Camping on the Tennessee River

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I’ve had a “thing” for the girl next door for as long as I can remember. Ever since Elise and her family moved in next door I thought she was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen. She’s also the sweetest, funniest, smartest, and the sexiest girl I’ve ever known. We’ve always been best friends and only recently has that friendship grown into something more. From my perspective, it’s like I’ve been given the greatest gift I could possibly imagine. I’ve got the girl of my dreams, and she’s got me.

Elise and I have been “dating” since the start of our Senior Year and neither of the two of us has had any kind of love relationship before (by the way, my definition of “dating” really comes from when our first kiss took place). I think part of the reason we never had a love relationship before is because like I started to say, she and I were always best friends, and we were always together, so there was really no room for anyone else. One other major contributing factor for us not having other girlfriends or boyfriends is that we live pretty far from anyone else, so for just logistical reasons, neither of us had anyone to play with or hang out with while we grew up OTHER than each other.

That having been said, school has now come down to the closing few weeks and the excitement about graduation is amongst us. I guess with the spring also comes a whole feeling of being free, loving the outdoors, and there certainly has been a lot of sexual tension in our lives recently to add to all the rest of the activity that’s going on. As a graduation present, my parents gave me a Honda Element two weeks ago (they were going to wait until graduation day, but my car blew up so they decided to go ahead and do it). The reason I tell you about the Element is not to brag about getting a new car (it’s not actually new, just new to me), but to bring into the picture another important part of the scenario. In case you don’t know, a Honda Element is a real utilitarian kinda car/suv and it has seats that fold down to make beds, and it’s the perfect campout vehicle. It’s even sold for that and comes with a curtain that you put up over all the windows to keep people from looking in on you while you sleep…etc. Cool…huh?

So anyway, Elise and I have a bunch of school friends and we are all planning on going camping down by the Tennessee River at this one particular place a bunch of us hang out at on the weekends. We all have a campfire and this weekend we found someone to get us several cases of beer, so we’re set for a good night of drinking and just generally partying. Well Elise is dragging her ass getting ready to go and I’ve been chomping at the bit all week for this! It’s finally Friday night at around 7:30 and she’s packed up and heads over to her friend Jennifer’s (Jenn’s) house to meet up with her and they’re going to take off from Jenn’s house and come down to the river in Jenn’s Mom’s minivan. Elise told her parents that she was spending the night with Jenn and Jenn told her folks she was staying with Elise, so it’s all cool.

I go to the river with my boy James (Jenn’s boyfriend) at about 6 pm and we set up the Element in a very level place near enough to everyone to still be with the group, but far enough away, so that we’re not “up in everybody’s business”. I put the curtains up and I am ready for business. Elise arrives with Jenn at about 8:10 and I’ve already had a couple of beers. I get the two girls a beer and we (about 6 or 7 couples and a couple of singles) sit around the campfire and drink, talk junk, and laugh our asses off until about midnight.

By that time no one is tired, but all the couples are pairing off and going to their respective tents, cars, etc. and a few single guys are left at the fire and I finally convince Elise to head to the Element. Well we get in the car and we get comfortable. I take off my shirt and shoes and Elise gets out of her jeans, bra, shirt and shoes, and puts on some sleep pants and a t-shirt. We have the back seats stretched out into a bed and we both lay down and start hugging and kissing, looking up at the full moonlight through the sunroof.

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The alcohol is definitely having its effect on me and Elise is very happy as well, slurring her speech the tiniest bit and cooing love words in my ears while we’re making out. When I start to touch her breasts through her t-shirt, she pushes my hand away, and to my surprise, lifts the t-shirt above her breasts, hesitates for a moment and then just says “what the hell” giggles, and takes the t-shirt off and lays it aside.

We immediately lock ourselves in a long tender kiss and I begin touching her breasts and her nipples, feeling how hard the nipples are and I can tell that Elise is way turned on. After a few minutes, I bend my head down to kiss her nipples and when I do, her body makes a writhing motion that I haven’t noticed before. About this time, I’m getting scared that I’m going to do something stupid to screw up all this fun and it’s all going to be over for us as it has been several times in the recent past, but I’m holding on to hope that somehow she’ll be cool and I’m trying not to get over-excited about the potential of the evening. I’m definitely wanting to be cool and follow her lead because I know if I do, she’ll be more comfortable, and I’ll be more successful.

Elise is definitely not slowing me down tonight to my surprise and we’re moving from holding, hugging, kissing, to grinding on one another, me kissing her breasts, and her feeling my penis through my shorts, etc. At one time, while I’m kissing her breast she reaches down and unties her sleep pants and takes my hand in hers and guides my hand to her lower abdomen, under the edge of her pants and panties and slips my fingers right down to her soaking wet clit. The instant I touch her, she lets out a sigh, and pushes her legs apart, still guiding my fingers and making them rub her clit very gently back and forth and in little tiny circles.

We engage in a flurry of “I love you’s” and kisses while she slips off her pants and panties and leaves me to my own discretion with my kind treatment of her slippery little clit. Within just a few minutes, Elise has an amazing orgasm and while she’s coming down from it, in a very quiet moment, she whispers in my ear, “I love you baby, tonight, I’m yours, totally, completely, to do anything with you please…I want to make love to you tonight, so you have fun and take your time because I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going to stop things tonight. This night is totally for our pleasure. I’ve thought about this for a long time and I’ve wanted it and I know you have too, so tonight, I’m yours”.

My heart is pounding like it’s going to pop right out of my chest as she lays me back and kisses my neck, shoulders and chest and she giggles and says that she can feel my heart pounding against her lips as she’s kissing me. She keeps on kissing farther and farther down my stomach and when she gets to my shorts, she unbuttons them and I help her slide them off. By this time my penis is aching for her and she leans her head over and does a deep kiss on it. She continues to go down on me for just a minute or two and I guess she can sense that I’m almost ready to cum so she says she wants to slow things down just a bit and we go back to kissing and hugging for a few minutes.

I ask her how she’s feeling and she says she’s never felt better and she asks me the same question and I say that I’m feeling excellent as well. I ask her if she’s ready for me and she says that she’s never been more ready so I grab a condom, put it on and we fall into a sea of kisses yet again. I climb on top of her, and she takes my penis in her hand and guides it to the entrance of her vagina. Slowly, I press inward and I can feel her begin to tense up as if it’s hurting so I back off. I ask her if it’s bad and she says that it definitely hurts but it “hurts good” which I admit to her, I don’t understand a fucking bit and we both bust into laughter. The weird thing is that it feels like it’s slipping in so easily to me that I’m surprised it seems to hurt her, so I am trying to be especially careful and I ask her to put her hands on my hips and pull me into her when she wants to and push me away when she wants to do that as well.

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Elise seems satisfied (even somewhat relieved and pleased) with that suggestion and in between the kisses and the breast kissing and the necking and all, she slowly guides my hips so I’m sliding in an out of her little by little getting further and further in every few seconds. At this point, my penis is inside her just beyond the head and she asks me if we can take a break for just a minute so I pull my penis away from her and we kiss then I go down and kiss her clit and lick her vagina for a minute or two and she is so unbelievably turned on and wet it’s just slippery everywhere down there. After a few minutes of her relaxing and enjoying me going down on her, she asks me to come back up to her and try again. I come back to her and she once again guides my penis to her vagina and gently pulls me in just a little bit, takes a deep breath and then she pulls me in all the way. She lets out a little bit of a squeak and asks me to hold still for just a moment. I thank God that she’s asked me to hold still because I feel like if I move at all, I’m going to cum right away. I relax for a second and look at her face and I can see a tear at the corner of her eye so I kiss it away and tell her how much I love her and how happy she’s making me tonight. I ask her if she’s ok, and she says she is. I can feel her vagina slowly relaxing around my penis and my urgency to cum has thankfully decided to leave me alone for a bit. I can sense her calming down and soon she begins pushing me in and out again.

With that and with my penis fully going in and out of her, I can, for the very first time really feel how wonderful sex really is. It’s so tight in a way I hadn’t expected and it feels just perfect. I can tell, unquestionably that God made Elise just for me. Within just a few minutes I can feel my body again tensing and my orgasm beginning to grow except this time it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my life. For a split second, I unconsciously start to jerk my penis in and out of her and she admonishes me to be careful, so I back off and she says, no, no, I want you to cum, I just want you to be careful, and I say ok and begin very subdued thrusting in an out. In just a short while, I cum in the wildest, most intense, (and yet, haha, relatively speaking, most controlled and subdued) way I could ever have imagined.

Once I’m through cumming, I hold the condom on my penis and pull it out to get rid of the condom and we “clean up a bit”. We kiss and hold each other and talk about what just happened, both of us in a state of semi-disbelief about the fact that we just did it and as I lay on my back she lays beside me and has her head on my shoulder and we go to sleep only to wake up an hour or two later with intentions of repeating the whole penis in vagina part only to find out that she is really a bit too sore right then, so we chill out, kiss and hold each other and fall asleep for the duration of the night.

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