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An Unexpected Holiday Experience

It had been cold but not wet, one of those crisp winter days when the low sun and crisp air makes everything look more picturesque. Of course the heat of summer would have been nice, but that brings out the crowds that takes away some of the joy. A day spent strolling along the beach, eating chips and wearing hat and gloves. On reaching the cottage we had stripped of our thermals, lit the wood fire and sunk into the sofa, the television was on but only for back ground noise as we napped. I had woken before you and showered before running you a hot bath. I woke you and led you up the stairs. Whilst you relaxed in the bubbles I laid out your outfit for dinner before returning to the sofa. When you entered the bedroom you found the outfit I had left you. A delicate corset […]

An Unexpected Release

He was struggling with his parents’ impending divorce. He was stressed about everything. Home, school, his changing life. It was his senior year and should be the best year of his life so far, he thought. He laid on his bed trying to watch a movie but his rising tension made his mind drift. His eyes wandered to the window overlooking his backyard. That’s when he spotted someone. He moved closer to the window to confirm what his eyes were telling him. They were right. She was sitting on the bench along a dirt path, in a small section of wooded area that connected the two properties. She was his neighbor but also in his class, and they sometimes flirted but he never took it seriously. He could see that she was wearing a pink fuzzy sweater and the stretchy black pants that he has admired her ass in at […]

An Unexpected Surprise

It was a night late in February and all of us working at the college radio station had invited our friends, acquaintances and various people from the business to a big party. Lots of people, lots of music, lots of fun but less of people to help out, thus, the major part of the staff had to work their fair share in the bar, at the turntables and the door. I was just in the middle of my last pass for the evening — bar service — when Nick planted himself at the other side of the disk. Nick was the main photographer for our college newspaper, but also a DJ in his own right, sometimes doing work for us at the radio station. “Hey, how is it? Nice party you’re throwing tonight — hand me a beer will you! Oh, and before I forget my manners completely — Valerie, […]

An Unforgettable Dream

Hesitatingly I rang the doorbell as I didn’t knew this guy so well and yet when he invited me at his house I willingly said yes. When the door opened I found a young, handsome guy welcoming me which was not what I had expected exactly. We sat in his living room and started knowing each other then he offered me coffee. I started feeling comfortable with him. He told me that he works in an MNC and on part time basis he is a DJ. To show his work he invited me to his bedroom, it was a small room with his computer and other stuffs and a soft and big bed in corner of the room. For a while he did his work then asked me what we can do to pass our time as we had ample of time to spend. I suggested we play some games […]

An Unforgettable First

We parked in front of the house in the driveway. I just stared at Greg sitting in the seat next to me. He sensed me staring and turned to look back at me. “Hi.” I giggled. He smiled his subtle grin, not exposing all of his teeth, at me. “Hi.” “I don’t want to go inside,” I slid over on the bench-like seat of his truck. “Not yet.” He put his arm around my waste and pulled me as close as I could get to him. He nestled his face in my hair and kissed my neck. “I don’t want you to go in either.” This was practically our hundredth date and I was dying to move our relationship to the next level. I’ve always wanted Greg to be my first, since the day I met him and hopefully tonight would be the night, but I didn’t know how to […]

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