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A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 02

I held Jeanie’s hand to help her into the limo. As she brushed by me, again I caught the scent of her perfume and it made my knees go weak. She was absolutely radiant tonight; everything about her was perfect. Her olive skin gleamed, her smile warm and tender, her hair held up elegantly with defiant little strands hanging down, her scent sweet and alluring. I knew I had a difficult evening ahead of me, pretending I wasn’t attracted to this vision of pure beauty. In the limo we waved to the parents and finally drove away to the dance. The atmosphere in the limo was festive; everyone was in a great mood and looking forward to the evening. I wondered what the guys might be thinking. Was this their evening? Would they finally get lucky tonight? Or had they already reached that point in their respective relationships? I wondered […]

A Gentle Awakening

Please note the “boy” in the story is 18 years old just very shy and very inexperienced. * He walked over to her where she stood nervously against the door. He grinned his little kid grin and reached his arms forward to take her by the hips and draw her closer. His nose brushed against the tip of hers, his eyes were twinkling and her heart was pounding. She could feel his cock stiffening against her and his taut young body and all sense of right or wrong left her, this was the boy she wanted. She wanted to teach him everything she knew, she wanted to leave him with memories that would stand forever. The heat of his close body and her intense yearning was combining to make her face flush hotly. “It’s okay, don’t be nervous. I’m not.” He said softly as his lips touched hers while he […]

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 03

Jeanie led me by the hand into the hotel. My heart was racing in anticipation as we crossed through the lobby to the elevator. She led me inside and pressed our floor number. As soon as the doors closed she pulled me into her wordlessly. Our mouths found one another and we kissed passionately, tongues dancing in our excitement. When the doors opened we separated momentarily as we stumbled into the hallway. She fished into her little purse and pulled out the key card for our room. She gave me a devious look as she slid the card into the lock. “Can you believe this is happening?” she asked coyly. “I can’t believe anything that happened tonight is real,” I replied. The lock clicked and she pulled the handle. I pushed the door open for her. “Disappointed?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. I shook my head. “Wondering how I could […]

A Gift for Her Teacher

Carrie pulled the hood of her sweatshirt forward over her eyes, even though it did no good. She peered down the street through the raindrops on her glasses. Where was the damn bus? It should have been there 15 minutes ago, and it was dark and getting colder. And now it was raining, too. She fished the crumpled bus schedule out of her pocket and her heart sank — there in bold print at the bottom, it read, “Due to street repairs December 8-31, the #16 Cross-Town will be re-routed…” Well, shit. She sighed and tried to figure out if she had enough cash for a cab. As she stood there mentally counting her pocket change, a car pulled up to the curb and the passenger window slid down slowly. Carrie could barely make out a male driver, no passengers, non-descript blue sedan…oh, not good, not good at all. Heart […]

A Fling in Florence

My name is Laura. I am a sophomore in college and I have never had sex. Yes, I know it might be surprising, but it’s the true. I had the same boyfriend during all four years of high school. He was the head receiver for the football team, popular, and had decent grades. We started dating at the beginning of freshman year because we both had English together. It was not a great relationship but I did not realize how bad it was until I was not with him anymore. I changed my personality for him, cutting myself off from friends and family. He pressured me into sex often, but even to this day, I am proud of myself for standing up to him when it came to his demands. We did everything else in the sexual acts department, but we did not have sexual intercourse. That should have been […]

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