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Able to Fuck

“You don’t get many of those to the pound man,” chuckled Winston. “For fucks sake Winston. Piss off,” moaned Les. “I am man,” roared the huge fat black man, noisily spraying the stainless steel urinal with such force, the youngster was sure he felt the odd splash on his hands. As Les shook the drops off his own knob end, he couldn’t help glancing at the huge brown sausage like cock that his supervisor waved with such free abandon. Even allowing for the projection of Winston’s stomach, Les could see several inches of flaccid piss pumping penis, the flow seemingly endless. It was not the first time he had occasion to view the black man’s privates. Winston Sampson was often in the habit of showing it, sometimes at great risk to their work situation. Only two days ago, he had whipped it out of his overalls and waved it like […]

Across Rooftops – The Initiation

Sheila smiled inwardly. She was smiling because unknown to Sham, he had called on her at the quietest time in her house. It had meant things in the past – a male interlude at the quiet time. But that was a different world. She had been pleasuring herself on her private garden on the rooftop. Unknown to her, a nineteen year old in the neighbourhood had spotted and watched in fascination as she used the water hose and her hands to caress herself. Mad with lust at that sight, Sham had gone to his room and masturbated furiously. Unsatiated even though he had cum, he quickly made a plan to acquaint himself with the lady he had spotted. And here he was at her doorstep. “Yes?” she asked looking at young man and taking quick note of his sturdy physique. She vaguely remembered having seen him in the neighbourhood. But […]

About Time

We used to know each other. A few years back. Not intimately or anything, just…cordial. There may have been some tension between us. It was definitely present on my end, though I never did anything about it. He was a grade below me (we were both 18, he just stayed back a year) and I have a strict rule. But I wanted him. Once, in the hallway of the high school that we met, he walked me to class and lingered at the door. I was safe inside the room, but he was so close…I could feel his body heat resonating off of him. It made me hot. He leaned his face in toward mine and I swore he was going to give me what I wanted; that he would kiss me and take me right there in the hallway. Instead, he looked me directly in my eyes for a […]

Above 1,000 Meters, Anything Goes

I had just returned from visiting my real brother for Christmas, in Boeblingen, near Stuttgart. He was in Radio Company, Seventh Army, stationed in the Panzer Kaserne, on a hill above the town. I loved Ray very much – we were as close as brothers can get. Our Christmas together in a foreign land was very special. We had called mom and dad on Christmas Eve, dad’s birthday. As usual, they were having his annual birthday bash – all the neighbors were there for champagne punch and lots of goodies – our mom was a fantastic cook! But, now, here I was, back in Ljubljana, at the apartment of the family I was living with while attending the university there. My Slovenian mom, Darinka, told me that my closest friend, her son, Mishko, had left for Vrshich, just south of Kranjska Gora in the Julien Alps, for the annual New […]

Absence of Thought

Thanks to all those who commented on my last story. Any further feedback would be greatly appreciated. And, as always, all characters are over 18 and fictional. If that makes any sense… * I was sitting in the school library when she approached me. I was sitting near the back, where the obscure law books were kept. Not that I actually care about obscure law, but it was the quietest place. And quiet compared to the rest of a library is like sitting in a vacuum. It was the breaking of this much sought after silence that alerted me of her approach. I looked up from my book briefly. I looked back down. I wasn’t interested in her. She walked with an intentionally seductive manner, the click of her heels emphasised by the surrounding quiet. Dressed as always in brightly coloured clothes, to draw attention to herself. A tight orange […]

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