By the Light of the Moon

The Vernal Equinox was tonight and the moon was full and bright in a cloudless sky. I was restless and wandered the gardens at a slow and hesitant pace. It was as though I were looking for something and waiting for something, both at the same time. Anticipation was lurking in the back of my mind.

As midnight approached, my excitement and restlessness grew. I even took a walk through the maze, exploring as I went. That was something I had not done since my childhood. The big heart shaped maze both thrilled me and scared the crap out of me.

The tall hedges that lined the paths made me feel small and closed in. Only to be spooked by the sudden openings and small formal rooms as I called them that were hidden within. The large heart shaped room at the center of the maze was grassy flat and open. At its center was a white heart shaped marble table and two chairs.

I sat in one of those chairs now, my feet six inches off the ground and I am a tall man. The table was chest high in front of me. I often wondered just how tall the people were that this grouping was made for. Or was it just some sculptors joke. I swung my feet like a child and grinned. I liked a good joke, even when I didn’t really understand it.

A sound in the grass from behind the chair caused me to turn and look around the high wide back. I froze as my eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped open. A young woman was coming out of one of the passages. She had a velvet blindfold over her eyes and her hands were out in front of her.

My shock was not from the unexpected young woman but from what she wore or the lack there of. Other than the blindfold, she wore shoulder length black velvet groves and thigh high, high-heeled boots of the same black material and nothing else. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the bright moonlight.

Her long curly blonde hair framed a heart shaped face and fell down her back. It hid none of her charms from the front. Her full breasts were slightly mashed together from her arms being in front of her but the dark circles under her nipples were clearly visible.

My eyes dropped down across her flat stomach to her sex. There was a blonde patch of hair on her mound but the rest seemed to be completely hairless. I felt my tongue run over my lips at the thought of how it would feel and taste to eat that sweet looking treat.

The young woman took slow careful steps, testing each foot placement as she went. Her hands moved slowly from side to side and up and down feeling for any obstacle. I wondered who she was and why she was in my garden. I wanted to ask but I did not want to scare her.

Actually, it was more a matter of my wanting to look at her. She was strikingly beautiful of both face and body. She was one that young men drooled over and old men sighed about, in fond memory. At the present, I was doing neither. I was just gaping at her like a fool.

She drew even with the table and paused. I tried to will her to walk on so I could see her from the back. From the side she was as awesome as she was from the front. A firm looking, high rounded ass in the back balanced her large firm breasts out. I have been an ass man all my life and here was perfection.

She slowly turned toward the table and cocked her head to the side. I held my breath and tried to slow the wild beating of my heart. She turned her head slightly and cocked it the other way. She seemed to be listening or maybe trying to sense where she was.

A moment later, in a high sweet voice, she asked, “Who is there?” She paused as though waiting for an answer and then said, “I know someone is here, please answer me.”

When I cleared my throat, her face turned directly toward me. “I’m Theodore Roberts and this is my garden you are wandering around in.”

“I’m Rebecca Aims and I’m glad to meet you. You can call me Becca if you like, everyone else does,” she said politely.

“Uh, can I ask why you’re wandering around my garden naked and blindfolded?”

She smiled sweetly and replied, “I’m the sacrificial virgin this year.”

“Uh huh,” I said and then asked, “Exactly who are you being sacrificed to?”

“I’m not sure but someone will come along to do the job. Maybe it’s you, since this is your garden.”

“Is this where the sacrifices are always made?” I asked to cover my embarrassment at her assumption.

“Since I’m not sure where here is, I couldn’t tell you for sure. I heard one of the other girls say that she sure enjoyed her sacrifice last year.”

“Was it the spring equinox or the fall?” I asked, suddenly very interested in what she had to say.

“I’m pretty sure it was the fall. The girl from the spring ended up pregnant and had to leave school.”

I gasped loudly as several parts to an old puzzle fell into place. My father had died of a heart attack right here in this very place at the fall equinox last year. The gardener had found him naked by this table and chairs.

Now I also had reason to suspect that the large chunk of missing money from his estate went to a certain young lady from the spring. “How long has this sacrificial virgin thing been going on?” I asked as my brain put pieces, places, and times together. A lot about my father became clearer.

“I was told it’s been a tradition for around a hundred years or so,” Becca replied.

“A hundred years?” I said sharper than I meant to. That would have been when my grandfather first bought this place. There were family rumors about him being connected to a cult of some sort. Witches, warlocks, and virginal sacrifices played a big part in the rumors.

Becca had moved closer in my direction and her hands found the table. “Is this table heart shaped?” She asked excitedly.

“Uh, yes, it is.”

“Good, then I’m in the right place. I was told to find this table and then to climb up and lie down on it. My prince would be along to take my gift before the moon set.”

“Uh, what would happen if he didn’t show up?” I asked.

“It’s never happened before that I know of. Each year two girls make the sacrifice and twice a year our school gets a large check to cover expenses. That is what I was told anyway. My name was drawn for this spring.”

I licked my lips at the thought of ravishing this beautiful young thing but in the back of my mind, I wondered if I could really do it. My grandfather had been a brutally mean asshole and my father was not much better. The beatings from my father had nearly driven all the man out of me.

“Would you help me up onto the table?” Becca asked as she felt along its edge.

Without thinking, I slipped down off the chair and held out my hand. I shook my head and frowned as I realized the mistake I had made and reached for her gloved hand. I pulled on it gently and said, “There is a chair right here you can climb up on.”

Her free hand found the arm of the chair as she moved in my direction. I put the hand I held on the seat and let go of her. I took a step back and sighed deeply as I go my first look at her ass. It was gorgeous, even more gorgeous than the ass of our upstairs maid.

My dick stiffened even more than it already was at the thought of Queenie, the upstairs maid. She was my one encounter with the female sex of a sexual nature. Everything I knew and had ever done had been with her. I had loved and lusted after her for five years.

Then my father had found out about it and fired her. I came in from school to a severe beating and no Queenie. That had been the end of my childhood and the day I started to truly hate my father. It was also when I realized why my mother had left for parts unknown. I still wondered why she had not taken me with her.

I watched the moonlight play on Becca’s skin as she felt around on the chair. The subtle play of muscles sliding under her skin made me shiver at the memory of my hands on Queenie. She had been tall and lean with muscles from the hard work of scrubbing and cleaning. Memories of the slide and movement of those muscles under the skin on her back as she rode me hard in the linen closet, made me tremble long and hard.

“I think I’ll need a boost, if you don’t mind,” Becca said as she tried to lift her leg far enough to get her knee on the seat of the chair. “Either I got smaller or this chair is too big.”

“It’s the chair. They and the table are out of scale toward the large side.” I told her as I stepped closer.

I swallowed hard as my hands hovered over her ass for a second and then I moved them up to her waist as I tried to figure out the best way to help her without helping myself too much. My hands were shaking as I touched her waist.

Becca jumped and giggled. “Your hands are cold. Cold hands, warm and loving heart, they always say.”

There was no love in my heart, warm or otherwise. My father had killed any that had ever been there. My mother had carried the rest off with her. I sighed as I tried to lift the young woman. I could not get a good enough grip, without hurting her.

I moved one hand to her far hip and cupped her closest ass cheek with the other. Becca gasped at the touch of my fingers so close to her sex where her leg was raised. I lifted her until her knee was on the seat and then I took my hands away.

Her warmth had startled me for a second and now my face was even warmer than that as I stared directly into her pussy as she climbed up into the chair. I was close enough to see the fine dusting of blonde hair on her outer lips and the bright pink of her slit. The darker pink rosebud of her anus was something I had never seen the likes of in my life.

Queenie had been dark brown back there and had forbidden me to touch her asshole in any way, shape, or form. For all of her slutty, wanton ways, Queenie was very prim and proper in most ways. I was a quick welcome fuck from time to time but she was always respectful. I think I was a way of getting back at my father for her.

Becca held onto the chair back as she got to her knees and then used the arm for balance and security as she turned around. I stood by to catch her is she happened to slip and fall. She then used her free hand to search for the table.

“It’s higher up.” I prompted.

She raised her hand a foot and found the edge of the table. She smiled down in my general direction and said, “It certainly is high and out of scale, isn’t it.”

“Can you get up on it from there or should I come up and give you a hand?”

“I’d feel safer if you came and gave me a hand,” she said softly as she let go of the chair arm and brought her hand up to the tabletop. “I’ll have to step on the arm of the chair to get high enough to climb up.”

“You could take off the blindfold,” I said and then regretted it. What if she did and saw me? Would she run away screaming? I did not want that to happen.

Becca giggled and shook her head. “I’m not supposed to take it off until the sun comes up. If I do, then it’s supposed to be bad luck for everyone involved.”

I sighed in relief as I climbed up on the chair beside her. “I guess it was a stupid suggestion. I make those quite often.”

“You don’t know the rules is all,” she said softly.

With a chuckle I whispered, “You don’t know the half of it, believe me.”

With the two of us in the chair, it was close quarters. When she turned her upper body towards me, she swayed as if she were losing her balance. I put my arms around her for safety sake. She stiffened slightly and then relaxed.

“Thank you, I’m glad you’re here,” she whispered softly. “I was really scared until I met up with you.”

“You don’t know me. How can you feel safe with someone you don’t know?” I asked in confusion.

“It’s a feeling I’ve gotten around you. You are a good person. I just know it. I think you are the one,” she said slowly, as her head tilted forward against my arm.

I hugged her a little tighter and touched my lips to her hair. It smelled of lemons and fresh mowed grass. I marveled at that.

With a sigh, she straightened and then whispered, “I’m supposed to get on the table with my head toward the point of the heart and my feet at the curved end.”

“We’re at the curved end, so all you need to do is climb up and lay down.” I told her quickly.

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“You will need to steady me and guide me as I do,” Becca whispered.

“Ok, you hold onto the arm of the chair while I stand up.” I told her softly. Her faith in me seemed misplaced but it gave me a newfound sense of faith and confidence in myself.

Once I was in place, I helped her to her feet and then guided her foot to the top of the chair arm and helped her balance as she stepped up. I held her hips as she bent over to lean on the tabletop.

Her ass was right next to my face and I could smell her warm soft skin. She had a fresh clean smell, which was very unlike Queenie, who always smelled of polish and cleanser. This smell was vibrant and alive. As she lifted her knee to the table, a heady, sexy odor was added.

I leaned closer to her and took a long deep breath through my nose. The sweet musky scent came from between her thighs and made my mouth water. Queenie had tried to teach me about oral sex but I had been more into straight fucking back then. Suddenly, I wished I had paid more attention to what she tried to teach me.

With her leg spread wide by the reach to the table, I could see that Becca’s sex had a slick shiny look to it. I had noticed it earlier as she climbed up on the chair. Now it was much more pronounced. I had to force myself to resist the urge to lick her there. It seemed like something I needed to do desperately.

She pulled forward out of my grasp suddenly and was on all fours on the table. She used one hand to trace the edge of the table on one side and then did the same with the other hand on the other side of the table. Satisfied that she knew where she was, she twisted sideways and sat down.

With a hand on each edge of the table, she centered herself. “Scoot a little this way.” I told her.

Her feet were on the edge in front of me and as she moved toward me, her knees opened wider. I loved the view of her from the rear but this was a truly wanton lustful image before me now. She continued to move forward until her ass cheeks touched the edge of the table at the center of the V in the curved end.

“That’s good, now you can lay back,” I said as my eyes ran hungrily over her naked fully displayed body. She had moved her feet wider apart and now her knees were spread wide. Her hands still held the edge of the table and her head was in the point on the far side. Her sex was open and right in front of my face.

I took a long shaky deep breath and let it out slowly. “You are so beautiful laying there,” I whispered afterwards.

She giggled and whispered, “I feel so naughty and….” She paused a moment trying to think of the word she wanted. Not finding it, she went on, “I can feel you looking at me. I can feel you wanting me.” She whimpered softly.

“Kiss me, kiss me down there.” She pleaded suddenly.

Before I could stop myself, I planted a kiss on her neither lips and then took a long slow lick right up the middle between them. She gasped loudly and lifted her hips. My tongue found her hot liquid center and plunged in. She gave out with a soft yell and then sighed deeply as I rolled my tongue around.

Her taste was heady and sweet. I lapped at her depths and groaned when she did. My hands found her hips and I dove deeper into her treasure. She pressed herself tighter to my mouth and probing tongue.

“Oh yes! Oh God, yes!” she yelled as her hips jerked and twitched. I could not believe what I was doing and even more, I could not believe how much I was enjoying it. My hips moved like hers and I could feel my hard manhood rubbing inside my pants. I moaned loudly and tried to hold my hips still.

A moment or ten later, her hands found my head and pulled it up away from her opening. I saw the bright pink bud at the top of her slit and realized she was directing me there. I gave the bud a lick and then sucked on it as I flicked it with the tip of my tongue.

From the way, her hips jerked and the yell she let out, I thought I had hurt her. Only the force that her hands exerted holding me in place let me know that this was right and that she was all right. I looked up along her arched body. Her nipples were so hard they were crinkled at the base. The only things touching the table were her feet and the back of her head.

I marveled at the way her hips jerked and flexed so fluidly. Her fingers tangled in my hair as she rode my tongue, guiding me to the right place and applying the right pressure herself.

I was in awe, as she seemed to have one orgasm after another as she moved my mouth from her clit to her opening and back again. By the time, she pushed my head away from her sweet sex, she was breathing hard and fast, and her body was covered by a light sheen of perspiration.

There was a big grin on my face as I licked my lips and let my eyes wander over her beauty. The wonder of sex filled me once again. It had been such a long time since I had felt it. My body felt more alive than it had in several tens of years. I wanted to rip off my clothes and join her on the table.

I knew that she wanted me to but I couldn’t. I remembered the pregnant girl she spoke of and I did not have any sort of protection. I did not want her to fall to a similar fate and have to leave school. I knew the importance of an education. My lack there of had limited me tremendously.

With a deep sigh, I sat down on the arm of the chair. My grin from earlier had become a soft smile as I watched Becca relax and her body and breathing calmed. My memory relived times of lying between Queenie’s thighs and the long slow lovemaking sessions we’d had back then.

My hand found my swollen manhood and I rubbed it slowly. A shiver ran up and down my spine as I did. How would this virginal beauty compare with my memories of Queenie? I felt my face grow hot with a blush for even considering such a thing. This young woman was half my age.

“Are you coming up to finish?” Becca asked.

I came up out of my thoughts in shock. She was still lying on the table but now she was up on her elbows and looking right at me. Well, not looking at me exactly, since she still had the blindfold on. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I was at a lose for words.

“Have you undressed yet?” She asked softly, shyly.

I shook my head and then frowned at my stupidity. “No. No, I haven’t.” I replied.

“Then please do and hurry, I’m finding it hard to wait,” she whispered breathily. “My hand keeps wanting to explore myself after all those orgasms. You’d think my body would be satisfied but….” She shivered instead of finishing the sentence.

“I don’t know if I could do that,” I whispered softly, speaking more to myself than her.

“You must,” was her quick sharp reply. “If you don’t then there will be bad luck for all involved, plus my sisters at school will know I failed miserably.”

“I…. Uh… I….” I stammered.

“We must uphold the traditions,” she said softly and then sighed. “I have steeled myself for this day for months and now that it is here, I could not bare for it to pass without it happening.”

“I’m to inexperienced. I would hurt you.” I blurted out.

She laughed and whispered, “The blind leading the blind. You will be gentle and kind. You were earlier when you gave me so much pleasure. Surely, you can control yourself now. It is a simple thing or at least I think it is.”

“What about the chance of you getting pregnant?” My major fear tumbled out.

She giggled shyly and whispered, “I’m on birth control. I may be young and crazy but not that crazy. I’m going to finish school and get my degree, one way or the other.”

Becca sat up and held out her hands. “Undress and join me. We’ll take things as they come.”

My hands were on the buttons of my coat before I knew it. My body fought with my brain for a few seconds and then I was undressing like a madman. I was mad all right, mad with lust and longing. I had shunned physical contact for all these years and why?
As a penance for poor Queenie, my mind answered quickly. I shook my head. I was not sure if that was a negative to the question of why or to clear it. Queenie had played her own little game with a young college freshman to start and had continued that game for five long years.

Was it my fault that she was fired? I had asked myself that question a million times. At one time, the answer was a resounding yes but now…. Now I had doubts, but were those doubts real or just a product of my lust for this young beautiful woman?

I sighed as I climbed up on the arm of the chair and leaned over Becca. Honesty with myself was not one of my long suits. If I were brutally honest with myself, I would know the answer to the whole thing.

I knew the answer and the reason my father was so angry but I could not admit it to my own mind. I could not admit my mother’s biggest sin and my even bigger one.

Becca’s hands found my face and she kissed me gently, shyly. I moaned into her lips as we lay down on the table, my body half covering hers. Her whimpers mixed with my moan as our bodies pressed together. Her body felt as though it were on fire and her fire ignited my passion.

I kissed her harder, as our ardor grew. I was on the edge of out of control as I flexed my hips, rubbing my hot manhood on her belly. I broke the kiss and pushed up away from her. I had to regain control. I started to climb off the table but her hands on my head held on to me.

Please. Please don’t leave.” She pleaded with me.

“I…. I have to control myself for both our sakes,” I whispered. “My mind tells me not to do this but my body wants you more than anything else in the world.”

Before I could go on, she hooked a leg around my hip and pulled up with her arms to kiss me again. This kiss was anything but shy. It was the epitome of passion. My mind fogged over as passion and lust crashed in on me.

I was now between her legs and my manhood pressed tightly to her slippery hot slit as I lay back down. We both groaned loudly and her hips worked to rub her sex on mine. Through the haze, I felt her other leg wrap around my hips and she pulled us tightly together.

The heat, passion, and softness of her body against mine gave me a degree of control back. My body wanted her but my mind did not want to hurt her. I had heard stories of the pain and suffering that women went through their first time. I did not want this to be such a horror story.

I pushed up again and Becca came up with me. Her legs wrapped around my hips and her arms around my neck held her tightly to me. A smile came to my lips at her eagerness and tenacity.

“We need to turn over and switch places.” I told her gently. “It will be better and more comfortable for you with me on the bottom.”

She gave out with a whine of frustration but relaxed her grips and lowered her body back to the tabletop. It took a little maneuvering and some coaxing but I ended up on my back with her sitting astraddle my hips.

When her hot sex pressed tightly against my shaft, she gasped and then moaned as she flexed her hips. As she moved back and forth slowly, I felt my shaft slip between the folds of her slit. She shivered and moaned even louder.

To keep control, I had to give it up. It was as simple as that. It was something I had done all my life but never realized it until now. Life could not break what bent, was a lesson I had learned early. It had literally been beat into me, not only physically but also emotionally.

Becca was a wondrous beautiful sight sitting on my hips. Her full breasts rolled on her chest as her hips moved. Her lower lip was held between her teeth as she whimpered and moaned softly. Her hands were warm where they pressed against my chest. The slippery slid of her sex back and forth along my shaft made me quiver.

When she touched the spongy head, I also whimpered softly. It was almost painfully sensuous and pleasurable. It had been so long since anyone beside myself had touched me there and never in this way. Queenie was more direst and went straight to sliding me inside.

My hands found her hips and urged her to make longer movements. She did and then moaned loudly as her clit began to rub along my shaft and bump against the head of my dick. I moaned right along with her and raised my hips slightly. The extra pressure on her clit pushed her over the edge.

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Her hips jerked and twitched as she leaned farther forward and grunted softly with the flexing of her hips. She ended up laying on me as small shivers and shakes ran up and down her body. Her sweet smelling hair was right below my chin.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly. She felt so good resting on me and in my arms. My mind wandered back to the first time I had held a woman like this. It had been right after a more vicious than normal beating from my father.

My mind shied away from the memory. I must not go there. There lay madness and shame. There lay the root of all evil. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

Becca gave out with a sigh and whispered, “That orgasm snuck up on me. I wasn’t expecting it. One minute it was feeling deliciously good and then next, wow.” She chuckled softly and sighed again.

“Just rest and relax.” I told her. “We have plenty of time. The moon is still above the tops of the cedars.”

With a grin, Becca sat up. “I’m not here to rest, remember. I have a mission and I mean to fulfill it. Anyway, if just rubbing on this thing makes me go boom, what will actually sitting on it do?”

A shiver ran up my spine at the thought of her sitting on my dick, of it slowly entering her tightness. I groaned when my eyes dropped to where the head of my dick peeked out from between the folds of her sex. The head was as shiny looking as her sex had been earlier.

Another deeper fear assailed me suddenly as the memory of another time flashed across my mind. A memory of a woman sitting on me much like this and my cumming before I ever entered her. A memory of her laughing and then cooing words to soothe my anguish, my embarrassment.

Becca shifted her hips and sighed. “I… I hope… you are ready because I sure am. I’m nervous and a bit scared but I just can’t wait.”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly trying to calm my fears and my body. “Raise up on your knees a little.” I told her softly. When she did, I lifted my manhood with one hand and used the other to guide her down until I could rub the head on her hot slippery entrance.

Becca gasped at the touch and lifted her hips slightly. “You’re so hot,” she whispered as she slowly lowered her hips.

Her opening touched the head of my dick and her hips gave a little fluttering quiver. I could feel her hot opening compressing the head. She flexed her hips slowly and the head popped inside. She groaned and started to rise up. I held her in place with my hands on her hips.

“Easy.” I cautioned. “Slow and easy, let it happen as it will, a little at a time to start.”

Becca was trembling as she nodded her head and then she moaned softly as she flexed her hips slowly again. The head moved in her tight opening. I could feel it rubbing on something. My mind froze as I realized she was truly a virgin.

“There may be a little pain—” I started to say but she dropped her hips sharply and plunged me even deeper.

Becca gave out with a little yap of pain and then froze except for a shaking in her thighs and arms. “I did it,” she whispered a few seconds later. “I did it myself.” Her voice held a note of awe.

She looked down at me and grinned. “Now, lets see how this woman can ride.”

I looked at her questioningly, as I did not understand what she meant. Her hips started to slowly bob up and down, my dick sliding sensuously in her tightness. My mind forgot all about it rather quickly as we both moaned and groaned.

It was not long until her firm ass touched my hips. I marveled at the fact I had last this long and she sighed deeply as she sat down fully on me. She seemed to relax and sighed again as she sat up straight. Her finger trailed down my belly to investigate our joining.

With a grin at me, she whispered, “It’s in, it’s all the way in.” I nodded and grinned back at her. She rocked her hips back and forth and from side to side. Little shivers and quivers chased each other up and down her spine.

“That feels so good, I feel so full and complete,” she said as she leaned back forward and placed her hands on my chest. “Now to finish this off,” she whispered raising her hips slowly.

She paused with just a quarter of me still inside and then she sat down hard. He ass slammed into my hips with the sound of a slap. She gasped loudly but lifted her hips quickly to do it again. She kept it up with both of us moaning and groaning loudly as she did.

The way I was laying, I had no leverage whatsoever with my legs hanging off the table. With the way Becca’s hot velvety sex was grabbing, squeezing and caressing my manhood, I could hardly think.

I knew I should thrust up to meet her but I couldn’t. My legs would not obey my mind to bring my feet up to the edge of the table or to the chair arm. I just lay there and enjoyed her fucking herself on me. I could feel her heat and wetness increasing and my own orgasm building.

A few moments later, Becca threw back her head and yelled, “Give it to me! Give it to me now!” Her hips moved even harder and faster. She wanted me to come, to come with her.

I was close but she was closer. She gave out with another longer louder yell and ground her sex against my hips, her clit rubbing on my pelvic bone. The yell turned into a wail. Her inner muscles were grabbing and milking me, trying to crush me one second and pull me deeper the next.

The hot flood along my shaft and then around the base was the straw that broke my dam and I joined her in ecstasy. I came like never before and with each spurt, her wail went high and got louder. I thought I was going to die from the exquisite pleasure when she reached a scream.


I still lay on the heart shaped table as the sun rose. Becca had laid on my chest and whimpered softly after our massive orgasms. Her breathing was almost louder than the whimper. I caressed her back and shapely ass, my mind a swirling blank void. The world was at peace.

Slowly over a period of time, Becca’s breathing calmed. I thought she was asleep until she suddenly sat up and stretched. She would jerk and twitch her hips as her clit brushed against me. Her insides would clamp down on my slowly hardening manhood.

I was amazed that, that was happening. In my younger days with Queenie, yes, I would have believed it but that was long ago and far away. It was another lifetime, another me.

My eyes were drawn to Becca as she arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair. Another in the same position replaced her suddenly, doing the same, in my mind. I groaned softly and shook my head trying to clear the vision.

Becca rocked her hips and sighed as her hands came away from her hair and caressed her breasts. “Oh, yes, I love to feel you inside me. I love the way you get harder and harder, filling me back up.”

The words were Becca’s but the vision in my mind was someone I did not want to think about. It was my mother. I yelled, “No!” loudly and opened my eyes. I hadn’t even known they were closed. Becca stared down at me with a shocked look on her face.

I tried to force a smile as I whispered, “I wasn’t talking to you my dear Becca. I was talking to a very old ghost. A ghost that always haunts me.”

Becca cocked her head to the side and then smiled softly. “A lot of old ghosts might get laid to rest tonight,” she said in a whisper. Then she straightened her head and flexed her hips firmly against me. “But right this minute, there is this growing urge to lay someone right here in the present.”

She wore a big grin as her hips started to move more aggressively. “I’m going to see just how many orgasms we can have before the moon sets.”

She had been true to her words. She had nearly a dozen before I had my next and last one. The sky was turning pink when she took off the blindfold and smiled at me. She leaned down and kissed me long and deep.

After she broke the kiss, she slowly lifted her hips and whimpered as my soft manhood slipped out of her tightness. She sighed deeply, smiled at me, and stood up. I smiled up at her as she was silhouetted against the brightening dawn. She was more beautiful now than by moonlight.

“Time to go,” she whispered.

“Where can I reach you? What school do you go to?” I asked suddenly, not wanting to lose her, not wanting her to go.

She laughed and quickly climbed down off the table onto the chair. “You know what school. The same school Queenie went to, the same one your mom went to, the same one that all the women who have ever had sex here went to. The school you would have went to if you had been a girl instead of a boy.”

Becca climbed down to the ground and smiled at my slack jawed totally dumbfounded look. “The line of males in your family was supposed to end with your father. You were an accident, a misfortunate accident. Your mom and Queenie were supposed to end you but couldn’t. So they did the next best thing, they tried to ruin you as a man.”

“I… uh… I….” I stammered rising up on one elbow to look down on the angelic woman below. “Then why are you here?” I finally got out.

“I had to be here, the power your father wielded was still to strong even after his death. We all knew it but we knew nothing of you. You were an unknown since you closed yourself off here and never leave. I had to make the sacrifice if possible and I had to find out if you held the power.”

“Power? What power? I’ve heard rumors but….” I let the sentence hang.

Becca grinned and nodded. “Good, we’ll leave it like that. Just remember, do not go digging for what you really do not want or need. It’s in everyone’s best interest. One day your fathers spells will fade and all this will end.”

I was still confused by all this talk of powers and spells but there was one thing my mind would not let go of. “Will I ever see you again?”

“Maybe. It’ll be up to the school in one way and of course, me in another.” She paused to look around. “This is a beautiful place and you are not bad yourself, so we shall see, won’t we. In any case, there will be future virgins for you to take care of until things fade back to normal.”

“But I only want you.” I blurted out.

Becca grinned and nodded. “Maybe you can have both in the future. Only time will tell for sure.”

I started to sit up but became dizzy. “Just lay back down and relax, you will be fine after the sun rises,” Becca said as she started to walk toward the passage at the point of the heart. She paused there and looked back at me. “One other thing. You are a good man, kind, strong, and passionate. Don’t ever believe any different.”

With that, she was gone.


Watching the sunrise, I had never noticed before that on this day it rose exactly between two very old and very large cedars. That is if you were lying on this table. I realized that the moon had rose in exactly the same spot. It made me wonder who had planted those cedars and placed this table just so.

Becca’s warning about pursuing such things flashed across my mind. A little knowledge couldn’t be dangerous, could it?


I must have dozed because I awoke with a start. Someone was yelling, “Oh, hell no. No, not again. I ain’t going through this again this year.”

I smiled and then laughed as I sat up. “I’m fine.” I told the gardener.

“There’s a bunch of kinky people around here, is all I can say,” he said as he turned and walked off down one of the paths shaking his head.

I had to agree with him, I though as I climbed down off the table and gathered up my clothes. I grinned as I thought; it’s only kinky the first time you do something. The sun was bright, the weather was warm, and I hadn’t felt this good in a decade.

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