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Aisha's First Night in the Palace

This is my first submission and I plan to make it a series. Constructive criticism is wanted and welcome. I also would love to hear if this excited you in any way. I have written many stories for my love, and this is one of them. I thank him for encouraging me to start sharing my stories and for being my inspiration. All characters in the story are 18 years of age or older. ***** SELECTED Aisha waited anxiously on the floor with the other naked virgins in a hallway of the palace. Some of the girls were clinging to each other and crying. Others simply tried to unsuccessfully cover their nakedness with their hands and long hair, or stare at the floor, fidgeting nervously. Aisha simply stared at her surroundings, observing the grand height of the ceiling, and the vibrant, lavish décor surrounding them. She had never been this […]

Al Gets Lucky

Al had decided that tonight was going to be the night. Either he would get somewhere with Carol or would give it up. He was tired of being a 25-year-old virgin. Carol and he had been going out for almost two years and all he had to show for it was some dry humping at the end of the night and a lot of jerking off at home. Sure once he had her shirt open, her bra up and got to suck her nipples but she didn’t let that last long and about a month ago she had let him rub her pussy through her jeans but then she sent him home for another night of jerking off. He had rented hotel room and stocked it with her favorite drink Rum and Coke. He was going pick her up, take her to a show and then stop by the hotel […]

Alex and Penelope Ch. 05

Author’s Note: This is an erotic novel in many chapters. If you enjoy this chapter, I highly suggest checking my profile and starting from the beginning. This is my first time submitting to, and I appreciate you taking the time to read what I so enjoyed writing. Thank you. *** Alex lifted his watch from the patio floor to check the time. It was almost four, and they’d relaxed in the sun alone together for the last time. “I made dinner reservations,” he said, reaching over to her chair to take her hand. “Feel like letting me take you out?” “Sure,” she replied, though she felt mixed emotions. It was their last day together before he’d be busy with work again, and she’d hoped they’d spend the whole day playing naked. Instead they’d barely touched; only a few brushes here and there, or an application of sunscreen. She was […]

Alex Sucks Cock for the First Time

As promised, here is what I wrote about Alex’s first ever blowjob. I can say that he has gotten better since, but the first time was pretty amazing – gotta love breaking in those str8 boys!! I left off yesterday just as Alex had listed the things on his sexual bucket list. Alex was still sitting down on the other side of the breakfast bar so I couldn’t see if his cock was rock hard but he couldn’t definitely see mine and there was no doubt that I was excited about where this conversation was going. I suggested to Alex that we start at the top of his list and get him sucking some cock. Alex said it sounded like a good idea and stood up from behind the breakfast bar and it became apparent that he was just as excited as I was. “Sit on the couch Dave and […]

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs Ch. 02

This work is completely fiction. My definition of fiction includes literature in the form of short stories and novels that describe imaginary events, places, and people. That means it never happened, might be impossible, and may be illegal. The intention is to provide a stimulating story to the reader. My stories are not something I approve or suggest people try. If you are looking for non-fiction episodes in life, my stories will be unappealing to you. If you don’t understand the meaning of fiction, please look the word up in any dictionary. ***** Freshman at Upper Brow University My freshman year at Upper Brow University was exciting because I had my own apartment within walking distance of my classes. Two short blocks to the campus allowed me to carry a full course load and permit me to develop my journal. The four years of undergraduate work and two years of […]

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