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An Education

*All characters are over the age of 18 and out of high school. To tell you my story, I would have to go back to the beginning. I was a sophomore and he was newly married. He was not the sort of guy that I normally went for; chubby, short, nerdy, and a complete jerk at times. But there was something about him that, from the first time I looked at him, drove me crazy. Even in my inexperience and youth, all I wanted was to be close to him. His mouth, his sexy lisp, everything about him sent me into fantasy overdrive and the more I dreamt about him, the more I started to fall for him. I continued this way for almost another two years as graduation, and my 18th birthday, grew closer. The first time I came to him was merely a week after graduation, which was […]

An Encounter with Passion

“You’re a pleasure machine, aren’t you?” A completely sated Michael had used those exact words to describe Mandy after she had given him a hand job: her first ever. Mandy is a writer of erotic fiction. She has written a few stories, but mostly she relies on her imagination to find acceptable material. She wanted to write something based on reality for a change. Common sense told her that she needed to actually watch a male experiencing sexual pleasure to write realistically and knowledgably about it so she chose a male from a few whom she had met online and decided to do just that. She set out ground rules and gave him boundaries before meeting him so that there were no misunderstandings between them and so that he was very aware, she was there for discovery purposes only. The ground rules she set were that she was to stay […]

An End to Virginity

I’m a 22 year old coed at a pretty decent engineering university in Southern California. I study electrical engineering, which can be pretty challenging, both from an academic as well as a social standpoint. I stay on campus to be close to class. But even so, Thursday mornings are rough. Really rough. Thursday is a light lab day for me, so I tend to hit the bars hard on Wednesday night. The only problem is that my only lab starts at the ungodly time of 8 a.m. So I never look too good for the lab, but today I’m a real mess. I was up waaaaaay too late and drank waaaaaay too much and am sure I did things I would not be proud of. If I could only remember what I did. But, on the plus side, I’m a cute horny college girl going to an nearly all male […]

An Evening of Firsts

I had the greatest experience of my young life the other night. I had gone to the local adult bookstore, to buy some jack-off magazines. I hadn’t ever been there but heard that they had quite a selection. Also the fact that I was just 18 and I heard they wouldn’t require I.D. for my purchase. They had every kind of porno magazine there. As I browsed a bit, I noticed that they had video booths where you could preview porno movies. I bought some tokens and went into the darkened area where individual booths played the tapes. I closed and latched the door behind me, settling in to watch. I scrolled through a variety of tapes; girls, guys and a couple of transsexuals were shown in various acts. I was free to enjoy anything I wanted without getting caught by anyone. It was great. I particularly got off on […]

An Experience of Love

As I walked out of the building, I saw her sitting on the bench. Too scared to approach her, I stayed on the side with my buddies and smoked some cigarettes. “That Jenny is the most beautiful girl here,” I said. “She’s totally going for that blonde guy!” said Juan. “No, she can’t, he’s gay!” added Mark. “I saw him the other day with Joe going to Times Square to do what they call shopping.” I looked at Jenny. Her slender black dress outlined her delicious curves and her petite frame, clinging the tightest to her sides and breasts. Her perky breasts showed through the tightness of the dress: two succulent shapes with the nipples faintly peeking out. The cut of the dress exposed her whole upper chest and the surface of her breasts, highlighting the perfect, even tan throughout her whole body that showed the countless hours she spent […]

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