or six huge thick ribbons of white fluid coming out of my father’s penis and splashing over my mother’s face, oh god, they were so dirty, my father gave my mother a facial, he came right over her face, she was naked and still dirty talking, I fingered myself, I was fucking my tight cunt with my two fingers I was so aroused watching my father ejaculate over my mother, so turned on by seeing him spurting his thick hot semen over her cheeks, her eyes, her nose, into her open mouth, and so aroused over the words she was using.

A few days later, not after this, not after watching my parents, but after I had sucked Paul’s cock for the first time, I think he and I met in college, and had a drink together.

Apart from anything else this was my first alcoholic drink as well, certainly the first one when I had authentic ID to show should anyone ask. I drank vodka I think, it went to my head at once, we were at a table, I put my hand on Paul’s leg again, as soon as we sat down, he put his on mine, only, I was wearing a skirt this day, no tights, or stockings, he had his hand on my leg, my bare leg, just holding, squeezing, his fingers were touching my bare skin. I felt my vagina getting damp at once, I slid my hand along Paul’s firm thigh, wishing he wasn’t wearing jeans, but up, to his crotch. I slid my hand up to his crotch and placed my hand over his genitals. His cock was already hard.

I lay my hand over his thrillingly stiff penis, letting my hand take the heat coming from him, pushing gently, feeling my own arousal grow as I could feel his. I squeezed his cock under the table, Paul moved his hand further up my leg, I felt him against my underwear, just, the side of his finger, his forefinger was touching the thin cotton of my panties, I felt him squeeze my skin, and nudge the covered lips of my pussy, his cock moved under my hand, god I was so wet now.

Paul spoke to me, with his hand next to my vagina, our lips, our mouths were so close, almost kissing but not, he whispered, entering me with his breath, penetrating each other with our voices, our sweet breath playing over our lips, our faces:

“Salima, oh fuck, oh god…”

“What? What is it? Tell me, please, tell me…”

“Oh Salima, your… your cunt, your cunt feels so wet, so fucking hot, oh god… I can feel it, is it wet?”

“Yes, oh Paul, I am, my cunt is so fucking wet, my little pussy is so hot and wet, I want you to touch me there, oh Paul, I want your fingers on my bare cunt, would you? Please? Would you touch me? Touch my wet cunt?”

“Can I? Would you like me to?”

“Yes, can you, please Paul, touch me, touch my cunt, oh fuck, oh, please, let me feel you finger me, touch my hot wet cunt”.

And he pushed his hand more firmly against my panties, I felt the pressure on the lips of my pussy, I was aching for his touch, I was almost in pain I was so desperate to feel him touch me, to feel a boy’s fingers on my damp sex. I moved on the chair for him, moved forward so he could get inside my knickers, he moved his hand from my thigh, up, touching my belly, stroking my pubic area through my underwear, and then he dipped his fingers in under the waistband, I felt his fingers threading through my thick bush, I was trembling, I almost felt close to coming, he pushed his fingers lower, over my skin, my bare skin, into the densest part of my bush, until at last I felt him touch my soft damp sex, until I felt someone else’s fingers touching my genitals for the first time.

I spread my legs apart for him, he touched my lips, sliding a finger between them, I felt his skin on mine, on my most tender skin, pushing between the thick hot skin of my pussy, then he found my vagina and entered me. I pushed my legs wider and felt a boy’s fingers on me, touching me, penetrating me. Paul pushed his finger inside my vagina, I clenched with involuntary tightening, closing my young vagina around his slim finger, feeling the invasion within me, feeling the strange stretching and stimulation of someone else’s body inside my own. I clenched, Paul pushed, his finger slid just so lightly into my virgin cunt.

I felt so much moisture coming out of me, I felt as if I was oozing, pouring with arousal. My hand was squeezing, rubbing the length of Paul’s hard cock, feeling his rigid he said:

“Fuck Salima, you’re soaking, your cunt is so tight and wet.”

I felt his cock harden under my hand. I spoke into his mouth, I whispered inside him.

“Oh Paul, your cock is so fucking stiff, I love touching your hard cock, it makes my cunt wet when I feel your big cock getting harder.”

I squeezed his Paul’s penis as he slid his finger inside me, and then up, spreading moisture over my labia, and then he touched my small stiff clitoris, I closed my thighs around his hand, I had to or else I would have lost it, I clamped Paul’s hand between my legs, so he couldn’t really move, but was still touching my pussy.

I moved both of my hands to his crotch and clumsily unzipped his jeans, fumbling with buttons and zip, pulling his trousers apart, reaching into his pants, under the table, I slid my hand inside his trousers, inside his underwear, feeling his hot humid pubic hair, opening my fingers and closing them around the thick stiff bent stem of his dick, curling my fingers around his aroused male sex, so hard, I held his erect penis, god I felt horny, really, so fucking dirty and turned on, Paul’s fingers touching naked cunt and mine on his bare cock, I said to him, my bare hand on his naked prick, his fingers touching my aching hot young pussy:
“Paul, oh god, I want to be naked with you, can we, today, can we go to mine, I want to make love with you, I want… I want to fuck… I want to be fucked… I want you to fuck me, today, I want to strip off with you, I want you to see me naked, all of me, all of my bare body, my breasts, my ass, I want you to look at all of me, my most secret places, I want to feel you looking at my anus, my thick bush, my thick dark hairy cunt, and I want to see you, all of you, your beautiful big white dick, your tight balls, I want your cock in my mouth again, and I want to touch your anus, and see you there, fuck, I want to lick your asshole, and then have you put your hard cock inside me, oh god, I want your erect penis inside my moist vagina, please, okay, I want your hard fucking cock inside my tight wet cunt, I want to fuck, I want a fuck, you, oh god Paul, I want to fuck you today, this afternoon, I want this hard dick inside me.”

Paul’s naked penis throbbed and thickened in my hand, he pushed his finger harder onto my cunt.

“Salima, you’re so fucking filthy, your cunt is so fucking lovely, I want it too, oh fucking yes, I want to fuck you, yes, I want to see you, to see all of your beautiful naked body, I want to kiss you all over, I want to lick your cunt, your sweet wet cunt, I want to put my hard cock inside your tight little cunt.”


Does he know? Would he already have guessed? He must have. Do I tell him?

“…I’m a virgin.”

His cock pulses in my hand, I feel him swell, as I speak, as I tell him he will be my first. I ease my hand further inside his trousers and wrap my hand around the thick hot stem of his cock, and hold him there, and stroke his soft skin up and around the iron core of his prick. I hear him breathing, his cock stiffens, straightens.

“I want your cock to be the first one I have inside me, your tongue, your fingers, I want you to be the first to finger my tight little anus, I want your big white cock inside my little Pakistani pussy.”

I stroke his penis more forcefully, along his leg, he is harder again, hotter, and I react, I feel myself thicken and seep warm wetness from the tight walls of my young pussy.

“I want you between my legs, I want your lips on my naked body, I want… I want your cock inside me, oh Paul, I want to feel you pushing your stiff fucking cock inside my wet little cunt, I want to feel you tear me open, oh Paul, oh fuck…”

I touch the end of Paul’s penis, sliding his foreskin over his slippery smooth tip, slick with his pre-ejaculate, I run my finger over it, over the swollen round head of his cock, he played with my wet opening, teasing and circling my vagina, god I wanted him.

“I want you now, Paul, I want you inside me, we need to go now and fuck, come with me, let’s go to my house, to my bedroom, my parents’ house, and fuck, strip my clothes off and push me onto my little bed, and push your cock inside me, fuck me, fuck me like a little Pakistani slut, you can fuck me however you want, as hard as you want, I want you to, oh fuck, touch me harder, oh Paul, I want you to fuck me like a little bitch, fuck me like a little slut, like a filthy little Pakistani whore.”

And I held Paul’s wrist, and sat forward, and moved hard onto his fingers, one finger, deep between my legs, and felt his finger against my soft tight anus, right there, I pushed and felt him touch my tight clenched asshole.

We went back on the train, didn’t touch each other, didn’t kiss, didn’t even talk. Just sat opposite and looked at each other. I sat opposite Paul, looking at his crotch, and opened my legs, uncrossed them, and let him look at my shadowy damp panties, I was insane with lust, wanton, shameless. I looked at Paul, at the growing bulge in his trousers, the visible stiffening of his cock, and moved my hand between my legs, at first just pressing my pussy outside my underwear, but I can’t stop there, I glance around us, at people to our side, I can’t stop, I don’t care if they see, I push my legs further apart and slide my hand inside my panties, watching Paul, looking at his eyes, his open mouth, the bulging curve of his hard straining cock, and move my hand lower onto the soft wet skin of my cunt.

I touch myself, on this train, my hand in my panties, the outline of my fist showing from under the thin blue material of my underwear, pressing a long finger between my swollen labia. I hear myself gasp, my breath leaves me in a loud blast as I touch my vagina, pushing the tip of my forefinger inside myself, looking at Paul’s blatantly hard cock, trembling at the thought of his obvious arousal, as I touch the edge of my pulsing wet pussy.

Paul is staring. I know I have to stop. I know I am already close to coming. I push my leg slightly wider, take my hand out of my underwear and pull the damp edge of my gusset away from my thick damp sex.

I expose my pussy to Paul. I let him look at my dark thick hairy cunt. I want him to undo his trousers, to release his stiff cock, to watch it spring upright, I want to pull my panties off my slim legs and sit on Paul’s lap, hold his cock to my cunt, I want to hold his cock against my tight virgin pussy and sit on him, slide my wet cunt down onto his long hard prick.

The train slows.

We walked to my house again. Go straight up to my bedroom. Both of us silent. I was weak with excitement, nervous I suppose, more than a little, but aroused, fear fought excitement. This wasn’t the train, the bar, the cinema, it wasn’t like before, I wasn’t just going to touch Paul, touch his cock, or even be touched, I was going to be naked with him, see him naked, be seen, I wanted to, I wanted everything I had said, but I was still suddenly afraid, of not being a virgin anymore, of this being my first time, of the pain, I wasn’t sure I could do it, that I could undress for Paul, have him put himself inside me, the moment was getting too big for me, I couldn’t, I could, I wanted to, and I suddenly thought what my family would think, my mother, my father, that their little daughter was about to let a white boy take her virginity, their sweet Muslim little girl was going to let a white atheist fuck her, their well brought up, well behaved Pakistani girl was going to strip and spread her legs and let a local boy put his hard cock inside her little brown cunt.

My arousal rose again, my fear retreated in the face of my resurgent desire to be touched, to be naked with Paul, to feel his tongue on my body, his fingers, his hard penis. To touch him again, to kiss his bare body, to taste his beautiful bare cock, to feel him hard in my mouth, to touch his tender anus, to see him come, to feel and taste his sweet thick cum.

I sat on my bed, Paul sat next to me.

“I want to undress for you.”

I heard Paul breathing.

“Do you want to see me undress?”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Should I? Should I undress for you? So you can look at me, at my naked body?”

“Oh Salima, please, I want you to.”

“Do you want to look at my naked body? Tell me what you want to look at?”

“All of you, oh fuck, I want to see you smooth firm breasts, your soft belly, your thick dark pubic hair, I want to see your bare legs, your small tight little bum…”


“Your cunt, I want to see your wet cunt, I want you to spread your legs and show me your tight little cunt, and turn, and hold your ass and show me your dark little anus, oh fuck, I want you to bend and show me your tight virgin little asshole.”

“Will you touch me there?”

“Yes, yes, I want to touch your wet cunt, I want to feel your anus, I want to kiss you there, I want to touch your asshole with my lips, my mouth, my tongue.”

I stood and started to strip. I took my shoes off, and cardigan, then my blouse, and let Paul look at my exposed shoulders, arms, belly, stopping, nervous again, looking, looking at his groin. I am reassured, I feel my arousal return as I see the prominent bulge of his engorged cock pressing out against the material of his trousers.

And I unzipped my skirt and let it fall down, and stand in front of him in my pale blue bra and panties, letting him look at me, letting him see my brown skin, the shape of my small breasts, my slim, still boyish hips, the soft outline of my thick dark pubic hair pushing out the thin cotton of my underwear.

I don’t want to pretend, I don’t want to fake anything.

“Paul, I am nervous now, I am afraid, I mean, I am aroused, but also… I don’t care if you fuck me and leave, and never look at me again, it’s not that, but you will despise me for doing this. That you will make me feel ashamed.”



“You look so fucking beautiful, I want to see you naked, all of you, I want you to see me, I won’t make you feel ashamed, I will never despise you for anything.”

“Boys do, they make love and hate girls for letting them, they chase girls and want to screw them then call them slags when they do, they fuck their little Paki sluts and hate them afterwards.”

“You’re not a “Paki”, I will never use that word. I hate that word.”

“You’re so nice. Call me a little Paki slut…”

“No, no.”

“I am, I am your little Paki whore, I am so wet for you, like a little slut, oh god, I don’t know what I am, what I am feeling, I want you, I want you so much.”

“Salima… this is us, just us, no-one else.”

“I don’t mean… I don’t mean you telling other people, we’re not in school anymore, I don’t care about that, just you, hating me, not hating… I don’t know…”

“Salima, listen… I… I am too…”


“I am a virgin.”

“Paul, really?”

“I’m a virgin, as well, okay? I have never had sex, with a girl, with anyone. So, this is a pretty big deal for me too.”

“What have you done before?”

“I have, I’ve touched girls, their breasts, their pussies, girls have touched me, before, held my bare cock, and made me come with their hands, but, you were the first to suck me, you were the first to use your mouth to make me come, and… I want you to be the first, god, as soon as we kissed, as soon as I felt you touch me, I wanted to… I wanted to fuck you, I wanted you to be the first girl I had sex with.”

“Oh god, were you waiting for the right girl?”

“Are you kidding? I’d have done it with anybody, I mean, not really, but I don’t… I don’t meet people very well, then, you, I met you, we met.”

“We did, I fancied you already.”

“I did too, you I mean.”

“Really? What did you think?”

“I knew I wanted to be naked with you, to see your beautiful bare body…”

“My beautiful brown body. Say it. Please.”

“I wanted to see your beautiful brown body, fuck, your gorgeous slim Pakistani body.”

“Are you here because it’s cool to have an Asian girl? Hmm? It appeals to your politics to sleep with a Pakistani girl?”

“Am I here because I am white? Are we playing games?”

“I hope so, a little. Do you want to see the rest of me?”

” “

“The rest of my little Pakistani body? My small tits? My thick black bush? My dark little pussy?”


“Take your clothes off, please, strip to your underwear.”

I watched Paul stand up, and kick his shoes off, undo his shirt, I looked at his smooth firm naked chest, I stared, he let me, I gazed at Paul’s strong almost hairless chest. He let his shirt fall from his arms, stood in his trousers, and undid them, unbuckled his belt, unzipped, pulled his jeans wide apart and pushed them down over his long toned legs. I watched him hop from foot to foot as he stepped out of his trousers.

And stood up, facing me. I stared. Both of us in nothing but our underwear. I stared down. At the large pointing curve at the centre of Paul’s small blue pants. I register the identical colour of our underwear. I register as my arousal reaches another peak, at the evidence of Paul’s, at the unimpeded sight of his hardened cock, the long thick bend of his engorged penis, held down by his tight briefs, pulling the waistband forward, showing me the teasing top of his thick pubic hair, the wide bush thinning into the dark trail that led up to his deep belly button.

There was a dark spot of dampness at the centre of his underwear. My vagina seeped with my own thick moisture. I knew there would be a long strip of wetness showing in my panties. My breath was leaving me in loud clumps through my open mouth.

My mouth was dry, I stared at Paul’s almost nude body, his pale creamy pink skin, his slim waist, his tight belly, his large bulging penis. And then reached behind my back and unclipped my bra. I stood and let it drop from my shoulders, my arms, stopped, let my soon to be lover look at my exposed breasts, so small, high and firm, I was trembling again, as Paul looked at me, I knew my dark brown, coin sized nipples had tightened and stiffened to two small sensitive points.

Still I waited. Was this more nerves? Or was I extending this deliciously erotic moment? His eyes were like hands caressing my almost naked body. I looked again at Paul’s still hidden still obviously hard cock. The bulge of his penis pushing out from underneath his tight pants, the sight of his blatant excitement and the effect my naked body was having made me more aroused, weak with it, I wanted him to stare at me, to drink in my body with his eyes.

I held the top of my panties with my thumbs and fingers, looking, starting to pull, stopping, shifting my grip to the sides, I remained upright, and pushed, so slowly, I pushed my underwear away from my body, over my slim slight boyish hips, feeling the gradual exposure of my pubic hair, I pushed, I pushed, and felt them loosen, and fall away from me, I left them around my ankles, let Paul look at me, naked, my suddenly naked body, standing in front of him, letting him look at my thick, almost black pubic hair, dark against my lighter brown skin, I faced him, another person, a boy, for the first time, letting someone see me nude, letting Paul take in the straighter hair between my legs, covering, I was sure, hiding the thick damp dark skin of my cunt.

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“Do you like what you see?”

“Oh Salima, you look fucking beautiful.”

“Are you really a virgin as well?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You’ve never fucked a Pakistani virgin then?”


“Have you ever seen an Asian girl naked before? Have you ever tasted the pussy of an Asian girl?”


“You’ve never put your cock in a tight little Pakistani cunt?”

“Oh fuck, Salima, no, no.”

My voice is a whisper again, ragged and thick with still rising lust.

“Take your underwear off Paul, I want to see you naked, I want to look at your hard cock, I want to see all of your body.”

He stares at me, copying my last movement, gripping the elasticated waist of his pants, holding them at the sides, by his hips, pushing, I watch him push his underwear down, exposing more of his thick dark bush, first letting me see the thick swollen pink root of his penis, pushing, slowly, standing up straight, more of his aroused cock is exposed, more of his long shaft, I see his underwear catch and tug his stiff cock downwards, pulling it lower as it slides along his stem, I see it getting wider, at the middle, I look at the thick green vein running along the centre of his light brown penis, more, god, it looks to go on and on, it looks longer, bigger than I remembered, he pushes, I see the outline of his oval glans, covered by the soft shield of his foreskin, pushing, and suddenly it springs free, I watch his hard cock bounce upwards, away from his underwear, they drop to his ankles, he lets them, he doesn’t move.

I stare at his suddenly exposed cock as it pulses up away from his legs, letting me look at the tight round ball of his scrotum, the two bulges of his fat testicles, I stand naked and stare at Paul’s rising cock, dancing up to a vertical position, rearing up from deep within his groin, pointing slightly away from his now naked body in a long thick straight rod of aroused male sex. Naked male sex. Oh my god.

I let this thought convulse within me. I am naked in front of a naked boy, both of us, he is looking at my bare breasts, my exposed belly, my hard nipples, my thick dark pubic hair, the swollen folds of my virgin cunt. And I can see him, he is naked with me, I can look at his cock, his long hard beautiful fucking cock, his smooth belly, his manly hair, his, his genitals, his tight balls and hard hard cock. I have seen him before I know, touched him, felt him in my mouth, but I am staring now, taking in every detail of his virgin prick, the length of him, the shape, the slight widening in the middle, the curve of his large oval tip, still hidden by the pale hood of his foreskin, this forming a soft wrinkled curl at the very end of his vertical cock.

Although, I realise, I can no longer move, I have rooted to my spot on the carpet, trembling with desire but unable to act on it.

“I want… I want to see to all of it… show me all of your cock.”

I stare at Paul’s hand, as he moves it to his erect penis, and runs his fingers along his rigid stalk, unfurling them, holding himself, gripping his thick shaft and pulling his soft long foreskin back, I watch, my legs weaken, my stomach throbs with desire, my vagina seeps as I look at Paul exposing his shiny smooth darker tip, he steps closer, until we are less than a foot apart, until I am able to look down at his stiff cock, my belly, my bush, my pussy inches from it. I am looking at Paul’s thick pubic hair, lighter than mine, a lighter brown, at the dark pouch of his balls, his tight dark scrotum a round full sac of wrinkled skin perched beneath his aroused organ, his skin so tight, his large wonderful strange testicles drawn so close to the thick root of his protruding cock they looked to form part of it, a beautiful round base at the bottom of his male prong.

I moved to the bed, forcing my legs to take me there, feeling my feet, bare on my carpet, my body had never felt so naked, so exposed. I turned, and sat on the end of my bed, facing him, looking. He hadn’t moved, I looked at the back of Paul, his broad shoulders, his narrow waist, the full firm curve of his perfect little ass, hairless, pale, creamy white skin.

My knees were together, my bare legs bent at my knee, I looked at myself, I could see myself in the mirror by the side of my bed, my small slim body, my smooth brown skin, the contrasting nest of my dark pubic hair pushing itself out from the tops of my thighs.

“Paul, turn around.”

He did, slowly, I saw his jutting cock in profile, for a second, before he faced me again, walking to be close to me, his solid penis wobbling up and down, bobbling in delicious tiny rigid arcs as he moved to me.

I looked at him again, closer, my face level with his cock, I breathed deep and smelled him, breathed in his rich aroma, the strange sweet smell of his cock, his balls. I looked at the two smooth cheeks of his bulb, exposed by his retracted foreskin, and raised my face, the tight shiny skin of his exposed tip was glistening wet with clear, slightly bubbly fluid, I bent my head to it, to his hard cock, and kissed the end of it, opening my mouth, sliding my soft lips over his slippery moist cockhead, swirling my tongue over it, around it, tasting the sweet fluid proof of his excitement.

“Oh… oh.. Salima, fuck … oh fuck….”

I grip his cock hard, stroking it, rubbing his soft skin up and down, squeezing a fresh drop of his thick fluid arousal, and then standing, and, we looked, I looked up, at his face, handsome, almost pretty, his eyes, his lips. I stepped into him and we kissed, as soft, as gentle as before, savouring the moment our lips met, our tongues touched, but, we were both naked now, I felt my breasts, my stiff little nipples touching Paul’s bare chest, and I felt his stiff cock pressing against my belly.

And his hands, oh god, he moved his hands lower, until they were on my small firm naked ass. He pulled me closer to him, his cock felt so hard, so big, pushing against my soft skin, I moved my feet apart, spread my legs a tiny amount, and felt my thick pubic bush against his leg, then the hot tingling skin of my young pussy touched his thigh. I lowered my hands, over his back, and felt myself holding his strong full bare bum.
Oh my god, I was touching a boy’s naked body, his naked cock was pressing onto me, my hands were on a boy’s bare ass, his smooth firm gorgeous ass. I felt myself writhe against his leg, pushing my trembling sex hard onto his tight thigh. I was losing control. Was this good? His hands held my naked body, our mouths were open to each other.

And I pushed him back. Stepping away from him, feeling my legs touch the end of the bed. Looking again, at his cock, his hard naked cock.

“I said you should look at all of me, do you want to? Really? Tell me.”

“I do, oh fuck, I do, let me look at you.”

“And what will you do?”

“I want to taste you, I want to lay you back, and spread your legs, and kiss your wet cunt, I want to spread your dark brown cunt lips and lick your hot cunt, and turn you over, I want to kiss your tight brown anus, Salima, I want to lick your asshole, I want to push my tongue up your tiny little ass, and push my fingers inside your tight little Pakistani pussy.”

I step back and let myself fall onto the bed, still looking at Paul.

“Tell me what you want, tell me what to do. I’ll do anything you want, tell me.”

“Lie on the bed, spread your legs.”

I did. I backed further away from him, not able to take my eyes from his cock, first on the bottom of my bed, then onto it, until I was laying down, still facing Paul, up on my elbows. I spread my legs, I opened my legs for a boy, for the first time, I saw Paul looking at my exposed sex, I was breathless with excitement.

“I want to see all of you, show me all of yourself.”

But I didn’t move, I knew what he meant, I was sure what he meant, but I wanted him to say it, to tell me.

“Turn over, turn onto your front Salima, let me look at you from behind.”

I turned on to my belly, laying flat, forcing myself not to raise my bum in the air, not to push it back towards Paul, my buttocks spreading. I felt the bed move, I felt Paul climb onto it, and then his body was over mine, his lips were on my neck, lower, I felt him moving lower, along my bare back, to my ass, his lips touched my naked buttocks.

“Salima, I want to see all of you, okay?”

“Yes, oh fuck, yes.”

And his hands were on me, on my bare bum, he pulled the two small tight cheeks of my as apart, and I knew he could see me there, he was looking at my anus, my clenched brown asshole, I felt utterly exposed, completely on show, depraved, wanton, I felt cool air play across my tight opening.

And then Paul’s lips were on me again, on my naked ass, only, oh god, between them, I felt his lips, his tongue, he was licking between my buttocks, it felt so dirty, so filthily shameless, he slid his tongue over the hot tender cleft of my ass, lower, again, I pushed myself back, without thinking, I raised my hips back to his face, wanting this, encouraging him to do this, to kiss me there, and he did, oh fuck, I felt Paul touch his soft lips directly against my tight anus.

“Oh, fuck, oh Paul, oh fuck, oh yes, kiss me there, oh that feels so fucking nice…”

I felt him open his mouth over my most private place, sealing his mouth over me, over my clenched crinkled hairy asshole. I knew I was, I knew boys would prefer girls to be smooth there, smooth everywhere, and I didn’t care, it felt good that I wasn’t, that my tight brown anus was surrounded by my dark female hair. Paul kissed it, he pushed his tongue over the surface of my sphincter, licking my tender cleft, pressing his tip against the coiled centre of my asshole. My pussy bubbled with arousal.

“Salima, turn around. Turn over, onto your back.”

I did, Paul was facing me, on his knees. His cock looked enormous, up close again, thick and long and gorgeous, I wanted it inside me, I looked at Paul’s naked body, every inch of him, his bare shoulders, his chest, his hair, his pale white skin contrasting with me, his dark soft pubic hair, his balls, drawn up tight by his retracted scrotum, fat and round and hairy, his stiff dick, I couldn’t take my eyes from his cock, I judges his length without shame, guessed it was at least seven inches long, maybe a little more, I reached for it, gripped it with my hand, held the thick hot rigid shaft, and pulled at his foreskin, exposed Paul’s swollen purple tip, smooth and shiny with Paul’s arousal.

“Fuck Salima you look amazing.”

“Yeah? What do you see?”

“Your smooth brown skin, your small beautiful breasts, your nipples, fuck, they’re so stiff, and black, your small belly, and bum, you have a fantastic little arse, touching you there, holding your small pert little ass, tasting your tight little anus, I want to taste your cunt, okay, your hot dark virgin little cunt, I want to breathe through your dark pubic hair, and lick the brown lips of your pussy, I can see they’re swollen with blood, you can’t wait for me to touch you, I can’t wait to taste you, to kiss and lick your wet cunt, and your tight little arsehole, smooth, small, do you want me to touch you there? Kiss you there?”

I lay back and spread my legs for him, spread them wide, playing my dark wet cunt for him.

“Oh fuck Paul, I want to do everything, kiss my cunt, please, let me feel your mouth on my wet little cunt, oh, oh god, kiss my Pakistani pussy, lick my dark cunt…”

He waited, on his knees, his towering cock swaying, jerking with pulses of arousal. And he lowered his face between I legs, holding them apart, pushing my thighs, until I felt his mouth touching me. Oh fuck. Someone was kissing my naked cunt. A beautiful young white boy was touching my Pakistani cunt with his mouth, licking, kissing me there.

It felt amazing. His lips moved over my thick damp labia, as his tongue slid up and down between them, entering my vagina, releasing a wave of hot aroused moisture, sliding up to my aching little clitoris. His hands stroked my legs, then moved lower, to my bare bum, between, between my legs, and he touched my anus, where he had just kissed, he pressed the tip of his finger onto the tight slit of my damp hot hairy asshole.

“Oh fuck Paul, oh god, oh god this feels so fucking good… oh… oh fuck… lick me, eat my wet cunt… oh god yes, lick my wet little pussy, touch me, oh god yes, finger my asshole, oh Paul, your mouth is so fucking good, lick my Pakistani cunt and finger my tight little asshole.”

He did, he did this, his tongue circled my most sensitive spot, entering my vagina and sliding slowly up to my throbbing clitoris, he started a sweet and unbearable rhythm, I felt something huge building within me. My legs, my belly, my virgin sex pulsed and throbbed with pleasure.

“Oh Paul, please don’t stop, please don’t fucking stop, I’ll do whatever you want me to do to you, I’ll suck your cock, I’ll take you in my wet cunt, you can fuck me in my tight arse, you can fuck my virgin cunt and arse, just please don’t stop, lick my cunt, oh god, lick my hot wet brown cunt, and lick me, and finger my tight little asshole, I’ll let you come inside me, oh god I don’t care, fill me with your hot fucking spunk, come over me, come over my filthy little slut’s face, come over my tits, cover me with your thick cum, fuck my tender asshole, can come in my arse, you can fill my virgin arse with your hot spunk, fill my little cunt, I don’t care, oh, oh Paul, oh fuck, lick my cunt, please… don’t… don’t stop… don’t…”

I felt my orgasm start to build in power, within me, within my legs, my body. I wanted him now, I wanted him inside me, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to make me feel like a hot wanton sexual woman. I wanted his cock inside my wet virgin cunt.

“Oh Paul, I beg you now, please Paul, please fuck me, I want it, please do it now, I want you inside me, I want your penis inside my pussy, take my virginity, oh fuck, put your hard cock inside me, please, take me, take my virginity, lose yours, fuck me like a dirty little Pakistani slut, fuck me hard like the filthy little Paki slut I am, fuck me Paul, put your cock inside my cunt, I want you to take my virginity, fuck me hard, let me feel you fucking me like a hot slut, just fuck me hard, let’s fuck like a couple of filthy beasts.”

I looked up, Paul rose from between my legs, and kissed me hard and deep, I tasted myself on his lips, on his tongue, I tasted the sweet flavour of my own sexual moisture, I drank ravenously of my own pussy juices. And I felt the thick ridge of his hard cock slide against my pubic hair, I felt his solid root press against my clitoris. Oh fuck, this was going to happen, we were naked together, I was naked with a boy, I could see his erect penis, oh god, I looked now, as my thoughts tumbled inside me, at my spread, fuck, my legs were spread, I could see Paul’s naked hard penis, I was going to let him put his hard cock inside me, fuck, inside my vagina.

He sat up. Kneeling, my legs wide apart. His cock was still ravishingly hard, sticking up thick and straight, huge looking, fear returned, oh my god, that huge fucking cock was going to be inside my tender pussy? This was happening? Now?

I watched Paul hold his cock down, gripping himself by his thick stem, and I felt it touching the tender surface of my vulva, I felt my swollen damp lips being spread apart by the end of his penis, his swollen round glans rubbing over my wet pussy, then touching my vagina, I was so wet for him. The touch of his cock, the information of what was pressing against my sex was enough for fear to escape and arousal to return.

“Put your cock inside me, please, oh Paul, do it now, I want it now, please, put your hard cock inside my wet cunt, Paul, please, fuck me, fuck me, I want your big beautiful stiff cock deep inside my cunt, please, push your beautiful virgin cock inside my virgin pussy…”

“Oh, oh Salima, you look so fucking beautiful, your dark hairy cunt, your lovely brown skin. I will, oh god, this is it, my cock is right there, oh Salima, oh…”

I saw him holding his penis, and pushing, with his hips, and I felt him enter me.

“OH, oh fuck, oh my god…”

He slid end of his penis inside my vagina, god, fuck I am aroused again, remembering this, I felt the swollen round tip of his cock enter me, the fat smooth dark tip of his penis entered my vagina, I felt him pushing the tight walls of my pussy, spreading me, stretching my tight virgin cunt. Oh my god, I had a boy’s penis inside me, inside my pussy.

“Fuck me, oh Paul, please, fuck me, push your fucking cock deep inside my cunt, fuck my tight virgin Pakistani cunt.”

And he did, fuck, he thrust his penis inside me, I felt him tear my hymen.

“OH, OH FUCK, ah, oh fuck that hurts so much, oh Paul. Oh fuck I’m sorry.

I cried out with pain, but also pleasure, the knowledge that I was no longer a virgin, Paul pulled his penis almost all the way out of me, I felt the sweet friction of his thick stem pulling the tight wet walls of my vagina, and thrust himself back inside me, hard, quick, there was more pain.

“Oh, oh fuck, fuck me, oh Paul, oh god, oh…”

I cried out, Paul stopped. With his long cock deep inside me, I pushed myself up, on my elbows, I wanted to see Paul’s penis within my vagina, I levered myself upwards, looked down at my cunt, our pubic hair was meshed together, he was deep inside me, I could feel his cock deep inside my young cunt, suddenly my dark bush looked thicker, more womanly, with Paul’s right next to it, with our genitals touching, Paul’s inside mine, his slim pale hips between my dark open legs, his full firm ass gripped by my tight brown thighs. I pulled him to me, his face to mine, our mouths.

“Hold yourself there, oh please, I want to feel our pubic hair together, I want to feel your cock inside me, please, feel your hard cock in my little pussy, oh fuck Paul, we are doing it, you have your penis inside me, you’re not a virgin any more, we are no longer virgins. Tell me what my cunt feels like.”

“Oh god Salima, it feels fucking incredible, oh fuck, it is too nice, oh fuck, like nothing else, you’re so hot, it feels so tight and wet…”

I move my hands to his firm naked ass, and grip him there, stroking his naked bum. I feel him grind our pubic areas together, he cock feel huge inside me, I feel split in two, the pain is still there, but the sensation battles with deeper, rising pleasure.

“Fuck me Paul, fuck me hard, do it, fuck me hard, oh god, I want to feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my bloody cunt, fuck me like a little slut, fuck me as hard as you can…”

He pulled himself back, I watched his thick shaft withdrawing from my cunt, wet and red with blood and moisture, the tights wall of my vagina was being stretched out, I could see how glisteningly wet I was, Paul pushed his cock back inside me, slowly.

The pain returned, I felt myself being pulled, torn again.

“Don’t fucking stop, fuck me harder, oh Paul, fuck me like a whore, fuck my tight young pussy like I’m a fucking slut, fuck my cunt Paul, fuck me hard, like a filthy slut Paki whore.”

And he did, he fucked me, Paul held himself up on his elbows, and thrust himself back inside me, quick and hard, then back, and back, speeding up, I looked at his face, his open mouth, his eyes, looking down at our naked bodies, at our joined sex.

“Look at my cunt, please, look at your hard cock entering me, look at your beautiful hard cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy.”

I felt his penis sliding quickly, more quickly in and out of my wet cunt, I felt his balls as they thumped against my bum, I spread my legs wider, I held Paul’s firm bare ass, I gripped his bum, like I’d seen my mother holding my father, Paul thrust his hard long cock deep in and out of my pussy and I pulled his ass, and reached in between his smooth round cheeks, I reached between, feeling the damp humid cleft of his wonderful arse, I reached, stretching, wanting to touch him there, wanting to feel him, I did, I felt the tip of my slim forefinger touch the tight smooth wrinkle of his anus.

“Oh fuck, oh fucking hell, touch me, oh yeah, oh god, touch my ass, please, let me feel your finger on my tight asshole…”

He sped up, but pushed his bum back, harder onto my finger, I held his ass as he thrust it up and down, in and out of me, and pressed my long finger against his clenched anus, I rubbed him there, I rubbed and circled his damp asshole, then pushed harder, god, I felt so hot, and horny, and totally fucking filthy, I had Paul’s cock inside my cunt, I was being fucked for the first time, and I had my finger pressing against his tight smooth moist anus, I pushed more forcefully, as Paul fucked me hard, then more again, until in one quick movement my finger was inside him, inside his tender virgin bum, I penetrated his tight asshole, felt his sphincter tighten around my fingers, I slid it in and out, I fingered his arse, as I did Paul said.

“Fuck Salima, fuck I am coming, god, your tight little cunt feels too good, your finger, fuck me, fuck my arse with your finger, I’m coming, you dirty little beautiful sexy, fucking hot, you hot little gorgeous Pakistani slut, I am fucking coming.”

“Oh yes, come for me, oh Paul, come over me, please, I want to see you come, come over my body, oh fuck, come over my tits, over my face, cover me with hot your hot spunk, cover me with cum like a dirty little whore…”

He pulled out of me, as I’d watched my father pull his hard cock out of my mother, Paul pulled his penis out of my vagina, and sat up over me, my finger still in his arse, and masturbated, he stroked his big hard cock, quick, rough, I stared at his wet tip and thick shaft, as Paul stroked himself, his cock wet and bloody from my cunt, my broken hymen, his foreskin was pulled back, his swollen tip shiny with my blood, with my pussy, I watched him rub himself hard, fast, until he was coming, fuck, I hadn’t seen this close up, I mean, I’d felt Paul when he came in my mouth, but I saw it, more or less for the first time, he held his cock, pulled back his foreskin.

“Oh yes, come over me, oh Paul, cover over my face, I want your hot spunk on my face, spunk over me like I’m your little Pakistani slut…”

I moved my fingers between my legs, I started to stroke myself, feeling how wet and thick my pussy was, and Paul gripped my wrist and brought my bloody fingers up to his mouth, sucked them and started to come, he came on me, with my blood and moisture in his mouth, he held his hard cock, I felt my fingers in his mouth, stared at his shiny red wet cock, as he ejaculated over my brown smooth belly, I saw him, I saw a boy come up close, the first long thick creamy white stream of fluid leaping from his jumping cock, up over my tits, I felt the warm splash of his semen land on my naked body, fuck he was really coming hard, one thick ribbon of hot cum splashed on my chin.

“Come on my face, come on my filthy little slut face.”

Paul shifted up, slightly, pointing his cock to me, I felt another splash of his cum land on my lips, my cheeks. And he dropped onto me and kissed me, fuck, I felt his lips on mine, his tongue, he kissed and licked, I tasted myself again, my pussy, my blood, and he tasted himself, fuck it was so deliciously dirty, we kissed and Paul licked his own cum from my hot damp naked skin, he kissed my bare breasts, I felt his mouth pulling at my tight nipples, lower, licking cum from my belly.

“Oh Paul, oh fuck, please, lick me, kiss my cunt, oh god, I want to come with you, I want you to make me come, please, lick my wet cunt, kiss my bloody cunt.”

He moved himself lower, his mouth was slurping all over me, over my stomach, into my thick black bush, snuffling through my pubic hair, then lower again, he dropped between my legs, I felt his hands on my thighs, holding my legs apart, then his lips on my cunt, I felt him kissing my swollen labia, licking me up and down, lower, I felt him pushing my legs back, and Paul was licking my perineum, then my anus.

Fuck, I felt his tongue pressing onto my asshole, I widened my legs, reached and held his head closer to my tight virgin anus as he pushed his tongue inside me, then moved back to my wet pussy, and he was licking me there, pushing his tongue inside my vagina, flicking in and out, then up to my clitoris, god I was in heaven, this felt just wonderful, his fingers were on me, rubbing my anus, then penetrating my cunt, curling in, the pressure of his finger inside me felt incredible, my whole body was quaking with pleasure, his fingers were fucking both my tight openings as his tongue was circling and licking my aching tender clit, I was moaning, god, almost thrashing, holding on to him, my legs wide, splaying my hot cunt for him.

“Fuck, fuck, yes, fuck, kiss my Pakistani cunt, lick my bloody wet cunt, oh god, oh Paul, I am coming, oh fucking god, oh my hot wet cunt, oh oh oh fuck, harder, kiss my cunt, there, oh yes, oh fucking yes.”

It was my first time, the first time I had a guy’s cock inside me, the first time anyone had kissed and licked my cunt. It was the most thrilling and powerful climax of my life. To that point. I was so glad I came, I know most girls don’t, first time, I didn’t, or wouldn’t have, if Paul hadn’t gone down on me after he came. I would have got past it either way, but, god, that first orgasm made me greedy for more, more and more, filthier and filthier, it set my template for sex, for what I wanted, I wanted to fuck Paul again and again.

He drew himself up next to me, lay down. I glanced. His cock was still hard. Trembling and rigid above his stomach. We were young. At the time I thought this was the proper way of things. Paul looked at me.

“What time do you parents get in?”

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