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A Walk in the Flowers

Finally breaking free of the house and our families, I took her outside for a walk. Being alone was a rarity when our two families would get together. It was a perfect 78 degree, breezy day and the grass and flowers of the field swayed to the rhythm of mother nature. It was calling us in, so I grabbed her hand quickly and said “let’s walk across this field. On the other side of the hay bales is a beautiful wild flower patch that you’ll love.” “That sounds perfect.” she said. As we started off, I dropped her hand, not wanting to be too forward, but to my surprise she reached out and grabbed it back. She squeezed it tight. I looked into her eyes and we both smiled, yet we were both cautious not to be watched from the house. We glanced back to the house at the same […]

A Walk in the Park

While there is no mention of age in this story, all characters are 18 and older. All of the characters in this story are fictional and any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. No part of this story may be reproduced without the express written consent of the author. ***** I was walking along the local park’s skating path when she came skating by. She had long legs, a tight butt, thin waist and perky breast that just stood out. Her hair was shoulder length, brown and tinged with purple. She had on a tiny yellow pleated skirt, about the length of a cheerleader’s skirt. She wore a tight white cotton woven sweater top with buttons down the front that clung to her body like a second skin and no bra. Her perky breasts stood out and her nipples clearly pointed under it. As she came toward […]

A Walk in the Sand

Preface: Hey there fellow readers, My first story here at Literotica. I’m new to writing erotic content, too. I recently found reading and writing erotic stories gets me horny as hell, so in lieu of keeping my writing to myself I decided to publish a few here. This story is the first chapter to a novella I’ve been writing. I recently revised it to fall into the constraints of borderline eroticism, where this first chapter is not all that pornographic. Rather, it’s an exploration of an idea that came to me after watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which Larry David comments on how well endowed one of the young’uns playing nearby appeared, acting the fool as usual. The aspect I found hilarious was how he felt compelled to compliment the father on a job well done. The story is about 12,300 words. Yes, I need a good […]

A Walk in the Woods Ch. 01

Thank you, t and G_G… (you know who you are! ;-)) You are much appreciated! This story will be done in several chapters. * Amanda pushed through the last bit of brush and undergrowth and stopped to catch her breath in the sultry night air. She smiled, almost laughed to see her favorite place in the whole world where she’d spent her happiest summers spread out before her. The full moon shone through the trees and dappled the surface of the Pond with silver light and deep shadows and the water looked so inviting. It had been quite a hike up from the campgrounds a couple of miles down the mountainside, and she hadn’t been here on this mountain since she was sixteen, her last year as a camper. Since then she’d graduated high school and entered college, caught up in the whirl of study, work and more study. She […]

A Walk Through The Park

Today I decided to get out of my house. I have been pretty busy with college work and what not. I am currently studying to be a 3D animator. My dream is to work for Blizzard. I just worry that because I am a girl, people will expect me not to go to far in the industry. They may even think that I don’t know what I am doing or what I’m talking about. I have plenty of worries, but living out of my two bedroom apartment has been somewhat of an adventure. Another dream of mine is to move into a bigger place of my own with my love. I just have to meet him. My love that is. I drove down to the park a couple of miles from my home. There is a nice beautiful lake next to a walking path that is also nice and soothing, […]

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