Note from Slick: Things were going so great for Ryan and Sarah until a new boy from California moves into their Illinois town. Everyone in the story is at least 18 yrs. old. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


Ryan and Sarah walked hand in hand from the school parking lot towards the High School. They had been boy and girl friends since 5th grade so no one looked twice as they walked by. Now as seniors, and both 18, they only had one more year before they graduated. Ryan was the smartest boy in the school and Sarah excelled in cheerleading and in English.

“Are you stopping by my house after school?” Sarah asked as they walked down the hallway towards their homerooms. “Grandma asked where you were this last weekend.”

He laughed. “I was planning on it. After all she is my favorite girl…after you of course.”

Sarah smacked him easily on his arm and gave him a quick kiss before opening the door and walking into her home room. She smiled at all the classmates and took her seat next to her best girlfriend Matti who had save it for her.

“God I can’t believe we are in our last year,” Matti whispered. She had just returned from visiting relatives so she had not talked to Sarah in over four weeks. “So how was your summer?”

“Boring,” Sarah frowned. “I hope I get the cheerleading scholarship and get into Illinois State.”

Matti leaned real close. “Are you still a virgin?”

“MATTI!” she said loudly making others turn and look their way. She quickly turned and faced the front when Mr. McGraw walked in. She grinned remembering they called him Mr. Magoo behind his back.

“OK, let’s get started. When I call your name say that you are here.”

Sarah’s last name was Zahn so she pulled out her workbooks and wrote her name inside the covers while he painfully went through twenty names. She heard a name she didn’t recognize and looked up. Mr. McGraw called it again.

The door opened and a really cute blonde haired guy walked in smiling. All the girls including Sarah sat upright.

“David Callaway?” The small balding man asked.

“Yes sir,” he answered moving up to the small desk. “Here.” He turned and looked around the room for a seat. There were three empty seats. Two were across the room from Sarah and one was in front of her. He didn’t hesitate to head her way. As he walked down the aisle towards her their eyes locked and when he smiled she quickly looked away.

“Students, Mr. Callaway recently moved to Normal from California. Since he is new here please make sure you introduce yourself to make him feel at home.”

Matti almost knocked her chair over as she leaned forward offering her hand. “Hi I’m Matti.” He took hers in his and gently squeezed it. “Hi.” He turned back to the front and said hi to the students on both sides of him and then in front.

Sarah was ready for him to turn around but he never did. It was obvious he had ignored her. She looked over at Matti who smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Home room only lasted fifteen minutes so the bell rang and the students were out of their seats and out the door. Sarah and Matti watched David moving outside.

“Don’t feel bad at least you already have a boyfriend,” Matti whispered.

“I don’t feel bad. He seems to be stuck on himself anyway.” Sarah said moving down the right hallway towards her English class. She didn’t think anything about it until her third period class which was biology. She was sitting at her bench when she heard someone ask, “Do you mind if I join you?” She turned smiling until she saw it was him.

“Sure why not?” She said coldly. She pushed her short denim skirt down and pretended to be looking through their lab notebook. By the time the teacher talked she felt her pulse had risen and her heart was beating rapidly. He didn’t say anything to her which again was causing her to be somewhat pissed. Finally as the teacher was assigning out the lab apparatus he turned to her and smiled.

“I’ll have to say that you are the prettiest and hottest girl in this school.” It was something that she had not expected.


He knew that she had heard him so he didn’t repeat it. He looked at her name written on her lab book. “Hi Sarah…I’m David.” This time his hand was only directed at her.

She hesitated at first but managed to swing her right hand over to his. It fell into his palm where he let it rest while he gently rubbed over the tender skin on top. She wanted to pull away but couldn’t. Her eyes watched as if the two hands belonged to others. She looked up his arm to his strong shoulders and finally to his handsome face and baby blue eyes. Sarah saw one of the other cheerleaders looking their way and quickly pulled her fingers back as if they were touching hot flames.

They both focused on what the teacher was saying and both took notes about their reading assignment. He went on to say what percentage their lab projects and tests amounted to. As they neared the end of the class he leaned her way. “Do you want to get together and go over the reading?”

“Together…like in school?” She fumbled. She had no experience with boys because she had only dated Ryan.

“Yes or maybe I could buy you a soda after school somewhere. Are you dating anyone?”

She knew her answer should be a definite yes but instead she said, “Kinda.”

“Kinda,” he repeated. “That’s good. So will you go out and get a burger or drink?”

Sweat beads formed on her forehead and her body was on fire. “Not tonight.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“I uh…I’ll let you know…tomorrow.”


The next period was a free period for all the cheerleaders. They all were assigned gym and all they really had to do was practice some new cheers. Their cheerleading coach was missing so they all sat around on the bleachers. Sarah saw Matti up near the top alone and headed her way. It took a few seconds for Matti to know something was wrong. “OK tell me.”

Sarah looked down. “He…he asked me out.”

“He who?”


“Oh my God. You told him no right?” When Sarah didn’t answer Matti lifted Sarah’s face. “Sarah?”

“I uh…uh told him I’d uh…let him know tomorrow.”

“And Ryan?”

Sarah took a deep breath and slowly blew it out. “I like Ryan… I mean he’s all that I really know…I mean you know.”

“So you and Ryan didn’t do it.”

Sarah shook her head. “He wanted to and we almost…but he…he climaxed when he was about to go inside.”

Matti grinned. “Paul did the same to me. But it didn’t take him long to get hard again.”

“He didn’t have another rubber and I wasn’t going to take that chance,” Sarah said.

“That was one night. Didn’t you try again?”

“He wanted to but… but I don’t know it felt so…so personal.”

“Oh it’s really personal,” Matti sighed. “If you don’t want California then send him my way.”

“I don’t want him. I’m going out with Ryan.”

Matti grinned because she knew the new boy had made a big impression. Lunch period was next so they left a little early to lay claim on the best table by the window. It was filled by cheerleaders and want-to-be cheerleaders. They all were talking about their summer when David walked in.

“There he is,” Matti whispered. “He’s the one.” Suddenly all the cheerleaders turned and looked his way except for Sarah who took a long sip of her milk.

David had a cousin in the school so he waited by the door for her to arrive. After surveying the room he finally spotted Sarah with her back to him. She was sitting with a number of girls which he figured were cheerleaders. Finally his younger cousin Amber arrived and they walked inside. After getting a tray of food they sat away from the others while Amber filled him in on who everyone was.

“Football jocks,” she said pointing to the large bunch of guys in the corner. “Geeks.” She moved her index finger to the other side of the room. “Cheerleaders,” Amber frowned pointing to the table where Sarah and Matti sat.

“Tell me about the blonde with the ponytail.”

Amber looked over his shoulder. “The one with the pink shirt?”


“Sarah Zahn, head cheerleader and probably the most popular girl in school. Don’t get any ideas because she’s been going out with Ryan Mann for ever.”

David only grinned.


Ryan was late for lunch because the new math teacher wanted to discuss with him setting up a math bowl team. He only had about twenty minutes when he walked into the cafeteria and looked around. He saw Sarah and headed her way. “Hey babe,” he grinned and he leaned over and lightly kissed her cheek. “Sorry I’m late.”

Sarah’s mind was still on David’s invitation to go out. “Uh…hi…I’ve got to stop by the office.” She quickly turned and hurried out of the room.

“What’s up with her?” Ryan asked out loud. After glancing at Matti he knew something was up. A few minutes later while he grabbed some food the cheerleaders were heading out. He grabbed Matti’s arm and pulled her to a nearby table. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she lied. “First day of school and everyone is running around. I think Sarah is seeing if she can get into a different class.”

“Oh, I see. How was your summer?”

“Better than yours,” she chuckled. She stood up and before she left she leaned over, “Next time have an extra rubber.”

“Fuck,” Ryan gasped. He didn’t think that Sarah would tell anyone.


David had seen the boy who moved to Sarah and kissed her cheek. As he walked into his sixth period Calculus class he saw him sitting on the opposite side of the room. He moved his way and sat down next to him. “Hi, I’m David.”

Ryan looked and saw a kid he didn’t recognize. “Ryan Mann.” They shook hands and Ryan didn’t expect the strong grip. He tried to pull back but his hand was squeezed even harder. “Hey.”

David let go and grinned. “Sorry. Been working out over the summer.”

Ryan could see some mischief in his eyes but didn’t know why. “Where are you from?”

“California. Southern.”

“That explains the tan and hair cut,” Ryan chuckled. “You won’t be doing much surfing around here.”

“Oh there are other types of surfing.”

“The internet,” Ryan smiled.

“Girls,” David replied quickly.

“Well good luck. Most of the good ones are taken.”

“Maybe…maybe not.”

The teacher started talking and their conversation ended. At the end of class Ryan’s best friend Mark walked up to him. “Who is that?”

“California asshole,” Ryan answered. “He thinks he is God’s gift to women.”

“Actually I heard a lot of girls already talking about him. I better make sure Anna is not interested.”

“In what?”


Ryan put his books in his locker and checked his homework assignments. After grabbing what he needed he headed towards the gym to see if Sarah had a cheerleading meeting. When he got there the gym was empty. “Strange,” he said out loud. Normally she would meet him by the gym after school if there was no practice. Since he drove her to school she should be somewhere waiting for him. As he approached the parking lot he saw her talking to someone in a flashy red Camero. Her body blocked the person’s identity until he moved in front of the car. His eyes narrowed when he saw it was California. He moved closer and heard her say “See.”

“Hey what’s up?” he interrupted moving up next to her.

She turned and jumped back like she had done something wrong. “Ryan!”

“Yeah. What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” David lied. “I’m just meeting other kids. I’ll see you tomorrow Sarah.”

As he drove away Sarah turned and started walking towards Ryan’s beat up black Honda Civic. “Hey…what is this “I’ll see you tomorrow” stuff?”

“He’s my bench partner in biology. That’s all.”

“Good. Why did you say “see” when I walked up?”

“I don’t remember.”

As they drove towards her house her eyes were closed as she remembered what was said a few minutes earlier.

David parked near the back of the lot and watched for her to walk out. When he saw her he sped up next to her. “Hi beautiful.”

Sarah had never been flirted with like this so it quickly excited her. “Oh hi David.”

“Do you need a ride home?” He padded the cool black leather passenger seat next to him.”

“I uh…have a ride.”

“Do you have one or kinda have one?” He had unbuttoned his tight fitting black polo shirt.

“I have one,” she said sticking her narrow pink tongue out at him.

David glanced at the exposed red bra strap on her tender pink shoulder. “I see you like red. It’s my favorite color too.”

She didn’t know what he was referring to until she followed his eyes to her bare shoulder. “My favorite color is green.”

“Mine too now,” he smiled. “What size are you?”

Again she was lost. “Size? I’m five-five.”

He chuckled. “Size meaning your bra size.”

Again she was taken back by his frankness. “I don’t believe you asked me that.”

“Thirty-two B or C?”

“How do you know so much about bras?”

He didn’t answer. “B or C?”


Seconds later she heard Ryan’s voice and jumped.


When they drove down her street he spoke again. “I spoke to that guy. He told me that he loves to surf.”

“Duh..he’s from California,” she said somewhat pissed.

“Not the kind of surf you are thinking of. He said he surfs for girls.”

“That’s better than boys,” she joked trying to break the mood. He pulled into the driveway and she turned to kiss him but he leaned back.

“Don’t you want to kiss me goodbye?”

“Tell me that you aren’t falling for this guy’s bullshit.”

“Don’t be stupid,” she said turning and walking towards the house.

When she entered the house she saw her grandmother sitting in the rocking chair knitting. “Hi grandma,” she smiled while leaning over and kissing her cheek.

“Hi sweetie,” she whispered back. “Isn’t Ryan coming in? He owes me a poker game.”

“No…uh he had something to do.”

Ten minutes later Sarah was lying on her bed with her eyes closed. She tried to not think about David but it made her think even more. She pictured in her mind his tanned bare chest and flat abs. What made it all special was that she had never been hit on before because everyone knew she was dating Ryan. Since she had never dated anyone else she had not kissed or even messed around. Now she was imagining what his kiss would be and his touch. Her fingers rubbed softly over her full breasts and gently pulled and teased her very hard nipples. “Ohhh,” she moaned. As she imagined more her right hand snaked down over her flat stomach to the top of her skirt. The button popped open and her fingertips eased down under her matching red panties. “Ohhh…David,” she moaned rubbing into her very moist virgin pussy. For the next four minutes she toyed and played until she was almost there. She jumped when her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and saw Matti’s name. “Shit.”

“What’s up?” Matti asked. “Someone told me that you were talking to California in the parking lot and Ryan walked up.”

“So what?” She snapped tired of feeling guilty.

“Easy it’s me,” Matti said. “Remember we tell each other everything.”

“I know. Come over after dinner and we can talk.”

“See you then…bye.”



Ryan too got the third degree questions from his mother for being home and not over at Sarah’s. “Do I know you?” She joked. “I mean its day time and normally my son is not here.”

“Funny,” he said not smiling. “Do you have anything to eat?”

“There’s some meatballs left over from Sunday,” she answered.

After a quick sandwich he moved to his room and called Mark. “Hey what’s up?”

“Not much,” Mark answered. “Is anything wrong?”

“No why?”

“Well you are usually at Sarah’s and I can’t remember the last time you called me on a school night.”

“I guess we had a disagreement.”

“Over the new kid.”

“Uh yeah. How did you know?”

“He’s all the girls are talking about. Anna included. I couldn’t take anymore and decided to come home as well. Hey do you want to come over?”



Sarah waited for Matti to arrive and when she did she hurried out to her car. “Let’s go for a ride.”

“Anywhere in particular?” Matti grinned.

“Yes, I found out that he is Amber’s cousin and he lives in her neighborhood.”

“Oooo, so that makes him rich too,” Matti said batting her eyelids.

They drove through the middle class neighborhoods and up a winding road to Dover Estates. “Amber lives down this way,” Matti said making the first right turn. But as soon as she turned Sarah saw the red Camaro in the driveway.

“Oh my God…he lives in the Congressman’s old house,” Matti gasped. It was probably the largest and most expensive home in Normal.

“Go slow,” Sarah whispered as she ducked down in the seat and peeked at the house. Matti circled the block twice but no one came out of the house. They were about to leave the neighborhood when Matti saw Amber walking down the street with her small white dog on a leash. As they drove by Amber smiled at them and waved.

“Oh God did she see me?” Sarah asked.



David was playing video games when his mother yelled. “David Amber is here!” He paused the game and hurried out to see her

After his mother walked away Amber smiled. “You are not going to believe who I just saw drive by your house. Sarah and Matti.”

“Cool,” David grinned. “Say do you have time to go to the mall with me? I need you to purchase something for me.”

“Sure as long as you buy me something too.”


Matti dropped Sarah off at her home and was surprised to see Ryan’s car in the driveway. When she entered the house she heard her grandmother laughing.

“You didn’t get a full house again,” Ryan laughed.

“Yes, you silly boy. You should know better than to play poker against the master.”

“Hello,” Sarah said walking into the kitchen. “So is grandma kicking butt again?”

“Yes,” Ryan said tossing his cards down. “I just lost my lunch money for tomorrow.”

“I’ll take an IOU,” Grandma May grinned. “Now you two get out of my hair so I can watch Rachel Ray.”

Ryan stood and moved towards her. “Can we talk?”

“Sure,” Sarah answered. “Let’s go to my room.”

He followed her up the stairs and down the familiar hallway. She stood by the door to her room while he walked inside. He heard the door close and was surprised that she locked it. “Locking me in?”

“Yes, my parents are not at home and Grandma can’t climb up the stairs.” She grinned as she moved into his arms. Their eyes closed as their mouth met and lips parted.

Ryan again was surprised because she normally didn’t want to mess around even with Grandma as the only chaperone. Now she was being the aggressor which was normally left up to him. Her tongue was deep down his throat when he felt her fingers fumbling at the snap on his jeans. “Wow,” he gasped pulling his lips away and stepping back to give her room to open his pants and push them and his boxers down to his ankles.

Her fingers grabbed onto his growing member and stroked until it was a hard six inches.

He wanted to ask what was going on but didn’t want break the mood. He stepped out of his pants and underwear while she pulled up his tee shirt to make him naked. It was the first time one of them had been completely naked.

“Ummm,” she whispered moving her lips to his neck and to his ear. Her fingers stopped touching his excitement because she didn’t want him to cum. “Take off my clothes.”

“OK,” he said pulling her blouse up over her red bra. He dropped to his knees and pulled down and off her shorts. He had seen all parts of her body but never completely naked. His trembling fingers grabbed onto her panties but he stopped for permission.

“Take them off. Take everything off.”

Ryan’s cock was rock hard now but he knew he had to keep his composure. Mark had told him to think of something unpleasant so he thought about the old woman down the street that yelled at him every time he tossed her newspaper onto her porch. It was working. He slowly pulled the panties off her nearly bald pussy lips and noticed the damp spot. He knew that it meant she was really excited.
“My bra.”

Again his fingers fumbled while they tried to unleash the two metal clasps. One released quickly but the other was snagged. He heard her giggling and relaxed. Finally it released and the bra fell at her feet. They moved back to see each other completely naked for the first time. He was unsure what to do next.

“Do you have protection?” She asked as she turned to show him her nearly perfect ass.

“Yes,” he said pulling out his wallet.

“Good but we won’t need it yet.” She moved onto her back on the bed and bit her lower lips as she opened her legs and her sex.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered moving to her feet and looking at the parts he had only read about. Although she had blonde hair the thin strip of pubic hairs over her shaved lips was dark brown.

Sarah had read books and internet articles about oral sex. It was something that she had been shy to do but now had the urgency to do it. “Kiss me.” Her two hands slid over her navel until they rested on her pussy.

Ryan watched in amazement as she pulled her lips apart. He also knew about oral sex but was unsure about what to do. “Are you sure?”

Her eyes closed and her lips turned into a smile. “Yes, kiss me here.” Her right index finger rubbed over her swollen clitoris. She felt the bed moving and his body touching her feet and ankles. Her legs opened more and stopped when she felt his face moving up to her need.

Ryan was laying face downward with his knees bent and his feet upward. His hands automatically slid under her soft buttocks and held them while his lips pressed into her honey pot.

“OH GOD…OH!” Her fingers captured his head and curled into his hair. “Kiss it…lick it.”

His technique was definitely lacking but it didn’t matter. She peeked down to see his eyes closed and his tongue licking up and down her pink gash. “Ohhh…yes..don’t stop.”

His nose was sore from rubbing into her bush but he was not going to disappoint her again. He was a quick learner and when she moaned he made sure to do what he was doing over and over.

Sarah had thought that she had achieved an orgasm. Many times as he touched her pussy in the past she felt hot flashes and tingling but this was something new. The tingling was starting to burn and her heart was pounding. Her mind was losing control. “Oh it feels so…Oh God…Ryan faster…faster.”

He knew something was about to happen as his lips and tongue met her demands. Her hips were flying up and down which made it hard for him to hold on. Then he thought hell had broken loose.

“AHHHHHHH!” She screamed. “AHHHHHHHH!”

His head moved back to prevent injury. He watched her body which was possessed. His eyes captured her right middle finger which took over where his tongue left off. He had never seen her masturbate and now was seeing it up close and very personal.

Sarah didn’t care what he saw. Her body had exploded into tiny pieces and her finger fought to keep the feeling alive. “OH I’M…OH GOD I’M CUMING AGAIN!”

Ryan smiled and moved down next to her while she slowly stopped touching herself. When she was finished she pulled her fingers out and turned to press herself into him. “That was amazing.”

“Good,” he whispered as he kissed her nose, chin and lips.

“Now I know how you feel when…when you cum.” They lay together for another minute when she reached down to find him still hard. “Do you want me to do you?”

He froze because he wasn’t sure if she was offering him a hand or a blow job. “With your hand?”

“No,” she giggled as she kissed his neck and slowly moved down to his right nipple. As she suckled on the tiny hard tip she looked into his passion filled eyes. “Tell me before you cum.”


Sarah didn’t touch him with her fingers as she kissed down into his thick dark pubic mound. She teased around it and when she got down t his balls she lightly licked the sac which caused his cock to point up at a 45 degree angle. She giggled and kept her tongue in contact while it moved up onto the base of his shaft and then slowly upward.

“I’m not going to last very long,” he whispered knowing that thinking about the old lady was not going to work. His whole body and mind was totally on the tip of her tongue which moved up to the ridge of his crown.

Sarah felt it jerk and knew he wasn’t going to make it much longer. But first she wanted to feel a hard penis in her mouth. Her tongue moved back into her lips which formed a big “O” and swiftly engulfed the mushroom head. Her lips tightened as they moved down and down until it didn’t move anymore. She looked up into his face as her head moved back and forth. She barely made it four times when his hand pushed back on her forehead. “NOW…NOW SARAH NOW!”

She barely made it off in time but not before his pink cannon released the cum flood of the century. She turned her face and most of the release smashed against her cheek and into her left ear. It felt like it was over when another load arrived.

“Sorry,” Ryan whispered when she sat up on the bed next to him.

“It’s OK. Don’t move until I come back with a wash cloth.”

He raised his head and watched her run naked into her bathroom. After hearing the water running for a minute or so she returned.

“Don’t get any cum on my sheet or my mother will kill me.” She had cleaned off her cheek and ear and was now wiping around his spent tool.

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It was then they both heard the garage door opening. “OH SHIT..GET DRESSED!” she said grabbing her clothes. They both laughed as they pulled on their underwear and the rest of their clothes. Sarah fixed her bed while he opened the door. Second later they sat side by side reading her text books.

“Hello,” Sarah’s mom said walking into the room seeing them in their normal positions. “Do you have homework already?”

“Hi Mrs. Zahn,” Ryan grinned. “We had some but we are finished. Do you still have some of that apple pie?”

“Yes, I saved you a piece,” she grinned. “I’ll get it out for you with some vanilla ice cream.”

After she left Sarah pushed him back. “I think she loves you more than she does me.”

He turned and looked into her soft eyes. “No one loves you more than I do.” It was the first time the word “love” was ever used between them.

It shocked her so much that she couldn’t return the feeling. “Uh…”


Matti was almost asleep at midnight when her cellphone rang. She knew it was Sarah. “Can’t sleep?”

“No…Ryan and I … we uh…”

“Fucked?!” Matti said excited.

“No. You are so gross. Grandma was the only one home and the door was locked and..we uh.. had oral sex.”

“You go girl!” Matti cheered. “So does this mean that California is out of the picture?”

“That’s what is so confusing. I have all these feelings for Ryan. God Matti he said he loved me tonight. And I feel the same but why do I get so excited when I think of David? I don’t love him. I hardly know him.”

“Maybe you don’t want to be pinned down until you have experienced something different? Both Ryan and you want to go to Illinois State. It’s in the cards that you will probably get married someday. Before it goes too far maybe…just maybe you should taste some other fruit?”

“Do you think so?”

“And the same goes for Ryan. My sister’s husband cheated on her because he said he had always wondered how it would be with another woman.”

“Are they still married?”


“See that’s what scares me.”

“Most of the girls in our school would kill to go out with Ryan. So be careful what you do.”

“God you are no help.”

“Yeah you’re right. Hell I know less about relationships than you do.”



Sarah was putting books into her locker when she heard someone behind her. She turned and saw David. “Hi,” he said smiling. “So what is my answer about going out tonight?”

“No,” she said firmly. “I have a boyfriend. Now go and find yourself a girlfriend.” She didn’t look into his sexy eyes.

He had experienced rejection before which increased his interest even more. “OK. Uh by the way I got you a present last night.” Before she could reject it he pushed it over the book in her locker and quickly walked away.

She looked around to make sure no one had seen what had occurred. The present was in a rectangular box which was not taped. While shielding her locker contents with her body she opened the box and gasped. Inside was a very sexy green bra and thong set. She pushed the box closed and hid it beneath her book bag.

Sarah didn’t say anything to David in biology or to Matti at lunchtime. She peeked at times at David who sat only a few tables from her. Ryan came in late again but this time she made sure everyone saw her give him a big wet kiss. She thought she had David out of her mind but knew he had started it again with his gift. Except for the matching red bra and panties most of her underwear was fairly basic and not really sexy.

After lunch Sarah was walking to another class when Amber touched her arm.

“I just want to tell you that none of this is coming from me.”

She pretended that she didn’t know what the girl was talking about by looking confused.

“David…I know what he has been doing.”

“Oh don’t worry. I’m not interested.”

Amber knew she was lying because she had seen her casing David’s house. “Well anyway just remember it’s not me.” She didn’t want to get the head cheerleader pissed as she was trying out for the squad.

School was out a few classes later and Sarah told Ryan that she had a cheerleading meeting with the new candidates. “I’m not sure how long it will last. Go on home and Matti will give me a ride home.”

“OK, call me when you get home. Are your parents home tonight?”

“Yes,” she laughed before leaning up to kiss him.


David waited in the parking lot for Amber when he saw Ryan leave. He smiled and sat up looking for Sarah to come out. Forty-five minutes later he saw the young girls leaving. Amber walked up to his car and started to get in.

“Can you get a ride with someone else?”

“You know you are going to piss her off and fuck up my chances of making cheerleader,” she sighed.

David watched her run over to another girl’s car whose mother was waiting. About ten minutes later he saw the older girls and waited until Sarah was walking to the back lot with Matti. He drove up next to Matti’s car after they got in and rolled down his window. “Hi ladies.”

“Hi David,” Matti said quickly. “Are you waiting for me?”

He grinned and looked at Sarah. “Care for some ice cream?”

Sarah wanted to say no but felt she needed to talk to him about this madness. “OK But just ice cream.” She got out of Matti’s car and into his. He stayed parking there until Matti left his car as the last one in the lot.

“David you have to stop this..this trying seduce me,” she said not looking his way.

“But you have seduced me.”

“ME? What have I done?” She asked looking his way. Her fingers curled together on her lap.

“Your eyes are breathtaking and all I can think about are your lips. God, I want to kiss you so much.”

“I…I love Ryan. We’ve been together…”

“I know forever. Does he make you feel like I do?”

“Yes,” she lied. Her body turned towards his and she stared into his sexy eyes.

“Are you sure?” He whispered while moving his face closer and closer towards hers. Her body was frozen until his lips pressed ever so gently into hers. He watched her eyes closed and moved his left hand down around her waist. As he pulled her closer his lips opened and his tongue moved unthreatening between her lips. Suddenly her head jerked back and she looked at him.

“One kiss…that’s it and you have to promise me that this is over.”

He nodded and reached around her body. This time his mouth was more forceful. As it moved against hers he felt her lips open slightly. It was his green light to proceed.

Sarah had only kissed Ryan and was inexperienced when David teased and played with her lips and tongue. She felt his hand move up her arm to her shoulder until his finger tips slowly and gently played with her sensitive earlobe. It was something new and it quickly heated up her body.

“Ah,” she moaned when he toyed with her ear. Her mouth pulled away and moved to his ear. “That’s driving me crazy.”

He grinned before leaning forward and sucking on her other earlobe. He knew some girls were more turned on it than others.

“Ohh,” she moaned before pushing him back and away. “Slow down.”


“You know why and I’m not planning on doing that tonight.”

He pulled her mouth back to his expecting her to stop him because he had agreed to only one kiss. But this time her hand pulled his open lips to hers. It felt so different and so exciting to kiss someone else. A few minutes later she was losing control again when her cell phone rang. “STOP!” She pushed him back and looked at her phone. It was Ryan.

“You have to promise me that…that you won’t tell anyone about this.”

“And if I promise what’s in it for me?”

She looked at the bulge in his pants. “Maybe we will do it again. Or maybe more.” She surprised herself by reaching down and over until her fingers curled around his thickness.

“OH FUCK,” he moaned looking down at her petite fingers squeezing and measuring his hidden desire.

“Deal?” She said squeezing it tighter. She wanted to take it out and inspect it but decided against it. It felt about the same size as Ryan’s.

“YES! Stop squeezing it.” He sighed when she let it go. “You’re not going to leave me like this are you?”

“I’m sure you can take care of it yourself. Now I need to go home.”

David sighed and turned to face the front. As he started the car she moved back into her seat and tried to fix her hair which had gotten messed up. “Are you going to model the bra and panties for me?”

“Maybe if you keep your promise and ask Matti out.”

“What?” he stopped the car that was rolling forward.

“Matti. If you are going out with her then no one will suspect anything.”

“Shit you are surprising me.”

“I’m surprising myself,” she whispered not loud enough for him to hear.

“Say my parents are away in California finishing up the sale of our last house. Maybe you can model your undies for me then.”

“You’re a bad boy,” she giggled.

After parking a block from her house she turned and leaned over for one last deep wet kiss. She felt his hand moving up her body and didn’t stop it from cupping her left breast. After he found her hard tip she let him play with it until another car came down the street. “Stop. Remember to call Matti. Here is her phone number.” She took a pen out of her purse and wrote it on his palm.


An hour after eating and reading her homework assignment she called Ryan. “Hi sorry I missed you after school.”

“Yeah, I just got home.”

“Are you in your bedroom?” She whispered so her parents couldn’t over hear her.

“Yes, I’m about to take a shower.”

“I wish I was there taking one with you.”

“Really?” He still couldn’t believe the recent change in her. “I wish you were here too.”

“Last night was fun,” she said in her sexiest voice. “I can’t wait to do it again.”

“God you are exciting me.”

“Are you hard?”


“I’m wet.”

“Jesus…I’m going to come over now and sneak in your window.”

“Go take a cold shower,” she laughed. “Good night.”

Five minutes later her phone rang again. She acted surprised when Matti told her about David asking her out.

“Where are you going?”

“He said he will be home alone and wants me to come over there. But I think it’s too fast. Are you still interested in him?”

“No,” Sarah answered. “But what if you ask him to invite Ryan and I?”

“I thought Ryan was getting jealous.”

“He is but if you are with David he will back off. Maybe we…maybe we can party all night?”

“All night,” Matti repeated.

“I’ll tell my mom that I’m sleeping over Cheryl’s house and you can do the same.”

“Cheryl. But she moved away a week ago.”

“Our Mom’s don’t know that.”

“But David will want to…to go all the way.”


“Yeah…so?” Matti laughed.

After they hung up Sarah pulled out the gift box and took out the sheer green bra and thong. After her shower she put them on and smiled. She knew she was playing with fire however she had passed the point of no return.


Matti pulled into the senior parking lot the next morning and was happy to see David sitting in his car. She had put on her sexiest panties and decided not to wear a bra. Since she was somewhat flat on top no one could tell anyway. “Hi.”

“Wow,” he said sitting up taking notice. The girl who mostly hid her body was wearing some nice clinging clothes. “Are you really Matti?”

“Yes,” she giggled. “The real me.” She twirled around making sure he saw her ass which was her best feature.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow,” he whispered reaching out and taking her hand. “My parents leave early tomorrow morning.”

“I can’t either. Say what would you say about inviting Sarah and Ryan over as well?”

“Uh…yeah that would be cool but I’m not sure how happy Ryan would be.”

“Don’t worry Sarah and I will work on him.”

“Sarah knows about this?”

“Yes, but remember we are a couple.”

“Definitely,” he grinned. It had been almost a month since he had fucked his last girl friend in California and from Matti’s actions knew she would go all the way. “We have pool so you can bring a bathing suit or not.”

“I like the “or not”,” she giggled. She felt him pulling her hand which brought her body up against his door. As he leaned upward she leaned down until their lips met and their eyes closed.

David decided to go slowly but it was Matti’s tongue that lashed outward to pry open his lips. They frenched for a minute until they heard another car driving in. They peeked out and saw the shocked look on Ryan’s face.

“Holy Shit! Is David kissing Matti?”

“Yes,” Sarah grinned. “Matti told me that he asked her out this weekend.”

“Great! I mean that’s good for Matti…you know..she hasn’t really dated anyone since she broke up with Paul.”

Sarah felt a little jealous but knew that David was still hot for her. She knew it was dangerous dating her long time boyfriend while experimenting with another guy. But now that Matti was taking away Ryan’s suspicions it would be a little easier.

“Hi,” David smiled as he walked up to Sarah and Ryan while holding Matti’s hand. “How would you two like to come over to my house tomorrow afternoon? I can put some burgers on the grill and can sneak some booze from my parent’s wet bar.”

Ryan was about to say no when Sarah quickly accepted. “That would be great. Right Ryan?”

“I don’t think your parents will let us drink booze,” he said still not totally trusting the guy.

“No parents this weekend. They will be in California starting tomorrow morning.”

“Let’s go,” Sarah whispered. “It will give us some time alone.”

“I don’t know…”




Sarah and David split off to go to their homeroom. As they walked to their seats David whispered, “So what is the plan for tomorrow?”

“What happens…happens,” she grinned. After sitting down, she waited until he faced her way again before she pushed her shirt off her shoulder.

“Nice,” he said seeing the green bra strap. She definitely was getting really good at being a prick teaser.

Homeroom was over but they stayed behind. After everyone was out of the room he pulled her over behind the doorway where no one could see them. “You made me hard already.”

She giggled and leaned up to kiss his ear. “Maybe Matti will take care of it for you.”

“You tease,” he whispered while reaching behind her to cup her nice round butt. “Show me the panties.”

“Maybe later,” she said as she slipped out under his arm and ran out the door.
David put his books over his hard bulge and walked out into the busy hallway.


The next two classes went fast. When David walked into the biology lab he saw Sarah sitting at the bench at the back. “Why are you sitting back here?”

“You’ll see.”

The teacher was not there when the bell rang but a few minutes later a new adult walked in. “Hi I’m your substitute teacher for today. So why don’t you all read up on the next chapter?” He sat at the front desk and pulled out his IPHONE.

David pulled out his lab book and started reading until he saw some tanned skin appear next to him. He held his book up in front of this head and turned to watch Sarah slowly sliding up her blue and green pleated skirt. His eyes didn’t blink until the skirt bunched at her waist and her body from her navel down only had the sheer green thong as a cover. It didn’t cover much at all.

“Shit,” he whispered seeing the small patch of dark pubic hairs over her visible pussy lips. He reached over to touch her leg but she slapped his hand away. She smiled as she opened her legs about five inches before closing them and pushing down her skirt.

“That’s it?”



David was surprised when Ryan sat next to him during lunch. “What’s up?”

“Well your girlfriend just showed me her pussy,” David thought. “Not much,” he answered.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you why you picked Matti?”

“Like you said a lot of the good ones are taken. But Matti really looks good today,” he said looking over at the cheerleader table. Matti’s skirt was high on her nice muscular tanned thighs.

“What is Matti’s history?” David whispered. “I mean has she been serious with another guy?”

“Yeah, the tall football player over there,” Ryan said directing his eyes at the football bunch. “They dated for almost a year. I’m not sure why they broke up.”

“Thanks. It’s good to know before you get involved with somebody. She looks like she can be a lot of fun. Do you know if anyone has…has popped her cherry?”

“Hey, if I did know I wouldn’t tell anyone. She’s a good friend and you better not hurt her.”

“Oh..sorry. You’re right. It was a dumb question.”


The conversation with David bothered Ryan so he told Sarah he would call her later after dropping her off at her house. As he drove back towards his house he stopped at Matti’s house. “Hi Mrs. Reynolds. Is Matti home?” He asked at the door.

“Hi Ryan. Yes, she’s upstairs. Go on up and make sure you knock. You know…”

“Yes,” he blushed. He moved up the familiar stairs and stopped by her closed bedroom door before tapping. “Matti.” He heard some noises inside and a minute later she opened the door. She was wearing a long football jersey that used to be Paul’s.

“Hi, what are you doing here?” She asked surprised.

“I don’t know. I mean do you have some time to talk.”

“Sure, come in.” After he walked in she closed the door behind her.

Ryan couldn’t help noticing the pile of clothing on the foot of her bed that she had worn to school that day. What made him uneasy was the black bra and matching panties. He wondered if she was naked under the jersey. He turned and moved away from the bed.

Matti grinned and sat on the edge of her bed making sure to keep the jersey down. “What’s up?”

“Are you sure you want to date this California guy? I mean it’s obvious he’s only after one thing.”

“I know. I think I can control him.” She knew from Sarah that Ryan was also a virgin. “Thank you for being concerned about me.”

He smiled. “You and I go back a long way. I knew you before I met Sarah.”

“You were my first boyfriend. What was it? The second grade?”

“Third,” he answered quickly.

“That’s right. You gave me my first kiss in the coat room. Remember?”

“Of course,” he grinned.

“I still have your third grade picture.” She twisted around and pointed at a small bulletin board that had pictures and notes over her headboard.

Ryan’s eyes looked up at the board and then quickly downward at her tanned legs. As she twisted the jersey pulled up over her left hip. He saw her bare pink and perfectly rounded buttocks. He quickly turned and looked away.

“You were so cute,” she said turning back around. She saw him turned away and then looked down at her naked thighs. “Oops, sorry about that.”

“You’ve been my friend longer than Sarah has,” Matti whispered as she stood up and walked up behind him. “Now I think I should warn you about David.”

He turned quickly. “Warn me…why?”

“You can’t tell Sarah or it will be over between us. Promise?”


“Sarah has this thing for David almost as much as he does for her.”

“She does?”

“All the girls in school immediately fell in love with him. He’s got good looks and is rich. And, it’s apparent that he has a lot of experience with girls.”

“Fuck…sorry. Has she…have they done anything?”

“Ryan…I shouldn’t..”

“It’s OK. I knew something was going on. Sarah has changed since he arrived.” He took a deep breath and sat down on her bed. “Please tell me what you know.”

“I only know that they have kissed and that she touched him.”

“Touch him…do you mean..?”

“Just on his pants. I think she is only teasing him. I don’t think she will let him go too far.”

“I got to stop it. What do you think I should do?”

“There is probably going to be some teasing and playing around between the two of them tomorrow at David’s house. Maybe you should give her a taste of her own medicine.”

“I uh…don’t understand.”

“It would be weird but maybe you can I…you know should do the same.”

“But you are like my sister. I’ll probably laugh if we…you know…kissed or something.”

“Let’s do it now to test if it will work or not.”


“Yes, unless you think I’m so ugly.” She sat next to him and turned facing him.

“What about…uh…your mother?”

“You and I have played in this bedroom for at least fifteen years. You are probably the only boy she will allow in here.” She smiled and pushed him down on his back. “Are you ready?”

“I guess so…yes.” His eyes followed her face as she leaned over onto him and aimed her soft lips down to his. At first they both were afraid to move. It did feel strange but at the same time Ryan’s right hand was now under her body and resting against her bare thigh. He remembered that she was naked under the jersey.

Matti was about to pull back because it didn’t look like they had any chemistry. But then she felt his fingertips slowly rubbing on her tender thigh. Her right knee moved upward and over until she pressed down into his now very hard bulge. Both of their lips opened at the same time and their tongues met and mixed.

Suddenly the act of testing was forgotten. So was the rest of the world and the two friends discovered they had feelings a lot deeper and a lot hotter. Their tongues became more aggressive while his fingers moved up and down her thigh.

Ryan felt her leg rubbing faster and faster so he lifted his fingers expecting to feel her pubic hairs but only felt hot damp flesh instead. As it explored to the center of her sex her lips and face moved back to look into his eyes. Neither said a word as his middle finger pushed into her puffy dripping lips. Her body moved upward to allow him to move inside.

“Oh that feels so good,” she whispered as his long finger disappeared. She shifted her right leg back and reached down to open and release the snap on his jeans. “Help me,” she whispered.

Ryan kept his right middle finger pushing in and out while his left hand pulled his jeans open. Her fingers dropped the zipper all the way down and hurried to find the opening in his baby blue boxers. Seconds later she fished out his hard throbbing cock and lightly held it in her fingers.

Their lips returned as they masturbated each other until both were ready to cum. “Are you ready?” She whispered.


Matti smiled and grabbed her panties and held them over his cock while she jerked him off. “Cum in my panties,” she whispered.

“Ohhh,” he moaned loudly feeling the smooth silk against his cannon. “Do it.”

Her fingers moved in warp speed until his hips shot upward. She held the silk tightly and felt his release. Again and again. When he was finished she dropped the black moist undies to the floor and moved onto her back. She turned her lips to his while he touched and probed inside a pussy for the first time.

“Right there,” Matti said taking his finger and directing it to her “G” spot. “Right there.”

He moved down slightly to get the right angle and pressed and rubbed. Her mouth moved to his to prevent a scream that her mother would surely hear. It took less than a minute to get her to the top. “Ummmph,” she sounded into his mouth. “Ummmph!”

She couldn’t remember the last time she had climaxed like this. She had given Paul her cherry but when she found out that he told the whole school she broke it off. She thought that maybe she would let David be next but suddenly the subject of her passion had change. Her mind went blank and body collapsed. She smiled and turned to face him.

“Why haven’t we ever gone out?”

“Because you were like my sister,” he grinned.

“Well right now I would let my brother do anything he wanted,” she whispered before pulling his lips down to hers again. They frenched for another two minutes before she heard her mother yelling from below.


“Are you?” She whispered.

“YES!” He yelled back.

She helped him push his semi-hard-on back into his underwear. She helped him zip up and walked over to her closet. She knew he was watching as she lifted off the jersey and stood there naked. She took her time putting on new panties and a bra. As she pulled on a tee shirt she was so at ease like they had done this for a long time.


Ryan expected to receive a call from Sarah while he ate at Matti’s but she never called. It was around 9PM when Matti’s mother went to bed. “Goodnight Ryan,” she smiled as she walked up the stairs. Matti’s father had died at an early age.

As they sat close to each other watching a TV movie Matti leaned against him and held his hand in hers. Her thumb rubbed over his hand as his hand moved around her shoulders.

Both were thinking about what had happened upstairs and what it really meant. It was 10PM when Matti’s phone rang. She looked and saw that it was Sarah. “Hi, what’s up?”

“Nothing. Just bored sitting here. I didn’t want to see Ryan tonight because he will probably start in about David. I just want to make sure that…you know…tomorrow night you will keep Ryan busy at times.”

“Sure,’ Matti smiled as she squeezed his hand tighter. “Anything to help out a friend. See you tomorrow.” She hung up and turned his way. “That was Sarah.”

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“Did she say why she didn’t call me? I mean I’m glad she didn’t but she normally does.”

“No,” Matti lied. “I could stay like this all night but I guess you should leave.” She leaned over and again pressed her mouth hard into his. They tongue kissed for almost five minutes before he cupped her petite titty. “I don’t have as much there as Sarah does.”

“Shhhh,” he whispered pulling her into his body again. His fingers found her hard tip and played while his tongue danced with hers. Finally she pushed him back and took a deep breath. “Go home.”

As he walked ahead of her to the door she reached down and pinched his firm buttocks. “Hey…”


David set up the wet bar in the sun room near the patio door. The pool was nice and warm and ready to go when he heard the first doorbell around 4:55PM. He opened it and saw Ryan. “Hey Bud. Come in.”

Ryan didn’t expect for him to call him bud. But as they walked back to the patio the guy acted like they had been friends for ever. “Have you ever seen the pool area?”

“No, I’ve never been back here.” He saw the pile of towels. “I didn’t know we were planning on going into the pool. I didn’t bring any swim trunks.”

Ryan chuckled. “It will be dark soon. Maybe you can help me get the girls to go in wearing their undies.”

“So that’s it,” Ryan thought. He saw the booze and the pool and knew the guy’s purpose was to get everyone snookered and then get into both Sarah’s and Matti’s panties. “Uh…I’m not sure that Sarah will go for it.”

“Maybe she will,” David said hearing the doorbell again. As Ryan sat down by the bar sipping on a cold beer he waited until both girls walked onto the patio. Both were wearing very short sundresses. Sarah immediately ran up to him and into his arms.

“Hi,” she whispered as she rubbed her full firm breasts into his chest. “Tonight is going to be so much fun.”

Ryan looked over her shoulder at Matti and David who were kissing. As she leaned upward to reach his mouth her dress rode up her tanned thighs until the bottoms of her pink buttocks were seen. He wasn’t sure if she was wearing panties. It quickly made him hard.

After getting the girls some wine David moved inside the house to get the burgers and buns ready. “Anyone want to help?”

Before anyone could blink Sarah quickly jumped up and ran after him. “I will.” Matti glanced at Ryan and rolled her eyes. He moved and sat down next to her.

“So is this the plan?” Ryan whispered. “They will periodically break off alone and mess around.”

“Yes,” she told me to keep you busy talking.”

“Just talking?” He grinned as he moved his left hand behind her back and rubbed down low until he felt the waist strap of her thong.

“Yes, for now,” she said wanting to pull his body into hers.


As soon as the door closed David moved back out of sight and pulled Sarah’s body into his. “I’ve been hard all day thinking about this.” He leaned down to kiss her but she pulled her face back.

“We have to be careful. I don’t want Ryan to know.”

“But, why did we even invite him?”

“To keep his suspicions down.”

“What are you wearing under the dress?”

“The bra and panties you gave me,” she answered while reaching down to feel his hardness. “You are hard.”

“Yes, are you going to take care of it for me? I can’t walk out there like this.”

“OK, but keep an eye on them to make sure they won’t walk in.” She dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. Seconds later her tiny fingers curled around the thick shaft. She started stroking but stopped and spit in her palm. Again she stroked but this time with lubrication. “How’s that?”

“OH FUCK YES,” he groaned. “Suck it for me.”

“No..maybe later. Cum now or I’m going to stop.” Her fingers moved faster and faster until his body tensed and he came. “AHHH!”

Sarah giggled and moved to the side to prevent the cum from spattering onto her body and dress. “Now clean it up and I’ll take out the food.” She grabbed the salad bowl and after walking out onto the deck she froze when she saw Ryan and Matti kissing. She turned her body and closed the door to make a noise. After giving them a second she turned and saw their bodies and lips apart. “Sorry it took so long. We had to cut up some tomatoes.”

Ryan was rock hard and put his wrist over his bulge. He remembered seeing the tomatoes already in the salad so he knew it was the first of many lies that evening.

“Ryan, why don’t you help David with the burgers?” Sarah asked. As he stood up she could see that he was still hard. As soon as he was inside she moved over to Matti. “What the hell was that?”

“What? The kissing? Well you wanted me to keep him busy and he was starting to wonder what was keeping you. Besides why can’t I have some fun too?”

“Cause he’s my boyfriend remember?” Sarah gasped.

“You’re fucked up,” Matti said getting pissed.

“Stop the kissing. Only talk,” Sarah said with her hands on her hips.


Ryan walked inside and saw David leaning over to clean something off the floor. “Spill something?”

“What? Uh…yeah some ranch dressing,” David lied. He squeezed the paper towel up and stood to toss it in the garbage.

Ryan quickly noticed that David’s zipper was open. Since he was sure it wasn’t like that before it meant Sarah either jerked him off or gave him a blow job. He thought he could handle seeing her messing around but was getting pissed.

They carried the food outside and both guys noticed the girls were far apart and it didn’t look like they had been talking.

“Let’s eat,” David said to break the ice.

The eating went quickly since all four wanted to get to the next stage. David kept the booze coming and before long the four of them were laughing and dancing around.

“So are you ticklish Sarah?” David asked to get the party going and to find out just how far he could go with her with Ryan around.

“No,” she lied as she backed away. “And don’t tickle me.” She put down her drink and when David stood up and ran at her she quickly dashed into the house. “Come here!”

“I guess this leaves us alone,” Matti grinned as she moved to Ryan’s chair and straddled the seat causing her legs and dress to open up. “See anything you like?”

“Fuck,” he whispered seeing her bald pussy lips open for his visual enjoyment. “Maybe I should go and look for them?”

She was about to slide closer to him when the back door opened up again and Sarah came running out only wearing her sexy green bra and matching thong. David was on her heels. “OH GOD…I’M GOING INTO THE POOL”

David, Ryan and Matti saw her pose on the small diving board before performing a perfect jackknife dive.

“Wait for me!” David laughed as he jumped and grabbed his ankle to splash her when she surfaced.

“I guess the real party has started,” Matti grinned as she pushed down her dress over her small bare breasts and bare pussy mound. “Coming?”


The next few minutes were a blur to Sarah. She and David had kissed and touched in the house before he quickly removed her dress. She wanted to mess around with him but deep down was concerned about Matti being alone with her long time boyfriend. She pushed David back and ran out to the pool.

“HEY!” She yelled when she surfaced and felt the huge wave splash into her head and shoulders. She tried to swim away but felt someone grab onto her ankles.

“Come here you,” David laughed as he pulled her nearly nude body back against him. Before she could react he opened her bra clasp and pushed down her panties. She was naked and was his to touch and play with.

“Oh God,” Sarah gasped when his lips and fingers moved everywhere on her body. Her mind was lost in lust and was unaware that a naked Ryan was French-kissing a naked Matti only a few feet from her. As David picked her up and she locked her legs around his hips she made eye contact with Ryan who was kissing Matti looking her way.

“Oh God no…Ryan..,” she gasped realizing that everything was out on the table. She saw Matti turn and smile at her. “You bitch…you told him…didn’t you?”

Matti nodded and returned her open lips to Ryan’s. She backed up to the edge of the pool and opened her legs to get him inside. “Watch me fuck him,” Matti thought as she reached down and aimed his hard torpedo at her opened sex.

“OHHH!” Ryan cried feeling his first pussy surround and clamp onto his manhood.

“WAIT! Sarah gasped as she felt David about to do the same to her. “Let’s switch…OHHH!” She moaned feeling her tightness give and the California shaft enter her tight sex.

Sarah felt some pain at first but being in the water helped reduce friction. It took a few minutes for him to get all the way inside and when he was there she looked again for Ryan. He was gone. “Where did they go?”

“In the house,” David answered as he pulled out. “It’s a lot more fun on a bed.”

Sarah knew it was too late to stop her boyfriend and her BFF from having sex. David knew what buttons to push and she did want to experience another guy. She hurried to keep up with him as he ran up to his parent’s bedroom. After she climbed onto the bed she was about to turn over onto her back when she felt him hold her ass still.
“Doggie is my favorite,” he laughed before slapping his right hand down hard onto her soft right buttock. “SMACK!”

“OUCH! THAT HURT!” She yelled as she tried to put her hand over her cheek to prevent the next slap. This time he did the left buttock. “SMACK!”

David liked to be rough with his new conquests. He now had the most popular girl in school on her knees. “Stay there I need to get some lube.”

“Lube,” she repeated. ‘What for…?”

“Your ass,” he chuckled as he smeared the lubricating jelly on his middle finger and rubbed it around her tiny rear hole.

“Oh God…David…I want you to fuck me…fuck pussy.”

“Sure,” he grinned as he covered his hard-on with the grease and guided his cock into her tight and ready pussy. “Is this what you want?”

“YES…oh God YES!!

“Say it. Say you want me to fuck your pussy.”

“I do…she gasped feeling the pleasure. Fuck my pussy…don’t stop!

“Yell it out!”



Ryan could hear the moaning and bodies smacking together in the other bedroom nearby. Matti was lying across his thighs with his hard cock in her lips.

“I can’t believe she would do this to me,” he said as Matti moved up onto his hips and lowered her sweet pussy to his pink tower.

“She got what she wanted,” Matti grinned. “So did I.”


The fucking felt really good. So good she forgot about Ryan and Matti doing the same somewhere in the house. “Just tonight,” she whispered. “Just this once.”

David heard her words and knew it was time to make her his. As he pulled out of her pussy from behind he grabbed his shaft and aimed it a few inches higher. The lubrication helped but his cock had a rough time entering her virgin anus. “LIKE IT BABY? LIKE ME IN YOUR ASS?”

“Ahhh! It hurts!,” she cried out. She wanted him to stop but knew it was too late. The lube helped ease the pain. This was not the sex she had dreamed about with him. She wanted the long foreplay, the kissing and touching. She wanted his compliments. All he wanted was to fuck her and make her his trophy. Finally she felt him grunt and cum inside of her bowels.

David smiled and moved next to her. “Did you cum Sarah?”

She wanted to push him out of the second floor window.


Matti was fast asleep in his arms with her smooth butt up against his spent tool. His hand was around her waist. He had no idea what time it was as he started drifting off to sleep again. During the night he heard the soft creaking of the door and saw it opening. Seconds later Sarah pushed her face into the opening. The light from the hallway shone down on their naked bodies. His eyes locked onto hers.

“Ryan…please come here.” She said softly.

He took his time moving back from Matti to prevent her from awakening. He didn’t think about his nakedness as he walked to the doorway. Sarah moved back to let him out. As he moved closer he saw her bare body that was covered with numerous red marks. “Jesus it looks like you got mauled by a bear.”

“I know. I…I really didn’t want this…this to happen,” she said moving closer.

“That’s not the impression I got from all the fucking noises I heard coming from David’s room.”

“But you…you left me with him in the pool to be with Matti. I’m..uh willing to forget none of this took place. We can start over.” She reached down and held his limp penis. “I’ll do whatever you want…anything.”

“Is that what you did with David tonight? Everything? Sarah I could hear everything. I know he fucked you in your ass.”

“Ryan…it’s over. I don’t want him. I want you. You said that you loved me.”

He peeled her fingers from his cock. “I know about you kissing and touching him before tonight. I don’t think I could ever trust you again.”

“Matti told you didn’t she? Don’t you see that she wanted me to…to mess around with David so that she could be with you?”

“Matti has nothing to do with this. Things haven’t felt right with us for some time now. I think it’s time to go our separate ways.”

“Ryan no…I love you too. I don’t know why I did what I did with David. But I swear to you that I’ll never do it again. You are the only one I want.” Tears fell from her rosy cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” He turned and moved back into the bedroom. After closing the door he moved back up against Matti’s ass. She turned towards him and pulled his front into hers.

“I was worried that you weren’t coming back,” she whispered.

He smiled and pulled her flat tummy against his growing member. “I want to be with you.”

Her hand moved between their bodies and found his now erect cock. “I want you inside of me.” She pushed him onto his back and climbed on top. After guiding him into her sore moist hole she slowly started riding him. “I could do this forever.”

“Me too.”


David was in the kitchen the next morning eating a bagel when Matti walked in wearing a tee shirt she found in the bedroom closet. “Good morning,” he grinned. “Have a fun night?”

“No, I had a great night,” she smiled back not caring that he could see the sharp points of her nipples pushing out the thin cotton material. “I need to go out and get my clothes.”

As she walked by him he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto his lap. She quickly realized that he was naked and was very hard. “Let me up,” she said sharply looking into his eyes.

He laughed and lifted her ass up so his cock was pushing up between her bare thighs. “You are my date remember?”

“Uh…I think that you slept with Sarah last night…remember?” She tried to get up but he held her down.

“I’m finished with her but I still have a lot for you.”

“You’re an asshole,” she said digging her fingernails into his arm.



Sarah heard some noise downstairs and hoped that Ryan was still around so she could talk to him some more. She hurried down to the kitchen and heard Matti and David talking. When she heard David say he was finished with her she walked around the doorway when Matti dug her nails into him.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Sarah screamed as she ran into the room and pushed him hard into his chest. The chair he was sitting on crashed back against the kitchen sink and then onto the floor.


Sarah grabbed Matti’s hand and pulled her towards the hallway doorway. David quickly jumped to his feet and was only a few steps behind them when he turned into the hallway. He didn’t see the fist that flattened against his nose. His body crumbled down like a large sack of potatoes.

Sarah and Matti ran by Ryan and were heading towards the stairs when they heard the crash behind them. Both turned and saw Ryan standing over David’s body.

“Oh God…Is he alright?” Sarah asked rushing up to him.

“I hope he’s fucking dead,” Matti gasped.

“David…David,” Sarah said leaning forward.

Ryan could see David’s chest rising and falling and knew he was out cold. He waited until the shit head moaned and opened his eyes.

“Wha…What happened?”

“Don’t get up,” Sarah said.

“I’m OK,” David groaned. “What the fuck hit me?”

Although he was shorter than David he was stronger. “I did you ass. “We are getting out of here.” He walked by Sarah and moved outside to get their clothes.

When Ryan returned David was sitting next to Sarah. “Here are you clothes if you want them,” Ryan said smartly towards Sarah.

David started to stand but sat back down when Ryan stopped. “Hey man why are you so pissed? We heard you fucking Matti.”

“David. What happened is over.”

“Yes, and you better not say a word to anyone,” Ryan glared at the guy with the swollen red nose.

“He won’t,” Sarah said looking at him. “Will you David?”

“No. Not a word,” David frowned. “I’m still not sure why everyone is pissed. We all got what we wanted last night.” He reached for Sarah’s hand but she pulled it away.

“What happened is over.” She said more firmly. “And as long as you are alright we are leaving.”

“I’m ok,” David said. “I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”

“Make sure you don’t,” Ryan said. It was the first time he had ever slugged someone and in this case it felt pretty good.

Matti, Sarah and Ryan stood naked together before putting on their clothing. None said a word and none of them peeked at the nudeness around them. Since Sarah had driven Matti to the house she thought that she would also ride her home. But when they got to the street Matti went to Ryan’s car.

“Uh…I can give you a ride home,” Sarah said realizing that she was the odd person out now.

“I’m riding with Ryan,” Matti smiled.

“Ryan, call me later,” Sarah said still clinging to any hope that they could put this behind them.

But he didn’t respond as they got into his car and drove away.


“Want to come in and say hello to my Mom?” Matti asked as she leaned over to kiss him.

“I’m too tired,” he said moving back before their lips touched.

She sat back instead of leaving. “Are we…are we now going out?”

“Matti you know I like you a lot. Right now I need some time to get my head straight.”

“I understand. Call me later.” She turned and moved outside.


Ryan didn’t call either girl but they both called him repeatedly. At school no one seemed to notice until a few days went by and he was not seen with Sarah. Suddenly the rumors started about them breaking up.

“What’s up with Sarah?” Miles Norton asked him in their biology class.

“Nothing. We are taking a break from each other,” Ryan answered.

“Man, I thought you guys were always going to be together. What happened?”

“I guess things got stale. We need a break.”

Miles had heard rumors about the California kid and Sarah. “It was California wasn’t it?”

“I’m not going to get into it,” Ryan said.

“There is also a rumor that Matti broke you up because she wanted you.”

Ryan looked hard into Mile’s eyes. “Who said that?” He knew it had to be David or Sarah.


Matti sat on the bleachers as the girls in her gym class played basketball. The rumor that she broke up Ryan and Sarah started before they even arrived to school that first morning after David’s party. It had to be David, Sarah or even David’s cousin Amber.

She saw David walking from the parking lot sporting a dark black eye. “Well I’m surprised that you are even talking to me,” he said walking up to her.

“Did you tell anyone that I broke up Sarah and Ryan?”

“No…I said I wasn’t going to say anything and I didn’t. You guys in this small ass town take everything too seriously.”

It came down to Sarah and Amber. Sarah normally waited for her at their gym lockers but when she got there Sarah wasn’t. After entering the large gym she saw the cheerleaders surrounding her ex-BFF. One of them saw her walk in and they all turned to look her way. They all made eye contact but Sarah who wouldn’t look at her. It was obvious who had started the rumor.

Matti was a pretty good basketball player and normally got picked first for a team but as the girls picked their teams they left her out. Finally Sarah looked at her and if looks could kill she would be dead. One of the girls hurt her ankle and a gym teacher called for Matti to get into the game. It was fitting that she was opposing Sarah.

It was Sarah who fouled her hard when she went up for a layup. Matti quickly stood up to confront her but she had turned and ran back down the floor. The next time down Matti was ready for the foul and turned into Sarah knocking her on her ass. As she looked over her a few other cheerleaders ran over to start fighting.

“No,” Sarah said standing up. “Boyfriend stealers are not worth the trouble.” Sarah smiled until she turned and saw Ryan standing about ten feet away. She saw the anger in his eyes and walked towards him. “Ryan…she…she started it.”

He moved closer so he would whisper. “Do you want me to tell the whole school how you cheated on me first and all the things you let the asshole do to you?”

“Ryan…we..need to talk.”

But he walked by her and moved over to the group of girls. “She didn’t steal me. It was my choice.” He took her hand and walked her to the locker room door. Another girl on the basketball team walked over to them.

“Need any help?” The girl was over 6 foot and well built.

“Yes…would you make sure Matti doesn’t have any problems in the locker room?”

“I can take care of myself.”

“I know but I want to make sure it is fair.”


Ryan hung out with his friends the next few weeks. Sarah’s phone calls and text messages got less and less until they finally stopped. The rumors stopped about what happened and Ryan and Sarah returned to their posts as the most popular seniors. Neither was surprised when they were nominated to be King and Queen of the school. It was at the football game at half time when they discovered that they won.

“Congratulations,” he said smiling as he put on her crown as the whole school and most parents watched. “You look beautiful.”

“You too,” she smiled back. “I mean handsome not beautiful.” All the many years together flashed back in their minds. There were so many good times and so much fun. As they stood holding hands she squeezed his fingers. “I’m so sorry Ryan. If I could take it back I’d do anything. I’ve always loved you too. I still do.” Tears fell from her eyes from the sadness.

“I still love you too Sarah. I understand now how he seduced you and seduced everyone. I don’t want to live my life without you.”

“Really?” She asked with her broken heart beating rapidly. “Does that mean?”

“Yes, I want to start again but I’ll have to trust you again. Part of what happened was my fault. I shouldn’t have waited so long and I shouldn’t have hooked up with Matti. I’m sorry.”

“Oh God Ryan, I’m so happy. Will you kiss me?”

Most of the kids knew about the long time lovers breaking up and most of them were sad. When Ryan turned her to him and they kissed the whole football stadium applauded, stood up and called their names. As they walked from the field arm in arm Matti walked up to them.

“I’m happy for you two.”

Sarah smiled and pulled her aside. “If he can forgive me then I can forgive you. But if you are ever alone with him again I’m going to kick your ass.”

“What did you say?” Ryan asked when she walked back to him.

“I just told her that I forgave her. Say there is someone here who asked me to bring you to her.”

Ryan followed her to the lower bleachers and saw her smiling and waving. “Grandma! I’m so happy to see you.”

“Ryan where have you been? I’ve had to play solitaire because you haven’t come around much.”

“I know…I’m sorry and I promise to stop by and give you a good poker game as much as I can. After all you are the only girl I can trust.”

“What was that?” Sarah asked.

“I said my poker game has a lot of rust,” he lied.




Note from Slick- I know a lot of you won’t like the ending but these are 18 year-old kids. I never said they would be getting married. Besides we all like happy endings right? Thanks for your votes and feedback. I have a bunch of stories that need endings so you will be seeing more coming out. Enjoy…Love ya..Slick

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