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An Unforgettable Weekend

© 2002 JW Omnimedia. All Rights Reserved. Becky understood that her job was just a stepping stone to something better in her career, that if she really wanted to get ahead she had to start at the bottom, she just wished it wasn’t such physically punishing work. She spent long hours at the zoo for little money and she was always left physically exhausted at the end of everyday. She loved the animals and it made her feel good to care for them and know that she was contributing, but still, she wished it wasn’t so hard on her physically. At least all the physical labor made it much easier for the petite brunette to stay in shape. Her 5’3” frame had always been trim and petite, but from working out, and just plain working, she was sculpting her hard body into a work of art. Becky wasn’t over-defined, but […]

An Unlikely Couple

I felt like such a loser. It was the summer after my senior year of high school and I was the only one in my circle of friends who wasn’t enrolled in college. I was the captain of my football team during both my junior and senior years and was being scouted on a pretty regular basis. I just knew I was getting a scholarship for sure! I had lain in my bed almost every night during football season dreaming of all the calls I would get once the season was over. Oklahoma, Southern Cal., maybe even Florida State would give me a ring. I dreamed dreams of my cell phone battery being consistently drained of its power as a result of the thousands of calls I was sure to receive. Mom and dad would have to buy me two or three extra phones just to compensate, but they wouldn’t […]

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 03

Which one of them did I want to take to bed with me, I asked myself. On one hand there was Rich, the rather arrogant and over confident guy from my tutor group who had repeatedly expressed an interest in me, but who frankly did not seem to respect my personal space or privacy too much. He was good looking with a nice physique and lovely brown hair, well maintained but not amazing. Alternatively, there was Andy who I really fancied but who, even after I had stripped topless and thrown myself at him, had remained un-tempted and had rejected my advances. They were both good looking guys, but Andy had dreamy blue eyes and also seemed like he would treat me better. On the other hand Rich was definitely more interested and would be much less likely to reject me and leave me in an embarrassing social nightmare. I […]

An Unlikely Valentine

Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for the help with this. I hope you enjoy the story. * Carrie gently knocked on the door to Carl’s room, “It’s me…may I come in?” His voice was muffled by the closed door, “Sure.” “I heard about the prank. That’s so high school…” she said. “Well, I am in high school, so I guess that’s the way I should act,” Carl answered. Carrie walked across the room and sat on the floor next to Carl, “What are you going to do?” The corners of Carl’s mouth turned up just a bit. Normally the job of cheering him up fell to Daniel, Carrie’s brother, but Daniel was away on a school trip. It was harder to talk to Carrie, although she was a lot more pleasing to look at. “Nothing,” he sighed. “No plans for revenge?” Carrie asked. Carl was a nerd and an easy […]

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 04

“Well Becky, sounds like you had a pretty wild night,” Charlotte remarked, with a big wicked grin on her face. My heart dropped, I knew that Rich had been unhappy about the way I had kissed him with my mouth full of his own cum, but I couldn’t believe that he had already gone and blabbed it all round the college. “What has that tosser been telling everyone?” I asked her, looking round the deserted bar to see how many other people might over hear us. “Well I hear you have a serious cum fetish thing going on, I mean facials, snowballs, gosh, wow, I had no idea. I bet you have suddenly risen straight to the top of the list of the girls that any of the guys want to go home with after a dance. Well except for the cum swapping bit that Rich described as the most […]

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