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Andy Ch. 01

Andy was a pretty average guy. At 24 years old he had graduated from University and pretty quickly found a job in his field. He was slightly under paid, like most of his peers, but he was very hard-working and intended to have a bright career. Physically he wasn’t the best looking guy in the world, but he wasn’t ugly either. He had sort of a baby face, which girls found really cute, and he looked at least five years younger than he actually was. He had dark hair and eyes, an average body, not too muscular, and had what people call a “beer belly”, that his girlfriend didn’t seem to mind; in fact she even liked it. Speaking of his girlfriend, she was a pretty good looking girl, at least way better looking than he was. She had long brown hair, was thin, had very long legs and a […]

Angel in the Night 01

I’m new to this, so comments are welcome! I lay on my back on the bed, stroking slowly. I thought of the sexy, unapproachable girls on the beach. I thought of their pert breasts in bikini tops with the nipples showing through (nice effect in the cold seawater). The wet fabric clung to their bottoms, and even showed their pussies if you got the chance to be in front of them. I stroked harder. I imagined them stroking me, their hand around my cock instead of mine. The other hand on their pussies, pushing through the curly dark hairs, opening their lips, fingers going inside… Come spurted out onto my bare stomach. I watched it shoot out the hole in the top of my cock, sticky strings across me. My teenage need partly satisfied, my breathing settled down. I was going to reach over and get the familiar kleenex when […]

Angel in the Night 02

This is part of a series. It should stand on its own, but will make more sense if you start at no. 1. Please enjoy; and vote if you like it. * “Would you like to go to heaven again?” What a beautiful way to put it, from this beautiful slim girl. A girl I had barely remembered until recently. Now, I knew her name, I knew every inch of her graceful body, I knew the gasp that escaped her as she came. And she knew me “Oh yes, I would like that a lot.” Why did I sound so witless? A clumsy Anglo, in a darkened house with this amazing Asian girl. She was lying back on her bed, her long black hair fanned out over the pillow. She was idly playing with my come spread across her small breasts, pale smears on her dark nipples. “The bathroom first?” […]

Angel in the Night 03

This is part of a series. It should make sense by itself, but the preceding Angel stories will help. Please enjoy, and write a comment if you like. * I was on another planet. Or in heaven. Thien, who I couldn’t remember a week or so back, had taken me on such an adventure. From awkward virgin, to petting each other (and ourselves) to my first blowjob, with a touch of anal, which happened to be in a nearby park. Even when I told myself what had happened, and relived every second (several times), I still didn’t believe it. Thien’s name meant “angel” in Vietnamese, and in my weirder moments I wondered if she was in fact an angel visiting me. So imagine my surprise when she appeared over our fence. I was helping mum put the washing on the line. “Hello Mrs Watson, I’m Thien, from next door. Do […]

Anal At Last Ch. 15

[The story so far: I’ve recently divorced my wife, and am raising my son by myself. After a long abstinence, I’ve met a woman (Angela) and we’ve been indulging in anal sex, new to both of us. My babysitter (Samantha) has watched us have sex, and confessed to Angela. That set Angela thinking, and she said she wanted me to flirt with Sam, and let Sam flirt with me, but without letting Sam know that it was planned. Also, Angela and I have been watched by Angela’s neighbour, Peter, while we had sex in the garden. The next day, we had a threesome with Peter, giving Angela her first double penetration. Angela has informed me that she’s off to the US for a year, just as we’re getting close. After catching Sam watching a recording of Angela and I have sex, resulting in a charged encounter between us, I snuck […]

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