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After Hours

Jess walked through the empty school, humming softly to herself as her eyes wandered the various posters and displays in the corridor. Her night school class had just ended a few minutes ago, but she’d stayed after a bit, liking the serenity of the long, open hallways. She walked downstairs, where there was even less activity, and smiled to herself. She stopped, thinking she heard something, then glanced around quickly. She shrugged, turning the corner, down a row of lockers. Suddenly, a pair of strong hands grabbed her, shoving her against the lockers. She attempted to scream, her breasts bouncing as she was pinned against the cold metal. The man’s hand flew to her mouth, and his body pressed against hers. It was Sean. Though it was a familiar face, Jess found herself frightened. “Shh… ” Sean hushed her, his lips finding their way to her neck, “I’ve wanted you […]

After Hours4166

Looking back, and not all that far back, the summer after I graduated high school should have been one of the best of my life. Why you may ask? I had a job most eighteen-year-old guys would have done just about anything to have. I worked in a lingerie store, one of a large chain that I will neglect to name. As I was saying, for most guys that would have been a dream job. For me it was simple torture. At that age I was a very idealistic young man, and as such I was “waiting for love.” Love mind you, not marriage. Losing my virginity would have hardly been a challenge, but I still waited… As many young men do, I felt I was in love with my girlfriend of the time. To be fair, I now realize it was more of an infatuation than anything else, yet […]

After Laura

After my “almost” sex with Laura, the forty-year-old housewife, I was ready to actually do the deed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many options. My girlfriend was out of the question, mainly because we had argued about having sex and we weren’t going together anymore. I really didn’t know many more women– I hadn’t yet been alone with Laura again, and I had no idea, even if I had had the money, how to get a hooker. Things were pretty grim for me sexually, but otherwise they were pretty good. I was just 10 days away from the end of school– I mean THE END, of high school anyway. I had a summer job lined up working as a groundskeeper at the local park, and I had been accepted to two differnt universities. I was sitting in one of my last English classes when the teacher, Miss O’Brien, handed me an […]

After Parties

Rough hands grasped mine in the dark room and I squeezed them slightly. I felt the calluses on his long fingers and was convinced this was Kyler. “What are you doing in here?” His voice was deeper than usual and I waved it off as a side effect of the alcohol in my system. “Kiss me rock star,” I said and pulled him forward towards me. Soft lips caught mine and I opened my mouth slightly for his hot tongue to glide past my teeth. My hands felt their way up his forearms to circle his biceps. Once my fingers reached the hair that tickled his shoulders, I realized this is not Ky. I push at his chest to end the kiss and gasped in the dark. “Spin?” I asked the man in the closet with me as he was catching his ragged breath. “Rae?” He asked equally confused and […]

After Party Threesome Ch. 01

First, my name is Vinny I was 19 and still living at home with my parents when this took place. I was dating this sexy Asian girl on and off for like 2 years in High School, her name was Ashley. One Saturday night, we went to a party. Her friend Jackie drove us in her to the party. Her friend ended up getting wasted and I had to drive her car and us all home. So I figured instead of having to drive across town after drinking to drop her off, We all would just go back to my parent’s house for the night. I was a several sport athlete so very fit and a pretty handsome guy. Ashley was 18 at the time and she was pretty. She was about 5’4, brown hair brown eyes. She ran a lot and was in pretty good shape. She had a […]

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