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A Night at Delta Chi Ch. 02

‘What have I done to deserve this?’ Thoughts of that nature had been crossing my mind ever since this angle, this goddess, has given herself to me. ‘I wonder what that smile’s for…if I caused that..’ She had had that smile on ever since she drifted on to dreamland soon after having sex, her snuggled into my chest, with me still resting inside of her, and me on my back on the floor of my room. I still couldn’t believe my luck, and kept running my hands over her to make sure that she was real. ‘She’s so soft and smooth…the finest silk would be sandpaper next to her skin, the softest satin is steel wool compared to her flesh. God it’s cold in here.’ Strange the thought that randomly drift across the mind, but it was. The room was cold, but Alli didn’t seem to notice. Maybe she was […]

A Painful Experience

The doorbell rang, and I ran to answer it. John had left me alone in his house for a while, while he ‘attended to some business,’ whatever that meant. I looked through the little peephole and saw a young woman standing there. She was older than I was, of course, but she didn’t look to be more than about twenty two. A van with a ‘Pam’s Flowers’ sign on it was parked in the driveway. She looked harmless enough, so I opened the door. She was holding a fabulous bouquet of flowers in a green glass vase and looked around the flowers to ask if there was a Diane there. I kind of stammered that I was Diane, and she said she had a delivery for me and handed me the flowers. The vase was so big that I had to take it in both hands. I’m sure I just […]

A Night at Delta Chi

Be forewarned. This is not a quick jack off story. If you’re not willing to read a little, go to another story. Otherwise, enjoy. Another boring weekend, I thought to myself as I sat around my apartment. Why the hell isn’t there anything to do in this fucking town? If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a college student, on a weekend, with no friends in town and no plans. I had just resigned myself to a night of channel surfing and boredom when my phone rang. “Hello?” “SSSUUUPP??!!?” a loud, annoying, and most importantly, drunk voice yelled out at me. “Dude, you got to get your ass over here, and I mean like pronto-like, y’know what I’m saying?” “Who the fuck is this?” I check my caller ID, and all it’s giving me is a number. “Dude, that’s cold, that’s fucking cold, y’know that? I can’t believe that you don’t […]

A Pair to Draw to.

I was just a crazy kid at the time, old enough to know better but too young and all of that. I had partnered up with my butthead brother and bought a gas station, some of you older folks may remember those deals that used to be available on every street corner in America. The oil companies would find some young hard working folks, feed them a line about being “independent businessmen”. For a small monthly rent this allowed them to stand out in the rain and cold for 16 hours a day selling gas for just enough money to pay the light bill. But it wasn’t so bad, two reasonably good looking young guys got to meet lots and lots of available women. By selling a tire or battery, (purchased from the company at retail plus 20% of course) it was possible to get by and eat once in […]

A Night He Will Never Forget

Justin and I met while still in high school. We became immediate friends from the very beginning through a mutual friend, Josh. Josh was very strange and not many people liked him, or could even stand him, for that matter. Although there was one thing I could give great thanks to him for, and that was for introducing me to the love of my life. We grew up in a small town in Georgia. We had always talked about getting married and that day was finally here. For nine months I had been stressing out about having everything perfect for our wedding. I totally forgot about our wedding night and what a surprise Justin will get when I step out of our hotel room bathroom with my white satin corset and matching g-string. But enough about the wedding night. That day was magical. I had everything I had wanted even […]

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