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A Red Letter Day Ch. 02

It wasn’t long before I had gone the whole way. I wanted to wait, but Andrew was older, persistent and very persuasive, And when it happened…WOW what an experience. He was living with his father, after his mother had run off with her manager at the local bank. I was living with a suspicious mother and father and a very devious brother who I had already introduced to the joys of oral sex. He was sniffing around his little sister for a little more, too but I was not going to let him get away with that! I succumbed to the inevitable with my boyfriend Andrew however. i went to see my doctor who put me on the pill. All we needed to do was find some time when his Dad was out and we could enjoy what Andrew referred to as “The Full Monty”. Andrew knew I was a […]

A Red Letter Day

I was 18 and a virgin. A difficult age! Hormonal urges and burgeoning peer pressure to expand one’s experiences. And all my school-friends had just one thing on their minds. Sex. It was the summer holidays, and we had enjoyed a hot couple of weeks. I was pretty bored and was sitting around watching something boring on TV. A friend, Clair, from school rang and suggested a shopping trip. I walked the half-mile to her place and we set off to town. It wasn’t long before the usual subject came up. She was desperate to relate the latest escapades with her boyfriend. I listened intently to their latest fondling…with a growing sense of frustration and envy. She had been out last night and had found a hiding place in some farm outbuildings…a barn or some other place where their carnal desires were played out. She left no detail to my […]

A Ride in the Afternoon

They had known each other for years. He was the ranch supply rep she always talked to when she called to order supplies for the horses. Over the years they had chatted and joked and filled each other in on the happenings of their lives in the weekly conversations. He’d sent flowers when her Dog died, a blue baby rattle when the new colt was born and birthday cards and of course a Christmas card every year. And then yesterday out of the blue, he asked if he could come by and see the place, maybe be able to offer some other products if he were more familiar with her set up. Eve had always assumed he was in some office in New York or Denver or some other distant city. It was odd that he had never mentioned his closeness or asked to come by before. Maybe the timing […]

A Ring for a Tanner

Dedicated to military personnel, past and present. Thank you for looking after us. Thank you for keeping us safe. ***** He felt the kick right in the pit of his stomach and fell to the floor. His knees hit the ground first, then his face thudded on the dry soil. The dust stuck on to his lips and cheek from the heat of the day and the sheen of sweat covering his dirty skin. His throat was parched. He was winded and swallowed trying to catch his breath. The harsh, cutting words of the Japanese soldier rained down on him from above. He had no idea what the man was saying, just that he was angry and that anger was directed at him. Then the rifle butt landed on his head and he was sparked out, lost in a sea of black haze. His mind had trained itself to compartmentalise […]

A Rolling Chair Gathers No Moss

Hi everyone By and large, this is the story of my younger brother. In the story-world he is the brother of Magda, one of the protagonists of “Mate”. Comments are welcome, of course. I write for my own enjoyment, but I do enjoy the enjoyment even more with the occasional sign that what I write mean something to someone else. Nitpicking about grammar is welcome, too. I do, after all, write in a foreign language. Risgrynsfisk ————— Nils was rocking and rolling, the rolling part more literally than for most people. He was up on his back wheels, turning and twisting, he was throwing his hands in the air. It was a local all girl band, “Dill Dolls” who were playing. They were pretty good, he thought, particularly the girl on keyboards, Isabelle. He knew them a little, he knew most people. Girls often danced with him for a while, […]

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