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3 Girls I Want To Fuck

Fucking shit, I thought about having sex with three girls today and I haven’t thought about screwing my girlfriend once. Not that the sex isn’t good, it’s great. She loves when I hold her down and I love it when I take her from behind. She wants to try pegging me, and I want to try anal on her, so we’re on our way to a compromise. The sex is fantastic. And frequent. Just not lately, she’s been in Mexico for a week, and will be for three more, and I haven’t jacked off in that time. Once we started getting sexy over text but then she pulled the “you only want sex card” and I had to back off like crazy. My dick gets hard at even the sight of a girl. First girl I wanted to fuck was my ex-girlfriend. Last summer we were a thing. She housesat […]

2927 Vadodara Express Ch. 01

For the reading pleasure of Adults. © Prahaar 2006. All rights reserved. Author’s note: Some of the sexually significant dialogue is in Gujarati or Hindi to preserve the original flavor. Every word has been translated into English. Thank you for all the feedback, comments, requests, story ideas, encouragement and exhortations to write more. They have motivated me to continue writing. Keep ’em coming. I really do appreciate the time you take to give me your opinions. I love hearing from my readers, particularly women! The more mischievous the greater fun! Who knows where that might take us! Please send comments to the address in my profile. * I was 20 years old and just out of college. It was the ’70s. I was a virgin who had discovered the wonders of masturbation some weeks ago. I was very curious and my hormones were raging. If there was a sexual revolution […]

2015 Reader’s Choice Awards Best First Time Story

We’d like to congratulate following authors for being chosen by readers in our 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards. * * * * * The 2015 Literotica Awards: Best First Time Story Harp Un-strung by Sammael Bard Also Nominated: Coppernicous Pt. 04 by SonofCallicious Nudity is For The Birds by Kethandra Sometimes Harder is Best by ChloeTzang The Ride Home by Jumpinjetta * * * * * See the full list of 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards winners here. Congratulations to ALL nominees and winners!

1BR Apt.

Derek was glad that he’d thought of this apartment remodel. It was a project he and his son Luke could work on together. He hoped that it would get Luke to come out of his shell. Ever since his mother passed away a few years ago he’d been closed off and anti-social. Luke gets his handiness from his dad. He loved to work with his hands, and it was not boasting to say that he was pretty good at it too. Fortunately the push, from Derek’s dad, to be more took him to state college to study engineering and into a lucrative career afterward. Derek met his wife of 20 years at that college, Theresa was the world to him, and he would have done anything to lay the world at her feet. Fate had a different idea though. Her loss had left a deep scar on their family. It […]


It was the summer of 1987. I’d gone to live with mom after her and dad divorced my freshman year of high school. I was home on break when I noticed the new neighbors moving in across the courtyard. I knew it was difficult to get into the apartment complex where we lived because it was a gated community with tight security, including armed guards. It had an extensive waiting list for potential residents and you had to pass a background check prior to occupancy. There was very little turnover so when we saw new residents moving in, it piqued interest. I offered my assistance after watching them make several trips back and forth to their moving truck. They both took a short break for introductions. I told them every called me “cheetah” because I ran cross-country in high school and set all kinds of school records for speed. They […]

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