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A Matter of Time Ch. 07

Victoria was a virgin who feared touch, much less sex. Vicki was a vamp who needed touch, and often sex. The two walked in the shadow of College Mall and the new Lazarus store on the west side of Bloomington. By 2023, this was all gone, the older Martha realized. It began with the fires of 2018 that swept through much of the area, and the F-5 tornado 10 months later — in the spring of 2019 — that vaporized much of this area. In her time, College Mall was now a large park with a small memorial, along with small plots of farmland that students rented out to grow fruits and vegetables. But in 1989, it was still College Mall. Vicki took her younger virgin version into the facility and meandered with her. They went to the food court area and chatted. The virgin looked at the vamp and […]

A Matter of Time Ch. 11

On top of the Monroe County Courthouse is a fish on a weather vane. It was first created in 1820, but nobody is sure if it represents Christianity, the community’s need of fishing on local rivers and lakes when it was young … or if it is upside down. Martin, the 55-year-old time traveler, thought maybe this would be a good mystery to find out about next. Just go back to 1820 and ask the creator his reasons for it. And see if it really was put on the latest Monroe County Courthouse upside down. He looked up to the weather vane as the two couples walked toward the courthouse. They were walking up the hill on 6th Street when he noticed it again for the first time in 35 years. Going from 2023 to 1989 was interesting; going back another 179 would be an adventure. A time before the […]

A Medical Intervention

The insistent sound penetrated his dream. It was irritating and would not go away. Gradually his brain identified it as two noises; the high one, that was the telephone and the lower . . . that was the girl snoring. He carefully unsealed one eye. For some reason the other was sore and reluctant to budge, it seemed to be swollen shut. Of course, it was that elbow he’d received in the rugby scrum; probably be black for weeks. Nor was the first eye doing too well, peering against the dazzling October sun streaming between half drawn curtains. The telephone. . . yes. He reached across her, the effort nearly exhausting him. God, what a celebration it had been. Unable to keep his head up he cushioned it on her soft boobs, clamping the receiver to his free ear. ‘Roger Brown,’ he croaked. ‘Morning Rog. How are you this bright […]

A Meeting by the River

When he first saw her he thought she was an illusion. He had run down to the river to play, a fistful of perfectly flat stones balled in his fist, rattling in his hand as he raced through the trees and then stopped short in the mud. Out in the water she was bathing, drawing her elegant arms over her shoulders, running her fingers through her long brown hair. He held his breath, ducking behind a tree trunk to watch. She turned towards him revealing her perfectly round breasts and pink nipples. He watched with wide eyes as she reached down and her arms pressed her breasts together, pointing her nipples straight at him. Between his legs he felt his member swelling up in response. He swallowed nervously as her hands moved back up to her hair and her breasts bounced back into their normal position. She was moving so […]

A Memory to Cherish

(based on a true story with the woman’s name changed at her request) My story starts with a young lady just shy of her 17th birthday staring into my eyes as I lay on my bed. She had come for a summer visit and I had pulled her on top of me as she stood by my bed to wake me up. I had playfully given her a quick kiss the night before to taste her lip-gloss but this was the moment when I lost my heart to her forever. As Lisa laid full length upon me, we both realized how deeply we loved each other but knew we had to wait until after she was 18 before we could do much more than hugging and kissing. But even her lack of experience couldn’t contain the passion behind those kisses and hugging each other close filled us with peace and […]

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