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Amy's First Day At Work

It was Amy’s first day at the hospital, having finished college and passed with flying colours her mum and dad had really high hopes for her future. So did Amy, although her father is a consultant now at Amy’s hospital he insisted she start at the bottom of the ladder and hopefully work her way upwards to wherever her ambition takes her. Morning in the Layne’s household was a morning of excitement and nervous tension. Because her father was going there he decided to give his daughter a lift into the hospital grounds. Amy dressed in her new uniform suddenly felt her stomach knot up as her first day’s work was about to begin. A hug and a kiss from her tearful father as she waved her goodbyes to him and went to the canteen where she had arranged to meet the others. Not realising before, Amy was suddenly aware […]

An Innocent Beginning

David stood anxiously inline amongst his fellow class mates, waiting patiently for the line to shuffle forward down the hallway to where his module lecturer was returning their first assignment. Given it was the first assignment for this module it wasn’t an especially difficult essay to write. Despite none of the students considering this essay worthy of much of their time, David included, many were anxious to have done well. Whether this urge was driven by a desire for academic achievement or a more primal desire to please the course’s lecturer was unclear. The lecturer, by the name of Emma, inspired admiration amongst students and colleagues alike for her dedication to work and family. It also was fairly well understood throughout the class that Emma was certainly the most alluring and attractive of the department’s lecturers and it was a given that more or less anybody there would jump at […]

Amy's First Time

Amy brought her suitcase into the dorm room. Nobody was there yet, so she picked a bed and a dresser and started to unpack. Her mom had helped her pack her clothes – plain white cotton underwear, white undershirts, dark plain t-shirts, a couple pair of jeans, a couple long skirts and a couple button down blouses. Her parents did not want her to attract any attention from boys while she was studying. It had been that way during high school and also for the year she worked in their church after high school. She had not made any particularly good friends and had not even talked to any boys. Letting her go off to college was particularly hard for her parents, but also hard for her. She was very nervous. The door opened and a girl with dark skin and short curly hair came in. “Hi, I am Jonay,” […]

An Innocent Weekend

It was a mild early May morning. Andrew was busy marking some maths work. It was mid term and some crucial topics had to be nailed for his students to get good grades. He had taken on more work after his gardening work had tailed off. On this particular morning he had a few trig papers to mark when his study phone rang. It was an old friend from school, Karen Appleton. ‘Oh hello Karen, what a lovely surprise!’ “Thought I’d look you up, it seems so long since we spoke.” ‘I know, I’m sorry, time flies. You know, I’ve been so busy with my new job as a private maths tutor I don’t seem to get time to get everything done, and that includes keeping in touch with old friends — but it’s great to hear from you.’ “You too Andrew.” ‘Erm how’s Danielle, she must be about 16 […]

Amy’s Dawning Desire

MORE OF RICK’S STORY Well, here I am again with a tape recorder and several cassette tapes. At both Amy and Bob’s insistence I will be telling about how I first came to know Amy and some of our first sexual experiences together. Bob has asked me to finish this before he leaves on vacation and I suppose he will spend some of his vacation sitting in his motor home transcribing this for publication on the web. A big Thank You to Bob for his efforts transcribing my stories. I assure you that I’m literate and can write, but this works much better if I just dictate. Amy says to mention that she is trying to finish her story about how she and her roommate spent their time with a couple in a motel on their way to visit their families during a school break. She says to say she […]

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