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I remember so well. We were just 18, so young, but not so innocent, not in our minds anyway. You were so cute, and such a bitch too. You singled me out, for your, my, first relationship. You came round to my house, opened the refrigerator and popped a soda, so nonchalant, so at ease, on the outside. You were instant friends with our housekeeper, you with your long blond hair and acne cream. I saw right through you, but that meant nothing, my cock was the pulsating beat of the universe. You challenged me with your intellect and your mocking wit. You found my weaknesses, oh too easily. You let me sing to you, me with the tuneless voice. You toyed with my embarrassments, exposed my shyness, laughed at my lily-white skin. But when it came to my strength, my athleticism, you displayed your respect, never challenging, but conveying […]

18-Year-Old Virgin's First Fuck

Although this is written as a stand alone story, I encourage you to read “18-year-old Virgin’s 1st BJ.” I’m sure it will tie some of the parts together. Before you begin reading either story, let me answer one question that may come to mind. How did such a young girl become so knowledgeable concerning sex? It seems Mary had been having as she liked to call it ‘nasty sex’ with her Uncle Jack and ever since her older brother was put in a wheelchair by a motorcycle accident she had been giving him blowjobs several times a week. She knew a lot about sex and was not ashamed of it. I hope you enjoy my true memories of a weekend I will never forget. * When I awoke Sunday morning I lay in bed thinking about the previous evening. I had had my first lesson in both French kissing and […]

18-Year-Old Virgin's First BJ

The year was 1968 and I was a naive 18 year old male virgin. Up until that point in my life my sexual experiences had been limited to brief closed mouth kissing and no touching except for hugging. Oh, I did spend a lot of time jerking off in my bedroom! * I have never told anyone about that hot August weekend so unless Mary told someone no one knows. I have definitely made it a point to never tell my wife because she believes she and I were each other’s ‘firsts’ in all sexual ways. Torrie and I had been dating for 8 months when I got restless in our relationship and started talking to Mary. Mary was a cute petite redhead I went to school with. After several weeks of regular telephone calls Mary suggested we go see the movie “Romeo and Juliet” Saturday evening. This was in […]

18-Year-Old Marc Learns About Real Sex

So that is why and how I have become an exhibitionist, voyeur, bisexual old man, who likes his partners young and naïve. So, like the title says, way back at the top of these long stories, I learned a lot from my son, Marc, and his friends Dan, Pat and Kevin. After all, I had experienced, sex with three and sometimes more people, cocks and pussy and likely more stuff that in drunken stupors I have forgotten, you would think I and my wonderful wife would have learned enough to be ‘on-top-of’ any situation our son would encounter and, directly or indirectly ask for our help or advice. Well, we sent our young man off to his last YMCA summer camp the year he turned 18, as a counselor and he fell in lust. His buddy, Dan, told me that while on a field trip, my naive son, Marc was […]

18 Today – Her Virginity MUST Go!

18 Today — Her Virginity Must Go! 50 Guests Witness Jenny’s Birthday Defloration ‘Fantasy’ — ‘n., a fanciful mental image; a day-dream; whimsical speculation’ … but it COULD have happened… ‘Thankyou for coming tonight to help us celebrate Jenny’s 18th Birthday,’ John said. ‘Some of our relatives know what is about to happen, but most of you — particularly Jenny’s school friends – might think it unusual from me and Lesley, my good wife, to invite you to our Master Bedroom at a quarter to midnight….especially as Jenny’s four younger sisters, and some of Jenny’s school friends have been instructed to stay downstairs.’ ‘At the outset, let me say this will probably be the strangest 18th Birthday you will ever attend…as I’ll now explain.’ ‘Jenny’s great-aunt, Robyn, died a few years ago. She was quite a character and, I must say, had enjoyed a very active sex life. I imagine […]

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