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All the Right Moves

Carol was 21 and I was 18 when she came to stay with us. We had been neighbors since the day I was born, a skinny, brown-haired, brown-eyed boy and she was a freckled redhead. Carol and I were the youngest of our respective families and she was the only girl, which meant her brothers would play with my brothers and the two of us were left to amuse ourselves. At first it was children’s books and board games. Later we played in her father’s barn or walked through the woods to swim in a small pond, partners in crime. As we grew older I noticed her budding breasts and she teased me about my teenage mustache. My family moved away when I was 12 but our folks were such good friends, they stayed in touch. Five years later she had grown tired of living in ‘the sticks.’ Her parents […]

Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd Ch. 02

I didn’t expect to write a sequel, but here it is. Thanks for the positive comments on the previous story that gave me the impetus; I hope this one pleases too. Please vote if you like it. Thanks! ***** We dozed. We didn’t compose ourselves. We lay on Mwali’s bed in the darkness. Spooned together, my face in her frizzy black hair, breathing her precious scent. If one of us shifted and a shoulder brushed my lips, I kissed it gently. My top arm lay over her side and down across her soft tummy. Sometimes my hand would move by itself and brush her heavy breast, or find its way into her deep belly button. Mwali made little drowsy noises. Sometimes she pushed her hips into my groin, or she would take my hand and put it on her thighs. The scent of her come mixed with her skin’s special […]

All the Way to Heaven

At the precise moment of our birth, each and every person who has been blessed enough to take just one, single breath of life is given a special gift from the Most High God. It’s a gift so special, so sacred, that it can only be given once. It belongs entirely and completely to that individual and the exact moment that gift is given and all the details surrounding that event will be FOREVER remembered by them. Sharing one’s virginity, an act symbolic of entry into adulthood, the awakening of one’s sexuality, is something that should ONLY be gifted to someone deserving of such an honor, someone who will treat it as the sacred and holy sacrament that it is. Aaron Waters was the man who had been chosen to receive Taisha Dixon’s most precious gift and it was an honor and a responsibility he was not going to take […]

All the Way

John and Nikki had first met at a science museum, a rather innocuous way for a pair such as this to meet, frankly. They both loved the exhibit about the solar system, and they shared their first kiss in a dark corridor behind the Planetarium a week later. After a couple months, things had begun to heat up. They were making out on her parent’s couch one Friday night while they were out of town. They trusted their 18-year-old daughter to be a good and studious girl. And she was – she was nothing but kind to everyone, and she never got less than a B+ on anything at school. But she was also a teenage girl with her first real boyfriend who wanted to get to know him much closer. At night, she had naughty dreams about the things she would do to him, and him to her. While […]

All Tits and Bum

You would only have to glance and me and Max to know we were brothers, the same dark wavy hair, our mothers fine features, and our father’s lean hard physique. But that’s where the similarities end. Max was two years older and wiser than I, he was the wild reckless one, impulsive and compulsive. He was the fighter and a renegade against the norm. He didn’t want to conform to the rules; he wanted to challenge them along with those who sought to impose them. At school he was hated by some of the teachers, but most of the good ones realised how bright he was, and some tried to point him the right direction. By the time Max left school, he was both streetwise and mature beyond his years and after a few bum jobs, he settled down into a good job servicing computers with a good friend of […]

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