Can You Do It, Babe

We’ve been together for a month now. He texts me and asks to come over. I only have an hour and all I’m expecting is a little bit of cuddling and watching tv. I tell him I’m on my way.

He opens the door and gives me a hug. His house is empty. As I run upstairs to his room, I receive a firm slap on my ass that catches off me guard. I look straight at him and I know exactly what he wants. I wanted to wait before we did anything like that. I never pleasured a guy before nor did I think I would be good at it. He grabs my hips and brings them closer to his crotch. His man handling turns me on.

“Haha stop,” I say playfully, as I feel my face turn red.

“I haven’t seen you in so long, babe,” He says, as he leads me to his bedroom.

It’s only been a few day since the last time I’ve seen him. I could tell he enjoys my company, or maybe even more than that.

I take off my shoes and lay on his mattress next to him. Like I said, I am only expecting a little bit of cuddling and watching tv. For the first few minutes this happens. He presses his body closer to me, and started kissing my neck and cheek.

He turns me on my back and starts feeling up my boobs and waist. I allow this for it was something we’ve done before and I loved it. He pulls up my shirt and bra and starts to suck my tits. This drives me crazy. I feel my pussy moisten as his tongue made swirls around my small pink nipples. I moan a bit, at this time he takes my hand and places it on his erected cock. I pull my hand away because I enjoyed the sucking and kissing so much, but he put it back in its place and I start to rub it. I feel how hard and swollen his cock is through his pants. I know I’m not leaving without giving him something.

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When he was done sucking my tits, I sat up and I look at him.

“Babe, can you suck my dick?” He asks quickly, with a bit of an urgent tone.

“I don’t know,” I reply, very nervously and un sure. I’ve never given oral before. I knew he was gonna ask but I never thought he would be my first.

“Please c’mon babe,” he begs, with an obviously bulge through this pants. I could see he was extremely horny.

I gave in. I knew I had to satisfy him. He undid his belt and pulled his jeans to his knees. I did the rest and pulled down his boxers. His hard, blood filled cock pops out and my heart is racing. I am scared and turned on at the same time, but what was I scared about?

I put it inside my mouth half way down the shaft. I guess that’s a good place to start. My head slowly bobbed up and down and his cock entered deeper in my mouth. I try to reach the base but my gag reflex wouldn’t let me. This was harder than I thought. (Pun intended) I start to cough and I retreated back to the head of his dick. He starts to moan and grunt.

“C’mon babe. You can do it,” he cooed. He places his hand on the back of my head and pushes my head in to the base of his cock. I want to gag but I know I can’t take a break. He continuously push his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. I could feel it getting faster and faster and I could feel my mouth continuously getting stuffed.

My throat was very irritated and he did not stop fucking my face. I feel hot tears drip down my cheeks. He starts to moan loudly. As uncomfortable as I was, knowing he was getting satisfied encourages me. He let go of my head and I start bobbing up and down, base to tip, at the fast pace his wanted. I was finally getting the hang of it.

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His moans grew louder and it is obvious that he is about to cum. His dick was completely inside my mouth. I felt his shaft pump a hot load of cum in the back of my throat. I never thought tasting a mixture of my saliva and his cum would be so rewarding.

I looked up at him. He was out of breath and was looking up at the ceiling. He looked down at my split covered face.

“Shit babe, that was fucking great,” he says sounding satisfied. “That was probably the best blow job I’ve ever gotten, Hun.”

My heart was racing. I felt dirty on the inside, and look like a complete mess on the outside, but I liked it. I like the pain and discomfort and knowing it’s only to please him. I still could taste the hot, salty cum coating the back of my throat. I lay on his mattress next to him and turned to him.

“I’m glad you liked it, babe.”

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