By the Light of the Moon4198

She had just finished pleasuring herself when the clock downstairs chimed.

It was noon.

Jenny climbed out of her bed and wiped her wet hand on her sheets.

She greeted the high noon sun and the light breeze that always came from her slightly opened window over her desk. She opened her wardrobe and threw on a cute, frilly white shirt which she tucked into a pair of acid washed jean cut-offs.

Jenny had a certain style that made the all the guys take a second glance as she walked past them. She couldn’t help but love the attention. Her mother always warned her about how “the boys” think. Jenny had suffered through lecture after lecture about wearing clothes that “show off her developing bosom” or jeans that “outline her hind quarters”

Her outfit today wasn’t that revealing. The shorts went down to her mid thigh and the shirt was loose fitting. Her mother shouldn’t have anything to say about her appearance this afternoon, after all she was 19.

“Morning sleepy head, or should I say good afternoon,” her mother chuckled as she finished up the last of the silverware from last night’s dinner.

“Morning,” replied Jenny, with a small chuckle herself.

“I would’ve made pancakes this morning, but I wanted to let you sleep in. I know you must have been tired when you got in from the bowling alley. They make you work so hard down there!” exclaimed Jenny’s mother with a bitter undertone.

“Scrubbing all 500 pairs of shoes, polishing every ball and pin, and sweeping and mopping on top of that? I would pass out,” she continued.

“But then again, you’re young…you can handle it.”

That’s not all Jenny wanted to handle. See, the reason why Jenny wanted her job at the bowling alley is because she gets to cater to just about all the cute guys in town. On the busiest nights, Friday and Saturday, she loved to fantasize about the young men who rent shoes from her at the counter. She gave a little wink to the guys who had big feet.

But alas, fantasizing was all Jenny could do. She’d never been with a guy before, and you’d never guess it. Jenny knew all the ins and outs of sex. She knew what a penis looked like and what the white stuff was when a guy climaxes. She even has watched a couple of porn flicks out of curiosity. Jenny had just never come face to face with an opportunity to lose her virginity.

Maybe it was how she was raised or her own stigma about herself that had prolonged her deflowering. Jenny looked good; she had long brown hair with olive skin and green eyes, legs that went for miles, and a smile to match. She even had a nice butt that caught a few looks now and again. Who knows.

After a chat with her mother and doing some cleaning, Jenny decided to go for a walk and hang out near the pond just down from her home. She began the trip with a brisk walk when she glanced up and saw one of her favorites from the bowling alley. Sean Bowman. He was tall, had black hair, and the sexiest dimples. His eyes were also green which complimented the soft pink lips of his warm smile. Jenny loved to stare at his biceps as they flexed up and down when he bowled. Just the thought it sent a small shiver down her spine as he neared closer.

Jenny knew he recognized her. They had small talked a bit at the counter, nothing much. It was usually about the weather or how busy the alley was that night. But somehow Jenny knew he had an eye for her.

She slowed her walk just enough to where her hips were swinging back and forth, making her butt more pronounced and noticeable as she took each step.

“Hey,” said Sean with an excited voice. “Fancy meeting you here!”

Jenny flickered her eyelashes a bit. “Yeah, how fancy,” she remarked with a giggle. “So, you live out this way?”

“Just around the corner,” replied Sean.

Jenny smiled a little and blushed as she got excited about his living so close.

“I was walking to pond down by the park, you wanna come?” asked Jenny with an excited and obviously eager tone.

Sean looked at his watch. “Aww man, I’d love to, but I was just heading to grab some pizza with the guys. Wait, you could come if you’d like! The guys won’t mind, especially not about someone as pretty as you.”

Jenny blushed again as she giggled almost uncontrollably. “No no, that’s okay I just ate a quick lunch at home. Plus, I was hoping to see the ducks today. They’re always so funny to watch. You go on ahead, I won’t keep you.”

They said their goodbyes, smiled at each other flirtingly, and went their separate ways.

At about 8 pm, Jenny was finally back at home. She slipped off her sneakers and went straight upstairs after greeting her mother and telling her goodnight, she was still exhausted from the previous night’s work, and walking to the park added to her lethargy.

Jenny slipped into the shower and began to think about her day. She was still giddy about her meeting with Sean. His coal black hair, warm smile, and toned biceps were to get her wet. She found herself quietly whimpering in pleasure on the shower floor as she took herself to ecstasy.

After her relaxing shower, Jenny climbed in her bed and turned out the lights. But before she could close her eyes she noticed something sitting upon her window seal. Jenny turned on her lamp and crawled out of bed to investigate.

She was a bit scared; she couldn’t exactly tell what was perched on the ledge as she got closer. Suddenly, it dawned on her…it was a stuffed toy duck. Jenny laughed out loud as she grabbed the toy and gave it a squeeze.

“It even quacks!” She blurted.

Just as quick as she grabbed the duck, Jenny realized that the toy must be from Sean, and there there could have been no way that he would have known where she lived without her telling him.

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She thought it was a little strange, but sweet at the same time. He could have found out from anybody really. A lot of people know her around town.

Jenny eventually fell into a deep sleep and dreamed about Sean and all his sexual mystery and power.


Jenny awoke around 9 a.m. refreshed and ready to start the day.

Last night’s dream about Sean was absolutely wonderful. In her dream, he came up from behind her and kissed her passionately while he sensually caressed her bosom. It wasn’t a nasty dream, sort of unusual for Jenny, as she did have a lot pent of sexual energy most of the time.

Jenny supposed the reason for the lack of steamy, profane acts in her dream was because she felt different about Sean. She really did like him for him.

At about 11:30, she waltzed down stairs and had a bite to eat.

“Sleep well dear?” asked Jenny’s mother. “I bet you finally caught up on some shut eye.”

Jenny sighed with satisfaction. “Yes! I feel like a new person.”

“Would you like a sandwich?” asked her mother. “I just ate a PB&J a few minutes ago.”

“Sure!” Jenny happily exclaimed, as she had skipped breakfast by laying in bed thinking about Sean and how cute a couple they might make.

After her sandwich, Jenny excused herself and stepped out on the porch for some fresh air.

The sun was shining brightly again today. There was a steady breeze coming from the west which made their next door neighbor’s wind chimes ring now and again. Jenny loved the summer. To her, the community always seemed to be at its peak during that time of year.

When Jenny finally broke away from the environmental splendor around her, she looked up to see a group of four young men about to pass by on the sidewalk. They looked like they were in their way to town.

She couldn’t believe it. One of the young men was Sean. Jenny assumed he was just hanging out with his friends again.

Hers and Sean’s eyes finally met when the group of young men was in line of sight with Jenny’s stoop.

“Hey good lookin,” said Sean with the smoothest voice, that voice that Jenny loved.

“Hey stud,” replied Jenny. “You just hangin’ out with the guys again?”

Sean told his buddies to go on ahead and that he would catch them in town.

“Yeah, just gonna scope out the mall. See if there’s anything worth looking at…I’d rather stick around here, I knows there’s good things worth looking at around our neighborhood,” he slyly answered.

Jenny blushed a bit and laughed then sent him on his way with their usual goodbyes and flirty looks.

She turned around to go back inside and before she went in she glanced back at Sean only to see him eyeing her body with a hungry smile. Jenny smiled as well and shut the door. She gathered herself before she greeted her mother again. Being hot and bothered in her house was worth a lecturing, and Jenny didn’t have the time or patience for another long talk about sex, boys, and pregnancy from her mother.

After a long boring afternoon at the house, Jenny was all but ready to go to bed and sleep the hours away. She took a long relaxing shower with the usual – a tickle there and a stroke here, in no time she had once again satisfied herself.

After her rejuvenating shower, Jenny put on one of her silk nightgowns that she had gotten for her birthday last year. They were a little on the pricey side, but it was her 18th birthday. Her father though his little girl should feel special even though he was in jail and couldn’t see her beautiful face smile when she received her gift.

The nightgown was smooth and flowing like milk as it fell over her curves. Jenny’s body savored the cool, soft caress of the silk fabric each time she put on one of her gowns. The cool air coming in from her window exaggerated the relaxing feeling.

As she lay in bed, she couldn’t help but think about how Sean would caress her body if he were there. He would take her in his arms and kiss her with his warm, sultry lips.

She eventually fell asleep soon after from her racing thoughts.


At about 3:15 a.m. Jenny awoke to a strange feeling on her forehead. She opened her eyes, dazed and sleepy, to find Sean lying next to her playing with her hair. Jenny gasped loudly as Sean quickly, but gently, covered her mouth to muffle the noise.

“Don’t worry, Jenny. I know you’re surprised. I would be scared myself. But I assure I’m only here to bring you pleasure,” he said softly as he uncovered her quivering lips.

Jenny, wide-eyed and still confused as to why there is a hot guy in her bed at 3 a.m., managed to squeak out a quiet, “Oh.”

Sean began to rub her left thigh as he gently licked and kissed her neck. Jenny could feel her pussy begin to ooze with moisture. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she instinctively grabbed the back of Sean’s neck and pulled him closer. All Jenny could think was that this must be a dream, but it felt too good to be a dream.

Sean began moving down her neck down to her bosom.

“Does that feel good,” he asked awaiting approval. “Your body drives me wild.”

“Oh my God, yes,” Jenny breathlessly replied.

His wet kisses felt cool from the breeze that was flowing through Jenny’s room. Jenny could feel Sean’s erection through his jeans. Jenny had seen penises before in porn movies so she half knew what to expect when he undid his zipper. His erection was throbbing with heat, Jenny could feel it. It was about 8 inches and wasn’t too thick or too thin, it was perfect.

Jenny exclaimed, “You’re perfect!”

“Thanks, I guess. Good genes maybe,” Sean jokingly answered as he continued to pleasure her.

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Sean lifted her gown and began sucking and nibbling her nipples, by now Jenny was moaning and writhing, already wanting, almost needing, him inside her.

“I’ve never done this before,” Jenny quivered.

“I know,” said Sean. “Your first time needs to be with someone who knows what they’re doing, someone who you’ll remember. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything, just lay back and relax.”

Jenny trusted him with her heart at that moment. She was scared and excited at the same time. She would’ve never thought a guy she liked would crawl through her window late at night and take her so confidently and passionately.

Her gown was now on the floor; Jenny could see the wet spot where her juices had leaked upon the smooth silk.

Sean’s cock was hovering over her opening like a hawk ready to take its prey. He licked his way down her stomach and was even closer to her pussy than before.

He took off his shirt and his boxers, now he was also fully naked. Jenny was in awe over his body. He wasn’t overly muscular, just muscular enough to make Jenny squirm for him. And those biceps, oh those biceps, how wonderful they looked all bulged and flexed as he hunched over her holding his weight while he nibbled his way down to her clit.

Jenny gasped as Sean began to make gentle circles with his tongue around her clitoris. She couldn’t take it anymore; she was so wet she was oozing through the sheets. She saw the tip of Sean’s cock was also oozing with pre-cum.

“Take me now,” Jenny shouted, “I want your cock to fill me up!!”

Sean looked up from his work and replied, “All in good time, my love.”

He continued his way down from her clit to her moist lips. He opened them up with his glistening tongue. Jenny felt his hot breath as he glided over her pussy.

“OOOhhhh, yes, YES…,” stammered Jenny as his tongue tickled her labia.

Sean opened up her legs and positioned himself sturdily between them, his bulging cock throbbing with heat and passion as it awaited entrance to Jenny’s temple.

Their eyes met and Jenny silently gave Sean permission to enter her.

Sean slowly entered her, so to avoid causing her pain from the breaking of her hymen.

“Uhhhhh, ahhhhh…,” Jenny cooed.

The head of his cock was at her wall and he ever so slowly proceeded to stretch her pussy so that he could fit his whole member inside her.

Jenny gasped with pain as her hymen broke, they could both feel the small rush of blood that followed. The blood was more of a turn on than an inconvenience. It brought out the wild side Jenny had been hiding for so long. She suddenly wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in close. His cock was now fully enveloped in her flesh and Jenny loved it.

She stated, “I bet you didn’t expect that, did you, big boy?”

Sean excitedly looked up from watching his prick penetrate her pussy, sloshing in her juices and said, “No, but you sure know how to be fucked.”

Sean began thrusting, slow at first to allow Jenny’s vagina to accommodate his cock, but they soon arrived at a medium pace, which they both liked. They began to breathe heavily, it was so hot. Sean nibbled and kissed her neck and earlobe. Jenny was tingling with pleasure.

“I think I’m close, Sean,” whispered Jenny. “Take me all the way!”

Jenny could feel the muscles of her vagina begin to contract; she squeezed her legs tighter around him and grabbed his shoulders. Her eyes opened wide and she took in short breaths, she then let out a moan that she’d been waiting to make her entire life.

“Uhhhhhh, AHHHHH, YEEESSS! Don’t stop, uguuuhhhh,” yelled Jenny, as she muffled her cries of passion as to avoid waking her mother.

Sean KNEW she was cumming for real, he felt the walls her pussy close around his throbbing cock. He was moments away from pure pleasure himself.

“Cum inside me,” Jenny gasped, “I want it, don’t pull out!”

“If that’s the way…you…want it,” Sean replied in between shallow breaths.

Sean sequenced his face and closed his eyes; he began to let out sighs and moans of ecstasy as he spilled himself in her tightness.

“Oh yeah, Oh yeah! Take it! Ugghhh,” He cried.

Suddenly, he withdrew. He was still climaxing. Sean began to stroke himself and emptied the rest of his load all over Jenny’s stomach.

“You like that, I bet you do! Lick it up; smear it on your pussy. Ugh…yeah…,” continued Sean as Jenny panted wildly underneath him.

Some of his juice even shot on the wall beside her headboard. Jenny loved the feeling of his warm semen on her torso; she touched it and rubbed it in.

After stroking out every last drop of cum, Sean collapsed on the bed beside her, both of them still breathing heavily and savoring their orgasms. Sean’s cum was everywhere, on the sheets, the wall, not to mention Jenny herself.

They looked at each other and smiled. Soon, they were cuddling in the summer moonlight and cool breeze from the open window, reminiscing about the ecstasy they both shared.

“Thank you…,” whispered Jenny, still panting lightly.

“You’re welcome,” replied Sean, as he kissed Jenny’s cheek and ran his fingers through her semen soaked hair.

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