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Adam & Evelyn

We had coupled a third time in the early hours of the morning, before I left her. When I was dressed, she slipped into a dressing gown and walked me down to the front door. She gave me a last, warm kiss before I slipped outside. It had been less than twenty-four hours since then, but I wanted her again. Even just thinking of her was bringing on an erection. My cock pressed itself painfully against the mattress. I shifted on the bed again, bringing only slight relief. Out of habit, my hand slipped down to circle the hardening shaft, in order to bring myself to release. I hadn’t stroked myself more than once or twice before Evelyn’s words came back to me. I was to come to her day or night. Had she meant those words? We would soon find out. With an abrupt motion, I threw off the […]

Adam and Eve The First Lovers

In the beginning, I remember the darkness. Then a voice. “Hello, Adam.” “Who are you?” I asked. Who am I? I wondered to myself… “I am your Creator, the Lord your God,” it replied. After a brief hesitation, it continued. “You may think of me as your Father.” My God… “Did you create me? Who am I?” I asked impatiently. “I created everything there ever was and ever will be, young Adam. But you are the most perfect of all my creations. Your race will rule, and you yourself are destined to lead them into their glory.” “Why am I your most perfect creation? What makes me so special, Lord?” “You will know in time, my son. But your birthright is free will. You alone of all Creation can choose. Never forget that,” it, no, I thought, He replied. But there was only darkness around me. Aside from my Father’s […]

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 01

As I exited the plane, I felt a new sense of excitement rush over my body. I had spent so much energy debating my parents about why I didn’t want to spend the summer on Martha’s Vineyard that I had forgot that it wasn’t all that bad of a proposition. Besides the fact that I didn’t know anyone there and all my friends were working in New York for the summer, Martha’s vineyard was a dream locale for a 18 year old kid trying to waste away his days in the summer sun. My Aunt Kay had a beautiful house on the beach and I didn’t have to get a job or listen to my parents bitch about how lazy I was all summer. In a way, stepping off the plane I felt rejuvenated about the whole idea and I hoped it would be as fun as Aunt Kay argued […]


It’s mid-afternoon on a Thursday in early July, day one of my Grand Canyon Gay Rafting Adventure, and a long day it’s been. Yesterday Tom welcomed us individually to the hotel in Vegas then hosted an evening meet-and-greet in the lounge. Tom is tour director, openly gay, about fifty, moderately overweight, friendly, soft spoken and kind, his psoriasis partially hidden by long fine hair the color of tarnished bronze. As we ate pizza and drank beer at our private table in back, near the pool, Tom asked us to introduce ourselves and explain why we’d signed up for this expedition. I forgot names as soon as they were spoken, absorbing instead the voices and faces of the other guys I’d be with for the next eight days. When it was my turn, I withheld my primary motive, that in addition to seeing the Grand Canyon from the river and making […]

Addictive Vamp

This is the story of how I lost my virginity becoming a wild shameless slut. I became a sex addict as my friend called me, an addictive vamp. I don’t care what he called me. I was receiving the benefits of his lovely cock. I just turned twenty two years old. Sex, was never a priority to me. I tried to master my school studies. I was working towards a future so, I never thought about sex. I know I was a naïve woman. I never got jokes about, choking the chicken, licking the clam, fur burgers, or flicking the bean. I never understood about getting off, getting it up, or getting it on. I was in the dark about most things sexually. Then one day, I returned from an exhausting two mile run. While taking a shower something unusual happened to me. I became aware of new feelings in […]

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