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A Night To End The Week

It was late, closing time to be precise; the Bar staff began to clean away the day’s business as the final punters finished their drinks. Couples began to retire for the night and drunks stumbled off into the great beyond (sleep). It was only a short walk from the bar to Susan’s house, which she walked with her friend Jon, they had known each other for over a year and they had become friends, though a different kind of friendship, lived in computers this was the first time they had met. Jon had been staying with her for nearly a week, this night had been a goodbye for him from Susan, they wined and dined and talked for a long time, tomorrow he flew home. They arrived shortly after. Susan’s apartment was dark, lit only by the moon that shone through the window into the main room. They both settled […]

A Night to Remember…NOT!

During my freshman year in college I was unsure of myself in many ways. It was the first time away from home, although that in itself wasn’t a big concern. I had been pretty much on my own throughout my high school years. Both of my parents had important careers, and I was the youngest of three. My brother went away to school when I was in 9th grade, and my sister left the next year. I had lost my virginity a while before college, one of those choices you later look back on and wish it had been different. Actually, I didn’t regret losing it, just the circumstances around the way it happened. What I had fantasized as a wonderful experience turned out to be very unpleasant, and the beginning of a series of heartbreaks. The guy I had fallen desperately in love with was incredible in my little […]

A Night To Remember

There were nights that were lively, and those that were quiet. But on Fridays, Dale had an opportunity to spend time with his friends. Knowing that tonight would be boring if he spent it at home, he went out- this time alone- and went to a nightclub where he could sit and have a few drinks with friends. What he didn’t expect was to be picked up by a woman on the hunt for a guy, and she would be the biggest break of his life. Driving over to the Club Chameleon at about 11:30p.m. that evening, he didn’t know that his friends over there had set arrangements to make his night worthwhile. He was going to remember this night as one to end them all. And his friends outside the Club were going to make it better. They arranged to have a limo pick him up after 3:00a.m., and […]

A Night To Remember2376

Everyone had finally left a few hours after the New Year had begun. Finally, they were alone. Though it was getting late, or rather early, neither of them was at all tired, but nonetheless they began preparations for bedtime. They made up a bed for her on the couch, the couch that was a favorite spot for making out and..other things..special activities.. He on the other hand would be sleeping in her own bed a room away, though if they had anything to do about it they would “accidentally” fall asleep together and spend the night in each other’s arms. She got up and went into the bathroom to change into her pajamas while he lay on the couch, waiting. It had been nearly two weeks since they had last touched, last kissed, and throughout that period apart they had both been exceedingly horny, fulfilling their desires and needs through […]

A Night To Remember2383

I had only been working at the place for a little over a month and was just getting to know my coworkers when they announced they were going to hold a retirement party for one of the sales managers. There would be around fifty attending and most of them were a lot younger than the retiree so it should be some fun. Before I go any further let me describe myself. I’m Megan, 19 years old, five foot two, thinner than a rail, no breasts to speak of and a VIRGIN. I’m told that I’m cute but it’s no wonder I’m still a virgin since there aren’t many guys wanting to be holding on to someone built like me. Jim is one guy around the office who had me going ga ga every time he walked past my cubicle. He was a lot taller than me and obviously had been […]

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