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A Late Night Revision Session

Carlotta was working opposite me in the college library. She had a rich, tanned complexion and deep brown eyes. She was slim, and I would hasard a guess at around 5 ft 10. We had been working at the same table since around 10 o’ clock that morning. Every so often, I would set my eyes on her beautiful body and let them wander. We took regular breaks on and off all day at different intervals. Towards the evening, we began to make eye contact. She would smile at me and I would smile back. She began to lean back in her chair more often, revealing her full, deliciously pert breasts through her light summer dress. She knew that I was enjoying this and was playing to me. By 8 o’ clock in the evening, we were both extremely bored with our work. I met her soft gaze and held […]

A Learning Experience

A bunch of us office buddies were away at a conference. There was a big meeting early in the morning, so we didn’t want to overdo, not to mention that we were all reasonably happily married and wanted to keep it that way. Instead of hitting the town, we decided to have a few beers in our hotel room and shoot the shit. The subject soon found its way to sex. We were asking each other some truth-or-dare like questions. “When was the first time you ever did it?” Larry asked. Tim claimed the earliest slot, answering 14. Kevin swore it was his wedding night and that he’d been 26. “What about you, Terence?” “Oh, 16, 17, I’m not sure.” I replied. But then I asked, “When was the first time you did it when you really felt like you knew what you were doing?” That got me thinking: It […]

A Legend of the Great War

Andrew Dunbar had donned the kilt just two years after his first long trousers, and turned seventeen in the trenches of Flanders. It amazed him, sometimes, that he was there, for he had been odd man out among his four brothers. Among those feuding hoodlums in the slums of Glasgow, Andrew was timid and studious, and would as soon have spent his life in the Mitchell Library or the Art Galleries at Kelvingrove. A kindly recruiting-sergeant of the Black Watch, while people still had a peacetime idea of what kindness was, had told him he could be measured with his boots on, and cast a thoughtful eye towards the newspaper. So Andrew, whose worst enemies would never have called him slow on the uptake, got into the army with the Daily Mail for the 4th August 1914 wadded up inside his boots. As he was so slight and unmilitary, but […]

A Lesson for Teacher

Bill slumped over and padded at her piano. He fumbled around and listened to himself. He only looked at the room’s decorations like the wide square of sun that burst through the French doors. A golden Victorian clock on the mantelpiece. The teacher’s cleavage, made thick and pert by her black cotton dress. The hardwood floor. Her fair skin, each half-breast identical except for one faint blue vein. Her red thin lips opened. “Your mind is somewhere else today, Bill. Have you been out drinking?” Her round face curled in a smile and he remembered hearing somewhere, Never trust a girl with thin lips. Her bright blue eyes found his and the closer his gaze wandered to her chest, the more danger pumped through his blood. She seemed indifferent. “Even in my early twenties, my parents won’t let me out. I think I’ll always be their slave. Their loss, I […]

A Lesson from Eleanor

Dedicated to a couple of very good online friends, who both suggested I should submit this. I hope you appreciate it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Comments always welcome. Names and places changed, yada yada. It’s fairly difficult to know where to start on this one. I’d known Eleanor for years, as long as I could remember. She was an old school friend of mum’s. That makes her in her early 60’s now. Me? I’m 40 now and reasonably happily married. The sex life at home is pretty good, and I’ve had a few wild experiences over the years, but if I look back, it’s this time with Eleanor that gets me going all over again, it feels like yesterday. April 1983, one Thursday evening. I was back late from school. I’d turned 18 the month before, and was a typical teenager I guess. Obsessed with girls, music […]

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