Breaking Michelle Ch. 01

Authors Note: This is a true story, at least most of it is true. All characters are at least 18 years old at the time of the events. The story captures a women whom is about to take an adventurous, and possibly dangerous, step forward in life while recalling keystone experiences from her youth. Follow along as the girl, Michelle, comes to the self-actualization all women seek.


She lived in a garden location but as a teen didn’t realize how delightful and special that was. Growing up in a town sitting on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan provided a temperate environment; warmer winters and cool summers with a westerly breeze that kept most days fresh. We take for granted what we have and it was many years later, thinking about that fateful afternoon, when she realized how much she missed her hometown.

She had never thought much about her teen years, or her teen fantasies, since marrying, finishing college, having children and pursuing a career. She was alone this weekend as her husband had taken their two children for a long weekend visit with his family. Normally she would have gone with them but they left on Thursday evening (it is a long 12 hour drive) and she had a critical client meeting Friday that couldn’t be moved. It is now Friday evening, work is done, and she finds herself sitting alone, listening to oldies from her teen years, sipping a glass of cabernet and feeling sorry for herself.

Her name is Michelle and she is adorable. Michelle is tall for a lady at 5-11 and her form is sleek, elegant and classy. When she enters a room with high-heels she is stunning, with her dark brown hair flowing to her shoulders, her teak eyes, long legs and charming smile. As she crosses a floor one observes that she glides more than walks. While she always wished for more than a 30-A on top, men (and many women) never see that as a deficiency for she exudes grace, beauty and sex appeal at every turn.

Being in sales she has contact with many men and is the frequent recipient of flirtations that she knows could go much further. Michelle is smart at using her bountiful sex appeal and charm to build rapport but has always maintained a firewall between work and any personal entanglements. For one, she loves her husband and family very much, and doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship for any reason. In addition she long ago learned from watching others that business and sex never mixed.

As she pours her second glass of wine she remembers wistfully a male client whom did get to her. She smiles to herself as she remembers his confident style. He wasn’t a sophisticated man but rather a self-made owner of a motorcycle shop and a biker himself. She met him at his office several times before he agreed to buy and she remembers how she felt when his eyes locked on hers, power emanating from somewhere she couldn’t describe any more than she could describe her reaction to him. She knew he wanted more, and maybe something “different” but she never allowed anything to progress, though her curiosity was piqued.

The clock reports it is 6:30, the evening just beginning. Michelle sits bored and lonely. A ring from her cell phone, the ring a Bach invention, interrupts her self-pity. She enjoys the tune for a brief moment before looking at the screen to see that the call is from her husband. She answers with a curious mix of emotions. On one hand she is happy he reached out to her. In truth she would have taken a call from a telemarketer just to have someone with whom to talk.

“Hi” she says as she mindlessly answers the phone. “Yea” he says, “We’re here. Everything is OK. Kids are fine. Mom says ‘hi’.” “That’s good” she responds. Then follows an awkward silence. “OK, then, I’ll call you when we leave,” he says. “OK” she responds, “Love you.” “Uh, yea, me too. Bye,” he says, hanging up. “Bye” she says to empty air, and closes the phone. “Well, that sure cheered me up” she thinks to herself as she takes another sip of wine.

She wonders why men can’t show more passion. Memories of her teen boyfriend’s clumsiness flood back. The time she had sex with a selfish boy in the back of his car. Then there were those boys who would get her worked up, slide their cock inside and cum instantly. Of course, as she remembers, the boys would roll off and turn their attention to something else, leaving her to take care of her own needs when she got home. She remembers how she yearned for a strong older man who knew how to please, but knew what he wanted. “What class those dip-shits had,” she thinks to herself.

Then she remembers that July afternoon so many years ago. She was at Riverview Park, a secluded 100+ acre tract bordered by woods on one side, a wooded hill on another with the river on the remaining two borders. It was a Friday and she was there with her friend Tara having gone on a picnic with a young couple from their youth group. The park was lined with trees along the river and both sides of the boundary road. The park was well manicured and included a full-size baseball field with stands, lights and all. As she ate her lunch and chattered she admired the beauty of the park and the prevalent Lake breeze, kicking off her sandals and allowing her feet to dangle in the soft grass.

The day at the park had been planned for no special reason other than the young married couple liked the two girls and enjoyed their company. They were friends of Michelle’s family and had the day off from work. Summer could get long and boring sometimes, especially during the day, so both girls jumped at the invitation for a picnic.

As lunch was nearly finished the group heard the sound of machinery, and looked across a field to see a tractor pulling a spray rig with two workers. The sprayer appeared to be some kind of blower and they were spraying high into the trees. The tractor was moving slowly along the tree line and was approaching their table. As the tractor drew near, the worker on the sprayer platform shut down the very noisy machine.

“Hi” said the man driving the tractor. He was a young man, but very much a man, with long brown hair, a beard, and sunglasses. Michelle remembers judging that he was probably a college student, maybe a senior or grad student, because his demeanor was not that of a city worker, whatever that might have meant. He was shirtless and she admired his abs and golden tan. “Definitely cool” she remembers thinking to herself.

“Hey!” Michelle responded and jumped from the picnic table to great them. The man shut off the tractor and looked at her, half smiling while showing an air of self-confidence. “College jock” she thought. “I’m Jack,” he said, “and this is Crash” pointing without looking to the man on the sprayer platform. Michelle looked at Crash and was unimpressed. “A boy” she thought to herself.

“I’m Michelle and this is Tara,” she responded pointing to her friend. Tara had begun to get up, slowly, obviously not as enthused as Michelle about this encounter. “These are some family friends,” Michelle remembers continuing, pointing toward her other companions. They smiled and nodded their heads in an open, friendly and casual manner.

“Hi,” said Jack the driver, nodding to them, and appraising both Michelle and Tara. She remembers wondering what he was thinking as he scanned both girls. Michelle was tall and lanky as a blossoming teen while Tara was short and petite. But Michelle always thought that, while Tara had a nice form, she had a “mousy” look about her, with her style of dress and hair, and was never much interested in boys. Michelle, on the other hand, had become quite accustomed to boys hanging around her. For her age she thought herself pretty and self-confident.

Michelle dressed to accent her features. On this afternoon she wore a pair of shorts, sandals and a t-shirt. She kept her hair short, in a bob, and didn’t wear a bra (one advantage of having A breasts).

Jack took off his sunglasses and locked eyes with Michelle. His gaze was apprising, and she thought he approved of what he saw, but she was so inexperienced and really didn’t know. She saw his gaze drift down and she knew he could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were getting hard and she knew he enjoyed the sight.

Jack returned his attention to the group. “We didn’t want to spray you,” he said, explaining they were spraying for mosquitoes, something they did each Friday of the summer in preparation for the weekend.

With her third glass of wine Michelle giggles to herself as she remembers what happened next. From her mouth, and she’ll never know from where this came, she blurted “Well, since you have to stop, want to go skinny dipping?”

She remembers hoping this would get a reaction, but he looked at her coolly and simply said, “Sure, hop on.” She did so, as he held out his hand and helped her up on the tractor where she could sit on the fender. “Come on Tara” she said, and her friend reluctantly hopped onto the spray rig trailer. “Crash isn’t too happy about this,” she thought to herself, “but Jack appears in charge.” She smiles at the memory of the excitement that brought and how she could feel her nipples harden and her moistness growing

Her thoughts return to the present and the passion she misses. “Why don’t you tell me you love me?” she has asked her husband many times. “Hey,” he responds, “I told you I loved you when we got married. If anything changes you’ll be the first to know. Now will you quite bugging me about it?” “Men” she thinks, draining her wine glass while pondering what she should do for the rest of the evening.

It occurs to her that sitting home alone, getting drunk and feeling sorry for herself was a pretty lame way to spend a Friday night. She had talked with a couple of girlfriends about doing something but everyone had other plans. So here she sits thinking about the passion and adventure she once had and now misses.

She refills the wine glass and sits at her computer. “Might as well get some work done” she thinks and opens her work web mail account. Mechanically she sorts through emails but doesn’t have her heart in the task. Her mind keeps wandering, and she is surprised that this wandering keeps going back to that wonderful July afternoon at the park.

She remembers the ride on the tractor and the wind blowing through her hair as she sat high on the tractor’s fender. She glanced over at this stranger; his wind blown hair, cool sunglasses and light sweat glistening off of his bare torso.

Then a thought strikes her, one of those “Oh My God” moments, as she wonders “Where the fuck are we going?” The next thought is equally scary “Will he expect me to actually skinny dip?” The ride turns from one of excitement into high-anxiety. She looks down again at Jack; he doesn’t appear dangerous, but then again they never do.

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She pauses at the keyboard, lost in thought. “It’s a wonder I wasn’t a maniac’s victim,” she thinks to herself, smiling and remembering her teen fantasies, knowing this was one that really did happen.

“Fuck work” she thinks as she closes her web mail, sips wine and continues to ponder the evening. The mouse moves without thinking to Internet Explorer and she Googles “horny and bored” for no particular reason. The screen fills with links and her interest is now heightened.

The links mostly lead to commercial sex sites offering porn. Watching porn is OK, and she remembers her Dad’s collection that she would watch when home alone. It was hot then but she has lived way too much for that to be very exciting.

She goes through the list, clicking links mindlessly until one catches her eye. “Seeking Sexy Bored Female Who Wants An Adventure of a Lifetime” reads the headline. She clicks the link and a local Craigslist ad appears. She reads on.

Are you happy but yearn for something you cannot describe? Do you wish to release trapped passion that is sitting dormant? Does your world seem very vanilla and you would like to add some new and different flavors? W/we are a married couple that seek friendship with just a female. If you are intrigued then write. If you are frightened, move on.

“Oh my God” she thinks, “that describes me!” She rereads the ad several more times. Butterflies start deep in her stomach and a small tremor appears in her hand as she contemplates the ad. Michelle has never answered anything like this. She wonders if even thinking about this is cheating. “Probably” and she closes the link.

She finishes the bottle of wine and alternates among listening to music, reading, watching TV and sitting quietly. Finally, more than a little drunk, she heads up to bed. She lays in their marriage bed, alone in her nightshirt and panties. Sleep doesn’t come but her and her mind begins to wander back to the Craigslist posting. “It wouldn’t be cheating to just respond, would it?” she thinks to herself.

After an hour of restlessness she gets up and sits at her computer, knowing that sleep isn’t coming until she responds to this ad. She finds the posting, clicks reply and writes “35 year old married female. Hubby is out of town this weekend. I am alone and lonely. Tell me more.” She sits, reading her reply over and over, alternating the mouse between “cancel” and “send” before she finally hits the send link.

“Shit, what am I doing?” she wonders, and heads back to bed. Sleep continues to elude her. After 30 minutes she is up again at the computer checking her email for a reply. Of course one of course hasn’t come yet. “You dumb ass” she thinks to herself and returns to bed.

In bed she removes her nightshirt and panties, pulling the covers back and laying on the bed uncovered and naked. Laying like this makes her feel very sexy, and she imagines a strange man standing next to the bed, admiring her elegant figure, with long legs, petite breasts and enchanting eyes. Her hand begins to explore, touching and exiting her lovely body. Moistness grows deep within and her nipples harden as she enjoys the self-caress.

As it has several times this evening her mind returns to that July afternoon in the park. She remembers being frightened that she had gone too far in enticing this man, but not knowing what to do at that point. Tara is with her, and Crash seems harmless enough, but there is an air about Jack she cannot pinpoint.

In her memory they arrive at a boat landing on the river. She surveys the area and notes that everywhere along the boundary of the park there is a sense of seclusion, with tress and shrubbery blocking a line of sight for much of a distance. That gives this public boat launch a very private feeling.

Jack jumps off the tractor and reaches his hand out to Michelle, helping her down. She feels his hands brush her sides and he helps break the jump. Her t-shirt ride up and exposes her mid-drift, a sight not lost on this man, who gives her a little smile. Crash and Tara jump off the sprayer platform and she notices there is no interaction between the two. “Tara is going to be so pissed at me,” she remembers thinking.

Jack takes her hand and leads her down the short gravel path to the river. The small area is surrounded by shrubbery and offers a very private feeling. Michelle looks around some more, realizing that no one is in the park except them, at least as far as she can see.

The ramp is at the bend in the river so while the river is fairly wide, looking left and right you see the river disappear around its bend, adding to the seclusion. Across the river is more shrubbery and unimproved land. “He knows what he’s doing,” she thinks. Crash and Tara sit on the gravel, about 10 feet apart, obviously not interested in this excursion.

Michelle kicks off her sandals and walks into the river until she is waist deep in the water. The water is warm and it feels deliciously naughty to walk in the river fully clothed. She avoids eye contact with Jack, wondering how she is going to get out of the “skinny dipping” part of this meeting. She glances back to the ramp and sees him taking off his work boots, belt, and removing everything from his pockets. “Good, he’s staying dressed” she thinks, relieved.

He walks toward her. “I thought you invited me to ‘skinny dip'” he says with a twinkle in his eye and a half-smile on his face. “Oh fuck” she thinks, “how do I get out of this?” While she is nervous she is at the same time very excited. The warm water surrounding the lower half of her young body helps her to relax as she feels some of the anxiety wash away. His words, commanding yet not threatening, create a flood of moisture in her pussy. She giggles to herself.

“Well, someone might see us” she finally says, and even she thought her response was pretty weak. Jack looks around “Just them” he says, pointing to Tara and Crash. “Go ahead, Michelle, you whore” yells Tara. She sees Crash roll his eyes, becoming unhappier by the moment.

“Your friend isn’t happy,” she tells Jack. He held her gaze and said, “He isn’t my friend. He’s a kid I got stuck with today. Don’t mind him.” He put his hands on her sides and suddenly dunked her.

The dunking surprised her and when she came up she saw him smiling at her. His hands remained on her sides, in both a sexy and protective manner. He pulled her toward him and she was excited at knowing what would come next.

Laying in bed, Michelle’s hands wander openly and wantonly and she became more and more aroused, remembering that afternoon that changed her life. Her hand traveled from her small breasts that now had very hard nipples, down her flat stomach, her fingertips leading the way with delightful sensations. As her hand touched the top of her pubic region she let out a small cry, the sensation of flesh on flesh sending rivets of pleasure through her body.

She spread her legs without thinking while at the same time her hand moves further down. As her fingers touch her swollen and very sensitive clit a powerful jolt rocks her body. Memories of that July afternoon flood her mind, so thick she thought she could cut them with a knife. Michelle’s fingers reach the opening of her inner lips and she pauses for a moment, allowing herself to ride the feelings that are racing through her body. Taking the plentiful moisture from her inner lips on her fingertip, she returns attention to her clit. As she lay there, mesmerized by her own hand, she remembers.

Jack pulled her to him and Michelle closed her eyes, feeling her wet t-shirt against his bare chest. He heart was beating wildly when their lips touched. It was soft, sweet and gentle and so erotic. Jack’s arms surrounded her, and she put her arms around his neck, as they stood in the river kissing.

She had never kissed a man before, only a few boys, and Tara. She liked kissing boys, and her current boyfriend kissed OK, but Tara really knew how to kiss. The feeling of wet lips to wet lips, the darting of the tongue and the knowing what the other seeks made her so turned on. It was different with this man. He KNEW how to kiss, and take what he wanted. He was secure and sure of himself, and Michelle melted into his arms as his tongue pushed lightly at first, and then with greater insistence, at her lips. She obliged him, and parted her lips slightly, an action he took full advantage of, invading her mouth and encircling her tongue in erotic pleasure.

He released her slightly, pulling his head back. “I thought you invited me to a skinny dip? You’re still dressed,” he said, locking onto her eyes while giving her a non-menacing smile. “You haven’t shed much” she responded, trying to sound confident while all the while her insides were like jelly.

At that she saw him reach down and in a moment he held his jeans in his hand. The river water was murky, but she knew she was standing only a few inches from a man in only is underwear. Michelle remembered being incredibly turned on while at the same time scared. She found this a heady mix of emotions.
“What if someone comes around,” she asks again, turning her head to look up each side of the river. “Then will dip our bodies in the water so no one can see anything, and I’ll shield you” he responded. He continued, “You can hold onto your t-shirt and leave your shorts on.

Michelle contemplated this for just a brief moment. Then she decided and knew if she delayed she would lose all her courage. With one swift motion she pulled the t-shirt from it’s bottom hem, up and over her head. She was very aware that the motion of her arms over-head caused her small breasts to jut out toward this intriguing stranger.

Never will she forget his admiring gaze, a look that made her tremble with excitement, and desire. Nor will she ever forgot the rush she experienced standing in broad daylight in the river, naked from the waist up, with this man watching her. He put his hands to the sides, touching her naked skin, a feeling that caused bolts of electricity to pulse within her. She felt weak kneed as he pulled her toward him.

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They kissed again, and he pressed her bare breasts against his chest, the chest of a man, a real man, and she rubbed herself against him, openly and wantonly. He responded by encircling her body with his arms and pulling her tightly to him, while his strong upper thigh pressed against her pubs. She parted her knees, allowing his upper leg to rest between her legs, all the while kissing and hugging her.

Laying in bed the memory of that moment created a new surge of sexual energy and desire throughout her body and she began to move her hips rapidly in time with her fingers. Normally she needed a vibrator to cum, but not this night with these memories.

She felt the sensation for which she desperately yearned. In that instant before orgasm, when her entire body is consumed with fire and lust and every nerve alive, screaming for release, she finds her greatest pleasure. Tonight it was better and stronger, more intense than when she first learned to explore her body to create an orgasm.

It arrived suddenly, with the power of a direct strike of a lightening bolt. Her body rocked in waves of pleasure that was so intense it was almost painful. She rocked from side to side with her fingers continuing their insistent touch and the orgasm spread to every cell of her body, before beginning to diminish.

After a few moments she lay quietly, panting as if she’d run a foot race, enjoying the long and slow cool-down a woman enjoys. She turned over on her side, her fingers still between her legs, and began to drift off to sleep. She wished there were someone here to hold and cuddle her, but she was alone. Her fingers between her legs reminded her of more of that July afternoon, and she thinks back some more.

After the passionate kiss Jack spun her around so that her back was resting on his chest, and she was half floating while he supported her weight. His hands rested idly on her stomach before one began to draw little circles and move higher and higher, until his fingertips began to encircle her breast. His finger skillfully moved around the base of first one breast, then the other before moving up along the breast’s contour. Then, with a single fingertip, he made a little circle on her areola.

She lay floating in his arms mesmerized by the sensations. She had a boyfriend and she had let him touch her a few times, but nothing like this. Her eyes closed when he cupped both breasts and kissed her neck. His hands kneaded and massaged her skin, then moved his fingertips to her nipple and pinched them.

“Ouch” she said, not expecting the pinch. “Stop that” she said, but Jack held her close and simply whispered “Quiet.” Surprisingly she did as he wished, and she found the occasional pinch very desirable. After the initial discomfort, she felt a warmth begin to radiate in her body, and cause even more moisture to be released from between her young legs.

As one hand continued to play with her breast the other moved down slowly across her stomach, and she knew what was to come. She had never let anyone touch her there, and she wasn’t going to start today. Letting someone touch her “special place” was going to wait for the right boy.

When his fingertips reached the top of her shorts she put one hand on her lower stomach to form a barrier to intrusion. Jack slipped his fingers under the elastic waistband of her shorts and continued his southward journey. There is that short distance between the top of the shorts and the top of the panties where the skin is exceptionally soft, and his fingers lingered there. She figured he understood the message of her hand placement without needing further words.

Then his hand, flat against her stomach, moved further down until it reached the blockade she had formed with her hand. “Move your hand,” he said, and she replied, “I don’t want to right now.” To her surprise he pushed his hand forcefully passed her hand barrier and she felt his fingertips reach her pussy.

She put her feet down on the muddy river bottom and tried to push away, but her held her tightly. Instinctively she clamped her knees together to keep his invasion at bay. “Open your legs” he said matter-of-factly. She didn’t know what to say, but next felt his knee pushing the back of her thighs, forcing them apart. At that his fingers cupped her public area, and squeezed her outer lips together. Panic welled up inside, but at the same time the pleasure of his touch was overwhelming.

She grabbed his wrists to pull his hand away but her resistance was fading fast, and she knew that he knew he could do as he wished. And what he wished was to slide his fingertip to the top of her clitoris, which by now was very, very hard, and begin a light caress. Michelle leaned back into him, and spread her legs even further apart to give him free and unfettered access to her young and untried body.

Jack took full advantage of the offering, moving his fingers between her inner and outer lips, creating for her even more new sensations and source of arousal. He continued his caress and dipped first one, then two, fingers between her inner lips, as more pleasure consumed Michelle. At this point, she would do anything he asked. Anything.

He continued his exploration by slipping one finger inside her, slowly and gently, wondering if she was still a virgin. “Relax” he said, then continued to kiss her cheek, ear and neck, occasionally darting the tip of his tongue against her young soft skin.

He added another finger as she became accustomed to the insertion, and he started an alternating rhythm of sliding his fingers in and out, in a “finger fucking” motion, then changing to a rapid back and forth movement inside of her pussy. All the while the base of his hand kept pressure on her clit, and as his hand move so did her clit. Involuntarily she spread her legs further apart, lost in the moment.

It was all far more than she could take, but as her orgasm approached he stopped his movement, and stood there with his fingers in her pussy and his other hand cupping her breast. She bucked her hips hoping he’d start back with his wonderful massage. But he just stood there and he said, “Be still. Let it build.” “Let it build?” she thought. “Sweet Jesus how much more can this build?” But instead she kept her thoughts to herself, and laid in his arms, floating in the river, his fingers inside her pussy and her body pulsing with sexual energy.

He began his steady movements again and her feeling of immanent orgasm returned after only a couple of moments. Her heart raced and her breathing was ragged. She no longer cared if the whole world came by to watch her, she just wanted to cum. He stopped a again, allowed her to cool down a little, and then began the rhythm anew. Finally, as she was twitching from the intensity of the pleasure he whispered in her ear “Do you wish to cum, slut?” and she shouted “Yes, please, oh God, let me cum!”

This time he didn’t stop and the assault continued at a faster and faster pace until he spoke in her ear the command “Cum!” and she did. Michelle’s body shuddered as this stranger’s fingers continued to fuck her pussy in a way that she had never experienced. Wave upon wave of pleasure overcame her and she knows she made mewling sounds of joy that lasted several moments.

As her orgasm subsided his hand motion stopped, but remained between her legs, his fingers still securely inside her young and nubile body. They remained there for several moments as she recovered from the intoxication of the event. Finally he retrieved his hand and turned her to face him.

He pulled her close and kissed her passionately. She felt his rock hard erection against her mid drift and wondered if he expected her to finish him, a thought that was pleasing but scary, and she didn’t know what to do.

They broke the kiss and she looked up at him expectantly. He said, “I have to get back to work. This was fun” and proceeded to retrieve his jeans and head to shore. As she watched him she noticed Tara sitting with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape. Jack finished dressing as Michelle donned her t-shirt. As she came to shore with her wet t-shirt Jack stopped to admire the sight. “Cool” he said with a smile, a look that caused her to blush. She even thought she saw Crash sneaking a peak at the “wet t-shirt girl.”

They got on the tractor and Jack took them back to their friends. He was polite as he helped Michelle off the tractor and said simply “See ya around.” “See ya,” she replied, smiling as she waved good-bye. Then her new friend and Crash drove off.

She watched them return to their spraying task when their host couple said, “Time to go.” Tara and Michelle were settled in the back seat when it occurred to her that he hadn’t asked for her phone number. She’s told him her first name and school but that was it. She felt sad as they left the park thinking she would never see this man again.

But she was wrong, very wrong.

These final memories put Michelle to sleep with a growing desire building in her groin but without the energy to do anything about it. She drifted off into peaceful slumber.

She awoke at 8:30, very later for her. She had a huge headache from the wine but felt exhilarated from the powerful orgasm she’d had the night before, triggered by memories of that July afternoon.

After washing her face and making coffee, she takes her first cup and sits at the computer checking email. Her heart stops at the second entry, a response to her email last night to the Craigslist ad. She contemplates just deleting the message, but cannot bring herself to do so. With trepidation she clicks the message open and begins to read.


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