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Alison Gives It Up To The Wrong Man

Carl pulled into the parking space, the reserved spot just outside her apartment door and reached over to her. She moved toward him and he quickly invaded her open mouth with his tongue. After months of dating, he was determined to get into her pants. She had stoutly resisted his best efforts but tonight, either here in the car or in her bed; this was going to be the night. Alison seemed especially compliant. He moved his hand to her breast and enjoyed the softness and size of it. Usually she pulled away after a few minutes but tonight she just moaned and pressed herself harder into his probing hand. He dipped his fingers inside her blouse, popping open the buttons on a top that fit too tight anyway. Shoving the thin bra aside, he began tweaking her nipple and then moved downward to capture it with his mouth. She […]

Alison's Surprise

She closed the door and pressed herself against his back, sliding her arms around his waist. She could smell the clean tang of fresh cotton, mingled with the subtly spicy notes of expensive cologne. She brought her lips close to his ear, so that he could feel her breath as she murmured soft words, “Thank you for dinner Simon, I hope you weren’t disappointed with the company.” He smiled and replied equally softly, “The company enchanted me so much that I barely recall eating. Are you sure you’re not really a witch who’s cast her spell on me?” Alison chuckled softly and slipped her arms around his waist. Her breath was hot on his ear as she snaked her tongue out and flicked the tip against his earlobe. She smiled against his skin as she slid her hands over the crisp, white, cotton of his shirtfront, until her fingers touched […]

All Grown Up Ch. 03

Amanda lay there for just a moment in Ryan’s arms, her own arms tightening around his body as she just held onto this moment. Her eyes closed for a long while before she managed to whisper, “I … I’ve never imagined what that would be like. I didn’t know …” Ryan smiled, hearing her words as he held her close to him, his own eyes closing as well. He, too, had never imagined it being that good with Amanda even after all the fantasies he had had of them being together. Amanda lay quietly for a moment before her eyes opened, looking at him in all earnest, blue eyes searching his face before she quietly whispered, “Have you imagined … doing … that … to me before tonight … Ryan?” His lips quivered a bit as he smiled. “Yes,” he admitted. “Though, I thought it was wrong of me.” She […]

Alissa's First Time Ch. 01

PART 1 I met Alissa my second year of college. I had done a little time in the military so I was a little older than your average sophomore, 22 to be exact. She was a freshman and 19 years old. We sat next to each other in a political science class. We would run into each other on our way to class, and ended up talking about normal college stuff. She was fairly quiet and shy, although she was also very attractive. About 5’4″, 110lbs, blue-gray eyes, long (mid back) brown curly hair. She always dressed fairly conservatively, kept her hair pulled back, and wore glasses. What also attracted me to her was that she always asked intelligent questions in class, and made insightful comments. The class we had together was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and also our last one of the day. It took me until just after […]

Alexandra Ch. 01

Chapter One: Sweet Awakening Alexandra laid upon the bed moaning to the pleasures her boyfriend’s tongue was providing to her erect pinkish-brown nipple. One by one he lapped, licked and sucked, creating a warm moist feeling between her legs that grew with each minute. Curtis moved his attention from her large firm breasts down to her stomach past her waistline to her hips leaving a wet trail along the way. Her body tingled. “Tell me if you don’t like what I’m doing and I’ll stop, okay?” Curtis said as he nestled between her legs. Playfully the young Alexie said, “I won’t forget.” She was nervous. The young eighteen year old had never gone this far with anyone before; in fact Curtis was her first. Curtis smiled briefly, in his mind he knew she would not tell him to stop unless she felt threatened and that would never happen. He looked […]

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