Buddies Forever

A young woman sat on the bank of a stream, almost tented by a weeping willow tree, her breasts pressed to her knees, arms around her legs. She wore an over-sized, white tee shirt, baggy khaki shorts and sneakers. She had long, very full, light brown hair streaked blonde by the sun and always pulled into a ponytail, large blue eyes, a cute button nose and very kissable lips that looked bee-stung.

If you asked people to describe Amy, they would comment on every beautiful thing above her neck because that’s generally all they saw, other than her five foot, six inch height.

What they didn’t see was a fantastic body; small waist, apple-sized breasts with thick nipples, a bottom ‘that could stop traffic’…nicely rounded, a little plump with a deep cleft that separated her cheeks and endless, shapely legs.

There was one problem. As she sat there that afternoon by the river, Amy was very depressed, tears spilling down her face, watching them as they hit her legs. She didn’t even try to stop her crying, just let it all out.

In a few days, life would change. She was headed off to WVU, the recipient of a scholarship and acceptance into the Honors Program and Jeff was going too, having accomplished the same thing. They had finished one/two in their graduating class. Just one difference…Jeff was ecstatic and Amy was depressed. He called her every night gushing with enthusiasm. He would ask her what was bothering her and she just replied, ‘nothing’.

Jeff and Amy were buddies; hard, fast and true buddies ever since fourth grade. They were part of the same gang…five boys and Amy. Actually, she became a full-fledged member freshman year in high school.

Amy thought about the day it happened and her subsequent status change. Walking down the hall on her way to English class, she felt hands grab her buttocks and she screamed. Jeff was walking a few steps behind and he grabbed the guy and threw him against the hall lockers. A crowd quickly gathered. Jeff yelled at him, ‘Ya wanna’ a thrill, put your hands on your little johnson and keep ‘em there, ya little shit!’

After school that day, Jeff asked her to join them at the luncheonette, their “clubhouse”. It was cokes and fries smothered in cheese, all around. Two days later, she arrived at school in painter’s pants, shirt and work boots…the official uniform. She was ‘in’ and everybody knew it, including her mother who commented to Amy’s father, ‘Well, it could be worse…a tongue stud, belly button piercing. It’s easy to change clothes’. The uniform rarely changed. As she developed more womanly curves, the clothes just got baggier.
In ninth grade, it was “bullshit this and bullshit that’. In tenth grade, the words grew bolder; it was “fuck this and fuck that’. She gave as good as she got. Big Bear, sweet as could be, but really ‘dumb as wood’, would yell at her, ‘How they hangin’, Amy’ and she would grab her crotch, push her pelvis forward and yell back, ‘OK, man’. Jeff would just smile and shake his head.

Amy remembered a time at the clubhouse when Bear reached across her, grazing a breast and whispered to Jeff, ‘She’s got tits’. Jeff had a startled look on his face and replied, ‘You’re kidding!’. It was several seconds after everybody started laughing that Big Bear caught up. But God, Amy thought, he was so lovable. He was also capable of tearing apart anybody that looked at Amy in the wrong way!

By eleventh grade, Jeff was a man-child, over six feet tall, broad chest and shoulders, muscular, dark blonde wavy hair falling in his eyes…and girls following him! On Friday nights, after the basketball game, Amy would see him walking off with a girl, heading into the woods behind the school. For Amy, it was walking home alone, stripping off her clothes, lying in bed, one hand cupping a breast, the other working between her silky thighs and always thinking of what they were doing, until sleep came and with it, tortured dreams.

Her problem? It would only get worse. They’ll be a horde of freshman girls and maybe, even sophomores and juniors vying for his attention. Oh, Shit! She also thought their playful banter would end, each one trying to best the other.

* * * * * * * * * * *

At the end of August, they were off to college at Morgantown. The first week was freshman orientation at the downtown campus. They felt like “kings of the hill”, a horde of freshmen, upperclassmen serving as guides and there were also college advisors. Jeff told Amy that it felt like summer camp, organized activities during the day and roaring parties through the night.

Most first year Honors Program students were assigned housing at Dadisman Hall, a four-story brick fortress with community bathrooms, lounge, study rooms and recreation areas. They were amazed when Jeff was placed in Room 259 and Amy in 255. They grew up as next-door neighbors and now were living two rooms apart. Somebody in Housing must have really screwed up.

“Hey, Amy, this 9 x 16 looks like a bowling alley! If I can get my neighbor to switch rooms with you, we could bust through the wall and have a really great fucking room.”

“Uh, Jeff, on that subject, don’t you think you’d like some privacy?”

“The only girl coming in this room is you.”

Coming, yeah, for studying! “Well, there are other things that require privacy, ya know, like scratching, squeezing, stroking, etc..”

“I thought about that. We put our beds on opposite sides of the room and turn the lights out.”

“Jeff, now I know for sure why you’re in the Honors Program. That’s brilliant! Why don’t you talk to the RA about switching my room?”

The “party” ended on Sunday night. Over the next few weeks, they made new friends, always in groups, but Amy started to feel like a tag-along. Jeff was like attracting bees to honey. Amy was attracting four-eyed nerds only interested in her brains, although one guy confessed to her that he had a foot fetish. Now we’re getting somewhere…Oh, fuck!

They did spend many hours studying together, either in her room or his. They were relaxed, really comfortable with each other, no homesickness.

In November, Amy attended a meeting held to introduce freshman to upperclassmen and professors in the English department and it was there that she met Lynn. She was a senior; she was also very beautiful.

Lynn was about Amy’s height, had large breasts that fought with her sweater and fantastic looking legs coming out of a short skirt. Her hair was shoulder length, ash blonde, but it was her eyes and mouth that kept Amy from looking away.

They sat together and Lynn kept up a whispered dialogue explaining whom everyone was, which profs to take and which to avoid. She also pointed out the department flirt who tried to get into every girl’s pants. Amy had her hand over her mouth to cover giggles and laughter.

She spotted Jeff sitting several rows away and he winked at her and she winked back. Lynn asked Amy if he was her boyfriend and Amy told her about their “buddy” relationship. Lynn thought she said ‘budding’ and Amy laughed so loudly that heads turned to them.

As they left the building, Lynn asked Amy up to her apartment for a drink. She had several books that she thought might interest her. Amy agreed to join her.

Lynn’s apartment was very nicely furnished; she obviously came from money. There was a large leather sofa in a soft green color with printed fabric pillows covering most of it, two upholstered side chairs surrounding a wood and iron table and all sorts of plants placed below three large windows. A computer workstation and desk sat in a corner.

She took two beers from the fridge, put them on the table and walked to her desk where she picked up several books. Amy couldn’t take her eyes off Lynn.

They started drinking and Lynn opened one of the books. It was leather bound and the subject was 19th Century erotica. She thumbed through it, stopping at beautifully engraved prints. Amy was blushing and she wondered if Lynn noticed. She had seen erotic pictures before but nothing that compared to these. They depicted bestiality, exaggerated sex organs, and men or women copulating with animals.

Lynn placed her hand on Amy’s shoulder and leaned forward to pick up another book. When she moved back, she pressed her lips lightly to Amy’s mouth. Amy experienced a mixture of arousal and shock. She was starring at Lynn but the woman’s eyes were closed and she deepened the kiss, her tongue gliding over Amy’s lips.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night, Amy. Does it feel good?”

Amy just continued to stare at her. Lynn kissed her again, this time her tongue finding Amy’s and they danced together. Arousal replaced shock. Amy kept thinking about this moment, nothing else.

The kiss broke and Lynn hugged Amy to her. Amy didn’t want answers now. Lynn’s fingers were unbuttoning Amy’s blouse and then she felt the woman’s hands on her naked breasts. “You don’t even need a bra, do you?” Her nipples moved in Lynn’s palms. She felt confused, drifting between shame and excitement.

“Amy, let’s move to the other room. It’s more comfortable.”

Amy couldn’t speak. She wasn’t sure she could stand. Lynn took her hands and lifted her from the sofa. She was light-headed, feeling as if she had to pump to the surface after a deep dive to suck air.

They sat on the side of the bed and Lynn removed Amy’s blouse.

The bedroom was very ordinary: a large bed, a night table, a dresser and an armoire, the exception being the walls. They were covered with erotic and pornographic pictures, not prints, from floor to ceiling. Amy recognized a few of the women. They were students! It was chilling and exciting at the same time.

When she refocused on Lynn, she was removing the last of Amy’s clothing…her panties.

As Lynn pulled Amy off the bed, she tugged off her sweater and asked Amy to help with her bra. Amy couldn’t stop her hands from shaking but she finally got it unhooked. Lynn took Amy’s hands and brought them to her chest, each hand encircling a large breast. Amy’s swollen nipples pressed into Lynn’s back. Lynn’s skirt dropped to the floor. Amy couldn’t stop shaking.

“Amy, if I ran my fingers through your lips and touched your little clit, you’d come all over them, wouldn’t you?”
The younger woman couldn’t find words and even if she had, she wouldn’t have answered.

They lay back on the bed and Lynn caressed her, all over her body and encouraged Amy to follow her lead. Lynn suckled at Amy’s breasts, pinched her nipples between her lips and kissed her way down to her thighs. She pushed Amy’s legs up until her knees almost touched her chest.

“Oh, God, your little clit isn’t so little, is it Amy?”

Amy was on fire…shaking, tingling, losing her mind. Lynn kissed her lips, drove her tongue deep into Amy’s pussy and then ran it across her clit, sucking and teasing, following the path from cunt to button, again and again. Amy was sobbing and she screamed as wild tremors signaled the start of her ‘little death’.

As she recovered, she realized that Lynn’s arms were around her, holding her tightly.

She whispered, “It’s getting late. I’ll drive you back to the dorm.”

On the way, Lynn told Amy about a meeting of the BiGLM, the Lesbian Mountaineers, to be held tomorrow afternoon at the LAIR. She told Amy she would love her friends. Amy was far from being naïve, but the word ‘lesbian’ rattled her.

They kissed goodnight and Amy walked into her dorm, totally ignoring people she passed, even those who spoke to her. She finally reached her room, tore off her clothes, collapsed on the bed and cried.

When she opened her eyes, it was morning. Amy skipped her 8:00 AM class, just sat at her desk, starring out the window, searching for answers to too many questions. Then it dawned on her; there weren’t any questions. Her tears last night were about Jeff. It should have been him in bed with her.

At 4:00 PM, Amy walked into the Rec building. There were at least forty women working their way into the meeting room. Amy thought several of them fit the description of “butch”, but most looked like any other woman on campus, their sexuality known only to themselves and their friends.

Lynn was talking with another girl but when she saw Amy, she excused herself and approached her with that infectious smile on her face. She put her arm around Amy.

“We have to talk, Lynn.”

“Before or after the meeting?”

“Uh huh. I think I know what you’re going to say.”

“Last night you asked me if I was in a relationship and I said no, but I am involved with that guy you saw at the department meeting last night…only one problem, he doesn’t know it…yet.”

Jeff was walking toward them. Lynn’s arm was still around Amy’s shoulder and she was hugging her. In all the years she’d known Jeff, she could read every expression on his face, in his eyes, but this one stopped her cold! Amy felt a chill down her spine. He just walked by without a wink, a nod or a word.

“Amy, you’d better stake your claim and fast, girl, because even though he may not be my type, I know a hunk when I see one and believe me, there a few hundred girls on this campus who are making plans right now. I have a suggestion, though. You oughta’ dump those clothes. A girl has to show some assets and you got some beautiful ones!”

Amy hugged Lynn to her and whispered, “Thanks, Lynn….for everything.” She blushed.

“Hey, if it doesn’t work out, you know where to find me.” They both laughed.

Over the next two days, she didn’t see Jeff. Even in the classes they shared, he arrived at the last minute and was the first out the door. She didn’t see him at meals, in the dorm or around the campus. She knew he was avoiding her.

Returning to the dorm one evening, she skimmed through her e-mails, finding only one of interest. It read, ‘Study tonight, my room, 8:30?’. Her heart skipped a beat.

She knocked on the door and walked into his room. Jeff was sitting at his desk in sweats, bare-chested. She was wearing a terrycloth robe and slippers, standard evening dorm wear. He waved her over, got out of his chair and opened the belt of her robe, his hands pushing the garment to the floor. Amy stood there in a shortie nightgown, her face flushed.

Jeff grabbed her wrist as he sat and pulled her face down across his lap.


He sat there starring at her bottom and then whacked her with his hand.

“What are you doing?” She laughed.

He continued with the spanking, the strokes becoming harder and harder.

“You’re hurting me, Jeff.” She fought back her tears.
He hit her until his hand ached. Amy pushed herself off his lap and fell to the floor. Her ass was really sore. She quickly put her robe on and picked up her books and papers.

“I don’t want you seeing that girl anymore, Amy.”


“You heard me.”

“Well, I don’t want you seeing your girls, either.” Shit…that was clever.


“You…you asshole…you fucking asshole!” She stormed out of his room.

Jeff’s neighbor stood at the door of his room, a big grin on his face.

“Matt, while you’re getting your mind out of the gutter, why don’t you sit on this and fuck yourself!” The ‘bird’ was right in his face. The grin disappeared, replaced by shock.

Amy slammed the door to her room, leaning back against the door, tears running down her face and not from the pain. She had never talked to Jeff like that, other than in a joking way and he had never swatted her like that. Things were going downhill and fast.

The next day she sensed he was trying to make contact, but she detoured at his every approach.

Jeff decided a little space at this point was a good idea. Time heals everything…even a sore ass!

Two days later, they talked, but no play talk.

A week later, they were studying together, she in clothes, no robe and nightie and still, no banter, but the thaw was settling in.

Just before Thanksgiving break, one night in his room, he said, “Amy, I gotta’ go down to my folk’s cabin to do some work before winter freeze. You want to come with me? I asked Ron, the RA, if I could borrow his car and he said ‘sure’.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Her mental state over their recent problem wouldn’t allow her thoughts to go where she wanted them to go. Tears in her eyes, she blurted out, “Jeff, I feel like I’ve lost my buddy, have I?”
He looked startled. “Hey, where did that come from? Don’t you remember in sixth grade when we cut our fingers, mixed blood and said ‘Forever’? Nothing will change that, Amy!”

She rushed to him and hugged him, her tears falling on his chest.

“Amy, do I need a towel?”

Sobbing, she answered, “No, when I finish I’ll lick them off.”

“Uh…Amy, would you take your shirt off so I can cry on your chest?”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On Friday afternoon they piled their things, book bags and coolers, into Ron’s car and began their two-hour trip to the cabin. As the crow flies, it was only eighty miles but it was a two-lane road, the last part of which traversed some of the most beautiful land in the country. This had to be the place described as West ‘By God’ Virginia. The cabin was east of Mill Creek bordering the Monongahela National Forest.

It was a little chillier than normal for this time of year. The sun was very hazy, under cloud cover, and the possibility of rain grew as they traveled further south. Amy moved closer to Jeff, looked up and smiled at him and he smiled back. Suddenly he took her hand.

“Amy, I have a question for you but I don’t know how to ask it….Do you want some heat in the car?”

She laughed. “That’s your question? and no, I’m not cold.”

“Uh, no, that wasn’t my question.” She looked at him and saw that he was nervous, maybe embarrassed, and she squeezed his hand. “What I wanted to ask is why you dress the way you do? Other than that night in my room, I’d never seen your body. As long as I’ve known you, you’ve worn oversized boy’s clothes. I thought you were ashamed of your body. If I’m out of line, tell me.”

“No, Jeff, you’re not…when I left for school, my Mom gave me some money for new clothes, but I felt guilty about spending it. The last couple of years have been tough on Dad and my scholarship doesn’t cover everything. All the years before that….you’ll think I’m a real nutcase….I’ve never been a true tomboy. I guess about the time the hormones kicked in, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Call it a crush or whatever. I just had to be with you, so I became one of the gang.

As we grew older and you started dating I realized how stupid I’d been, but I didn’t have the guts to tell you and I thought you’d just laugh at me. We were buddies, right?”
“Amy, you don’t know how many times I came close to asking you out but I thought you’d just slap me on the back and laugh at me. Time to stop playing games, huh?”

“No, we just have to think up new ones.” Amy was hoping they’d crack more ice than books this weekend.

“There’s something else I have to tell you…about that night in my room. I’m really sorry about the way I acted. When I saw you with that girl in the hallway at the Lair and she was hugging you, I was really mad and the feeling just kept dragging on. After you stormed out of my room calling me a ‘fucking a-hole’, it hit me that I wasn’t angry…I was jealous. Do you remember that kid in high school who grabbed you? Well, I felt the same way about this girl. I just didn’t like anybody touching you.”

“Jeff, when you saw me outside the meeting room I was ending something that started the night before. I guess my lesbian friend saw something that turned her on and I liked someone paying attention to me.”

“She’s a lesbian?”

“Duh! Didn’t you see the sign on the meeting room door?”

He laughed. “Yeah, I did. I also knew what she was and you weren’t, but I was still jealous.”

“Uh, are you sure you’re reading all the signs correctly?”
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Time out. I have to take a piss.” He pulled off the road.

“Sir, could you direct me to the ladies room?”

“Sure, hang a left at the second tree.”

An hour later they were winding their way up the road that led to the cabin. They decided to make two trips with their gear because the cabin was fifty yards up from the road. Amy grabbed the book bags and Jeff took the cooler.

Halfway up to the house, it started to rain. The trees provided some cover until it started to pour and they were soaked to the skin before they go to the porch. Of course, without the load and their laughter, they would have gotten there in half the time. Jeff located the key that was concealed under a rock and they walked into the cabin splashing water over the floor.
Amy ran to the bathroom to dry off and change clothes. She was drying her hair when Jeff opened the door a crack and threw in his sweatshirt. It fit her to mid-thigh. There was a fire started in the Swedish wood stove when she came back into the main room.

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The room was very large and served as a kitchen, dining and living area. The cabin had a generator that was rarely turned on for electric power and propane gas for cooking and washing. The living area had a sofa bed, and several large chairs covered in an Adirondack print. There was a woodbin and a pile of newspapers near the stove. The country kitchen had an oak table and ladder-back chairs and a large mule deer antler chandelier. Amy’s parents had given it to the family when they used the cabin, years before.

There were three bedrooms off to the side and back of the house, one master suite with bath, one smaller bedroom with twin beds and a dormitory-like room with bunk beds that could sleep ten. All the bedrooms had cotton woven rugs on the floor, courtesy of Jeff’s mom. The cabin had a warm, lived-in feeling.

They decided to wait for the rain to end before unloading the rest of the stuff from the car. Fortunately, the cooler they brought up had supper fixings in it and they ate by candlelight.

After dinner cleanup, Jeff moved over to the sofa in the living area and wiggled his index figure beckoning her to join him. Amy saw the expression on his face and started blushing; it was a look that she had never seen before. As she walked to him, he noticed a shy smile on her face. Standing right in front of his knees, Amy starred at him waiting for his move. She would have preferred going to the bedroom, that is, if she were correctly reading his signals; she prayed that she was. After waiting years for his awareness of her, other than as a buddy, this was the right time and the right place, a cabin in the woods removed from everybody and everything. If he continued sitting there just starring at her, she was ready to jump his bones. This is it Jeff, ready or not.

Taking her hand, he moved her to his side and brought her face down onto his lap.

“Oh, no. What did I do now?”

“Nothing, Amy, nothing.”

She felt her sweatshirt moving up her back and then his hand moving over her panty-clad bottom. Oh man, this guy is a real romantic. His idea of foreplay is a lot different than mine. Where are the kisses, the hugs, whatever else is supposed to happen? Well, whatever else, he is turning me on!

Jeff sat there, his mouth open, his eyes fastened on the most gorgeous ass he had ever seen, the hills and valleys and crevices. Ever since that night in the dorm when he spanked her, he knew it, sensed it. It had occupied his every waking minute, his dreams,
his masturbating to that vision in his head. His cock was awakening, trying to get a glimpse, too.

She felt his fingers inching under the waistband of her panties and they were being pushed down to her thighs.

Jeff reached under the sofa and picked up the bottle of baby oil he had placed there earlier. He poured it in his hands, warming the liquid and then brought both hands back to her globes. Amy moaned as he began to lightly massage her, squeeze her, moving a finger between her cheeks, up and down the valley, lingering at her asshole.

Several minutes later she was hoping he’d never stop and he must have heard her because he continued on. When his touch was too light, she lifted up to encourage him. She couldn’t stay still. Her nipples were aroused, being worried by the fleece inside her shirt. “Amy, lift up for a minute.”

Jeff’s hands were under her and he was squirming on the sofa. She realized what was happening when she saw his sweats hanging at his ankles. A thick, hot shaft pressed between her thighs and nuzzled up against her wet folds. He pulled her thighs apart and pushed his penis farther between her lips, feeling her heat, her wetness.

She moaned. “What a big nose you have Grandmother!”

“That’s not my nose, little girl.”

“What is it?” She moved up and down, clenching her thighs, feeling him sliding along her creases.

“That’s to fuck you with, little girl!”

She managed to breathe out, “Oh, you really are a nasty wolf, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah.”

She moaned as an orgasm pounded through her, leaving her shaking.

Jeff continued to slowly move his hands over her bottom, pushing up between her thighs. It was very wet and very hot, too hot! “Oh shit”, he groaned. His palm reached over his cock just in time as he erupted violently splattering his cum back onto Amy’s ass. His head fell back to the sofa as he rubbed his semen into her buns. She giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” She thought about the section in her Psych book describing the alpha male marking his territory. Amy coughed hard to suppress her laughing.
“Are you OK, Amy?”

“Oh yeah and feeling like mellow.”

“Come up here”, he whispered.

She moved off his lap and he sat her down with her back pressed against his chest and her legs straddling his thighs. “What are you doing?”

Jeff snickered and said, “This is called foreplay, little girl.” They both laughed. He took her hands and locked them behind his neck.

She turned her head to him and shivered at the look of lust in his eyes. This wasn’t the boy she grew up with; this was a man intent on devouring her. The thought made her shiver.

“I’ve got a condom buried here somewhere in the sofa. I better find it fast.”

“You don’t need it, Jeff. I’m on the pill.”

“What! Since when?”

“When I got to school I decided it was time to find a really horny guy with an ass fetish!”

He chuckled, “And, that was impossible because you camouflage your body, right?”

“Well, I found one, didn’t I?”

“You think I have an ass fetish, Amy? Well you’re wrong. I like everything about you, your juicy cunt and your tasty tits which I haven’t seen yet…”


“Sorry, your wet vulva and your beautiful breasts which I haven’t seen yet.”

“Ouuuu, I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

The laugh was cut short as he brushed his tongue across her lips and lightly kissed her. Every part of her body was tingling…. a tiny orgasm? Nah, you don’t orgasm from a kiss, do you? Their first kiss! She moved her arms to hold him and he brought them back and locked them again.

The next kiss was deeper and longer. Her tongue came out. He sucked it between his lips and then plunged his tongue into her mouth, touching, probing, sucking. They were both panting.
Fingers slowly grazed down her arms to her chest, surrounding her breasts but not touching her nipples. Amy turned for his fingers but they had shifted to her gently rounded belly, kneading, pushing and finally pressing on her mons.

Jeff fought the urge to touch her pussy, to plunge his fingers in and finally, forced them down her inner thighs and up and down again.

Amy was whimpering constantly now, her body pressing against him. His fingers fought his cock to gather her juices that he rubbed into her tummy, gathering more and reaching under her sweatshirt and smothering the wetness into her nipples. Amy couldn’t focus. She couldn’t breath. Jeff was covering her body with her cream, even pushing his fingers into her mouth.

“Jeff”, she moaned.


“Can we move somewhere a little more comfortable? I feel like I’m lying on a steel bed.”

“Aw shit, Amy…foreplay interruptus!”


“OK…OK, maybe I’ll finally get to look at you in the raw!”


Finally, he took her hand and they walked to the bedroom, stopping every two feet for a hug, a kiss, a squeeze of her bottom.

“Brrrrrr, it’s cold in here. I better put some more wood in the stove. Wait for me?”

“Uh huh.” Hmm, nice buns! Amy thought about removing her sweatshirt but decided against it and sat on the bed. She heard him yell from the other room ‘Here come da judge…Here come da judge…all rise!’ She jumped off the bed and stood at attention.

He marched into the room carrying a lantern that was glowing more brightly by the second. Amy raced across the room and hugged him. His hands found the bottom of her sweatshirt and he raised it slowly up her body. She felt his fingers skim across each rib. Jeff gasped, seeing the flush of arousal on her chest, bloated discs and swollen, fat nipples begging for his touch, and he obliged, running his hands over her breasts. He heard her groan, deep in her throat.

“Hey, buddy, you got beautiful jugs!”


“Sorry, that was the first thing that popped into my mind. But you do have beautiful tits!”

“They’re too small.”

“Amy, are you kidding? I’ve got two handfuls and they feel just right to me…more than right…perfect!”

He continued to raise her shirt and Amy lifted her arms. He stopped when he had his hands on Amy’s wrists. She opened her eyes. Jeff’s attention was locked on her breasts, nipples pointing straight up at him. His intensity made her shiver and she shut her eyes. The sweatshirt fell to the floor but he still held her wrists. Amy felt his tongue touch a nipple and she moaned. Her knees were buckling and she wrested her hands free and grabbed his shoulders to keep from falling.

Amy starred at his penis, her mouth wide open. As it throbbed, it hit his body.

“Jeff, it looks like the judge has risen also. Can I sit in the bench?”

“Well, it not exactly court policy, but I suppose the bench can be accommodating.”

He moved her arms around his neck, put his hands under her chubby cheeks, and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his body. His meat was wedged up tight between her thighs and Amy gasped as she felt his heat. He kissed her and they stayed locked together, slight humping movements beginning from both of them.

“Uh, I think we should move to the bed before I start painting the walls!”

They faced each other. He circled her lips with his tongue and pushed it into her mouth. Amy purred as she touched his tongue, darted away and touched again. Fingers twisted softly through her hair. She pressed closer to him, felt his penis against her stomach and shivered.

Jeff kissed her below the ear and licked down her neck, his tongue touching her and withdrawing and touching again. He felt her rapid pulse on his lips. His hands brushed the sides of her breasts and advanced slowly up the valley between them, surrounded them with his fingers, never touching her nipples.

Fingers were tracing circles down her body. She rolled to her back. Jeff straddled her hips. Leaning forward, he raised her arms over her head.

He whispered, “Close your eyes, Amy.”
She couldn’t speak. And the touch was gone. His body didn’t touch any part of her. She felt arousal and fear. Fear…what should I fear? I’m with Jeff.

Jeff kissed a nipple. Amy felt a charge race through her body, from the nipple to her clitoris. Lips touched her slightly rounded tummy and the tuft of hair on her mons and he was gone again.

He put his hands on her thighs and parted them. The familiar scent of her apricot scrub mixed with the smell of her arousal overwhelmed him. He dropped his head on her inner thigh but it was not close enough and Amy lifted her hips for his touch. Jeff pushed her down and heard her soft whimper.

Light kisses, a wet tongue and little bites followed a path up one thigh and down the other. He felt her slight movement as if each touch burned her skin. He was gone again. Amy’s nipples were swollen and he suckled at them, as a baby would feed from its mother. Taking one lightly between his teeth, he pulled back increasing the pressure until she groaned, not a sound of pain, but of desire.

Jeff folded a pillow and slipped it under her bottom. The message was clear…her eyes opened! He was kneeling between her legs and raised them back toward her chest. She felt movement between her lips and saw a very red, enflamed knob rise above her folds and disappear.

Jeff bucked his pelvis and his cock moved up and down her lips, sometimes touching her engorged nubbin. He looked up. Her mouth was open. He saw the intensity of her stare. There was a flush on her face and chest, a light sheen of sweat on her breasts. She looked beautiful…glowing in her arousal.

The head of his penis found her opening and entered. His cock was thicker below the crown and she moaned.

“Am I hurting you, Amy?”

“No…no”, she gasped.

Jeff penetrated her as she watched. Despite Amy’s desire, her virgin tissue fought his overpowering girth and unwillingly yielded ground to its conqueror, inch by inch. He couldn’t go any farther and withdrew as slowly as he had entered. His staff looked shiny, covered with her juices.

“Come down here, Jeff. I want to hold you.”

Jeff pressed forward and felt her stretched around his root. He withdrew slightly and she pushed up, not allowing him to leave. His cock felt thicker and harder. They continued to move against each other, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, never really finding a rhythm. Jeff’s thumb found her pearl, circling it, lightly tapping it. She screamed, the piercing cry stilling the chatter of life in the forest.

Amy was shivering uncontrollably, her sounds unnatural. She felt as if tiny hailstones were pelting her, leaving a tingling sensation wherever they touched her body. Her orgasm raced on and on.

He kissed and nibbled softly at her throat. Her eyes opened when he bit her swollen lower lip.

“You OK, Amy?”

“Uh unh.”

“What’s wrong?”

She moaned, “I keep coming, tiny, little…Oh, God!”

They lay together, his chest pressed to her. “My cock likes the way your nipples are attacking my chest.” She didn’t answer. “Hello, Jeff to Amy.”

The words about his cock startled her. “You’re still hard! Didn’t you come, Jeff?”

“Uh unh.”

“I felt you trembling, throbbing….I thought you were about to explode.”

“I can’t talk now, Amy. I’ll tell you later.” She giggled.

A short time later, Amy whispered, “Are you going to come soon?”

“Am I hurting you, Amy?”

“No..no, but if you were planning to come, I was going to try to talk you out of it!” She giggled.

He laughed, “How do you feel?”

“Uhmm…deliciously stuffed and basted!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jeff turned Amy on to her stomach and up on her knees, shoulders resting on the bed. He scooted behind her and ran his tongue through her lips, battling with a tangle of brown curls. Gathering juices, he followed a path from pussy through ass checks, over and over again. “Oh Grandmother”, she moaned, “what a long tongue and sharp teeth, you have…. Oh, Goddddd!”

He kept babbling something as he stayed at his task.

Panting, she said, “No, I love the way you’re eating me. Just don’t bite so hard!”

He continued on his mission, Amy trembling and moaning, flying between heaven and earth. He pulled back slightly.

She gasped, “Jeff, no. Don’t stop!”.

“Shhhh.…I can’t figure out which side of this juicy peach to eat first.”

He kissed the dimples just above the rise of her buttocks. Jeff couldn’t take his eyes from her trembling ass; the vision surpassed his wildest fantasy. He heard a deep growl and realized the sound came from him. His penis was throbbing, begging for burial.

Jeff grabbed her mounds, pulling them apart, running his tongue up and down the deep valley, and sometimes pressing on her asshole. Amy was in constant motion, bucking up and down and side-to-side.

He was on his knees, his staff following her movement like a heat-seeking missile and finding her cleft, slowly penetrating to her womb. He pulled out even slower and ran his cock up the valley between her cheeks. Jeff heard her muffled sounds and incoherent words. He kept following the pattern, in, out, up and down, until the end.

He was climbing the valley and he yelled, “Oh….Fuuuuck!”

His cum shot in the air, gouts spraying Amy, finally just leaking on her buttocks. Jeff rubbed his spunk into her back paying particular attention to the lower part.

Amy dropped to the bed, Jeff following her, their sweat mixing with cum. The panting slowed and reached normal breathing. Jeff heard a chuckle and another one, followed by laughter, loud and hard.

“OK, what’s so funny? You laughing because I keep coming all over you, instead of in you?”

She started laughing again.


“Dude, I think I’ll call you my BAM.”

“What the hell’s a BAM?” “You’re the Alpha Male. You have a habit of rubbing your cum all over me like you’re marking your territory.”

“You’re kidding. I never realized I was doing that….what’s the B stand for?”

“You figure that out, horse!”

“Well, you’ll need a nickname, too.”


“Uhmmm. I think I’ll call you my JLB.”

“Uh….Jeff Loves….shouldn’t it be a P for pussy?”

“Amy, don’t be vulgar. It means Juicy Love Bunny.”

“Oh, that’s so cute. Do you really think I’m a bunny?”

“Well, you hump like one!”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Were you a virgin before tonight, Jeff?…and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Does it show?”

“No, no. I just wondered how you became so experienced, knowing where to touch, how to touch.”

He laughed. “Do you remember that senior I dated for a few weeks when I was a junior…the one with the big boobs?”

“I remember every girl you dated, who you looked at and who looked at you.”

“Well, she was what I would call a ‘hands-on sex manual’. She recruited me and she was the drill sergeant. Everything we did was under her control and when I wouldn’t go all the way, she chewed me up and spit me out. The only feeling I had for her was in my fingers and tongue. She went through our whole gang!”

“Not me!”

“As long as we’re playing ‘truth or truth’,” he laughed, “how about you?” “Uh, technically, no.”


“You got me four years ago. Do you remember that football game when I was playing quarterback and you hiked the ball to me? You turned and I ran into you and we both went down with your knee jammed into my crotch. That was it!”

“Holy shit….I never knew.”

“What’d you expect a fourteen year old girl to say? ‘Dude, you like got my cherry’!”

“Holy shit!………….Did you, uh, have any experience with the girl you met at the Lair?”

“I didn’t suck her dick if that’s what you want to know and I really don’t want to talk about it…..but I will tell you that your tongue is longer!”

“Holy shit!”

“Jeff, you keep repeating yourself.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jeff spooned her, his arms wrapped around her body.

“Jeff, I can’t have imagined a more romantic evening.”

“Yeah, me neither”, he chuckled.

“No, I’m serious. Soft candlelight, a great bottle of wine and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“Well, never let it be said that Jeff Clarkson doesn’t know how to treat his woman!”

Amy shivered. The words thrilled her. He didn’t say ‘a woman’. She couldn’t decide which she liked better, ‘his’or ‘woman’. Actually, they both sounded wonderful but she liked them best when said together…his woman. She shivered again.

“Are you cold, Amy?”
“No, I’m nice and warm”. Romantic, but dumb. But, then, does a man ever understand a woman’s emotions when tears of happiness roll down her face? Oh God, I’m being silly. Maybe it was just a slip of the tongue…yes?…no? She wiped her face in the pillow.

As she drifted off, the words continued…his…woman…his woman. Jeff lay there thinking. Did I just say ‘how to treat his woman’? Yeah, I did. Actually, it sounds pretty good. I wonder if she heard me.

* * * * * * * * * * * Jeff’s eyes popped open. It was morning. The first thing he saw was her enticing ass and then a washcloth removing the dried spendings from last night’s lovemaking. Three fingers pulled the head upright and the cloth cleaned his shaft, his balls jiggling in their sac as the cloth moved to touch every crevice, every wrinkle.

Amy held his glistening rod and she kissed the tip of his cock. That light touch was felt in every nerve in his body, not a jolt, but a warm tingly sensation. Her hand released his staff and her tongue slowly licked the length, from root to helmet and back again. She was pleased by his reaction.

“Uh. Amy, do you know what you’re doing?”

“I think so. I’ve read several books on the subject. I’m giving you…felato.”

“The word is fellatio.”

“Oh! I’ve always had trouble with that word, so whenever I saw it I just said…sucking cock” and she grinned at him. “Is anything wrong?”

“Uh, no.”

“You’ll let me know if I’m not doing it right? OK?” and she grinned again.

She sucked the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth and he gasped. Her lips tightened on the shaft just below the crown and Amy lifted her head pulling him taut. Grasping the pulsing girth, she watched his balls rise as she pulled up. Jeff’s immediate response to her touch surprised her, but she knew it shouldn’t have because every movement, every pulsing was new to her. She forced herself to concentrate on the signs of impending orgasm and how to control it.

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Did her book knowledge apply to every situation? Probably not, but she would focus on his breathing, his moaning, his pelvic movements, maybe even his words if he did speak.

It was impossible for Jeff to decide which aroused him more, his cock being devoured by her mouth, the allure of two bewitching cheeks or the juices running down her inner thighs. It was a delicious dilemma! He hadn’t touched her but it was obvious that she was as turned on as he was.

Her fingers encircled the root of his dick, as she took more and more of him into her mouth. Tightening her lips, she pulled the skin upward as she rose from him, a path of saliva coating a very dangerous-looking column of flesh. She knew he was close; every sign she watched for was there. She could feel a surge rising. He gushed into her mouth, Amy keeping her lips closed to capture it all. She straddled his hips and watched his anguished expression. When he opened his eyes, Amy lowered her head and let his cum slowly dribble out of her mouth and fall on her breasts.

“Go for it, BAM!” She threw her head back and roared.

He didn’t laugh. He looked mesmerized as his fingers mashed the cum into her tits.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Jeff, I’ve got a paper due on Tuesday. Study time, huh?” She reached for her clothes.

“Yeah, I guess so. Amy, you don’t need those clothes. It’s very warm and cozy in the main room.”

“Uhmmm, I said work…right?”


They sat at the table, books and papers scattered across the top. Amy was making great progress but when she looked over to his paper, she saw him doodling. Her eyes lifted to his; he was starring at her breasts. Ignoring it, she went back to her paper.

A short time later, she realized her nipples were aroused, as if begging for his tongue. God, he’s in my head, silently manipulating my thoughts. Again, she lifted her eyes and he was still starring at her. She took a deep breath. That was a mistake; his mouth is wide open!

Amy slammed her pencil on the table, pushed her chair back and raced around the table. His paper was covered with one word, repeated over and over again….nipples.

“Jeff, you’re supposed to be working!”

“I know, but…..”

“I just knew we should have put our clothes on. I can’t trust you to stay focused on anything but sex. Is that all men think about?” She looked annoyed. He knew she wanted to finish her paper.

“I’m sure that’s true. A guy can become aroused by a certain look, an exposed thigh, a perky nipple. By the way, you might want to take a look.” She didn’t have to. She already knew what she’d find. “Amy, you and I and sex are only a few hours old. I think what we’re experiencing is very natural, but I will admit one thing.” He laughed as he said, “When it’s study time, we should both wear the baggiest clothes we can find!”

Jeff pushed his chair back. Amy gasped and knew that study time was over, at least for now. Her mouth dropped open as she starred at a vein-gnarled enormous shaft. It has to be an illusion; it looks too threatening to be real.

She finally managed to utter, “Holy shit, Jeff, your penis, it’s…dripping!”

“That’s not a penis. That’s a very aroused, super-charged cock! It’s only a penis when it lies dormant nestled against my balls.”

So he wants to play games, huh? “Ya know, that reminds me of a problem I worked on in my Intro to Logic course. How did it go?

Let P = PENIS and C = COCK. J is to P, except when J is to A….or when J is in A. Therefore, J has no P, but always has a C. And furthermore, J is not getting anywhere close to A with that C!”

“That is brilliant! Why don’t you hop on the table and we’ll see if we can find a proof for your theorem?”

“The only thing I’m hopping into is my sweatshirt, Your Horniness!”

“Amy, wait.” He pulled her to his chest. “I think we could both use a shower…a cold one.”

“Good idea and why don’t you open the windows while we’re in there. The smell of sex and the testosterone level in here is overpowering.”

He laughed as he went around the house following her instruction. Coming back to her, he kissed her lips lightly, lifted her up into his arms and walked to the front door.

Amy screamed, “What are you doing? It’s pouring out there and it’s cold.”

“I thought you agreed with my idea…the cold shower?”

“You’re crazy”, she screeched. “We’ll freeze out there.”

“Actually, I put my hand out the window and the rain is pretty warm…for November.”

“Jeff, no…no, no”, she yelled.

“In case we don’t survive this, I want you to know I love you, Amy.”

“You do!……..Yikes!”

He held her tightly as the rain poured down on them. Within seconds, they were soaking wet. “Amy, reach into my pocket and grab the soap.”

Amy couldn’t hold it in and she laughed hysterically. “Jeff, we’re both going to wind up sick as hell.”

“No way. I’m going to keep you as warm as hell…I mean as hot as hell!” He lowered her to her feet and she felt his heat throbbing against her stomach. He clearly heard her moan. His head lifted to the sky, fists raised. “Is that all you’ve got, old man?”, he yelled to the heavens. He heard thunder in the distance or was that his blood pounding in his ears?

She was on the ground, leaves crushed under her and Jeff above her. He kneed her thighs and she spread them, inches short of a split. Two fingers penetrated her pussy moving into her flood. Her pelvis bucked up to draw him deeper. They were lost in a delirium, her fingers digging in the ground, his fingers creating a friction that drove her from one orgasm to another.

“You know you’re my slut, don’t you?……..don’t you, Amy?”, he yelled.

“Oh, God…yes…your slut!”

Amy felt his cock invade her in one stroke. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He was deeper still! She felt pain and then joy as the mixed signals battered her brain. Her hips were restless, back and forth, up and down and soon they both found the rhythm that is never taught. She wanted him harder, deeper.

The ‘old man in the sky’ must have sensed the moment because the downpour changed to a light drizzle as their motion became a pounding, one into the other. Jeff felt a massive eruption explode through his shaft and flood her cunt as she writhed in rapture.

They lay on the ground, side by side, fingers interlaced, as the light rain mixed with sweat and cooled their bodies. There were no words spoken; none were necessary.

They spent the rest of the weekend working, well, mostly in bed. Amy discovered some interesting things to do with apple butter that didn’t include toast. After she almost drowned in the stall shower, Jeff concluded that they should turn the water off before she did hand stands! Amy finished her project and Jeff rewrote his paper leaving out his expression of her anatomy.

They had originally planned to return to school on Sunday night, but that was before they passed out on the bed. In the morning, it was definitely time to leave. They were going to miss their first two classes but they knew this weekend’s education surpassed anything they would have learned in those classes.

Amy walked down the hill, Jeff following, both loaded down with backpacks and coolers. “Ya know, I never realized it, but you’re bow-legged.”

“Jeff, that’s not funny. I have pain from my tummy down through my thighs. When I get back to town, I’m going to buy some Spandex shorts.”

“What’s that supposed to do, keep the muscles tight?”

“No, it’s like an Ace bandage for the pussy…to keep C out!”

Jeff laughed. “I really fell into that one. That’s the zinger of the weekend! But, how about your mouth? That didn’t get anywhere near the workout…oh, shit! I never finished the work I had to do. Actually, I never started.”

Amy put her finger on her chin and exclaimed, “Oh my! It’s a good thing your father is a very understanding and open-minded guy. I can hear him now, ‘I suppose all that school work and all that fucking really ate up the time, right, young man’?”

“Very funny, although it is a pretty good imitation of my father. I guess I’ll have to come back after Thanksgiving break….”

“And I suppose you’ll need a hand, huh?”

“Hey, that’d be great. Can you make it?”

She paused and then said, “I’ll have to check my social calendar. I hear that sluts are in demand between Thanksgiving and Christmas!”

“Uh huh.” He couldn’t stop the grin that appeared on his face.

“I love you, Jeff Clarkson.”

“I know.”

“Well, that’s a pretty smug answer.” She really looked pissed.

“I knew it on Saturday afternoon in the rain, not by your words but by your actions. I’m seriously thinking about changing your name.”

“You are?”

“Yeah, from JLB to JLS. You graduated from bunny class with flying arms and legs.”

She pouted. “I really liked the name bunny…Oh, I forgot to tell you. Speaking of animals, no, not you. That day on the grass, I saw a large buck watching us from the
edge of the woods. He looked like he was in rut. Do you think a woman’s scent could do that?”

“Gee, I don’t know, but since I was in you, if I saw him charging across the lawn, you would have been topside and fast!”

“Hmmm, interesting, being fucked by two beasts in the forest. Would that qualify for graduation to another class?”

“Oh yeah. Big time!”

They slowly drove out of the mountains. Amy sat close to him, her head on his shoulder, his hand on her breast playing a tune they both knew.

She was still upset by his cavalier reaction to her declaration of love, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized it was her fault. There’s a time for play and a time for being serious. When you’re “funning” at 50 mph, you don’t shift into reverse gear.

She smiled at him and he smiled back and then looked down. Amy followed his eyes. Oh my, it’s C! As she lowered his zipper, she laughed. I guess he likes that I’m no longer a B, but an S. He looked totally focused but it sure wasn’t on his driving.

As they approached the campus, Amy reminded him that her mother was picking them up late Wednesday afternoon to drive them home.

“I’ll see you later, Amy?”

“I don’t think so, Jeff. I’ve got some things I have to do after classes.”

“How about tonight?”

“No, tonight is devoted to studying and healing, mostly healing!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * At five o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, most of the campus already deserted, Amy walked out of the dorm and saw Jeff and her mother talking near the van. He saw her first and his face lit up. Her mother turned and her expression was one of surprise or shock, or both.

Amy wore a light, wool, form-fitting sweater and a very short plaid skirt and a pair of shoes, not boots. She thought her mother’s expression was probably more shock; Amy’s skirt was far shorter than her mother saw on young women. She could picture her mother gasping as Amy walked into church on Sunday morning.

Helen, her mother, said, “Amy, you look…beautiful! Why, you’re a changed woman.”
Jeff, grinning ear to ear, replied, “She sure is!”

Amy smiled. “Yes, I am.”

“Ya know, Mrs. Rogers”, Jeff said. “Leaving high school and starting college can be quite a shock. You have to learn where and how you fit in and…OW!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Jeff. I didn’t realize your foot was there.”

Helen asked Jeff if he wanted to drive and he replied, “I’m really tired, Mrs. Rogers. I think I’ll sit in the back with Amy, unless you want to ride up front, Amy.”

“No, I think I might want to lie down later. I’m pretty tired myself.”

As Helen walked around the vehicle, Jeff snickered, “I can’t wait to get my hands on you. It’ll be dark soon.”

“Uh, you remember my mother? Like she’s driving.”

“I’ll try, but it’s awfully hard” and he looked down.

She looked up. “Oh, God, I think I know why You allow women multiple orgasms and men only one. It’s for our protection from these beasts, right?”

“Me, only one orgasm?”

They both laughed and Helen turned to see what was so funny.

The I 79 traffic was heavy tonight with the holiday rush. Even so, Helen found she was able to maintain a steady 45 mph. She noticed that Jeff’s head was leaning on the back door and she assumed Amy, who she couldn’t see, was stretched out on the seat, both of them asleep. She thought they must have been working them pretty hard. Amy and Jeff were always so full of energy.

Jeff opened his eyes. The traffic was heavy, horns blaring for no reason other than inpatient drivers. He saw Helen raise the rear view mirror to prevent a truck’s headlights from blinding her. He leaned over and whispered to Amy, “J is to C.”

Amy whispered back, “C’s been here the whole time you were sleeping” and she giggled. “He keeps poking me in the head.”

She rolled to her side and planted a kiss right in Jeff’s crotch. The excitement in his eyes probably could have been seen a mile away, in the dark! He shuffled forward on the seat as Amy started to lower his pant’s zipper. Jeff stopped her hand and quietly said, “No, I’d better do that.” She opened her hand and he saw a shiny, gold foil packet. He whispered, “Where the…where did you get that?”
“I took it from your backpack, Jeff. You won’t be needing them anymore, will you?”

“No, ma’am!”

Amy learned something new every day and not necessarily in a classroom. Put your mouth anywhere near a man’s cock and he’ll promise you anything! She’d file that away.

Her fingers slipped inside his pants and found his penis…nope; it was his cock, but no jockeys. She giggled. Amy sucked him into her mouth and her tongue danced around the plum-like head and just below it. Her hand pumped the root of his shaft. Jeff moaned quietly, like every ten seconds. She loved the smell of him and the taste of his pre-cum. Amy sucked him deeper and she felt the tightening of his ball sac. After unrolling a couple of inches of the condom, she decided against it as she continued to suck and pump him. He exploded in her mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could. Jeff yawned very loudly and long!

Helen said, “Oh, I see you’re up, Jeff.”

“You do?” Jeff coughed. “I mean I have been for a while.”

Amy whispered, “Uh, Jeff, you can’t think when the blood rushes from one head to the other, can you?”

Helen asked, “Are you awake, Amy?”

“Yeah, Mom. I am now. Are we almost home?”

“Well, with this traffic, I guess about another half hour before we leave the interstate and then it’s clear sailing.

They must be really working you people, huh? I’ve never seen you two look so exhausted.”

“Mom, there’s this one guy who’s really hard. He’s kind of an assistant in Introduction to Logic. He really plunges deep into the subject matter.” Amy looked over at Jeff; his mouth was wide open. The total expression was priceless!

“I’m sure I didn’t have that when I was in school.”

“Oh, you may have, Mom, but it’s much more intensive today.”

“Well, you know, Amy. All I ever wanted was to see you as a well-rounded person.”

“Bite your tongue, Mom.”
“Huh?” her mother replied.

“I’m only kidding, Mom. Of course, I want to be a well-rounded woman but it’s a little early for that. I just started. It’ll probably take a few years.” Then she whispered to Jeff, “Don’t just sit there with your mouth open, BAM. Do something.” She lowered his hand to her thigh, stuck her tongue in his ear and said, “My turn!”

Holy shit! Jeff always knew Amy was the daredevil in the gang, but this…he loved it, every minute of it…she’s as horny as I am!

Jeff’s fingers pushed her skirt up as he tiptoed up and down her thigh until she lost her patience, grabbed his wrist and forced his fingers up. He gasped. She wasn’t wearing panties!

She whispered in his ear, “This is the way you want your slut, isn’t it?” He didn’t say anything, but she heard his soft growl.

Jeff eased two fingers into her; she was very wet. He spread her juices over her lips and continued stroking. A big thumb played with an engorged clit. He avoided continuous contact because he knew she was very close.

Amy could smell her arousal and she quickly cracked the window a couple of inches.

Helen asked, “Is it too warm back there, kids?”

“No, Mom, it’s fine.”

“Well, you’re almost there, Amy.”

“I know, Mom, I know”, and she bit her hand as her orgasm blossomed.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at Jeff’s house and he kissed her… a long, lingering kiss. She whispered sweetly, “Your fly’s open.”

Jeff smiled at her and said, “Goodnight, JLS.”

“Goodnight, BAM. See you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, Mrs. Rogers and thanks for the ride. See you tomorrow.”

Helen was stunned; she couldn’t speak. Jeff grabbed his bags, smiling as he left the van.

As Amy and her mother entered the house, Amy yelled out, “We’re home.”

Helen finally found her voice and said, “Amy, you have something to tell me?”
Amy’s father entered the foyer and said, “Hi ya, Sweetheart. Wow, you look gorgeous.” She hugged him.

“Let me put this stuff in my room. I’ll be right down”, and she headed up the stairs.


“Mom, you know we’ve been best buddies since fourth grade.” She continued up the stairs pressing loose skirt material to her thigh!

Helen’s mouth dropped open.

Amy’s father asked, “What’s that about?”

“I’ll tell you later Stanley. I have to make a call”, and she raced to the kitchen.

“Janey, you’ll never guess…”

“Ya wanna bet, Helen. Jeff came into the house yelling, ‘Here come da judge, here come da judge’. I asked him if he decided on pre-law and he said, ‘Hell no, Ma, I’m in love’.”

Helen gasped, “Ohmygod! You don’t think they got married, do you? What’s that thing about the judge?”

“Helen, I don’t know, but I don’t think they got married. Didn’t Amy always say she wanted to marry in our church? I can’t believe this. Living right next door to each other all these years, behaving like brother and sister…talk about getting hit between the eyes with a two-by-four. Wow! Tomorrow’s going to be real interesting, huh?”
“I should say so! Well, goodnight Janey.”

“Goodnight, Helen.”

Amy heard the hang-ups and whispered, “Jeff, are you on the line?”


“I heard my mother tell my father she had to make a call and I guessed who to, so I picked up.”

“I was about to call you, Amy, when I heard them on the phone.”

“Uhm, you caught the comment about tomorrow being interesting?”

“Sure did.”
“Jeff, you’d better focus on behaving yourself. I’m setting some ground rules. One, I don’t sit on your lap. The only thing that’s deliciously stuffed and basted tomorrow is the turkey. Two, we sit on opposite sides of the table…”

“Aw, c’mon, Amy.”

“OK, that’s not really a problem because I’m wearing pants.”

“You’re kidding…your cargo pants?”

“Well, no. Actually I’m wearing new slacks that really show off my gorgeous ass!”

“Oh God.”

“You wear the cargo pants. I don’t want you showcasing anything. OK, two, or is it three? You can kiss me, but no tongue down my throat, no nibbling on my ear, and definitely, no hickeys.”

“Shit, Amy. I don’t think I’m coming.”

“That’s the idea, Jeff, for both of us…no coming!” She giggled. “Any questions?”

“I guess you’ve covered all the bases, no second, third or home, right?”

“Right. Jeff, are you in your room in the basement?”

“Yup, lying in bed, me and C starring at the ceiling. Ya know, Amy, talking about bases, there’s one thing we haven’t tried.”


“Yeah, you lie on your stomach, go up on your knees and I…”

“Uh, Jeff, it says in Chapter 17 in my book, ‘both partners have to be agreeable about all things’.”

“Uh huh.”

Amy laughed. “Try cold showers…nah, that doesn’t work! How about two hundred pushups? That should help.”

“Only if you’re underneath me.”

“On my tummy, Jeff?”

“Uh…yeah.” He groaned.
“Hmmm….OK. Take your hands off C and open the back door.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Gotta run, my mother’s calling me. See ya later, Jeff…rey.”


To be continued…the back door or at or under the dinner table?

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