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Across the Tracks Ch. 09

“It’s touch and go. His left lung is deflated, and the subclavian artery in his left arm was clipped by the bullet. His heart stopped twice on the operating table. If Mr. Andrei is a fighter, he will make it. It’s up to him; we’ve done all we can. If any of you are religious, I suggest you pray.” With those words the Doctor walked off. He hadn’t seen this kind of extensive wounds in a while. He hadn’t mentioned that the two bullets that had entered the chest cavity had torn out the back, severing muscles that they had desperately tried to reattach. The exit wound on the left arm had broken the humerus almost at a half-point for the bone, splintering it around the entry and exit wounds. His heart had stopped beating twice during operation, only coming back after they used a defibrillator. This was touch and […]

Across the Tracks Ch. 10

“You doing alright man?” Deke looked up at JB. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but JB still looked just like he always did, ready for trouble and on the run from the police and several fathers. Deke couldn’t help but smile a little, he had missed the shrimp. Their reunion was not built around the situation he would have ever wanted, but in his heart, he had always thought it would be the situation he would have to face when he came back home. In the hospital with one of them, in a prison visiting room, or at a graveyard. He and his friends hadn’t been the most careful or law-abiding citizens in their younger days. “Yea man I guess. Other than I come home, see a friend, go to get something I left at his apartment, and he’s being shot. Other than that yea, I’m […]

Across the Tracks Ch. 12

(Next Chapter is what you’ve all been waiting for.) (Chapter 12 will not be the last Chapter, looks like I’ll be typing a chapter 13.) “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” “I’m sorry! Why don’t you bitch a little fucking more dude. Seriously!” “DON’T SMACK MY FUCKING ARM INTO THE DOOR ASSHOLE, IT’S FUCKING BROKE!” “If you don’t shut your big fucking mouth, I’ll break the goddamn thing all the way off and shove it so far down your throat it’ll scratch your balls from the inside!” Otis tried to think of something else to yell, but the imagery of his hand scratching his balls from the inside of his body was too much, and he cracked up and laughed. JB however, was still not amused. It had been hell o everyone getting Otis home, and now they were taking him right back out, to go to the Rat Ball of all things. […]

Acting out Fantasies Ch. 02

2 years ago, my wife Shar and I started to have sex with our divorced neighbor, Jill, her 18 year old daughter Dian, and Dian’s boyfriend Don. Dian and Don have since broken up, went their went their separate ways, and moved to attend college out of state. Jill is still a regular breakfast visitor with Shar and I and having lots of sex. Jill tells us that Dian is fully embracing her bisexuality and is introducing lots of college girls to the pleasures of bisexuality… Last week, Shar and I decided to take Jill to go buy some erotic magazines. While in the lesbian isle of the erotic magazine section of the bookstore Shar finds a wallet dropped on the floor, she picks it up and sees the ID says the owner is 20 and is named Linda. Shar puts the wallet into her bag and continues shopping. After […]

Acts of the Apostles

For the outward appearance of exemplary Christian conduct — I mean, let’s face it: Jamie and I had everyone fooled — as well for our college acceptances, we were granted an extra overnight off campus, and my mother reluctantly agreed to let us encamp in Southampton. On a whim, and with Jamie’s approval, I also called Brett fully expecting him to decline my invitation to join us, but he readily accepted! (Had he broken up with Talia?) Encumbered only by toothbrushes, Jamie and I caught the early train down to his hometown, where his older sister met us at the station in overcast drizzle. We took her home, endured a bunch of questions from Jamie’s parents then drove the robin’s-egg Corvair farther south to pick up Brett. Like an eloping bride I snuggled against Jamie the whole way, my left hand playing with his long flaxen hair, my right wedged […]

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