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A Wonderful Summer

Even as at 18, I was what the guys considered “one hot little bitch.” I was told this by students and teachers alike. I’ll never forget Joe, a coach at our school, along with a few other teachers. Joe stood out because he was not only my teacher about all sexual things, but also my friend. I can’t believe it all started at a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson’s house… I was sitting in Mrs. Jackson’s class thinking about how she was acting. Mrs. Jackson was in my standards a wealthy woman. She lived in the richest part of town and always presented the perfect “Southern Belle” appearance. Then my imagination went on to fantasize about Coach Murphy. Joe on the other hand was really nice, yet sexy because he had that rugged look. I swear I went weak in the knees every time I saw him. On Thursday, Joe came […]

A Year Of First Times Ch. 01

1969 – A Year of First Times Part 1 1969 did not promise to be a memorable year when it was ushered in on January 1st, but I was wrong. I would begin dating Victoria (I call her Torrie.) for a second time in early spring, graduate from high school in June, start college in September and become engaged at Christmas. The year is most memorable for me because in addition to the other things I mentioned; I would enjoy an in-depth exploration of the joys and pleasures of sex beginning in the spring of the year. 1969 turned out to be a very good year. January through March were simply your run-of-the-mill months for an 18-year-old boy with nothing exciting happening in his life. The only things going on were school, homework, which I rarely did, and hunting. I did not date. I had absolutely no social life. The […]

A Year Of First Times Ch. 02

Over the next few weeks, Torrie and I talked on the telephone nearly every day and we dated every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening. Not only did our personal dating relationship deepen during this time but our level of physical intimacy deepened as well. Before I go any further, let me tell you more about Torrie. She was an 18 year-old beauty with long blond hair, green eyes and long shapely legs that went ‘all the way up’ to a beautiful, perfectly shaped ass. Her ass was a great asset to her tall beautiful body. She was slim yet not skinny. Her skin was soft and fair. She had the firmest, most tempting breasts I had ever seen anywhere – even in ‘girlie’ magazines. Her breasts were crowned with soft, light brown nipples that always got and stayed hard when I touched or sucked on them. As I would find […]

A Year Of First Times Ch. 03

The following Sunday and Wednesday we went out on our normal dates. I was still so embarrassed about having cum Friday night, I found excuses for us to not go parking. By the next Friday, Torrie had started her period and I was ‘safe’ for the next week. Even though I dreaded the next time we would go parking, I wouldn’t change anything about the next Friday. It turned out to be an extraordinary evening for a red-blooded boy like me. I went to Torrie’ house at 7 PM just as I always did. After going in for a short visit with her Mother, we were off for the evening. This was one of those evening when we drove straight to our favorite parking place. It wasn’t even dark and there we were parked in the woods where we wouldn’t be disturbed. We both knew why we were there so […]

A Year Of First Times Ch. 04

Our sex life for the next two weeks was a little disappointing after our ‘extraordinary Friday date.’ We went parking and were intimate but not to the extent of my eating Torrie’ pussy. I had really enjoyed pleasing her with my mouth and was anxious to enjoy the taste of Torie again. On Sunday evening two weeks after our extraordinary date, Torrie and I went out riding around with our best friends, John and Mary. It was pretty late when we dropped them off at their car so we headed straight to Torrie’ house. On the way, we talked about not having much time. So instead of driving out in the country to our normal parking place, we parked behind a deserted farmhouse about a mile from where she lived. The yard was grown-up quite high and the house was far enough off the road we felt like we would […]

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