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A Prayer for Mercy

Mercy truly wanted to become a slut. Her chosen role model was Paris Hilton. She wanted to be able to fuck any man any time she felt like it. She wanted them to swarm around her like bees after a pot of honey, eager for her signal that she was ready for them. She knew how to act like a slut, and she sometimes did, dressing like a cheap whore and cruising the singles’ bars. She knew how to pick up guys and get them to buy her drinks. She knew how to get them to take her home before they got too drunk to get it up. She even knew how to rip their clothes off and pull them into her bed on top of her. But she had one serious problem. She had not yet been able to get anyone to fuck her. “A virgin slut?” Mercy often […]

A Precious Gift

Sitting here on the sofa, watching the flames dancing in the fireplace, I close my eyes and let my mind wander back in time, back to that unforgettable night; a night that is etched in my memory like the beautiful etched glass in my window. That night was the most wonderful night of my life. I know that it will never be again as it was that night, and that is as it should be, for you only have such a precious gift to give once in your lifetime. John and I had been dating for quite some time. He knew how I felt about sex and respected my wishes; I was in my mid twenties and still a virgin. I remember those days of high school, the days of sexual experimentation; it seemed everyone was having sex but me. After hearing the stories the girls told of their first […]

A President's Daughter

I first met Rachael when she was a freshman in college – just turned 18 the month before entering the university. I, on the other hand, was a junior in college, 21 years old and with a bit of a reputation amongst my friends. My friends and I would place bets with one another on a semi-frequent basis putting money on dates with well-known girls in our classes, or simply some of the more attractive girls that we ran into around the university. From the moment my friends and I saw Rachael, we knew that one of us had to have her. We first saw her during the week before classes started. She was with a group of girls from her dormitory, no doubt she lived in an all-female dorm, she looked like “one of those girls”. I remember the moment clearly. My buddies and I were sitting around at […]

A Priestess's First Adventure

Maria leaned her staff against the wall and unfastened her travel cloak. Hanging the azure wrap on the back of the door, she turned and took a good look at her surroundings. A sturdy, simply decorated, four-poster bed dominated most of the small room. To the left of the bed stood a matching armoire and dressing table, a door on the right-hand side of the bed apparently led into a private bathing area, an incredible luxury in a small village like this, from which steam was already wafting. After three weeks of sleeping on the ground and taking quick cold baths in the nearest stream, the thought of a hot bath was irresistible to the young maiden. In moments she had removed the rest of her trail dusted clothing and was sliding into the spacious, porcelain tub’s steaming waters. It was only after she was fully immersed, that Maria noticed […]

A Prisoner's Tale

(Let me preface by saying A) There is no intention to portray Nazis in a positive light here. There were kind Germans, and many prisoners sent to work as manual labor experienced great kindness. Most, however, did not. This is about one of the kinder Germans, and if you feel this is an inaccurate portrayal, Part 2 will see a much darker situation for Mr. Gregory. B) There’s a bit of a long introduction here, but this is only Part 1, and this is backstory for ALL of the parts.) * In late 1942, when Warren Gregory joined the Army, he would never have anticipated the events that followed. He was a month away from 18 when he enlisted, still a boy. It was all very exciting, with the events in Europe and the Pacific, and so many young men from his town in Michigan leaving to join the service. […]

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