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A Lifetime of Learning

I live in a small town located in a distant suburb of Los Angeles. My Mom and Dad each work, and they work long hours. I am nineteen years old and I’m in my last year at Community College. I’m average in height, semi-athletic, and enjoy the outdoors. The backyard at our home, as several others in our neighborhood, is surrounded by a tall wooden, slat fence. The slats overlap for privacy and the height, at nearly seven foot, acts to ensure it. Our backyard is well landscaped and maintained by father, mother and I. I like the green bushes and small trees scattered throughout the yard. I frequently water the yard without being asked. When studying I prefer using a small, foldable aluminum lounge chair that I can move easily. On warm summer days I move it into the shade of the house, out of the sun. The cool […]

A Lifetime Waiting

It had been three months since her mother had died. Three long months coming to terms with it all and facing the future. Jean hadn’t had much of life she reflected. Her father had died when she was quite young and she was an only child. Her schooldays were normal and when she got a place in college she was delighted but apprehensive about leaving her mother. They lived together in a small bungalow in a small country village. The college was in the city about 120 miles from her home. She rented a flat nearby. It was a huge culture change for her. She had always been quiet and reserved and found it hard to adapt to the bustle of city life. She did make a few friends and started to settle in. To her surprise she was asked out on a date by one of the guys in […]

A Little Drama

Standing in the wings of the high school theater, Jeff half-heartedly watched the play rehearsal. In his last semester of his senior year, he had taken drama as a blow-off class that happened to have a bunch of girls. The best part was that many of the girls in the play he had never had classes with before – a new field to play in! As always, several girls had attracted his attention. But on this night the play was competing for his interest with Meredith, a brunette in a sloppy t-shirt and jeans. Meredith worked on the crew of the show – organizing the prop table and pulling the curtain. She was stuck in the side of the stage at her place. So Jeff, with only a small part, had the freedom of action to move about and steal glances at her usually without her noticing. Meredith was cute. […]

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

Growing up in the same neighbourhood as Amy Jones and Samantha Williams, he’d known them from a distance since they were both knee-high to a grasshopper. But he couldn’t remember a single time when the two of them were not together. If either of them had been in the least bit plain, they would have drawn snide comments from other schoolchildren about their sexuality, no doubt, perhaps even earning nicknames suggesting that their closeness went beyond mere friendship. But they were far from plain – Amy with her long golden hair and big green eyes, a few sweet freckles on her otherwise perfect face; Samantha with her long mousy hair, a little more demure than her blonde friend but just as breathtakingly attractive. As a result – and the fact that their parents were on the wealthy side – the two girls were the centre of the popular group in […]

A Little Insurance

“Yes, Bobby, I am sure.” The statement came from me in a hushed whisper that I had not intended to let slip so soon. His proximity to me assured he heard my confession although he continued watching me look over his house warming gifts. In a time when we were both going through those troubling years of puberty, he was my sexual idol. Thoughts of sex with him consumed me; however, our families were well known in the community. I was not able to act on my desires then. Sadly, after high school we went separate ways and lost contact. Years later, our paths crossed at a professional convention we attended. Our initial greeting was that of old friends reconnecting. We talked about life since school, our college years, and where we lived. We exchanged telephone numbers, addresses, and email accounts. We saw one another a couple more times at […]

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