Caneing with Abbie Ch. 03



I had the typical morning wood which did not go unnoticed. I had to stop her from climbing on top of me to go relieve myself of some severe hydrostatic pressure in my bladder. In the bathroom I threw some water on my face, then rinsed off my cock and went back to bed.

Abbie responded to her own call of nature and literally jumped into bed on top of me. I caught her in midair and held her over me and slowly lowered her onto my cock. Abbie energetically explored the possibilities of the new toy she had just the night before discovered, changing speeds, angles, positions while riding me.

She had a couple of small orgasms, and then pulled me over on top of her to finish. For some reason she liked to have me on top, arms extended, chest to her face, long strong strokes of my cock hotly massaging her pussy until I came.

We cleaned up, ate breakfast and took the canoe out in the morning. She decided to go topless in the middle of the lake but she started to burn so her shirt went back on after an hour or so. We paddled and drifted, talking about all the first for us during this weekend.

We talked about the difference between making love and just plain old fucking. We concluded that we had a special kind of love working for us this weekend, one that wouldn’t survive but could never be forgotten either. It was the philosophy of our youth and immaturity I suppose.

We went for a swim, had lunch, and took a nap (during which all we did is sleep). Abbie said she was a bit sore but a good kind of sore, as if after a really great workout that stressed the core of the muscles that resulted in getting stronger.

For our last evening together we dressed nicely and drove about a half hour to a nice restaurant in a bigger town. We returned to the lodge and changed into our shorts and t-shirts, opened the last bottle of wine, and went down to the dock to welcome the night and toast each other for the unique weekend we had shared.

We held hands and kissed, and chatted amiably. The moon rose and we decided to have a final moonlit canoe trip to the island that had the small beach. The canoe crunched ashore into the sand and Abbie hopped out and pulled the canoe up a couple of feet and held it steady as I got out. I pulled the canoe up so it was safely on shore and threw the blanket on the sand.

We lay down and stared at the stars, trying to divine our futures from among the millions of points of light. She had her head on my chest and I had my arm around her. We were comfortable with each other, though a sadness was creeping into our awareness.

Our time together was running out and tomorrow we would head back to our futures. Abbie lifted her head and kissed me gently. “Make love to me under the moonlight,” was her request. And so we did, slowly arousing each other and removing clothes with a lot of kissing all over and caressing all over. I lay on my back and she lay on top of me slowly grinding her pussy on my cock, watching my face in the moonlight as I watched hers.

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It seemed we went on for hours like that. Her motions became more rapid and urgent and I held her tightly as her pussy contracted again and again on my cock as she came. Tears were in her eyes, “That was wonderful, just perfect. Your turn now.” True to pattern, she rolled us over so she was on her back with me still in her. “Now do me hard and deep, and fill me up.”

She began rocking her hips to urge me on, not that I was shy at this point. She hooked her legs around my thighs and dug her fingers into my back. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over again in rhythm with my thrusting. I was into the hilt and the tip of my cock was hitting her cervix every time.

I could not hold on long and came with an explosive roar that probably started a Sasquatch legend, I pumped stream after stream into her and kept thrusting until I was soft, then slumped off to her side, holding her to me.

Soon the night breeze chilled us. “We need to go back,” I said.

I wish we could stay like this forever,” Abbie said wistfully.

“Me too,” I said, “but we both know that can’t happen. Besides we don’t have a room after tonight,” I joked.

She chuckled as we gathered our clothes and dressed. We put our stuff into the canoe and paddled back under the bright moon, with the lodge lights a beacon in the night. We soon reached the dock and secured the canoe for the last time. We went to my room, undressed, made love again, and slept together, entwined in each other’s arms and legs.


The morning light came quickly. That meant we were leaving in a few hours, going our separate ways. It made for a melancholy feeling even on such a bright and cheerful mountain morning. We made love again, reprising the tricks and insights we had gained learning to please each other. We finished and wordlessly held each other closely for a long time.

Shower time somehow ended up being silly time, a squirt of soap started a tickling battle with a lot of groping that ended only when I just picked Abbie up and impaled her (willingly) on my cock. She threw her arms around my neck and we quickly came with each other.

We finished our shower and dressed, then packed our belongings. I gave her a t-shirt from my graduate school she could use as nightshirt. We gave each complete contact information for home and work or school, checked out of the lodge, and loaded our cars. We stopped at the diner for one last meal together.

Over a last cup of coffee, holding hands, Abbie said, “This has been the most important and fun weekend in my life, full of firsts that can never be repeated. It was more than I ever imagined. I will remember you forever.”

“Same here,” I said. My expression grew serious. “Abbie, I want to tell you something but I don’t want to ruin the moment. I want to say three words to you, eight letters.”

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“Don’t!” she said. “I want to say those words too, but it’s complicated and too soon. I am already focusing on med school, as great as our time has been. It will be hard enough to get through that while trying to keep a sexy boyfriend under control,” she grinned.

We went to our cars. I opened her door for her and she slid in. I leaned down and we had a soul-wrenching farewell kiss. I closed the door, got in my car. We both started our engines, and waved goodbye as we drove away in separate directions.


The romantic ending would be that we kept in touch and eventually married and lived happily ever after. We did live happily ever after, but not with each other. We exchanged several letters (this was long before email and cell phones) before her classes started, but the frequency and length rapidly decreased. We exchanged Christmas cards for a while, and an occasional note. Over time, moves and other changes meant we lost track of each other.

But then the Internet arose and I was able to google her name and find out about her. It would be nice to see her again but there is not much in common after all the years.

Abbie finished medical school and specialized in sports medicine for women- physiology, kinesiology, gynecology, and psychology of women in athletics, amateur or pro. She became well known and created a women’s sports health center with several other doctors, including her husband, an orthopedic surgeon. He was a 6’6″ former North Carolina and NBA basketball player who went to medical school after four years in the NBA. He is six years older than Abbie. They have two children, interestingly named Bob (same as me) and Lenore, the name of the lake where we spent our weekend together.

I moved to San Diego to work for a large aircraft company. I ended up marrying a blond woman engineer 7 years my junior and just 5’3″. Some patterns get ingrained I suppose.

Upon reflection, that was the weekend Abbie became an independent adult, willing and certainly able to make decisions for herself without parental direction. I am lucky to be the host of her introduction to the adult world.

Author’s note.

There is a little truth in this story. I did teach high school, coached men’s and women’s sports, and I did return to graduate school and worked in aerospace. Abbie did call my parents once and asked about canoeing, but everything else is fiction.

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