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Darkman Cumeth

Chris can look back and remember how it felt to lose her virginity. She was 18 years old and just decided that the next man that asked her for sex would get what he wanted. He was a total stranger; Chris didn’t even know his real name. He called himself Darkman. Chris just felt like it was time to feel what all the fuss was about. Chris and her friend were cruising on State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pulling up next to them at a stoplight was a very cute looking guy. He asked them to pull over and talk to him, so they did. Darkman said he had a friend he was going to pick up, would Chris and her friend wait outside a bar called the Tropicana. Sure they agreed, and they waited till he came back to the bar. When he did arrive at the […]


Dawn checked her watch. She pressed the “light” button and suddenly the numbers “9:47” appeared on a green back-lit screen. She sighed and began walking. She was slightly late for the movie and was ditched. Fine. She could handle that. She assumed that everyone had gone ahead without her. The air was hot and humid as she walked along the streets. She walked along Queen St., the hot entertainment district that was crowded with pubs and entertainment complexes, including the movie theatre. Dawn shook her head, her ponytail brushing her shoulders before hanging down her back. She reached Yonge St., which was crowded with people walking around, talking and laughing. All the shops were closed for the night but cars continued to crowd the busy, brightly lit streets. She continued walking up the street, admiring the people who were dressed to impress each other. She felt very underdressed in her […]

Decisions Ch. 01

“Although the scene and characters in this story are still in high school they are all 18 years or older.” * After the dance ended Jill and Rob left the gym by the side door. The temperature had dropped during the time they were in the dance and Jill shivered and pulled her coat more tightly around her to ward off the chill. Rob put his arm around her shoulders and tugged her closer to him. She snuggled into the hollow of his arm and felt very secure. She knew how the team felt when they were in a tough situation with the game on the line. With Rob’s leadership giving them the confidence to do whatever was necessary to get the points to win the game. He never got flustered and exuded calm confidence as he did in the gym in getting that creep Enrique and his motley group […]

Deflowering Jenny

An iron grey cloud passed overhead as Jenny skipped from the bus, kicking up the puddles from the earlier downpour. Just then,the 18-year old student with strawberry blonde hair tied in bunches realised her mistake: the bag visible through the window in the seat she’d just vacated. Waving frantically, the driver oblivious cut an oblique path into the line of traffic and sped off. Cursing under her breath, Jenny memorised the number plate before traipsing home dejectedly. The first fresh spots of rain began to sprinkle as she reached the gate, praying someone might be home though knowing full well it could be an hour or more before either parent finished work. Her keys, mobile phone and a whole lot of other stuff gone with the bus, she shivered on the step, pushing the bell hard with her thumb as the heavens opened. Yet the house’s darkness told its own […]

Destiny's Child

This story is because of a fan from Lit who recently wrote to me with a story idea. I hope this will get more of you to send me ideas or if you want to develop this story from here let me know. * What a name Destiny had. Born into a well to do Kansas farmer’s family she lost her dad she idolized at the tender age of 12, He had a huge debt that he couldn’t bear anymore and committed suicide. As the only child she helped her mom slogging in what remained of the farm to make ends meet. She had to be strong for her and the only place she would vent herself was the Internet. She had a nice page where she posted her stories and pics and made friends. Some could see through the badly scanned pics she uploaded that behind that dirty, grimy […]

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