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Absolute Beginners Pt. 01 The Risk

This is the first story with a sexual content that I wrote. I am not an experienced writer and I am not a native English speaker, but I hope that I can give you a little joy with my story. ***** Recently I have been at the birthday party of Patty, a friend of mine. She invited the whole circle of friends and also an old childhood friend named Amy. First you might have to know more about our clique. Despite being fairly good looking and probably due to our shyness and some of us being prude, we are all a bunch of losers when it comes to love and sex. We never learned how to date since we were playing cards and tabletop-games as teenagers instead of going out. None of us ever had a spouse or even sex. And here we are, in our mid 20s, inexperienced if […]

Absolute Pleasure

DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY IS EXTREMELY MATURE AND CONTAINS NON-CONSENSUAL SEX!!! NOTE: THIS STORY IS BASED ON AN ONGOING RP I’VE BEEN WORKING ON WITH A FRIEND OF MINE. CHARACTERS ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THEIR RESPECTIVE PLAYERS, SABIN F. CROWLEY TO SOLBADGUY, AND AMBER TYRO, KYLE TYRO AND MARIA TYRO TO MYSELF. CHARACTERS INVOLVED IN THIS STORY ARE OVER 18. Amber Tyro sat at the desk, staring off into space, hoping detention would hurry up and end. She was getting tired of sitting here for an extra hour after school just because she decided she wasn’t having any inappropriate behavior from any of the male students here. And Corey just happened to break her main rule. Never, ever touch her ass without permission. And it wasn’t like she was going to give her permission to him anyway. So he was asking for an ass-kicking, she couldn’t help it that the only ass-kicking […]

Accidental First Time Ch. 02

This is the second chapter of a hopefully more realistic fictional story about a first time encounter between two young (over 18)shy friends. It is a slower paced less action packed story and thus if you prefer lots of action and oooosss and ahhhhhsss I suggest you try another entry. I apologize for the delay in offering this chapter, but I work long hours for a living and care about the product and thus the delay. Thanks for your patience and support. * You grin still holding me, and state your glad I came, it was awesome, want us to be comfortable, and then to make me feel better, tell me you are so wet and nod your head down to your crotch, in case I did not get the meaning. I blush and ask really (your still holding me, and the talk is not helping my self control)? You […]

Accidental First Time Ch. 03

This is a continuation of a fictional first time story between two young (over 18) friends. Although this chapter could be read alone, it would likely be helpful to read the first two chapters. I know the writing style will not please all. I try to offer a more realistic approach, with out 9″ members and DD tits, so if you prefer these items this may not be your “cup of tea”. Thanks for all the positive feedback and constructive help. You stand there unsure what to do or say. I eye you from head to foot, again letting out a long sigh, then quietly ask if your ok? You nod almost afraid to speak and then suggest that maybe you should go to the bathroom and get cleaned up worried that this may have gone too far. I ignore your statement and quietly ask you to come closer and […]

Accidental First Time

This “story” is just that — a fictional accidental first time encounter between two young (over 18) close friends. I hope you enjoy, and have strived to make it a more “real life” scenario and thus less “action packed”. If I receive positive comments I will try to continue the saga. We had been best friends since middle school. I remember teasing you, pulling your long brown braided twin hair tails that snaked half way down your back. You were always a cute thin tough tomboy, and although not related most of our friends called us brother/sister because we always hung out together, did homework together, helped each other with chores, lived only a block away and were “best” friends. In the summer we used to play sports together, you always held your own in games with the “guys” and we would often go swimming in the old swimming hole, […]

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