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After Party

A friend of mine had a house warning party earlier in the evening and everyone else had left for the night. We’ve both been drinking. We’re trying to clean up her place but she’s stumbling around a bit with a drink in her hand, laughing and teasing me. She stumbles forward slightly but I catch her, her other arm brushing up against my dick. It stays there for a moment and I can see her eyes widen as the back of her hand slowly rubs my growing dick. Se stands up and smiles as she goes out into the kitchen to pour another drink. I follow. Her tight pants form a perfect outline of her ass as she stands leaning forward slightly at the waist, trying to keep from falling over. She looks back at me, her eyes darting down quickly at the bulge in my pants and then smiles, […]

After School Adventures Ch. 03

PART 3 “Bargaining” As the guidance counsellor, it’s my job to help the students whenever they come to see me. Oddly enough I didn’t get any visitors today. I’ve never had an easier day before. All I had to was finish grading the family studies test and I’d be home free. I had four more left. I was about to start the first of them when my phone rang. “Hello! Ms. Kenner’s office.” I said. “Oh, good, you’re still at school.” said a young man. “Not for very much longer. Who is this?” I asked, realizing that I didn’t actually know. “It’s Mars. Mars McDonald.” said the voice. “Ah, the school paper editor,” I said “What can I do for you?” “It’s kind of awkward to say over the phone,” said Mars, sounding very embarrassed, “Why don’t I tell you in person?” “You mean tomorrow? Is that why you called? […]

Adventure With Arti Bhabi Continues

The next day as agreed I reached Arti Bhabi’s house & rang the door bell. Bhabi opened the door & put her arms around me and gave me a hug, as she hugged me I could feel her breasts pressing against me & could smell the perfume on her neck which instantly turned me on. She let go of me after a brief hug and we walked in the house as I closed the door. Bhabi toady was dressed in fancy salwar-suit and nice make-up. With No chunni her Boobs were protruding out & once she turned & walked her ass swayed, The warmath of her hug & her looks made my cock stood up making tent in my shorts. Once in drawing room Bhabi said “Kyon, Naveen, Kya soch rahe ho jiski vajeh se yeh ho raha hai (What are you thinking about to have this happen to you)?” […]

After School Adventures Ch. 06

PART 6 “Acceptance” “Xander!” yelled Eric. “Wad? Wad did I biss?” I said, sitting bolt upright. This was obviously a mistake. As soon as I sat up, my nose started gushing blood at an alarming rate. “Oly shid! Wad appened do be?” I asked, frantically. “I think you broke your nose.” said Eric. “I know id’s bwoken you dubby! But ow did I bweak it?” I sputtered, swallowing a large amount of blood. “You took a football to the face,” said Eric, “Don’t you remember?” “Dammit, Ostreicher! Take him to the school nurse already!” barked the Coach. “Christ, keep your wig on…” said Eric, helping me stand up. “Just oud of cuwiosidy,” I snorted, trying to make sure I didn’t swallow more blood, “Wen I god id in da face… Did id by any chance make me look particuwawiwy banly?” “Sure, if you consider screaming like a girl manly.” teased […]

Adventures in Babysitting

This is my third true story. Please email me your comments. One was about a black woman, one was about a black man, and this one is about a white woman. * When I was 19 years old, I used to babysit for extra money. People thought I was crazy, but I thought it was the perfect way to make money. You can sit around and watch television, usually eat pizza and drink all of the sodas you wanted to. I also only babysat for families that had older kids who didn’t need a whole lot of attention, and even some where I knew the husband had a good stash of porn. There was one young family directly across the street from me that had two boys who both enjoyed it when I stayed there. We always had a lot of fun, and I always let them stay up past […]

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