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Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 02

The following Friday afternoon found Jack on his way out to the teachers’ parking lot after another week of classes. He was glad to be finished and was looking forward to a long weekend of football games and friends. Jack’s alma mater, Brown, had a big game coming up against Cornell and although the teams weren’t powerhouse NCAA teams, he and his college buddies enjoyed the games and tried to get up to Providence as often as they could. He could hear the far away blast of whistles coming from the athletic complex as they blended with the threads of music that drifted from an orchestra practice somewhere inside the buildings of St. Brendan’s. The early fall day was unseasonably warm for New England and he took a deep breath… savoring perhaps the last of an Indian summer. Jack smiled to himself as his thoughts, again, ran to the little […]

All Grown Up Ch. 02

** Author’s note: Per my readers’ feedback, I realized that what I had tried with a combination of 1st/3rd person perspective with this story just didn’t work. (See? Feedback DOES help as long as it is constructive! LOL) So I’ve made the changes and promise to make it back to my original piece to edit as well. Thanks for the support and keep up the praise! simply_cyn They somehow made it across the hallway to Ryan’s room in the fraternity without being seen. Laughing and smiling, they leaned against the closed door, locking it behind them before Ryan looked out the peep hole with a playful grin. “I feel like we just egged a professor’s house or something,” he said, glancing at Amanda before adding, “Just like we used to do.” She laughed softly, moving to stand near the bed as she watched him. Her eyes couldn’t help but roam […]

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 03

Alex didn’t acknowledge Mr. Morgan for two weeks after their encounter in the parking lot. She could barely stand to look at him let alone talk or look at him! There were four weeks left in the grading period. Alex’s only chance to save her GPA now was to study and see if she could recover in time. She was damn sure that there would be no bribing that arrogant bastard. When Alex thought about the parking lot and what Mr. Morgan had done and how he humiliated her, she could barely stand it. What really pissed Alex off was that those thoughts… those humiliating memories… made her excruciatingly hot. And no matter how many times she touched herself, she couldn’t duplicate the way he made her feel. She longed for it… for the feel of his fingers as they slid so expertly into her waiting and eager young body. […]

Alexandra's Friend

I pushed harder inside of Alex, making her moan in ecstasy. She dug her nails in my back, begging for more. Fire was coursing through our veins as we rocked back and forward on the bed… *** Maybe I should start at the beginning. After parking my car outside of Alex’s house, I strode up the sidewalk to the door. Alex had been pestering me to hang out with her for weeks. Finally, I had taken her up on her offer, succumbing to her many promises. “It’ll be so much fun Connor! I’ll make it a really exciting time,” she whispered through the phone, giggling. Vivid images would explode in my head every time that she said things like that, forcing me to find a bathroom and take care of myself. Several times Alex would stay on the phone while I jerked off to her whispering dirty things through the […]

Alexis Makes an Office Visit

This is another in a series of stories I have written for the amusement of my young virgin girlfriend. Most of what is written in these stories is true; of course the names have been changed to protect the…uh, guilty. **** Monday was a bright, sunny spring day. Pink and red and lavender flowers bloomed in the back of my office, as bloomed the love in my heart. My secretary was leaving early and this afternoon Alexis was coming to visit me at my office. I am in love with her. The sexual tension between us had been building all day. It started with a “Good Morning” e-mail from “Nancy” saying how much she wanted to see me. Alexis calls her pussy, “Nancy”. Alexis assured me that she was leaving as quickly after work as was possible. In response, I e-mailed her back telling her to take off her panties […]

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