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A First Meeting

One Saturday morning I am awakened by the phone ringing. “Hello” I mutter, sleep rasping my voice. “It’s me, Kathy.” I instantly recognize the southern accent which I love. “I am in New York with my daughter, can you come visit sometime?” Fully awake now with a morning hard on I grab a piece of paper and copy down the address of your hotel. “I can be up there by this afternoon, meet me in the hotel bar at 3 p.m. What will you be wearing so I can recognize you?” I ask. “A flowered blouse with a pale silk skirt,” you reply. “See you at three.” We had met online and had talked extensively both online and on the phone, but this would be the first we time we would see each other. After showering I realize that I still am hard, anticipating what might happen later today. I […]

A First Time for Everyone

This story is not exactly a sequel, but one of the characters was developed in my earlier stories “Social Sex Ed” and “The Night Before;” I wrote this one to stand alone, but the other stories will add depth if you are interested. When she climbed into my lap, it was the first time I had ever touched a woman other than my mother or sisters — and far more intimately. I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised — we had just gotten married and were in the traditional ten minutes of privacy that follow a Jewish wedding, alone together unchaperoned for the first time since we had met seven months earlier — but somehow through all the preparations for marriage, it never got through to me that we would actually touch. My heart was racing as my mind leaped ahead to what would come later that night. I could […]

A First Time for Everything Ch. 01

I fidgeted in front of the blue SUV as he stared me down, a sly grin on his face. In nothing but my tiny shorts, a t-shirt, and flip fops, I couldn’t help but feel naked in the cool October night air. “So are you gonna give me my charger or what?” I quipped, trying to portray a confidence I didn’t feel. “Sure,” he said. “Get in.” His voice bore no room for argument. I stepped onto the pavement and crossed to the passenger side, hefting myself into the seat. The indescribable, masculine scent of the car washed over me and made my stomach flip. I could sense that something was going to happen between us, and my virgin mind didn’t know how to feel about that. “Did you forget your phone charger on purpose?” he teased. The light from my brownstone’s porch light cast a halo behind his dark […]

A First Time for Everything Ch. 02

Hi there! Thanks for reading. This chapter is a follow-up to the first chapter in the story, so please read that first. All characters are 18 years or older. Comments are welcome! ***** He reached out to me, his strong hand snaking under the blanket he’d thrown over me. I gasped as he made contact with the skin of my arm, but he ignored me and kept going. His fingers lightly teased their way down my abdomen to the hem of my shirt, sending tingles up my spine. I suddenly felt ashamed of my body as his hands went under to make a slow ascent to my breasts. I wasn’t fat, but my stomach was a little soft, not flat and toned like other girls my age who worked out. He said he’d been with other girls, and I worried I couldn’t compare. I fought off the urge to bat […]

A First Time for Everything Ch. 03

“Let’s go up to your room.” “No,” came my immediate reply. I shook my head wildly. There was no way I was doing that yet. “No?” he asked, clearly confused by my adamant answer. “We can’t.” “Why not?” “Well, my roommate’s there,” was my lame excuse. It was true, though, which made it probably the only time I was ever happy she was there. “There are other places we can go, silly,” he laughed. “I don’t want to,” I confessed. He raised his eyebrows at me, barely visible in the darkness, but otherwise remained still and silent. “I mean, I want to, please don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t think I’m ready to do it yet,” I explained, silently pleading him with my eyes to understand. He frowned. “I think you misunderstood me. I’m not asking to have sex with you yet. I don’t want to go too […]

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