Buddies Forever Ch. 02

Author’s Note: Ch. 01 appeared in January 2005. If you haven’t read it or it’s been a long time since you did, please re-read. You’ll be lost without Ch. 01.


Amy opened one eye and saw the sun shining through the gap between the blinds and the window frame. She rolled from the light. Much too early to get up and besides she had to get back to her thoughts…the most romantic, no, erotic…no, wonderful images of her and Jeff. Her hand wandered down her body, over her tummy, into her panties to the wet heat between her thighs.

She brushed two fingers over her swollen button and let out a deep sigh. Last night in Jeff’s basement bedroom, his tongue had lapped at her, devoured her as he brought on one orgasm after another that left her whimpering and drained. Amy hadn’t been able to concentrate on his cock probing deeply in her mouth. Jeff finally grabbed his shaft and within seconds spurted his cum onto her breasts and following standard procedure, massaged his semen into her tingling nipples. Amy didn’t have the strength to laugh but the view of her soaked nipples and breasts absorbing the cum from his fingers left her shivering.

Lying in her bed, a smile on her face and tingling from a tiny orgasm, she decided it was time to get up and help her mother with the holiday dinner. There would be plenty of time that night for them to continue their erotic journey. She giggled.

Light shining between the blinds and the window frame! Her eyes popped open. She saw a chest of drawers against the wall. It can’t be…it can’t be. I’m still asleep. She closed her eyes tightly. This is impossible. Amy rolled toward the light and opened her eyes…blinds! Her bedroom had curtains, yellow with tiny blue flowers and…

There was a knock at the door and she rose from the bed and opened it.

‘Hi, are you…Amy?’ Jeff stared at her, totally nude except for panties. She looked glassy-eyed. Is she on drugs? Impossible! Amy doesn’t even like taking aspirin. He realized there were people milling in the hallway and he slipped into the room and closed the door. Grabbing the robe from the closet door, he helped her into it. With his arms wrapped around her, he pressed her to him, holding her tightly.

‘Amy, you’re shaking. Tell me what happened.’

She didn’t respond.

‘Who were you out with last night?’

Again she didn’t answer him.

‘Are you sick? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?’


‘C’mon sit down. Tell me what happened.’

‘I…I don’t know. Jeff, what’s today’s date?’

‘Uh…November 12.’

‘Oh God!’


‘I had this dream last night.’

‘A nightmare?’

‘Uh unh.’

‘What was it about?’

‘I can’t talk about it now…Jeff, I need to be alone. I have to think this through.’

‘Why don’t you talk about it. Maybe I can help you understand it.’

‘Jeff, believe me. You’re the last person who could help me.’


‘Go to class. I’m OK. I’ll talk to you later.’

‘You sure?’


‘OK…be back at 11:30 and I’ll bring something to eat. We have Evil History at 2:30 so we’ll have plenty of time to talk. That’s what buddies are for…right?’

‘Uh…I’m not sure.’ She was blushing.



Amy sat at her desk staring at the calendar…Friday, November 12, 2004. A dream! Wishful thinking? Maybe I hadn’t been sleeping at all. Maybe I had been fantasizing, except this wasn’t fantasy…it was real! Real, get a grip, girl. This wasn’t real! She remembered a section in her Psych book about dream analysis. No analysis needed here…just two horny teenagers humping like rabbits! OK, you’ve got a brain…use it. Outline it, summarize, draft. She was going to write it, down to the gnat’s eyelash, every detail she could remember. Maybe some publisher would love a teenager’s fantasy. Maybe Jeff would like to read it…no…YES!!!

* * * * * * ** *

Amy knocked on Jeff’s door and walked into the room. She handed him a binder and he noticed the cover had printed on it ‘My Dream’.

‘Finally. Is it a fantasy?’

‘Maybe. You’ll have to read it and see for yourself.’

‘It must have been quite a dream…twenty-four printed pages?’

As he began reading, Amy sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him.

‘Holy shit!….Lynn?’

‘I don’t know anybody named Lynn.’

She watched his facial expression for any kind of reaction. It was like looking through a kaleidoscope; she saw shock that changed to embarrassment, then amazement and finally to desire. Then he looked at her. She wondered if this was a mistake. He probably thinks I’m a real nut case. Maybe he wouldn’t see it as she did…a sign of her feelings for him, but she was definitely prepared to prove her point.

Jeff turned the page. Amy gulped. She knew the script, page by page. He was reading the part about spanking. Noticing him adjust the crotch of his sweatpants, she realized there was some action there. What a perv…but why am I getting aroused. He’s a perv, but I’m a…slut!… Oh shit. If he looks down he’s going to see my nipples pushing out my t-shirt.

Amy couldn’t resist, didn’t want to resist, running her fingers over the bulge in his sweats. His cock pulsed at her touch, his face now a picture of shock.

‘Uh, Amy. Do you know what you’re doing?’

‘Uh huh.’

As she continued to rub her fingers up and down his shaft, he just stared at her…open-mouthed. He couldn’t find words to speak. The binder dropped from his hand to the floor. She reached for the waist of his pants and as he automatically lifted his bottom, she pulled the sweats to his ankles and over his feet.

He moaned, ‘Oh God!’

‘Well, it’s C!’

That remark shocked him. ‘C!!! Most…uh, observers give it an A!’

‘No, Jeff. This is a C.’ It definitely met her expectation. C was beautiful…if you could call a cock beautiful…broad, thick, long, pulsing…the head almost purple. Amy shivered.

‘And what makes you an authority?’ He was baiting her.

‘If you keep reading you’ll find out.’

His mouth dropped open but that didn’t prevent his hands from reaching for the top of her t-shirt and pulling it over her head…Amy happily assisting. His mouth still open, he stared at her breasts. A week earlier in her room he hadn’t really looked, well, anyway not in the way he was looking now. They were beautiful; he could think of no other way to describe them. There was one other word…perfection.

His hands were shaking as he covered her breasts, fingers punishing the nipples. Amy’s hand circled the root of his meat and she ran her hot, wet tongue up the shaft, flicking the head. He groaned loudly as her tongue danced around him before she sucked the head into her mouth. Every nerve ending in his body screamed as her mouth traveled down his cock.

Amy’s arousal was flaring as she felt her juices oozing down her inner thigh. She popped his erection out of her mouth and stared up at him.

Jeff moaned, ‘Amy, are you sure you know what you’re doing?’

‘Absolutely, Jeff. If you continue reading you’ll find out and that part isn’t fantasy!’ She laughed.

Jeff looked at the binder on the floor and then at his hands on her beautiful, swollen tits. He struggled with the decision but he couldn’t get past the words…’and that part isn’t fantasy’ so he picked up the binder. He swore he heard a perky nipple shout at him, ‘Asshole!’

As he continued his reading, Amy continued her chore. His mind wandered from the text to Amy’s out-of-character actions. This is absolutely unbelievable. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and laved it with her tongue.

‘God’, he groaned. ‘How am I supposed to concentrate?’

‘Oh, sorry Jeff. Do you want me to stop?’

‘I didn’t say that, did I?’

Amy labored over his beautiful specimen. He claims to read 600 words a minute but he hasn’t turned the page in eight minutes. I guess he’s distracted. Oh, woman, you are wicked, wicked…wicked. He was moaning constantly and Amy, even lacking experience, knew where this was heading…no bullhorn needed. He was pumping hard into her mouth and she had to back up with each push to keep from gagging. Make a decision fast, girl…Oops, too late!

Jeff shrieked, ‘Amy…I’m coming!’

She opened her lips slightly as his cum exploded into her mouth and dribbled down his cock as she continued sucking. When she looked up at him she knew he was off in another world, still hard as stone, but clean as a newborn babe and squeegeed dry.

There was a knock at the door. ‘Jeff?’ It was Matt, his next-door roommate.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.

‘Jeff, are you there?’

‘Yeah, Matt, what’s up?’ Amy giggled. Jeff put his finger to his lips. She giggled again as she continued to pump his shaft.

‘Amy’s mom called on the dorm phone. She’s been trying to reach her and she’s not answering her cell. Ya know where she is?’

‘Yeah, I know where she is.’ She’s on her knees worshipping my bone! Where the hell did that come from? She’s my buddy, isn’t she? Oh, shit. ‘I’ll see she gets the message right away. Thanks, Matt.’

‘Uh, Jeff. Are you alone?’


‘Sorry about that. See ya later.’

‘Here, Amy. Use my phone.’

“Uh, Jeffrey. Don’t you have anything to say?’

‘You mean…yeah, I feel like we crossed a line tonight…as wide as a football field, but

nobody blew a whistle.’

‘You know I’m not a whistle blower, right?’

‘Well, you can’t excel in all “sports”, can you?’

‘Jeff, are you OK with this?’

‘Yeah, I am.’

‘Was it as good for you as it was for me?’

‘Ye Gods. Make your phone call, you hellion!’

‘Could you dial for me? I’m busy.’ They stared at each other as he made the call.

‘Hi, Mom…yeah, I didn’t realize it was so late. My phone is on charger and I’m in Jeff’s room…uh huh…well, I was slaving over a real hard problem, real deep stuff, but I finally got it licked…Jeff?…he’s OK. Well, actually he got a C and he thought it was an A.’ Amy covered the phone and laughed. Jeff was as red as a beet; either shock or he was about to come again! She eased off slightly. ‘Uh huh…Jeff, Mom says when you’re young these little defeats mean nothing. You can bounce right back up…Jeff!!!!…no, it’s OK, Mom.’ He looked like he swallowed a peach pit. ‘Uh huh…hey, that’s what buddies are for. I know I can always lift his spirit.. Hey, I already have….yeah, OK, Mom, talk to you next week. Bye. Mom says bye, Jeff. Bye, Mom.’

‘Amy, I think I ought to check the size of your balls!’

‘I have a better idea, Jeff. Go back to your reading and I’ll stop the distraction.’

‘Aw, shucks.’ He picked up the binder again. It appeared that he was devouring each syllable, probably reading no more than forty words a minute. ‘Amy, how do I know what’s fantasy and what’s reality?’

‘Where are you…on the road to the cabin?’

‘Yeah. How did you know?’

‘A woman knows those things.’ She giggled.

‘Right. I shouldn’t have asked.’

‘After the part where we finish dinner, it’s 98% fantasy. I’ll know when you get there.’

Several minutes later she realized C was back…actually more than back. He was throbbing.

‘We’re on the sofa, right?’

‘Now you’re reading my thoughts?’

‘It’s not your thoughts I’m reading. Do you need a hand?’ She laughed.

‘I don’t think so. I’m doing fine on my own.’

Yeah, I guess you are. She noticed the pre-cum glistening on the head of his penis. She wondered if she could get there before it hit the floor.

He kept reading, occasionally looking up at her. Ohmygod, today is Friday, the 19th, the day we left for the cabin. Could he see her arousal, sense her arousal, smell her arousal. She was as turned on as he was. It was like they were living every moment together. He laughed, he smiled and sometimes just throbbed, violently.

“BAM…JLB…shouldn’t it be P for pussy?…Oh, God!’ He was laughing hysterically.

‘Amy, this is too much. If I didn’t know how honest you are I’d swear you made this up. Un-fucking-believable!’

Jeff was staring at her nipples; maybe mesmerized was a better word. There was pre-cum glistening on his cock. She knew exactly where he was in the text. ‘C?…C!, he roared.

On a scale of 1 to 10, he gets a 12…C, that is!

Ten minutes later he put down the text. He stared at her, couldn’t decide whether she was blushing or flushed. He decided flushed.

‘I got a question for you. Are you really a slut?’

‘I don’t know. How many buddies have sucked your cock?’

‘Take your clothes off and get into bed.’

‘Sir, is it OK if I get my cell phone and toothbrush first?’

‘Yeah, but be real quick about it.’

She raced to the door. ‘Amy…did you forget something?’ He was waving her t-shirt.

‘Oh yeah.’

In a flash, she was back, wearing a long, belted robe and her Mickey Mouse slippers. Off came the slippers, she opened the belt and let the robe slip from her shoulders to the floor.

‘Ta-dah!’ She was getting to enjoy his wide-eyed stare and open mouth expression. ‘Hello, Amy to Jeff…Well, I’m not sure what you think, but C looks pleased.’ She twirled around slowly. He looked like a cigar store Indian except that his spear was standing on its own.

He gulped and finally spoke. ‘Turn around again…God, what an ass..et!’

‘Ha, I knew it all along. You’re an ass man!’

‘No. no…I…uh…like the whole package. You’re beautiful!’

‘Only out of my clothes, huh?’

‘No…No!’ He walked toward her.

‘Take another step and I yell rape!’

‘Could you yell from the bed?’

‘Sure…on my back with my legs spread?’

‘Uh, yeah.’


The view was breathtaking. He was on his knees, each hand holding an ankle as he surveyed the landscape; lush valleys, a grassy glen, high-peaked mountains. All Amy focused on as she licked her lips was a throbbing C. As Jeff poetically described what he saw, she closed her eyes. There’s a time and place for everything and right now she didn’t need poetry. Her anxiety level was way off the top of the chart. She saw herself being bludgeoned by a hot, thick hunk of man-meat. She was about to tell him her thoughts when she felt his lips and tongue following a path from her calf down her inner thigh. Every fiber in her body was as tight as a snare drum.

‘Amy, move your…’

There was a loud, clanging bell sound from the hallway.

Oh shit. They don’t hold fire drills at night. We’re outta here!’

‘Jeff, my clothes….’

‘In the robe, Amy, let’s go.’ He pulled on his sweats and a denim jacket and they raced from the dorm.

There was a large group of people about seventy yards in front of the building and they joined them. Jeff stood directly behind her.

‘Jeff, it’s cold out here.’

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her into his body. ‘If you hike up the back of your robe I can make it warmer.’

Turning her head she said, ‘Sorry, too late slowpoke. Next time, less words, more action!’ The words surprised her but there was safety in numbers and the crowd now exceeded several hundred.

Matt walked over to them. ‘Hey, Jeff, any more like this one in Mason County?’

‘Matt, don’t get the wrong idea. We’re just trying to stay warm.’

‘Man, I wish I had a buddy like Amy.’ Matt laughed and walked away to talk to a friend.

‘Jeff, we gotta find a slut for that guy and get him laid. He moans half the night pounding the monkey. Actually, I could ask him to move his bed to the other wall.’ She giggled.

‘I’m not worried about him. How about us getting laid?’

‘Your room or mine?’

Ron, the RA, spoke through a loud speaker. ‘Can I have your attention. In about twenty minutes we can enter the building. We had a fire in a hallway trashcan. Everything’s under control. People, go to your rooms immediately and stay there. Uni rules say we need a headcount. Thanks for your cooperation.’

Oh shit.

Oh fuck.

‘What a way to end the night!’

‘Uh, excuse me. You got off today. I’ll be keeping Matt up half the night. Damn, I forgot I need new batteries for my vibrator.’ She was back in full banter mode.

‘You got a vibrator?’

‘Wouldn’t you like to know.’

‘Seriously, Amy, I got a lab tomorrow and a meeting with my advisor after that. Can we hook up around 4:00 PM?

‘Are you speaking literally or figuratively?’

‘Uh, I’ll let you know tomorrow, but don’t put on too many layers. OK?’

‘Promises, promises!’

‘Can I kiss you goodnight?’

‘Jeff, I think I’d rather keep you on edge. That means horny, if you didn’t get the first part.’

* * * * * * * * *

It was past 6:00 PM and Jeff still hadn’t returned. On the way to check his room, she saw Matt coming down the hall.

‘Amy, you know Jeff’s in the hospital?’


‘He was hit by some jerk on a cycle. They cast his leg. I just saw Ron pull into the parking lot. Maybe he’ll give you a lift.’

Amy yelled, ‘Thanks, Matt’, as she raced down the hall. The RA was leaning against his car talking with another student. She told him what happened and he quickly agreed to drive her to the facility.

She ran through the building to reception and got his location. Exiting the elevator, she ran to the nurses’ station.

‘I’m looking for Jeff Clarkson.’

‘Room 304, Miss, down the hall…don’t worry, he’s fine although he’ll try to convince you that he’s dying.’

‘That doesn’t sound like Jeff.’

‘Hmmm, well he did hit his head when he fell. That’s why we’re keeping him overnight. You know, observation.’

Amy ran down the hallway until she found his room. ‘Jeff…how’s C?’

‘Oh, Amy, don’t make me laugh. I’m in serious pain.’

‘Well, at least you know who C is!’

‘He’s gone and I’m not sure he’s coming back.’

‘Should I go looking for another stud?’

‘Amy! It hurts to laugh.’

‘Tell me what happened. Why are they keeping you?’

‘This dude came flying around the corner on a Honda cycle and ran me down. When I fell I hit my head, not hard, but they wanted to run some tests so they’re keeping me overnight. The tests were fine…no concussion. I’m sure they’ll let me go tomorrow. I felt a little shaky before but I’m OK now.’

‘Can’t they give you pain killers?’

‘I got some just before you arrived. They’re kicking in now.’

‘Oh, great. Can we talk about C now?’

‘Uh, yeah, but you better talk fast. They’re going to throw you out at 8 o’clock.’

‘I’m staying tonight. I’ll wake this whole place if they try to kick me out.’

‘Amy, stand back…that outfit. It’s just like the one in your dream…green sweater and plaid skirt.’

‘Uh huh.’ She swung around, lifted the back of the skirt and flashed him. You like?’

‘Holy shit!’

‘Did you say something?’

‘Uh unh. That was C!’

* * * * * * * * *

‘Miss, visiting hours are over.’

‘Nurse, I’m a family member. I’m staying tonight.’

‘A family member?’

‘Yes. I’m his…uh, wife.’ The nurse’s face had disbelief written across it. ‘We just got married last weekend. It’s the first time I’ve called myself his wife.’

‘Gosh, this is a heck of a way to spend a honeymoon.’

‘It sure is!’

‘I’ll move a recliner in. It’s more comfortable than the chair. I can’t let you use the other bed in case another patient arrives.’

‘Thanks, nurse. You’re really kind.’

‘Mrs. Clarkson, are you a freshman also?’

‘Yes, I am.’

‘Uh huh.’

Amy gulped hard as the nurse left the room. She looked at Jeff who had apparently fallen asleep. He must be beat!

‘Oh, Mrs. Clarkson, are you a freshman also? Yes, I am…’ He roared with laughter.

‘Would you like to spend the night alone, smart ass?’

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‘Hell, no. Flash me again, wife!’

‘Actually, it’s beddy-bye-time. Now go to sleep.’

‘I guess you’re right. Do me a favor. Close the drapes; the moon is shining right in my face…and turn the overhead light off…and pull the bed curtain around so it blocks the light from the hall.’
She laughed, ‘Is that all?’

You have no idea!

Finishing her chores, Amy sat in the chair and rested her head on the bed, smiling up at him.

‘Uh, Amy, one more thing.’

‘What now?’

‘Would you climb up on the bed and put your knees outside my shoulders?’

She laughed nervously, partly at his bravado and partly to hide her arousal. ‘The answer is no…for three reasons. One the nurse might come in. Two, you have a fractured leg and three, I’m convinced the diagnosis of your brain scan was totally wrong!’

‘OK, so your main concern is that the nurse might come in. We’re married and on our honeymoon, right?’

‘Jeff, I’ve given a lot of thought to how and where I’d lose my virginity and a hospital bed wasn’t one of them.’

‘Hey, think of the fun telling this story years from now!’ She stared at him open-mouthed. ‘Oh, and take your clothes off. Nobody’s walked down the hallway in the last hour.’

‘You are insane!’

‘Hey, you ever hear the expression, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.’ It means what difference does it make if someone comes in and sees you riding my tongue or my cock, naked or in your clothes.’

‘Jeff, I don’t think that’s what it means but I guess your logic is OK.’ She lifted her sweater over her head to reveal naked breasts.

‘Holy shit!’

‘Well, I was expecting you at four o’clock and didn’t want to waste time.’ She giggled.

‘Ya know, I always wanted to find a girlfriend who was as horny as me and you’ve been there all along.’

‘You never asked.’

‘Uh, Amy, you dressed like a guy.’

Amy laughed and replied, ‘Jeff, I think men are all alike. You can’t tell the difference between horny and sexy. Horny is in the mind and sexy is in the eye. When you get to the short strokes, sexy doesn’t mean shit! Should I remove the rest of my clothes?’

‘Oh yeah…and take off this hospital gown.’

She straddled his waist trapping his hands to his body.

‘Uh, Amy?’


The journey up his chest took ten minutes. The farther she moved the more aroused she became. Inching along on her knees, Amy spread her juices across every inch of him. His expression changed from pained to frustration, back to pained…sheer torture. He was moaning. She was inches from their shared goal.

‘Jeff, my back is all wet!’ He didn’t respond. Amy put her hand behind her. ‘I wonder what this is?’ Her lips opened and she slowly pushed her fingers into her mouth. ‘It isn’t perspiration.’ She again wet her fingers. ‘Here, taste. What do you think?’

Jeff grabbed her hips and brought her forward, his tongue barely touching her. She braced herself on the wall behind his bed. Placing his hands on her thighs, he felt the tension. Her entire body was rigid. All her banter, the joking, her laughter, is one big fucking act. She’s scared. The original firebrand…the one who never rejected a dare…the girl who could kick ass with the best of them. She’s not scared…she’s terrified!

‘Do you really want to know what I think?’


‘I think you’re a fraud, Amy.’

She stared at him for a long time, tears welling in her eyes and she started sobbing.

‘Hey, come down here.’ She shimmied down his body. His arms wrapped around her. The sobbing continued. ‘Ya know, you were right. We’re in a hospital room, my legs in a cast…there’s no wine, no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, no candlelight…not very romantic.’ He chuckled as he remembered the dream.

‘No, Jeff, it’s not that. You were right the first time. I am a fraud. I’ve seen it on the net, read about it in books, know what to expect…how wonderful it can be…but it’s all in my head. Your experience, which goes way beyond my dream, is a plus. I’m not jealous about it. I think it’s a good thing that one of us is experienced. I feel comfortable with that. All my laughing and joking only hyped the stakes; I couldn’t relax. It isn’t the setting. If I weren’t with the right guy, I wouldn’t be here. I want you, Jeff.’

Jeff felt a big, hard lump in his throat. Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her. Amy molded into the lines of his body, erect nipples piercing his chest, her thighs capturing his burning shaft that was rapidly rising. His hands followed every curve from her back to her hips to her buttocks, meandering into the valley between those enticing, shivering cheeks. If he was to die tonight he wanted it to be this minute. A deep growl startled her. Jeff nibbled her lips, forced a probing tongue into her mouth, hearing mumbled words and a soft groan.

They continued their slow discovery of each others body until Amy moaned in his ear, ‘I need your tongue on my nipples.’ She rose up, braced by her hands. Jeff’s fingers brushed across her swollen breasts, his palms skimming her turgid buds, continuing to raise her boiling point. His mouth traveled from one nipple to the other, sucking, biting, and licking the light moisture from her breasts. Amy’s moans were now constant, firing his lust. She caught her breath and whispered, ‘Jeff, I’m going!’

He laughed softly, ‘Don’t you mean you’re coming?’

‘No, I mean I’m going. I’m late for a very important date.’

‘With who, the Mad Hatter?’

‘No, with a long, broad tongue…I hope!’ She inched up his body on her knees, again bracing herself on the wall. Jeff licked his lips and then hers. Widening her thighs, her pussy lips opened as his tongue searched the folds, relishing the fresh, tangy syrup that flowed like succulence from an over-ripe fruit. The first swipe of his tongue across her clit brought her hand to her mouth to cover her shriek. He continued to nibble at her lips and suddenly pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, chafing her sensitive tissue, feeling her contractions. Her liquid heat covered his mouth and chin. He reluctantly pulled back when he realized she was trying to escape his torturous tongue.

Attempting to catch her breath, Amy’s head rested on the wall, her hands covering her breasts, nipples compressed between her fingers. Soft moans rumbled deep in her throat. Jeff soaked his fingers in her dew and slowly pushed one through her rosebud and into her ass. Amy froze and then whimpered at this unexpected invasion…tight and rude. As her muscle loosened, a second finger joined the first. She had never come across anything like this in her study of foreplay and she doubted that he did either; practical experience rules, but she couldn’t help wondering who taught him this wicked deed. Over time the feeling changed to shamefully ravishing pleasure that left her shivering. Her young, inexperienced body rapidly approached sensory overload. She smothered the screams as she was thrown into another devouring, sensual flame.

As her awareness slowly returned, Amy felt his tongue gently tapping her clit, a sensation that was too intense and she pushed away from his mouth. He could now feel her continuing contractions and her shivering in his chest and he moaned as he shared her climax.

Several minutes later, she heard Jeff say, ‘C’s awfully lonely…I think he wants company.’

‘I can’t move.’

‘Do you want some help?’


‘Well, you’ve got about twenty inches to go. Take as much time as you need. He isn’t going anywhere.’ He thought he heard a little chuckle.

Amy whispered, ‘I knew I was losing my virginity tonight but I didn’t expect to lose that one first.’

‘You didn’t lose anything. That was just an appetizer. Some day if you’re real good you’ll get the main course…do you want me to take them out?’

‘Uh uh…it feels good. I like being joined with you wherever it is. Besides, I’m trying to live up to my horny image. What do you think?

‘So far, pretty fucking fantastic!’

‘You’re the fantastic one. I never realized you had such a long, broad tongue. You can make me shimmy and shake any time you want.’

Slowly shifting down his body, Amy realized a hand on her butt applied pressure assuring

that her juicy parts stayed in contact with him, keeping her on edge. Jeff had a creative streak, always experimenting, always inquisitive.

She remembered when they were five or six years old and she saw Jeff peeing. When Amy asked what ‘that’ was, he told her it was his piddler. She told him she didn’t have one and he replied, ‘Sure you do. Everybody has one.’ One minute later she was lying on his bed, her underwear pulled down to her ankles, Jeff’s fingers searching.

His mother opened the bedroom door and Jeff very calmly told her he couldn’t find her piddler. This was followed by a brief discussion about differences. Several years later her mother told her it was a penis and it was used for things other than piddling. Amy couldn’t wait to tell Jeff…so ended ‘cowboys and indians’ and ‘hide and seek’…the ‘doctor and patient series’ began. After that they couldn’t look at each other without blushing.

Tonight, it sure wasn’t a piddler…it was a WMD. Actually, there wasn’t anything to mass destruct, but it was still a weapon…a dangerous, heat-seeking missile. Amy found it amusing that the target was approaching the missile rather than the other way around. Well, what difference did it make as long as the goal was reached. I guess that’s why they call it scoring!

Jeff lifted her hips and she moaned. Amy sensed that his shaft was wrapped in his hand, the crown circling her lips, poking at her button. She wanted to move down but his fist stopped her progress. His circling cock and that damned hand blocked every attempt at penetration. A ball-buster to the end!

She whispered, ‘Jeff’.


‘You’re going to have to move way up if you want to find my piddler!’

He laughed and playfully slapped her bottom. ‘Don’t be a naughty girl.’ Then he realized she had faked him out.

Amy plunged on his shaft, stopping abruptly, wincing in pain. She felt like she had been torn in two, like sitting on the penetrating post of a split-rail fence. This is never going to work…he’ll never fit.

Jeff moaned and said, ‘Can I tell you something?’

‘Oh God, now?’

‘Three inches ago I passed my experience level.’

‘You did!…..I liked hearing that. Thank you, Jeff.’

‘Hey, Amy. What are the tears about?’

‘I cry when I’m happy.’ Well, that’s half the truth anyway. ‘So what do we do now?’

‘I’ll be damned if I know but I guess C will figure it out. What I do know is that I love your hot, wet pussy throbbing on my cock!’

Amy shivered at his words. Ever so slowly, he was moving deeper and deeper into uncharted, virgin territory, one gasping and the other moaning. Amy experienced a mixture of piercing ache and sweet pleasure. She shivered at the thought of being physically filled by the man who had filled her heart all these years.

‘Amy, how are you?’

‘Oh yes, yes!’


‘I’m fulfilling a fantasy…hairs being woven, one to the other.’

‘Well, I can make it easier…only three inches to go!’

She smothered a laugh in his neck.

‘Jeff, don’t move. I’m really close and I don’t want to come yet.’

‘Uh, I hope you’re not going to be disappointed but I have no place else to go!’

‘Oh, Jesus!’


‘Hey, loosen up a little…no, don’t do that! I just thought you were going to pop through my belly button…Jeff, if you really want to fulfill every fantasy I’ve ever had, you could put two fingers in my mouth and your tongue in my ear!’

‘Are you sure that’s a sexual fantasy? Anyway, we shouldn’t go all the way tonight, Amy. I think you’ve got enough to absorb. Speaking of which, can I move now?’

‘Yeah, but real slow.’

They rocked in an easy rhythm that one would have thought came from long experience not

from beginners. His buttocks tightened and eased as he drove in and withdrew, her pelvis pumping to prevent his escape. Amy lost count of her climaxes. It seemed with every thrust he touched her clit and set her off. She knew when he exploded because he bellowed like a wounded bull. But aren’t men supposed to lose their erection when they come?

She whispered breathlessly in his ear. ‘I decided I like a fat cock!’ His first reaction was shock and then he laughed…loud. ‘Shhh…I also like fingers slipping in and out of my bottom in sync with a fat cock.’

‘So…now you’re an authority on fat cocks and fingers in your ass.’ He laughed again.

‘I am now, but also I decided they have to be yours.’

‘Well, maybe next time I’ll reverse the fingers and cock…see if you like that!’

‘Promises, promises…but I doubt that you’ll fit.’ Amy shivered and he laughed. Please tell me he’s laughing because it’s a joke…oh God!

‘Amy, I decided something too.’ He looked very serious and it was an expression she hadn’t seen before. For some reason Amy felt her heart pounding in her throat. ‘Shit!!!…see that clock on the wall. I’m due for a pain pill in twelve minutes.’

‘Oh God!’

‘Amy, I need a sponge bath…fast. No, not with your tongue…only kidding!’ She jumped from the bed. ‘Pull back the drape and open the window. We need fresh air…bad. There are wet wipes in the bathroom…move!’

She found the wipes but thought a hot towel might be better. Cleaning herself first, she ran back into the room carrying the patient tray. ‘Hurry!’ She bathed him from mouth to groin. Was he the one who said…in for a penny…in for a pound. Big talker!

‘Uh, Jeff, what about C? There’s some adhesive in the tray. I could tape him to your…’

He roared with laughter. ‘No time…put my gown on.’

Amy looked around the room. Everything appeared in order. Most of the enticing scent of their lovemaking was gone. She sat in the chair alongside his bed and put her head down on the bed cover.

‘Amy, you think you should put your clothes on?’


Ten minutes later the nurse came in and turned on the night lamp. Amy pretended she was asleep but managed a shady-eye glimpse of the proceedings. She did notice that the nurse was very young and very cute. C nodded his approval.

‘Hi…Jeff?’ He nodded…C nodded again. ‘I’m Jenny, your night nurse. Time for pills. How are you feeling?’

‘Great…never felt better!’

‘Uh, I don’t think we want you feeling that great. I’ll make a note to cut back on the meds.’

‘It’s not the drugs. I had this fantastic dream.’

Jenny looked at Jeff and then stared wide-eyed at the bump in his gown. She grinned. ‘Well, I’ll let you get back to your dream…why didn’t your wife sleep in the recliner?’

‘She just fell asleep there and I didn’t want to wake her…tiring night, you know.’

‘Ah…well, see you later. Have a good night.’


Amy opened her eyes and watched the nurse leave the room. Hmmm…real cute ass. She slapped C before closing her eyes.

‘Totally uninitiated reaction on my part.’

‘Uh huh.’

‘Really…he’s still thinking about you!’

‘Uh huh.’

It was dawn when Amy opened her eyes. Jeff was asleep. She decided coffee would be great right about now. Approaching the nurse’s station, she saw Jenny flipping through some charts.

“Hi, is there a coffee machine in the area?’

‘Oh hi, Mrs. Clarkson. There’s a machine for visitors right there and it brews a fresh cup in fifteen seconds.’

As Amy stood by the machine watching it’s operation, she heard, ‘Amy…Amy, where are you?’

She turned and saw a bank of consoles on the station desk. Her mouth flew open when she heard Jeff’s voice again. Amy walked rapidly down the hall to Jeff’s room.

‘Mrs. Clarkson?…your coffee!’

She was telling Jeff about the voice monitor when Jenny walked into the room, coffee cup in hand. Jeff was laughing.

He looked at Jenny and asked, ‘Was my dream as good for you as it was for me?’

‘I’m really sorry. We normally leave the monitor on when the patient is alone.’

‘Uh huh…and when you realized the patient wasn’t alone, you turned it off?’ He chuckled wickedly.

Jenny looked at Amy…her mirror image…both flustered and blushing. She spilled the coffee on her uniform as she raced from the room, Jeff’s laughter ringing in her ears. On the bright side, her shift ended in ten minutes. She’d never see them again and for sure, nobody was going to mention the incident. Nobody had informed student nurses about nighttime hospital activities. Neither could she have guessed that she’d be leaving the hospital that morning wearing a red face and damp panties!

* * * * * * * * *

‘Hey sleepyhead, it’s after eight o’clock.’

Amy yawned. ‘It’s Sunday, no class today. Go back to sleep.’

‘My lips are awfully dry…probably the drugs.’

Amy reached for the water glass on the bed table. ‘I didn’t say I was thirsty!’ She got up from the chair and ran her tongue across his lips. ‘My tongue is dry too.’ She giggled.

‘Jeff? Amy?’ She recognized the voice; it was Mrs. Clarkson. She also recognized that her skirt was hiked up…her silk panties beautifully displayed…her rounded checks also beautifully displayed. She pushed off the bed and sat down, her face turning redder by the second. Amy saw a big grin on his father’s face.

‘Jeffie, how are you?’

Jeffie!!…Wow, that’s a new one.

‘I’m fine Mom…no big deal.’

‘Your legs in a cast and it’s no big deal?’

‘Just a dumb accident.’ Jeff went on to explain the circumstances.

Amy looked at Jeff’s father. He was staring at her, the same grin on his face. I wonder if it’s the kiss or the panties. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Mr. C, uh…I mean, Mr. Clarkson, I wonder if he is as horny as his son. Nah…yeah…could be!

‘She stayed the night with you?’ That comment brought Amy back into focus. ‘Amy, you must be exhausted.’

‘I’m OK, Mrs. Clarkson, although my bottom is a little sore. This chair is hard as a rock.’ She heard Jeff’s gulp.

His mother went back to talking with Jeff. His father motioned her out to the hallway. She followed him out of the room.

‘Amy, you’re in for it now.’

‘What do you mean?’ She had a vague idea what he meant.

‘Did you hear her call him Jeffie?’ She nodded. ‘Every time a woman looks at her baby, she goes ballistic…and kissing?…oh boy!…is it serious?’

‘Maybe.’ She was blushing. ‘Right now I’m just concentrating on C, Mr. School.’ Oh God!


Amy forced a laugh. ‘I meant on school, Mr. C.!’

‘Well, anyway, Hark girl! Get thee to a nunnery or an armory. Which do you chose?’

‘Definitely the armory!’

‘Good for you. By the way, I’m really pleased; always knew my son had a brain between his ears.’

You should see what he has between… well, at least I know what the big grin was about…don’t I?

About eleven o’clock, the doctor released Jeff. He received a wheel chair to use for a few days with instructions not to put pressure on the foot until Wednesday.

As they left the room, his mother said, ‘Jeffie, Dad and I thought you’d come home with us today. The holiday is only a few days away.’

‘Mom, I’ve got two tests this week. It’s done purposely so nobody takes off early. Besides, I have a chauffeur to motor me around campus.’

As they approached the nurse’s station Amy recognized the nurse. She smiled at her.

‘Well, it wasn’t exactly fun but I hope you enjoyed your stay, Mr. Clarkson,’ the nurse joked.

‘Hey, it was real fine. Thanks.’

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‘Nice meeting you, Mrs. Clarkson.’

Amy and Jeff’s mother responded at the same time, ‘Thank you.’

If looks could kill, Amy was dead! Mr. Clarkson grimaced. Jeff almost choked.

As they moved down the hall, Jeff and Amy fumbled with the explanation, perfectly reasonable, but Amy could tell that his mother was fuming.

God, I’ve known his mother since I was five years old. She probably thinks she should have killed me then, but I was just his buddy, right? Now when she looks at me she just sees walking tits and ass and probably a seducer of her innocent boy.

On the way back to the dorm, Jeff phoned in an order for pizzas and salads to be delivered. During the afternoon, the mood lightened considerably as they talked and joked about college life and what was happening back home.
At five o’clock, Amy saw Jeff’s mother huddled with him talking quietly. His father winked at her and mouthed, ‘last minute instructions’. She heard Jeff tell his mother that they’d take the bus to Point Pleasant and he’d call with a pickup time. Amy thought his mother was going to shake her hand ‘goodbye’ but she relinquished and gave her a little hug. His father almost crushed her in a bear hug.

She watched from the window as they approached their SUV and finally drove off. Amy exhaled loudly for the first time in eight hours. Jeff laughed.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Just watching you and my Mother. Whew!’

‘And I suppose you have no idea what was going on, Jeffie?’

‘I guess a mother gets very protective when her child is hurt.’

‘Are you really that oblivious? Your father was there less than ten minutes before he practically pulled me out of the room and asked me to choose between a nunnery and an armory. He asked me if it was serious and I said ‘maybe’.’

‘Oh shit. I hope they don’t compare notes. My mother asked me the same question and I said absolutely not, that you were just my fuck-buddy!’

Amy stared at him and then cracked up.

‘Damn, woman. You don’t even know when somebody’s pulling your chain!’

‘No, not when I feel like I’m being strangled. She was nothing short of brutal. My God,

we practically grew up in each other’s home.’

‘Yeah, but that was before she caught us with your tongue down my throat. You remember freshman year when I was grounded for a month. She caught me on the back deck with Charlene’s sweater up to her neck with my hands mauling her tits. Guess who got me a reprieve…my father after four hours of conversation. He was talking about typical experimenting teenagers and she was talking about her little boy and me being a god-fearing person. Now come over here and see to my raging hormones while I check out your breastplate…..Oh, man…feels awfully soft to me except your nipples

which are….yummmmmy!’

‘Jeff, stop that. We have to talk.’

‘Talk? C’mon…we have to consummate this affair!’

‘What do you call last night, a rehearsal dinner? Actually you did do a lot of eating.’

‘Hey, never let it be said that Jeff Clarkson doesn’t like hair pie.’

‘Yeah right, and what about after?’


‘You don’t remember what we did after that? You don’t remember fingers and a fat cock? How about the night nurse…the one with…’

‘The real cute ass—et!’

‘Yeah, that one, ass-man!’

* * * * * * * * *

Several hours later, Jeff said, ‘Are you sleeping?’

‘Not really. I’m just trying to figure out how my clothes got scattered all over the floor and I wound up sprawled over your naked body.’

‘I guess we got a little carried away. Are you comfy?’

‘I’m OK except for C trying to penetrate my belly button.’

‘I can fix that…lift up.’

‘Oh, God…Jeff…no…Jeff…Ohhh!’

‘Wow! Are you always so wet and hot?’

‘Only since I was thirteen and looked at you…you can move now.’

‘Move? Hey, I’m comfy, C’s comfy. The alarm is set for six o’clock. Goodnight nurse.’

‘Oh, God!’

* ** * * * * * *

‘Jeff, are you sleeping?’

Yawning, Jeff said, ‘Amy, it’s three o’clock in the morning and all should be well.’

‘Well, it isn’t. We have to talk. How about I remove C so I can concentrate?’

‘Amy, it’s cold out here. He’ll catch a chill! Oh…no!’

‘Jeff, every time you come, which I will admit, isn’t often, I get a chill. You know, even on the pill there’s a one percent chance of pregnancy.’

‘Yeah, I thought about that. I think the manufacturer’s attorney insisted on that, just in case. If they say 100% safe and somebody gets pregnant, they get sued. How ’bout after the 99th time we stop until after your period!’

‘It’s really great to have such a smart boyfriend.’

‘If you became pregnant, would you consider an abortion?’

‘No, and maybe you should consider wearing a condom.’

‘Amy, not so loud…I talked to C about that and he said, ‘What are you crazy, Dude?’

‘Well, maybe you ought to ask him which he prefers, a raincoat or exile from PV?’

‘What’s PV?’

‘Pleasure Valley, Dude!’

‘Amy, maybe we should sleep on it.’

‘Good idea. Jeff, where’s C?’

‘C is to P. He’s got a serious headache.’

‘Yeah, don’t we all.’

When the alarm went off, Amy was snuggled in his arms, her warm breasts pressed against

his chest. They stared at each other, no words being spoken but the meaning very clear. In all their years together they had never spent a moment like this one.

Finally, he said. ‘Amy, I don’t think it’s going to happen but if we got pregnant it wouldn’t change anything. We’d stay in school, I’d get a part time job…my parents would help…’

‘I don’t think it will happen either but I really did like the part about ‘if we got pregnant’. She had tears in her eyes when she said, ‘I love you, Jeffrey.’

‘I love you too, buddy.’

‘How about cutting our eight o’clock?’

‘Sounds good. We’ve got five hours before the next one. I’m sure we can think of something to do.’

‘I’m going to take a shower.’

‘I’m going with you.’

‘You sure that’s a good idea, Jeff?’

‘Oh yeah!’ He placed a plastic hospital bag over his cast and secured it with tape.

After gathering up their shower gear she walked and he hopped toward the common bathroom. Jeff said, ‘You go in first and if the coast is clear I’ll meet you in one of the shower stalls.’

The stalls were actually fairly large shower rooms, more than enough space for a small group. Amy entered one of the stalls and when Jeff realized there weren’t other people in the bathroom he hobbled slowly to the bank of showers that were removed from the other facilities.

‘Open the door.’

‘Get lost you pervert!’

Oh shit. There was a girl in the stall and it wasn’t Amy. He saw another door open and an index finger beckoning him. He scampered to that door, saw Amy and hopped in, making sure the door was locked.

She whispered, ‘Having trouble locating the right stall?’

‘God, Amy, I didn’t realize there was someone else here. I hope she didn’t recognize my voice.’

The shower was turned on and he hung his robe on a hook near Amy’s, placing his soap and shaving gear on a wall rack. He pulled Amy to him and gave her a wet kiss running his tongue over her lips.

‘Uh Jeff, I think we ought to take care of the necessaries before things get carried away.’

‘Good idea. Who does who first?’

‘I’m doing my legs. Let me borrow your shaving cream.’

‘Wait a minute. The deal is I do you and you do me. I shave every day, won’t be a problem.’

‘Are you sure? My legs are a lot softer than your face.’

‘Trust me.’ He squirted lather into his hand and worked his way up her legs finally massaging the cream into her bush.


Before she could say another word, a wide swath of her pubic hair was gone. He looked up at her and saw an expression of utter shock, nothing more than he expected. Jeff continued to remove her muff. He whispered, ‘Don’t move. The next part is kinda touchy.’

‘You know you’re not leaving here alive. When I get to you I’m going to cut your throat! Why did you do that?’

‘You’ll find out soon enough. Actually, when we were in high school I took out this girl…no, never mind.’ He finished the job of shaving her legs, pretty good job even if he said so himself.

‘Hand me the razor and shaving cream. My turn.’ She started to stroke his shaft. I’m taking the hair off your johnson. No need for alarm…I’ll leave the pubic hair. I need that.’

‘Hey, be careful with that razor. Our whole future is at stake!’

When the shaving exercise was completed, she handed him her shampoo and said, ‘Just a wash, no shave. Got it?’ She chuckled.

He lathered her, pulling back on her hair that caused her breasts to raise…nipples staring right at him. His cock bolted as if from a starting gate and poked between her plump ass cheeks.

‘You know that girl was right about you being a pervert. How can you get a hard-on just shampooing my hair?’

He couldn’t respond, his eyes staring back at her nipples. When they got to the body washing part, they totally lost it, rubbing against each other, cleaning cracks and crevices, quietly moaning and groaning. Amy vigorously stroked his soap-covered, now baby smooth meat until he shot his load all over her stomach.

With a bashful expression on her face, she whispered, ‘Jeff, your stuff is all over my nice, clean nipples. How are we going to get it off?’

He looked down to discover his jism coating her belly, caught on to the hint immediately and with both hands spread his cream over her breasts paying special attention to a pair of inviting nipples. When his lips began sucking, Amy’s knees buckled and she screamed her release into his shoulder.

Finally came the tricky part, leaving the bathroom without causing a stir. There were now at least a dozen people in the place. They decided that Amy would leave the enclosure first and he would follow a few minutes later. It really is true that people are not that observant. Nobody noticed a thing!

Jeff got back to his room and immediately inspected his joint looking for cuts or nicks…no problemo. Amy walked in and said, ‘You really ought to lock the door if you’re going to play with yourself.’

“OK, wise ass. Let me see you.’ She let her robe drop to the floor. ‘Oh my God. You look fantastic! I wonder who decided to put pubic hair on women…big, big, mistake.

‘Are you sure you don’t fantasize about little girls? Actually the look turns me on too!’ She handed him her apricot lotion. ‘You do me and I’ll do you.’

‘You’re kidding. You’re going to coat me with a girly fragrance?’

‘Not to worry, Jeff. I’m only doing the shaved part. It won’t be there by the time we leave for class! How ’bout we start with the two number game? On your back, stud!’

‘Man, I really like an assertive tart who speaks her mind.’

Once in position, Amy straddled his chest coating C with the lotion. Wow, he looks good enough to eat. What do you think of the new look, C? Jeff’s cock was weaving and bobbing awaiting her next move. C must think he’s a cobra attempting to mesmerize me with his lone eye. She giggled.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘I’ll tell you later.’

‘If you’re finished with the lotion, pass it to me.’

‘OK, but don’t touch me. I have to concentrate on this chore.’

Amy’s tongue darted out attempting to cover that eye. She wasn’t successful and surrounded his swollen purple glans with her lips lashing the cock head with her tongue. The battle was on and she was determined to be the conqueror. Taking his ball sac in one hand and encircling the root of his shaft with the other, she pushed his cock towards his body.

Amy ran her tongue down his turgid penis and on to his scrotum sucking one testicle and then both into her mouth. It was strange but exciting to feel his balls moving in their sac and the sound coming from deep in his throat lifted her to a new level of desire to please him. When she sensed that he might be close to exploding, she released him and her tongue traveled along the underside of his prick back to the head.

She inched down his staff, her tongue pressing him to the roof of her mouth, feeling the wet smooth surface, and relaxing her throat until her lips surrounded his root. The tension in his body was unmistakable. On and on Amy’s mouth captured him and withdrew until he screamed ‘Stop! I want to come in you.’ His breathing was labored; he was almost unable to get the words out. Seconds later, he laughed and said, ‘I’d like to make an appointment for my next shave. The sensation was fucking fantastic. Now move around.’

She giggled, ‘Sorry, you have to warm me up first.’

‘Oh yeah. I forgot it takes thirty minutes to turn you on.’

‘Don’t be fresh. I’ll turn you out in the cold.’

Jeff started to apply the apricot lotion to her labia and squeezed a large glob between her cheeks. He followed this with his thumb slowly working his way into her bottom. Amy moaned loudly at this latest invasion. ‘In case you’re wondering, that’s to allow me to move you from one place to another.’

‘That’s still very rude, you…you’

‘Is the word, lecher? And be quiet, you know you love it!’

She never uttered a word as his mouth sucked her lips, his teeth biting her lightly and his tongue licking everything available. His thumb worked wonders lifting her for his next assault. Amy moaned and shivered as his tongue lightly skimmed her clit. He brought his head back to focus on her hair-free mons. Her lips were engorged with arousal, juices slowly trickling down her thighs. A natural scent mixed with the lotion was intoxicating. He was amazed at the size of her clitoris. No wonder she comes so easily and now no hair to protect her!

Jeff ran his tongue through her lips plunging it as far as it would go into her pussy. He heard her gasp and then whimper as his tongue kept lashing her soft tissue. Then he was out and sucking her button into his mouth, his tongue flicking her. That was it! Her climax soared through her body and she buried her mouth against his thigh. He felt her muscle contractions and release in the thumb embedded in her ass. He wanted to feel it on his cock.

When her trembling stopped, he said, ‘Amy, we’ve got a problem to work on.’


‘We’ve got to find a place for us away from the crowd. I want to find a place where you can roar and scream and let everything loose and me too.’

‘Sounds great! How about the cabin? You’ve got to get up there before the freeze.’

‘You’re brilliant!’

‘I know. But you also know that was part of my dream.’

‘Right. How are we doing time wise today?’

She looked at the clock. ‘We are OK, stud!’

‘Here, hold this towel. You are going to love the next round. I’ve been working on angles.’

‘Angles? Seems to me there’s not much angle in either of us.’

‘Come up here. You’ll see.’ He leaned against the wall at the head of the bed, his butt on a pillow. ‘Straddle my hips. Ok…when you feel you’re close, lean back to avoid contact with me. That’s what I meant by ‘angles’.’

‘That’s your great idea? Haven’t you figured out yet that I don’t need direct contact to come! I think ratios are a much better game…my five big O’s to your one. Now shut up and kiss me, just lightly at first……..ONE!’ She laughed hysterically. Jeff figured the only way to shut her up was to take her breath away.

His lips touched as instructed, lightly at first, his tongue darting over her lips, finally trying to push into her, but her mouth remained tightly closed. He persisted, hearing her giggle, and then she surrendered. In seconds, they engaged in battle, each trying to best the other.

Settling his palms on her breasts, he felt the almost immediate reaction of her buds to the light contact. As Amy attempted to increase the pressure by closing on him, the hands were gone, skimming down her ribs to her belly, kneading the soft flesh, and reaching for her bottom, a chubby cheek in each hand. Grazing lightly over every part of her body that he could touch, Jeff could clearly sense her arousal…a slight shiver, a soft moan, a quivering gasp for breath.

She leaned back giving him a view of her bloated discs and swollen, fat nipples. His hands clasped her small globes, fingers encircling her nipples, squeezing and releasing. He looked at his woman, lost in a sexual frenzy and realized this was the place to be. Jeff’s lips pounced on a nipple and he devoured it, biting and licking, sucking as much of her tit as he could into his mouth. Amy was frantically chewing on the hand towel.

‘Take me inside you.’

Eyes practically closed, her trembling hand found his staff and she rubbed the crown up and down her lips, avoiding the danger zone. In fractions of inches, she lowered herself on to him, her thighs quivering. Jeff was enthralled by the vision of his cock slowly following a very wet path into her cunt. His deep guttural moans matched hers step by step.

When she realized the journey was over, she lifted herself slightly and returned. Each time she extended the lift and return, she felt him burn every soft inner part of her, juices masking the sting, leaving only sensuous pleasure.

His fingers stroked her puffy outer lips surrounding his prick that was buried deep in her. Amy leaned back again, her hands tearing at the blankets. One of Jeff’s fingers reached up to lightly pet her blood-engorged clitoris. Her eyes were wide open staring at him, lust written all over her face, her chest flushed, her body shaking.

She screamed her release into the towel, her vaginal muscles convulsing on his meat. It’s third and one on the sixteen as the Mountaineers drive toward the goal…no, not the goal…no…no. He splattered her womb with his cum…throbbing, his penis feeling larger than it had ever been.

She moaned, ‘Jeff, I never…’

‘I know, baby, I know…me too.’

She struggled to get the words out. ‘You cheated…the ratio is five to one!’

‘I’m not finished yet.’ He used the cushioning of the pillow to buck his pelvis up and down, his shaft continuing to piston into her. Some time later, he noticed she was sleeping, her face tucked into his shoulder. I wonder if she realizes I beat the ratio. Their interesting hooked-up ‘dilemma’ brought a big smile to his face.

Hey C, you comfy? Uh huh…I know you like it wet and hot…tight too, huh? I got a problem. Can you think of a way for me to get one of those tantalizing tits into my mouth? Uh huh…I should just count my blessings.


Note: We are finally going to get together at Thanksgiving dinner with the families including Amy’s hormone-driven younger sister and another surprise guest!

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