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A Memory to Cherish

(based on a true story with the woman’s name changed at her request) My story starts with a young lady just shy of her 17th birthday staring into my eyes as I lay on my bed. She had come for a summer visit and I had pulled her on top of me as she stood by my bed to wake me up. I had playfully given her a quick kiss the night before to taste her lip-gloss but this was the moment when I lost my heart to her forever. As Lisa laid full length upon me, we both realized how deeply we loved each other but knew we had to wait until after she was 18 before we could do much more than hugging and kissing. But even her lack of experience couldn’t contain the passion behind those kisses and hugging each other close filled us with peace and […]

A Mere Figment Ch. 02

Summary: Despite having misgivings about her first time with Aiden, the bane of her high school existence and her stepbrother of three estranged years, Amy can’t control her newfound lust. A/N: Thanks for your support! Welcome to part 2 of the story. Please enjoy! xxx “Do you know why I hated you so much? Because I couldn’t have you, not after you became my goddamn sister! It was just so wrong, and I couldn’t forgive your mom, for meeting my dad. That’s why I never wanted to be around you. That’s why I avoided coming home for the past two summers. Because I couldn’t stand to see the sight of you, prancing right in front of me, and being unable to do anything about it! I tried, okay?! You don’t know how hard I tried to move on! I tried to fill the void with other girls. I fucked nearly […]

A Long Way Home Ch. 01

From a script proposed by Dahlia57, a very nice Indian girl I recently met on Literotica. (starts slow but will gain momentum in the coming episodes) – – – – – Today, I have the pleasure of presenting the Awards for excellence in our school. The winners this year won’t cause you any surprise as they trusted all the best results in their classes for the three last years. . . Ladies and gents, please applause Naina and Ritu Dhaliwal. for their exceptional performances. You know that, this year, there is a special bonus coming with these awards : Tata steel Company has kindly offered to sponsor our school. The winners of this year will have the possibility to study, all costs paid, in Birmingham University in England. It’s one of the best scientific universities there. Naina and Ritu will have the opportunity to prove how good our students are […]

A Mere Figment Ch. 03

Summary: Amy has time to think about this ‘thing’ with Aiden. Will she come to a satisfying conclusion (no pun intended)? A/N: Happy New Year! Final part. Please enjoy. Xxx Using his finger he continued to tap against her contracting nub until he saw in her expression that it hurt. He moved back up her burning body, and positioned himself at her entrance, the tip of his cock teasing her flesh. She could feel her core clenching in anticipation of the pleasant intrusion, but there was no way to prepare for the fullness, the intimate joining of two bodies. Relentlessly, he thrust into her deeply. “You’re so tight.” She was so sopping wet that she only felt a sting of pain when he first entered her. “You’re so wet for me.” He moved severely within her once she adjusted to him, and rested her hand tentatively on his backside. He […]

A Long Way Home Ch. 02

From a script graciously offered by Dalhia57, an Indian girl I recently met on Literotica. – – – – Naina and her twin sister Ritu Dhaliwal had won a grant to continue their university studies in Birmingham, UK. The two quite shy Indian girls were attacked when coming back from a theatre by a group of bikers and took shelter in a night club where the staff wanted them to strip naked for the benefit of the customers. Two of their professors saved them from being raped in public and offered them to teach them the bases of sex education. They invited the two girls to stay in their big mansion. They had finally agreed. – – – – Naina and her sister cleaned the breakfast table and went to take a shower and put on their clothes. When they got ready to go to the boarding house, they went […]

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