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A Passionate Farewell

Carefully I avoided the step that always creaked, tip toeing down the stairs until I had reached the bottom floor. Pausing, I cocked my head to listen for any sounds coming from the upstairs. The soft snoring still came from my parent’s room, indicating that they were still sleeping. With a sigh of relief I slipped on my shoes and opened the door, shutting it softly behind me. This was the first time I had ever snuck out, but this was the first time I had ever had a reason to break curfew. Who cared, anyway? In a couple of months I would leave for college and my parent’s rules would be broken almost every day. This was Logan’s last Saturday in town before he left for Washington State University, and I probably wouldn’t see him again until we both came home for winter break. Logan’s truck was parked at […]

A Proper Baptist Ch. 02

Sheila heard the car in the driveway first. Only a few moments after that, Philip’s Mom came in the front door. Sheila and Philip sat beside each other on the sofa, watching tv, and looked at her at the same time. “Hi kids, have a good time tonight?” she said and hung her light jacket on one of the hooks by the door. “Yeah, fine Mom, how was the show?” Philip said. He squeezed Sheila’s hand and moved it up his thigh, where his Mom couldn’t see. “Oh, the show was good, you know. Hi Sheila. Philip, it’s time for your girlfriend to go home now. Say good night. Your father’s waiting in the car to take her home,” she said and disappeared into the kitchen. Philip walked with Sheila to the front door and pulled it open. Outside, his father was sitting in the car in the driveway with […]

A Perfect Evening

Shyness. Hesitation. That’s what was running through her mind. No uncertainty, though. None of that. He had been so sweet, so gentle, so patient, that she knew this was right. “Are you alright? You seem a little distracted.” “Y-yeah. Just got lost in thought, that’s all.” “I understand.” He ran a hand over her hair. “I could get you a drink if you want. Y’know, something to help you relax.” “I’d like that. Thanks…” “Hey, no problem.” A kiss, a feather-soft touch against her cheekbone. “I want you to do something for me while I’m gone, though.” “A-alright. What’s that?” “Breathe. Don’t think. Don’t do anything else. Just breathe. Can you do that for me?” A nod and a smile. Not as shaky as before. Progress. “Good. I’ll be right back.” “Gotcha.” Deep breath. Smile. Once he left she honored his request, pausing only to slip out of her jeans. […]

A Perfect First Time

How many times in this life do we make love, have sex, whatever you want to call it? Thousands and thousands? But only a handful of times ever stand out. That time in the woods we nearly got discovered by picnickers: that time with two girls at once (how could I ever forget that?) and of course there’s the first time. That’s special, no forgetting that. Stephanie was a little older than me and an inch taller. She had caramel brown eyes and long dark hair, glossy like in the shampoo adverts. She was a typical long legged, pert breasted, healthy skinned teenager and she was dating me for some reason I never quite fathomed. We were both young and pretty inexperienced when we started dating. We’d been dating for about 8 months give or take, when it happened. We hadn’t planned it or anything; it just seemed to be […]

A Personal Question

Warning – Although this story is not entirely about gay sex, there is a graphic retelling of male to male oral sex from the main male character to the main female character. If reading about gay male oral sex is not your thing, perhaps you should move along to another story. The actual story is about experimentation and discovery between the two young adult characters. If you chose to read it, I hope you enjoy it and please take a moment afterward to tell me your thoughts on it. And now, on to the story… ***** “So…how many dicks have you sucked total?” Kayla Hinckley asked matter-of-factly as she walked along a dirt trail which followed a slow moving river through the woods. Behind her was her gay friend, nineteen year old Matthew Marks. The two had been friends for several years. Kayla had known for a long time that […]

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