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“Any plans this weekend?” the kind old professor asked as he slowly packed his bag. Kady looked up from her screen, relaxing her furrowed dark blonde eyebrows. She took her cat-eye thick-rimmed reading glasses off and bit her natural minty lip-balm drenched lip. “Uh yeah – my family and I are going away to our hunting cabin.” She said as she fiddled with her pencil. “Oh yes that’s right – you wanted to go home early for that tomorrow.” He said and she nodded; she was hoping he would remember about her family’s little tradition. “Well that’ll be just fine.” He decided and she perked right up. “Really?” she asked and he nodded. “This old office will be waiting for you to come back – nothing’s going anywhere. Why don’t you just take the day off?” He chuckled as he waved his arms around his library-esque office. He was the […]

Angel in the Night 06

Thanks for getting this far with the adventures of Thien and Nick. You’re welcome to start at no.1, or go in here. As always, extra thanks for a vote or a comment! We had made love. In the glorious sunlight, in a beautiful secret place of natural bushland, my Thien had ridden me for the first time. Climbed over me, put me inside her, went from tears to pleasure, to joy. Time had been interrupted for me: how long was it? What time was it? I didn’t know, didn’t care. Finally we untangled our legs, put just our shirts on and sat side by side enjoying the view. “Out here, with you, naked, making love, is perfect.” Thien poked me. “Not more Vietnamese poetry!” “You are my Vietnamese poem. You are a poem walking the earth, a vision.” “You’re silly. I’m not. I’m not even good looking.” Woah. Suddenly we […]

And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea Ch. 04

(This epilogue is dedicated to Tracy, with deepest thanks) “Come back to me, girl. I didn’t mean to hurt you, But I know I did. I didn’t mean to, Yes, I wish you would forgive Me, And put me out of my misery, Girl. Take my hand, girl, It’s lonely and sad in my heart, Cause you’re no longer there, And I stare at the wall, Bring back your love, girl. I can’t wait another minute For you, girl…” “Hell,” Aaron said, loudly, as he tossed his guitar on his dorm bed. He couldn’t write music and lyrics and he couldn’t sing worth a damn either. It was one day till morning. Or one second until morning and he would call the teacher or Matthew or the guy at the bar, but he would not call Jo. Jo had no right to treat him like this. They weren’t married. She […]

Angel in the Night 07

this one’s more descriptive, but with some nice sex in it (well that’s my view – comment if you like). Thanks for read up to this far. You’re welcome to start at no.1, or go from here. The houses had their backs to us as they whisked past. Walls covered in bright, garish, illegible lettering went past in a blur; growing, towering above us, receding, gone. Steel posts whipped past in a hypnotic rhythm. The lack of vegetation made the whole view bleak. As the train slowed and eased into the station, Thien scowled at me. Again. “Ads on trains, they’re so bad, why would you ever buy their stuff?” She had a point. “I’m bored now. I was excited but now it’s boring. Remind me why we’re doing this?” “We’ll, two reasons mainly. You love the outdoors, but you’ve never really been there, you’ve only done day trips. This […]

And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea Ch. 05

“And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea” (Addendum: Matthew) (For Glen who wanted to know more about Matthew, and the other nice persons who asked I continue the story, this chapter is dedicated with much thanks) Matthew, feeling all his life like an addendum, had followed Alton over to the Humanities building to try to talk to him, but then Alton had headed straight to Maples’ room, so Matt had stood outside the teacher’s classroom, listening, while Alton was trashing his best friend, formerly best friend, name of Matthew, to Mr. Maples, and Matt’s first thought was to get away from the whole damned thing. To stop. Here and now. He had confessed his love for Alton that drunken night a lifetime ago. And they had jacked together; it had been so wonderful to Matt, pretending, hoping it was not just a drunken friend whittling wood with him– […]

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