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Amber's Awakening Ch. 02

The first person I saw when I walked into Quick Silver Records, Cody’s workplace, was a girl tricked out in black leather and chartreuse, with her green hair done up in crazy pigtails. I did not belong at Quick Silver. The only black leather I owned was a Coach purse. My bubble gum pink baby doll t-shirt and Calvin Klein jeans did not cut it for her; I could tell by the curl of her lip. Ignoring her, I searched for Cody. He was two aisles over and at the back of the store. He didn’t see me until I was a few steps away. I had been nervous about this since I woke up and my stomach was in knots. I had heard about heavy metal guys who used women like tissues, another notch in their belt. But those guys hung out at bars and did drugs and were […]

Amnesty Program Ch. 05

Nathan sat in a booth across from Emily in the warm dimness of a local pub and smiled at her. She scowled back. “If you were expecting to fuck me tonight, you can forget it.” She was wearing a black leather jacket over a red and white striped tank top and frayed denim shorts. The jacket had slipped off her right shoulder. She left it that way. “What I expect,” he said, his smile only fading a little, “is an intelligent conversation.” He took a sip of his beer. “I was only hoping to fuck you.” Emily snorted and sipped her beer. “That,” she said, “was a pretty good answer. What do you want to converse intelligently about- journalism or… whatever it is that you’re into?” “I’m into environmental design modeling, but I’m a total idiot about journalism. Let’s talk about that.” He narrowed his eyes, “Why to journalists go […]

Amber's Awakening Ch. 03

My parents thought I was spending the night with Amy, a friend from school. Cody asked me to get out from under my parents’ thumb for just one night. We had been snatching odd moments alone, depending on Michael and Neil’s schedules, but we hadn’t had much time with just the two of us. It wasn’t the easiest thing, to fake a sleep over with Amy, and it was risky, but he really wanted me to do it. I showed up Thursday afternoon with a packed bag. All the guys were at work, so I let myself in with the spare key. It was another hot day and I had opted for a yellow rayon sundress, short and with thin straps. My hair was in its usual hot weather bun. Cody came home early and seemed unusually happy. He kissed me energetically and picked me up off the floor in […]

Amnesty Program

Professor Sandra Suarez opened a file folder and put her elbows on her desk. “Your academic record is exceptional, Rebecca. You’re a good candidate for the Amnesty program. You understand that this is an experiment, correct?” Rebecca shifted in her seat across from Professor Suarez. She had kept her backpack on her lap, and she found it awkward, but she thought it would be awkward to put it on the floor at this point too. “Yes,” she said, “but I don’t really know much about it- what do I have to do?” “You’re going to be working with a partner, and I’ll explain more about that when he comes in- I’m expecting him any minute.” Rebecca wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like working with partners. I always end up pulling their weight. Is there any way I can just do this myself?” Professor Suarez grinned. “I can certainly understand your […]

Amber's First

Amber unpacked the last of the boxes and looked around. It wasn’t too bad for her first home. The rented one-bedroom apartment was sparsely furnished with the furniture from her room back home and some used pieces that she’d managed to pick up along the way. She felt so grown-up. 18 years old, her first job, and she was living in town, 2 hours’ drive from her parents’ farm. Her life was truly going to begin now. She’d managed to get herself a job as an administrative assistant at a local mall through the recommendation of her high school typing teacher. It wasn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but Amber knew that she wasn’t the smartest girl in her school and she just wanted something that would give her the independence she craved and hopefully it wouldn’t be too many years before she met a boy to marry […]

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