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A Good Patient

It was Dr. Maddox Brennan’s first day on the job. He had become a gynecologist because his mother had died of ovarian cancer when he was thirteen. He was very nervous and didn’t know quite what to expect. He straightened his white lab coat over his 6’2” frame. His captivating brown eyes ringed with a dark green sparkled with anticipation and anxiety. He felt his stomach muscles clenching around his firm six-pack as he wondered what the day would bring for him. Meanwhile, in Dr. Brennan’s waiting room, Raine Alexander was fidgeting impatiently. She had come to the gynecologist without telling anyone, because she had an embarrassing secret – she had never had an orgasm in her life. She had tried masturbating, having her boyfriends go down on her, vibrators, dildos, and out of complete desperation, had even raided the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. Starting from her feet, following […]

A Good Person

This one is the closest to a true story as anything so far. As always, comments of all denominations are welcome. ***** Julie Brown was something special. Opinion was universal. She was bright and worked hard, the teachers respected her. She was a great swimmer, so the coaches loved her too. She broke records and kicked ass in inter-school meets from her early years. Our school started winning, something that never happened so all the students applauded her. She was humble and happy and her friends adored her. The boys, well, they all wanted to fuck her. Whenever guys gathered to speak of mischief, her name came up more than any other girl. Model legs, an ass built for a swimsuit and conspicuous breasts that sweetly fit her lines. Her face was Cindy Crawford without the spot, as was her hair. Or perhaps a more modern-day comparison was Vanessa Hessler. […]

A Good Year

Below is my own personal diary. I started a week after I turned 18. It was meant then to be a record for myself of what I thought then would be the craziest week of my life. How wrong I was. I’m 19 now, and what you’re about to read is how I slept with no less then 365 men in 365 days. A different man a day. As you’ll soon see, sometimes I slept with men repeatedly, and sometimes with multiple people at once- but not a day passed without a new dick. You may not believe this is a true record of my last year, you might think I’m stretching the truth or just making it all up- but I’m not. The only thing I have change is the names- except mine. I really am Kim. Oh- and I had to sort of ‘novelize’ it so it’s readable. […]

A Great Way to End the School Year!

Katie was home alone. On a lark she had faked being sick so she could take a day off from school. It was near the end of the school year and she was already going to graduate as valedictorian so there was no real problem. She had been bored with school and was looking forward to going off to college in the fall. She hoped it would be a relief to get out from under her mother’s strict conservative control. After getting up late she had watched the forbidden Soap Operas and MTV that her mother had locked out using Parental Control Mode on the cable receiver. Katie was a smart girl had figured out the password months ago and occasionally wasted time on theses disgusting shows, in her mother’s words. Initially she was stunned by the open discussion of sex and scandalous affairs that were happening on the Soaps. […]

A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 01

I was quite young, by the standards of 1956, when I lost my virginity. Today, of course, any guy reaching the age of 18 without having experienced the savour of pussy juice would probably be considered a freak. But, in those days, it was a fairly normal thing. Enough of that, let me tell you what happened…. My mom and dad had been transferred to Europe, shortly after I completed my matric examinations. Dad was involved in the overseas office of one of the large South African manufacturing companies and he held a high position in that company. Because of his position, we moved in quite high circles and I was soon introduced to the pleasure pastimes of Europe. Of course, our home was beautiful and, in keeping with the standards of my dad’s business associates, we had a tutor for my young twin brothers and a live in au-pair […]

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