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A Misanthrope and Artichokes

Author’s Note: This is my story, I wrote it, and stealing is lame. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This story is now perfectly self-edited (bring it). All of my characters, in all of my stories, are over eighteen, or older, any time they get naked and have intercourse. Thanks to all the favorites and feedback, hope you enjoy. This story has been re-submitted for spacing errors that might have been entirely my fault along with random and minor tweaks, so all feedback was potentially valid at the time it was originally posted. A Misanthrope and Artichokes Or A Variation on a Story The sound was eerily similar to that of a horse smacking its lips together. The sound of boredom expressed without words. This particular sound came from Penelope Alvarez as she leaned into the employee side of the checkout counter of the small deli and convenience […]

A New Year, A New Perspective

This is story is written from half truth. The other half is made up, mostly for literary reasoning. Reading a story with complete truth is not always the most entertaining (at least, not if it’s my life.) However, I will be staying within the realm of the possible and not too far from the truth where ever it is wholly entertaining. This is my first story of an erotic nature and I plan to write more if it goes well. _ I have known this girl for almost two years. We had met in the September of my first year of college. I was not sure at first about her if I was perfectly honest. She was both outstanding to the eye and to the ear. The first thing I ever heard her do was let a squeal out of the top of her voice as she saw one of […]

A Misdirection of Affection Ch. 03

The morning after her stroll down memory lane, Dessi got a text from Gina, suggesting they meet at The Noggin Shop after lunch. Before responding that it was OK, Dessi arranged for her oldest son, Alex, to drop her off there and pick her up later, since he wanted to use the car that day. Alex was a lifeguard at the YMCA that summer- a job that left his hours flexible to have a little fun before he left for college that fall. Dessi was going to miss him, and it was a bit uncomfortable to think of him doing the things Ian did at that age. Alex had to drop her off a little early, so Dessi sipped a coffee and soaked in the memories of being in the place where she and Ian had had so many conversations. She was glad their corner table was open. The Noggin […]

A Moment of Madness

(Chapter 18) “A Moment of Madness” (circa-1988) The six mile Metro journey to Newcastle was relaxing and uneventful. The train was packed with Monday morning commuters heading for their all too boring and familiar places of work. As usual everyone was wearing their trademark sour faces and no one offered a kind look or even a hint of a smile. Men reading ‘the tabloids’ had their eyes fixed on either today’s naked image on page three or the back page for the sport. A smartly dressed man reading a ‘broadsheet’ newspaper held a pen precariously between his thumb and index finger studying the daily crossword puzzle. A middle-aged woman with her head buried in a romantic novel shuffled uncomfortably in her seat and a younger woman sitting opposite casually thumbed through a glossy magazine, pausing occasionally when the article featured men, sex or the occasional celebrity gossip. The rest of […]

A Mother's Memoir Ch. 01

This story has been adapted from entries from diaries entrusted to me after my mother’s death. I have ‘changed names’ to protect the innocent or guilty depending on your point of view and I have added a little bit of poetic licence to add substance. This is by no means meant to denigrate her memory but to share a little of the real sensuous, broad-minded woman I discovered her to be. My mother suddenly died ten years ago shortly after her sixty-sixth birthday; years before she had promised to leave me some mementos of her life. Over the years Mum had collected items for each of her children in boxes with our names on them but when my sisters had been through her things they had not found anything specifically left for me although they had each had a box addressed to them. Then a few weeks ago my youngest […]

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