Carmelita Saves the Day

Two weeks after her 18th Birthday Carmellita was walking home from the most glorious day of school in her life in the brisk November sunshine. Then Carmellita saw the lavender limo and her heart sank. It had been a very good day so far. But this would end that part of it.

Carmelilita never got called into the office, but when the call came to her home room to send her to the counselor’s office, she was nervous and upset. Mr. Lector was a bit of a bore, very conscientious, and tended to take too long to give any kind of news. So when she came into Mr. Lector’s cubicle, she didn’t know what the worst was

going to be, but she was prepared for it.

So the first of that day’s miracles was the Mr Lector got right to the point. “Carmellita, I understand you want to go to MIT. I also understand that finances at your household are always chaotic. I think we can get you there on a full scholarship.”

Carmellita was to shocked to do anything but nod.

“I have a letter from the Marie Curie Educational Trust. I have never heard of them before, but they asked us for a recommendation for a girl with a 1400 SAT score, with a minimum of 725 in math. The higher the score, the better the scholarship on offer. Based on your scores, they are willing to pay for the whole four years tuition plus $30,000 in grants over 6 years if you qualify. I just wanted to get your permission to send in your transcripts to them so that you can begin the process.”

Carmellita nodded her head. “For someone with a 715 score in English on the SAT, you are strangely lost for words.”

Carmellita nodded again.

“Ok, here is the authorization paperwork right here. Since you

are over 18, I don’t need your parent’s signature, so I can fax everything today. Just sign and date here, there, and there.”

Carmellita signed and sat back in the chair. Mr. Lector continued. “There is still a bit more paperwork here. They want a photograph, and your health record here. They want to know your height and weight. If you can sign these two documents here authorizing the release of your photo and the other information, we can send it all in. If you could go up to the nurse’s office on your way back to class and get this information, then we can have it all ready to go by 10:00.”

Caremellita gave a deep breath. “Thank you Mr Lector. This means a lot. I am grateful and I hope I will repay your trust in me.”

“Thank you very much, my dear. The school is very lucky to have you as a student. For that matter, MIT is in luck too!”

Caremllita went to the nurses office. She was surprised they took her hip, waist and breast measurements as well. The nurse had a long questionnaire. She took a hair sample and a urine sampled and asked if she smoked (no) drank (at dinner) or used any drugs like Marijuana (of course not). It was for free tuition at the college of her dreams, so she held her temper in.

Mrs. Zubov, the nurse, told her she knew what it was for. “You have always been one of the stars of the school, and I am glad you get this opportunity. I wish I could do anything to help, but I visit the cabinet too often.”

The rest of the day at school, Carmellita was very distracted. The rumor had spread through the faculty, so all day long there were little gestures of encouragement, even from Mr Medved, the Football coach. He friends at school also were friendly and congratulatory. She drifted from class to class on a rosy cloud. The end of the day came at last, and she walked her way home to her grandfather’s candy store. And there the joy ended. The lavender limo was parked out front, and that always meant disaster.

Nonno Cavallo was an inveterate horseplayer. He was also a very bad horseplayer. With the location of the store and the quality of the goods, they should have been rich. instead, they were always one step ahead of the loan shark. Nonno Cavallo still bore the scars when they fell a couple steps behind. The lavender limo belonged to Doctor Faust. He was called Doctor because of the number of people he sent to the hospital.

Mrs Torrone was at the counter when she came in. She just waved Carmellita back as she talked to the customers. This was a very bad sign. This meant her grandfather had got her in trouble somehow as well. Carmellita gave a little gesture of supplication, but Mrs. Torrone just waved for her to go in.

In the small office behind the store, trouble in the person of Dr Faust and his two anonymous assistants leaned over her grandfather. Off to the side there was a tall thin man, about 40, in a light rose colored business suit, with a narrow tie and an air of

ennui, as if he were here to pick up the world at the store, and it hadn’t been made quite up to specification. Dr Faust and her grandfather just nodded to her, and the tall languid man took control of the discussion.

He put his hands under his chin in a parody of prayer. “Carmellita Amaretto, age 18, Valedictorian of PS 39, one of the smartest young women in New York. I am here to make you an offer. It is a hard bargain, so first, I am going to tell you what I need from you, what I am willing to offer you, and then, I am going to let you know what will happen if you turn me down. You are a very smart girl, so wait until I am finished for any questions, but I think you will understand quickly and you will make an intelligent decision.”

“You can call me Frank Darwin. This may be my name, maybe it isn’t. My parents, bless their souls, are firm believers in eugenics. That is breeding to improve the race. I am not so into it myself. They want a perfect grandchild. They want me to find a healthy, white, non jewish, intelligent young maiden to improve the race and inherit their fortune, which they made by producing game shows and infomercials. They believed the average person was stupid and deserved to be swindled. I have been listening to them discuss breeding at great length all my life. I want no part in it. Therefore, I am looking for a girl that they would approve of to give them their grandchild. They don’t know that I won’t be involved, but they do want approval on who the mom is. You will meet them and tell them how much you love their dutiful and wonderful son, then you will find some stud, get pregnant, deliver the kid, and move on. They are both very sick, so I am in a hurry. I have to have you pregnant before they die. Or all the family fortune will be left to Planned Parenthood. And I will have to get a job. So. I am also the director, staff, admissions committee, treasurer and signer for the Marie Curie Educational Trust. If you agree and have the baby, and get pregnant before my parents die, then you get what I told your very silly guidance counselor at your school. If you get pregnant and

miscarry, you just get a 75% scholarship for 4 years. You don’t make the baby, you get nothing.”

“Now, I have been looking a long time for someone who qualifies. One of your other qualifications is your grandfather here, and his dealings with Dr. Faust here. Do you realize just how deep your father is in to the good doctor?”

Carmellita glared at Nonno. “You promised! Never again you said. On my grandmother’s grave you said!”

Frank Darwin grinned like a cat with its paw on a mouse’s tail. “Ah, promises from a horseplayer. That will count against you when you brag about how smart you are. You understand compound interest. I understand from the good doctor you can even figure this out in your head.”

Carmellita nodded. He continued. “So, you know the good doctors usual rate of interest, so, how about $9,000 for six months, compounded, with an additional $2,000 for four months, 1,000 for three months, 6,000 for two months and 900 for the last month. Do the math.” Carmellita did the math and gasped. “So, we are going to wipe that number clear if you agree. Or you and your grandfather will have to come up with it or the doctor will take care of thing in his usual fashion. And the store and your chances of going to MIT will probably both go up in smoke.”

Carmellita glared at him. “So let me get this strait, you fuck me and get me pregnant, and everything goes right. If I don’t want to fuck you, I die. This is rape, only you are holding Dr Faust rather than a knife.”

Frank said “Oh no, my dear. I don’t fuck you. I don’t want anything to do with women. You find someone else to do it for me. All I ask is that it not be something really odd, like one of your black friends or something. The trustees would look askance at that, and ask questions.”

Caremllita leaned back in the corner of the office. “Ok, I want some conditions here. One, you three make sure this one never ever ever bets on another horse. Not with you, not with anybody. You are authorized to hurt him very badly if he does. Also, I want some walking around money first. I want to buy myself a few nice things.”

Frank smiled. “Of course, you are my ‘girlfriend.’ You will have an ATM card and a credit card. The ATM card will have a couple thousand, the credit card has a limit of 5.”

Carmellita sagged a bit in her corner. She looked at her grandfather with disgust. “You know, I wanted a nice white wedding with some real cool guy I met up with at college. In front of the priest and everything. I thought I would make my grandpa and all my fiends proud. But now, I can’t have that. Because my nonna, whom I loved and trusted sold me off to some weird sort of brothel so he could loose at the racetrack. I am so disgusted I never want to see you again. ” She looked at Frank. When do I start? Where do we go from here?”

Frank said “We can leave now… You chariot awaits!”

“What about my books and my computer and stuff?”

Frank spread his hands in a benevolent gesture. “We knew you were an intelligent girl. It has all been packed and sent to your new home. If you follow me, we can let you get comfortable tonight.”

Frank escorted her out of the store. Mrs Torrone gave a feeble wave which Carmellita was too angry to acknowledge. He lead her to a rose colored Lincoln town care, with lace curtains in the rear windows. There was a tall oriental man standing next to the car, and he opened the door for them. Frank pointed him out and said ” This is

Fukuya san… he is the butler, chauffeur, general major domo. You have any questions or complaints, take them to him. He will be escorting you to and from school from now on. Please get in. ”

Inside the car, Carmellita sat in the far corner. Frank sat on the other side with a condescending languid air. As the car drove north, Frank opened the mini bar in between the seats. “I understand you are not much of a drinker from what you said in your health

report, and from what we got in the drug tests we did, but we have some excellent brandy here. It is Grand Mariner. We also have some Port and even some very old scotch whiskey if you need some of that.”

“Which is the most expensive?”

“The Grand Mariner.”

“I will have that”

“You know how much that costs?”

“Don’t care either.”

They rode in silence the rest of the way north to 39th Street, where they turned west and came to a discreet arched gateway which opened up for them as they drove in. Carmellita sampled the brandy. She didn’t know much about expensive drinks. It didn’t seem such a much, if it was expensive, she was going to enjoy every drop.

Fukuya san opened the door for her. He gave her a wink. She came out of the car and found Frank waiting for her. Fukuya san opened the door for them and they went into the house.

Frank gestured for her to follow him, and they went into an office. Carmellita looked around and was shocked at the artwork. There were paintings of naked men on all the walls, and the lamps on the table were statues of naked men as well. There was a large

statue of two naked men seated in close embrace kissing next to the door. Carmellita had not seen any naked men before, and here were pictures and statues everywhere of nothing else.

Frank watched her take in the room. He waited a few moments for it all to sink in. “You understand, Carmellita, that one of the conditions of your life here is that you don’t discuss what you do here or what you see here with anyone outside of the immediate circle of your fuck buddies and me. We have to be discreet, or the whole show falls down. You do understand the need for discretion.

“Sure, ” she said. ” We are only committing 57 different kinds of frauds and maybe a few other felonies. Who needs to brag? I need the money, and I am sure you can make all kinds of problems for my grandfather and me even if you do wind up caught.”

“You are a most intelligent young lady. The fate of the race rests in your capable labia. OK, here is some things you will need. This is your key card. There are places you are not supposed to go in here. This will allow you anywhere you need to be. This is your American express card. Unless you really need something, leave home without it. Here is your ATM card. The pin is the word CANDY, 22639, here is your Visa andyour Mastercard. Anything you buy with it comes out of your $60,000 or your tuition funds. Don’t forget that. I understand you don’t have a cell phone… but now you do. This one here has a camera and a GPS unit with it. Also instant messaging. You have 200 messages and 450 minutes per month, so don’t go crazy. Anything over your allotments of air time and messages comes out of your bonus. We have breakfast at 7:30 and dinner is at 6:15 If you are late, you do without. We only have The Fukuya’s as servants, and they have a life. Don’t abuse your privileges there. You are not allowed in

their areas. That is all I have to say right now. I will see you at 6:30.” He waved his hand in a shoo shoo gesture and Carmellita followed Fukuya san out of the office.

Fukuya led her to a wide staircase next to the office. He said “Don’t worry about him miss. He just got the news of the inheritance rules himself. He can be quite nice. We have been working for his household for 20 years now. He is very generous and if you don’t tell anyone about his fancies, he is very good.”

He led her down a hallway. Every four feet there was another picture, sculpture or painting of nude men, nude men kissing, hugging, embracing… For some reason it gave Carmellita a hot feeling in her stomach, an ache like she was starving and was in a room full of hot meat that she couldn’t reach.

Fukuya opened a door for her ” This is your room. Master didn’t know your tastes, so he just made an assumption that his tastes would be acceptable. His room looks very much like yours” Over here, ” He opened some more doors ” is your study. Your books are on the shelves, but we didn’t keep your organization, as we couldn’t discern your sorting method.”

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“I don’t have one. I just put them on the shelf until I need them again”

Fukuya grinned. “We set up your computer on the desk, but we replaced the printer with a laser model. The printer set up disc is next to the monitor. There are two phones in the room, here next to the computer, and next to the bed. If you need anything from us, just dial 1, and it will page my cell phone. I don’t answer the phone after 10:00 or before 6:00 however. The phone will ring at 6:30 as your wake up call. It will be my wife asking about the breakfast menu. Master just likes oatmeal, but my wife would appreciate a bit more of something artistic from you. She will also discuss the dinner menu as well. The dinner menu is already set, and it is resting on your computer printer. If you would give us your email, we can email about this as well. But master insists that you wake up at 6:30… Over here is you closet. As you can see, it is a walk in. We brought all your clothes from home, and my wife sorted them out. These drawers here have your underwear. You have shoe racks along here. In this drawer there are towels and you have bathrobes hanging here. The bathroom is in through there. The tub has a Jacuzzi.

I imagine you must be very tired… so I will leave you here now. We will call you at 6:00 to prepare for dinner. Master would appreciate if you dressed up in a skirt and modest blouse. He will do likewise.”

Carmellita looked around the room. Everywhere there were pinks and lavenders and lace and frills. And pictures and statues of nude men. Her feeling of hunger increased. All this made her very uneasy, so she took the pictures down and stacked them in the closet. After the pictures were down and the statues put away, her feeling of hunger abated a bit. She looked at her new cell phone. It was already 5:00. Where had the day gone? She thought for a minute. Something very important was missing… She sat on the bed, reached for the phone, and dialed 1. “Fukuya san…. I don’t remember what happened to my book bag? It is next to the desk on the right side? Ohmygod, so it is. Thank you Fukuya san!”

No matter what other confusion there was in the world, there was always calculus homework to put things back into perspective.

Forty minutes later, her work done, Carmellita relaxed in the huge tub and enjoyed the relaxing jets from the Jacuzzi. “What profitith a man who gains the whole world and loses his soul? Not so bad a bargain so far..”

Dinner was an uncomfortable affair. Just like in the movies, they sat at opposite ends of a great table. Frank made it clear that it would always be thus. Females were just not anything he had any interest in. She was to dine and be quiet, as he ate his salads and

enjoyed his music. Carmelita knew her estrus cycle. She would be in peak conceiving time for starting the next day. This was going to be a very uncomfortable life, and the sooner she moved on, the better. She would bring someone back here tomorrow. Someone Frank would see as great breeding potential. And she would get this over with.

The next morning, breakfast was everything she ever dreamed of in a breakfast. Fresh fruit, perfect eggs, juice. It was great. Life as a rich person was something she could get used to.

On the way to school, Carmellita tried out her new ATM card and took out $500. She was very nervous about this next step. But today was the ideal day, and time was pressing.

Her candidate was Bill Swift, the running back on the football

team. He was tall, good looking, and after some struggles he was now a B student. When he had been younger he had been held back twice, so he was 19 and according to rumor, very experienced romantically. He would be pretty much ideal for Frank’s purposes. She had no idea how to meet with him and ask, but fate brought him to her second period. He came up to her and asked, “That was some fancy car you came in today!”

She nodded “Yes. I have moved in with a relative who has a house midtown.” She batted her eyes at him like half the girls did on a regular basis “You want a ride in the car too?”

Bill looked surprised “Sure, what’s the catch?”

She sighed. Bill watched her breasts move up and down. “I need a favor. You need to do something for me that it is absolutely essential, but you have to keep quiet about it. I will pay you $500 to do what I ask, and not say a word to anybody. Ever.”

Bill nodded.

She said. “I will be picked up this afternoon in front of the school by that car. If you do what I need, I will pay you $500 when you leave, and $25 per week if I don’t hear a word about it from anyone for two months. Deal? ”

Bill nodded again.

Carmellitta sighed again with relief. Bill watched.

At 3:15 Carmellita met Bill at the front steps. Fukuya san was waiting for her with the door to the car open. Bill looked very nervous. Carmellita told Fukuya san “This is Bill Swift. He is here to help us with our little project. Help me put him at his ease, can

you?” Then she got in the car. Bill followed. Fukuya drove north. Carmellita asked “Is it ok if Bill has a beer while we drive?” Fukuya nodded and the door to the minibar opened up. There in the bottom shelf were several cans of beer, one each of six different varieties.
Bill grabbed one at random and popped the top.

Bill leaned back after having his first draught. “What is the project?”

Carmellita thought for a moment. “It is kind of difficult to explain. We will tell you when we get there. I think you will like it, but I find it kind of embarrassing.”

Bill nodded again and relaxed with his beer, enjoying the ride northward. He ran his hands on the upholstery and grinned with enjoyment at the comfort of the ride. Carmellita needed some relaxant too. This would be harder than she thought. She grabbed the bottle of Grand Mariner and poured a tall glass of it. “Lean back and think of MIT” she thought as she drank.

When they got inside the house, Frank was standing in the hallway. He looked at Bill, Bill looked back at him. There was some sort of instant communication between them. Carmellita noticed and was taken aback.

Frank grabbed Bills hand and gave it a vigorous shake. They looked into each other’s eyes briefly, then Frank said “Welcome. Let me give you a brief tour.”

Walking hand in hand, they went into Frank’s office with Carmellita following behind. The examined each statue carefully, admired each pictures in silent mutual appreciation. Then they walked to the hallways together and walked up the stairs, admiring each picture along the staircase for a moment together.

At the top of the stairs there was a statue of two nude men kissing while holding each other’s penis. When they got to the statue, Frank pulled Bill close to him and began kissing him, sticking his tongue in Bills mouth. Bill reached toward Frank’s zipper and pulled it down and pulled Frank’s erect cock out and began to stroke it. They kissed like this for two minutes and then let loose. They didn’t notice Carmellata watching them. They just walked on down the hallway toward Carmellita’s room, holding hands and looking at the pictures and statues again as they went. Every so often they would kiss again, sometimes tenderly, sometimes pushing the other against the wall and grinding hips together. Carmellita watched them and felt hot and nervous and hungry again. Both their pricks were out of their pants, and she somehow felt she wanted them somehow. Her belly was aching from some weird hunger as she watched them, but they had no eyes for her at all.

Finally, they reached her room, went inside, sat on the bed and took off each other’s shirts between kisses. Then they lay down and hugged and kissed some more. Frank unbuttoned Bills pants, and Bill did the same for Frank as they kissed. They took off each other’s pants with their hands and feet, but didn’t let go of each other. It was very awkward and they struggled to maintain the kiss.They held each other’s cocks and stroked them. The clothes were all around Carmelllita’s bed as she watched them. Suddenly, they stopped kissing. Frank began kissing Bill’s neck and kissed all the way around, and then kissed down his chest and licked at his pectorals. Then he kissed from the pectorals down the center of Bill’s chest and ran his tongue into Bill’s belly button. Licking and kissing all the way he leaned over Bill’s cock, and Bill leaned over Frank’s Each of them leaned over to the other’s cock, and began sucking on it. Frank licked Bill’s cock slowly and wrapped his mouth around it and sucked down and then came back up and kissed the top, then licked it around and around and around all the way to the base, and then liked up each side of it, then put his mouth around it again and sucked it deep into his moth, it seemed as if he were running it down his throat. Bill also treated Frank’s cock as a hot treat, running his tongue along the under side of the shaft, kissing it up and down the shaft and then running it all the way to the back of his throat like a sword sallower.

Carmellita watched fascinated. She was kind of glad they found each other. She was thinking how huge men’s cocks were. She knew the size of her vagina. Her fingers had been in there often enough. She didn’t think anything as big as these two had would fit in there without hurting. But she also wanted them in her very badly.

Suddenly both of them began to shake and shiver and she noticed both of them were swallowing something. Then they let lose of each other and relaxed for a moment, then the climbed back face to face and began kissing each other, and fondling each others cocks again. Frank’s cock remained a flaccid, but Bills got rock hard again instantly. Frank put his finger on Bills lips for a moment, but Bill started sucking on the finger. Frank said “You get on top first, OK? Bill nodded his head. Frank turned around and Bill got up behind him and slowly stuck his cock in Frank’s ass as Carmellita stood in the doorway and watched, and the both of them faced her with their eyes closed as

they humped together in unison. At first Bill moved slowly and carefully as Frank’s ass received its visitor, but Frank’s back door had received many visitors before and soon he was pushing harder and harder as he moved his prick in and out of Frank. Frank moaned with joy as Bill rammed into his ass harder and harder. “Fuck me boy, fuck hard! He said. Bill just went “oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah’ as he pushed and pulled into Frank. As Bill pumped into Frank Franks cock stood up harder and harder. While Frank moved back and forth on his hands and knees on Carmalita’s bed, Bill reached around and stroked Frank’s cock as he pumped his ass from behind. Bill Suddenly stopped and embraced Franks chest as with his cock in as far as it could go he shuddered with pleasure. Then Bill climbed under Frank and began sucking again at Frank’s now rock hard cock.

Carmellita turned away in frustration as they moved on her bed.

When she stood in the hallway, she noticed a door ajar at the end of the hallway that she didn’t know was there before. She opened it up and passed through it too a dark narrow hallway that went crosswise to the one to her room., Off to her right there was another door ajar. There was light rock music playing quietly from it. She pushed the door open, and there was a tall young oriental boy working in the same calculus book she was using. He was tapping his pencil to the beat of the music and looking from his paper to his book as he studied the problem. She looked around the room. It was a normal room… there was a narrow bed against one wall, a large flat screen

monitor on the desk with a screen saver featuring a guy in red clothes

with long white hair and doggy ears, two tall bookshelves, one full of

comic books with strange writing, the other with computer language

reference books. There was a pipe running from one wall to the other

with clothes hanging on hangers from it, just like it had been in her

old room. There was an old dresser with a mirror on top on which was stuck a happy 18th Birthday card. The place made her kind of homesick for the apartment over

Grandpa’s store.

She must have made a noise, because he suddenly seemed startled at seeing her there. “You aren’t supposed to be here” he said.

“I don’t know where else I can be.” She said. “I brought my boyfriend home from school, and Frank commandeered him, and the two of them are having sex on my bed.”

“That is Frank, alright. Everything that is good, he gets first. Just don’t tell Frank that I am here. He doesn’t know. He thinks my parents put me up for adoption.”

“How long have you lived here?”

“18 years.”

Carmellata looked at him briefly. “He doesn’t know you are here after all this time?”

“Servants are hard to get in this town, especially discreet ones. He stays in his part of the universe, we stay in ours, and all he knows is that his food budget is kind of high, but not outrageously so.”

Carmellita sat on the bed. She felt an aching need for something, but wasn’t sure what. She had an anxious need for small chat. “You have a November birthday too?”

“November 12th” he said.

“November 18th ” she said. “We Scorpios are the ancients of the public school system.”

She sat quietly on the bed. She thought over her friend Marta, who was supposed to be half Chinese. Just like Marta she had dark hair and slightly almond eyes. And Marta had paler skin than she did. There was a tight contraction in her stomach. She felt hungry for something, and it wasn’t spaghetti or lasagna, but something else long and hard.

After a long moment she asked “You know why I am here, right?”

“Sure, you are supposed to make the new great white hope baby.”

“I brought this boy home for that purpose, and he takes him away from me. What kind of deal is that?

They sat quietly for a few moments.

“You are doing some homework? She asked”

“I am having a bit of difficulty with exercise 6-9”

“Let me see what you got”

He showed her the book and the paper.

She looked at it closely for a few moments. Then she crooked

her finger too him. And had him set next to her on the bed “Come here, look at this.”

He sat down next to her on the bed. She pointed at the paper and said “look here, you forgot this part. You need to be careful about that.”

“Ah, that explains it. I have been struggling with this since yesterday.” He took his pencil and erased the error. “So you are

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“Yes, I am. And you are…..?”


They sat quietly some more. She looked in his text book. She was desperate for something to say. “You know how to do number 6-8? I am having trouble with it.” In reality, she had breezed through it, but she wanted to know if he was for real with the text book or not.

He said “Sure, that was kind of easy. ” He grabbed a fresh piece of paper and walked her through the solution. His method was a bit different than hers, and was even better in a couple ways. They spent several minutes discussing the pros and cons of their own algorithms. Then they fell silent again. She was desperate for something to say.

“I like your music. Who is that playing now?”

“Crosby Stills and Nash. This is my mom’s favorite. ‘I’ll light the fire, while you put the flowers in the vase that you bought tooo da a a a ay..'”

“It is a nice song”

They were quiet some more

“They were having sex on MY bed.”

“Ah, that was ..”

“FRUSTRATING! I have been getting ready all day for this, and

then I have to watch the two of them on MY bed.”

There was silence for a few more moments.

“Can I help some how?”

“Kiss me! ”

Akirahioro reached over to Carmellita and began kissing her. She responded the way she saw Frank and Bill kiss, with toungue. Akirahiro responded in kind. She grabbed at his pants. He held her close to him and ran his hands up between her skin and her blouse behind her back. She felt him doing something to her bra, and then felt it loosen as it separated behind her. She felt a strange kind of excitement building up in her as they kissed. She unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and reached inside to the hard rod within and felt his fingers as they worked the way from button to button on her blouse, undoing each one. Finally the top button gave way and he pulled her blouse down from her shoulders, and then her bra. All the while she gently stroked his penis.

Then he began kissing her breasts. She had always felt pride in them. They were large enough that boys always noticed them, but not too big so that they were really uncomfortable. And they were high and perky and stood out, as opposed to drooping like many girls did.

She loved the way he kissed her breasts, and fondled them while he kissed. She sighed with contentment as he loved them. He began kissing his way down her chest and stomach and ran his hands behind her back. She felt him reaching for the zipper to her skirt behind her. She smiled a moment and leaned forward to help him as he pulled the zipper down. She then reached over and grabbed the hem of his T shirt and pulled it up over his head, then lay back again as he worked her skirt off. She had to lift her but for a moment, and off it came.

He kept on kissing her stomach and her breasts and ran his hand under her rose patterned panties and began stroking her labia. All the time she felt hotter and hotter. As he kissed, she pulled off his pants them and his underpants. When she got his underwear off, she was surprised by what she saw.

“You are huge! ” she said. “If Frank and Bill saw this, they would be so jealous.”

“Don’t tell them” he said.

“No way… I am keeping this for myself.” She stroked it like it was her favorite pet and marveled at the size of it. “This won’t hurt, will it?”

“This is your first time, right? It will hurt a bit at first, then it will be wonderful. At least, that’s what it says in all my magazines.”

“I think I’m ready…. Lets take it slow though, ok?”

He guided his cock to her vagina and stroked it back and forth along her labia. She grew more and more hot each stroke. Finally, she grabbed it from him and put it inside her herself. A rush of pleasure swept down through her from her vagina and flowed all over her body from her ears to her toes. He made gentles sof stokes in and out of her, a little deeper each time. They both felt the resistance of her hymen and paused a moment. He looked her in the eye and said “This will hurt a couple moments, but bear with it, I will be here for you.” Then he kissed her mouth and stuck in his tongue and pulled back all the way to the mouth of the vagina, and then rammed all the way in past the obstruction. She wanted to cry out, the pain was incredible, but so was the pleasure. He kept his mouth over hers and his cock deep within her till the pain went away. The he gripped her by the shoulders and began pistoning within her. Each stroke sent more and more waves of pleasure through her body She felt she needed him deeper and deeper. She locked her legs behind his back and began pulling him into her harder and harder with each stroke.

Suddenly a huge wave of pleasure stronger and more powerful than any that had gone before struck her like a bolt of lightning. She locked

her arms around his neck pulling him close to her, so that his chest mashed her breast. Slowly the passionate moment flowed away and they relaxed again, and he lifted up her knees and put her feet flat on the bed and he kneeled in to her and stoked her some more. After a few moments of this, he stopped and turned her over and came into her from behind. The pleasure was different, and more again she felt the bolt

of passion strike her, and then gradually flow away. Behind her she felt him moving faster and faster and finally he rammed into her one

last time and held on to her. She could feel him ejaculating into

her, a warm pool of cum pooling in her vagina, little arrows of a new generation now doubt struggling through her cervix, and that set off another lightening bolt of pleasure.

Momentarily, he climbed off her, and lay beside her. He took hold of her breast and began sucking it again. She just gradually lay down and let him Suck each breast in turn and felt the pleasure from his kisses arouse her more and more. She reached for his cock and felt that it was hard again. She pushed him onto his back and straddled him as he continued to knead her breasts. She grabbed his cock and stroked it along her labia briefly and then pushed his cock into her waiting and anxious vagina and began pumping him from above. She pumped harder and harder and again the wave of pleasure swept over her. Then she turned around and faced his feet and put his cock in again, and repeated the process while he kneaded her ass.. She pumped and stoked and felt a tsunami of pleasure bigger than any before lift her up and rock her from head to toe as she felt his semen pour into her again, and the cock gradually loose its stiffness. She felt the need to suck something herself, and grabbed his big toe, and began sucking that, licking it and caressing

it as the flaccid member inside her gradually flowed out.

She turned her head to look at the clock on the wall. It dawned

on her that it was a quarter to six, and dinner would be soon. She knew she needed a shower before dinner, but there was no shower in this room. Also, all her clothes were in her bedroom. How would she get to her clothes and her shower with Frank and Bill in there?

“What am I going to do about having a bath and getting dressed?

I can’t go in there looking like this? And I don’t want to shower with them right behind the door?”

“Just put on your dress and your blouse, and you can go right on

it. I think Frank is done by now, there should be no problem. Lets get dressed and follow me.”

She put on her skirt and blouse and held onto her panties and bra. Akirahio put on a robe and led the way to the hallway. Akirahiro went through the doorway and looked into the open door to her room. He waved her in and she followed him. The room was empty, but smelled strongly of sweat and sex, as had Akirahiro’s room when they had left it. He lead her to the bathroom and began running the shower. She took off her skirt and blouse and he took off his robe and they climbed into the shower together. For some reason she felt unembarrassed by their mutual nakedness. Usually she didn’t like being naked in front of anybody. But already there was a sort of hominess to their relationship that made taking a shower together as normal as if they had been doing it for year.

She stood under the shower with Akiriahiro behind her. He soaped her back and kissed her neck and then reached around and soaped her in front as well. She loved the feeling of his soft hands on her breasts and the feeling of the soap as he worked his way down, rubbing her labia with the soap both gently and passionately.

Gradually he worked down her legs to her feet and she felt a wave of tenderness to him. This was a kind of love making as intense as they had been doing in the bedroom, only somehow more meaningful. He gradually stood up again and pulled her to him. She felt his hard cock behind her, and she bent a little and reached with her and inserted it into herself again. They slowly pumped together under the spray and gradually picked up the pace. As they moved faster she bent over further and further until she was grasping the sides of the tub with her hands and her feet as he pumped her. Suddenly he stopped again, and let his semen in her again. She felt a wave of joy as he did so. She let go of the sides of the shower and sat down in the tub, and he sat behind her in the spray, and they kissed as the water rose around them.

When they finished, they got out of the tub, turned off the water, and began toweling each other off. She petted his cock a bit, gave it a brief kissand they kissed some more.

When they came out of the bathroom, she noticed it was 6:20. She gave Akirahio another quick kiss and then began throwing on clothes.

She got downstairs with just a moment to spare. She met Fukuya san at the dining room door as he brought in the dinner. At the far end of the room she saw Frank and Bill sitting intimately together at the far end of the table from her place. She sat down on

the soft chair and noticed her labia were kind of tender. She enjoyed her dinner and thought of Akirahio and how he had made her feel today. Well, if he was the one that she made a baby with, it was Frank’s fault, not hers she thought. If the child was dark and almond eyed, she could explain it as part of her Sicilian heritage. As she thought about him, she noticed Frank and Bill feeding each other and talking dirty to each

other as they ate. Then she noticed Frank’s dress and Bills lipstick and mascara. Not only did he steal her boyfriend, that was her dress!

She cleared her throat. “Frank, I don’t remember giving you permission to take my dress”.

Frank waved his had and leaned toward her “I am so sorry, I was looking through your closet and I saw this divine thing, and I just had to wear it. I will buy you a new one this weekend, OK dear?
Carmellita nodded agreement. It was going to be weird living

here, but it had its compensations. “Bill,” she continued, “you can keep the lipstick and mascara if you like them.” Bill had the decency to look embarrassed over using her things

After dinner, Bill came up to her and asked “What was it I was supposed to do today?”

“I found someone else to do it. I think it worked out better this way. About the $25 per week, I think if I am quiet, and you are quiet, then both of us will fulfill that part of the bargain. Bill thought about what would happen should word of this evening leak out,

and nodded his head. She turned to Frank “Bill is quite welcome to come again, I take it?

“Sure, anytime” he said.

“You can come again tomorrow then, Bill?” she asked. Bill just nodded. “Very good. It will make everyone very happy”

Carmellita watched him out the door and into the car. Then she walked up the stairs. Somehow, she felt she was walking differently. An extra looseness to her step. It felt good.

When she reached the end of the hall, she noticed the door to the other hallway was ajar. She went in and knocked on Akirahio’s door. “Could you please help me set up my printer please?”

“I’d be glad to” he said

As inserted the installation disk into the CD drive she saw the cell phone next to her book bag and realized that she hadn’t called her grandfather yet. Right now, she was feeling benevolent toward the whole world, and especially to the old reprobate who had brought her to this place.

Grandpa answerd on the first ring.

“Hi Sweety, how are you?”

“I’m really doing very well”

“Are there any problems?”

“One can always find things to complain about. He has peculiar taste in art, and he is very bossy, but there are compensations.” She stroked Akirahiro’s head as she talked and as he finished the install she grabbed his hand and led him to her bed and had him sit.

Compensations indeed!”

“So you are doing ok?”

“I think everything will be fine. I actually might begin to like it here” I am sure I will provide him with just the perfect child for his needs” She reached and grabbed his hand and brought it to her lap. “Be healthy grandpa, love you dearly, you old goose. Goodbye.”

She turned off the phone and gave him a kiss. “You have a lot of experience at this?

“Er, no. This was my first time too. I just read a lot.”

“Well, studying books is all very good.” She reached over and kissed him again, and stuck her toungue in his mouth and he responded in kind. They paused a moment as she grabbed the hem of his shirt and began lifting it. “But the proper way of study is consistent application of what you learned.” Here she began undoing the buttons to his pants “And if you really want to excel, it is important to practice as much as possible.” Here he reached over and pulled her to himself so hard she felt her breasts mush against his chest and kissed her passionately, and they said nothing else as they resumed their studies in human biology and reproduction.

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